Lost and Found

Eastern Weyr - Main Clearing

The main clearing of Eastern Weyr is immense, a sprawling space carved out from the verdant jungle that is constantly threatening to encroach from the north and east. There are a few pathways paved with dark stone; otherwise, the ground is full of dust — or worse, mud, during the rainy season — due to the constant churn from dragons taking off and landing. The trees tend to be enormous affairs, sweeping the skies far above the heads of any dragons, with trunks bigger than a dragonlength around. Shaded by the surrounding foliage is the single feature that makes this area suitable for habitation: a series of large bubble caverns provide permanence and shelter for the inhabitants of this tropical Weyr.

At this late hour, electric lanterns with paper shades are lit, providing bright beacons against the thick tropical darkness. They highlight the main paths, and are strung festively from the rock of the main cavern. There's a faint glow from the doorway of the cavern, which is closed only in times of extreme weather. Springtime has arrived on Eastern Weyr, the flowers budding with wild abandon and all about new growth of the jungle seems to be the theme both in the animal and plant kingdoms.

It's one of those common Eastern storms, wind and rain has made most people flee inside to wait it out. Approaching from the southern clearing is the jacketed figure of one Jeniosa, headed towards the commons cavern. Of course, with rain comes mud and she looks to have quite a lot of mud on her as she squishes through with head down to keep wind from blowing the rain against her face.

Merging with the stormclouds, cutting through the wind, sliding the rain, it is a Kagenaith! Honestly, one might have been able to hear the curses from the second the pairing came from between, far aloft and right in the midst of an angry cloud. Fair blue is a lightness as it draws in from above, wings flaring and caping as paws squish down into the churned mud not that far from the jacketed figure. Ooooh, guess what? You can still hear the curses sliding from the rider's lips. Guess he didn't stop at all, did he? "Why does the weather hate me?" Dragon-warble answer. "Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Next time we're up there, we'll try to give the clouds a hug."

Jeniosa gives a squeak as she almost runs into a landing blue with an unhappy rider? And the beastcrafter blinks against the rain trying to figure out if she recognizes this dragon. Well, he's not from here, and he's not from high Reaches, so he must be a visitor. That brilliant deduction concluded, she turns attention to the rider who doesn't seem too happy about the Eastern storm. "Umm, welcome to stormy Eastern. If you'd've been a bit earlier you would've missed the storm."

Kestilran comes out of the Cavern with his cloak over his shoulders, hood pulled close to his face and Fuzzball wrapped securely in his arms with a fold of the cloak over him to protect him. He blinks up at the strange dragon and stands just a bit behind Jeniosa. For once he is quiet.

Fl'ynn keeps his own hood well atop his head and it is from beyond steam-clouded goggles that dark eyes peer out. Gloved hands come up to yank them from his face, leaving those goggles collard about his neck. "Story of my life," he near to croons, sliding from Kagenaith's back with a wet squeak. His booted feet hid the mud, a thick manpurse flopping against his back. "You wouldn't happen to be…." There is a pause as the young man lifts a finger to the girl, then reaches back into his pouch to shuffles the contents around. "Uhm, wait… Kagenaith?" A wing lifts overhead as a wide umbrella.

Jeniosa would say watch your step, but, well, even watching one's step there's too much mud to avoid. As Kestilran come up behind her, she goves the boy a smile. "Hey Kesti, what's up? Nice weather huh?" She turns back to the rider, waiting to see whom the man might be looking for. "Well, if you're looking for Jeniosa, then that'd be me. Otherwise, I might be able to help you find whoever you're looking for." She gives the blue a grin as the wing is raised, "Handy, that."

Kestilran looks from Jeniosa to the stranger. Then he looks up at Jeniosa again. "What's wrong? Is something wrong, Jeniosa?" From beneath the cloak Fuzzball shitters. He's nice and warm and dry.

Fl'ynn ducks his head as he peers into his manpurse, frowning while shuffling papers. "This is… an order for four bolts of undyed sisal. No. Uhm, caprine feed. No. Shells and shards, what did I do with…" He glances back up, peering from beyond the edge of his hood to the others as now Kestilran joins them. "Don't leave. You might be who I need to." More paper shuffling. Look, even a couple slide out of his grip to flutter to the ground, soaking up mud.

Jeniosa arches her brow, "Umm…You're kinda dropping some." She fumbles to try and grab those papers as they flutter, but she's not fast enough to save them from the muddiness, oops. "Would you like to maybe go inside and look?" She offers. "The commons cavern's right over there." She tugs her jacket a bit tighter around slender body. "And they've probably got some klah going."

Kestilran quickly crouches down to gether up what papers he can and shakes them. He holds them out for the rider. He holds them out to the rider. "Not unless you're from the BeastCraft, maybe," he replies. He's all for going back to the Cavern.

Fl'ynn pauses and blinks, dark eyes peering across to Jeniosa, then he is looking to the ground. "Oh shi-" He winces and cringes and basically looks rather as though that wasn't a 'good thing' whatsoever. "Shells, I hope that isn't my next order. No, I'm supposed to be picking up a pastry chef. I can't remember the guy's name at all though. Do you know of any pastry chefs around?" The young man almost whimpers at the mention of the caverns, "Oh, that sounds wonderful. But if I go in there, I'll never want to leave. And then I'll never get the rest of my runs done, and that will be /bad/."

The mention of a pastry chef earns a blink from Jeniosa, and the young woman pales a little, though it's likely hidden beneath her hooded jacket. "T..Tarrin? Is something the matter? He's not in any trouble is he?" She frowns a little, "They're not reposting him are they?" Because that would be a bad thing, at least in the beastcrafter's eyes. "If it's tarrin, he's at his bakery watching Rysha for me." Xanadu can't have Eastern's treatsmaker, noooo!

Kestilran blurts out, "That's not fair!"

"Tarrin… I'm not sure that is the name," Fl'ynn begins. "At least, I don't think it is. If I could just - find - the - damn - paper." There is a long pause there though, glancing up as Kestilran blurts out. "Wait. I'm at Western, right? I'm at the right place?" His eyes flick from one person to the next, concern starting to show.

Jeniosa visibly relaxes as she's informed that Tarrin isn't the one the bluerider is looking for, and she lets out a breath she didn't realize she was holding. "Western? No, you're at Eastern, completely wrong part of Pern I'm afraid." Silver-blue eyes blink at Fl'ynn, she's never quite seen a dragonrider, well, get lost before. She pats Kestolran lightly on his shoulder also. "They're not taking Tarrin." She speaks this quietly to the apprentice. "Thank Faranth, Rysha'd be heartbroken if they took him."

Kestilran looks around then back up to the rider. "Is your dragon all right, sir? This is Eastern Weyr. My Grandfather is at Western…but he ain't no baker!"

Kestilran adds to Jeniosa, "I'd be heart broken too!" *Sniff!* He tucks the papers for the rider under his cloak to keep them from getting too wet. He can give them to him once they are in the Cavern. "Maybe you and your dragon both need some klah," he smiles.

Fl'ynn looks from one to another, dark-eyes gaze considering both speakers. It is a long breath before the young man is spinning about upon booted heels to look across at his dragon. Oh yes, it is a long and quiet pause. Dragon breathes. Rider breathes. Rain continues to fall, drumming upon the taut wing sail. "I do believe we betweened wrong, my friend. Who gave us that point?" The dragon drops his head, peering right on back at his rider, almost sighing at it all. With a rueful twist of lips, Fl'ynn nods towards the locals. "No, we aren't taking… Tarrin. We're… in the wrong place." With another heavy sigh, the bluerider gives a shifty glance to them. "You uhm… won't tell anyone, will you?" Belatedly, a hand extends out, seeking his muddied papers.

Jeniosa seems to consider this a moment. "I won't tell..but how in tarnation did you make it through weyrlinghood if you can't even between correctly?" Not that it's really any of the beastcrafter's business, and she doesn't mean to sound rude or anything really. "My brother says that one of his classmates got coordinates wrong or something and almost betweened in the middle of a mountain." Brow furrows and she eyes both rider and dragon in turn.

Fl'ynn is immediately looking defensive. "I know how to between. Kagenaith knows how to between," he protests, if still a bit chagrined. "I can't help it if someone gave us the wrong image and said it was /Western/ when, in fact, it is /Eastern/." Watch the bluerider pout. Pout. Kagenaith issues an almost mournful note, his head drooping even more. After replacing the papers into his manpurse, he gives the dragon a rub along an eyeridge. "Not your fault, big guy." Fl'ynn balls up his fist and offers it to Kestilran in a show of solidarity. "I like you." Meanwhile, muzzle-lowered Kagenaith exhales slowly, nostrils quivering, snuffling, a little snot too, breathing over Jeniosa.

Jeniosa smells of felines, toddlers, bakery scents and jungle flowers, actually quite the combination of scents there. She does sink down into her jacket a little, though, at the defensiveness. "Ah, umm, sorry, I just..never really knew a dragon and rider could, erm, misplace themselves. Don't all you riders know what weyr is what?" Pouting blueriders and droopyheaded dragons, oh dear. Add the dragonbreath and snot and Jeniosa is soon regretting her questioning. "Sorry, didn't mean any offense." She says to the blue, nonchalantly slipping behind Kestilran, hooray for apprentice shields.

Kestilran bumps fists with the Bluerider and smiles at him. "Maybe it's just the weather. That can maybe do it some time, sir." When the dragon sneezes he ducks behind the bluerider. "Jays, I hope your dragon isn't sick. That wouldn't be good. You sure you don't want to duck in and get some klah and warm up for a few minutes?" The young kid seems really concerned now.

Fl'ynn would rather just forget this whole incident, thank you very much. It will /not/ earn him Awesome Rider Points at Xanadu and in Comet wing, that's for sure. "I'll take your explanation there," Fl'ynn responds to Kestilran, a smile finally starting to show upon the rider's face, more than enough to provoke his dimples into appearing. "I wish I could. But we need to move on and actually get to Western. I…" The young man's dark head turns, looking to his dragon, actually more staring at him. "Kagenaith." Almost accusing. Blue honks. Sniffs. Breathes. "Really? I mean… really?" Warble -aka, really. "Huh, who knew? You're a right good candidate finder. Makes me proud." The bluerider turns slowly to regard Jeniosa. "So, my trip here in the fardling rain may not have been in vain. Kagenaith here is thinking you're candidate material… and it just so happens that in fair Xanadu, we've got ourselves some eggs on the sands."

Jeniosa swipes at a bit of dragonsnot, nose wrinkled a bit. Wait, what? She's being regarded? "Who? Me? Doesn't he mean Kesti here? I haven't stood since before Rysha. Is he sure?" And here is where Jen regards the blue, snot forgotton for the moment. "You're not getting even with me for my comment are you?" Silver blue eyes regard both rider and dragon as jacket is tugged tighter.

Kestilran just takes a step awaaaay from the dragon and shakes his head 'no' again. No, no, no, it ain't me, Babe, is ain't be yer lookin' for!

Fl'ynn looks a little uncertain, casting a glance from one to another, then back to his purplefied dragon. "Uhmmmmmm." It is a carrying sound, dragging out slowly under consideration and some mental prodding of the dragon. "No. He's… he's pretty sure." The young rider looks back to Jenoisa, "Yeah, he means you. As a candidate. Says the other one isn't ready yet." No snot for Kestilran. Lucky puck. The rider's shoulders rise and fall in a negligent shrug before looking a little pouty again. "Awh, we aren't like that. Kagenaith isn't like that. We may get steered wrong from time to time, but Kagenaith knows what he is about right now." Seriously, it is a bit shocking, considering. "So yeah, candidacy. You should do it. That and I've really gotta bring something back with me or look like the biggest ass this side of the Lord Holder of Fatso." Dimples are used ruthlessly now, along with boyish expression. One simply cannot deny that face!

Jeniosa is immune to dimples and cuteness, haha! But she does consider his words a moment, blinking. "Me..stand again? Well, I never really stood anywhere other than here. What about my daughter and my felines? Can I bring them with me? Otherwise I need to find someone to leave them with." Leaving the felines for a bit probably won't be much of a problem, but the toddler on the other hand. "What's Xanadu's rules about a mother of a toddler standing?" Well, she has to cover her bases, right?

What? Someone taking away his friend? Darned dragons! He waanted Jeniosa to be his mentor. "Yeah, what about all the little felines?" he says confronting the rider. Then he quickly turns to Jeniosa. "I can take care of them!" he volunbteers wuickly. "But you can't be without Rysha. She can't be without you!" He looks truly worried.

Fl'ynn shares a look with Kagenaith, "Sure, we've carried toddlers before. No problem. I don't know about felines…." Blue and bluerider peer at each other, having another voiceless conversation. "They'd need a carrier, because claws and teeth are /bad/. Are we talking about like the little house felines or are we talking about the ones with the great fur coats that would look /great/ draped over my bed?" Just sayin'. "But yeah, stand, as a candidate. Only… at Xanadu. Try something different. It'll be great. Think you'll get a chance like this again?" But look at that, Kestilran is offering up a fine suggestion. The rider seems almost to bounce forward, moving as if he is about to drape an arm over the guy's back. "Well, would you look at that. You've got yourself a fine volunteer here. Sounds like a win-win situation, right?"

Jeniosa considers the rider's words. "Well, I have carriers for them, they're just the small domesticated ones." But then Kesti is volunteering to take care of them. "You think your dad would be okay with that? You'd have to feed them and visit with them each day, they're very spoiled." Considering they were, really, her first babies. "I could probably get Tarrin to help you, they klnow him." Is she really considering this? It seems so. "I'd need a bit to pick Rysha up from Tarrin's place and get her stuff." She's already mentally ticking off what she'd need to gather for her daughter in her head.

Kestilran watches Jeniosa, eager to help her. But the more she talks, the more real it becomes that she could be going away. Pretty soon the kid looks as if he's going to start crying. He sniffs then nods. "Yeah…he knows I'd be able to do it…I mean…are you really going to go?" All the dragons take his friends away. He trembles like he's shivering and from within his cloak Fuzzball makes a worried chittering and sticks his orange and white face and long ears out of the cloak.

Fl'ynn tries to catch all that Jeniosa says, but some of it simply gets lost in translation and lack of familiarity. He glances to Kestilran, then to Jeniosa, and back again to get a good look at the expressions… noting the kid's seeming discomfort. "Uhm, so we're good then? You're coming to Xanadu?" He's gotta be sure here seeing as the dimpled, boyish expression didn't exactly seal the deal as he was rather hoping it would. "You'll get things figured out. We'll go to Xanadu. I'll actually have accomplished something. And most important of all, we'll finally get the fardling shards out of this rain?"

Jeniosa looks at Kestilran, and even ruffles his hair a bit. "I'll do this here nice rider a favour, go to Xanadu like a good candidate, and be back before you know it. And I bet your dad or Ur'yu would bring you to visit me and Rysha." Fuzzball gets an offered pet and the journeyman furrows her brow as she watches the apprentice. "And then, when I get back, I'll even take you on one of my explorations into the jungle if your dad says it's alright." She doesn't want the boy to be upset, really, so she leans down to mutter quietly to Kestilran, "It'll be just like if I went away for a short vacation, I'll stand, the dragons will choose their riders, and then I'll come back nd teach you all about the small jungle animals." And then she's giving the boy another ruffle to his hair before standing again to look to the rider. "Yeah, i'll come with you, it'll be, well, it'll be something different." So she accepts, and then comes the part where she has to gather her daughter and stuff.

Kestilran isn't so sure. Dragons took his friends before and now he never sees them except from a distance. "Yeah, I can take care of your kittens…and maybe I can teach you about the small jungle animals…and…" His voice sounds weak. He just nods.

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