To Ride a Racing... Dragon?

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.

Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.

It is getting close to early afternoon and, all though the ground is still covered in snow, the sun is bright enough and high enough in the sky to keep off most of the chill. Most people preffering to remain indoors or at their work means the meadow is reletively empty except for a few brave souls going about their chores and, today at least, Kinzie is one of those souls. The bay runner she is leading shows signs of slight lameness in it's near left leg and she is trying to work out the stiffness by trotting the mare in wide circles about the meadow… and trying not to slip while doing so and muttering the occasional grumbled sentence about the weather.

A shadow passes overhead, casting the form of draconic wings down over the meadow. Twilight-toned sales fold as the bronze dragon comes in for a landing at the edge of the snow-dusted expanse, keeping a good distance away from the girl and runner as not to spook the animal too much. With a rustle of wings, the dragon huffs out air which clings like mist before him.

R'owan dismounts a moment later, sliding down a long rope ladder from the dragon's straps and then landing firmly on his feet. There is a bag thrown over one shoulder, his riding jacket zipped up tight and his hair wind-swept. The sight of the runner has him interested though, and the bronze rider lifts his eyebrows as he pats his dragon's big muzzle. "You stay here for a bit." He advises the bronze, who twitches his tail and settles his head low on the ground as he watches R'owan approaching the pair. "The beasthealers taken a look at that one yet?" He asks, more curious than anything else.

While the deep snow from the recent blizzard is taking its time to melt and the weather is warming somewhat, there's certainly enough chill in the air thanks to the breezes blowing over remnants of the dwindling snow drifts. It's a deterrent for sure for winter-weary folk. Which might explain why Thea is out here with naught but a light jacket and open at that. She's got boots on but no hat, scarf or gloves. Her cheeks are still flushed from the heat of the hatching grounds where she's having to spend most of her time keeping a fretting, broody queen settled by those eggs she guards. For now the Weyrwoman seems content to keep her distance from that runner but she does call out a light greeting to the woman exercising it, "Hello there!" She offers her a warm smile as the shadow flits overhead, lifts a hand to shade her eyes and watch the bronze land and includes the rider as the young man strides closer, "Afternoon R'owan. How's that toddler of yours doing?"

Noticing the bronze dragon landing Kinzie takes an appropriate firm hold on the lead rope but the bay remains still, whether the runner is pacified by the dragon's distance or it's leg is too stiff for it to attempt anything too panic stricken is not apparent. The bay mare just stares directly at the bronze, ears forward, snorting unhappily and Kinzie strokes the runner gently, murmering soothing sounds before turning to smile and bow her head to both Thea R'owan "Afternoon to you both" she says as respectfully as possible while holding the runner calm "The Beasthealer is sure it's just stiffness caused by the lack of exercise the… delightful weather has caused" she manages a mock sigh.

That familiar voice catches R'owan's attention and his head turns, offering the Weyrwoman one of those boyish smiles that makes him look far younger than his years. "Thea." He beams, and raises his own hand in greeting, shrugging the bag higher onto his shoulder. "She's good. Made a nice mud-painting out of Nyunath and I the other day. Snow's just about cleared around the edge of the treeline." As he starts to explain, Nyunath edges himself closer, taking a few crunchy steps in the snow. "Growing like a weed, though. Can't believe she's almost nine months now." He shakes his head, rubbing at the back of his neck sheepishly.

The matter of Kinzie and the runner draw him back into that conversation, though. "Hmm." He looks the runner up and down with an appraising eye, "Tried warming packs? Used to help with my old runner in the winter months." He makes a clicking sound under his breath towards the mare, and then smirks wryly, "Be thankful this isn't High Reaches. They've only got two seasons: Snow and Sweet-Faranth-It's-Cold." The joke lingers on his lips as he swings the bag down, setting it in front of him.

Thea steps closer to the runner and handler when R'owan draws nearer to it. There's an obvious trust for the bronzerider in her posture despite the flickered glance of muted unease that she gives the runner. It's the stablehand that interests her of the pair and she gives the girl a frankly curious look. "I haven't seen you before. Did you come in with Sorrin's shipment of runners?" There's nothing but simple curiosity in the question and she goes on, "I'm Thea, by the way." There's a definite lack of title included despite the fancy knot fluttering on her shoulder in the breeze. R'owan's recount of his daughter draws an even sweeter smile from the Weyrwoman. "I miss mine being that age. You should see if the harper will paint her portrait before she grows up." Her eyes follow their back and forth about the runner's leg, but though they travel down the limb she shrugs her ignorance, followed by a snicker at R'owan's last comment. "So true! Winter here is a heat wave compared to Cold Stone Hold."

"We've tried heat packs, changing her feed…" Kinzie looks to the mare, the worry in her face is apparent and she pats the bay's neck affectionately "She's not even three turns so it isn't age related and the heat in the lower leg indicates swelling but the healers aren't sure what it is" she looks over to R'owan and chuckles at the high reaches joke "That's very true I think this is quite cold enough for me thank you" her attention is brought back to the mare however, as Nyunath takes a few steps forward the runner takes a few steps back, and Kinzie doesn't resist allowing the runner to make herself more at ease with the situation. Thea's questions however get a smile and she nods "Yes ma'am I came in with the runners and herdbeasts, I was helping during the voyage and seemed to have managed to find myself useful" she chuckles gesturing towards the runner "My name is Kizzy" she says nodding a greeting as her hands are currently wrapped around the leadrope.

At the far side of the meadow, where the forest sends saplings out into the smooth of the meadow, are several old weyrs of stone or wood. It's from that direction that Matrin appears, ambling along with smooth long strides. Though he's wearing his heavy wool peacoat, he's less bundled up than he has been, and that speaks to the fact that a harsh Xanadu window has given him a thicker skin than he had a few months ago. When he registers the group around the runner his feet pause and he alters his original path to head their way instead. When he gets close he slows and lifts a hand in greeting. "Afternoon."

The bronze dragon takes only a single step further, and then settles himself down. It isn't a hunting stance, so the mare seems to be safe. Instead, the bronze flops down, legs sprawled out behind him and forelegs stretching, rumbling something to himself as he leans his head closer to Thea and R'owan, looming like some large bronze figurehead behind them.

The bronzerider crouches somewhat, trying to get a look at the runner's leg, stroking the stubble on his chin thoughtfully for a moment. "Normally, I'd guess at a sprain, but if the beasthealers didn't catch it…" He trails off, although his obvious conclusions are bleak. Pushing himself back up onto his feet, he dusts his hands on his riding jacket. "Nice to meet you, Kizzy. I'm R'owan. Used to work with runners back in the day." He casts a glance at Thea, offering her a quirk of a smile. His eyes shift past her towards Matrin's arrival, raising his own hand in greeting, but his attention lingers on the Weyrwoman, "Should bring her by sometime. Make sure she knows her Aunt Thea." He chuckles under his breath, although the jovial attitude doesn't linger as he casts another sidelong glance at the runner.

That long? says the Weyrwoman's expression as dark brows lift. "We owe you some back pay then," she notes with a murmur about adding the girl to the Weyr's payroll. Since Kinzie's hands are full at the moment, Thea doesn't extend her own, though her welcome is just as warm when she says, "Welcome to Xanadu Weyr, then Kizzy and well-met." Sea green eyes flick from the young woman's face face to her shoulder then back again and she says lightly, "If you're going to stay on any length of time see Ocelara about a resident's knot, if you haven't already. She'll also find you a spot in the dorms if you're needing a cot." She turns her head at the sound of an additional voice, an easy smile curves her mouth when she spies Matrin. "Hello Matrin, I was just telling R'owan he should seek your services." Nyunath rumbles and she laughs lightly, reaching her arm out as far as it will go, wriggling her fingers towards the bronze's muzzle, an obvious fondness for him evident in the gesture. "You should definitely, Ro. Marella's at the age where she loves babies." As almost nine-turn-old girls will.

The runner seems to be remaining calm through all the attention, ears still fixed on the dragon her head cocked at an angle to watch the bronze as he moves, Kinzie's hand seems to reach instinctively towards the bay's ears and she croons softly making sure the situation remains calm "I must admit that's what I thought too" nodding thoughtfully "I'm used to racing runners so sprains are common but this seems to present more serious" and she pats the mare gently again "Hopefully a few more days rest and light exercise and it will ease off" their is more hope than certainty in her voice in regards to that statement. Matrin's arrival draws her attention from her charge for a moment and she smiles happily "Good afternoon to you, I really wasn't expecting it to be this busy" Kinzie chuckles and looks towards the weyrwoman "My plans aren't fixed as yet but I certainly will, my intention was to find a racing stable but…. I must admit I've taken a shine to the place" she says fondly.

Matrin gives the sprawled bronze a nod of his own, then returns the Weyrwoman's easy smile. It deepens when he turns it on R'owan with interest in his eyes. "Is that so? You need help finding a legal loophole, or something more fun and less urgent?" There's a tease for the other man in his voice, and that bit of sparkle lingers when he returns Kinzie's greeting as well. "Nice to meet you, Kizzy is it?" He caught one of the others saying her name as he came up, apparently, and since her hands are full he doesn't offer one when he says, "I'm Matrin." His Journeyman Harper knot speaks for itself. "And it sounds like a welcome is in order. Xanadu does grow on a person I've found. Even if you're here when the weather isn't great."

(DTU/Project) Nyunath reaches out with the touch of Spring rains and distant thunder, echoing a message to Seryth that is clearly meant to be passed along. « This one. » The image of Kinzie lingers in his mind and then fades with a breeze wiping it from the expanse. « She could be good for a hatchling. » He rumbles in bass tones. « Yours and mine must make her stay. »

Nyunath rumbles quietly, reaching his nose out to touch against the Weyrwoman's fingers. This one is special to his rider, but also the rider of the gold who taught him to fly. Affection radiates from the bronze as his tail thumps the ground, although his contented sound seems to carry with it some other message as well.

R'owan's eyes go unfocused for a moment, and he blinks as if trying to clear it. There is a glance towards Thea, stormy gray eyes questioning as he raises an eyebrow. Matrin's question side-tracks him, though. "Thea was just telling me I should get a painting done of my daughter, so I can preserve the sweet months before she becomes a living terror." Ro' chuckles to himself, inclining his head towards the harper. "R'owan, bronze Nyunath's." The dragon behind the bronzerider and Thea shifts his wings a little, as if saying 'Yeah, that's me'. Although the bronze's whirling eye finds the runner again - or is it Kinzie that he's staring at?

"I've seen enough other places in the world to know that Xanadu is home. Hopefully you'll find your place here, too." He smiles genuinely, "Could always work with the beastcrafters and raise some racing runners. Start some betting rings… make some marks." He trails off - knowing he's probably being a bad influence at the moment, and right in front of the Weyrwoman. He doesn't seem ashamed.

(DTU/Project) Nyunath senses that Seryth answers rain with rain, hers the musical plink of droplets on a still pond, laughingly considering, « We must have the best. If you think she'll do then don't let her get away. » She's picking up the sight of the runner from the viewpoint of her rider, and so the queen's motives might be a touch ulterior here.

With that runner calm it's easy enough for Thea to remain relaxed as well. Her wary glances towards it stop altogether after several minutes go by and there's no freaking out from the bay. It helps that she busy scritching Nyunath's chin meanwhile. "Whatever you decide, Kizzy," the Weyrwoman says easily. "But if you like racing… there's to be a cross-country race here soon. You might want to stay for that." She looks distracted at the same moment R'owan does, a secretive grin flickers about her mouth, once she tries to stifle but doesn't quite manage. She swings a twinkling green gaze to R'owan and nods imperceptibly, flashes Matrin a bit of a grin for the legal loophole question but allows the bronzer to answer for himself on that while giving Kinzie a long, speculative look.

"Well-met Matrin" Kinzie says with a smile and then she hears her name called, a young stablehand appears behind them and bowing politely to the party turns to Kinzie and reaches out for the leadrope of the runner "Tarsin says I should take her in and get her settled" he says a little out of breath and Kinzie hands the lad the rope and nods "Make sure you get her fed first" and with that the lad turns and heads back to the stable, runner in tow. R'owan's talk of setting up her own track has Kinzie pondering and she nods thoughtfully "There is enough flat land for a good circuit… certainly enough folk to make it profitable" she says nodding with each point "and possibly far enough away to dissuade the undesirable aspects of racing…." she is still deep in thought when Thea's mention of cross-country racing brings her back to the conversation "Really? hmm wonder if I could train a runner in time to enter" she says with a chuckle "won a good few races in my time and I wouldn't say no to the marks" hmmm over confident much? The gazes in her direction seem completely missed as she's far to busy scheming now to notice.

Since R'owan doesn't have a leadrope in his hand, Matrin turns to offer the bronzerider a palm to shake. "Well met," blue eyes dart to the bronze and he adds, "Both of you. I've heard your name of course, it's a pleasure to finally put a face to it. And let me know if you decide to take Thea up on that suggestion. I'd be happy to do a portrait any time." The secretive, pondering looks might go over Kinzie's head but Matrin certainly notices them. He looks from dragon to riders to girl and arches a brow. But if months at Xanadu have taught him anything, it's that the Weyrwoman at least is unlikely to spill the beans before she's ready. So he just crosses his arms and listens to the talk of racing and tracks instead. "It's been turns since I've gone to a race. Sounds like fun." Even if the glint in the Bitran-born Harper's eyes is more intense than his casual words.

Nyunath shifts himself slightly, watching closely as the other stablehand makes off with the runner. While it might not have been clear who he had been looking at before, it becomes so now as a whirling eye remains locked on Kinzie even after the tasty tidbit has been removed from her side. The bronze dragon's paws kneed at the earth beneath him, pulling up a few small clods of dirt and snow in the process.

R'owan is still distracted, though. The bronzerider offers a smile and shakes the offered hand from the harper. "I'm sure I will. I don't think my weyrmate would let me get away without one now that Thea's suggested it." Letting his hand drop back to his side, Ro' tucks it into his jacket, "I usually keep out of the sort of trouble that requires legal loopholes." A smirk plays on the corner of his mouth, "Usually."

That said, the rider's gray eyes regard Kinzie again as she seems to be lost in her own plottings and plannings. There is another half-glance at the Weyrwoman follows, but then the bronzer clears his throat. "Of course, there is something a bit more fun than runner racing." He starts, his voice full of implied meaning. "Dragons are certainly more athletic than any runner I've ever found… and we just so happen to have a few white knots lying around." The rider leans back against his bronze's shoulder, the dragon taking the moment to draw his head closer to the girl, sniffing at her.

"Talk to Sorrin, Kizzy. Maybe some of her runners are already trained to jump. Amelia could, I'm sure, use help consulting over where to set the course." If she isn't sounding too thrilled about a racetrack or cross-country even, well, there's likely a good reason for it. Her lack of enthusiasm seems to stop at the runners themselves, appearing to understand somewhat the joy other folks get from it. While the talk of betting doesn't seem to even interest her but at least there's no disapproval in her expression for it. As the harper introduces himself to her longtime friend, she asides to him, "I'd pay for a nice sketch of his family, too. And oh, by the way, we need to go over your map of the ruins soon." A questioning glance flickers his way, dark brows lift, "If you've finished mapping them?" Then it's over to R'owan, meeting that half-glance of his with humor dancing in her eyes. Back to Kinzie - is she feeling on the spot yet? The Weyrwoman's arm is lowered in an absent fashion as the bronze's muzzle moves from her hand towards the stablehand and she says nothing after R'owan's comment about white knots; she just smiles instead, waiting.

With a nod to Matrin Kinzie grins "There is nothing quite like it, the crowd the smells the sights" she says her eyes glazung over slightly as she goes of past memories "Especially at Ruatha, the racing goes on for days and they have music, stalls.. heck it's as big as most gathers" she chuckles happily to herself before returning to look at R'owan and his comment about dragons and white knots, well dragons mostly as she's only been around a weyr for a short time "I couldn't even imagine what it's like to fly a dragon, I mean the speed runners can get is fast but…" oblivious much? her rambling is stopped for a moment as she realises she is face to face or at least probably nose to face with the bronze and she tilts her head reaching out tentatively but stops and looks to R'owan "I'm hoping he isn't sniffing me because I spend so long in the stables I smell like food?" she says a slightly worried glance is flicked from both bronzerider to dragon completely confused.

Matrin just smirks at R'owan's repetition of 'usually', and focuses instead on the work the bronzerider does need the Harper to do. "With children I usually do a sketch in person and then paint at my studio so they don't have to sit still for very long." The fact that he isn't sure exactly how old the little girl is might be made plain by this statement, but he just brushes past it to nod at Thea. "I can do that at the same time." The sketch, obviously, and then he blinks at her lifted brows. "Oh, yes everything that's been deemed safe is mapped out. I'm sorry I didn't bring it over to you sooner. I'm juggling several assignments and apparently not well." But he says it with an easy grin and in spite of his apology there's not a hint of chagrin on his face. Then it's back to Kinzie who has earned herself the attention of the whole group, and when she proves even more oblivious than a Holdbred Crafter, he has to smirk. But he doesn't ruin the moment, just hangs back to watch this scene unfold.

It just so happens that right at the moment Kinzie asks about why Nyunath is sniffing her the dragon takes a deep breath and his mouth opens, revealing sharp teeth. No, the dragon isn't about to make her into a snack. His wings stretch back a little and he gives a whine as his maw stretches into a tongue-curling yawn. Then, he lets out a huff of dragon breath at the stablehand, settling himself again.

R'owan just smirks, "No. He's sniffing at you because you smell like I used to." The bronze rumbles and his tail thumps along the ground. "Guess he figures if a runner was good enough for Avaeth's clutch, then a stablehand is good enough for Seryth's." He folds his arms over his chest, raising an eyebrow at the girl as he waits for the reality of the situation to set in. "Long and short of it is, Nyunath thinks you should stand for the clutch on the sands. If you're willing of course." He shrugs his shoulders slightly, although his mouth shows a hint of a grin. "Might just impress and find out how fast one of these guys really goes."

Leaving her to consider that, Ro' sets his eyes on Matrin instead. Poor man seemed quite overworked really. "She's about nine months. Usually if you give her something to play with she'll sit pretty still. Hasn't reached that cruising stage yet." The bigger problem would be getting his weyrmate to take a break from her duties to actually have a drawing done.

When the race-runner enthusiast doesn't respond to her suggestion, Thea just shakes her head, her smile turning into an amused grin. The poor girl is distracted and the Weyrwoman knows it; she'll just write Kenzie a note later with the names who she'd want to see and send it to her when all this is over. Both the question of why Nyunath might be sniffing and R'owan's answer have her chuckling aloud and she pipes up with, "That's a reason Seryth might sniff you. So if you find she's friendly toward you, suspect her of ulterior motives!" Matrin's comment draws a look brimming with merriment and a casual handwave. "No rush. I've been a little busy of late, with Seryth on the sands and I'm sure Xe'ter is keeping you busy with…" She chooses to use a diplomatic term, though she's amused and not trying to hide it, "…ahhh prevention protocol. You should take a few days off, you know." Pot-kettle is she! R'owan pops the question and she returns her attention to Kinzie then, murmuring an aside to the bronzerider, "Seryth is tapping her talons in there." There meaning the sands and he'll know exactly why she is so impatient!

Kinzie looks first at the bronze then his rider as the realisation sinks in, her face works it's way through a variety of emotions before it settles itself in to an excited but somewhat wary smile "Me? a candidate? I mean…. I've never even thought about it… ok well that's a lie who hasn't thought about it but never seriously" she looks back to R'owan, Thea and then Matrin as if she's missing some sort of catch or joke but the fact that every one seems perfectly at ease with the current situation she settles herself into a determined stance and nods "I am of course willing to stand" she says looking to Thea, R'owan and Nyunath.

"Well sketching a cute nine month old sounds like a fun break, so just let me know. I can usually be found in the Crafter Complex during the day, and I have an office there where you can leave a note if not." He pauses, glancing at the bronze dragon and then the girl he's attempting to search, and a little frown flickers across his brow. "At the moment anyway," is murmured under his breath, easy to miss, but he drags a smile back for Thea. "Ah yes, the protocols. Those are nearly done too, or at least my initial drafts of them are. I should just pack a bag and come hit the office and bury you all in my paperwork." Her suggestion makes him pause and he tucks his hands into his pockets. "I was thinking of visiting the Hall for a few days. I need to talk to them about some things. Do I need to ask for leave to do that or anything?" He waves a hand, giving Thea space to answer in a few minutes as Kinzie finally gets it, and her moment is a lot more important than organizing a trip to the Hall. He flashes her a wide grin and offers, "Congratulations."

The moment that the girl agrees, Nyunath ruffles his wings, rising up and giving a short bugle. He's found another one, and he's quite proud of himself. Who says that blues and greens are the only ones who can find candidates? Huh? Then again, the jury is still out on just how many of his 'picks' will end up finding lifemates. With his moment of exaltation done, the bronze croons and hovers his head over Kinzie as if claiming her as 'his'.

R'owan's wry smile widens slightly, and he gives just a nod. It's a stark contrast to his dragon's enthusiasm. "Yeah, I never really figured I'd get asked either, and now look what I'm stuck with." The bronze turns his eyes to his rider and huffs, blowing hair back from his face. "Yeah, love you too." He mutters at the bronze with amusement. "No rush. You can check in with the coordinators tonight, get a knot, get set up. It'll be an interesting ride, I can tell you that." He leans in slightly though, making an attempt at whispering, even though it easily carries to the others. "Might want to pick up an extra set of clothes that don't smell like the stables, though. Just for the touchings. Nyunath might not want to eat you, but I can't say the same for Seryth." He winks, teasing both the goldrider and the newly-claimed candidate.

Straightening himself, R'owan gives a nod to Matrin, "After you're back, then." He picks up on the harper's request for some at the hall, even if he hasn't a clue what the man's reasons are. "Just needs to be some time before the eggs hatch, really. After that, I'm going to be swamped with weyrlings."

Pale eyes roll at Matrin. "Gee, thanks," the Weyrwoman says of being buried in Xe'ter's protocol paperwork, smirking even while using sarcasm on him. She certainly seems comfortable enough with him that there's no formality in her reply. She's observant enough to have noted that murmur since he's standing right beside her and the slightly strained smile of his right afterwards, but she says nothing of that. Instead, she responds briskly, "Consider yourself on leave and I'll fill out the form for it, give the Weyrleader his copy and have yours ready within the hour." R'owan's quip about Seryth has her laughing outright. "Or beg the culls from you should you need to put any injured runners down, Kinzie." She has not been disappointed in Kinzie's incredulous reaction. Her grin widens even more, if that's at all possible. "Congratulations," she echoes R'owan and then adds, "Seryth calls. And I have to stop at the office, so I'll see you around." That's to all of them, before she settles on the harper once more, "Stop by the hatching arena and I'll have your order signed and waiting." Since Harper Hall will probably want to see it, no doubt. She then turns with a casual wave and heads off towards the Caverns.

Looking up at the bronze then smiling back to R'owan and Thea, Kinzie lifts her sleeve and sniffs at it, wrinkling her nose "I think it may be an idea, or I may just wash these about twenty times" there is a shrug "and air them for a few sevendays" she does a mock thoughtful face "after all I like this top" she grins finally and then she looks to Thea "Thank you, I will certainly do my best and any help I can give for the cross country race would be my pleasure… if I still can?" she realises she's not completely sure what she will and will not be able to do and as Thea leaves she waves casually before returning to look from Bronzerider to Harper "Well this is certainly not what I expected when I got here" she says chuckling slightly.

Matrin gives Thea a wide smile and a teasing little bow. "Any time, Weyrwoman. I live to serve." When she so briskly and efficiently takes care of his offhand request he straightens with lifted brows but settles for simply nodding with a sincere, "Thank you very much. I will swing by in a bit." His smile lingers through a wave for the departing Weyrwoman and the return of his attention to the new candidate. "Don't let me keep you. I should probably go work on organizing all the reports I need to turn in to the Weyrwoman anyhow. But congratulations again, and good luck."

With the little grouping seeming to be breaking up, R'owan plucks up his bag of Faranth-knows-what and hefts it up onto his shoulder. The girl's spirit has a smile showing on his face though, laughing warmly. "It's your neck." He winks, though, obviously not really being too serious about the whole thing. "And don't worry about the race. I'll set you up with some of the beastcrafters in the afternoons so you can work with a runner." His eyes look to the stables which had been his home for most of his life, and the fondness shows as he nods to the girl. "We stable-brats take care of each other." With a tilt of the head, he makes a motion to his bronze. "Come on, Nyu. We need to go check through this load of strap-leathers, get you a new set made." And soon enough the pair are making their way across the meadow and down towards the beach - probably heading for the weyrling barracks.

Thea is several steps away, but catches the stablehand's question, so she pauses, half-turned to answer, "Sure you can still help with the race, Kizzy. In fact, if you wish, you may still continue most of the time with the runners since you're good with them. At least until the hatching, then well, things might possibly change for awhile." she smirks as R'owan says practtically the same thing, her eyes then move on to Matrin, who gets an inelegant snort for either his living to serve, the bow or both, but says nothing, simply continues on her way.

Looking at Matrin, R'owan and Nyunath as they leave Kinzie stands there for a moment looking stunned, the look on her face says her brain is just catching up with events, it's taking it's time, and as she watches them all leave she smiles softly before turning and running back to the stables.

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