Yours, Mine and Ours

Lost Island- Misty Falls

The jungle opens to a wide clearing that reveals a high, broad lip of rock over which water cascades in a thin sheet falling into a clear, wide pool that appears deep enough for swimming. The sound of the drops hitting the surface of the pool is musical and soothing to the ears. Almost level banks are thickly-carpeted with rich emerald moss shaded by giant ferns that cluster in graceful arcs, perpetually be-jeweled with beads from the mist given off by the falls.%r %r Behind the falls there appears to be a ledge that allows one to pass behind the sheet of water and remain dry. The path skirts the clearing and continues on up towards the peak.

The island is quiet, yet not deserted, as evidenced by the presence of Seryth crouched on the beach, her straps removed and heaped out of the tide's reach in a tangled and unusually careless pile just at the jungle's edge. That the queen remains out of contact with any other of her kind speaks of her rider's distress, likely. The gold has her head turned towards the trail, a clue to where her lifemate has gone.

There's a drink, or two, or three for D'had a bit of blowing off steam so to speak while he's still not hearing anything through Siebith as to Thea. After a check of the weyrbarn, and Thea's old weyr just in case he'd missed her return the weyrsecond's blue appears above the beach of 'their island'. There's a silent greeting from blue to gold as he lands and D'had dismounts, taking the time to remove straps.

Seryth has no quibble with her friend Siebith and so greets him briefly with a low croon, and a neck stretched out to touch his muzzle if she can. Her concern is, is however with her Rider and naturally her head turns back in the direction that Thea left in, her eyes whirl a slow yellow of distress. If the blue is inclined to curl up with her, she wouldn't be adverse to it. She does, however send an anxious chuff to Siebith's as if to hurry him on his way; she knows he is important to hers and thus she not only accepts him, but approves and maybe until this moment she hasn't really demonstrated this. She does now.

Siebith waits patiently, well patiently for him anyway, but once straps are off he's nudging Seryth and laying down beside the much larger gold. For his part D'had turns a glance across the beach and then down the path as his attention is drawn to it by the weyrwoman's lifemate.

Seryth rumble-croons as Siebith lies beside her - it's nearly a groan for comfort as she shifts to let her side touch his, appreciating the comfort she needs to draw from him, a move which might alert his rider to just how distant her own rider has become from her. Amongst the yellow-whirling eyes that the queen tilts towards Siebith's Rider is some confusion - she's not used to this! She curls her neck to rest her head upon the blue's back and as her eyes close, her comment reaches out to her friend with a steady beat of cold rain, « She goes to the falls but she is… foggy to me. Tell him to go there? »

D'had starts towards the path, his pace picking up as that message is relayed from dragon to dragon and finally on to him. Calm waves lap back against the mind of the gold. « He goes. » Siebith assures, his mindvoice confident as always, a thread of tension there hidden beneath the waves as he offers up comfort for the queen. His rider on the other hand is no less certain, but his theory is much more of one that includes some sort of impending doom for him as he rounds that last bend in the path before arriving at the falls.

Up by the waterfall the evidence that Thea is there somewhere is left in the trail of clothing discarded beside the pool - her flight jacket is first… then her boots, then her leather trous. Nothing at first to be seen of the junior, but there's the sound of rather hoarse and incoherent singing blending with the water falling into the pool, amazingly melodic and poignant in tone for all the words are indiscernible. It's not only the tongue of her mountain folk but something else that makes the words hard to comprehend. And there nearly hidden in the mist from the falls is Thea, sitting on a rock in naught but her underpants and sleeveless shirt with her bare feet in the water, hair beaded by a thousand clinging diamonds that glitter in the setting sun. In her hands, precariously held, is a bottle of D'son's finest and yes, she's obviously partaken.

At least they've shared in something today. Even if that something is a good bit of hard liquor. D'had doesn't say anything right off, in fact he's silent for a good while before he moves again having stopped a step or two short of the clearing that opens up to the falls. A shake of his head and he looks back to the path at his feet, moving up behind the junior. He stops a good few feet away however, out of arms reach even. A frown flicks across his features. "You okay?" he finally inquires.

It's is a lullaby that is sung softly if not smoothly. For all that the words may be hard to translate, the tongue of the mountain folk share some words in common with the traders of Pern and D'had might catch a few of them: the words 'son' and 'precious' and 'gift' among the sense of loss and longing contained in the melody as Thea sings, her liquid notes blending with the waterfall, oblivious that anyone is there besides her, even when he speaks. That bottle is lifted and sipped from again while he stands there behind her, there's no mistaking the shudder for the taste, nor the coughing that the raw liquor triggers as the stuff burns her throat on the way down, obviously unused to the stuff. She leans forward, elbows on her knees and resumes singing although more softly. She isn't ignoring him, but it's clear she's shut out Seryth, for she hasn't been notified that he's behind her.

A quirk of a smile touches D'had's lips just for watching her sit there, but after a moment he shakes his head. "Its pretty," he comments, stepping forward and reaching for that bottle. Hopefully he's lucky enough to snag it. "Almost as pretty as the girl singin' it.." he pauses a second before going on. "Look, ignore me if ya wanna. Sorry about… well everything. I'll put in a transfer tomorrow." A lot of words all at once for him, some real thought, and if he has that bottle a long swig follows.

The singing breaks off abruptly as soon as she feels that tug on the bottle, the hand is in front of her before she knows it and the bottle is easily removed from her numb fingers. Thea blinks, turning in slow surprise to see where it's going and who has removed it. Her movement is awkward, her butt half-slipping from the rock and her arms flailing for balance until one long bare leg shifts to brace her. She closes her eyes, opens them in a slow blink - an attempt to focus on the man, squinting helps. "Donn. When did you-" Soft lips curve in a sad sort of way, half of what he's said seeps through the self-induced fog she's inflicted upon herself. Her still-congested voice husky with her cold as well as the alcohol, "M'not ignoring you." She frowns and there's a pause as she processes the rest of his words slowly. Fever-bright eyes glitter as she stands abruptly, swaying. "Leaving, Donn? My fault, it's all too-" The rest of what she would say never spoken as she loses her balance and falls into the shallow water at the pool's edge.

D'had blinks, narrowing his eyes in a fashion that hopefully allows him to better focus on his weyrmate given that first question. "When…?" When what? That bit he's confused by. A nod to show that he is listening as she goes on. Hesitating at the question of leaving, "I… if…" But she's heard that before. And then she's falling? "Hey!" No no no, that's not supposed to happen, but D'had's jumping in after her.

The water Thea lands in is only knee-deep and he's not so very far away, so it's not much of a jump he needs to make. The water is fairly cool coming off the falls, that pool shaded by the trees surrounding it and even though they're in the tropics, it doesn't allow for the water to warm up much. Thus she is shivering when she sits up, thoroughly soaked. One hand braces to keep herself upright, the other makes a clumsy attempt to push her wet hair that's clinging to her face out of her eyes, but she makes no move to stand. Through her chattering teeth she tries to answer, the words coming slurred, "When'd you get here?" The sea green eyes that watch him still wide with pain and now confusion as well.

D'had jumps down from the rock landing hard in the water with a splash. He reaches out a hand to her, an offer to help her up if she'll take it. He's not pushing and simply pulling her up like he might another day. "Just now," he replies as to the when. Or at least a short enough time ago that it doesn't really matter exactly. "Now come on," he adds snapping fingers at her.

Thea reaches for that hand, needing it and allows him to haul her to her feet. To his answer she gives a little 'oh' of surprise, eyes swing towards the beach in a glare that would likely peel the hide of Seryth if it weren't for the trees in the way. She's clinging to him to keep her balance, but the snapping of fingers at her draws a blink. "W-what?" How dare he? That's the tone of it. She doesn't say anything, just makes a grab for the bottle he'd taken. "M'not goin' back jus yet," she mutters trying to stop shaking.

D'had shakes his head, "Just meant its cold. Outta the water." That's where he was trying to get her, not to mention himself. "Yer sick." Remember? Not that she'd really need the reminder, but he is attempting to draw her back to the shoreline and out of the cool stream. "And don't need anymore’a that either," he adds aiming to pull the bottle back from her.

Thea shakes her head as if to clear it, but all that does is make her lose her balance and lean hard into him. Her mental processing is not working at its best right now. "Ah, oh, right!" It IS cold, but she denies being sick, "M'not either!" Her fingers tighten on the bottle, "Why not? Worked for you all those turns didn't it?" The words lack belligerence, however, sounding more sulky than snappish as she tries unsuccessfully to regain possession of it. Abruptly she gives it up, blinking as the tears start once more. "Not helping anyway." Dimly she remembers he hates to see her cry, so she attempts to push away, turns to step up the bank, but her efforts lack coordination as she weaves, flailing for balance.

D'had snorts as he steps back onto land. That is not the point. "Me, not you," he points out. She's supposed to be the reasonable one or something, at least the non-drunk one. The bluerider turns a glare of a glance back over his shoulder at her, reaching a hand for her's in effore to attempt to pull her up the bank. "Oh come on, what's your problem?" Cringe. Yeah, probably not the best thing to say right now.

Thea takes the offered hand, allowing him to pull her up the bank. The glare she doesn't notice, but his tone and short words do not help matters, no. The look she turns upon him for it is one of wounded disbelief, as if she's been slapped. "I-" She closes up. She can't talk to him when he's like this, when she's like this. "It's not important-" Her fingers release his hand and she turns away, but walking away just isn't an option right now, so she just sits in the grass of the clearing and curls up. She's crying and if he doesn't want to see it, he'll just have to leave her there and go.

For as much as D'had likes women this is the part that he hates and is terrible at. Of course those few drinks he had prior to tracking her down on the island aren't helping. A frown flickers across his features, a sigh follows. Yeah, really shouldn't have said that, at least not like that. But again, that's the alcohol. "Look, it was a flight." Beat. "Hate that ya found out like that, but ain't nothin' I can do about it."

Thea doesn't answer him for a good while. All she knows is he's sounding annoyed and keeping his distance and she doesn't have the ability at the moment to sort things out. Muffled under her wet hair, her answer is finally given, "Not upset with you-" But she doesn't finish the rest to explain. Still curled up where she's sitting, she eases onto her side. With a tired sigh, she murmurs, "I just need to rest a little bit." And she's out. If he does touch her, he'll find that though she's shivering she's much too hot. She's soaking wet, though and cannot go *Between*. So perhaps an S&R Rider might know what to do with this situation?

D'had sighs and shakes his head, ducking down beside her to brush wet hair from her face. It's then that he realizes just how warm she is. No good. Despite everything he's not leaving her there alone though, not like this. He does leave her side for a bit though, a trek back to the beach where Siebith and Seryth wait, and more importantly where Siebith's straps remain. He pulls a blanket and a towel from one of the attached bags and heads back. Having been drinking and not wanting to wake the junior its not easy, but he does his best to dry her off before covering her with the blanket before setting down to wait and keep watch over her. Which is how he comes to be passed out a few feet away knees up, head down on them.

Hours pass in that kind of sleep that is far too deep to be restful. Darkness cloaks the island when awakening comes bringing with it all the unpleasant effects of a hangover, the time spent in part fevered delirium for Thea, thanks to that cold she's got. (Hopefully D'had's managed to get her through that as best he can) and then more sleep that finds the sun well up into the next morning before she stirs once more. The blanket moves and she opens her eyes to blink in some confusion at the trees overhead.

D'had's done his best to care for her through the night, getting a little sleep in here and there, after his original alcohol induced nap, and periodically waking with a start. Morning finds sleep having taken a firm claim on the man, but still when Thea stirs there's a mumble from Donn who still sits just outside of arm's reach, head down on his knees. He's aware, just not yet awake.

It takes awhile to remember how and why she came to be here. When the memory returns Thea closes her eyes tightly, biting on her lips to force her feelings down and inside. That done, she turns her head, seeking D'had's whereabouts and spies him there not so very far away. Silent, she studies him, wincing for the way he looks. She sits up, scoots closer to him and curls the blanket she has around herself to cover him too. Trying not to startle him awake, she rests her forehead on the shoulder nearest to her, whispers his name, "Donn?"

"Love ya babe," D'had mutters in reply. He doesn't seem to mind her curling up against him at all. Then again he's not quite awake yet either, enough to be lucid of the fact she's said something apparently but still…

It doesn't take too much adding up in her head to know he's likely been up all night, or a good part of it anyway. "Shh. Love you too. Lie down. Sleep." Soothing, whispered words meant to lull him back to sleep. She could use more herself anyway. She lifts her hand to curve about his upper arm on the shoulder she's got her forehead on, the arm she has around him holding that blanket with tightens just a bit and she's attempting to guide him to the ground so he can better rest.

D'had still isn't fully awake by any means, but movement causes him to wake a bit more at least. The arm she's leaning against pulling back to reach around her as he's guided to laying down. "'m sorry…" he murmurs.

"Shhh. It's okay." Thea's fingertips lift to brush his lips, then rest there lightly to hush his words as she snuggles down beside him. "Sleep." Oh, she has things to say! Not right yet though - he looks so tired! That blanket is flipped over the both of them and she shuts her eyes. Hopefully he'll get the rest he needs…

D'had rests, he's not fighting that, content enough for the time being to have her close. But sleep doesn't come yet, not now and after awhile he gives up having slowly come into more and more realization as sleep's fog lifts. "How you feelin'?" he ventures to ask, hand lifting to test her forehead.

As for her, Thea's asleep within minutes and perhaps the tears that gather under her dark lashes are from dreams rather than thoughts. His words and touch to her forehead cause her to startle back awake and she turns her head sleepily towards him, blinking as sunlight glitters on the moisture still clinging to her lashes and reflects into her eyes. The skin under his hand is cool, giving truth to her answer, "Better." Silent for a long moment, she meets his gaze if she can, the green in her eyes is a somber shade as she adds with a breath out, "I'm sorry, Donn."

D'had hmms, skeptical of her answer at first, a frown touching his lips. His own silence echoing hers for the time. The only sounds then that of the falls and a few birds that happen to be in the area. Then comes her apology and he frowns further and shakes his head. "Don't… why?"

Thea winces at both the frown and the words he speaks, perhaps deciphering them to mean disapproval. She flinches back just a little bit, drops her eyes. "I'm sorry," she repeats, her voice breaking on the words. "I shouldn't have taken your whiskey, but it hurt and I just-" Miserable, "I'll never do it again, was stupid." She can't make herself look back up at him.

D'had shakes his head. "No no," he tries to correct her. "Its okay," he replies. "Its okay, I don't care about that." The whiskey, that he doesn't care about. "I'm sorry babe, I just…" What's he supposed to do? What's he supposed to say? "I'm sorry."

If he's saying sorry for the reason she thinks he is, then it's Thea's turn to shake her head, although she still can't look back up just yet. "Nono, Donn. There's not a thing for you to be apologizing for." She takes a deep breath and focuses on one of the buttons on his shirt, "It was a flight. And even if it wasn't it wouldn't matter, except…" Her voice trails off.

D'had focuses his gaze closer on her as she turns it back on him. Okay. No apologizing. "It was a flight," he repeats as if reminding himself of that fact. Drawing a deep breath he lets it out in something of a sigh. "Except what?"

Thea keeps her eyes lowered, hiding the emotion in them from him. Lowly, "Except he's… your -son-." And she tucks her chin lower, unable to continue.

"I'm sorry babe," D'had apologizes again even though he's already been told not to. A finger hooks under her chin in an attempt to turn her face to his. "I'd a told ya if I knew, and if ya want me out you just say it." He's moved around enough before, one more time isn't going to make a difference to him.

It should make a difference to him! "I was there, I heard the woman. How could you have known?" Thea resists for but a moment, then allows that finger to lift her chin, raising her eyes to his. His words cut deeply and the pain in her eyes reflects this as she inhales sharply. "No." Total disbelief in her tone for his offer." Why would I?"

Leaving would make the difference, moving not quite so much. "I know ya were," he replies. About that this a little, or a lot, less than pleased, but what's done is done and there's nothing he can do about that. He presses a kiss to her forehead and turns an awkward smile down to her, one corner of his lips tugging upward. "Was kinda hopin' ya might say that." But apparently he thought he had to offer. "So now, except…?"

Something about his tone, the kiss to her forehead, his assurance releases the tight withdrawal in Thea and she creeps closer. Wearily, without bitterness, "You've given me so much, Donn." She stops when her breath catches, swallows hard and continues, "Of course I should have known, should have thought that with flights-" she doesn't make a note on his past "-there could have been others." Her face remains tipped towards him, but her lids drop, veiling the expression in her eyes, though it does nothing to disguise the sad line of her mouth, "I wanted to give you something you didn't have and here you had it all along."

D'had sighs, a sort of amusement evident in his expression. A shake of his head. A hint of a chuckle. "We both knew it," he points out. "Just didn't think about it." There's no point in thinking about it really. "And you did babe." Beat. "I have you. The twins."

The thought of hoards out there awaiting acknowledgement could be frightening, couldn't it? Thea tilts him a look for that amused tone; she's not finding anything humorous about it. "No. You had daughters already. It meant so much to me to give you your first son." So she took maybe a little too much pride in that maybe? "It was all I could do."

D'had shakes his head, another sigh escaping. "You've done so much more, Thea. You've stayed with me, that means a lot." So most of what he thinks she's done for him might mean nothing to her, but it means something to him. Another shake of his head and he falls silent burying his face in her shoulder.

Thea blinks, perhaps needing that reminder. Her arms curve 'round him when his head finds her shoulder and she remains silent for some time, allowing it to sink in. Finally, softly, "I'm glad it's N'shen, Donn. If anyone needs a father, that boy does." She shifts her head sideways to touch his. Gentle pleading in her tone, "You will be one to him, won't you?"

D'had is quiet a long while, just his slow breathing given his face is so close to her ear. Finally he nods though. "Yeah," he agrees given her question. "I.. I'll try. Talk to him tonight. When we get back."

Thea is relieved, if her tone is anything to go by as she says, "He's always looked up to you, Donn. Asks me all the time about your opinion on things." She lets out a long breath, "When I went to see him after the hatching, he wanted to know if you were glad he impressed." Her arms tighten just a little bit, "I'm glad the two of you found each other." By that catch in her voice he might know it still hurts just a wee bit, but she means it.

"Heh," D'had makes an almost amused sort of sound. Not laughter, but a hint of amusement all the same. "Good ta know," he replies about the boy looking up to him. Apparently he hadn't made note of that just yet? "You gonna be okay?" he asks after a bit of a pause, his head still on her shoulder.

Thea turns her head and leaves a brief kiss on his ear, then hooks her chin over his shoulder. Rather than give him a quick reassurance, she takes some time to consider her answer. "Yes." The singular word is uttered in such a way that he should hear not resignation but acceptance and peace in it. "To tell you the truth, I've felt for some time that he's -my- son." In those words there’s a bit of possessiveness. So take that, Anatasha!

D'had very nearly holds his breath in waiting for that answer. A thing she may or may not notice. Her reply, when it finally comes, earns a chuckle. "Well then… suppose he is in a way." A pause and he finally pulls back a bit to face her with a quirk of a smile. "Should probably be gettin' back though. And you should get some rest." Bad memory or not, he hasn't forgotten that she's sick just yet.

Thea notices that almost-held breath, yes. When he chuckles, she pats his back comfortingly. While D'had pauses, she murmurs, "Is." Will be? If the boy will let her… "N'shen was upset too." Yes, she was aware of that. When he mentions going back, Thea meets that quirked smile with a wide-eyed sort of alarm. "Faranth! The twins! The nannies are gonna kill us." Rest? That might be difficult to come by for him while she's sick and the nannies mad at them.

D'had chuckles. "I talked to 'em." The nannies. He does have some sense, even if he might have already had a couple drinks before he did that talking. Then again that might have been why they didn't complain overly much when he said he'd be back later, or well… whatever reason and time he'd given them. "Should get back though." And he said her rest, not him.

And so they return to the Weyr, looking a little worse for wear, tired but otherwise alright. Oh, but when they get back? It might be a race to see who can reach poor N'shen first.

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