Surprise Me!

Lost Island - Sugar Beach

Palm trees shade the fine-grained, pristine white sand, making them cool to the touch even when Rukbat is at its peak. Gentle waves from the sheltered bay lap the sand at water's edge. Crystal clear at the shoreline, the waters deepen to aqua then a rich azure in the cove's center. Further out, rolling billows break with a muted roar upon a reef of smooth volcanic rock that protects the cove, keeping the waters of the cove tranquil.

On either side the sand stretches to curve out of sight, flanked on one side by thick jungle, the other by the sea. Someone has tied a woven rope hammock wide enough for two in the shade of the palm trees and just a few steps from a rock fire pit. Nearby there is a path that disappears into the undergrowth.

Sometimes it does no good arguing with Healers. Especially when they gang up on you and it doesn't matter if you're the Weyrwoman or not. If other people side with them, well… it's a losing battle! Thea has given it up and acquiesced to the directive: Get. Some. Rest. So here she is for a few days of forced R&R trying her best not to fret about the Weyr functioning without her. Seryth is unloaded, harness off and already in the water while her rider… tries to do what they've all said she needs to do and relax. Riding gear has been changed for some loose, soft sundress and she's idly tracing a toe though the sands while her furrowed brow proves Xanadu is still very much on her mind. Tsk.

Especially when one of those on the side of the healers is your own weyrmate. Having finished wrapping straps around themselves and both sets put up out of reach of the tide Siebith slips towards the water while the Weyrsecond slips up behind the Weyrwoman wrapping his arms around her waist and resting chin on shoulder. "Better already, hmm?"

He would. And likely gotten a run for his marks where her protesting is concerned. Thea is nothing if not stubborn! But really, deep down she knows he has her best interests at heart. Tropical warmth all around them in the lavender evening, milk-warm waters lapping at her toes and with those arms around her, a person would think she'd admit he was right. Instead, though she does relax back against him, she half-grumbles, "It's going to be a mess when I-" Oh right, they said try not to talk business. Her change of topic comes out a trifle tartly, "So…" With a side-long look at those dark eyes beside hers there since his chin is on her shoulder and all, "What bright ideas have you got to keep my mind off Xanadu?"

D'had chuckles, amused by her reply. Both parts of it. "It'll be fine," he assures, "D'son's there and the Wingleaders." There are plenty of people to take care of the place for a few days. Besides, its not as if they're further than a thought away. "And who says I need ideas to keep your mind off anything?" he teases, leaning his cheek to hers as he looks out over the ocean.

"They're men," Thea points out as if that says it all, going on to add, "and with no Headwoman-" Her lips close on that. No, she's not doing all that well at not talking shop, is she? Her lips form a knowing smile at his tease, a smile she does her best to turn into a serious line. She fails, but he can't see that, right? He might feel the slight quiver of her shoulder underneath his chin as she successfully stifles a laugh. With faked sternness, she practices her Weyrwoman-y authority on him, "I do."

D'had just shakes his head. "And so am I." A man, that is. So is he too as useless as she's making the rest out to be? Ah well, it’s not worth arguing with her about that right now. "Well then, is there anything that I should include in those plans for you?"

"You certainly are!" is Thea's heartfelt and smug agreement on that. And really - it's obviously meant as a complement by the sound of her tone. "The wings will be fine. But dealing with all those squabbling females in the lower caverns? The men can't very well knock a few heads together or get them drunk to shut them up." Or… well. They could says the sudden eye-widened look back at him as she realizes this. But she's not going to think about that. Lalala… He's going to help her, right? Because otherwise these thoughts are going to keep popping into her head. "Surprise me?" Gone is the aura of authority as she fits action to words attempting to surprise -him- as she kicks a spray of water meant to shower them both.

D'had chuckles. "They'll find a way." Hey, he found one with her and that's an accomplishment in itself. Right? That spray of water catches him completely off guard and the action ends with him sputtering as she caught him with his mouth open. A grin touches his lips then however as he reaches to scoop her up and threatens to walk off into deeper water with her.

Hey now, Thea is no squabbling female, thankyouverymuch! Though he did find a way to manage her and thus deserves a medal or something for the continued challenge he faces on that front. She's mid-laugh at his sputtering, bending to reach a hand into the water to splash more when she finds herself scooped up instead. You'd think she'd anticipate this move, seeing how many times he's made it before. Instead she squeaks her surprise, arms grabbing for his neck. "You wouldn't!" Though she's not sounding too worried if he does. The evening is warm here on the island and her sundress will dry out eventually.

D'had shrugs, shoulders lifting while he still holds her. "Could just throw ya," he comments, "Then it's just you who gets wet." Why would he get himself soaked if he doesn't have to? "Or we could take a walk if you'd rather."

With the death-grip she has on his neck? Yeah, he probably could easily unwind her arms and toss her. She leans her forehead against his, giving him her fiercest scowl. Sort of like a kitten pretending to be a tiger, but hey. She's trying here. "You wouldn't dare!" So her attempt at intimidation fails, uncertainty wobbling in the last word there, making it sound more like a question. Teasing though. Teasing works, right? Her incredulity is genuine given the acrobatics she's seen him do with Siebith. "A walk?! That's tame, Flyboy."

D'had chuckles and grins. "Would so, but not today," he agrees to spare her from watery wetness. "But," he continues, turning towards the tree line and putting her back to her feet a foot or two away from the water. "We just got here, rather keep my feet on the ground for a little while yet."

Thea sighs as she's set down. It could be relief, could be resignation. "I didn't mean flying," she explains. "A walk is hardly going to keep me from thinking." Playing though, would have. Instead of pointing this out, her hand seeks his, fingers slipping between his if she can. "Let's walk like the old uncles and aunties do then." And she nods to indicate the shoreline.

"We can do whatever you want," D'had replies, giving her hand a light squeeze as she slips her fingers between his. "Long as it don't have nothin' ta do with the Weyr." And what may or may not be happening there. That is not something to stress over, hence their coming to the island in the first place.

Since her attempt at fooling around was a fail, Thea begins walking. "Walking is good…" a sidelong twinkling look at him as she finishes, "for now." Lavender skies are deepening to purple, stars beginning to sprinkle the dome above them and she is silent as they walk down the beach. She may not be talking about the Weyr, but she's totally thinking about it. Trying not to, but… easier said than done.

As the sky darkens their walk along the shore leads them around a point which hadn't been explored on previous visits. Not that it was very far really, but other excursions have taken them to the falls and the pool or they've simply stuck to a small portion of the beach. Its there, in the treeline, that a small hut stands, just big enough for the two of them - and perhaps a set of rambunctious twins.

Thea is enjoying the sound of the waves, eyes seeking the place where sea meets sky and the one becomes indistinct from the other in a smudge of plum, breathing in the scents of the island - their island. She's relaxing in spite of the thoughts that keep plaguing her of mayhem and disaster back home. Rounding that bend in the shoreline, she catches something out of the corner of her eye. Perhaps the irregularity of trees interrupted by the straight lines, but it's enough to have her stumbling mid-step as she squints at it in the dusk. Given the recent history of the place with the pirates, she's troubled. "Donn. That's…" She can only point.

"I know," D'had replies hardly looking in the direction of that structure. That signature smirking smile of his does creep into place however. "Told ya I wanted ta take a walk." And she did say surprise me.

She did say that, didn't she? And he certainly managed quite well to do just that! It takes Thea a few heartbeats to calm down, that smirk of his goes a long way to restoring her equilibrium. "Butbut…" He may not be looking at the structure, but she is once she's seen that he's unsurprised. She remains rooted to the spot. Unsure whether to continue walking down the beach or what. Uncertainty colors her question, "Has it been here a long time?" And then it's the Weyrsecond getting a concerned look. Perhaps she shouldn't have asked…

D'had lifts a shoulder in a shrug. Has it been there a long time? "Parts," which only goes to say that he has done some work on it in recent months. This might just explain where he was when she was stuck on the sands with Seyrth and locking herself in the office working. "Go on, take a look."

Thea's gaze remains on D'had for a moment or two longer, but she doesn't press for which parts and how long, though as she peers towards that hut, she does breathe, "Memories, hmm Donn?" Yes, she's assuming some parts have been there that long. The expression in her eyes is veiled through her lashes in the flickered look back at him, her nod is followed by her stepping up to the thing to have the look since he's wanting her to, retaining his hand unless he is set on staying back by the shoreline.

D'had lets her walk ahead if she wants, but even if that's the case he's following a step behind. He will wait at the door however. Inside it's a simple affair, one room with a bed like those found on his family's ship, some floor space and a ladder on the far wall leading up through a hole in the floor of the loft.

Feeling the tug of his hand as D'had stops by the door, a questioning glance over her shoulder confirms he's not coming in and so Thea reluctantly allows his fingers to slip from hers. She steps into the space with a reverential awe, the fading twilight coming trough the door allowing her to see the room and take in the details. Running her hands over the supports, admiring the sturdy and obviously partly-new construction, she's silent save for murmured approval of his craftsmanship as she moves about the space. Finally stepping back to him, linking her arms around his neck, she regards him for a long moment. Happy-sad are her eyes, silent questions lurk therein but remain unasked and she only says simply, "It's beautiful. Is it time to bring them then?"

D'had lifts his chin as she looks back, giving that 'go ahead' motion to her. He'll wait and let her look. It's not large by any means, enough room to move around and store dragon straps and a bag for each. It is however big enough to allow a little floor space for the twins to sit and play should they happen to be there on a rainy day. "If you think they're ready for between…" He's not sure he's ready for them to be ready, but he'll go along with whatever she decides on that front.

Between. Thea has been thinking about that and perhaps able to catch some nuance of his feelings regarding the almost five turn old twins, she winces. Dropping her arms from around his neck, she turns to face the sea, the fading light revealing the uneasiness that flits across the Weyrwoman's face, though she's trying to hide both it and the pensive mood that has settled upon her since she saw the structure. "Not yet, I…" She doesn't want to frighten them /or/ stress him. "Come Spring, if your family swings by on the Vega Run, maybe?"

D'had nods slowly, "Maybe," he agrees. Rethinking it at a later date works for him just fine. "Figured," he starts then, "That if we were gonna stay out here awhile, or bring them over should have a place as can get outta the rain if it comes. Hammocks 're good some nights, but there's days as a nice warm, comfy bed is good too."

With Spring just a few sevens away, that rethinking will come sooner rather than later. His voice pulls her from her preoccupied thoughts, she turns her head to listen, flickering another glance over her shoulder at the room behind them, giving him an uncertain sort of smile afterwards, "A wise thought." Oh, there's warm approval there even with the hint of disquiet that she's trying to override. She covers it with a light remark, "Rebuilding takes some time."

That half smile of his tugs at a corner of his lips as she turns back to him. No, it might not be that far away, but it's that much longer that he doesn't have to think about it. "So does finishing."

Finishing? He's lost her there. Her quip had been half about rebuilding his old hut, half about rebuilding memories. The place looks finished - at least to Thea's casual inspection. "Can I… do anything to help?" Because she'll be glad to, anything to help ease his past sadness - without making him talk about it.

That would be because it is finished now where as it wasn't before. "It's built," D'had comments, "Could use with some decorating though." And they both know how terrible he can be at that. "You like it though?" She did say it looks good, but looking good and liking can be different.

Thea turns fully to face D'had with that question. For a moment all the things she wants to say, to have come tumbling out of her mouth leaves her tongue-tied, though glimmering in the sea green eyes that meet his there's compassion and loving pride in him for what he's done. Finally, honest as always, she says firmly, "I love it. And I'm both glad and sad that you did this." A deep breath and a moment later she adds, softly "Are you sure you won't mind sharing it with me- with us? Not leaving it as it was… for her?"

D'had shakes his head. "Not at all Babe," he comments reaching for her hands. "Like ta think she'd want it to get used once. But what'dya say we call it a night. Gonna be dark soon." And dark means they should probably get settled.

That reassurance dispels the aura of disquiet that had settled on her. Both Thea's hands give his a gentle squeeze as they're found by him and she gives him one of her radiant smiles, raising up on tiptoes to press a gentle kiss to his rough cheek. "Then use it we will," she assures him, needing no further prodding to turn and head back to where their gear awaits. Slipping an arm around him, head on his shoulder as they head back, it's likely she's enthusing about just what finishing touches she thinks will look nice and how she can't wait to show the twins their island. At least he’s gotten her mind off Weyrwoman-y worries. But poor D'had - stuck here with a chattering female! Did he remember to pack some of D'son's best whiskey too?

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