Xanadu Weyr - Coastal Road

This coastal road runs parallel with the edge of beach that stretches endlessly beside the Caspian Lake. From coast to inland the dunes of the beach grow smaller and smaller until they eventually peter out into nothing but small moguls in the sand. The path is eventually seen to be blocked by a river that reaches the lake just south of the point where the road turns west and crosses a grassy meadow towards a sturdy wooden bridge that can be seen in the distance.

No doubt, Seryth is beginning to really feel the effects of her flight, now so many sevenday ago…and then with the weather and all. Nasty, cold, snowy…alright, that was more or less Romth's take on the blizzard and all. Otherwise, it's been relatively quiet of late. There was the contentment of the dragons announcing that Keziah'd had triplets, but other than that? The most excitement to come out of a dragon in the past 12 hours or so is undoubtably Kagenaith's distant distress. And then Romth, so laconically announcing to his golden mate « It's true. If you stick your tongue to cold metal, it will stick. » Along with the distinct, crisp mental report of the sensation of that factoid. Huh. Who knew that dragons could ever stick to metal! It's a novel thing, it is…and one he feels compelled to share with the rest of his wing, abruptly. Hey. If you lick cold metal, you really DO stick to it!

Seryth is egg-heavy, thanks to Romth and looking like she's carrying enough eggs to make up for the 3 departed queens in her belly. The gold doesn't seem too out of sorts though. And she doesn't seem to mind the deep snowfall, lolling about on the cushion it provides in front of the Weyrbarn on the coastal road or in the Clearing with Romth quite contentedly. In fact, she'll be encouraging him with tidbits of its virtue like, « It's deep enough that you can get your WHOLE HEAD underneath there and make a tunnel! » Or « If you need to sneeze, just inhale some - it helps! » When Romth's announcement brings her drifting from her semi-doze of a nap her first response is a blurry, « You licked metal? Whyever for? »

Romth is matter of fact, his black-velvet mind sparkling with the novelty of the situation. « Kagenaith did, and said he stuck. I did not believe him, because he is a blue… » Not that he feels blues are liars, but they don't always convey all the information they need, in his opinion. « He became upset… » The blue is probably dimly audible to Seryth, all things given. « Also, cold metal does not taste as good as one might have anticipated. »

Kagenaith is audible, yes, now that she's awake. The gold is somewhat distracted listening to the blue and soothing him a bit. She does turn her attention back on Romth, slightly ruffled over the comment on blues. Her rains are brisk, « I always believe what Siebith says. » Perhaps sticking up for blues on the planet everywhere or simply contrasting his tendency to second-guess them. « So I hear. But his is with him. » She doesn't seem worried about Kagenaith, still a little sleepy and growing more puzzled, breezes from her reach Romth to tickle him with, « You thought it might taste good? » There's a bubble of amusement from her and she repeats her question, « Did you lick it too, Romth? »

Romth offers the mental echo of his own situation, standing next to his weyrbarn in the thick snow, both forks of his tongue stuck to the center of a large metal table Xe'ter uses for prepping fishing equipment and leatherwork and the like. While it might be under a wooden leanto, it's open sided enough that Romth was able to snake his tongue in to have a taste. « It is not painful. Mine is coming, and he seems displeased that I mentioned it. » Yeah, he's going to be MORE displeased when some of the equally curious greens and blues start repeating the action out of the novelty of it.

Now THIS Seryth has GOT to see! Since her mate doesn't seem upset, she is not alarmed, but her heave to get out of the snow-wallow she's made for herself is hasty none-the-less. She wants to get over there and see for herself just what the bronze has done to himself. Her talons srcabble at loose snow before meeting frozen ground at last, she rolls to her side and pushes up, lumbering up the road towards him, her mental voice drawing closer as she speaks, « Lack of pain is a good thing, yes. » And then she's there, head snaking to examine him and eyeball his tongue where it contacts metal. « What made you stick to it? » Curious is she, but more like WHY he's stuck rather than what metal tastes like. And her afterthought, « Mine is coming also. » Yep, she told hers. Poor Xe'ter.

Indeed, Romth is very cool about the matter, wriggling his tongue a little…huh. Seems good and stuck…oh. Maybe not. Maybe it's starting to thaw a little? Oh. Ups. Moved too far, now MORE tongue is stuck. Drat. « Yes, mine is coming. » In fact, the dark shape of Xe'ter against the daytime snow should be easily visible to the big golden queen…at least, should she look that direction.

Nah. Seryth is totally focused on the tongue-stuck Romth. Fascinated as she watches him get it further stuck. One great eye moves to where it can see under that overhang, her head angled down by his. Annnd since she's not getting any answers to her questions, he gets a definite feel of curiosity, speculation and then a flicker of her tongue licking his muzzle. « Huh. I… didn't stick to you? Let's try that again in another spot. » The queen tries the top of his head. Nope. Huh. She may just continue with the Romthcicle all the way down to… Aaaaaand here comes Thea, having left her Weyrbarn just after Xe'ter has passed by, snow squeaking underfoot in her attempt to catch up to the Weyrleader.

Xe'ter is quite the sight, his lanky form, sans a jacket, dashing through the snow. He is NOT from hardy cold weather stock, to say the least! Arms flapping, he offers a loud verbal command, "ROMTH! Do NOT talk Seryth into licking that table! She'll kill us both!" Hard to say if he means she as in Seryth, or she as in Thea…but all the same, he's doing his best to make his haste on the beat-down path that leads from the caverns to the general area of the outer grouping of weyrbarns. "Shardit, you idiot, don't tell the rest of them, either! We still have impressionable weyrlings underfoot." Too…late?

Xe'ter might just catch a chuckle from Thea, overhearing that command. Seryth STILL hasn't gotten the implication about licking metal, nope. She's working her way down Romth's neckridges, « Not sticking to you yet! » is her so-helpful news to the bronze. Thea, for her part catches up to the Weyrleader at last and hails the distracted man with, "You're going to catch your death out here without a jacket." The strap of her flamethower is thrown over one shoulder, the bulky object clanking against her side as it swings. And is that a… maniacal glee lurking in the Weyrwoman’s eyes? Nah, couldn't be!

Xe'ter is still at a good clip when he catches the sound that heralds Thea's arrival. Oh, this couldn't get any worse, could it? He heaves to a stop, nearer to Romth than not, then makes a face. Oh shardit…all. What's she got that flamethrower for, anyway? O.o "Thea…ah. Um. Romth seems to have gotten himself…a bit attached." Romth for his part, is still utterly unphased by his situation, and offers in rolling, empty sky sort of tones « I think it is the metal to which I am stuck…not the metal to me. Maybe if you taste the metal too? »

"So I heard," is Thea's amused reply to the Weyrleader. She's unslinging the flamethrower and readying to fire? Yep. "Just lemme shoot the edge of the table and warm it up a bit," is her oh- so-very reassuring offer to help. Seryth's chuckled reply to Romth, despite sounding of pattering of rain across a pond's surface, is followed by a dry, « I think I'll pass. The taste of metal doesn't appeal. YOU however, taste pretty good! » Does the queen have a sense of humor or what? If nothing else she has an impecable sense of timing. Her next comment is the creak of ice breaking off of a glacier, « Oh! Huh that- Owwwwww! » Her head snakes back to eye her belly. « Cramps. I think… Oh yes. I have to go, Romth! The eggs come. » The gold turns and heads towards the hatching arena at a half flight, half run, passing Thea, who stares at her in dismay. "NOW?? But I was just about to-" Grumblemutter. She turns and follows her lifemate. Great! Her ONE chance to use the flamethrower on something besides missing a straw target is ruined.

Romth is so startled, he yoinks his head up…and tweaks his tongue, some. « Ow! …now? » "Oh sharding shells from Faranth's gilded eggho—-" He cuts himself short, looking to the Weyrwoman with dismay. "Now?" He adds a lame sounding, "I was going to get some hot…water…"

"That would work. Or you could just get him to… burp flame?" Several paces away already, the Weyrwoman peers over her shoulder and just eyes the scene, probably committing it to memory. Despite her disappointment in not using the weapon she's still amused. Very amused. "See you guys there," she calls as she starts to run, likely spurred by Seryth's call for her to get a move on. If he hears cackling floating back on the breeze, it's totally plausible that it's coming from her.

Xe'ter groans VERY softly, and then objects…lamely, "He'd have to chew stone to burp flame…" And that's not happening right now! He acks, as he realizes she's LAUGHING at him…and scurries inside, to get some water for Romth's now slightly owied tongue. Fortunately, it won't be that long, though it will take longer now that Romth's dancing around, unhappy to be STUCK while Seryth clutches!

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