Less than Perfect

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach
With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

The weather is nice and warm and so that means you have to visit the beach, right? According to Mur'dah you do at least, which is why he and Kalsuoth are down here, jogging along the shore. Yes, jogging. Maybe Ka'el's fitness routine has rubbed off on the younger boy, as rider and brown trot up and down the length of sand. Kalsuoth hobbles and hops, having to alter his gait slightly in order to keep up with his rider, but Mur'dah doesn't slow for him.

Idrissa has spent lots o time at the beach, even before the warmer weather came, and she is once more down at the beach wandering through the shallows. Her pants are rolled up to about her knees, shoes up on the beach near her towel which holds a good collection of rather nice sea shells. Tahryth is there as well, a little further out with her head poking down under the waves as she is in search of something, which if anyone knows this green she has a thing for finding sea shells, most likely the ones that was already collected found by her.

Mur'dah slows his pace as they approach their green riding clutchmates, lifting a hand to wave should Idrissa look his way. "Hey," he calls as he catches his breath. Kalsuoth wobbles to a stop as well, fanning his wings before they fold against his back and he hops eagerly into the water towards the green. « Hi! Can I help? » he asks, light flickering through the forest of his mind, gleaming gold and bright.

The voice catches Idrissa's attention so she glances over curiously. A slight wave offered back. "He Mur'dah, Kalsuoth." She glances over to the brown showing a slight smile before looking back to his rider. "How goes?" At least she's talking, for a while there she was back to her quiet stage where talking wasn't high on her list. Tahryth lets out a warble towards the incoming Kalsuoth. « Hello! Of course! I'm looking for shells! » A stream is seen within her mind, faint trickle of water that is cutting through a forest, the water heard dribbling across the rocks as it moves further into the forest.

Mur'dah nods his head a bit, pushing hair away from his sweaty forehead. "Goes fine. You? What're you doing?" he asks, stopping on the edge of the water, trying to avoid getting his boots wet. If such a thing even is avoidable. Kalsuoth croons, padding into the water carefully and looking down. « Which ones? » he asks, poking a talon at a rather dull looking one.

Idrissa makes her way out from the waves so Mur'dah doesn't have to worry about his boots it seems. "Just, looking for shells." She smirks a bit and shrugs. "Fun past time, helps get my mind off stuff." She glances over towards the pair in the water watching them curiously for a few moments. "I think she sort of picked up the habit from me." Tahryth shifts on her paws and glances back towards the sandy bottom under the waves. « Anyone's, all of them! I look for the ones that are brightly colored. They make good gifts! » The green seems very excited about this for some reason.

Mur'dah watches her, studying her face for a long moment before he nods. "Yeah," he finally says. "How are you doing with…stuff." Oh, that darn 'stuff'. So difficult to deal with. In the water, Kalsuoth turns over the shell and when he sees how dull it is, he moves on into deeper water. « You find beautiful things and then give them away? Why? »

Idrissa doesn't look back to Mur'dah for a few moments, a slight glance is soon sent his way watching him and pondering it seems. "I'm alright.. Better then I was." Yes she knows what 'stuff' he is referring too, stuff that she wishes she could forget. A slight shake of her head is seen before she is looking back to the water. "I just think about other things, and trying to find answers to Tahryth questions keep me busy a lot of the time." Tahryth shifts and follows Kalsuoth further into the water. « Dull ones can be pretty if yours shines them with a rag. » She's picked up a few and hers has done it in the past. « Why not? Everyone deserves to have something pretty. I like to find them too, its fun. Plus is makes mine talk to them. » The key to the whole thing is getting her rider to talk it seems. That little stream in her mind has turned into more of a brook, the water trickling down over different sized rocks and fall a few feet into a little pool.

Speaking of stuff, Ka'el and Kanekith can be seen arriving from the main beach area covered with it. Stuff. Well, more like … mud. Apparently, the two have been trying their hand at the obstacle course again, and considering their mud-streaked appearance, it isn't difficult to guess which obstacle they spent their time on. Why Kanekith is muddy is a bit questionable, as the course is meant for human use and not dragon. But he is, and he seems quite pleased with himself as he tromps through the sand. "Go. Rinse off. I just washed you yesterday, an' I'm not doin' it again." He waves a hand to the water and Kanekith looks that way. « First, call me the name. » Ka'el quirks a brow, and here begins an epic staring contest between man and dragon.

Mur'dah nods, giving her a faint smile. "Yeah. Busy…being busy is good," he agrees, slipping his hands into his pockets. Now that he's caught his breath from the run he seems more at ease. "She still asking a million questions?" In the water, Kalsuoth rumbles softly. « Yours talks to the shells? What does she say? And I do not think mine would shine shells with a rag. Or anything else. » He watches the little stream expand, and shifts to link his mind with his sister's, letting the trees of his forest merge with hers. Then his attention is somewhat diverted, and at Kanekith's appearance a mental storm begins to brew. Not an angry one, but a cleansing one bulging with ready rain. « What name? » he asks curiously. Turning, Mur'dah looks over and swiftly glances between his two friends. "Did you do it?" he ends up calling to Ka'el, trying to surpress his amusement.

"Yeah, being busy helps." Idrissa offers before a soft ah escapes her. "Sometimes. Mostly about what's happened with" Well speak of the devil there Ka'el is. She's quiet for a few moments watching Ka'el, a slight frown seen before she lets her gaze lower to the beach eyeing it rather hard for a few moments. Tahryth blinks, her swirling gaze turns to Mur'dah and she looks amused. « No no, not to the shells. But to the ones I give the shells too. Why would she talk to the shells? » The green tilts her head before ducking it down under the water to grab a shell and pulls it from the water. It is a reddish brown color that has a few black lines across it. Her stream grows more cutting through the forest within Mur'dah's mind and turning into a little babbling brook. Then there is Kanekith and Tarhyth sends a glance over pondering this question. « Your name is Kanekith, did you forget it? »

Ka'el does not blink as he stares his dragon down, but the mirth on his face is difficult to hide. Obviously, there is no malice felt towards whatever it is Kanekith is wishing to hear from him. And he does get what he wants, albeit silently. Kanekith's head is given a doggish shake. « No, no. You must say it aloud so that all can hear, » insists the bronze, to which Ka'el's eyes are given an exaggerated roll. "Fine. As long as you promise that after, you'll listen an' do as I say." Bargaining. The best way to work with dragons! Or at least, this one. It's a deal that is agreed upon, and the weyrling exhales a breath. Kanekith's tail is given a twitch, indeed hearing his clutchmates, but ignoring them in favor of making sure Ka'el holds up his part of the bargain. "Kanekith, Grand Hunter of Xanadu! Fierce Bringer of Meat! Conqueror of Ovines! .. Will you get in the water an' rise your hide already?" Oh happy day! The bronze warbles gently, his mind sprouting thorned, dark-hued flowers beneath Kalsuoth's shower of rain. « I shall » And he does, splashing into the shallows. « That name » responded to Kalsuoth. « And no, I did not forget my own. » Ka'el glances to Idrissa and Mur'dah, smirks, and shrugs. "Whatever works." His smirk fades a bit as he looks to Idrissa, but regardless, he heads towards the both of them.

Kalsuoth laughs. « Well that's why I asked! I thought it was strange, » and he puts into their mental image a picture of Idrissa, crouched by that bank, chattering away happily to a handful of shells. It's very odd. Swinging his head around, he peers at Kalsuoth, and when Ka'el says his names the brown rumbles, his mind a rolling peal of laughter that echoes off distant mountains. « This is your new… » there's a pause while he gets the word from his rider, « title? Bringer of Meat? Canines can bring meat, surely you… » pause, « aspire to more than that. » He's stretching poor Mur'dah's vocabulary again as he teases his clutchmate. Mur'dah has to try hard to hide his laughter, but it shows in his eyes as Ka'el approaches. "Really?" is all he asks, grin crooked after Ka'el's naming of his dragon. Looking between the two, Mur'dah starts to say something and then stops. Realizing, thankfully, that asking them if they're going to kiss and make up might not be the best thing to do.

That would most likely be the worst thing Mur'dah could ever possible say to Idrissa, seeing how she knows that isn't going to happen. There is amusement seen across her face as she hears the new name for the bronze. "Nice." Is said with a soft chuckle and shake of her head, though she still doesn't glance to Ka'el. Oh this should be a interesting conversation, her eyeing the sand as if it was very important. Tahryth trills a bit and tosses the shell she has hold of towards the beach, which thunks into the sand and actually doesn't break. « What a strange title. » She picked her up from Kalsuoth it seems. « Why would you want to be called all that? » The green questions while eyeing the bronze curiously a few moments. Amusement crosses her mind and she looks back to Kalsuoth, soft warbles escaping her while she sits back upon her haunches in the water. « I suppose you do have a point there! » As for the image of her rider talking to shells she grins before letting her babbling brook turn into more of a stream and wash the images away, instead replacing it with images of Kanekith running around like a canine carrying pieces of meat with him through the forest.

Kanekith's wings spread and flap against the water, sending sprays of droplets up and around like tiny diamonds that fall back down upon himself. « We start with small morsels now » replies Kanekith whose mood seems to be too uncharacteristically .. elevated for even Kalsuoth to bring down. Yet anyway! « as the old one said. And then, large ones that no canine can bring down. Begin small. End largely. » His splashes pause as he turns his body, back turned towards his clutchmates with wings beginning to fold. « Unfortunate for you then, Kalsuoth, that a canine can do more than you. Perhaps that is the perfect …. aspiration for you unless you wish for yours to forever bring you your meat. » Of course he noted his brother's failed attempt, and of course he'd bring that up now! Ka'el pauses when near the two, shaking his head a little to Mur'dah. "He came up with that in the middle of the night and had to make sure I memorized it before I went back to sleep. But..hey. It gets him to listen. I'm all for it." He grins then, glancing to Idrissa who has yet to look at him. The sand must be rather interesting today. He swipes at a muddy arm, answering Mur'dah belatedly. "We got through it…finally. But not before nearly takin' a chunk out've my knee." He rolls up a pant leg to show a freshly made, muddybloody scrape. "Flippin' rock got me, of all things."

Kalsuoth rumbles, « Well said, brother. Everything starts small. » But then he tilts his head at the bronze's comments, and his mind flickers with hurt. It's brief - very brief - before he's back with a rumble of amusement. « Canines are intelligent and loyal, but I am a dragon and soon I will hunt like one. Same as you. » On the shore, Mur'dah's head turns towards his dragon and he frowns, hands flexing in his pockets before he forces his attention back to Ka'el and smiles. "If it gets him to listen…" That's a good thing. Then he winces. "Ouch. You should wash that off…" Glancing at Idrissa, he clears his throat. "So how many shells have you found so far?" he asks, trying to find a way to merge the two conversations into one. Otherwise it's going to get even more awkward.

Why, yes the sand is very interesting today, look at the little white and black flicks throughout it, so different! Or something along those lines. Idrissa glances to Ka'el at the bit on the rock attacking him, she almost says something but catches herself. She soon looks over to Mur'dah. "Oh I've lost count by now. I don't even bother picking them up half the time seeing how Tahryth does. I get her to pick a few she wants to keep and the rest stay on the beach." Tahryth warbles softly and shifts while splashing some water towards Kanekith as if this would help get the mud off of him. « That's not very nice Kanekith. I bet you caught yours only because it tripped. » She quips back with a faint trill. Her stream is flowing quickly through the forest that Kalsuoth had in place.

« Good! » Kanekith says, turning swiftly in the water. « None must be weak. We are a strong clutch. » He being the strongest of all, of course. But he seems to take a bit of pride in his brother's comment, a show of resilience, then disappears as he dunks himself under the surface. Splash! Bubble bubble. « Caught is caught » is replied to Tahryth. Ka'el nods to Mur'dah, peering at his knee, though not overly concerned. He'll get a bandage or something at somepoint from someone. … Maybe M'kal has some healerish stuff that'll take away the sting. But for now, it's time for a boy's version of first aid. "Gonna wash it off here," he says, already heading for the water. Saltwater therapy! "Tahryth still collectin' shells?" Yes, he'll insert himself into their conversation and pretend there's nothing at all awkward between himself and the no eye contact interaction with Idrissa.

Mur'dah chuckles. "Good thing, too, or else there'd be none left for anyone else." Ha ha ha. It's lame and he knows it but he's fighting against the awkward. Watching Ka'el go to the water, he then looks back at Idrissa with a concerned expression and silent question. She okay? In the water, Kalsuoth settles deeper and begins to paddle around, enjoying the ease of movement that he has in the water. He doesn't wobble, here. « None of us are weak, » he says firmly.

« Who is weak? None of us is weak. » Tahryth offers with a tilt of her head while she peers over at Kanekith. The green shifts and wiggles about before her attention is pulled back to the water as a fish is swimming around her front paws. « Oh, look! A fish! » She may not be weak but she does have a short attention span at times. Idrissa glances after Ka'el, pondering if she should both answering before she glances to Mur'dah. Oh sure, she's fine, can't you tell? "Yeah she does." A rather simple answer to Ka'el question before she turns to move back to her towel.

Kanekith emerges a time a later, a few yards away from where he was when he disappeared. All clean! With no further use for the water, he strides on out, giving his drippy body a mighty shake, but the sun will do a better job of drying him off. « Eventually, time will tell if that will be true. » His wings fan out again, the translucent webbing glistening wetly, accentuating the tarnished streaks of green. Ka'el, meanwhile has made it to the water and splashes it over his legs, arms, and everywhere that has crusted mud on it. Rinse, rinse! The baths probably would've worked better, but few would've appreciated the muddy water left behind. Once clean enough, he exits, wringing out his shirt, glancing to the quieted Idrissa, then to Kanekith searchingly. "I've some things to take care of," he lies. "I'll catch up with you guys in a bit."

Kalsuoth snorts softly. « None of us are weak, » he says, agreeing with Tahryth as he paddles around. Mur'dah looks between his friends and winces a bit. "Yeah, sure. Later," he says to Ka'el, giving him a pained look. "Get that mended.

Idrissa glances up as she watches Ka'el a few moments, pondering it seems before a slight shake of her head is soon seen. "You don't have to leave Ka'el." The first words she's actually said to him in how long now? He best remember them too. Tahryth warbles and glances towards Kanekith. « No, there is no eventually. None of us are weak. Other then you for thinking that there may be one of us that is weak. You should not think such things of us. » Seems like a certain green doesn't like being told something is possible wrong with her. She already had Jnelle saying such things after all. Rissa glances towards Tahryth as she gets the feedback. "She's right. Nothing is wrong with any of them, none of them are weak." A pointed look is sent towards Ka'el, meaning, tell your dragon /that/ too.

« You speak too much. » Kanekith's words are lazy and drawled, and those blooms of his, flowers in hues fit for the garden of Hades, beautiful and rich, gradually furl and sink back into the ground unhurriedly. It's not certain just who the words are meant for, broadcasted to both dragons as they are, but the tone is clear enough. He is not concerned by either one of them. Such efforts of caring are meant for only one, and it's towards him that he walks. He lowers his head to nudge at Ka'el's wet back, and the weyrling nods in silent confirmation to him. "I do," he says to Idrissa, regarding her with a developing frown. But it is short lived and he waves shortly, nodding to Mur'dah. "I will." A bandage is a must! Though it seems as if he'll be getting that bandage somewhere else, for instead of heading to the barracks, he and Kanekith retrace their steps back towards the main beach, leaving behind imprints in the sand.

Mur'dah watches Ka'el and Kanekith go, and when they do the boy crouches in the sand with a sigh. "That bronze…" he mutters frowning and shaking his head. "I hope he doesn't…overpower Ka'el." Frowning, he pokes at the sand with his fingers. "He says some of the meanest things…" Pained, he glances to Kalsuoth as the brown paddles towards his green clutchmate with a soothing croon. « Don't let him get to you. » "So…how are you really?"

Tahryth is a bit taken back by this, no one has told her that before, and she is sure the words are for her. For a few moments the green is quiet watching Kanekith with a faint low croon escaping her as if she did something wrong. Idrissa watches the green for a few long moments, the two talking it seems as the girls gaze has unfocused, until she hears Mur'dah. "I think he already has to some degree." This said with a faint frown seen as she shifts slowly sitting on her towel, her knees pulled close to her. "I don't know how I am. It's like a piece gone and no matter what I do I can't fix it." She isn't sure if that makes sense or not. Tahryth warbles softly to Kalsuoth and turns her attention back to the water looking for the fish again perhaps. « Its fine. Maybe I do talk too much? Doesn't seem wrong though. He shouldn't pick on you either, or anyone for that matter." »

Mur'dah scoots over to sit on the sand near Idrissa's cot, giving her a sympathetic and slightly awkward look. He's here, he's listening, but he's a boy and has no idea what to do to help. And Faranth help him if she starts crying. But he's here. "Yeah," he murmurs. "I'm sorry…" He looks out at the dragons then, fumbling for something to say. In the ocean, Kalsuoth paddles around until he gets back to where his feet touch the sea floor, and then he digs in his talons to stay somewhat anchored as the waves rock him back and forth. « I don't think you talk too much. You talk just enough. » Then he sighs, and gives a mental shrug. « He shouldn't, but it's not like he's lying. I do walk funny, and I'm not as, » pause, and Mur'dah winces a bit, « nimble as you all are. But it doesn't bother me. I have other strengths. I can hold my own against him mentally, if not physically. It bothers mine though, but he can't speak up about it. »

Idrissa is for once not going to cry, she's done that plenty when no one was around by Tahryth and herself. Most likely no tears left to cry at the moment anyway. "Yeah, I am too." Is offered with a simple tone, she doesn't really seem eager to talk about it so maybe Mur'dah won't have to worry about it that much? Rissa never was one to be very open about her problems, even among her friends, which at the moment she doesn't feel like she has that many. Tahryth glances to Kalsuoth watching him curiously. « So? You walking funny only makes you different. I talk to much so that makes me different. We're all different, and for a reason. We can't all be the same now can we? » That stream is back within her mind, within the forest once more. «It should not bother you, or yours. Your be fine, mine thinks your grow out of it perhaps, like a runner she's seen before. Or your grow to use it to your advantage somehow. »

Mur'dah just nods his head a bit and continues to stare at the sea. Safer, that way. So he'll just sit. Kalsuoth rumbles softly, shaking his head a bit. Then his thoughts flicker with amused lightning flashes, playing with shadows between the trees and over the surface of the water. « I do not think it is an advantage. But it is not so bad of a disadvantage either. I am not worried about it. It is who I am. But it bothers mine. » And /that/ bothers the brown.

Idrissa is quiet for a few moments, her mind wandering it seems before she looks over to Mur'dah. "How have you been anyway?" It isn't like these two have ever really talked, at least not since that ride they took out to the beach. Tahryth warbles a bit while she starts to swim around Kalsuoth in a slow circle, tail slowly wiggling through the water like some serpent. « One does not know what could or could not be an advantage until it is needed. Who knows what might happen. » She ponders that while her stream continues, trickling now through the trees, as if it stretched across the forest floor. « I'm sorry that it bothers yours. They worry for us greatly don't they? » Which only makes sense for how much a dragon worries about their riders.

Mur'dah shrugs a shoulder and gives her a little smile, fleeting but still there, albeit briefly. "I've been good. Busy, you know…dealing with…everything. But good. I'm happy. I think." At Kalsuoth's snort, the boy smiles. "I am." In the water, the dark brown rumbles. « That is true enough, sister, » he agrees quietly. « They do. Mine does not want me to feel shunned. Mine is also…he is sad that I am not perfect. » Which clearly baffles the brown. « I am his. I /am/ perfect. »

Idrissa smile a moment and nods to Mur'dah. "Good." She offers softly before looking back towards Kalsuoth. "I know you've heard this before, but His alright you know?" This said with a soft tone as Tahryth passes on the comments from the brown. The green warbles out while she flicks a bit of water towards Kalsuoth. « I will never shun you, neither will mine. She feels your fine just how you are, no need to change. Yes, you /are/ perfect/. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. »

Mur'dah sighs, running fingers through his hair. "He is but…but he isn't. It's so frustrating. The stretches aren't working and other dragons make fun of him. People look at him funny. I can't handle it anymore. The teasing, or the…the pity. That's the worse, the pity. Or the suggestions on how I can fix him. What to do." He stops rambling and sighs. "He couldn't even hunt," he mutters with a wince. That cut him deeper than he'd like to admit. In the water, Kalsuoth turns to look at his rider, and the pair share some silent conversation before the brown's thoughts open to his sister's. « I know, » is his soft and simple answer. « But I am not everything he dreamed of. »

Idrissa reaches over to give his arm a slight touch, watching him a few moments. "It's not so much about handling it, it's just finding out new ways of dealing with it. Ignore the ones that tease him, thank the ones that show pity for they don't understand and don't mean to hurt your feelings, or his." There is a pause at the comment of hunting. "He'll be able to hunt, just give him time. Tahryth didn't get anything either." She points out. Tahryth tilts her head while looking to Kalsuoth and soon leans over to nose at his cheek with a soft warble. « You will be. Give him time, he will see. »

Mur'dah shakes his head a little bit, rubbing his hand over his face. "You shouldn't be giving me advice," he mutters. "I feel like a jerk. Ka'el broke up with you and /I'm/ the one whining about my problems. I'll shut up, sorry." He exhales softly, shaking his head. "Yeah, but," he can't help himself, "but she /can/. She's quick and nimble and beautiful. He's…awkward and dark and weird." Kalsuoth snorts, and Mur'dah winces, muttering under his breath to his lifemate. Tilting his head, Kalsuoth returns the green's nuzzle sadly. « I want him to see now, » the normally confident brown confides.

Idrissa blinks a moment and watches Mur'dah a few moments. "You're not a jerk Mur'dah, don't say that." She offers softly. "As for Ka'el I suppose I knew to some degree it wouldn't work out. I just hoped that I was wrong. Hoped I could perhaps change things." She looks towards pair of dragons in the water. "I don't think he is. He is himself, he is different like you're different, an how I'm different." Soft smile is seen. "Tahryth has her faults too Mur'dah, the constant licking things, or speaking to people, for a while there she even tackled some but she's gotten better. Save for the licking You know she even licked Jarse my evil Journeyman a while back." Tahryth croons softly and lets her head turn to bump against Kalsuoth's softly. « Do not give up hope, he will see. » She sounds rather sure of herself there. Her mind voice a soft trickle of water falling across smooth stones.

Mur'dah sighs. "What do you mean? Because you ride green?" That's what he, in his very, very narrow minded thinking, assumed the problem was. Ka'el has to be with the goldrider, right? Even though his own parents were gold and blue, of all things. Then again, that relationship didn't even work…so who knows. Looking at his dragon, the boy sighs softly. "I don't /want/ him to be different. This isn't good different, this is bad different. This is…people make fun of him different. And her faults are nothing. They're sweet. Charming, even. Kalsuoth can't even walk." The brown leans against the green with a soft rumble. « He will, » he says, but there's a tickle of worry in his mind. Inadequacy. And Mur'dah is being a jerk. Still, the young brown paddles back toward shore and shakes out his wings before he slowly moves forward, wobbling as little as possible, to lay down beside Mur'dah and rest his head beside the boy's legs.

Idrissa frowns a moment while she looks towards her dragon for a few moments. "No, he always liked Soriana more than me. I knew this I just for some stupid reason thought it would work out." She's quiet for a moment. What if Tahryth did have something to do with it? "If Tahryth had something to do with it, then it's his loss, better off that I'm not with him if that is all he can think about." Though she does look a little hurt at this thought. "Mur'dah nothing is wrong with being different, there is no 'bad' or 'good' different either. I've been made fun of a lot." Maybe that is why she has so many quirks. We won't talk about family now either. Tahryth shifts following Kalsuoth from the water, pausing to shake herself out, wings stretch and flap a few times before she pauses to pick up the reddish brown shell from before. She trots after the brown towards there riders, and soon drops the shell upon Mur'dah's lap with a soft croon escaping her. "She says it is for you, as it makes her think of Kalsuoth." Rissa said while lifting a hand to rub across the greens head while she smiles.

Mur'dah rests a hand on the brown's muzzle, leaning away from Idrissa to press against his dragon's head with a deep sigh. Quiet for a moment, he then sits up and gives Idrissa a sympathetic look. "I'm sorry it didn't work out," he says quietly. "But now, maybe, you can find a guy that'll like /just/ you. And you won't have to share." That always did seem strange to him. Then he sighs, shaking his head. "I'm sorry. I'm just…I'm just frustrated I guess, that I'm not seeing as much progress with him as I thought I would." His hand methodically rubs Kalsuoth's muzzle, and the brown leans eagerly into the touch, crooning softly. Guilt flickers across Mur'dah's face, and then clears when he looks up as the shell is dropped. "Oh. Tell her thanks," he says, picking up the shell with his free hand and turning it towards the light.

Idrissa didn't mind the sharing, maybe because she was friends with Soriana for so long. "Thanks And maybe." She offers with a soft tone, not seeming to sure about that finding someone else. Ka'el was the only guys she ever liked, how many turns was they going out for anyway, a few enough to have plenty of lingering memories. "I understand that your frustrated, but I'm sure it is for Kalsuoth as well. Just give it time; progress is not something done overnight it may take a while to see results. So you can't give up fate." Tarhyth croons out while settling next to her rider. Rissa chuckle softly. "She says you worry too much, and that you should go for a swim.

Mur'dah exhales softly, shrugging a little bit. Then he tucks the shell into his pocket and gets to his feet. "I need to do something," he says with a little smile. "Think it'll be a walk though. Maybe a swim. Or the obstacle course. Thanks for talking though, Idrissa. I hope things work out for you." Kalsuoth pushes to his feet as well, shaking out his wings and crooning worriedly to his rider. Lifting a hand, Mur'dah rubs the dark brown's muzzle. "Let's go," he murmurs. "See you later, ladies."

Idrissa is quiet for a moment while she watches Mur'dah, a faint smile seen and she nods. "You guys have fun now." She offers while watching them go. "See you back at the barracks." Tahryth warbles out after the pair. « Take him swimming!! » For some reason the green thinks this is a really good idea, but then she does like to go swimming a lot so that could possibly be why.

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