Blue Meets A Miner

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.

Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.

Kagenaith is pretty as a picture as he wings down from aloft, all lavender skies, periwinkle delight, and melody unchained. A thing of draconic pearl is this creature, fallen angel of aching beauty should Pern have had such a thing. Fine sails diffuse the light that manages to win through them, etching further fairness into an already resplendent creature. He lands upon light feet, snow dancing about contrasting ebony talons, tail held from the ground in counterbalance, statuesque. So dazzling. So Kagenaith… and then we have Fl'ynn, on foot, muddied, snowed, frosted, flush-cheeked, mussed. "Forget something?" Directed to dragon. Dragon directs a querying note to rider which pretty much well sounds like… oh.

Still hanging around Xanadu, Iforian is just wandering from the clearing towards the ridge, though he slows and stops when a shadow passes over him. The tall miner shoves his hands deeper into the pockets of his jacket and tilts his head back to look up and watch the majestic blue come in for a landing. He quirks a brow at the contrast between dragon and rider, vague amusement dancing in his eyes, though he remains quiet for the moment.

Fl'ynn trudges right on up to his 'mate, getting all up in his dragon's face. Both hands come out as if to take either side of Kagenaith's head, angling it towards him. "Oh, don't you give me those eyes. Don't you… Just -Stop- No, not the eyes. Shardit." It is with a sigh full of feigned disgust that the young man drops his hands, slapping palms to thighs. "Did you really have to give me those eyes? Just remember to wait for me next time, k?" Dragon forehead presses to human forehead. One blue tail delightedly lashes from side to side, almost like a puppy-canine's. Honestly, it can be too sickeningly cute. Abruptly, Fl'ynn pulls away from the blue, but not before giving the creature a noogie with his knuckles. Beat. Hoooooooooonk -goes the dragon, directed to the loitering Iforian. Of course, the sound flattens Fl'ynn, or more accurately makes him wince. "Oi, that was my /ear/."

That raised eyebrow just climbs a little higher at the honk from the dragon and Iforian pulls his hands out of his pockets to fold his arms over his chest, just watching the pair silently for a moment as he shifts his weight from one leg to the other. One hand comes up to brush through his hair before crossing his arms again. After a long moment, the tall man finally speaks, "Noisy 'un, ain't he?"

Fl'ynn pops a finger into his ear, just as his mother told him Never To Do, then goes to wiggle it around as if to induce some sort of improvement to his current lack of hearing -all due to Kagenaith's vocalization. The bluerider squints at Iforian, then looks to the dragon, "What'd he say?" Pregnant pause. Wait for it. Wait for it. Fl'ynn's dark eyes shift back to Iforian, "I'm not the loud one, Kagenaith is."

Iforian smirks and manages to look smug, though there's no real change in his bland expression, "Weren't talkin' 'bout you. Was talkin' bout your big ol' beasty, there." He gestures in the direction of the blue before once more folding his arms, the faintest of smirks tugging at one corner of his mouth.

Fl'ynn startles some. Watch as his shoulder twitch and everything. Something about this has Kagenaith honking again before dropping his head and giving a healthy nudge to his human. The young man scatters forward a couple of steps to keep his feet, nearly having a close one and ending up slipping to end up on his arse on the ground. Alas, we are not treated to this comedy. But he will reach out to grab ahold of one of the blue's headknobs to remain upright, twisting the dragon's head to an odd angle. Snot-dribble from a nostril. Yup, louder honk from Kagenaith. "Oh. Well, I can get loud too, I just…." This may get into awkward ground now. "Nevermind. Hi."

The big man can't help but chuckle softly and shake his head at the antics of dragon and rider, not moving to try to catch the younger man should he fall, but just waiting to see if he gets a nice little show of shorter man falling on his arse. Unfortunately, there's no such luck… Iforian looks a little disappointed at that. When Kagenaith honks again, the miner winces slightly, though Fl'ynn gets a smirk at the comment about being able to get loud, too, "I'll just bet ya can…" He gives a little upward jerk of his chin and smirks a little more, "Hey." He pauses for a moment, "Take it he left ya in th' snow, eh?"

Fl'ynn gives his dragon a little mercy and lets go of Kagenaith's head. The young man's dark eyes flick to the side momentarily as his teeth chew at the inside of a dimpled cheek. "He uhm…. gets distracted and tends to forget where he leaves me. Dragon memories and all." Short. Or, in Kagenaith's case, really, really, really, really, really, extremely short. The blue lifts his head to the sky, a violet contrast against cloudless blue. There is a snort of snot, then the creature is coming out from behind his 'mate. Because, you know, Fl'ynn is so incredibly massive so as to shield his petite blue dragon -or something. The rider's hand comes out to try to stop the dragon, but that is about as successful as pausing the sunset. Pad-pad-pad go paws to approach Iforian. "Kagenaith, what are you doing…"

Iforian just smirks more, "Uh huh." Amusement is clear in his voice with those two non-commental syllables. The snotty snort gets a small grimace of disgust and he again runs a hand through his hair, shivering faintly in the chilly air. Then the dragon is padding in his direction and the miner scowls slowly, taking a step backwards, being more familiar with whers than dragons. Most whers he's met aren't curious about him, though, "Hey… I ain't askin' f'r trouble, here." He puts his hands up, as though that might keep the dragon at bay, "I ain't done nothin'." Other than beating the tar out of another miner when they were trapped together in the snow (and having the snot beaten out of him, in return), "I ain't ev'n been drinkin' t'day!"

Now it is Kagenaith's turn to get all up into someone's face, that isn't Fl'ynn. The blue waddles up, wings rather lazy at his sides to that tips trail, but his tail is still held aloft, softly swings back and forth in bemusement. Head lower to match the height of Iforian's own, tilting to the side so one reflective eyeball can peep at the miner. There is a long moment of contemplative silence when even Fl'ynn has nothing to add to the conversation. Dragon exhales, filling the air with steam, the tendrils curling about Iforian before dissipating in the cool air. The young man's head peeps around the bulk of the dragon. "Oh hey. This is new. Kagenaith says you make him feel like he wants to lick you, but I've got your back, buddy. Considering the last time Kagenaith tried to lick something… he's kind of curious about what other things will do when he licks them. I told him you may punch him in the nose, and Kagenaith figures that won't feel too good. So, he won't. But hey, this is pretty neat 'cause he also says you should be a candidate. Now, just letting you know, this is kind of virgin territory for me -don't laugh. I know, shocking. Anyway, pop my cherry. Be a candidate."

"Shardin' right, I'd punch 'im!" Iforian scrambles backwards, hopefully out of range of any dragonic licks, "I ain't a popcicle!" Not yet, anyway, though it was a close thing waiting out the blizzard. Then the word 'candidate' is thrown out there and the journeyman's eyes widen, "He thinks I should be a candidate…" He looks a little stunned at the thought, falling thoughtfully silent until the rider mentions 'popping his cherry'. A slow, lazy smirk curls up one corner of his mouth and he folds his arms arrogantly, looking from man to dragon, and back, "I gotta clear it with my craft master, but sure." His almost purrs as he looks the shorter man over and winks, "I'll pop your cherry."

Fl'ynn is appropriately loud now. The young man hoots, this time it is enough to cause a startle from the dragon -but now we have the dragon crooning an accompanying note as well. The bluerider's grin grows rather wide. He should be ashamed, but with that dimpled grin, it is pretty obvious that he isn't. Coming completely around Kagenaith, a hand is set against the blue's hide. "Permission from mom or dad, eh? I guess~" That last bit comes out almost as a sing-song. It is with a chuckle though that he approaches, offering a hand. "Sorry. I'm Fl'ynn. Kagenaith." *warble* "Shells you're big. But yeah, lets go talk to your keeper then and see what comes next. Like I said, I'm new to this. It may be rough." Uhm. Err. Hopeless smile once more. "Anyway…"

"Not my mum or da, either one." Iforian rolls his eyes at that and folds his arms again, "Gotta send word back t' th' Hall." The offered hand has him enfolding it with one of his own large palm, "Well met. Iforian. Journeyman Miner." The comment on his size has him smirking again, that dark gold brow quirking up again, "An' you're kinda small." He smirks and winks, "S'okay, though. I like 'em small…" Then he's all business, shrugging indifferently, "Can't be no worse 'n workin' in th' mines as a 'prentice." Wanna talk about rough!

Fl'ynn's mouth opens, then shuts, then opens again, then shuts. So, instead, Kagenaith will supply something in the form of a querying warble. This manages to prod the young man out of his moment of speechlessness, only to grin even wider, "I like you… okay. I've got a tip for you though. There is this one cot. It has this carving of a smiley face in one of the legs. AVOID that cot. It wobbles." And so the bluerider will impart a few more tips to the larger apprentice as they walk back towards the Weyr.

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