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Xanadu Weyr - Coastal Road

This coastal road runs parallel with the edge of beach that stretches endlessly beside the Caspian Lake. From coast to inland the dunes of the beach grow smaller and smaller until they eventually peter out into nothing but small moguls in the sand. The path is eventually seen to be blocked by a river that reaches the lake just south of the point where the road turns west and crosses a grassy meadow towards a sturdy wooden bridge that can be seen in the distance.

It's been icy this winter, then snowy and cold it seems like - forever! Spring is yet a month away, with the thaw that comes melting everything and making a lovely muddy, ugly mess. Rain and refreezing has coated everything with a couple inch thick sheet of ice and now? Now it snows, light fluffy flakes that have put about an inch of depth atop that oh-so-slippery ground and here comes Thea, on her way home after dinner in the Caverns with a babe under each arm, skidding and slipping while the nearly one turn old infants squeal and giggle from the swaying ride they're getting.

R'soe strides along the slippery roads seemingly unconcerned. It may be because he hal good sturdy boots for riding. Or that he'l light on his feet? Or maybe because he doesn't seem to realize he's on an icy road yet, for he is far too occupied by the scroll he's reading as he slowly goes along. He doesn't see Thea yet.

Thea's eyes are on the ground in front of her, choosing each step with great care, although the three of them are bundled in Faranth knows enough layers to pad them well should they fall. Her booted feet take small careful steps, the soles skidding with each and every one while the nether ends of the boy and girl under each arm swing with the motion. It could even be a new kind of dance! Might annoy some people, the difficult manner in which she must travel, but not the junior. She's got a smile curving her lips as she hums a cheerful tune, perhaps in part to keep the restless ones from becoming impatient with her slow progress.

R'soe is coming along now close, and stops suddenly, nearly running into the poor woman. Instead, R'soe catches himself…then slips and falls, doing that arms-waving-in-the-air motion as he falls. "Arrrrgh!"

Thea's head snaps up with a blink at that arrrgh of R'soe's, her song breaks off into silence, both twins peek up in unison, a pair of liquid brown and pair of sea green eyes stare only to giggle at the arm-flailing man. He's funny! The only thing their mother can do is watch helplessly, planting her feet so as not to join him down there on the icy road. With a tot under each arm, she can't even offer him an arm up. When all movement stops and peace once again reigns, Thea leans just a bit to ask with concern lacing her voice, "Are you alright?" But oh, it's that lean that does it, combined with the weight of the twins. Her feet slip out from underneath her and she lands atop the poor man.

R'soe laughs brightly at the question. "Perfectly all right, if a bit bruised. Its frightfully difficult to navigate icy roads. I should have been more careful." Then he looks at her and the two tots, and smiles. "Do you need a hand with them? I mean, I'll try not to repeat my performance…"

Thea is flustered and apologetic all in one, while the twins think this is great fun. Their giggles harmonize and she wriggles awkwardly off of him and shifts to her knees, an arm still about each babe. "Did we squish you?" He seems to be breathing, but… it polite to ask? "Oh no no. It's not your fault, ah… R'soe, right?" Taking him up on his offer to help, she hands him the boy, "Can you take Muireadach for me?" Her arms shift the girl to her hip as she stands, "I've got Marella." She braces her feet apart and offers the older man a gloved hand up.

R'soe takes the boy, grinning, if a bit awkwardly, and hoists him up with him as he stands. "Not a problem. He's light as a feather. Aren't you, uh, Murdic?" names, maybe he's not so good with. "R'soe is mine, yes. And, uh, you are Tia, yes?" Nope, not the best with names. The kidlet, however, he is happy to carry.

Thea ducks her head to hide the smile that twitches her lips at that misnomer. "Mur-ah-da," she says. "That's how D'had's people say it." Marella's got her fingers twined in the fur lining Thea's hood, totally absorbed by the soft texture under her fingers while Muir, after giving R'soe a curious stare, is busy making a grab for that scroll R'soe has. "Thea-," the child's mother starts to correct when she spots what her son is doing, "Oh! Watch out, if he gets that it'll go right in his-" Too late, the lad lunges with an openmouthed dive that shows four little white teeth. "-mouth," she finishes in a small voice.

R'soe eeps and quickly pries the letter from the tot's fingers and stuffs it in an open pocket. "I'm sorry Mur…kid…I don't have any chewables for you." He slowly starts moving along the road. "So which direction are we headed in?" he asks, waiting for her instructions as to where the kid cargo is to be ferried to.

Muir blinks as the letter is removed from between his happily gnawing little teeth then he starts bawling. Thea tsks at the lad, but otherwise ignores the tears. One gloved hand lifts to point to the weyrbarn nearby. "Just over there." It's really only several paces off the road. Marella peeks around mommy's hood to peer at her brother. He's crying? All sympathy, her lower lip pokes out and her sea-green eyes fill with tears. "This way," and she steps in the proper direction, heeding that ice while the snow feathers down.

R'soe follows along, meanwhile making googly eyes and silly faces to try and make the unhappy child in his arms laugh. "Ooogy boogy boo boo!" he croons brightly. And is only met with more tears. "I have to admit, I have little experience in this. I had a baby living with me for a few days while I was considering adopting but…life and career suggested that he needed more care than I could give." He then returns to making faces for Muir.

Thea sends a sidelong look at the older man when he says that. Dryly, "Was enough to cure you, eh?" She laughs quietly as she steps up onto the porch, "Your poor ear." She's all sympathy, really. As she turns to take Muir, "They're just hungry." Both babes are at it - wailing in stereo, oh no! The junior is unruffled, however. "Thanks for the help." A grateful smile follows.

R'soe nods gently. "Not a problem, still have a soft spot for the small ones, even if I'm not fit to parent any. And here's to hoping the ice melts soon." He hands Muir over gratefully and smiles. "Well I best be going, this scroll is something of a request to go visit relatives and I shouldn't dawdle. But it was nice meeting you, and littles. Clear skies to you!"

Thea hefts Muir, nodding at R'soe. "Aw, well maybe you just needed a helpful mate? I mean, D'had with babes and no mother?" She doesn't even go there! Instead she cheerily says, "Enjoy your trip." And then she's slipping inside to inflict crying babes on her weyrmate. Oh yes. That help works both ways.

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