A meeting of stablehands!

Xanadu Weyr - Coastal Road
This coastal road runs parallel with the edge of beach that stretches endlessly beside the Caspian Lake. From coast to inland the dunes of the beach grow smaller and smaller until they eventually peter out into nothing but small moguls in the sand. The path is eventually seen to be blocked by a river that reaches the lake just south of the point where the road turns west and crosses a grassy meadow towards a sturdy wooden bridge that can be seen in the distance.

The morning fog is finally starting to dissapate, unlike much of the snow that had fallen fairly recently due to a late blizzard that hit Xanadu. There are patches of cleared areas, but there are even more areas where the snow is piled up in hard crusted drifts. Near a lighthouse/weyr is a small woman who is sitting in a bench that faces a water, just off the pathway, a short walk from said lighthouse. There's a chuckling from a heavy-set and large woman as she heads back over towards the house "You just be gettin' some fresh air, and I'll be mindin the littles. Don't ye be worryin' none now, ya hear?" The younger woman smiles and nods "Yes, Cora." she states, almost meekly, but not quite for there's a hint of mirth in her voice.

Seeming to be well suited for the snow a figure moves her way along the coastal path back towards the meadow, or what used to be a meadow before it became covered in snow. She has her hood up to protect against the cold air but Kinzie is still shivering slightly even with all the layers she's wearing. The conversation between the tow women catches her attention and she looks between the two briefly, unable to recognise either she trudges onwards.

At the sound of snow crunching, Kezi's attention shifts from the departing Cora to the bundled up figure moving along. She watches curiously for a moment or two and then calls out a greeting "Hello! Bit cold out still for being out." Pay no mind to the fact that she's sitting out in the cold air herself and not half has bundled up, that's besides the point. A green dragon makes her way from around the building after a moment of said greeting and she two looks curiously towards the figure.

The hello does startle Kinzie a little and she looks over towards both the dragon and rider, there is a pause as she looks un-sure for a moment and then she smiles "Hello to you" she says eventually refusing to remove the hood, well becuase it's very cold, but she does take her hands out of her pockets long enough to wave politely "I'm just on my way to the stables to check on the runners, they get restless having to stay in in this weather and I don't want them to get lame" she says with a firm nod.

Keziah perks up just a little at the mention of the stables and runners "Have some runner do ya?" she asks as she tilts her head a little to one side. She tries to peer a little more closely young woman "Not sure I've seen you around, course, I ain't been in the stables for the last few months, not even to check on me own beasties." she murmurs softly "And then with the snows. Well?" she sighs a little and looks just a bit wistful as well. "I'm Keziah and this is Alosynth." she notes softly.

With a smile to the like minded Rider and her dragon Kinzie nods "Not been round here for long, I came in by boat with the last load of herdbeasts" and the look on her face shows how enjoyable that journey was "I'm helping out at the stables for now with the runners, I'm used to snow and bad weather so I'm helping exercise them and…." she kicks a small lump of snow "Attempt to stop this stuff from effecting their health" the introduction makes her a little wary but she gives Keziah and Alosynth a polite bow of the head "It's nice to meet you both, I'm Kezzy" or at least that's what she's going by here for the moment.

Keziah cocks and eyebrow "Kezzy huh? That'll be interestin' since most folks at the stables call me Kezi." she remarks with a grin "Well, always good to have help, even if the runner population ain't where it used ta be what with the plague and all." she says softly and then she smiles "And dontcha be letting That old fool Tarsin give ya a hard time." she remarks about the Stablemaster. "Is he does, just be talkin' to Yina, his assistant. She's wonderful. I trained her up myself." she notes. The green herself just blinks a moment and then deeming nothing to worry about from the girl, heads back around the building again. "So do you hail from Reaches or that area? I did much of my training in the Beastcraft there."

Kinzie lets out a soft chuckle "That would explain why they keep mentioning the name similarities" she watches the green as she disappeers before returning to the conversation "Tarzin mentioned the plague, it must have been terrible " and she shudders at the thought rather than the cold "We had a similar thing with the herdbeasts not so long back at my family hold….." she stops for a moment as she tries to decide how much information to divulge and decides on the easy option "I'm from a small holding near Ruatha but haven't been home in some turns now, mostly I've been racing and in between racing I've been travelling until I met C'yr and now i'm working in the stables and cleaning a Bronzerider's Weyr" she says with a slight snort "Certainly not what I expeted when the boat docked" ther tone is jovial and her soft look shows that she is certainly grateful for the work and shelter.

Keziah grins "C'yr huh?" she asks "Well, he's a good sort." she notes quietly "For a bronzer." she just can't help but add. "Tarsin knows his stuff though, he's been workin' with the beasties for a long time indeed." She nods a little to the mention of the home hold "Yer a long way, but then so am I. I come from Lost Hold originally, then I spent many a turn herdin' caprines up on the slopes of Reaches and then well I ended up settling down here. Watching the critters and helpin' Tarsin out in the stables. Then Alosynth found me and the rest as they say, is history." Perhaps a much abridged history, but one nonetheless. "It was a terrible thing though, worse though was gettin' rid of the carcasses, had to burn a number of them." she murmurs softly.

Keziah laughs brightly "Aye, racers be something. Give me a nice workin' runner though. Long distances and hardy and not as apt to shy out in the swamps." she notes. "Though I did have a nice stock of racers, mainly small little endurance ones that I'd had bred up over the Turns." She gives another sigh "Still, you could slept in the dorms. Ocelara's never turned anyone out that I know of. Least not ones that didn't deserve it. Though the stable be comfy and I've spent a number of nights tehre myself." she notes.

"It's not so bad the odd night, or even a sevenday but it ended up being quite a few sevendays and my back was not thanking me for it" Kinzie says witha smile and a slightly exagerated stretch "I haven't plans to stay too long, i'm just passing through and experiencing weyr life she says looking over to where the green dragon had gone "and that for me is definitely new" she chuckles and again she looks over towards the meadow "I think it's time I head on over to the stables, I don't want anything to happen because I was late getting them exercised" she says worriedly "It was nice to Meet you Keziah and give my regards to Alosynth" and she makes her way slowly tyring to pick her way through the less icey snow.

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