Field Trip!

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Grounds
Cradled in a cup shaped bite out of the mountain, this wide, grassy flat has become home for Xanadu's weyrling dragons. It's set surprisingly high above the level of the beach, visible from the eastern side of the grounds where a long path snakes its way down the hill to the sand dunes below. All other sides to the grounds are bordered by the hard granite cliffs, two entrances clearly visible. One is merely human sized and leads deep into the mountain, to the Caverns. The other is broad and high, the entrance to the Weyrling Barracks.

No weyrlings lost between… yet. Does V'dim recite that every morning? He might. It would help keep the dour expression on his face - though today, the weather's also helping. The day is a dreary one, spring rain sprinkling down steadily from a heavy sheet of clouds overhead. Not enough to ground young dragons, just enough to be distinctly unpleasant. Pity whoever's gotten to afternoon lessons early, because not only do they have to hang out with V'dim, they're doing it in the rain. "Weather," he explains as stragglers arrive, "can make a difference in how your straps fit. Do not assume they're good simply because they were last time. Check them."

Moncerath isn't concerned about the drizzling rain, that's for Kera to be miserable over. She's bundled up in her gear, hood pulled up against the sprinkles. Moncerath's straps are currently loosened as the pair make their way from the weyrling beach. Looking ahead, oh great. She's gone and made them both late. The weyrling's steps hurry a bit til Mon warbles to her fellow dragons and joins the gathering. Sending a salute to V'dim, she remains quiet, catching the trail end of his instructions. As Kera starts adjusting and tightening her dragonmate's strapping, her gaze slips around the grounds looking for one weyrling in particular.

Guess who's not early? It should come as a great surprise to no one that Innes isn't among those standing in the rain enjoying V'dim's company. In fact, she's even later than Kera, jogging a bit behind Kairoikyriath as the gold makes her way to join the group. Her straps are on, at least, but it's clear from Innes' frustrated expression that this was not how she intended to arrive. "Sir," she greets with a salute and a stiff nod. While she might have missed his instructions, she notes the actions of her fellows and is quick to begin double checking the straps, muttering under her breath to Kairoikyriath as she does.

V'dim returns Kera's salute, and casts his gaze along the group. All here? Not yet. Perhaps someone's gotten themselves lost? He hmms to himself, then begins going from weyrling to weyrling, watching them adjust the straps and occasionally checking something for himself. They may have thought they already passed straps inspection, but today they'll be flying in the rain. Besides, it gives him something to do while he waits for the last straggler… and here she is. V'dim returns the salute, and continues his inspection of straps. It wasn't just a way to spend time while waiting for Innes. Once he's seen that all the weyrlings are geared to his satisfaction, he returns to Isobeth's side. "You have all been between." Pale blue eyes survey the group. They all came back from between, too. "Today, we will be practicing that skill." He pauses for a moment. Is he going to tell them where they're going? …nope! "Mount up!" V'dim suits actions to words, swinging up onto Isobeth.

Kera alternates between cinching straps and peering among the other weyrlings. Finally spotting Kairo's huge form lumbering over, the greenling smiles, sending her friend a wave and turning back to her task. Every couple of minutes she swipes some of the water from her face. This will definately warp her straps, rain and stretching. Making a circuit around her dragonmate, she finally makes the last adjustment. Spending a moment rubbing Moncerath's eyeridges, She sends Innes a wave before following instructions and climbing up the straps. With a little frown, she tugs all her gear in place and hooks on securely. Already her glove is making passes across the goggles to keep them clear of rain. Then again, she's not the one that REALLY needs to see where they are going. Moncerath does, and she isn't concerned with the rain one bit.

If Innes were as vain as some people in their weyrling class (no names necessary), she might keep them all waiting on purpose. And perhaps certain people believe she has. But her delayed entrance is entirely accidental. She returns Kera's wave with a tight smile and is quick to follow instructions when she deems that her straps are in proper order. And, of course, V'dim has, too. She mounts up, fastening herself in and fixing her goggles in place. And she only slips once in the process!

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor hail shall keep dragons from their appointed flights… unless, of course, it does. Today, it won't. V'dim doesn't seem to even notice this rain, watching as the weyrlings mount - slips and slides included - then instructing, "V formation, after me." That's despite the fact he's taught them how it's useful to have the larger dragons in front, and dainty Isobeth is anything but. He doesn't wait for questions, instead launching into the air to take up position at the point and wait for the rest to fall into place.

Kera nods as V'dim gives instructions and her gaze slips around the area when Mon sidles a bit away from the other dragons and hunches down, preparing to leap. Kera checks all around, as does her dragonmate. All is clear and the green bunches her hind quarters before hurling herself upwards and snapping her oversized wings out to grab air and push it under her. When the greenling pair take their place in formation, Kera lets go of the strap to give her goggles another swipe to clear her vision.

Since Kairoikyriath can't be first (gasp!), when given the go ahead the young gold is quick to launch into the air and take her place next to the point. It's Innes who has to check her eagerness, reminding her that this is not an exercise in who can be best in flight, but rather a practice session for what they learned previously. A lesson that she didn't particularly enjoy, even if Kairoikyriath did. The rain is a bit distracting for Innes, but she focuses straight ahead in spite of the falling droplets.

Flying past the dragon who's supposed to be point, not actually a good idea. V'dim glances back to check the lines of the V as they fall into place, reluctantly or otherwise. Look both ways before crossing Pern! Once her rider is satisfied, Isobeth reaches out to the weyrling dragons with a breath of air brought from a warmer spring, pleasant instead of dreary. « Share this with your riders. » The image is from high above, a broken black caldera surrounded by verdant jungle and crystal-blue seas. Once they've got it in place… « We go! » V'dim signals at the same time as Isobeth does, leaping between.

Ista Weyr - Southeast Sky
Below, the view could be called breathtakingly stunning: Ista Weyr and her environs spreading out in rocky crevices and great peaks. Patches of greenery interrupt volcanic stone, vivid green intrusion of the jungle near-startling in contrast - and the expanse of blue waters that spread further away, against sable sands, visible thanks to the collapse of one wall of the bowl. To the northwest, the further curve of the bowl is visible, whilst beaches and forest spread to the southeast.
The weyr walls rise up to the sky, the pock-marks of ledges and personal weyrs beyond visible about all sides of the great caldera. Nearest to the bowl floor are the ramps to the ground weyrs, and the larger entrances to caverns - not to mention the smaller area of the training grounds. Ista's Star Stones, a remnant of times past, sit high against the bowl wall: a sentinal against the peaks of the Weyr.

The weyrlings appear into sunlight and tropical heat, high above that caldera. It's mid-morning here, a bright clear day, and the skies are filled with dragons cavorting - far more dragons than it seems should be in a Weyr this size. At least there's nobody on this strata of the sky… until the weyrling wing emerges, Isobeth in the lead to navigate the crowded airspace.

Moncerath arrives, blinking into formation when others arrive to take their place. Kera does a quick swipe to clear the goggles, the temps of between causing the water to begin crystalizing over the lenses. But the sudden brightness and warmth is enough to reverve the frigid effects in a timely manner. Moncerath warbles a greeting to a new place as she follows Xanadu weyrling formation V's over Ista Weyr.

Well, that's a change. The warmth of Ista is a welcome relief after the cold of between, and has Innes blinking furiously and shaking her head slightly as her body attempts to catch up to the change in climate. She didn't really dress for this, and if the day ends with her being completely gross and sweaty she's going to blame V'dim… but for the moment, she's looking rather pleased. They've all survived (again!), it's warm and sunny, and they're finally out of the Weyr. And not just to look at corpses! The day is looking up.

Isobeth calls a greeting to the poor watch-dragon trying to keep track of this space as she leads the weyrling wing through the air, and V'dim glances sharply side to side, checking the status of his wing. Nobody lost between? (Yet.) Good! Now, to come in for a landing… safely. There's patterns to the chaos, though some dragons are more daring than others. Isobeth takes the weyrlings on a nice conservative route, with slow arcs instead of sharp turns as she brings them down to a (mostly) clear spot in the bowl. There's plenty of activity down there, too, what looks like a celebration going on… but people tend to get the idea when a shadow starts descending.

Ista Weyr - Southern Bowl
Compared to that of other weyrs, Ista's bowl is small, and incomplete - northwards, one wall was blown clear away several millennia ago, leaving the view clear towards the plateau, the jungles, and the ocean beyond. Somewhat elliptical, the breadth of the bowl seems to run northwest to southeast, the bustling epicenter of the weyr being here, towards the southwest. Several large entrances have been dug into the sidess - northeast are the hatching grounds and south the living caverns, these being the two largest caverns in the weyr. To the east, a smaller entrance leads in to the ground weyrs - the ledges of these line the bowl wall above, often filled with dragons of gold or bronze; westward is yet another ledge, but with a staircase built into the wall, allowing access to the Sable Sands. The infirmary is located nearby, towards the southwest.

A bright, clear day makes for perfect weather if one intends to fly. And today, over Ista, there is a lot of flying expected. With the air traffic an indication surely, one of the more spectacular of the games events is being readied. That poor watchdragon definitely has his work cut out for him, though he somehow manages to bugle a greeting to all the newcomers, including the weyrlings there. Nzikeilth, Ista's senior gold, likewise rumbles her own greeting, though it's more general, watching the comings and goings from a prime sunning spot on the bowl rim, not looking as if she's intending to join in the upcoming celebrations. But she has a good viewpoint, at least! And the descending shadow of the Xanadu weyrling group has those in the bowl making room, with so many visitors lately - residents seem almost to having gotten used to keeping half an eye on the air.

As the upcoming games event is being prepared, more than a few Istan riders find themselves in the bowl, watching the gather grounds on the plateau. Despite offering to lend a hand (possibly multiple times), B'ky has found himself without work to do. So, of course, the Istan wingleader is making work for himself, repeatedly checking Avideth's straps and his clipboard. The sky-toned blue, his hide having become somewhat paler over the turns, is curled out of the way in the bowl, though he'll rumble his own polite greeting to any newcomers as well. Glancing up from the paperwork, B'ky's brows rise faintly at the sight of Xanadu weyrlings, somewhat nostalgic smile for them as he regards the arriving group.

Plenty of visitors are about and some are keeping half an eye on the skies too, if just out of general curiosity of who may be coming in on this bright, clear day. One such visitor is in the form of a slender, lithe and cerulean blue who's sunning himself on a ledge, straps and all with a few other dragons of mixed company while he waits. For what… or for whom? Ujinath lifts his head as the Xanadian weyrling Wing soar by overhead, adding his own rumbling-call of familiar greeting before he is pushing to his feet and stretching his wings as best he can without accidentally smacking anyone else lounging nearby. He also passes the message along to his rider and not long afterwards, Xanadu's Weyrsecond is hurrying along towards the bowl from the direction of the beaches. Kiena, like most, is keeping an eye on the sky above and grinning as the weyrlings make their decent.

Mur'dah and Kalsuoth arrive from Elsewhere, not long after the Weyrling Wing - but they didn't come from Xanadu. Who knows where they were before being here, but it wasn't home. Regardless, the dark brown circles down to land in a small cleared space, dropping off his rider before soaring up to find a spot to settle, mashed in with the other dragons from other areas. Hi.

Either Tyr doesn't have any work to do, or he's very deftly avoiding it entirely. Still, the brownrider makes strides across the bowl with a purpose, mouth curved into a slow grin as he picks up the pace, glancing up at the descending dragons in his effort to keep out of the way. He takes a detour around Avideth though, curving his path around the pale blue to come up alongside B'ky. A hand comes out to /whack/ against the bluerider's back though. Totally friendly, really! "All this going on and you've /still/ got that clipboard, huh? Tell me it's not the same one you had at Fort. /Please/ tell me you get a new one at least every few turns?"

Kera climbs down from Moncerath's back and sets to loosening her dragonmate's straps before sending the young green off warbling to the dragons already gathered. As the green waddles off, Kera begins tugging her goggles and gloves off, stuffing them in pockets before shrugging out of the already drying jacket. Next task, regroup with the other weyrlings for a united Xanadu front. Making her way towards a couple, her attention slips here and there across the festively decked out grounds taking it all in. Getting to Innes, the greenling is tugging at her shirt, trying to coax wrinkles from it. "I should have worn a cooler shirt." Recognizing a couple of faces among the crowds, the greenling sends a couple of waves and spots her Weyrsecond striding across the grounds. Canting her head to the goldling, "Did V'dim say this was part of our lesson?" Her gaze seeks out the Xanadu weyrlingmaster among all the riders.

Tscyleth, like quite a number of other blues it seems, is curled in the bowl, though entirely without his rider. Wherever I'srie is, he isn't here! But Tscy will likewise add his voice in greeting to those arriving, though possibly only because he was hatched in Xanadu, so probably recognizes Isobeth. It's been so long, however, who knows?

Ista! The land of… well, the sun is out, which is by far the most important quality of any place at the moment. But given how long they've been trapped at Xanadu, Innes would likely face a typhoon wih a delighted grin just for the novelty of being /somewhere/. But lucky for the Xanadu weyrlings, there's sun! The worst thing they seem to be facing is air traffic, which is easy to manage with V'dim leading the way. As Kairoikyriath settles herself in the Istan bowl, Innes quickly sheds a few layers and stuffs them away before dismounting. "A little warning would've been nice," she agrees when Kera approaches, glancing down at her own attire. That's the trouble with secret trips - no one dresses for the occasion. Kairoikyriath twists her head around, surveying all of these new dragons with evident curiosity. She's still bigger and… gold-er than most of them, at the very least.

V'dim loosens his straps, rising enough to turn and look back over the weyrlings as they land. He hasn't lost any of them… yet. "This is Ista Weyr," he informs them in case anyone wasn't paying attention when they studied maps, or just hasn't put the 2 and 2 together. The weyrlingmaster descends from his dragon, who checks in with the current adolescents in her care before returning the greetings from Istan queen and the blue Tscyleth who - even if she doesn't remember him specifically - sounds like one of the many she's helped train. Meanwhile, V'dim's gaze settles on Kera as Moncerath departs. "Did I say your lesson was over?" he asks the green weyrling. (It's a traaap!) Though, really, can she be blamed for getting distracted with all the people and dragons? …ohwait, this is V'dim we're talking about. "These are the Weyr Games." He indicates their surroundings. "You have two tasks. One is to represent Xanadu Weyr in these competitions. The other, and more important, is to avoid overexertion or injury to your dragons." Is his gaze settling on Innes for that? Why yes, yes it is, but then it swings to Kera. "I suggest you pay close attention, particularly in an unfamiliar and crowded place." V'dim takes another moment to eye the weyrlings. "Is that understood?"

B'ky doesn't at first notice the detour Tyr takes around Avideth, pale eyes catching sight of Kiena across the bowl, and the arriving Mur'dah, gaze going to the Xanadu weyrlings with again-raised brows. At least, not until that /whack/ to his back. It earns a surprised 'ooph!' from the man, the bluerider stumbling forward perhaps more out of startlement than anything. And dropping that infamous clipboard with a clatter. "Tyr-" he tries, but there goes the that /look/, though hearing the way V'dim is instructing those weyrlings over there - in nearly the exact tone B'ky was about to use - has the bluerider doing something of a self-conscous double-take. Well then. Tugging his shirt down, as if to straighten it, the wingleader clears his throat, and tries again, with a less severe-sounding, "..Good morning." Time spent under the Istan sun appears to have mellowed his grumpiness a touch. Though he does retrieve his clipboard, straightening somewhat stiffly with slight frown for the brownrider's question. "I've not had need of a new one," is said with a bit of throat-clearing, "It still works fine." He /likes/ this clipboard, darnit! Still, that clipboard is tucked away on one of Avi's straps.

Kiena spies a waved greeting among the crowds and she'll lift her hand up to wave back to Kera, followed by a salute and grin. "Good to see you and Moncerath, Kera! And you too, Innes!" she calls out, ready to call to the other Weyrlings when — oops, they're in a lesson? Clearing her throat, she'll flash V'dim a sheepish half-grin and a respectful salute to the Weyrlingmaster. Uh. Oops? Totally didn't mean to interrupt… aaaand, she going to go stand over there now! Ahem. "Mur'dah!" Another familiar face! "So we cross paths again!" she teases the brownrider as she waves to him, giving him a fairly easy going grin before she nods towards the assembled (or assembling) weyrlings. "Lessons today?" she asks, before her gaze shifts to where B'ky and Tyr are standing. That clipboard may get a curious glance too. Hmm. Kiena's of the mind to go greet them, as befitting her rank. Soon, soon. So many greetings, so little time!

Tyr at least winces when the clipboard clatters down. Oops? Well at least he hadn't /meant/ for that to happen. The brownrider does settle his hands into his pockets at least. There's far less damage to be done there! He rocks back and forth just a little on his feet however, still with the ever-present need to /move./ "Couldn't /hurt/ to get a new one though. But I guess if it's not broken.." And he won't be the one breaking it, either! At least not on purpose. "Heh. How've you been, eh?"

Mur'dah is jogging now to try and get close to the Weyrlings - did he miss something? Is he supposed to be at work right now? - when he nearly runs into Kiena. "Oh, hey!" he says, turning from her to snap off a salute to V'dim. "Well, this is the place to be," he adds, looking around again and lifting a hand to wave to B'ky and Tyr. "I want to enter the sand sculpting contest." Then he's looking back at the Weyrlings, ready to jump in if V'dim gives him that 'where were you?' look. Ahem.

Kera flashes a little grin and nods agreeably with Innes, her humor slips away quickly enough as V'dim questions her. A quick glance darted to her fellow weyrling before a headshake to the Weyrlingmaster "No sir." Gaze seeks out the direction her dragonmate is currently lounging among other dragons, Kiena given a bit of a hesitant nod and finger wiggle before instructions are given. Wait, wha? Compete? "You want us to.." not sure exactly how to finish she simply trails off when further warnings are given over injuries and unfamilar places. Well it /was/ a party, til the Weyrlings arrived. Kera simply nods and gives the rider a salute. "Yes sir."

Innes is doing her best to focus solely on those in her immediate vicinity, because what with Kairoikyriath's overeager inspection of, well, everything, she's liable to lose what little sanity she has if she tries to take in too much at once. A brow arches as V'dim explains their tasks for the day. She glances quickly from side to side, checking for the reactions of her fellow weyrlings to be sure that she understood him correctly. They're supposed to compete? And just why is he looking at her when he talks about dragon injuries? It's almost as though he thinks she's stuck with an overly-competitive companion who just has to be the best at everything. Ahem. Innes casts a glance to Kairoikyriath, who now seems to be sizing up her fellow dragons as possible competition for… whatever it is they're meant to do. "Yes, sir," is Innes' reluctant response.

Admittedly, there are a lot of distractions here - whiiich means it's a good place for the weyrlings to practice concentration! At least these distractions aren't likely to be fatal. V'dim gives Kiena a slight nod and a salute in return, then turns his attention back to the weyrlings. Mur'dah is noticed along the way, and saluted back in passing before V'dim's eyes move on without ever delivering that 'you know why' stare - whew! Though once V'dim releases these weyrlings… maybe it's for the best that there's an off-duty assistant weyrlingmaster to help keep an eye on them as they… compete. For the glory of the Xanadu Weyr - against grown dragons. Maybe there's something else in V'dim's mind? A whisper of the possibility of this being fun? (There do seem to be a lot of excited, happy people here.) If so, he doesn't show it, nodding to Kera and giving the weyrlings another look over before he says, "Dismissed!"

There, clipboard hidden- er, safely stowed. B'ky will just make sure that it's secure before glancing back to Tyr with an, "..I do have several others," pausing perhaps to look faintly embarrassed. Are all those others just as old as the first one? Yes, yes they probably are. "I've been.." hand brought up absently to rub the back of his reck, the bluerider sighs, "..better." Story of his life. "And yourself?" is asked as he moves away from Avideth, inclining his head to Kiena and Mur'dah as he asides to Tyr, "Was there something you, ah, needed? We should, perhaps, welcome them to the weyr." We? Well, the Istan brownrider is right there, after all! Although, B'ky is glancing back as a bugle sounds across the bowl - it seems V'dim's dismissed the weyrlings just in time! For the next games event is about to begin, and the call for participants has begun! Avideth uncurls himself and stretches slowly, the blue leaning down briefly, however, to whuffley-nose at Tyr, which has B'ky justkind of eyeing his dragon a bit.

Tyr lowers his lashes just a bit, and his gaze promptly travels down..then up B'ky again. "They're on the walls of your Weyr, aren't they? Little monuments to lists checked over the turns." Laughter bubbles out though, finally freeing his hands again to fold them slightly behind his head as he starts to move right along with B'ky. And why not? He's still an Istan rider, after all. Being polite is /somewhat/ important. "What do you mean you've been /better/? Why aren't you at the tippy top? Me, I'm just tired. Got Raphaith to finally agree /not/ to do all this racing stuff they've got going on, which is just perfect." It means he can just sit around and be a spectator. Whuffles from Avideth are given a faint grin however, throwing a smug look at B'ky.

Kiena chuckles dryly when Mur'dah all but runs into her. What's the rush? "So it is! Didn't think you'd be around here so early. Sand sculpting, huh?" Now that brings a faint laugh from the Weyrsecond as she nudges the brownrider gently in the ribs. Provided he doesn't dodge her, of course. "Though you just dug holes in the sand?" Another poke, followed by a smirk and then she's offering a waved greeting to B'ky and Tyr as well. Taking a step forwards, she'll glance briefly over her shoulder to Mur'dah. "Coming? Or…" Looking up at the sound of that bugle, Kiena will frown in a moment of confusion before her expression smooths and she grins. "Looks like we're all here in time, huh?" Straightening her shoulders, the Xanadian Weyrsecond will approach both Istan riders now, her grin brought down to a warmer, approachable smile. Might be enough to distract from the awkwardness she feels, right? One can hope! So far, she's been handling all this socializing well… So far. "Good day to you both! Xanadu's duties to Ista and her queens." she greets, dipping her head politely.

Mur'dah nods, rocking at her nudge with a grunt. "Yeah, going to do Ode to a Nude Woman Sunbathing." Because that'll represent Xanadu well, right? BOOBS. Then he nudges her back. "Pfft. I'm an /artist/. Oooh, is that the race? Yeah, I want to do that. Are you going to do it? Hey!" he hollers to the Weyrlings. "Race time, c'mon over!" They sign up with Clipboard Guy, right? That's why he's carrying it, yes? "Hi there!" Decidedly less casual than Kiena's greeting. "Want to sign up four folks for the race about to start."

Kera 's not quite as chipper when V'dim dismisses them as she was when they first arrived. She lets go of the breath she was holding when murmuring starts buzzing among the little group, whispered questions flying back and forth quickly. Kera finally looks to Innes "He just said we had to enter right? Not that we have to push to win." As if the goldling's dragonmate could be convinced otherwise. Looking across the bowl as a bugle and announcement mean the weyrlings better hurry up and figure something, the greenling grudgingly shrugs back into the hot jacket. "So where do we sign up for this race Innes." Yes, oh future Jrjr Weyroman. Lead your fellow weyrlings to the finish line, all in one peice please. Maybe it's that way, where a sudden surge of dragons of all size are converging. A little speed test huh? Moncerath can fly circlies around some of them, and probably will with her overly large wings. Muahahaha…*cough* Thankfully Mur'dah's bellow is recognized and that solves the problem of where to sign up.

This seems like a rather cruel joke, all things considered. They finally get to escape the weyr, only to be dragged into the midst of some kind of competition. If Kairoikyriath were any other dragon, it might not be so bad, but… Innes is looking rather dour as V'dim dismisses them, and that darkened expression fals on Kera. "Yeah, we just have to enter, not win." Did you hear that, Kair? A quick glance is shot in the gold's direction, but she's paying her rider no heed. There's a race, and she's gonig to win! Or purposefully allow someone else to do so, obviously. Mur'dah's voice is heard through the crowd, and Innes urges Kera to follow as she slips her way past people to reach the familiar rider. "Apparently, this is our task for the day," she tells him with evident skepticism. A quick salute is added, just in case.

B'ky gives his dragon a mild frown - whuffling, really? How undignified! Though the man straightens up a little more when Tyr starts eyeing him up and down like that. "What are-" he begins to ask, but then the brownrider starts /laughing/. Nevermind that the suggestion of his weyr's decor might actually be partially true. "What? No!" denial which he totally ruins by him muttering an, "I just.. have a lot of paperwork," under his breath. Right. "I've been back to Fort," is all he'll say at the brownie's other question, though at least the man isn't sounding grumpy, or Faranth forbid- mopey. Just quiet, his earlier frowniness easing at the talk of the games, brow lifted with a faintly curious, "You aren't intending to compete today? Mm, that is rather a shame.." Avideth behind them stretching still, with clear enthusiasm there. A more amiable smile is for the Xanadu riders, as they approach, B'ky inclining his head to them with formal, "And Ista's duties to Xanadu, and to her queens. Welcome to Ista Weyr. I'm B'ky, Avideth's," the wingleader nodding to Mur'dah, "Ah, I believe sign-ups are this way," moving toward the gather grounds, where he'll likely sign up himself, along with some other riders from various weyrs. Already there are dragons lining up at the edge of the plateau, and a crowd forming to watch.

Tyr clicks his tongue softly, smirking. Does he believe B'ky? Not for one moment! And if the bluerider returns home to find a hanging mobile of clipboards from the ceiling..well. Tyr will not admit to it. "For, huh? Just nostalgic, or run into someone?" The greetings get the brownrider's attention though, sobering somewhat to offer a dutiful nod. "Ista's duties, of course, of course. Tyr, here. Raphaith's. And welcome to Ista, of course!" The brownrider unfortunately doesn't head for the sign ups. Something else catches his eye, and he takes off at a bit of a jog across the bowl to another grouping of people attempting to set up another station.

"You're… joking, right? You're not submitting something by that title?" Kiena mutters in an lowered voice to Mur'dah, smirking when he nudges her back. If he's not careful, he'll get a smack upside the head by the time the day is out. She'll fight not to put the palm of her hand to her face or look too disgruntled either for his less formal greeting. Instead she just sighs and keeps that smile in place. "Races, huh? Guess… hmm. Couldn't hurt?" Famous last words, right? Glancing between B'ky and Tyr, Kiena relaxes again as greetings continue. "Well met, both of you. And thank you! Kiena, Weyrsecond and blue Ujinath's rider. Think I'll toss my name in too into these races, if it's not too late." She can see that crowd forming. Is there a limit or do they go in groups? As Kera and Innes approach, Kiena will turn to give them both an amused grin and another half wave, half salute. "Signing up? It'll be fun! That's the whole point." Riiiight.

Mur'dah grins about. "Well met," he says happily. "Mur'dah, Kalsuoth's." To Kiena, he just winks. He's not telling! Maybe he is, maybe he isn't. Then he grins at Innes, returning her salute with a wave, and grins at Kera as well. "Let's go sign up?" And he's off, long strides taking him to that line where he'll sign himself, Kiena, Innes and Kera all up for the races 'round the spires. "Who wants to go first?" he calls, returning to the group once he's got them all signed up. Eager Mur'dah is eager, apparently.

Gerazal comes out of the living cavrn and he shifts his backpack on his shoulder. He looks around as there seems to be a lot of people out and about, but with the Ista Games there seems to be people everywhere." He wanders over towards one of the groups as he hears talk about signing up. "Signing up for the games too huh? What ones are you looking at competing in."

Kera cants her head to Innes, relieved that the two seem to have come to the same understanding of V'dim's instructions. Hooking the brownling's arm next to her with her own "Come on Ja'ken, we got a race to join in." The two weyrlings trail along in Innes's wake, probably much to the irritation of a certain blueling. Approaching the Xanadu riders and the others they stand with, Kera salutes and focuses her greeting on the Istans. "Xanadu's duties to Ista and her queens." Then there is rushing to get signed up, her nerves from the sudden expectation of competing when she wasn't expecting to must be getting to the greenling as she cants her head to those nearest her and murmurs "Do you think there will be some food between all the competitions?" A little joking to ease pre-race tension never hurt anyone, right? Something said outside the little weyrling circle catches her attention, head perking up a litle "First? We're not all going at once?" Okay, maybe she should actually figure out the rules of this thing before cinching up Moncerath's straps.

Innes eyes Mur'dah suspiciously as he seems altogether too eager to get them all signed up and involved in this race. She's still reticent about the whole thing, judging by the way her steps slow the closer she gets to the sign up area. Good thing Mur'dah is taking care of that for them, eh? Kairoikyriath, on the other hand, is busy preparing herself for the race, turning a critical eye on the other dragons. Now that her fellow weyrlings are competing, it's even more important that she be the best so that they see how it ought to be done. Innes glances over her shoulder at Kera, offering her a shrug. "Who knows? But if they're forcing us to compete, they'd better feed us." Because V'dim's commands are, of course, Ista's fault.

Poor B'ky, at least hanging clipboards aren't the worst prank in the world, though he'll have to lament over it with Deo later. Nowhere on Pern is safe! "Both," is the only answer Tyr will receive, the bluerider attempting not to do his own facepalm for the other Istan's more casual greeting, possibly suppressing a sigh as well as he nods to Kiena. And then lifting a brow slightly when Tyr jogs off somewhere. "Well met," is said to the Istan weyrsecond and Mur'dah, "And I wish you luck in the competitions. It looks to be an interesting one." His smile is warmer, Avideth already joining the dragons that are lining up. At someone asking which event this is, the wingleader replies with a helpful, "Ah, dragon races," and then glancing over at the Xanadu weyrlings, "Hmm, there should be food available. I'm not entirely certain where they've setup the tables today, but I'm sure we could find them." He may as well show them around, it seems, indicating a clearer spot from which they can watch, "There should be a good view from here, until your turn to race. Ah, and there is always food in the caverns, as well."

Kiena only smirks and shakes her head for Mur'dah's eagerness, a chuckle eventually surfacing as she exhales and runs a hand through her hair. Which she promptly attempts to wrangle back into a tighter runner tail. Looks like she's flying after all! "What's got you all worked up, huh?" she drawls in a deadpanned sort of way to Mur'dah as he returns from signing them all up. Well, at least it saves time! Kiena doesn't mind, all too happy to remain with the weyrlings a little longer. "Oh, of course there's food!" She reassures both Innes and Kera with a smile. A smile that grows into a wry one. Wait for it… "… to those who finish in the top five." Just kidding! Maybe? Nah, the Weyrsecond wouldn't be so cruel (not that she has any power to do such a thing or would do such a thing!) and she laughs. "We can all go for an early lunch after the races. No matter the outcome! It's the Weyr Games, you've all successfully Betweened… Celebration all around!" Kiena waves a hand and smirks. "More then enough reason for a feast, hmm? And thank you, B'ky for the well wishes. And clarifying where we can find the food." Which is totally for everyone! Ujinath soars down from the ledge he'd been sunning on and comes to land in the nearest spot clear enough for him to fit himself into. His wings fold tight to his sides, but his talons click restlessly against the ground, his head swivelling to take note of the other dragons gathering.

Tscyleth finally moves from his comfortable spot, the blue rising to his feet smoothly, in one flowing motion, and all but slinking off toward the plateau, where his rider has finally made an appearance. I'srie, also having signed up, re-checking his lifemate's straps, though the creature doesn't appear any less ready for flying than he was a second ago. Dark wings edged in striking moonlight-blue are spread and furled, before he and his rider join the other dragons, Tscy being one of the first in line to fly. And already they are taking turns, with an Istan bronze being the first to try the course, launching skyward with broad sweeps of his wings, the morning sun glinting off metallic hide. Though his flashy flying and overly-wide angles make for a dramatic, but less than ideal run, the urge to show off to the crowd costing him time. Tscyleth snorts at the bronze's display, waiting patiently for his turn. While the bronze swerves in and out through the spires and back over the ocean, making a fast but very wide arc as he turns and heads back to the weyr. Still, the landing is made in decent time. But probably not one that's hard to beat.

Mur'dah is almost bouncing. Almost. "I'm just excited," he says to Kiena with a grin. Looking around at the others, when no one jumps up to say 'I'll go first oh pick me pick me!' he shrugs. "Wimps! I'll go first." Of their group, that is, as others are already making their way through the aeiral course. And off he goes, mounting up onto Kalsuoth and taking his place in line.

Kera smirks to Innes and the other weyrlings before paying attention to how things will go down for the race. Mur'dah's giddiness is noticed by several of the weyrlings. And his taunt of 'wimps's to the weyrlings under his charge as he rushes off to get ready is met with a few nervous chuckles. "Wimps? Certainly not. We're just waiting for you to show us weyrlings how to do it properly, sir." Looking to Kiena, she grins about the food. "And if not, I think there was a nice cafe here that makes excellant sandwiches. Sable….sable something." Kera gives a shrug and tugs goggles from her pocket "Well, time to go get Moncerath ready." With a quick wave, she trots over to where her dragonmate is approaching and moves towards those waiting their turn. When straps are to her liking, up she goes and settles iin to watch the others for the moment.

Gerazal just watches as the weyrlings from Xanadu start to go over to sign up. He sorta gets lost in the confusion of it all as he steps back out of the line as he's all ready signed up, "There is plenty of food." He says when he hears mention about there being a concern of the food, "NOw finding a place to sit and eat the food might be tricky, but in the nice weather who wants to be in the living cavern."

"If this is a celebration, why are we required to represent Xanadu in the games?" Innes points out, glancing at Kiena with an arched brow. It's not that she's opposed to competition, because she happens to quite enjoy it. It's just the combination of competition and Kairoikyriath which has her concerned. B'ky is given a gracious nod and a hint of a smile in acknowledgment of the fact that it's not his fault that she's stuck participating in this race. "Thanks," she offers, "I think we'll be looking for the food after this." If everyone makes it through in one piece. She's doing a fair job of keeping her own competitive instincts at bay until Mur'dah calls them wimps, and she can't quite hide the twitch of that particular dig sinking in. "Fine," she mutters after a moment. "I'll go." And so it's Innes who jumps into line behind Mur'dah.

B'ky unclips the gloves at his belt, tugging them on and glancing over to Avideth, the blue appearing almost more interested in watching the current racers than getting ready himself. "The Sable Sands," is nodded to Kera, B'ky telling her and Innes, "There are also a number of places to eat on the Boardwalk, by the docks. It's a lovely view, if you get the chance." He checks his own riding gear, absently, almost out of habit. He doesn't really need to, having already done so in the bowl. But there is a raised brow for Mur'dah's enthusiasm as well, the bluerider perhaps chuckling a little, and nodding then to Kiena, before moving to his lifemate's side to adjust those straps.

Kiena's eyes narrow when Mur'dah's parting remark is to call them wimps. Hey! Scoffing, she mutters under her breath. "… show you wimpy…" Grumble, grumble. Kera's comeback earns a crooked grin from the Weyrsecond and a dry chuckle. "Nice one. And I was kidding, Kera. There's plenty of food. Still… best of luck to you and Moncerath! Just remember — don't push yourselves too hard! This is for fun." And there's no fun in being injured! Kiena will watch as Kera heads off to meet with Moncerath, her eyes then drifting to Innes. "If you're really having doubts, you don't have to go…" Kiena begins to explain, nodding her head concerning the food. "I think we all will. And that's the spirit!" Even if it was spurred by a taunt. Kiena will follow the weyrlings and B'ky to where Ujinath restlessly waits, offering a few final well wishes of good luck as she double (and triple) checks the blue's straps. Flight jacket and gear comes next and without further lingering she'll mount up, buckle in while Ujinath settles himself into his place in the lineup.

See? It got them moving! Thus, it was effective and Mur'dah feels vindicated for his choice of words. When it's his turn to go, he and Kalsuoth kick powerfully into the sky to hover just behind the starting space. Three, two, one, and they're off, lunging forward through the air to complete the course, the dark hued brown, so awkward on the ground, nimble and swift in the sky. Twining between the spires, he loops and dips, finds a thermal, and crosses the finish line with a respectable time. Not fast enough to win, but a nice time nonetheless as the brown lands, and Mur'dah dismounts, walking back to his group with a grin. "It's fun! Go, Innes!"

Tscyleth's turn finally comes, and as the dragon crouches, his rider leans forward, keeping low, so that he's almost flat against his bond's neck. As the pair take off, muscles shifting beneath midnight hide, those striking wings snap wide, catching the air and slicing back to send them skyward at speed. A thermal is caught, for a fraction of a second before Tscy turns at a sharp angle, passing the first spire so close he almost brushes it, body whipping around in a controlled arc so tight he looks as if he's barely missed the second spire, continuing through the rest of them with equal precision. Clearly, they've been /practicing/. The final stretch to the ocean and back has them abruptly changing course, and instead of a straight flight over the ocean, Tscyleth suddenly draws in his wings and goes into a dive, probably intending to pump wings in order to fly back up to the plateau - but unfortunately, the blue /totally/ miscalculates. Either he wasn't paying attention to how low he'd end up at the end of that dive, or he was taken by surprise, because as wings swee out to make the turn back, the trailing edge clips the top of a wave and there's a startled sound from the blue, before he's having to flail awkwardly with both limbs and wings, not to be dragged into the ocean. They make it back aloft, somewhat more dripping, which costs them precious time - and for all their speed in the beginning, they don't make it back any faster than Kalsuoth or even that flashy brown that went earlier. I'srie is swearing as he unbuckles and swings down from the draps, with Tscy looks painfully embarrassed. Failure. They're just going to.. slink off somewhere now. And pretend that did not just happen.

Kera splits her time between watching the pairs that run the coarse ahead of her, and checking over her dragonmate's straps. Them being slightly wet from the Xanadu weather and being stretched a little when tightened, it's never a bad idea to triple check the hide strips. Seeing the rider that suggested places to eat getting ready to go, she sends a quick wave. "G'luck!" Though it really goes for everyone. Her gaze follows Kalsuoth brown form across the sky, squinting a bit against the glare of the sun. Moncerath's suddenly backstepping makes her notice Kairo's bulky form squeezing ahead of her and smirking to the goldling. "We'll give you a head start Nessi. Size before speed this time." After a little friendly sniping, her attention goes back to watching the dragons wing through the coarse. After a time, she starts leaning this way and that as she notes how the differant obsticales are handled. The next to go, a blue she doesn't know, has difficulty, Kera's face pales just a little as she leans forward to rub her dragonmate's neck. "I'm certain they are both alright." This more to herself than the green under her, then mutters a bit louder, hopefully Innes will hear "We just have to join in Nessi." /Not win/ is the unsaid bit. "Don't push it."

Doesn't being a future Jr. Weyrwoman somehow… exempt her from these things? Apparently not, since Innes is still perched upon Kairoikyriath at the starting line, double checking that everything is in place and she's ready to go as she watches those ahead of her run the course. Kera receives a look over her shoulder, and a rather sharp, "Don't encourage her, or I'll force you to help me tend to any injuries." And that's not just an idle threat. Their turn comes up too quickly for her liking. There's a moment of silent communication between dragon and rider (quite a severe one, judging by Innes' scowl) before the young gold unfurls her wings and takes to the sky. She's too large to wend her way through the spires with the same sharp angles as the smaller dragons, but that doesn't stop her from attempting to bank just a little too hard to curve around the second. One pale wingtip just barely misses the spire, and the queen's pace slows significantly at her rider's behest as she rounds the next. It's not until she reaches the latter part of the course that she begins to pick up speed again, pushing forward with powerful flexes of her wings as they round the last bit and come in for rather ungraceful landing. But hey! Everyone's in one piece. And Kairoikyriath absolutely meant to do exactly that. They'll make an average time, at least.

B'ky settles back to watch those who fly first, smiling at the sight of dragons in the air. There's certainly some quiet words of admiration for Kalsuoth's nimbleness, as well as Tscyleth's precision, though also some concern, especially at the end of Tscyleth's run there, and Kairoikyriath's banking a little too hard, the man releasing a breath when the goldling slows some. Avideth's own run is fairly unremarkable, the blue launching smoothly when their turn comes, and easily flying back and forth through the spires. But he is a transport dragon, so is used to careful flying, rather than outright speed, the caution so much second-nature that by the time the pair wing back to land, their time, though decent, is nowhere near winning. Or even placing, alas.

Raenth has been watching not too far away from Ista's queen but his rider has also been no where about. Odd considering, but apparently consistent badgering from his bronze who has been trilling and rumbling along with the action has finally summoned forth the Weyrleader, who walks out of the Caverns in time to see the goldling's landing. His brows raise a moment but he is silent as Raenth fills him in. He watches B'ky and Avideth go now before he speaks, but when he does it's almost to himself, or, you know, Raenth. "And give you the chance to careen spectacularly into the side of the bowl? I don' think so buddy." Grumblerumblemurblegrr…

Kiena will wait in line as pair after pair take their turn. There's a whoop for Kalsuoth and Mur'dah when they take their turn and both she and Ujinath will watch Tscyleth's attempt closely. The Xanadian Weyrsecond flinches, swearing under her breath when the blue's wing snags the water and then breathes a sigh of relief when they recover. "Shardin' close," she mutters, eyeing Ujinath who only rumbles deep and low in his chest, wings rustling and tail tip twitching. Studying, observing, calculating. Kairoikyriath's turn has Kiena calling out encouragement to Innes before they're off and when that spire is so narrowly missed, the bluerider is hissing through her teeth as she tenses up. "Shells! I've not even gone yet and I'm a wreck." she mutters under her breath. But both gold weyrling and rider survive, despite the close call. B'ky and Avideth are observed next and then Ujinath is moving into position. Kiena rolls her shoulders a bit, quickly checks her straps and smirking, thumps her blue's neck affectionately. "Just for fun, alright?" she mutters, only to be answered by a snort from Ujinath before he springs into the air with a powerful kick. Wings flare and sweep powerfully and there is no fancy flying here. He tackles the course with cold precision, cutting time where he can but gaining some of it back when he has to adjust as he weaves through those spires. Once clear, it's out over the ocean that he goes for speed, using what thermals he can find to aid him for the last stretch. Soaring back in to land, Ujinath rumbles, pleased with his attempt though he's a touch winded. What was that about not pushing? But it remains to be seen if his time will be fast enough or just average. Kiena's dismounting after giving his neck another sound thump, grinning from ear to ear. "Now that was fun!" she calls out to the others.

Mur'dah applauds and hollers for the others, and there's no denying the pride in his gaze as the Weyrlings take their turns. Kiena, too, he pays close attention to and grins when Ujinath lands. "Well done, Xanadu!" he hollers, a hand cupped to his lips. "I'm going to go find some food and drink. Anyone care to join me?" And if they do, great! If not, he'll be off on his own, mingling, and hopefully calming down a bit.

Kera may be stumped as to how her words of caution are taken as encouraging the young queen to go full steam ahead, but she simply chuckles and sends a wave to Innes. "Hardly a stretch, since I'm a healer anyway." Then it's watching the large dragon taking her turn, and seeing what could be learned from her friends example. Trying not to wince at the near grazing of the spire, Kera double checks her straps after the queen lands. When the next dragon goes, Moncerath is urged into place and Kera's goggles are settled across her face. Nodding absentmindley as the current racers are observed, she leans forward to pat her dragonmate's neck. Then it's there turn and Moncerath is leaping and climbing into the warm Istan airspace. The green's slightly large wings giving her a bit of advantage, perhaps. That is if Kera was of a mind to push it. Having already seen enough close calls for one day, the greenling cruises along and decides to just have fun. Moncerath zips through the air at quick pace during the straightways, Kera leaning forward and flattening against the green's neck. But when she comes to the spires, the green's speed reduces. Having no intention of smacking herself or any part of her dragonmate against the spires, Kera guides Mon around, giving severfal feet's distance from the formations. Her body leans this way and that with each swerve. Then she flattens down again for the straights. And then back again. Kera seems to have forgotten the 'race' part. But Moncerath was making up a little time on the long stretches. She had to have at least beat Kairo as she backwings to land with more grace than her golden clutchsibling.

Innes slides off in her dismount, landing heavily on the ground. She jumps up and down a few times, shaking her limbs and head from side to side, trying to rid herself of all the excess adrenaline that's still lingering after her run. When she feels slightly more settled, she turns to place a hand on Kairoikyriath's hide. "Good job," she offers quietly, "You didn't kill us." See? That's the ultimate success. After a moment of silent communing with her companion, Innes steps away from the gold's side to watch her fellow weyrling complete the course. She claps and shouts a congratulations as Moncerath comes in for her landing. Maybe this whole competition thing isn't so bad. Maybe.

…and V'dim still hasn't lost any of the weyrlings. He's watching… from a distance. They've got to stretch their wings eventually, right? It might as well be now.

B'ky will unbuckle and swing down from the straps once Avideth settles as the next pair take their turn, the rider giving his lifemate a rub along his snout before turning his gaze skyward again. There's more murmured appreciation for Kiena's try at the course, though the words aren't entirely audiable, likely half-speaking to his dragon rather than anyone specific. There is an even more approving look from the man at the care the green weyrling takes, B'ky moving to rejoin the Xanadu riders, and offering polite congratulations on their flights in the races. "Beautiful flying," he adds with a warm smile, "It's always lovely to see them in the air." Pale gaze following the path of the next pair, he has to agree with Kiena, "It was." It most certainly /was/ fun. Though possibly he's too cautious for Avi to ever get as speedy. There's a nod of farewell to Mur'dah, as well as a briefly raised hand to hopefully catch T'eo's attention, when he sees the man there. And it's probable that the weyrleader's sentiments are shared completely by his weyrwoman, for Nziekilth is still lounging near Raenth, watching the competition intently, but without sign of actually joining in.

T'eo watches the green from Xanadu go now, giving applause with the others when she finishes. "Seems they still breed them well down there." Raenth arches his neck proudly, being Xanadu-born after all. The Weyrleader notices B'ky and heads over that direction, nodding and greeting people as he goes. He stops by the blue's shoulder. "Steady as always." The bronzer says with a grin. "Someone forget to tell you two this was a race?" He gestures to the weyrlings. "Gonna let youngsters beat you?" Not that he can talk with the, you know, not flying. Hem hem.

"Everyone flew a good race!" Kiena adds as she nods to B'ky, grinning when he agrees with her on how much fun the races proved to be. Even with the close calls, the Xanadian Weyrsecond is calling it a successful event and competition! "Well done," she will offer as praise again to the Weyrlings and as T'eo approaches she'll greet the Istan Weyrleader with a respectful nod of her head and perhaps a bit of pride in her expression for how well the Weyrlings flew. Even if she and Ujinath are not originally from Xanadu, it's still home! "If you'll all excuse me a moment? I think I'm going to follow Mur'dah's offer and go find something to drink!" Time for a bit of relaxation! Offering a few more compliments concerning the races, Kiena will then slip away into the crowds.

Kera grins and gives Moncerath an affectionate rub along her neck before unhooking from the straps and scrambling down. Not having as far to jump down, her landing isn't as heavy as her fellow weyrling's. The competition is over, isn't it? What matter who's landing is better. Pfft. Making her way over to Innes "Nice run Kairo." She greets the young queen and turns a grin to Innes. "If you lay off the bubblies, she wouldn't have had trouble round that spire." A smirk to her friend before she sidesteps and half hides behind a brownling shield, otherwise known as Ja'ken. She's quick to point out the huge knots for Innes to remember are present. Can't hit me. Here at least. She may or may not stick her tongue out at Innes from behind Ja'ken's back. Chuckling "We better get over there and see what we need to join in next." A gestures over to Kiena and those around her and before heading that way. Funny thing though, while she was meandering her way to where Kiena was, the blue Weyrsecond has found somewhere else to be. "Oh, excuse me sirs, sorry to interupt. I thought Weyrsecond Kiena was over here." She stretches up to try seeing over taller heads around the grounds.

Innes' eyes narrow, and she growls under her breath. "Excuse me, what did you just say?" She gives Ja'ken a look, clearly informing him of exactly what's coming for him if he continues to protect Kera. "Kairoikyriath doesn't eat bubblies, and I've barely got anything on my bones." Well, that's not entirely true, but she doesn't have much in the way of extra. "Just because Moncerath is a little runt, doesn't mean there's anything wrong with Kai," she adds for extra measure. She fakes a lunge in Kera's direction, just to see if she can get the other girl to startle. But it's nothing but a feign, and instead she straightens up and acts as though nothing just happened. "I'll be right along after you, I'm just going to get Kai settled somewhere." Because they're done, right?

"Ah, it's.. not something we've often done, I'm afraid," B'ky inclines his head in greeting to his weyrleader, the man looking faintly embarrassed. Even if T'eo is joking there. There is a nod to Kiena as well, the man offering her a, "Clear skies," in farewell as he removes his gloves and clips them to his belt. "That was lovely flying," is said in regard to the Xanadu weyrlings. B'ky glances around with an, "I.. believe she went," to Ker'as question, though he seems to have trouble spotting the Xanadu weyrsecond as well, "er.. to find a drink." Thin brows lift slightly, perhaps surprised how quickly the woman managed to ninja off into the crowd. "Your dragon could, perhaps, let hers know you're looking for her," is offered helpfully, at least.

T'eo browraises watching the gold green and brown-lings. But, you know, he can pretend he didn't see it. He offers B'ky a small chuckle. "No worries, no worries. I'm sure that Raenth would have made a nice dragon shaped dent in the wall if we'd tried in any case. He's getting a bit out of shape. Zeek must like him to let him keep catching her, rate he's going." Also a joke, but Raenth huffs and gives the queen a suspicious look. He sits up on his haunches, inspecting his aging hide critically. "Oh great. Now I did it." T'eo glances up to the coppery bronze with a sigh. "I'll catch you later. Someone's having a confidence crisis…." And to is dragon, with a note of exasperation. "I was JOKING! You're NOT fat!" Which, you know, everyone gets to hear as the 'Leader strides across the bowl. "Pardon me." Being murmured here and there as he wends his way through the crowd of watchers.

Kera can't resist tossing a retort back to Innes before the girl gets out of hearing range. "I wasn't talking about Kairo silly." A teasing wink is flashed to the goldling after their little harmless exchange. They the best of friends, really they are. And no doubt every one of the weyrling's actions are being observed by the Xanadu Weyrlingmaster, who is still probably watching them and taking notes from the shadows even this second. Turning her attention back to the Istan bluerider as he tries spot Kiena among the crowd. Nodding at his suggestion. "Perhaps in a bit, after she's had time to enjoy whatever food she finds." Canting her head to look among the gather goers briefly, nodding to a few greetings, she decides to introduce herself and the brownling she was using as a shield earlier "My name's Kera, sir. Moncerath's Weyrling." Gestures towards her green dragonmate that is still flexing her wings a bit. "And this is Ja'ken, Cullenth's brownling." Said Weyrling offers a salute before excusing himself to go find food. Maybe he saw Innes coming back and is removing himself from her range.

Thin brows rise slightly at his weyrleader, B'ky perhaps wisely not commenting on Raenth's likely ability to manouver between the spires. Instead, he'll offer a polite, "Ah.. I'm certain he would have represented Ista well." And not at all as a gigantic bronze splat on the bowl wall. Ahem. Eyebrows rise rather more when T'eo suddenly departs, and a glance is given the bronze and gold on the bowl rim, B'ky perhaps, for only a moment, looking just faintly amused. Though he'll likely never admit it. There's a nodded farewell to the Istan weyrleader, B'ky quietly clearing his throat and then turning back to Kera with another nod, "Of course." At the introductions, he inclines his head to the weyrlings with a smile, "Well met, I'm B'ky, Avideth's." Ja'ken's salute is returned a little less formally, the wingleader chuckling as the brownling escapes, although he does suggest, "Be sure to let your weyrlingmaster know where you're going. I imagine he'll want to be able to find you, should he need to," or perhaps it's simply the former-weyrlingmaster in him that's speaking. "I can show you to the food tables as well, if you'd like?" is offered politely to Kera, likely remembering the weyrlings mentioning food earlier.

Kera dips her head politely to B'ky's introduction "Well met sir." Her attention slips towards her dragonmate and after a few seconds quiet clarification, she's looking to Avideth's blue form. The man's words of caution to Ja'ken is met by a salute and 'yes sir' when the brownling before he slips through the crowd. The greenling nods at the mention of food, and after a quick glance to make sure Moncerath settled down, "That would be nice. I'll probably find most of our group there anyway." Kera chuckles and follows along her gaze keeping out for an old friend she hasn't spotted yet.

"Be sure to let your weyrlingmaster know where you're going as well," is said to the greenling, as B'ky turns toward the nearest food tables on the gather grounds, steps slow so he can be easily followed through ther crowd, "I imagine he'll likely want to find you should he have more instructions today." He's perhaps assuming they're not done with the betweening lessons, though it appears the races, at least, have ended for the time being. And from the look of the various sign-up stations, likely the next event won't be for quite awhile. "When I was a weyrling, ah, turns ago at Fort, mine had a rather.. interesting tendency to turn everything into a lesson," he chuckles, though possibly, at the time, a much younger B'ky didn't quite think of it as interesting. The tables set out along the edge of Ista's gather grounds are kept stocked by drudges bringing covered trays from the kitchens, as well as accompanied by a number of food stalls nearby. The bluerider, though, is angling toward the closest table, which is set with juice and sliced fruit, with others nearby offering the usual gather fare. And some more unusual islandy foods as well.

Kera is quiet for a moment as she follows the Istan rider through the festive crowd. Smiling after a quick glance in the direction her dragonmate is, the greenling nods "Moncerath told Isobeth I'll be by the food." So that's covered for now. "And our instructions were to 'Join in the competitions.'" A hint of a shrug is given "I could get clarification on if Weyrlingmaster V'dim meant 'all' of them or not. But if I did that, I might actually /have/ to compete in every competition running today." Whose got that kind of energy? Moncerath myabe, but not Kera today. Listening to B'ky's recollection about his weyrlinghood, Kera chuckles "Ah, so it's not a unique quirk of the Xanadu way then? The ability to turn any situation into a lesson?" Considering that a moment, the weyrling perks up when she spots many glasses of juice, just waiting to be empty. Taking one in hand, she lifts in it silent salute to he who led her to the fruity oasis. "Much appreciated sir." Then a healthy portion of the glass is drained. Sending a few waves to other weyrlings scattered among the nearby tables.

There is a quiet laugh for that, B'ky nodding in understanding, "I suppose it might be somewhat much to expect," about having to compete in all the events, "Although, I imagine it may also a chance for the weyrlings to enjoy themselves. Or put to use some of the skills they've been learning." A pause, before he adds, "As long as, ah, they are careful not to overdo it, of course." Says the man whose race time was probably slower than most of the weyrlings. "I wonder if he and I had the same weyrlingmaster," brows rise at Kera's comment about the Xanadu way, "Ah, though unlikely." B'ky was Fortian born and bred - the entirely wrong side of Pern for that. "How far along are you in your lessons? Betweening is one of the most difficult, I recall," head tilting to the side as he also finds a glass of juice, chilled and with a small citrus slice in it. He'll briefly raise his own glass, nodding a, "You're welcome," moving along the table to acquire a small plate as well.

Kera tips her glass up again, a smaller sip this time. Having no idea if B'ky and V'dim had the same instructor or not, a slight shrug and some non commital sound offered. Inquiring about the progression of the training brings a smile to the weyrling. "We started between lessons a few days ago. Thankfully there haven't been any incedents." Not counting the very somber visit to 'the' cave that rattled the entire bunch whether they admit it or not. Eyeing the fruity selection of slices, the weyrling grabs a little plate and plucks a few differant things from the choices, chuckling. "It was overcast and raining when we left Xanadu. We thought we were doing more training hops." Shifting around the table, stepping out of the way, the Weyrling cast her gaze around. Hopefully keeping track of all the Xanadu flock.

B'ky nods, although the mention of incidents has a flicker of something more somber crossing gentle features, the man's gaze drawn to the weyrling training grounds across the Istan bowl. Empty now, but likely not for too long, with a clutch on the way. "Mm, it's good to hear," he will say quietly, lost in thought for perhaps a moment before the wingleader shakes his head and adds, with something of a smile, "I'm not sure how Xanadu handles flaming lessons, but if V'dim approves it, competing in or watching the flaming competitions will likely be rather interesting." He fills his own plate with sliced fruit, setting his glass down briefly to consider the multitude of island varieties set out on the tables. "Did you?" brows do rise at the news that the weyrlings had thought they were doing more training hops, B'ky chuckling a, "Hopefully it was a pleasant surprise to end up here." His tone is a little distracted however, eyes briefly unfocused before he sighs softly, glancing back over his shoulder where Avideth is settles. "Ah, if you'll excuse me. It seems I've duties to attend to," alas, the work of a wingleader never ends, another rider from Ista's transport wing already heading his way as B'ky takes his plate and glass and heads back into the crowd.

Kera nods with an agreeable smile "Aye it has, perhaps I would have dressed a bit lighter had we known." A quick fanning of her face for some semblance of cooling off and she chuckles good naturedly. As he man excuses himself, she gives a quick nod and salute. "Of coarse. G'day sir." As the Istan moves off, her attention drifts across the crowd before the weyrling finishes the fruit and juice and heads back to check on Moncerath.

The weyrlings are certainly being trained - to go between, and to sometimes expect the unexpected. Both are useful lessons. They're also learning how to navigate social dynamics and what it means to be a dragonriding representative of Xanadu Weyr. Everything - and we do mean everything - can be a lesson. In due time, Isobeth's vines will twine their way into the minds of those weyrlings and gather them together to be brought home once more, back to the cold spring rains of Xanadu Weyr. Once there, V'dim will tell them that they'll be continuing their practice with betweening over the coming days, in smaller groups led by assistant weyrlingmasters and other responsible parties. The warmth and fun of Ista can be theirs again! …if they just manage to find suitable supervision for the trip.

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