The Formative Turns (Weyrling Lesson)

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Grounds
Cradled in a cup shaped bite out of the mountain, this wide, grassy flat has become home for Xanadu's weyrling dragons. It's set surprisingly high above the level of the beach, visible from the eastern side of the grounds where a long path snakes its way down the hill to the sand dunes below. All other sides to the grounds are bordered by the hard granite cliffs, two entrances clearly visible. One is merely human sized and leads deep into the mountain, to the Caverns. The other is broad and high, the entrance to the Weyrling Barracks.

I'm missing the beginning of this; if anyone has it, please add.

Anoryn only chuckles again for Mur'dah's muttering, trying to soften her earlier tone for his remark. "That is true, but I assure you I am well and this is merely to be used for your education." That doesn't sound promising either, but the greenrider only grins and nods to M'kal as the blue weyrling approaches as well. Ka'el's lack of fanfare works to his favor, as she simply adds him to her greetings as though he's been there all along. "Flight formations are extremely important and from now on you'll be practising them and memorizing them until you can literally execute them in your sleep or blindfolded." Anoryn murmurs, diving straight into the lesson. "A lot of these stem back from Threadfighting, but they work in our modern day ways too. A rider must always be in formation in a Wing and you must always be aware of where you should be within that Wing at all times. All the more crucial when you learn to Between too. Break formation and well…" She makes an audible smack with her hands and grimaces. Clear enough? "The Formations are important because they give the Wings a set of guidelines for different weather situations and changes in circumstances, easily adapted for altering situations when they pop up. I'm only going to cover the most basic and common ones. The rest come in time." As in: spurr of the moment. Anoryn clears her throat then and peers at the assembled group. "Following so far?"

Does being late mean Soriana has already broken formation? Not a promising start. She's half-jogging to try and catch up, joining the group partway through Anoryn's opening lecture and attempting to not deafen anyone by catching her breath. Yay for the athletic training lately?

Ka'el grins over to M'kal, giving his head a quick nod in greeting. Kanekith lumbers to his side and takes a seat before laaanguidly stretching his limbs and laying on his belly. This is definitely not hunting again, and so he relaxes, content to listen through Ka'el while reveling at the feel of the shifting flowers round his neck as they move with the cool breeze. Ka'el's the one paying extreme attention now. These are unknown territories. Flight formations? He knows zero, ziltch, nada about that, and so … well, when one knows nothing, there are usually many questions, right? Hopefully none of which deemed too stupid. His silence thus far is likely going to be made up in these types of lessons. He winces a bit at that smack. Nope. He definitely doesn't want that to happen. "Do all've the Wings use these same formations?" he asks.

Mur'dah flinches at that smack, skin going slightly pale. Must dragonriding be so scary? To her question the teen just gulps and nods, looking at Kalsuoth. The brown, however, seems interested but unconcerned. Just one more thing to learn!

M'kal can't help but perk up a bit as she mentions thread fighting. Oooh the excitement back then! Shifting from foot to foot he listens closely as the lecture starts. He casts an excited look to Xeosoth briefly cause surely this means that flying isn't too terribly far away now!

Anoryn blinks as Soriana slips in on the tail end of her opening, frowning. Now how in the name of the Egg did she miss her? Clearing her throat, she won't call the girl out given that would call her out for not being able to count. Glancing to Ka'el, the AWLM grins, "Good question. Yes, they do. All Wings use these basic formations which is why we teach them to you now. Anything new you'll learn comes with time or is specific to a situation. And practice, of course." Lots and lots of practice. To Mur'dah, she gives him a reassuring look and perhaps a touch apologetic. No sugar coating from her! "We'll start with Flight Stacking." Pointing her stick into the soft ground, she begins to poke it into the soil. Poke, poke, poke. "Level flying is the basic form of each formation, but each have Flight Up and Flight Down mutations." She'll point to each separate cluster, the first being much like a stretched rectangle, while 'Up' has sides slanting much like '//' and 'Down' is the opposite '\'. "I'm not going to go into details yet as to when these are used. You'll be memorizing their forms mostly for now since we can't really stack you when you'll be doing these formations on foot." Resting her stick against her leg, she smiles broadly, gaze sweeping the group. "Anyone want to take a guess to possible formations?"

Mur'dah tilts his head as he peers forward, frowning a bit in confusion. Yeah, he's kind of lost. But Kalsuoth seems to be getting it, rumbling confidently as he feeds his ideas to his rider. Still, Mur'dah looks doubtful. He'll have to see if the brown is right or not.

Soriana won't say anything if Anoryn doesn't! She's pretty much got her breathing under control, at least, and is listening with hopes that doing so intently will let her catch up on whatever she missed. Luraoth comes up behind her rider tucks her head in against Soriana's shoulder, getting a human's-eye view as they listen, and Soriana reaches up to pat her dragon's muzzle lightly before leaning in to peer at the formations indicated. At the question of possible formations, she speaks up. "A Vee?" Maybe this'll convince Anoryn she was here all along… or at least that she's paying attention now that she's here. More the latter, to judge from her apologetic expression.

M'kal worries at his lip a little as he listens. Despite his years at the couple of weyrs he's really paid no attention to the formations of dragons in the air above. PErhaps he never even noticed they were actually in a formation. "Um…" he murmurs with some intelligence. Oh wise one teach us! After a moment he gives up and simply awaits to see if anyone else has any guesses. He's not one to speak up much in class it seems!

Ka'el nods as his question is answered. Alright, that wasn't so bad, and now he knows something that he didn't know before. An .. that's all folks! He has no clue whatsoever what other sort of formations there may be. He wouldn't even know what a left field answer would be. If someoen told him a Upside Down Turnover Cake was a type..he'd have no reason to argue! So he takes in what is given to him. Level flying. Flight Up. Flight Down. He peers at the holes in the ground. Here comes a possible stupid question number one. "And these are like..layers, right? Not side to side?" he asks for clarification. "The top row being on top, the second row in the middle, and the third row on the bottom? An' so on?" Hence…'stacking', but hey. He wants to make sure!

Nope, Anoryn isn't so easily fooled but she is aware of 'lucky guesses'. Still, she won't be nagging Soriana today and simply nods her head with a crooked grin. "That's one!" To Ka'el, she gives him a lingering look and then chuckles. "Yes, they're layered. Just as the name suggests." And this time she demonstrates with her hands, rather than the trickier drawn version. "Good question! You'll be learning more about that part though when you are ready for flight, but for now it does not hurt to study them. It's the formations that you must know by heart for the rest of fall into place. One of which, as Soriana mentioned, is the classic 'V'." she murmurs, her gaze then sliding to M'kal and Mur'dah to pin them both under her look. Nothing, really? Tsk. Erasing her previous drawings, she sketches a 'V', "Proper name is 'Reverse V' and looks exactly like the letter," Anoryn explains, then sketches another next to it, simply flipped upside down with the point the other direction. "And then it's alternative 'Forward V'." She waits until all have had time to absorb it before erasing the lines and drawing new ones. "Level Straight Line, Wing Triple Line and Sheet Formation are the last. All have their purpose and time for use, but we won't be pitching that at you quite yet. Won't hurt to brush up though!" Hint, hint? Anoryn straightens then, weight shifting to one side as she does use her stick as a cane then to rest on, for lack of anything else. "We'll be leaving actual diagrams for you to study and I suggest you do. For now though, when you do your laps, you'll be putting this into practice as a group. Only way to do it and best to start now to learn how it feels before you're asked to fly 'em." Smiling, she chuckles then. "Any questions?"

Mur'dah is trying to visualize all this, so that plus Kalsuoth's help plus trying to listen is hard for the teen. He's trying, though, honest. "Can…we see how they work? Like…with us?" he asks, motioning around. "I can't…turn a picture into, like, real life." 2D to 3D is not his strong suit.

Soriana has, at the very least, succeeded in not getting called out in front of the class. She'll take it! She smiles and nods as Anoryn acknowledges her, then resumes listening… wait. Reverse V? Why is it reversed? And what about… "Oh." Forward V is also a thing, apparently. She tilts her head, peering at the diagrams… oh, yay, more things to study. She sighs, then huhs at being told they're going to do laps in formation. "Do we get to pick the formations?" Or is a weyrlingmaster going to be shouting orders?

M'kal tilts his head as he peers forward drawings as she makes them, erases them and then makes new ones. "So we're to practice then just on the ground?" he asks, having trouble following perhaps? He nods agreement to Mur'dah's words. Yup. What he said. "Are there signs for each formation? Like holding up two fingers." which he does in the classic peace sign. "For the V formation or something."

Ka'el swears that he has brain cells, and he's exercising them as well! Hence all the questions, like this one. "So these formations. The V and others.. All of them are layered?" he asks, trying to picture this in his mind, which the lei'd bronze is particularly enjoying. Flight, even imagined flight, is still flying! The V, for example. Layer one, Layer, two, and layer three dragonriders all in the same formation above and below one another. His eyes shift to the others as they ask questions, glad that he doesn't have to ask them himself now. Good teamwork, guys!

Idrissa has totally been here the whole time listening and taking notes on this here lesson. She's just sitting near the back or something it would seem. Tahryth is for once settled there near her rider just relaxing, and possible even sleeping to some degree.

"Of course you can," Anoryn replies to Mur'dah first with her lopsided grin still in place and then chuckles. "That is what I meant by you, as a group, doing these formations while running laps. A rough way to actually put it in motion and action. Since we can't get you guys up and flying for some time yet. You are also welcome to observe any drills. Try and see if you can pick out which formations they are flying and how they transition." she suggests, before pulling a bit of a grimace. "I know, these diagrams are… rather rudimentary and tough. But once it clicks, it clicks. Don't stress yourselves out, you've time to master it yet." To Soriana, the greenrider adds, "We'll be issuing them to start. When you're more confident, you guys can do it alone and select someone to lead point. A… Wingleader, basically." Chuckling, she turns to M'kal and Ka'el and nods. "Yes, there are. That," And she points to his peace sign. "Is not one of them. But we'll be teaching those later too. And that's right, Ka'el. These flat images are basically one one "layer"." Make a bit more sense? Anoryn sweeps her gaze over the group once more, lingering on Idrissa when she notes the green weyrling being so quiet but clearly waiting on any more questions. Not much else to cover in the lesson, save for them to start attempting to work it out on foot.

M'kal and Xeosoth will join in on the lesson as it moves to the work on foot part of it. They may be a bit slower than the others if only because Xeosoth wants to watch first to ensure he understands the process and it'll take some coaxing on M'kal's part to get Xeosoth to simply dive in and attempt to do the formations they are practicing. This will take some work for sure over time!

"As long as we don't have to do them blindfolded," Soriana mutters about running laps in formation. She nods to Anoryn about who'll be giving instructions, and then her gaze lowers to look at the diagrams again. More to study. Yay.

Mur'dah nods at Anoryn, clearing his throat a little bit. "Okay…" But that part about not stressing out? Well he'll try, but no promises. Snickering at Soriana's comment, he pushes hair away from his forehead and grins.

Ka'el nods to himself as Anoryn answers them all. Doing these on the ground can't be all that hard, right? Moving in a V shape and… well, there's spacing. And deciding who is going to stand where, which sparks another question! But.. oh, he can save it. Perhaps he can figure out the answer on his own. He glances up, as if expecting to see a passing group flying overhead right now! … There isn't. « You shall be Wingleader? » Apparently someone /has/ been following along this whole time! Ka'el blinks, eyeing his bronze. "What? No. Sh!" « Why not? You are capable. » He waves him off, briskly. "Doesn't matter now. Just listen." He busies himself makin sure he gets one of those diagrams Anoyrn mentioned they were to receive.

Idrissa is mostly quiet as she is taking notes, detailed notes at that. Everyone else is coming up with good questions after all! She lets her gaze flick around to the others and blinks as she hears Soriana and smirks a moment. "I hope no blindfolds are involved." She'd really rather not think about what could possible happen if that was part of the rules!

What was that? Was that a lesson suggestion? Anoryn peers at Soriana, then seems to look thoughtful. "Huh. Blindfolded…" Good one! But the AWLM only shakes her head and chuckles. Not today, it seems and perhaps never. After all, they'll need to know where they're going and how they're spaced. No tricks to this lesson and the practice to come, it seems! Idrissa's comment on the blindfolds has Anoryn speaking up though, "No, there won't be." See? Trust her, right? Quirking a brow at Ka'el, the greenrider says nothing though she fixes Mur'dah with a curious look as well. Satisfied, Anoryn begins to straighten and it's clear she is dismissing them even before she gives the signal. "That's all for now. You're free to resume your duties. As for your copies of the diagrams, I've had them stacked just outside of V'dim's office. Don't lose it, it's your own copy and you're responsible for making another." She points out, before saluting them all and then taking her leave. "Good luck!" Anoryn calls with one final grin, before leaving them to their own whims or to those of any of the other AWLMs who step in for those wanting to jump right into putting in some practice time.

What? No! Soriana's eyes widen as Anoryn takes the suggestion with apparent seriousness. Her mouth opens. She aaaaalmost speaks up… and then she closes it again. Don't argue with the weyrlingmasters. It never goes well. But, she does breathe a sigh of relief as Anoryn assures Idrissa there won't be actual blindfolds. Whew! …probably. She salutes Anoryn back, then turns her attention to the other weyrlings. A glance to Ka'el, as Luraoth reports on the dragony side of the conversation, and then one to Mur'dah as well. "Probably we should take turns. That way we all learn both sides." She grins crookedly. "Once they let us, anyhow."

Mur'dah rolls his eyes a bit. "Good going," he mutters under his breath. "We'll know how to do /everything/ blindfolded at this rate." Glancing over at the others after Anoryn goes, he tilts his head. "Take turns at what?"

"Bein' wingleader and takin' point," Ka'el supplies, giving Kanekith a look, but all that radiates from the flowered bronze is smugness at (somewhat) getting his way. "So, startin' today?" he assumes, glancing to each in turn with faintly elevated brows. "The formations didn't look too hard. It'll be different in the air, yeah, but … joggin' in a V? Or in a line? Should be a no brainer unless someone's a slow arse," he comments with a bit of a grin, speaking a bit more loosely now that Anoryn is gone. "Only as fast at the slowest."

Idrissa salutes to Anoryn as the other is on her way out befoer she is looking over the formation sheet. A soft him escaping her while she ponders. "Naw they seem stright forward. Though I imagen things are different once everyone is in the air and so froth." Turns, what turns? A glance is sent towards the otehrs pondering if she missed something.

"…yeah, well." Soriana gives Mur'dah a rueful look. "I told you I couldn't do mostly quiet." She grins crookedly, then gives her head a shake before returning her gaze to Ka'el. The grin gets less pronounced and more crooked, and she nods. "That'll be the trick. Staying in place together. I mean, just standing there is one thing, but…"

Mur'dah ahhs, nodding at Ka'el. "That'll be the hard part I think. Matching our speeds. We're already strung out across the field when we run. So." They'll have to learn to work together. Gasp.

Yeah, Idrissa missed something, but Ka'el isn't going to be the one that fills her in. He leans against Kanekith, taking a moment to relax while he has it, although it won't last long. Soriana gets a grin, and he continues on with what Mur'dah says. "The question will be, who's the slowest and make sure we don't get out of place. … And pushing him .. or her … to get faster. My bet's on Jnelle." The girl doesn't like breaking into a sweat! "Did you guys know about formations before this?" he asks the two with dragonriding parents, glancing from the son of a goldrider, to daughter. "Do goldriders fly in formations? Hell .. that could've been a question."

Idrissa watches the three quietly and slips quiet once more. Well, maybe she can catch on by just listening? It's happened before! "Don't see why they wouldn't." This said to the bit on goldriders flying in formations. "Well at least they need to learn them and so forth." There goes her two cents.

Not… working together! With actual cooperation and everything? Oh noes. Soriana grins again, and then rolls her eyes at the mention of Jnelle. "Well, then, we can all look forward to the day she's wingleader. Means we all get a break!" Because they're totally doing the thing where they take turns. So Soriana has declared, and nobody's argued yet. As far as formations, she shrugs. "That they exist? Sure. I mean, a wing has to have something keeping them from crashing." But the actual details of them? Not so much. "If a gold's flying with other dragons, then yeah."

Mur'dah chuckles softly, rubbing a hand against Kalsuoth's muzzle. "Well, we'll figure it out I'm sure," he says with confidence in their little weyrling group wing. "I know they exist, yeah. Not much more than that. Never needed to know. And yeah, the golds fly in formation too." Patting Kalsuoth's muzzle, the boy glances around and then grins. "I'm going to help in the kitchens for a bit. Repay a favor. See you all later."

"I think I just assumed the sky's a big place…" says Ka'el whose eyes are indeed skyward now. "If people are goin' place to place on their dragons, it wouldn't seem like there'd be a problem sharin' that huge sky without worryin' about crashing." A smirk and he rests his head back against his dragon. "Suppose that's why we're weyrlings. To screw our heads on straight to what's what." He turns his head a bit without lifting to watch Mur'dah, lifting a hand to him in departure. "Later."

Idrissa nods a bit at the talk of leaders, golds and so forth it would seem. "We're figure it out. If we have questions I'm sure we can ask someone an all." Well they are allowed to ask, right? A wave is sent towards Mur'dah. "See you two later."

"Course we will," Soriana agrees with Mur'dah, then hehs to Ka'el. "The sky's plenty big, but the interesting parts of it are a lot smaller. That's why the watch dragon keeps an eye on things over a Weyr, so things don't get mixed up." And smack into each other. Thud. Soriana nods to Idrissa, then waves to Mur'dah. "Seeya. And if there's anything particularly tasty, save some for us!" She grins.

Yeah. Like sweetrolls! Ka'el hasn't had a sweetroll in a long time, and he's not even sure why. Too busy for desserts, maybe? Maybe. His attention is turned back to who is left in their little circle of knowledge. The girls and their dragons. He with his. "Is that the job of a watch dragon?" he asks, sounding as if he truly didn't know. "Yes, I knew they watched," he says, giving Soriana a /look/ as he's sure she'd have something to say about that. "But watched for what I didn't know. But now I do. Thank you. You should be a teacher," he smirks.

Idrissa seems a bit unsure about offering more to this conversation. Well seeing whom all is left. In the past this would be a normal thing, now, well it is a bit of a strain to ponder words, think up things to say. Her gaze turns back to Soriana at the questions from Ka'el on the watch dragon bit to see what else she may offer on it.

"…well, actually," Soriana says with a smirk, "It's because they used to watch for thread." Back in those fabled historical times that they read about in their textbooks. "Not that they don't watch for other things, too. But… yeah. That's why they're watch dragons. They're on thread watch." And if any thread ever falls again, because… she doesn't know, a rogue supernova nudges the Red Planet or something… the watch dragons will sound the alarm. For now, though, the Weyr is peaceful, and Soriana leans back against Luraoth. Her, a teacher? "Hah. I guess it's a step up from teaching firelizards."

Yeah, it's awkward now, but Ka'el is doing a valiant job of not giving the awkwardness power by ignoring it. He knows the drill by now. To Idrissa, he does not exist, so he will not do something silly to her, which in turn would make the awkward more awkward. There's a science to this, you see. "Do you think the watchdragons know that they're watchin' for something that hasn't been around for hundreds of turns? Or was it thousands.. Thousands of turns?" A snicker. "Better to be safe than sorry though, huh?" Kanekith's head lowers down to rest on his paws very carefully, as to not squish the string of flowers around his neck. "Next thing you know, you'll be an assistant weyrlingmaster til you're as old as V'dim. Maybe even Weyrlingmaster, and you'll be the one people make 'old' jokes about."

"Makes sense about the watch dragon." Idrissa offers after a few moments while she glances to Tahryth, the green is just starting to wake up from her nap it would seem. As for this awkwardness between Ka'el and herself she is growing a bit tired of it, or perhaps the fact that she is standing here attempting to be in a conversation that is mostly one sided. "You'd make a good teacher Soriana." She soon offers. Tahryth shifts up onto her paws, giving her wings a slight shake and warbles out. « Hello Luraoth. How are you? » No greeting is sent to Kanekith, well he seems to think she talks to much so she just won't bother talking to him!

The scent of fresh-baked bread and hot klah comes to Tahryth. A morning in the kitchens to help her wake up! « I am well. How are you and yours? » Soriana, meanwhile, just shakes her head. "Ask Kanekith, why don't you." After all, who better than a dragon to know what dragons think? "Besides, they do watch for other stuff. Other dragons, renegades, bad weather…" All sorts of things! And then… A teacher. A weyrlingmaster. Soriana looks back and forth between her two friends (because, yes, there are two of them, and they are BOTH her friends, so THERE) with a look of disbelief. "Why… what?" No, seriously, what? "In case you forgot-" as they evidently did "-I already have a job. I'm a dragonhealer." Or she was, anyhow. Grade one! Even if she hasn't studied in… months. Yeahhhh. She has no idea when she'll manage to take the grade two exams, at this point. Maybe before she's as old as V'dim? Maybe.

Aw yeah, career change for Soriana, thanks to the dynamic (or not so much so nowadays) duo, Ka'el and Idrissa! "You're a weyrling," Ka'el corrects. "That sort've lie, erases everything for a few turns, doesn't it? We're all blank canvases again. The possibilities are endless! Why even I," he who has no intention of doing anything BUT smithing, mind you, "could strike a fancy for transport and be like Kei'lan and make deliveries across Pern, never to pick up a hammer again. You have a knack for teaching. We're just saying," separately but somehow together, "that…it could happen." A smirk follows and he folds his arms behind his head. So there. Kanekith does in fact hear Tahryth's greeting to Luraoth. No, he does not care that he has been excluded, but he does lift his head again and makes a show of streeeetching his neck to make his new neck adornment a smidge more noticeable.

"Naw I haven't forgotten about you being a dragonhealer." Idrissa says with an amused tone at the idea. A slight shrug is seen and she tilts her head while looking off pondering for a few moments perhaps. "Dono what I'll do." Seems she's still thinking of leaving the beastcraft. Tahryth warbles out while she settles down to her haunches. « I'm well.. Mine is Unsure. » The green glances to her rider and bumps her head into the girl a few times. Rissa acks and smirks while patting out at the nose that is there. "Nice to see you're awake finally. You slept through the whole lesson." As for Kanekith both Rissa and Tahryth don't even give him a glance.

"Also a knack for eating oysters. Apparently." Soriana raises a brow at Ka'el. "So. Better get on that transport, if you want to make sure I have fresh ones to exercise my talents." Smirk, and Soriana turns her attention from Ka'el, back to Idrissa. Idrissa, who has not forgotten! "Well, good," she says with a grin, then frowns. Her mouth opens for some serious advice about … y'know. No. It shuts again, and re-opens with, "Don't tell me you're going to be the next weyrlingmaster." Grin. « But you are awake now, so you can help. Soon she will be well! » Luraoth's thoughts have the warmth of the ovens baking that bread, and while Tahryth may be ignoring the bronze, Luraoth isn't. Her thoughts cool as they drift that way, so as to not wilt the flowers. « What are you wearing, Kanekith? »

« It is not working. » Kanekith notes to Ka'el, a snorted breath punctuating his words. « You said if I am patient, it will come to me and I will not have to seek it myself. I have shown patience, yet … » Oh wait. He's spoken too soon, for it isn't much longer that Luraoth gives the proper amount of attention to the new thing around his neck, and his eyes swirl a pleasured color of green. « You were right. » And Ka'el is ever so glad else he'd likely never hear the end of it! "If we are to transport anything, the last thing I'd lug around is a net full of those disgusting things." Oysters definitely did not make it onto his list of favorite foods! His eyes turn to Idrissa momentarily, then smirk at Soriana's quip. "Ha. She'd.." er, wait no. His joke is cut short, forgetting that they are no longer friends. Or something. Kanekith continues, now speaking to Luraoth. « It is a gift with no name and no purpose, » he says proudly, lifting his head a little so that she can see the necklace of braided flowers. « But we have found a purpose for the purposeless, and he has given it a name. It is called a necklace. »

Idrissa smirks as she hears Soriana. "I don't think so, no" There is a pause as she hears Ka'el and she frowns just a bit. Tahryth shifts and warbles out softly. « Perhaps. » The green sends a glance up to the brown before turning to nose at her rider. « We go, I'm hungry. Would like to try and hunt again.. Maybe? » Rissa shakes her head slightly while looking to the dragons here and then back to her own. "Can't now, but we can get you something to eat." Either way she is fine with the idea of leaving and she is turning to move off heading towards the barracks it seems. "See you around, Soriana, Luraoth." Seems she'll keep up with the still no talking or friends thing if Ka'el wants it as much as she does. Tahryth warbles out to her golden sibling and is then trotting off following her rider.

So close! Soriana almost managed to get these two talking to each other. Almost. And yet… no. Not so much. She sighs, lowering her gaze to an undistinguished chunk of rock before looking up again as Idrissa makes departure-type-noises. "Seeya." She gives a wave, and Luraoth sends another whiff from those ovens after Tahryth. No more baking bread! Now, it's roasting meat. « Enjoy! I will see you later. » And then her attention dances back to Kanekith, gaining the scent of grasss as she looks over the formerly nameless thing curiously. « It is pretty. » Luraoth takes a tinge of color from each of the flowers, and coils them together around Kanekith's neck like a spring before releasing the twined hues to swirl back to their proper places. Soriana watches as Idrissa leaves, then turns her gaze back to… Ka'el. Also? Kanekith.

He's not sure why it bothers him so to be ignored, but it does. To be blatantly disregarded, and his dragon as well, both infuriates and saddens him and Ka'el can feel his fists slightly clench as his jaw tightens as teeth press. But maybe it's what he deserves to happen after what he did, as unintentional as all that hurt was, and his flare of anger dims quickly, revealing shadowed woe. But even that is short-lived, a mask of indifference taking its place as he notes Soriana's attention on him. "Bye, Idrissa." Kanekith continues to show off his necklace, not unaware of Ka'el's shifting emotions, but they are brief enough to be disregarded. « It is, » he agrees, reveling in the colors that coil around him, brightening them to surreal hues before they fall back in place. « It is my first gift and I will keep it safe from harm. Mine says it will not last forever but I will remember it always. » Because it is glorious and magnificent because it belongs to him!

Soriana's gaze lingers on Ka'el for maybe a bit longer than it would if she hadn't caught a little bit of those emotions. That, or maybe she's just looking at him because he's easy on the eyes? …nah. She's not smiling nearly enough for that. She's quiet for a moment, glancing back to Idrissa to check her progress - yep, she's gone now - before looking back to Ka'el again. Her mouth starts to open, then closes again. Luraoth laughs at the bright colors, amused and pleased. « Nothing lasts. That is why there are memories. You will remember, yours will remember, and now so will I. » Of course, memories aren't the same as the things they're remembering… and sometimes, memories can be painful things. Soriana's gaze drifts to Kanekith the finely decorated. "He's doing okay?"

"He's always doin' ok," remarks Ka'el who lifts a hand to press and rub against the bronze's well-oiled hide. No itchy. "'Least, if you ask him he is. He's doin'…well. He didn't bother anyone about that necklace. I told'm to wait, and if anyone wanted to know about it, they'd ask. An' if they didn't ask, they don't need to know and he didn't need to go forcin' it on everyone. … That was hard for'm. Thank Luraoth for askin', please. She probably saved the day." Kanekith is an easier subject than Idrissa. Any subject is probably easier than Idrissa. Idrissa would be easier if he didn't see her everyday. Avoidance is key, but also, it's unfortunately not an option. And so he can be privately sad and privately mad, but private is another key word. He continues to be indifferent and tactically does not comment on Idrissa. "Luraoth's wing looks more even now. She's gettin' bigger too. Right up with Kanekith." All good things, and she's given a smile of encouragement. "Dragonhealers say anything more about it?"

"Heh." Soriana gives a crooked grin at Kanekith the amazing always-ok "More like fabulous," dragon. As for Luraoth, well… "She'll be glad to know her attention is appreciated." Soriana gives a little shake of her head. "But she's always asking about stuff and noticing people. S'why I was late to class, she saw someone and we had to say hi and talk and… everything." She smiles, fond and a touch rueful as her gaze lingers on the gold. "Yeah. She's getting better. I don't think she's there yet, though…" But then, maybe she's worrying too much. She glances sidewise to Ka'el, and shrugs. "Nah. Just to keep working on it."

It takes a moment, but Ka'el does find his grin again. "At least she doesn't insist on trying to find out how and why everything works. Remember the alarm clock? It'is only grown from there." At least he can laugh about it. Kanekith hasn't messed up anything super important thus far. "And yours hasn't gotten herself tangled up in fishermen's nettings, has she?" He leans away from his dragon now, removing his weight from his hide as he sits forward. "She might not be there, but she's gettin' closer." He rises now, brushing off the seat of his pants. "I'm gonna go get those handouts before I forget." He jerks a thumb over his shoulder to gesture to the barracks. "Then stare at knots an' see if I can engrave them all in my head or somethin'. That'll be the only way I memorize them all."

"No, she doesn't," Soriana says, and the fondness of the smile grows toward a grin of her own. "Just who everybody is and what they're like." And won't they be her friends? Of course they will. "…maybe I can get her to remember people's names for me. With how many of them she thinks I'm supposed to meet…" yeah, but does Soriana really want to risk calling someone 'fire-head girl'? Probably not, and so she shakes her head, then tilts it to look at Ka'el and nods. "Yeah, okay. Let me know if the engraving plan works for you, I could use something like that." She doesn't move to follow him, though. Not yet… though she's got plenty of studying she should be doing. Maybe she's going to do a workout first, and practice her jogging before she has to do it in a reverse V. Or maybe she's just looking for some time alone.

Luraoth. Everybody's friend! Poor Soriana will be lucky to make it out of weyrlinghood without having met every single person that has stepped foot upon Xanadu between now and then. With her gold's guidance, she'll be a fluttering social butterfly yet! Oyster slurping and all. Ka'el grins in reply to her and gives a little mock salute. "If it does, I'll only tell you for a small fee. Such help doesn't come free, y'know. I'll let you know." Although risen, he lingers for a beat, eyes steady on her with a lasting little grin. "C'mon Kanekith," is said at last as he turns, striding off towards the barracks. His bronze follows, sending a shadow of farewell to Luraoth before trailing after his rider, giving his head a few unnecessary shakes along the way, just to make the flowers flutter a bit.

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