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Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.
Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs.

Its around lunch time. And its a bit crowded. People coming in from the cold to get hot mugs of klah and some of the nice smelling stew that is set out in big round pots being served into bowls by the cooks. Inuelle is busy going from table to table refreshing klah pitchers and passing out little baskets of bread to the tables. Its a very good hearty lunch then, and people seem to be lingering. But Inuelle looks a little busy, and rather tired, and she neatly sets down her burden of empty klah pitchers on a nearby table so that she can put her hair back up properly in its ponytail and retire her apron strings. Sheesh!

Crowds! Always with the crowds. Esiae really needs to change the times she chooses to come to the caverns. As it is, she's here and has battled through the cold, so she might as well stay, even if she doesn't like it. Sweeping gold curls behind her ears, Esi sneaks and weaves through the tables, which is more of a challenge than she originally thought. "Oh, excuse me. Sorry, were those your toes? Ack, watch it! I want to eat the stew, not wear it!" By the time she reaches the empty tables near Inuelle, the girl fares little better, trying vainly to pat her hair back into place and straighten her disheveled appearance. "You too, huh?" Brown eyes catch on Inuelle retying her apron strings, a small smile hiking up the corners of Esiae's mouth. "Dunno how you stand this kind of chaos every day - it's too much for me." A pause, and a considering look. "It was Inuelle, right?"

Inuelle smiles as a familiar face approaches her, only to frown a tiny bit. "Yes, Inuelle," she wonders at how quickly people can forget things, and blushes a little. "And you're Esiae," she says, biting her thumb moment. "Did you get the gloves? I left them for you like I promised…" she readjusts her apron strings a little and points to an empty table. "Don't bother about trying to get food. Just tell me what you want, and I'll get it. Its time for me to eat anyway."

Esiae looks somewhat relieved by the confirmation. "Oh, good. I've met so many new people in the last month. Everything gets so… blurry, and I was never strong with names to begin with," the girl confesses, clearly not a fan of her bad memory. "But yes, I am Esiae." In answer to the inquiry about gloves, Esi raises her hands to reveal a pair of knitted mittens, which Inuelle might very well recognize. "Of course! And I fixed the rest too, also as promised. It's just been a challenge to even get /into/ the weyr, nevertheless return them. Stupid snow." Esiae shivers overdramatically, making her detestation of the recent blizzard evident. "Us Istans aren't too fond of snow piled up over our heads." Sitting obediently at the indicated table, Esiae ponders a moment before saying, "Well, if you don't mind terribly, I could smell the stew from the bowl…" She perks at the mention that it's Inuelle's lunchtime. "Oh, yeah? Don't suppose you'd join me then?" Much preferrable to eating alone!

Inuelle looks a little more relieved now with this explanation. "I hope the gloves aren't too much trouble," she says, nervously. "I admit my gloves go through a lot of trouble," she bites her thumb again then nods. "Of course I will, I mean, I meant to sit with you…" she says, and then pushes away from the quiet part of the caverns towards the stew pots. If Esiae is going to follow then she will, otherwise, Inuelle will bring something for them both.

It's right about lunchtime, and the caverns are predictably crowded due to the wafting scent of stew and fresh bread in the air. Off in one of the few quiet areas, Esiae grins and swishes Inuelle's worries about fixing knitted gloves away with a wave of her hand. "No way - in fact, they weren't half as bad as you made them sound. The thumbs suffered the worst," she said with a pointed glance at Inuelle's thumb-biting. "But even those weren't too tough once I got a system for patching them up. I saved a glove to show you some stitches." She shrugs. "All of my clothes go through trouble, so you won't see me judging." Indeed, as she sheds her outer coat, she lifts the bottom of her dress up to show where its been tacked back together in a long tear right at the hem. "See? Landed on the dress on some rocks near the beach before the snow. You can't tell it was even torn if you don't look for it," she says with a grin. "That's good news, though. If you sit by yourself, strangers like to join you and start up conversation. It's very tedious." Esi does indeed follow Inuelle. She's used to helping herself, and would rather not be a burden besides. "I don't trust myself to serve it from the pots, but I'll help you carry them back to the table," she offers, peering back into the caverns proper to make sure no one tries to take their seats.

Lunch time calls many a resident to the caverns. One such is the dark skinned junior Weyrwoman. The slim woman with the golden knot on her shoulder makes her way to the buffet line, not asserting her authority to get ahead. There is a curious reaction to her presence from a few people in the cavern who stop conversations or to sneer at her, pointing, or lowering their voices. Luckily that number has far decreased over the turns since she impressed. The woman herself either does not notice, or just doesn't care about it and goes about filling her plate with a little bit of everything. She strikes conversation with the kitchen staff as she moves through the line, a badge of bakerscraft beneath her knot explaining no doubt her familiarity with the kitchen.

Inuelle goes with Esiae to the table with the stew pots and the cook there and once the cooks have served her some stew she starts filling her tray with other things. Mostly a mug of klah and some of that bread she had been passing around earlier. Mmm.

Stew and fresh bread. Two WARM scents to cause Fl'ynn's toe to tingle (or it may be because his boots are a tad worn so that his toes are rather chilled). Blue on blue on bluerider, the young man stomps into the cavern, a shiver taking his form from those beforementioned toes to the chaos of his sloe-dark hair. Honestly, almost canine-esque. Jacket opens to greedily take in the warmth. "Ladies," he croons, dropping his chin while passing Inuelle and Esiae, hesitating, backtracking. "Oh, you just took the big roll," is noted to Inuelle, because he kind of had his eye on that one. "Good choice." On to stew and such, only to fetch up near to Briana, "Hey, gorgeous." And then a rather loud note, "She makes me melt. See. I'm melting." Getting mud on the floor, more like.

Esiae might not know the gossip surrounding the junior weyrwoman, but she's not entirely clueless as to her surroundings - one eyebrow raises at the nearest table full of whisperers, following their line of sight towards the rider with the obvious gold knot. Ah. Leadership whispers. That she can write off with a roll of her eyes, and so she does. Roooooll. "Small minds discuss people, hasn't anyone heard that phrase before?," she says in the judgmental way of a teenager, only halfways paying attention as her stew bowl is filled. Common curtesy bids her to thank the cook, but then she's off down the food line, staring back at the starers in the hopes of making them feel very awkward. "Yeep!" Therefore, Fl'ynn's passing greeting surprises her, just long enough for a smirk to hitch up on her face. "Get two?," is suggested to his 'Inuelle got the big roll' comment, snatching one up for herself. The expression persists as the bluerider continues on and sidles up to Briana near the kitchens, eyes flicking towards the ceiling again. "Melting. Shards. He sure is." The puddling mud is tsked at, but in an amused fashion. Riders, sheesh. "Whenever you're ready?"

At the arrival of Fl'ynn, Briana turns her head to look to him and a smile brightens her features. "Flattering the ladies again?" She asks as she grabs a roll for herself. "Should I be jealous?" She asks in a teasing tone before she looks down at his feet and the puddle of melted snow and mud forming beneath his feet. "So you are made out of ice and mud? I think I might have to go talk to a healer about you then." She teases lightly before looking over to the two lasses and gives a bob of her head, "Don't mind him, he loves everybody."

Loeashia steps into the caverns, her movements a little stiff with the recent weather changes, but there is stil a slight spring to her step. A young girl, with hair as dark as her mothers follows along behind, at least for a short distance. Then she's veering off to talk with some of her friends "Zinny, don't forget to take teh time to get something to eat and not just yabber the time away." The girl rolls her eyes and grins even as her mother continues on towards the food. "Yes, mama." The melting young man is eyed a moment and she tsk's "Didn't your mother teach you to wipe for feet before coming in?" she asks as she levels a stern gaze at Fl'ynn "I can only imagine what Ocelara will have to say about that." There's a glance at the young gold rider herself, but there's nothing she has to say to her and so the glance is quickly removed and placed elsewhere. On the vittles.

"Could you be just a little bit jealous?" Fl'ynn briefly tucks a roll under his arm so he can squeeze two fingers together for Briana's benefit. "Just a little bit." A breath later and the young man is grinning wide -only to hear about the healer. Oh, about face! About face! He nearly cringes, "Ugh, no healers. Practitioners of arcane arts." Roll is removed from his arm, tossed into the air and captured again. "I do," is the agreement following Briana's words. "Too much hate in this world not to love everyone. I have to make up for it." Beat. "Two… good idea. We should keep you around. We need the bright ones." Deft fingers take another. Two rolls to juggle now. Watch the talent flow. Again a pause as he hears what may possibly be the chastising tones of Loeashia, "I can take her." Confidence flows too -along with the teasing grin.

Esiae has the decency to try to nod soberly to Briana's statement, but her straight expression cracks around the edges, dissolving into what can only be a giggle. "Young, wind-blown, obviously flirtatious rider? I bet he does." Ah yes, immaturity. It is a grand thing! "Sorry," is aimed at Fl'ynn himself, a real smile showing much more sincerity than mirth this time. "I'm just kidding. Well. Mostly," is added when the bluerider starts juggling rolls. She takes a little step back, knowing full well with twin foster siblings that this is the pivotal moment between being amazing and making a mess. For her, it's usually the latter, and she's rather fond of this dress despite the mended tears. "Ha! I mean yes, yes I am one of the bright ones." Ahem. Brown eyes do scrunch up in their own little smile for Loeashia's arrival though, perhaps having considered making a boot-wiping quip of her own.

Inuelle is severely flattered. So much so that she's been standing there, blushing, and watching him completely ignoring her surroundings. She suddenly comes back to her senses and looks in astonishment at Esiae. "Oh, oh sorry, I…" another little blushe. "Where did you want to sit?" Near the attractive bluerider maybe? She can only hope.

"Ok…if it makes you feel better…oh Fl'ynn how can you flirt with those other girls when your heart belongs to me?" Briana says with a dramatic tone to her voice and she leans in to give him a kiss on the cheek. "Ok, no healers today, but if you start decreasing in height with your melting…something will have to be done." She notes before looking up to the arrival of the greenrider and bobs a greeting to the woman before looking to the lasses curiously as if trying to pick their faces, "New to the weyr?" She asks conversationally.

Zinesha has finally moved on from her friends and is heading over towards the food and then she stops as she watches Fl'ynn, obviously quite entranced by the juggling of the two rolls. Loeashia turns to see where her daughter has gone off to and there's a sigh as she heads over to the group "Obviously no manners. Really, what is this Weyr coming to." She snatches one of the rolls out of the air "You really should not play with the food. Thank you." and with that the older woman turns away "Come Zinny. Get your food. Now." A sigh from the girl. "Yes, mama." As Esha passes by, she gives Briana the briefest of nods. She's polite to say the least.

Fl'ynn flashes a wink Esiae-wards. "Keeper~" Yes, pretty much in sing-song. Tongue-clucks and the young man takes a healthy bite from one of the rolls. This goes a long way in keeping him busy chewing instead of working his jaw with various, questionable commentary. Honestly, it is like they made the inside extra-chewy, so he is chewing and chewing and chewing and yeah, more chewing. During this moment the blushing Inuelle is winked too, just 'cause it is fun to do that to blushing girls. But now we have Briana smooching his cheek, and this just near to undoes the kid. Knees play-act buckle and everything! He'd protest about that first comment, but damn if his mouth isn't already so awfully busy. Just when he gets things swallowed, revving up to protest at least about the height thing… when his roll gets swiped. Swiped! "Hey!"… "Okay, that was pretty fast. You need to teach me that. Can you teach me that?" His head turns to look back to Briana, well, maybe to simply give her a bit of a playful nudge and grin.

"Keeper? Hardly," Esiae says, leveling a teasing 'bluerider, please' raised eyebrow look over at Fl'ynn. She draws her own, likely misplaced, assumptions from the interaction between the pair of dragonriders, but speaks them not, instead aiming an nod at Briana. "Yes'm. Istan holder by blood, now Xanadian by circumstance. I'm Esiae." She gives a slight, well-rehearsed curtsey and then shoots a light laugh over to Inuelle. "Oh hey, don't you start that for every pretty boy that gives you a pleasant comment. Where are your womanly wiles?" She does take pity on the girl, however, in the form of inviting them over. "You're welcome to join us, we have an empty table," she says back towards the trio of riders. There. Not awkward /and/ Inu can make drool puddles as big as Fl'ynn's melty puddles! Literally and figuratively, with that knee-buckling action going on. "Erm, bye?" This is said confusedly towards Loeashia as the woman marches her daughter off. Before Esi can say much else, her name is yelled across the caverns. Speaking of the devils, two weyrbrats of identical stature and features bounce in the doorway, barely letting parents shed them of their coats before they try valiantly to race across the caverns. Emphasis on try, because one promptly trips and splats on the ground. "Ah, shards," Esi swears, jerking her chin towards Inuelle. "Let's put our stuff down at the table and then I'll have to go help pick them up. Sorry, excuse me," is said to all as she scuttles for the aforementioned table, all but dropping her food to wend away into the crowd to comfort a now-sobbing little boy.

"I used to live at Ista Weyr, lovely place." Briana says to Esiae with a warm smile before looking back to the silly bluerider beside her, "You are a character you know that?" She says with a shake of her head, gives a slight nudge in return. "Alas I can't stay here and eat, got so much paperwork to do. Want to come over for dinner tonight?" She asks the bluerider before starting to head off, skirting errant kids on the way out.

Afternoon-populated cavern filled with the scents stew and bread, this is a place of hub-huh, bub. It is also a place of loitering, considering Fl'ynn is certainly doing so not far from where the stew is being ladled. Besides that, Fl'ynn is not quite sure how to respond to the departing Esiae. Confused, amused, /be/mused, all of those things are an options when it comes to responding to the girl that eventually disappears. So he'll blink after her, while chewing yet more roll, completely missing the 'other one's' disappearance as well. At Briana's words, Fl'ynn's expression falls. Plummets. Kicked canine. "Oh, you're leaving…" But the end point has possibility. "Sounds delicious." And then she is gone too (like that stolen roll). Forlorn is Fl'ynn. It is a tragedy.

Having swiped the roll from Fl'ynn and his subsequent begging to be taught that Loeshia stops, still holding onto her lunch as she looks at the young man "It's easy. Learn to pay attention." The elderly greenrider remarks. Loeashia just shakes her head. "Alternately, you may try to learn to actually keep the food on your plate." she advises and then looks down to her young black haired daughter "And that is something I better never catch you doing." There's a solumn nod from Zinesha, but as soon as her mother sits down and is no longer looking at her, she rolls her eyes and sticks her tongue. She grins at Fl'ynn and mouths 'Do it again.' The goldrider is glanced at with the mention of paperwork and then there's a nod of farewell.

One goes away, another appears. The young Weyrwoman makes her way out, and in her passing, the young Weyrleader arrives, nodding to the goldrider as Briana makes her way out. He almost saunters in, looking like he might…actually…possibly…be having a passibly good day…all things considered. But other than greeting Briana on her way out, he seems focused on getting over to the food being served…though Xe'ter briefly loiters at the wing assignment charts, as if to reassure himself what everyone is /supposedly/ up to.

Fl'ynn nearly cracks up with laughter at the mouthed words from Zinesha. Boy, oh boy does his grin widen though. He taps a finger to his noise, pointing at the girl (a rather poor attempt at being covert at that). His voice lifts for Loeashia, "I was lacking a plate at the time." Which probably does not help his case. "I suppose I could take up knife juggling instead. I heard that you can make great marks doing that sort of thing at gathers. I could take up a second job…" But you know what? the second he notices the proximity of the weyrleader, his tune changes, "But with how busy I am in Comet, that sort of thing is completely out of any kind of realm of possibility. So busy."

Zinesha can't help but grin at the bluerider and then the grin is wiped off her face and she looks innocent as her mother turns to look back over at the rider "You may want to invest in some healers if you believe that would be a valuable use of your oh so busy time." Loeashia replies back to the young man. As the Weyrleader comes in, she gives him a nod "Afternoon young sir." she adds and then there's a look at her daughter who suddenly finds her food quite interesting.

Xe'ter drawls, very softly, in his best 'I'm not the Weyrleader, really', tone, "Stuff a sock in it, Ers'lan…ye can have a few minutes to yerself now and again and then some. Comet's not that high on m'watch at the moment anyway." He glances up at the brownrider, then offers a flick of a smile before he continues his trek towards the food. Yes. Food's a great idea! He grabs a bowl and takes his place among the others who are waiting for a couple of ladels of stew. "Y'know, I almost miss the fish stew from a Turn or so ago." If he notices that people are suddenly more interested in their food and what not…well…

Fl'ynn's hand comes up as if to rub at his chin, wondering when he has suddenly managed to grow a beard. Because if he has, that would be an /amazing/ achievement. Just this sort of idea gives the young man something of a curious look. Maybe. Possibly. He may be able to pull it off. Dark eyes flick back to the weyrleader once all of this wondering has been exhausted, "Absolutely, sir." Seeing as he lost one roll already, he sidles over to claim another before addressing Loeashia, a touch of a grimace, "Shards with the mentioning of healers. No more of that talk."

"Well, if you plan on playing with knives, it pays to be on a little bit better terms with them. Course, from what I understand there are some really cute healers too." Loeashia also adds as she then looks curiously at Xe'ter. Speaking of someone needing a healer "Are you all right, sir?" she asks. Zinesha, not being familiar with all the riders of the weyr, mouths the name Ers'lan as if comitting it to memory. Oh yes, someone just might have a crush. Gotta love little girls. Right?

Xe'ter turns as he gets his bowl, and a roll, and then does a regular doubletake that a Harper's comedy would be proud of. "Oh shards, Fl'ynn…" Ahem. Right. Comet, not high on his radar. "I were talking to Romth about Ers'lan. I am verra sorry about that." He looks like he might just scuttle out from underfoot from sheer humiliation, but gathers himself back up, and notes, "If ye doen't wan tto juggle knives…ye might try breathing fire…"

Fl'ynn may be getting tips for finding cuties from Loeashia? This has promise, although it is briefly… before he remembers that this involves healders. So yes, that perk to his features, that lift to his dark brows, the slight tilt to his head, the preliminary deepening to his dimples all begin to come together -only to be lost with a skeptical fall. "Guess I'll just stick with the rolls then." Another wink to Zinesha, just because. Attempting to stand just a little bit taller when once more under the view of the weyrleader (a failing prospect), he nods, "No problem, sir. I've been called worse than another man's name and responded to it." More perking considering the fire breathing. Silence over these thoughts. "I like it."

All sorts of tips can be provided, but they're usually barbed tips. Loeashia does enjoy the range of expressions on the young mans face, judging by the growing smile as he loses it. However, there is a glance between bluerider and daughter at the wink. She arches her brow at Zinesha who smiles oh so brightly and the older woman snorts. "Eat your food girl, before it gets cold." she says simply to that. "And what has Ers'lan done to keep the Weyrleaders attention during lunch? Especially as the man is not here. I do trust there is nothing going wrong with Galaxy I hope. So much grief already with that poor wing."

Xe'ter has begun an anecdote, "Back afore I got /this/" He pokes his fancy Weyrleader's knot like it was a dead tunnelsnake, "I were a delivery rider for Ista…wound up at Fort during a nasty snowstorm, and there were this Vintner…he'd take a sip of strong liquor and then somehow catch it on fire…breathed fire like Romth, he did—-oh. Ers'lan? Bein…Ers'lan, I suppose…nothing more, nothing less." Ahem. Yeah.

Fl'ynn quickly turns away from Zinesha so the girl doesn't catch any more heat from the bluerider's 'covert' amused attentions. Properly chastised himself or something (that grin coming from the woman is daunting), his features are wrested into something a bit more obedient, or at least an attempt at such. "Don't think I could breathe like Romth, but I could make a try of it." Give it a sevenday. Next time you all see him, he'll be without eyebrows. Lips twitch some at the mention of his clutchmate. The rest of the grin is lost as he busies his mouth with the last of his first roll. Chewing commences.

Loeashia looks at Xe'ter "Honestly, do you really believe it's a good idea to encourage the young fool?" she asks him "In my day, we certainly didn't condone light breath on fire. Honestly, next think you know, the kitchens will explode again. Or Faranth forbid, maybe it'll be your offices." she hmmphs and just shakes her head "I do not know what has gotten into these young folk, but I guess it's to be expected. Impressing golds to renegades, wet behind the ear bronzeriders as Weyrleaders." There's a look at the bluerider. "Well, he's a bluerider." She states as if that should say it all. Zinesha just listens as she focuses on her food. Oh yes, she's not here.

Xe'ter doesn't look like he's entirely immune to having been talked about in the third person like that…he IS a wet behind the ears Weyrleader! Ahem. "Aye, well, the Weyrleadership I canna help you with…talk to Seryth abou' that…nor the golds liking who they will…" He shifts his gaze to the other 'young fool' and finally settles down. By now? His stew is starting to get room temperature.

Fl'ynn nearly chokes upon that roll, happening at approximately the same time the word 'fool' falls from Loeashia's lips. A fist balls up to pound twice at his chest before he is able to breathe once more, chew the last and swallow. A note of protest starts to form on his tongue, but as the woman continues while speaking to the weyrleader, the bluerider looks more perplexed than anything. With those already dark eyes, it is hard to believe they may go even darker, but as she speaks, they may just manage so. "Well, nobody can fault your facts," he notes. "I admit it." Chest fills with air. "I'm a bluerider." He exhales. "Oh shells. I'm so happy I got that off my chest. I'm so happy that is out in the open now. I know I feel relieved. Thank you." Palm flattens to that well-used and mentioned chest.

"Well true, if I thought it would work, I'd try. But twice in a row now." she peers closely at the Weyrleader "Faranth knows it can't be for your looks, need a bit more muscle on you, and it looks like your hair needs a good trim." She snorts "Whatever happened to good cleancut heads? Used to be that people took pride in their appearance." Zinesha shifts a little in her seat "You sit still girl, you finish your food first before you can go wandering off." A glance back at Fl'ynn "You be careful now, I ain't too trained in them search and rescue techniques, but I can thump ya good against a chair if I have ta. But glad to know yer pleased in your position. Be a ruttin' shame to have an unhappy bluerider. Too weepy for my tastes."

Xe'ter actually eyes the greenrider with a look of true surprise, or shock…or something. But you know, he doesn't actually backtalk her. Instead, his eyes narrow, and notes, "Now…lass." Yeah. Lass. "We'll likely be looking for a new pair of hands for the weyrlings when they come along. An' I can repurpose ye."

Fl'ynn's eyes briefly lose their focus, clouding in that 'far away' sort of look as his lifemate possesses his thoughts, filling them with a riot of images that would make a crack dream seem like watching paint dry. A shake of his head later and one very wry look has Fl'ynn returning to the hear and now, completely taking Loeshia's words another way, "I will happily take a spanking from you anytime, ma'am… only Kagenaith licked a metal panel." Imagine if you will one blue dragon with his tongue frozen to a slab of shiny metal… stuck. Very stuck. "I'll just… excuse me. Ma'am. Weyrleader, sir." He loves Kagenaith. He really does. With that heart Briana apparently owns. But some days… "I need a bucket, and some hot water," is mumbled as he quick-steps it out of here.

"Oh, I dare say V'dim would be none to pleased to be havin me interruptin' his schedule. Though, would be nice ta make sure them new weyrlings are brought up right. Course, V'dim be more than capable of that himself. He does have that fine crop if I remember right." There's a pause. "Or was that my own weyrlingmaster?" Loeashia goes thoughtful for a moment and then there is a stare at Fl'ynn. "Oh. Oh dear. That can't be good. He's liable to lose some flesh off that tongue of his if he pulls. That can't be good. Though perhaps hot water may not be so good. Warm water would be better. No sense in burning the poor dears tongue as well." Zinesha just ohs, her mouth wide and then. "I'm done with my food. Can I go see the dragons tongue stuck to the metal? Is it both parts of the forked end? Or is it just one side? That would be neat because then he could waggle the unstuck end." … "ZinEsha!" Eep?

Xe'ter gets a very strange look himself, and then actually appears to be apologetic for a moment, "Shardit, Romth…you wherry headed wherfriend! Loeashia…" The Weyrleader hops up with some celerity, heading out after Fl'ynn's departure, "You idiot…no, don't tell Seryth! She doesn't need to know! It's not that….shardit."

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