Half a Clue

Xanadu Weyr - Weyleaders' Office
Office and retreat, this is the domain of Xanadu's Weyrleaders. The door is in the eastern wall, quite close to the southern end while the northern wall is dominated by big, expansive windows, framed by sumptuous deep blue drapes edged with a brilliant gold braid and tied back with a thick rope of braided gold and blue cord. In between, the eastern wall is covered floor to ceiling with shelves that house all sorts of records, manuals and supplies that are used on a day-to-day basis. The southern wall has the Weyrleader's desk — plain fellis wood, well polished and masculine. From behind his desk, the Weyrleader can look straight through the windows and out onto the main airspace of Xanadu. The western wall is where the Weyrwoman's desk resides: a lovely piece of furniture made of warm cherry wood. From her seat, a glance sideways gives her an equally good prospect out the window. There are a few other seats, some comfortably arranged around a low round table for small, informal meetings while there also some that can be drawn up to one of the desks.

On the south side of the door, the space is occupied by a low oblong table where refreshments can be set without someone needing to intrude. There is also an 'incoming' tray where incoming correspondence or similar items can be left.

Soriana comes by the office. It's not all that far to come, given that her own office is just down the hall, but this one is Ka'el's. She opens the door and peeks in without being invited! …though she did listen for a few moments beforehand, just to make sure nobody was having a meeting in there. Also, it's after work ends for the day, so if she does find someone there, she can tell them as how they're supposed to be going home and shouldn't be here anyway. Or at least, she can tell Thea that. Ka'el, she's got something different in mind to tell, and so while she glances to Thea's desk in passing, the Weyrleader's desk is where she heads, letting the door swing shut again behind her.

Ka'el is definitely here, yes, with no meeting at all to be heard! In fact, the chairs before his desk are empty, and Ka'el sits behind it with his eyes scanning over notes taken at an earlier meeting. He jots down a few things. Riders to contact. Questions that need answering. Having expected no one to arrive at this time, as he has no more meetings left for the workday that's now over, his eyes flit up to the door upon hearing it open. Soriana! He grins upon seeing her, initially. But after a beat, the look sort of pauses. It isn't unusual to have her visit him. It is a little bit unusual to find her visiting him right now. Being the workaholics they are, even during certain stages of pregnancy, they already remain holed up after others have been dismissed. So, as she approaches him, he abandons his note taking and rises from his seat. "Everything okay?" he asks, trying for nonchalance and only halfway succeeding at it. His eyes make a tell-tale dip to the swell of her abdomen, perhaps looking for signs that…eh, a baby is bursting out of it? Maybe a tiny fist punched through the gut or something equally gory.

Which is why Soriana was confident of finding Ka'el here! Because really, why would he leave work on time? That never happens. If they decide to leave this baby in the nursery during the day, they're going to be finding themselves stalked by caretakers demanding they take it back. Which… is an adventure they'll deal with in due time. Soriana smiles for Ka'el's grin. It's not an exuberant 'The world is glorious!' smile, but it is a smile. One that's a bit tired, a bit worn, but still really truly there and comfortable in being on her face. It stays there even once his gets the concerned-type edge. "Yeah," she says to his question, and there's no signs of a baby making an impromptu c-section. Or even making for the designated exit sooner than expected. So why's Soriana here? "…only," she continues. Maybe it's not so okay, but whatever it was, Soriana comes to meet Ka'el, reaches an arm for around him. "I went by the nursery today."

Ka'el makes his way out from behind his desk to meet her with a kiss. It's good to know that everything is ok! He's not quite sure if he's ready for things … not to be okay. He's had plenty of time to think about the baby. What he hadn't really thought of has been Soriana herself. The baby-birthing process is … apparently a bit dangerous. How could it not be, when you're forcing out a human being out of….eh. He hadn't thought of all of that, but the farther along that she gets and the more obvious her already obvious pregnancy becomes, it's becoming one of those things that's starting to present itself as yet another worry to have. But .. not right now. Right now he's kissed her and he stands near her with her arm around him and his arm sneaking around her as he listens. She went by the nursery? He slightly elevates a brow, trying to decipher what that may mean. Good omen or bad? "..Yeah?" he says in question. "Was it loud in there? Went in once and there was a boy screamin' his head off because his toy broke, apparently. Heh, you would've thought someone was pulling his arm off," he snickers. .. Huh. Wait a second. That probably wasn't a helpful story to fuel the 'good'. "…Usually, he isn't that way..they said." The infamous 'they'.

Soriana is okay. Babies may be okay. The process of getting a baby out of a Soriana is most definitely not okay, but that's not currently a problem. It will be! Oh, will it. Far too soon for Soriana's preference, but not yet. So for now, she kisses Ka'el back, and nods. She was there! In the nursery. With… she arches an eyebrow at Ka'el's tale of terror and screaming. Which would be a bad sign, except for there's a quirk of her lips at the same time, so apparently she's being amused by this instead of just terrified. "…usually, they actually tear arms off?" Soriana smirks, then gives her head a shake. "It wasn't that bad." She leans against Ka'el, and sighs. "But I sort of… they have a lot of stuff there. Like, toys and that, but also… stuff. Like… furniture." And also toys, can't forget those. But. Furniture and clothes and diapers and babystuff that the nursery has. And they… uh…

Ka'el smirks at Soriana's quip. Well, if she can joke about it then that must mean that the decision to forfeit the whole 'let's try to keep this thing ourselves and see what happens' plan hasn't been made! "Usually the kid is so nice and quiet that they hardly know that he's there," he says, stealing another kiss to her cheek this time as he supports her weight against him. Now, how has the nursery affected her so that she brings it up now? He listens to her with vaguely inclined brows. The place didn't send her away running and screaming. That's encouraging. Even more so that she went as far as to say it wasn't that bad! But… stuff? Furniture? … Huh. Furniture. They have plenty of that! … Adult-sized furniture pieces, but what use does a baby have for a sofa and chairs? "Yeah. The nursery has a lot of that. S'crazy how small things are in there, isn't it? And…" And.. Huh. He pauses there, brows dipping just fractionally as it clicks. "…We need that stuff, don't we?"

Or so they claim," Soriana says of that kid, but it's still with the amused tone. He probably is a perfectly reasonable kid. It's not like Soriana actually knows which one he is, either. But… some of the terror at the mere prospect of baby has been fading, these past weeks and months. Maybe it's actually paying attention to other babies around the weyr. Maybe it's the visit to the nursery. Maybe it's that babies can't be that much worse than pregnancy. At least she can between with an outside-the-belly baby! Vacation-time will be hers, even if it's with a tagalong. Whatever the reasons… yeah, she can tease now. She can laugh. Maybe it's just that it's some combination of unreal and real, at this particular moment. It wasn't that bad. It won't be that bad. People have done this before! …and they've had fancy furniture to do it. "Not… all of it?" Soriana says, and makes a bit of a face. "But… yeah."

But why not all of it? Every single piece of small-person furniture, sold to the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman! Would they have room for it all? Do they have room for the child? .. Does the child have a room or will it be bunking with them? Ka'el's brows wrinkle just a little as these thoughts come to mind, as do thoughts of just what types of furniture they should be considering. "A…bed?" he assumes. That's the most important thing, right! A place to sleep. But, babies don't have beds, do they? Or…they do, but they aren't called beds. "A crib, I mean. Like the one that was made during our Candidacy." Not for them, of course. But for the Weyrwoman! And other than a bed, what else do they need? "We should … go look then, you think?" he says with a vaguely elevated brow. "For…things to purchase?"

There's that back hallway. It's got… rooms. Like… room that holds painting supplies, from that time Soriana touched up the porch. Oh! And there's room that has a hole in the ceiling. Not one that goes all the way through, but the plaster's cracked and crumbled in that one spot. …there might be a project in their future to get those rooms ready for an actual baby. Fortunately, it'll be a while before the baby will care what room it's in… but, "Yeah." A crib! A baby will care all sorts of caring about having a place to sleep. "And there's like… chairs. For when it has dinner." They're not getting a full kid-sized table like they have in the nursery, but a booster seat would probably be a good idea. "And there's like… the little cribs, or whatever they are. For… taking it out places." Because she's not going to be stuck in a nursery all day! …she'll just make a nursery of wherever she is, because that's totally different. But the point is, there are supplies they need, and probably a dozen more that they can discover once they take a look. "Yeah. We should look."

Project Baby Room will be in the works soon enough! The first step is already underway. Furniture! There's nothing like the prospect of getting new stuff to light a fire beneath the person who'll need to get a space for that new stuff ready. Time to get busy! Busy buying cribs and chairs for…dinner? Huh? There's a look of confusion on his face at the dinner bit, and his head slightly cants to one side. "But … won't it get its dinner from..you?" There's a not so subtle look to her chest area as he says this. He's no baby expert, but he does know that babies drink milk! And milk comes from …well, certain types of bovines, but also women. Whether or not Soriana's stomach is the only part of her that's done any swelling has nothing to do with the way his eyes bounce back and forth between eyes and chest. "Won't you be the chair?" .. For a few months anyway. Then, mushy food! Which baby chairs will most indeed be helpful. As for little portable cribs.. "You mean, those little cage things?" Yes, baby cages! Their baby will need…a cage for when it is outside or visiting some place other than home. A cage to keep it contained. Pft. And these two thought they weren't ready for this. Look at them now. Makingplans! "…Wanna look and see what we have in the stores for now? If stuff down there's crap, we'll order nice things. Our baby'll have nice things. Not old crap." This is the baby of the Weyrleader and a Junior Weyrwoman, besides!

Oh yeah, babies need room. Where else would they put the stuff they have to get for it? Also, if it doesn't have a room, how will they send it there when it misbehaves? …not that they can do that with a baby, exactly, and they're not necessarily keeping it into the kid stage. This is just a trial run! "…uh, well." Sori-chair! With arm-holding action. "At first?" But babies grow! "I guess that's… later." If there even is a later, and this is a problem for them instead of a foster. "The cages, yeah. And the bouncy… things. With the springs." Another chair! But this one is not for baby feeding, it's for baby entertaining. Totally different! Soriana and Ka'el have this shopping list handled. Next stop… uh… the baby store? There's probably one in Ierne, but Ierne is not here. It's only a hop away, but that hop is between, so… uh… how about them stores. "We can at least look," she says with a nod. "Get an idea what… the stuff… is." Besides squooshy or bouncy or whatever. "And then we can get new versions." Followed by dumping the old ones back at the stores again.

Yes. Later… So no need to jump the gun and buy a chair now, right? Though … maybe they should, in case there's a baby chair shortage or something and they end up needing one. >.> Yeah. Totally plausible! "Bouncy things?" Ka'el looks miffed. Maybe he should've paid more attention to those toys and contraptions in the nursery when he was there. But…yeah, sure! Bouncy things. He nods as if he is perfectly aware of what she's talking about. … Maybe when he sees one, it'll ring a bell? And now that they're on the topic of getting things for this unborn child of theirs… "We'll need clothing too, won't we? … Of… the small sort. How should we know if to buy boy things or girl things?" Because there is a difference between girl frilly and boy ruffly. And pink and blue. Maybe a non-gender-specific green or yellow wardrobe would work? Not even Weyrleader and Weyrwomen babies need fancy clothes right after being born! Save those for the baby dances they'll be attending. He pauses to look at her, an overwhelmed feeling beginning to seep into his veins. But then suddenly, he grins as he unhooks his arm from around her to move himself to stand in front of her instead, hands lifting to gently cup at her face. "Hey. We're shardin' going to ace this. We'll get the furniture and the clothes and…everything else we need, and we're going to parent the hell out've this kid. Best kid on Xanadu, right?"

…are baby furniture shortages even a thing? Is it because there's too many babies, or too little furniture? Or, well, it doesn't matter, but… surely mostly it gets re-used. Possibly by the two of them! Or maybe by other people, those who can't order away shiny new ones just because they take offense to the scratches and scuffs on the existing ones. The point is, this stuff is durable! …unless the babies break it. Soriana nods vaguely that, yes, there's bouncy things, and babies seem to like them. Or at least, that one baby did, that she saw in the nursery. Or, at least, it wasn't screaming, which she's… pretty sure means that it was enjoying the experience. Not that she's an expert on babies or anything, but she's pretty sure that's how you tell. "Oh." Clothing. "Yeah." Soriana makes a face for the boy v. girl question. "There's got to be some stuff that's not… that." Greens! Browns! Yellows! Purple, even. It's not like the babies will know the difference, and Soriana… well, she might take a bit of pleasure in making people have to ask. "And like…" nose-wrinkle "…diapers." Because babies wear those, since the alternative is having poop everywhere. Total party foul. …even for baby parties, which have somewhat different standards than the rest of the world. So they'll need some of those, and… what else? Soriana's thinky look is interrupted by Ka'el's hands, her eyes lifting to his. Her mouth tugs to the side. "…we've barely even got a clue what we're doing," she argues. "I mean… if you told me we needed… to paint the ceilings purple or the baby's head would fall off… I might believe you."

Diapers! Can't forget about those. Nobody wants a poopy house. Or poopy hands. Or…poopy diapers either, but they're probably much preferred over poopy anything elses. So. Furniture. Clothing. Diapers. Bouncy things. Toys of the baby sort, whatever those consist of. And .. blankets, for chilly nights even though it's looking as if this child will grace the world in one of these warmer seasons of spring or summer. And oh… is that all? -.-; Definitely not, for each day there will likely be a new thing they learn that they need. Ka'el is not allowing his jitters to rob him of the optimism he's vowed to show his weyrmate. They can do this! Or…well, someone will come and take the child off their hands and give it to more-capable ones, right? "We barely have a clue, but shardit, we have clue," he argues back, smirking as he pauses to press his lips to hers, hands still cupping her face. "And see? That right there's telling me that we're doing the right thing. You wouldn't be worrying about it like you are if you didn't care. You care," he says, almost smugly, as if proving a point. "You want to be a good ma…mother…mom… If you didn't, you wouldn't be fretting like you have been. I know you're going to be good to this…to our kid." He pauses there, then snickers. "Besides. Everyone knows that it's when you paint the ceiling green that the baby's head will fall off."

"Half a clue," Soriana argues back, because this is totally a negotiation process and she can have a meaningful impact on the results through debate. As well as through diapers and cribs and fluffy toys and… blankets, of a lighter sort than winter. Or maybe it's all the same sort and the difference is just how many of them get stacked on top of each other. This is yet another of the things which Soriana does not know about babies and their interactions with the world. There are so many of them! And every one is - according to someone - crucial. It's amazing humanity has survived this long, given all the things that somebody will claim are crucial! …maybe most of them aren't actually that important, and as long as the baby is kept warm, dry and fed, most of the rest will work itself out. Maybe. Soriana kisses Ka'el back, then exhales slowly. "Course I care." She eyes him, like… who wouldn't? Because she's had this thing growing in her belly for months, and obviously anyone would care! …this is probably not actually true, but Soriana assumes it would be, because that is the sort of person she is. "…we'll try." For the designated trial period, and… maybe the designated trial period doesn't exactly have a clearly stated end, now does it? They'll figure it (and many other things) out as they go along. Including the appropriate colors for ceilings. Soriana stares… two… three… "Snrk. Good to know."

"Three fourths of a clue," is Ka'el's counter-offer as his hands slide down to wrap around her middle. Her wider middle. It's a nice sort of wide though. One whose circumference is one that he enjoys measuring through touch. He slowly nods as she confirms that she does care, vaguely smirking at that look he gets. Not everybody cares. Not everybody wants the child that's gone nine months in the making. Some can't wait to get the little leech off their hands and be done with them. Soriana … well. She's not an eager mother counting down the hypothetical days she has left til she meets her little bundle of joy. Hell, if the phrase 'bundle of joy' left her lips he'd probably be far more concerned about her well-being! But he doesn't expect her to be the overjoyed expectant mother. The fact that she is willing to … try with this child speaks volumes of the kind of person that he knows her to be. They'll try. After painting a room and gathering furniture and clothing and toys and…the endless amount of items on the never-ending list, they'll be well-armed to try. He leans forward, bringing his lips to hers in a slower way than his previous touches. He lingers longer. The pressing of mouths has a more meaningful feeling to it as his head gently angles and eyes close for as long as the kiss lasts. His stomach presses gently against hers, and his hands slide around to the small of her back before he pulls slowly back. "I love you," he says, his lips curved slightly into a smile. "Let's go look at things. I'll write up an order to send to .. Ierne? tonight to send in the morning." Because who knows how long it'll take for things to be sent? And, more importantly, who knows how much longer that baby is going to stay put.

Five-eighths, maybe? It's important not to overestimate just how much clue they've got here. Soriana considers arguing, for an entire fraction of a moment. What fraction? …they could argue over that, too, but at least on the clue question, she nods. "Three-fourths, and not a hair more." Soriana leans in against Ka'el, though she's not so close to him in some parts as she once was, because there's more middle there. Like a baby between them. Okay, very like, because it is, but in some ways it's not all that like. It's a baby-inside, not a baby that's come and appear on the outside and … cries. Babies cry, she knows that much! Along with… not nearly enough, but it's a start. She closes her eyes as she presses her lips back to his, her arms draping somewhere around his shoulders and teasing fingertips without much of a plan. She doesn't have any planning left. Baby things are eating up all of her forward-intentionality. Still, her mouth quirks up, as lips draw away, and she answers, "Love you too." And exhale. "Yeah. Probably Ierne." They have lots of shops there, anyway. "Or we can check the records, see where the nursery got them." The furniture. Not the babies. They don't need to send away for any more of those. "Let's go look." To the stores with them! And more baby things than they ever thought possible.

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