How to Catch Your Dinner (Weyrling lesson)

Xanadu Weyr - Feeding Grounds
A large portion of the eastern edge of the meadow has been fenced off, the corralling on three sides is located on the rolling meadow, while the fourth is located a short way up on the eastern hills. Within the large corral are a variety of beasts - ovines, bovines, and wherries - milling around, though the appearance of a dragon may send them one way or the other to try and escape. A small pond is set near one corner of the enclosure, and at times it reflects the low, bordering mountains.

Just at the forest's edge set under the tree line is a guest weyr for use in mating flights, a simple cottage made of weathered planking and grey stones.

Spring is here! At last! No more snow and ice, though it still remains a little cool. The day is fair and bright, the skies a clear and startling blue. What better day to be outdoors? As the Weyrlings wake and go about their morning tasks, there will be a summons from Rysith to come to the feeding grounds once they've completed their strengthening exercises and workouts. If that is not clue enough to what they're about to face, the aged green adds with a swirl of eager anticipation to the mists of her mind: don't forget to bring any tools and materials used for preparing meat. They'll need it, quite possibly, in the end. Message given, Anoryn will wait patiently on the grounds as she meticulously goes over a few details, checking on a few crucial keys while Rysith waits, sprawled on a ledge above but head held up proud and alert. The AWLM has chosen one of the smaller corrals for today's purpose and far to one end mills two lone beasts, healthy and hale. What is odd is the little makeshift pen built on to the corral and though it's shielded and difficult to see, there are sounds of animals within, calm for now and watched over by a few herder volunteers. Satisfied that all is ready, Anoryn leans back against the fence and awaits her charges.

YAY SPRING. Mur'dah and Kalsuoth are quick to answer the summons, the boy holding a sack of tools while the dark brown hobbles along happily, head up and eyes spinning with happy colors. "Ma'am," Mur'dah greets with a salute, stopping nearby and setting down the sack while Kalsuoth remains stainding, peering around with wings half unfurled.

Spring is cool now. The change in the seasons has made some of the Weyrling chores easier (baths, for one!) but there's still plenty to keep them busy. Like strengthening exercises! Also, apparently, visits to the feeding grounds. Soriana didn't rush overly much when Luraoth relayed the message, but she didn't delay, either. So, Kalsuoth gets there first, but Luraoth and Sori aren't far behind. Soriana's got a knifey bundle under one arm, and she lifts the other hand to give Anoryn a quick salute before looking to the herdbeasts. She totally finished that history report. Admittedly, it was shorter than she'd meant, but never mind that now. It's time for lessons that involve actual live herdbeasts, not the epidemics and plagues that once went through the herds. Luraoth also looks at the beasts, as well as chirping a greeting to the other dragons.

Ka'el may not know everything when it comes to the in depth history lessons of Pern, but he does know thing or two about exercise! Perhaps it's why he's been tackling them with so much gusto lately. Kanekith enjoys it as well, for one thing the bronze prides is strength and bravery! The two of them, having finished their morning workout, lightly jogs to the feeding ground. Well.. Ka'el jogs, bringing with him the butcher's knife he usually uses, set within a small bag. Kanekith's stride still remains a walk, but a quicker one than normal. And then they are here, one slighty sweaty and the other not, yet still pleased as seen in his eyes. Ka'el grins at private words spoken to him, and he glances to his young charge, rubbing at his neck affectionately before ending with a hearty pat. "Mornin'," is said to Anoryn, offering a salute of greeting. The same is offered to Mur'dah and Kalsuoth, sans salute! And then .. mmm. Herdbeast. He peers nosily at those pens. Uh. Knives. Plus live beasts.

Idrissa is one of the last to make it to the feeding grounds, Tahryth though is quick at getting there and is waiting for her rider while eyeing the herdbeasts on the other side of that fence. She's been here before! When Rissa does catch up she look around, a nod and salute is sent to Anoryn in a polite manner, along with a faint smile. Tahryth warbles out to her siblings and Rysith before the green moves over and settles down next to her. Lesson time!

"Mur'dah," Anoryn greets back with a crooked and slight smile for the brown weyrling, saluting back and then shifting blue eyes to Kalsuoth. He's given a quick once over, something she'll echo to Luraoth, Kanekith and Tahryth as they arrive. Likewise does she greet their riders too, each receiving a return salute and a quick murmured, "Morning!" while her eyes scan and mental notes taken in in swift silence. Then with a deep inhale, she takes Idrissa's arrival as the last to join and pushes off the side of the fence, clasping her hands together to gain attention (not that it's needed, really) and then spreads her hands outward. "This lesson probably needs little introduction or explanation, so I'll skip the fluff and sunshine. You're here to learn how to hunt… well, actually more like they will," And she points to the young dragons. "You get to do clean up." Grin. Oh happy times? Anoryn chuckles dryly then and motions for the weyrlings to spread out and lay down their tools if they haven't already. "We'll get to that in due time! First things first… a bit of visual learning! Rysith will be showing them how it's done. Then they get their turn. Any questions?" She pauses then, head canting slight to the side as she peers at the group and resting her hands on her hips. The aged greenrider has her jacket open, but even so one may glimpse the knives she wears at her sides as well. Above, Rysith rustles her wings and stretches them, talons clicking against the stone ledge as she gathers herself into a crouched and poised posture. She greets the young dragons below with a low, warm croon and there is no denying the eagerness lurking there too.

Mur'dah waves to his clutchmates, nodding as they approach and giving them a crooked and excited grin. Time to hunt, right? Yeah? Though at the mention of cleaning up he goes a little bit pale. Oh yeah. This isn't just about no longer having to cut up their meat. Reaching up, he rubs his hand gently against the dark hide of his lifemate, while Kalsuoth's mind flickers with excitement. "No questions," he murmurs.

Yay, hunting lessons! Soriana grins, and sets down her knives for the moment, claiming a spot for the butchering that is (hopefully) to come. "Not yet," she says as far as questions go. Luraoth looks at one of the visible herdbeasts, then the other… then back again to the first. « Which is for hunting? How do you tell? » Sori hehs. "…just watch Rysith," she tells her dragon in an undertone.

Noting the arrival of others, Ka'el grees everyone before focusing on Anoryn. Hunting? Well, whatelse did he think they were going here? Observing something, likely. But…Kanekith will hunt? He looks over at the bronze whose eyes show something different now as he reads the thoughts of his rider. Anticipation. That's living, breathing meat over there! He can see it. He can smell it. And boy, does he want to taste it. With his eyes sliding back and forth between dragon and weyrlingmaster assistant, his bag sliding from his shoulder to rest on the ground, stooping to pull out his knife and lay it along with the others' tools. Good thing he didn't wear his best shirt for this! At the question of having questions, he shakes his head. Not … uh, really. He looks to Kanekith again, who is now looking at Rysith. « I shall do well. Don't worry, » sent to his rider.

Idrissa lets her hand settle against Tahryth's side while she curiously listens and glances out towards the area where they are to have the lesson. A soft breath escapes her and she looks to her dragon a few moments wondering how well this is going to go it seems. « Do we get to play with them, oh, maybe I can lick one of them? I wonder what /they/ all taste like! Maybe they all taste different? » Of course the green would ask this, the comment sent to all the dragons in the area. Rissa sighs a moment, a faint smirk seen. "Funny.." Is murmured out before she shakes her head. "No questions."

Anoryn nods her head as she receives her replies, one brow quirking up in a pleasantly surprised sort of way when no one peppers her with questions. "Good! This is what I like to see." she muses, though it's hard to say if the greenrider means that as a honest remark. Glancing back towards the corral, she then turns to sweep her gaze over the gathered weyrlings and now her mood seems to sober. "Now, I'll warn you that while Rysith will make it seem easy, it won't be when your dragons take their turn. Encourage them but do not push them. If they get frustrated, you must stop. Ground hunting is tricky though necessary to learn. But it can lead to injury. Understood?" She waits then, to allow some response before adding in a grim tone. "I won't sugar coat it either, but their first attempts may not be… clean." Her hand pats the knives at her side meaningfully. No need to go into details there, folks. "Regardless of what happens, there should only be praise for what results. Practice makes perfect, unfortunately in this case." Clearing her throat then, she steps back and to the side, allowing the Weyrlings a clear view then. "Feel free to approach. Rysith? When you're ready."

Above, the old green flares her wings and silently does she push off the ledge to swoop over the corral. The two beasts panic, of course but the green only circles back around to land while they flee. « Watch, little ones! It is all about timing and observing your prey. Patience! » Indeed, she lopes forwards but not at a breakneck speed, wings tucked tight to her body and moving with as much grace as her build will allow yet awkward all the same. When one of the beasts stupidly panics and turns back, Rysith swipes a foreleg out, talons snagging it and sending it tumbling just as she closes in to finish it. Clean and swift. « Just like that. And no, you will NOT be licking them. » She heard that Tahryth. « You kill swift and fast. No playing. Again, watch! » Poor second beast becomes a second example, though a little more drawn out so the young ones can get an idea of the movements of the chase and strike.

Mur'dah frowns, rubbing Kalsuoth's neck gently, though his eyes look to the bronze in their midst instead. Worried about him more than his own dragon, perhaps? "Practice," he says with a small nod, looking to the green and then stepping forward. Kalsuoth rumbles in excitement, a primal hunger rising in him. To hunt, to kill, to /feast/. Lifting his head, he croons and then rumbles, the sound settling into his developing chest, a bare whisper of the bass rumble he'll have when he grows to his full size. He watches, oh yes. « No playing, » he rumbles, and for once he doesn't protest that order.

« They are warm. » Hot meat, not the half-frozen stuff of winter. Luraoth's tone is eager and curious, and her gaze is intent as she looks to Rysith, settling back into a crouch to watch. Soriana nods at the mention of hunting injuries. "It's not like we aren't good at chopping meat by now." What with all the practice… so, really, there's no rush with the hunting. Right? Luraoth keeps her attention on the hunting Rysith, though she's amused at Tahryth's desire to lick, and after Rysith, she adds her own (meant to be) private comment. « After you catch one, you can lick it. » Because, well, once it's dead there's no harm in it, right? The gold's attention returns to watching the hunt being displayed, rocking slightly as she turns her head to follow as Rysith demonstrates. « Fast and slow and fast… »

No pushing. Got it. Ka'el's brows furrow a little as he peers out onto the field. "And if they push themselves too much?" he questions with a fleeting look to his brazen bronze. Sure this is new for all of them, but life with Kanekith surely has him making a few assumptions as to how this will go with a bronze who doesn't particularly like not being good at something. Or losing. Or being bested. Or failing. Or showing weakness. Or. Or. Or. He moves to get a better view of what's to happen, as does Kanekith who hasn't looked back at him since zeroing in his attention on Rysith. A studious student, ready to watch and learn and execute. Definitely not playtime … which he claims he doesn't readily do anyway. And then, Rysith takes flight, igniting a longing to be able to do so in the young bronze. He watches her land. Watches her hunt. Raptly attentive. Look how they move! So different than the dead meat they are given. He cranes his neck, watching eagerly as the first is brought down. Again. Do it again! And she does, and he continues to watch, unusually quiet throughout it all, as is Ka'el.

Tahryth pouts at the 'no licking' bit and warble softly before she is following after her siblings to get in on this first hunting type lessons. She can do this, she can! Her eyes swirl while she watches, the older green making it look, well easy. She takes in what is told her, a soft warble escaping her. « No play, kill swiftly. » The little green's mindvoice is crisp and clear, some water drifting down through a stream somewhere. Tahryth seems to grin as she hears Luraoth. « True! » Idrissa seems a bit unsure as she watches Tahryth move forward with the others, she moves on over to where Soriana is, her arms folding loosely in front of her. No pushing got it! Praise what is done got that too. "Should Be interesting, and messy." She is rather sure her green is going to be a mess by the end of this.

« You may do whatever you wish, once your prey is dead. » Rysith replies to all, though it's clearly meant to Luraoth's (meant to be) private comment. The aged green snorts but is otherwise pleased with the focus in which the young dragons observed. Gathering her kills, one at a time, she moves them to another spot to finish with them in privacy. But it also opens up the small corral for what is next to come. « Now it will be your turns. Good luck! Just remember: patience and watch carefully. » Easier said than done when hungry! Anoryn has been silent through the whole demonstration, her gaze turned to watch the Weyrlings and their lifemates while Rysith goes about the motions. "You risk injury. Either to themselves or to others." she replies bluntly to Ka'el's question, while giving him a lingering look that drifts to Kanekith. Oh, she'll be watching them now a little closer. Or a lot. Clearing her throat again, she smirks for Idrissa's comment and then gestures for the young dragons to step forwards. Unlatching the gate, she pushes it open with a nudge of her boot. "Alright you lot. In you go, when you're ready. Weyrlings, feel free to stand by the fence. Spread out, give yourselves LOTS of room." Let the chaos begin? Not quite, though Anoryn closes the gate once the last passes through. Those volunteer herders stand by the makeshift pen now and it's clear what they're standing by for.

Mur'dah looks a bit apprehensive as he looks at his lifemate. Then he looks at the others and lifts his chin, taking a deep breath. Not that he could stop Kalsuoth, as the brown is already hobbling forward eagerly, wings half spread. Over the fence he goes (gates are for chumps), clambering awkwardly before he croons towards the beasts.

Oops? Not that Luraoth seems particularly upset at being overheard. After all, Rysith's agreeing, so no harm done. « I will be patient, » she assures the older green cheerfully, then leans forward from her crouch, wings spreading for a moment before being tucked carefully down against her back again as she makes her way through the gate. Soriana glances to Idrissa, then chuckles as she returns her gaze to Luraoth. "Oh, yeah. Definitely messy," she agrees with a nod, trying to hide any nervousness. Hunting dragons, she's seen. A hunting Luraoth? Not yet, she hasn't. "We'll see how close they get, this time." Maybe all the way! Maybe nothing like it, and the mess will just be mud. Maybe she's intentionally speaking loud enough for Kanekith to hear. "It takes a lot of practice." And watching. And waiting. Hey, fence. How're you?

"Right…" Ka'el's word is a mumble, vaguely narrowed eyes set somewhere else other than Anoryn or any of the others. Alright Kanekith, pep talk time! The bronze is paying minimal attention to his rider now. Not outright ignoring, but not exactly keeping Ka'el on the forefront of his mind. He is still young! And the thrill of hunting for himself is far too alluring. Raptly ignoring the words of anyone but his rider (and again, those are heard but…is he really paying close attention?) he waits for that gate to open before lumbering through. Because when one is as grand as he, of course they expect doors to be opened for them. Clambering over fences? Purely for peasants! Ka'el's a bundle of nerves, hoping Kanekith will do well, hoping for no injuries amongst them all, and..hoping that any caught herdbeast die quickly? Maybe. Kanekith's hea lowers, giving his body a shake, spreads his wings, then tucks them in. Bring on the meat, he's ready!

For once the blue Xeosoth hasn't much to offer in the way of commentary to his rider. During the lesson he's listening intently. Heading to the fences, M'kal watches worriedly as Xeosoth heads to the fences, mimicking Kalsuoth's hop over. There he sits and watches the beasts, not yet going after one.

Idrissa glances to Anoryn, a soft breath escaping her before she looks back towards the young dragons watching Rysith as the lessons goes forward. She ponders a moment while that worried look is at least gone while she works on keeping the thoughts out of her head. Positive thoughts are needed now! Tahryth shifts on her paws, watching the movements of the older green with a soft croon escaping her. « Our turns? » Well that was the idea of this right? Of course! With the kay given she follows the others to the fence, watching one and then another hop over it, she follows suit and bounces over the fence with a bouncing movement. Dragons see dragon do, right? Rissa shakes her head while she leans against the fence a ways off from Soriana while she lets her arms rest upon the fence and goes about watches Tahryth.

Anoryn begins to protest as Kalsuoth goes up and OVER the fence but by then the brown is half way through and she only mutters under her breath, shooting Mur'dah a warning look. What'd she just say about injuries? Her gaze sweeps to the other Weyrlings then, holding them all under a studious glance before she deems them prepared and as ready as they'll be. « Steady now. » Rysith's voice reaches out to all, followed by a gentle and encouraging nudge. She has faith, at least! « You will all learn in time! » Once the last dragon is through and ready, Anoryn steps back and signals to the herder volunteers. "Here we go!" she calls out to the Weyrlings and there is the sound of metal and wood being shoved aside, along with the whooping calls and motions as the beasts are released. Breakfast is served! Todays menu: ovine. Small ones, likely specially selected for their size. A good starting challenge but nothing extreme! There are enough too for each dragon, with a few to spare and the moment they are free (and the exits closed off), the corral becomes chaos as the ovines bolt in every which direction.

How big is the fence? Kalsuoth doesn't seem worse for wear, regardless. Shifting to the side, he moves well away from his clutchmates, tail swishing and wings fanning the air gently before he tucks them against his back. As the little ovines emerge, Kalsuoth warbles happily and springs towards them, his awkward gait made all the more pronounced by his effort at speed.

Baaaaa! Look at all the little morsels! Just the perfect size! Well, Kanekith is sure he'll need two or three to satiate him, being the grand bronze that he is, so he'd better get started, eh? Ka'el moves to the fence to lean upon once the prey animals are set free, eyes on his bronze to cheer him on. You can do it, Kanekith! Just remember what Rysith did. The dragon's eyes swirl as he watches ovine after ovine dart and bleat an run in terror. Who wouldn't, when in a pen full of dragon beasts? What was that about patience and watching? Ok yeah sure, try telling that to eager hungry babies! Kanekith is off! Darting after the nearest one that dares run in his line of sight. Snap! He misses, catching only air, but he gives chase eagerly and picks up speed a bit quicker than his size might assume.

Luraoth raises herself to the tips of her paws, her wings giving a little quiver but staying in against her back in response to Soriana's mental suggestion. She won't need them, and she definitely doesn't need to injure them and have even more stretches. When the ovines are first released, Luraoth remains where she is, watching them and trying to get a sense of their movements. « Our turn, » she sends to her clutchmates, and then her thoughts go quiet as she sees a fleeing ovine coming near her. She gathers herself, and pounces toward it with a lunge that's quick… but not quick enough. Soriana lets out a breath, forcibly slow. "…careful…" she mutters under her breath.

Xeosoth isn't eager yet to lunge towards one of the tasty morsels called ovines. Dinner on the run! With red tinged eyes they start to swirl quicker in growing hunger yet he still doesn't make a move juuuuust yet. Certainly he's the patient one as he swishes his own stubby tail and watches the others first. M'kal frets from his spot against the fence, his gaze solely on Xeosoth.

Idrissa watches and shifts as the animals are left lose, all great. Well Here they go it seems! Her fingers grip at the fence, a soft sigh escapes her and she does her best to relax. Tahryth shifts on her paws as she watches and waits, eyeing a few of heardbeasts as they go scrambling. « Which one » A general question it seems from the green will hang back for a bit longer watching the prey and wondering. Soon enough she will chase after one and no telling at first how it might end as she has the mud covered all of her form.

Rysith looks up from where she is crouched with her two (much larger) kills, licking her muzzle clean as her eyes whirl with keen interest once the ovines are released. She rumbles from her vantage point, lending her support and encouragement. « That's it! Good start! » Keep going! The fence isn't really that high, but Anoryn may just not like surprises, hence her reaction to Kalsuoth. But the AWLM is silent now, eyes focused on that corral and watching each weyrling dragon as closely as one can amid the chaos. Arms cross loosely over her chest, but they are off to a good start and so the greenrider says nothing, save to quirk a slight smile.

Kalsuoth continues to bolt after them, without success. Each snap is made a moment too late, or he wobbles too much and has to focus on catching himself, or…any number of other clumsy things. By the fence, Mur'dah sighs, shaking his head as he watches his dragon fail miserably. Kalsuoth continues on undaunted, flailing after the beasts with eagerness.

Kanekith is gaining! Well, of course he is. He has such a longer stride than the hoofed creatures, and it'll be any second that his teeth are sunk into that wooly hide and… ack! Those little creatures can make some seriously sharp turns! Kanekith falters as his one prey creature suddenly darts left, leaving him scrambling a bit to turn as well and thus losing ground. Grr! "It's alright you almost had 'im!" Ka'el can't help but to shout out, as if this were a sporting event. Encouraged, Kanekith darts off again, keeping after that same one despite the others that move in and out of view. Luraoth is right. It's their turn! He rumbles gruffly, narrowing missing running into another with his tunnel vision. Was that a blue hide he saw?

Luraoth gives chase to the fleeing ovine, until it zigs when she thought it was going to zag and she pulls up abruptly, peering back over her shoulder at the beast. Huh. One corner of Soriana's mouth curves up wryly, and for a moment, Luraoth looks back to her rider and silent thoughts run (this is ground hunting, after all) between them… and then the gold turns back to find another target. How about… that one. The one with the big splash of mud against his side. She gathers herself up and leaps! The beast squeals, and Luraoth's head darts out and catches… muddy wool. Nothin' but wool, and the ovine squeals again as Luraoth wobbles to regain her footing, her talons reaching out in a too-late swipe as the ovine flees. So close, and yet… nope.

And….he's off! Xeosoth goes after his first kill. It's neither clean nor easy but he manages to get a beast down with a hop skip and a pounce upon the poor ovine of choice. It's one claw that reaches out to latch onto the side…ripping down with four talons marks left and the beast is hobbled with Xeosoth chasing after!

While the chaos continues in the corral, Anoryn makes her rounds by the Weyrlings and while her eyes remain keenly focused on the dragons, she will look away briefly when she speaks. Soriana is first, the greenrider murmuring, "Almost! She's doing well." before moving on. Ka'el is next and she nods her head approvingly. "Good. Keep him encouraged!" Pausing by Mur'dah, she studies Kalsuoth for a moment and when the boy sighs, Anoryn only shakes her head. "Don't let it frustrate you. It takes time for them to grasp it. Just keep encouraging him on and his instincts will kick in." And it seems as Xeosoth is the first to succeed and the AWLM smiles to M'kal. "Good! Not entirely clean but a start nonetheless!" Those poor ovines! At this rate, many are going to be run ragged. Such is the way of things though and Anoryn turns back again, watching and silent.

Mur'dah glances over at Anoryn with a bit of surprise, and then smiles faintly. "We'll see," he murmurs. Kalsuoth finally stops, sides heaving as he looks around at the fleeing things. And then he sighs, head hanging a bit. By the fence, Mur'dah straightens and peers intently at his lifemate, and Kalsuoth settles on his belly right there in the pen, watching. For now.

That ovine of Kanekith's is going to run out of steam soon. It's already slowing its panicked run and likely is saying its prayers to its Ovine Goddess of choice, as Kanekith himself shows no signs of letting up. Not when he's so very close. And especially not after noting that someone else has gotten to one before himself! Ka'el does mental checks. Is he ok? Should he stop him? Is he frustrated? Angry? Weary? Hurting? He's aware of Anoryn's encouragement, and he flashes a quick, yet tense sort of grin as he grips at the fence a little tighter. Is Kanekith getting closer? Yes he is! And that last ditch turn by the prey animal? It wasn't executed as cleanly and it missteps, a costly tumble on which Kanekith pounces with a draconic cry. Foreclaws sink into the ovine's body as his weight presses down hard, spilling blood messily, and the ovine flails in terror. This definitely is not clean. Nor it is a kill. It's still alive with Kanekith clutching, talons stabbed within, then ripping at a once wriggling forleg. Yuuuuck..

Soriana nods to Anoryn without looking away from Luraoth. « They are quick, » the gold says, and Soriana nods again. "You almost got it," she assures the dragon, who licks her paw to get to wool off her tongue. « That part tastes like socks. » Soriana laughs… and then makes a face as Luraoth shares just exactly what it tastes like. "The meat'll be better." So Luraoth goes after another one, and this time, when she gets too close and the beast tries to dart off to the side, she's better balanced. Better able to take advantage of the moment. She brings her talons in and swipes them into the beast's foreleg, making it bleat and stumble forward, falling down onto its face with its wooly butt wiggling in the air. For a moment, Luraoth is stymied. How does she do this without just getting a mouthful of fluff?
It takes a few moments but Xeosoth catches up to the animal he crippled and finishes it off quickly. It's…well kinda messy but he gets the job done and eats.

Anoryn grimaces a bit for Kanekith's success but Turns of seeing this has left her rather desensitized. Even so, her nose does wrinkle a bit but as the catch led to no injury to the bronze well… Not much to complain about, right? A nod is sent to Ka'el then, followed by a look. See? It worked out! As Luraoth trips one of the ovines, the AWLM pauses by Soriana. "Give her a nudge to get on with it, before it regains its wits and she'll have to start again," she says quickly, before her attention is drawn away again. Another glance to Xeosoth and seeing the blue eating, she moves on… only to frown a bit. Moving away, she approaches Mur'dah slowly and once close enough she'll murmur in a lowered voice. "How is he?"

Mur'dah sighs, giving Anoryn a smile, though his eyes are pained. "Disheartened," he says quietly. "He just…can't move quick enough on his feet to catch them. I…Is it hopeless? I can't see how he'd catch them like this…"

Bloody. Messy. Ka'el is … relieved that the bronze was succesful this time. That is .. if one can consider this a success? The poor beast, still clinging to life with a dismembered leg, blood gushing onto its wool. It won't hold onto life very long, but these last moments can't be anything peaceful. Kanekith himself seems very unaware of the suffering he's causing, too caught up in his own thrill. He got one! Pride is broadcasted as parted stormclouds, making room for a golden ray of sunlight, bright against the backdrop of gloom. Shining on him. Of course. Ka'el gives a crooked grin to Anoryn. Yeeah…well can she blame him for worrying? "Amazin', Kanekith! You've done it!" Woohoo! A warble of pride before another limb is peeled off. >.> At least now…the thing seems dead.

Soriana nods again to Anoryn, her thoughts reaching out to Luraoth. It doesn't matter where, just… get it! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! The gold snaps at the ovine's belly, only to have a hoof clip her muzzle and make her snort. Soriana inhales sharply, but as she leans forward in concern Luraoth is already moving again, bringing up her other forepaw to slash talons against the creature's rump and drive it to the ground. Let's see it get away now! Spoilers: it doesn't. Luraoth's jaws descend, and this time, they catch and grind at the ovine's throat, crushing it despite the padding of wool. The creature shudders, then goes still. Dinner is served.

No, Anoryn can't blame Ka'el or any one else for worrying. Only natural, after all! She does give Kanekith a darting look again for the bronze's preference for starting with the limbs but she only shakes her head. « Better meat in the torso. » Rysith's voice extends to Kanekith though it ripples with mirth and then the mists of her mindscape reach for all those assembled. « Now you have the foundation of knowledge and understanding to become skilled hunters. Soon, when you can fly, I will teach you again the artistry of hunting from above. Then you will be able to feed yourselves! And on bigger prey. » Read: the real challenges. "Once they're done feeding, have them come out of the corral." Anoryn calls to the other Weyrlings, "Then it's your job to clean up — if there is anything left." So far, it seems none of the dragons are finicky. Turning to Mur'dah then, she will reach out to clasp her hand gently on the boy's shoulder if he doesn't move away or rebuff her for the gesture. "Not hopeless. You need to have faith in him. He may have it a bit harder on the ground like this but it's not impossible. He just needs to find his rhythm. Does he want to try again?" Though her look seems to include Mur'dah in that question there too.

Mur'dah doesn't pull away from Anoryn. The teen just stares at his dragon until Kalsuoth pushes to his feet and shakes out his wings, turning and placidly walking out of the coral (through the gate this time!) and moving to his rider. Only then does Mur'dah move from beneath the AWLM's hand, reaching up to rub his brown's muzzle. "Not today," he says quietly. "But he is hungry so I'm going to take him back to the barracks." Though the dragon seems calm, there is a tightness to the boy's voice as he glances to his clutchmates. "Nice hunting," he does offer, and there's no bitterness in his voice. The compliments are genuinely given.

Soriana leans against the fence with a concerned expression, and Luraoth seems almost surprised as she says, « I am fine. » It was just a glancing blow! Besides, now she's hungry - and so, as Soriana nods in relief, Luraoth begins to rend her prey, bracing a paw against the ovine's rump as her jaws bite down and tear into the belly. The tug of skin! The slickness of blood! She licks over her muzzle as it gets covered in the stuff; her kill may have been relatively neat, at least when compared to, say, Kanekith's, but her eating is anything but. She puts more of her weight onto the ovine as her jaws take a grip against a rib and she tugs until the bone snaps with a loud noise. Inside are the tasty meats! Oh, this is much better than the chopped up stuff. Soriana smiles from her dragon's enjoyment, then turns to look at Anoryn and nods. "…might not be." « I will not eat the wool. It tastes like socks. » "Or at least, not much." Soriana's grin lasts until she gets a look at Mur'dah, at which point it gets lopsided. "Thanks," she says simply.

Oh right. Eating! Kanekith has been so busy picking away at pieces of the ovine that tearing into it … alomst was a forgotten step. Almost! til Rysith's voice rings clear in his mind, giving him tips of the meatiest part. Oh yeah! Taking her advice, and now following instincts, Kanekith gets to work. CHOMPCHOMPRIPTEAREAT! This is … so different than the prepare meat! For one, it definitely has wooly fur parts that usually isn't there. Secondly…mmm it's waaaarm and lovely and so much more flavorful when it's fresh! His bloodied muzzle becomes moreso as he tears in. Ka'el exhales a deep breath, smirking a little but still ending up looking away as guts go flying. He'll have some cleaning up to do… "Yes ma'am," he said to Anoryn's instruction, already thinking of flying. Now that's gong to be something! He looks to Mur'dah, sobering a little. His dragon looks wonderfully unbloody and not eating a kill. He frowns briefly, but then waves and grins to the brownriding weyrling. "I saw him. He nearly had that one. Next time, huh?"

Anoryn frowns but if she's concerned she hides it well, blue eyes drifting to Kalsuoth as the brown returns from the corral and to Mur'dah's side. "If you're certain…" she says, only to then smile and gesture for the pair to head back to the barracks. "Go on. Get him fed and settled. We're just about done here and heading back." But there is a strange edge to her tone, an awkward pause of sorts as if the AWLM isn't sure if she should pry further now or speak quietly to the weyrling later. In the end, her choice is made for her as she has to focus back on those still in the corrals. Anoryn will offer her support and advice when needed, keeping a sharp and keen eye on the pairs as they make short work of their first caught meals. "Don't think this means you can let them hunt on their own though!" she calls out, smiling crookedly. "This is just their first try. It'll be awhile yet before we're clearing you for unsupervised hunting." Small steps! But they'll get there quick enough. When it comes time to go, Anoryn will send the Weyrlings back to the barracks but will not follow herself. That at least she figures they no longer need a chaperone for. The greenrider will linger in the grounds, no doubt helping in removing the temporary holding pen and setting the materials aside until the next time they'll be needed (and perhaps on a different end of the grounds).

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