That Spring Feeling...(Mating Flights Lesson)

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of weyrs, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.

Runner stables with the paddock beyond are to the south beyond the meadow weyrs, a smithy and a woodcraft shop are settled closer in towards the path to the clearing, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a stone wall and low rolling hills can be seen to the north. Wagons laden with felled trees from the forests to the southwest or ore from the mountains to the southeast are hauled by burden beast up the road through the meadow, over the bridge spanning the river to be processed in the appropriate workshops.

It's one of those spring days that'd fit perfectly on a postcard, if postcards were a thing in the world of Pern. The sky is amazingly blue and dotted here and there with puffy clouds that float so lazily along that they seem frozen in the air. The meadow is in full bloom. The lush spring grasses are pale green and buds are opened to greet Rukbat eagerly. Petals of white and yellow flourish, bringing forth insects of all kinds that go from flower to flower, picking up and dropping off pollen as they meander. And, to top it off, the temperature is at that perfect degree of not too hot and not too cold. One doesn't even need a jacket to stay comfortable, and the clear sky would wipe out any worries of a spring shower. Yup, everything is perfect and peaceful…a wonderful day to shake things up with a mating flights lesson! It's about that time in a young dragon's life where adult-like behaviors may begin to emerge. These future riders need to be prepared! And who better to arm them than a Junior Weyrwoman and the Weyrleader themselves? Well, V'dim of course, and he's here too, lingering off to one side to make sure that this mating flights lesson goes off without a hitch. Class has been called out on the meadow, and already a few Weyrlings have arrived. They sit in the grass in a loose circle, some quiet and nervous, some chatting with feigned nonchalance. In the middle of the ring, Ka'el and Soriana stand, though there are two cushioned wooden chairs available for the both of them. Sorry Weyrlings. Your butts go on the ground!

Soriana… has gone past 'pregnant', at this point, and into 'very pregnant'. There's no hiding the bulge of her belly, and the light green shirt she wears doesn't even try - though it is nicely fitted to work with that curve, covering it with something that's aesthetic without drawing more attention than it can help. She glances to the chair that'll make her butt comfy come lecture time, and then back to Ka'el. "…we're not bringing in a demonstration. I don't care how useful it would be." Her tone's amused, just continuing her conversation with the Weyrleader (and, uh, her weyrmate) as they wait for the rest of the weyrlings to arrive.

Kera is one of the stragglers, arriving at the meadow at a jogging pace as wshe shurries from running her lastest errand. Her ever present satchel slung over her neck and a brown dart trails after the weyrling from his upper vantage point. Topping a rise in the meadow she spots Soriana's growing belly, oh and the rest of the gathering, and quickens her steps a little, until she's close enough to slow to a stop. A polite dip of her head to Ka'el and Soriana in the center of the group. "G'day ma'am, sir." Flashing a smile to her friends, the greenling finds a likely spot among the other weyrlings and scooches inbetween two of them. Settling after a moment and stetching her legs out, her head cants to the weyrling nearest her. "Did I miss anything?" A headshake is her answer so her attention goes back to today's instructors.

"Aw, but what if this lot are visual learners?" Ka'el quips back to Soriana, voice low and smile large. He leans over to gently brush his shoulder to hers before looking back as more Weyrlings arrive. Alright! The gang's..mostly all here. He offers a smile to Kera in response to her greeting, nodding his head. Then, he makes an ushering movement to those who sit behind them. "You all back there may want to move to the front of us," he says, gesturing to those who sit before them. "Make a semi-circle instead. Contrary to popular belief, we don't have eyes in the back of our heads, and we're not going to twist our necks to look behind us to make sure you're payin' attention." He waits til those who need to move are reseated with only a slight amount of grumbling heard. He glances to Soriana with a half smirk. "Ready?" he murmurs. Let's get this show on the road! "Welcome to the lesson that many've you have been dreading: Mating Flights." Insert worried! "There's a lot to know, but you really won't know until you've all experienced it. Which every one've you will whether you want to or not. Soriana and I are here to prep you and answer any questions you might have."

Soriana eyes Ka'el with a smirk, and shakes her head. "Not even then," she tells him, leaning back against him for a moment before looking back to the group. She waves a bit to Kera, then grins as Ka'el makes those behind-sitters move. "…or at least… we're not going to admit to those eyes," she adds. But hey, everyone's (mostly) here, so it's time to be serious. She nods to Ka'el's question. "Let's do it." The lecture! The… mating flights… lecture. She half-watches Ka'el as he provides the introduction, then turns her head to look over the weyrlings. "You're having it now because your dragons are nearly grown. For females, that means they'll be going proddy - probably in a month or two. For males, it means they're going to start chasing soon." Also maybe she should sit down? So she does, in that cushioned chair.

Kera wiggles back a little as some of the weyrlings move to make another half circle in front of Soriana and the weyrleader. Ka'el's lack of extra eyes is met with disbelief. "I thought they were issued extra ones with the knots." is murmured behind her, which gets an amused glance and chuckle from the greenling. The topic of the day however isn't that amusing, so her chuckle fades to nothing quick enough. The weyrlings are scattered on the ground in front of Soriana and Ka'el, who are seated on chairs. Soriana's even has a nice poofy pillow to sit on and her babybelly is testing the fabric of her shirt. Sorta. Kera's gaze slips from goldrider to bronzerider and back as they take up differant portions of today's little 'talk'. The weyrlings of the future proddy females and chasing males dart glances around to each other. Kera likewise glances around the weyrlings briefly before turning her eyes forward. A month? That soon?

Class has started this lovely spring afternoon. The Weyrlings are sitting on the grass in a layered half circle in front of Soriana and Ka'el, some nervous looking, some refusing to make eye-contact as the word 'proddy' is mentioned. A select few are raptly paying attention. This is stuff they need to know! Plus, it's just another class, not the real thing…And it's easy to disregard the 'real thing' when it's not actually in action. As Soriana sits down in one of the two only chairs available, Ka'el settles next to her in his seat, nodding at what she's saying. "Soriana will have more input on the female side of things," he says, looking back at the young faces of Xanadu's future riders. "For those've you with male dragons, you'll know when your dragon senses a proddy female. They pick up on that quick, and that mindlink of yours is going to…" Hmm. What's a good word? "..explode." Blink blink! Alarmed looks from blue and brownriders! Explosions?! "..Er, not literally explode," he says, waving a hand and shaking his head. "But it'll seem that way to you because suddenly that nice mental balance that you've taken such care in creating between you and your lifemate is going to tip towards your dragon like an anvil on the scale. What he wants … you'll want."

It's like Soriana's the one with a female dragon! She nods when Ka'el mentions that, listening to his explanation of the male side. So, that's for the boys. For the girls… "Most dragons will go proddy for a few days or a week or two before they rise. What it's like…" She shakes her head slightly. "It depends on the dragon, but you'll notice changes in mood, a brightening of her hide… males paying extra attention to her, sometimes. You'll notice it - especially after a time or two - but it usually doesn't effect you too much… until she's ready to rise. Then…" her mouth curves in a rueful not-quite-smile, and she glances to Ka'el before looking back to those weyrlings. "You remember when they were babies and you had to be careful not to agitate them? When flights come, it's the other way around. They're going to be the ones driving the relationship, and what they want… is to mate."

Innes has been here this whole time, really. She's just… hanging out near the back of the class, surprisingly quiet. Mating flights are another dot on that list of Things She Does Not Want to Think About, which is hard to do when they're attending class on the subject. Not that it's going to stop the goldrider from at least attempting to continue not to think about it. At the moment, she's pulling apart a piece of grass that she plucked from the ground and tossing the strings of it aside. She glances up for a moment when Soriana speaks, and then looks quickly down at her lap again. It's not that she's bashful about these things (by a long shot), but she's not particularly fond of her lack of choice in the matter. And the idea of Kairoikyriath taking over? That's even worse.

Kera listens to Ka'el's perspective of male dragons and nods to herself slowly. Not that she has first hand knowledge, simply matching the bronzer's outlook to what she has read. Or from her own observations when there is a flight every other day practicly. Drawing her feet up some, she braces her elbows on knees. Canting her head back, she watches a blocky cloud smudging across the sky as Soriana relates her perspective. Kera reluctantly looks a few places around the group, seeing Innes a few spots over, before turning her attention back to the older riders. A couple of things run across her mind, but she'll stay quiet, maybe if she doesn, her question will be answered.

Ka'el leans forward a little, pressing his elbows against his thighs as Soriana speaks about females and their experiences. He nods his head at the mentioning of brightened hides. "That's a good clue for you to know why your blue or brown starts acting differently," he interjects briefly with a look to the appropriate riders. He hushes after that, letting her continue without interference from him. His nose gives a faint little wrinkle at the mentioning of rising, though otherwise he remains neutral, eyes on the Weyrlings now for any signs of confusion or…well, confusion. Anybody confused yet? Or just worried out of your minds? "When a gold or green rises and your dragon chases, all they'll want is the same. To mate." Inhale. Exhale. "When your dragon chases a female, be there with them. Physically, I mean. Mentally… I'll get to that. But you'll want to be there when he's chasing. Usually it'll start wherever the herds are. The feeding grounds, if you're on Xanadu. Your dragon will usually feed before he chases, blood only, if the female does. He'll be hungry for that and..other things. You'll be hungry for …the other things as well, and…it's better in the end that you're there, in case your dragon wins the flight. The other riders will likely be there too, including the rider of the dragon that's being chased." Implied awkward. "Uh. Any questions so far?"

Yeah, they're to that part of the talk. The part where… Soriana glances to Ka'el, nodding a little, and there's a sideways pull of her mouth at the mention of the blood. She looks back to the weyrlings, letting him finish through… other things. Okay, so about those - actually, let's skip back a moment. Girl time. Soriana leans forward. "A queen will always blood. In fact, she may want to do more than blood; don't let her." Soriana's eyes drift to Innes and remain there. "Dragons mate on the wing; if they're weighed down in flight, they may not separate in time." Also it's bad for clutch sizes, but really, that's a minor detail. Pern's dragon population is not at risk. "They could crash. That goes for golds and greens, but it's more important for the golds." There's a faint twitch of her lips in a smile. "They're bigger." That said, Soriana leans back to her chair again and looks around for questions.

Is Innes allowed to lock herself in her weyr and not come out until the flight is over? Probably not. Although she looks entirely focused on her… very important task of grass tearing, she is listening. As much as she might want to ignore it, it's hard to completely filter out the discussion occuring in front of her. At the mention of blooding, her nose wrinkles up slightly. Weird. It takes her a few seconds to meet Soriana's gaze as the words pertaining specifically to queens, finally register in her mind. Right, so, that'd be about her, which means she should at least look like she's focused on the lecture. Questions? She has one, and she doesn't even attempt to be called upon before she blurts out, "Do dragons ever just… not rise? Ever?" Because that would be nice.

Kera is looking toward the seated riders, but not really seeing them fully. Thinking about what is being said while gaging her dragonmate's mood, the greenling shakes herself from her train of thought when a couple of mutters remind her of where she is. Innes's voice makes her peer back to her friend, offering an encouraging smile since her friend no doubt would rather be anywhere else right now as well. Resettling her legs, the greenling fiddles with her sandal strap, eyes casting about the group. After a couple of seconds, she frowns and not quite cringes at what the future /may/ reveal. "You mean I'm gonna be drooling over the herdbeast at the whim of so…oogff." The low screech of Praela's voice is cut of by another weyrling elbowing her in the side. Kera rolls her eyes to the blueling then away 'twit'.

Yes, please no squishing of riders and injuring of dragons, please. Blood, but don't eat! That should be a billboard or something posted in the feeding grounds. Hmmm. Right, questions! Ka'el looks about for any raised hands or hesitant gestures. Innes is neither, and his eyes flit to her at her question. Sounds like a question for Soriana, though his chuckled breath and headshake may be a good indication of the answer to come. He looks to the others, pausing on familiar faces. Kera. Nothing? Praela's outburst takes his eyes from the familiar greenling over to where he heard the exclamation come from. "Not exactly drooling over the herdbeast, no," he answers, as if it were a legitimate question. He sits back in his seat. "To piggyback on Innes' question…Chasers. It's your dragon's instinct to chase. Like it or not, they're going to want to. Discouraging them…." he pauses, making a face of thought. "Depending on the dragon, can have very negative effects on you and your dragon. I won't candy-coat it: Chasing sort of sucks. Catching, sucks. Waking up next to someone that you may not know or may not like and having just a faded memory, if even that, of what happened…sucks. But, this is something you chose for yourself. None of you were forced to take the knot of a Candidate. By accepting that, you accept all that comes with dragonriding. Mating is … one of those things."

Oh yes, that question from Innes is definitely for Soriana. "If they're seriously injured or congenitally malformed, yes. Otherwise, no." The answer's brisk, but her expression is not without a certain amount of sympathy. "Kairoikyriath seems healthy." There are very few circumstances under which that statement can be apologetic. This might be the only one, and Soriana has a wry look as she continues. "She'll rise. It might be as soon as six months or as long as another turn." Beyond that, well, maybe they'll have to revisit the 'congenitally malformed' option. "Golds rise every two or three turns, on average. Greens… can be as often as three times a turn." Soriana's eyes drift from Innes to Kera. "Sometimes, that means more than one green rises at once. That's fine. Golds, however…" back to Innes! "…are territorial. When a gold is going to rise, the rest leave - especially if they're also near rising. Otherwise, they may fight." Which is, in case her serious expression didn't give it away, a bad thing. Okay. So! Now to Praela, who gets an arched brow but no actual answers from Soriana. Ka'el has that handled, and… another thing too. Dragons. Their desires. The problems with trying to discourage them. "You can't stop a female from rising." Period. So they will, and they'll be caught, and her frown is silent agreement that… it sucks.

Surely there are some golds who just… don't want to mate? No? Innes violently flicks away a few blades of grass which rest on her thigh at this news. Take that, grass. She does manage to resist asking exactly what the best way to seriously injure a dragon might be, seeing as she can't stomach the thought for as long as it would take to vocalize it. Which means she has maybe half a turn at best to get used to the idea. Or… she needs to perfect that locking herself in her weyr idea. "So we'll always have a warning if another gold is going to rise soon?" Free vacation! She plucks another blade of grass, twisting it between her fingers until it begins to break. She may not be able to stop a female from rising, but that doesn't mean she won't try. "Just think, Praela, you could end up in bed with another girl," she calls out with a smirk. If she's going to be miserable, so will the bluerider.

Kera just shakes her head at the annoying blueling's question. It did put another question in her head, which she waits til Innes's is answered first. As the lessons goes on, a frown begins to set up shop on the greenling's face. Yes, she did except the candidate knot. But Praela wasn't mentioned in the recruitment speel. Isn't that a dealbreaker? Fortunately for the dragon population, Soriana delivers what is probably a disappointing answer to the goldling. A sympathetic little smile offered to her friend before looking ahead. "If I realize she's proddy, should I let people know as soon as I do? So that some could decide to be somewhere else completely, far, far away?" One can hope at least. Giving a pointed look to Praela and a too nice smile, that drops as quickly as it appeared when she looks back to Ka'el and Soriana. Innes's little jab to the blueling finds a second target and she gives a little glare to her fiend "Hey! Not funny Nessi."

Oh yeah, very important facts there, Sori! They don't want any dragon fights. "I've never seen two golds fight, but I hear it can get really bad. Fatal, even. Xanadu's Weyrwomen are good with communicating with one another, though. When one starts showing signs of proddiness, the others fly off to some luxurious island and come back with suntans and souvenirs." Lucky them! Heh. But back to seriousness! Innes' shout to Praela has him looking from goldrider to blue, then back to gold. "As could you," he points out, "if a large enough brown outflies whatever bronzes may be chasing." His lips twitch, but it's downward instead of his usual smirk. "When your dragon is caught, or if your dragon catches, you'll bed with the rider, male or female." -.- "Your preferences won't matter. Whether you have a girlfriend, boyfriend, or weyrmate won't matter. The only thing that will matter are your dragon's wants, and you'll give in to them. Most agree that a rider has no control over what he or she does during mating, but … I never thought it'd hurt to try to reign yourself. Some riders may be…rough, if their dragons are over-excited or if that's just their lifemate's mating nature." Another downward twitch of his mouth, and he leans forward again, glancing to Kera at her question. Eyes turn to Soriana.

Some golds want to mate less frequently? That interval Soriana gave was just an average. Some are less often! …some are more. Soriana nods agreement to Ka'el that goldfights can be fatal levels of bad. As for the warnings ahead of time… "Sometimes it's still a scramble to get out in time." Like, say, when a gold unexpectedly rises in the middle of the night… in a rainstorm. "It's not always easy to see the signs." Which, when it's a gold, can mean chaos or disaster. When it's a green (like Kera's) rising… "It'll be up to you to figure out who wants to know that about your dragon." FlightFriendFinder is not a thing. In fact - to hear Ka'el talk - flights aren't likely to do friendships any good at all. "Flights are for your dragon. Unfortunately, we can't all go on vacation from ourselves, so… we have to be there, and deal with the consequences." Soriana looks along the set of weyrlings. "Some people try to arrange alternates. They'll lock themselves in a room with their weyrmates. It… sometimes works, but it can go badly. They'll still have the desires, and they won't have the connection of the dragons to… be compatible. I don't recommend it."

Suntans and souvenirs don't sound so bad. It's just all the other stuff that does. Innes lifts her shoulders in a brief shrug when Ka'el turns her comment around on her. "I don't care about that," she mutters dismissively. "I mean, I have no choice in the matter anyway so what difference does it make if it's a girl? I just know it won't be Praela." And that's a mildly appeasing thought. An only slightly apologetic glance goes in Kera's direction. "It's not a joke though, is it? You've got to get used to the idea that you could end up in bed with anyone, including her." Sorry, Kera. She rips up a rather large hunk of grass as Soriana mentions the idea of locking yourself in a room with someone. That probably goes hand in hand with her idea of hiding from the entire process… which likely means it's a bad idea. Great. "Why can't they just mate on the ground and leave us out of it?"

Kera's mock glare to Innes slips into a grudging nod when Ka'el mentions a potentially large brown. Huffing at the goldling's /helpful/ comments, she cuts her gaze back to the seated riders. "How about locking someone else in a room, so they can't get out?" She's joking of coarse, but that mean she can't give the idea a moment or two of consideration. It wouldn't be much of a secret as to who Kera would put in the little room. Glancing back over her shoulder to Innes "Well it wouldn't be much of a mating flight, without the flying part now would it Nessi?" A little wink given to her friend as she shifts around on the ground to get more comfortable.

"Exactly," Ka'el answers to Innes. "None of us have any choice in the matter. So why make the comment to Praela in the first place, if not to get under her skin?" Poor, poor Praela! Always getting picked on and sneered at. … XD His eyes glance over the blue rider, then turn to Damari, who for once doesn't seem lost in la-la land. She could be hooked up with Praela for goodness sakes! If either of these riders have a way out of that for her, she's all ears! The idea of alternates has her perking then wilting in the next moment. It could end badly? Ka'el nods in agreement with Soriana, reserving a smirk for Innes' comment. "That'd make everything loads easier, wouldn't it? People have looked for all kinds of outs, but really, the best thing to do is just…do what naturally happens with who it's supposed to happen with. When you wake, you can always talk to the rider you're with. It'll be awkward no matter how you look at it, but .. having a flight with someone isn't the end of all things. It'll happen. You'll move on. Just because your dragons flew together doesn't mean you and the other rider are obligated to be anything afterward. And if they…pressure you or make you uncomfortable, come to me. By then, you'll be my riders, and my duties are to you and the Weyr." Turning to Soriana, he gently lifts his brows. Have they forgotten anything?

Kera's comment about locking someone else in the room makes Soriana frown. "You could cause them, their dragon, and the other pair psychological trauma." Serious answer time, because mating flights are no joking matter. Soriana looks about the weyrlings again, and her frown deepens. "Flights aren't likely to be pleasant. Some people think it's a good idea to make sure that a flight… isn't your first time." Her expression is serious, clear in what she's saying even if there's a conflicted look about her. "That's for you to decide." Hook up with someone now, or… wait for a dragon to do it? Sometimes there are choices where all the options are terrible. Like… poor Prylith, if he never catches a green! Poor greenrider, if he ever does. Soriana nods to what Ka'el says about mornings after. "And if you get overwhelmed by awkward and run off into the night, nobody will think less of you." She smiles faintly. "But do try to remember to put on some clothes first."

"The point was entirely to get under her skin," Innes answers honestly. "She's over there whining, she gets what she deserves." Evidently, what little capacity she has for diplomacy is gone entirely thanks to the subject at hand. Poor Praela, indeed. For once, she might not even deserve what she's getting. Innes has ripped out an entire handful of grass at this point, and she begins balling it up tightly in her fist. After a moment, the remains are violently tossed away from her. It would probably be much more effective gesture if it weren't a ball of grass. "Is that all of it?" she pipes up again without looking at Ka'el or Soriana. She's just scowling at the ground.
Kera sighs, looking from Praela to Ka'el when he comments on picking on the blueling. Obviously, he's never spent more than a handful of minutes with the annoying one at any given time. Soriana's remarks cause a bit of fidgeting among the weyrlings in general, a few glances dart here or there among the ground covering group. Kera decides that the stitching on her sandals is rather interesting for a few long seconds, giving the gold and bronze riders' words some thought. Innes's little rant draws her attention back towards her friend. When the grassball is flung off, Kera snorts to her friend. "Did you hear that Innes? No streaking across the weyr." Not even for a midnight bath in the hot springs. Even if the dragons are too big to sneak in now.

Poor stressed out Innes! Hopefully Kairo can help her feel better … or make things worse, depending. This is sort of her fault, isn't it? Darn gold and her proddiness! At least it hasn't happened yet, and so the goldrider has a few more months of bliss? Maybe even a turn! Who knows! What Ka'el does know is that he…doesn't…think they missed any of the big main key points. The intricacies they'll have to work out on their own when the time comes. (Joy!) He doesn't have anything further to add when it comes to 'first times'. Soriana pretty much has that covered. And running off in the night? He smirks for that, giving Soriana a sidelong look. "Yes, please grab your clothes, else there'll be new rumors of a streaking ghost of the night." Another smirk. "In all seriousness though, if you've any questions that pop up later, and trust me they will, ask us. Ask any experienced rider that you trust. Ask an AWLM. Ask V'dim. Just please, ask. You won't get any answers by just wondering and worryin'." He watches as blades of grass flutter in the breeze, pulled up by Innes, who apparently gets a pass for her behavior towards Praela (not the grass behavior) due to the subject matter at hand. It's a stressful lesson! Is that all of it. He nods to Soriana in gesture that he's done.

"And if you have any questions now, you can go ahead and ask them," Soriana says. Somehow, though, this is not looking like a class of weyrlings that's been holding on to questions politely for the end. No? She nods when Ka'el says to ask them - or anyone with a clue - later. "Shells, write it on an anonymous note and ask us to post the answer on the wall of the barracks." Because some questions are too embarassing to say out loud. "We'd rather you ask than worry about it - because it's probably not as bad as you think, and if it is, then best you know so you can be prepared." Which is the point of this whole mating flights lecture, isn't it? Being prepared, for when - in a few sevens or a turn - dragons do what dragons will do. "If there aren't any questions, then… yes, that's all of it. I believe you've got the rest of the day off?" She glances to V'dim to confirm that, and the weyrlingmaster nods. Probably this is because he knows from experience the weyrlings won't have any attention span left after this, but hey. It's still free time?

"What makes you think I'd be streaking? If I wake up in the middle of the night and don't like who I'm sharing the bed with, they're the one getting thrown out." Because she's the goldrider here, and she'll abuse her authority if she has to. Perhaps if she's lucky, her stress about this issue will somehow keep Kairoikyriath from rising for a while? That's… sort of logical. Maybe it could work that way. Stress certainly does funny things to people. Like making them rip up poor, innocent blades of grass grass and toss them around! As far as questions, well, she has quite a few, but none that are particularly appropriate or informative. Just complaints phrased in the form of questions. "Are we done?" she finally asks when it seems as though they're wrapping up. Her latest small fistful of grass is dumped upon the ground with a flick of her fingers. With the promise of the rest of the day off, Innes is quick to get to her feet. "Thanks," is all she says, along with a half-hearted salute, before she moves to make a very quick escape.

The suggestion of writing questions down is nodded over, perhaps because Kera will be scribbling down a few later. Trying not to stress over what may or may not happen in a few sevendays, looks between Soriana and Ka'el then gives her head a shake. No need to worry her fellow weyrlings over a potential injuries to some riders resulting from flights. As the lesson seems to be concluding, Kera looks around for the meadow, not seeing V'dim, but he's probably lurking about somewhere. Innes is quick to get to her feet and rush off, but Kera merely sits for a couple of minutes longers as the group starts breaking up, scattering to enjoy their sudden freetime. Finally getting to her feet, the greenling offers Ka'el and Soriana salutes. "G'day day you two." A little grins flashes "Or should I say you three?" A friendly wink given to her friends before she excuses herself.

The goldrider isn't the only one to make a quick escape! The semi-circle is fast to disintegrate as bodies shift and rise and scatter off to process the information that's just been dumped in their heads. Truth be told there will be many a greenrider who'll be eyeing those hides for any sign of glowyness. Ka'el watches them scamper off, though he feels .. fulfilled! Mating flights lesson, done. Complete with no yelling or fights! The lingering Kera is watched as she gets up, and he grins at her departure, chuckling at her add-on at the end. He too then stands, giving his back a stretch before he moves towards Soriana to offer a helping hand up. She does have…extra pounds to hoist, besides. "That went smoother than last time," he remarks with a vague smirk. "I think we're rewarded with some time off too. What do you think?" Gripping her hand, he pulls her up, helping her to her feet, and once she’s there, an arm curls around her waist. A kiss is pressed to her cheek, then another to her lips before he begins to head off with her. It’s a nice day! Maybe those chairs can be brought to the beach for a bit of relaxing sun bathing.

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