Scrubbing Bubbles

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach
With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

The blue sky is dotted with puffy clouds overhead that spottedly cast shadows upon Xanadu's landscape. Spring is definitely here now. The growing warmth is the largest indication, as is grass that seems to have sprouted overnight, and flowers that bloom within the fields. It's a beautiful day! Sometime past lunch yet too early for dinner. A perfect time to bathe dirty dragons. And while there's likely no 'designated bathing time', now seems to be a moment where most weyrlings are free, for there's more than just Kanekith in the water. Well, the bronze isn't in the water yet, but he's getting there. He and Ka'el are just arriving, Ka'el glad to be without a jacket, lugging with him a bucket of soapsand and a few scrubbing cloths draped over his shoulder. A large bronze means many rags! He heads to the shoreline, Kanekith bounding ahead to splash into the shadows, making water spray up around him. Vrrrooom!

Luraoth is in the water! And we actually do mean in the water. The gold has submerged herself, sinking down into the water until it entirely covers her. She's just another bright spot like the ones the sunlight casts on the waters… except, this one has a Soriana standing next to it, a bemused expression on her face as she lets her bucket rest against the water and float there. "…pretty deep, I'd say." Bubble burble? Little bits of air come up from underneath the surface. Soriana grins, and shakes her head, watching that gleam beneath the surface. "Probably not."

At some point Xeosoth watched several weyrlings leave the barracks and never come back! Well maybe not never but they are gone for a Long Time and that gets the blue curious. Nudging his rider awake, M'kal snorts into wakefulness, a closed book draped over his face. "huh..what? Oh..bath time. Sure." says the still sleepy rider. So it's on auto-pilot that M'kal changes into some old shorts, thrusts his feet into sandals then grabs the needed stuff for dragon washing. Stifling another yawn he trudges behind Xeosoth who's happily chattering to him about the recent lessons and things learned. Only Xeosoth could find exercises so interesting! They show up on the beach and Xeosoth is quick to head to the water. Overhead Elsie pops into existence, here to add her aid in washing!

Tahryth is there, or well running towards the beach anyway, a happy warble escaping her before she goes splashing into the water and sends it flying it all directions. The young green sinks down into the water and pops down under it for a few moments. Idrissa follows along, bucket in hand, brush in the bucket, another pail with her with some oil within it. She has on a short sleeved shirt, and cutoff jeans, and no shoes. Her gaze flicks over the ones here while she pauses next to the water and waits for Tahryth to appear, which takes a few moments.

Ahaha, he is the fastest ever! Look at him go. Look how much water is kicked up! Obviously, the bigger the splashes the faster one is going, and Kanekith makes it a point to splash and splash til the water gets too deep to do so. At that point, he turns around, making a more dignified trek back to shallower places. He's shown everyone just how amazingly fast he is. No need to overdo it and over-amaze them. (See? He does care!) Ka'el smirks and rolls his eyes at something or another that caresses his thoughts. "We know," he supplies, plunking his bucket down. He's already wearing clothes he doesn't mind being wet. Overlong shorts and a dingy looking nondescript tshirt. Noting Soriana out in the waters, he grins and lugs his bucket and things out, bare feet submerging. "Hey," he calls her way. Kanekith notes the other dragons, blue and green, arrive. « I've gone deeply in this water. Can you swim? »

Soriana looks up at the sound of splashing, and grins as she sees other dragons coming in to join them. "Heya!" she calls back to Ka'el, with a grin that lasts until she notices Idrissa coming along, at which point it grows uncertain for a moment before returning. "Hey." She waves to the other girl, and to M'kal as well, then glances back to the sunspot that is Luraoth… no, wait. That was Luraoth, for the gold's wiggled her way along the lake bottom, gliding away beneath the waves, out deeper for a moment and then… she gathers herself under the surface and leaps toward shore, arching up like a dolphin and sending spray toward the others. Sploosh!
With a hand to shield his eyes briefly M'kal looks out into the water to spy the bronze then the Gold and then Soriana is noted. Others are on the beach notes M'kal as his gaze sweeps from water to shore. Stifling a yawn he sits down to pull off his sandals somewhere a ways away from the water. The towel is folded and set upon the sandals before be starts to move towards the water. "Heya Idrissa. Ka'el….Soriana." hey hey the gangs all here. Woot! Striding into the water he goes in deep enough to dive down under.

Idrissa glances up at the voice and waves back to M'kal with a smile. "Hey M'kal, how goes?" She questions while waiting for Tahryth to come back to shore, which really.. That is going to take a while for sure! Rissa looks over towards Soriana and waves to her. "Hey." Though Ka'el is flat out ignored.

Ker-sploosh goes Luroath! Splashed, is Kanekith! The bronze's wings lift and flapflap as he rears back, startled by the sharklike attack of his gold clutchsibling. « You! » He gives his body a brisk shake « … startled Xeosoth, » he finishes, neatly folding his wings back in place. « And me, only slightly. » He can't wholly disregard the fact that he jumped, but he can downplay it! Er, quite a bit, at that. But, it seems as if Kanekith's mood is light today, for those shadows easily come out to play. His head lowers and his muzzle is swiped side ot side upon the water's sruface, splashing here, there, and eveywhere! And hopefully upon his clutchmates. Ka'el grins, pleased as he glances to his bronze buddy, though the look sober as he notes Idrissa, and does even more so as he is disregarded. But he forces (FORCES!) the feeling away, thinking of Kanekith. He can't bring him down during this once-in-a-month-time moments of play with the others. "Hey M'kal. Idrissa," he says to the both of them. "So uh … any wagers on how long it'll take to get them still enough to bathe?"

Aroo? Xeosoth is about chest deep in the water when he hears Kanekith. Immediately he denies by « I was not startled! » Indeed he missed any antics by the bronze and gold siblings as his goal was heading towards his smaller, green sibling. « Oh hi! » he splashes water towards Tahryth. M'kal, who is sometimes clueless on tensions, doesn't even notice that Idrissa skipped over Ka'el. "Hey there. It goes fine." he rubs sleep from his eyes. "Fell asleep studying the healer textbooks Leara brought me." he says with a chagrined look. Ka'el's question brings his gaze towards the water. "Eh…suppose the longer we're out here 'washing' them then the longer we don't have to do any other work inside the barracks."

« I! » Luraoth replies with bright mental bells of laughter. « I am only a small surprise. » Smaller than Kanekith, anyway, though not by much anymore. The gold laughs as Kanekith's headbutt of the water sends some of it flying toward her, and ducks her head down under the surface (so it doesn't get wet, because that's how splash wars work) before swiping her tail across the surface and sending a wave back toward him as her thoughts dance toward Xeosoth. « Were you a surprise, then? If not surprised? » Soriana smirks, and brushes a hand back through her short (and now, wet!) hair as she wanders toward the others. "Hah," she says to Ka'el. "Luraoth's already been splashing around for ages." …and shows no signs of being done with it. Playmates! Yay! …not that Sori's been rushing her overmuch, because, well, M'kal's got a point. "Oooh, yeah. Nobody from the Annex has given me more lessons yet, but I figure it's just a matter of time."

"Point," says Ka'el to M'kal. "Here's hopin' that work doesn't pile up while we're out. I nearly made it through the night last night. Just three times of wakin' up." As opposed to…? He doesn't give the comparison, but hey, they all have young dragons. They know! "I've a feelin' tonight will be the night, and I don't wish to spend it sweepin'..whatever was supposed to be swept." He lowers his hand to cup some water and bring it over his face, letting his bucket of unused soapsand float while still keeping a hold of it. His eyes shift from one to the other in response to craft talk. "You got books?" he asks with raised brows to M'kal. Lucky! Well .. not really, but yes. He's given an envious look. "I'd give anything for an hour back at the forge. I'd even be happy with the Basic Metals and their Properties book, boring as it is." Kanekith's laugh is a suave as his voice. A jazzy number played in a smoky bar. He bounds away as he's tail splashed, heading to the blue Xeosoth.

There's a pause from Xeosoth before he replies simply. « My rider says I was a surprise though I do not understand why he was so surprised. As if I would choose any other! » indeed he sounds sightly puzzled. M'kal casts a grin to Soriana. "Surely they are all waiting to pounce you all at once. Since you and Ka'el will probably have more lessons than the rest of us!" not that he's jealous of getting out of extra lessons. "It's going to be so cool though when I learn enough and I'll be able to ride along with the Search and rescue wing!" a pause. "Oh aye, got books pretty early on but only the last few days have I found time to actually open and read 'em. Trying to stay caught up with some of the others. J'myn is also studying with me too. Xeosoth ducks under the water just so he can blow air through his nostrils as hard as possible so that many bubbles rise to the surface.

Oh, yes. They know… or at least Soriana does, according to her rueful grin. "I've still got an assignment I'm supposed to do. A report." She sighs, and glances out to where Luraoth is playing, bounding through the water after Kanekith with over-exaggerated motions. « Humans distract themselves. It makes it easy to surprise them, » the gold says to Xeosoth in reply, and laughs as she jumps forward and glides through the water on inertia. Soriana smiles, watching, and then looks back to M'kal with a crooked quirk of her lips. "I'm sure I will, anyhow." To judge from her tone, she's not entirely looking forward to it, but her expression doesn't quite turn into a frown by the time she shrugs and pushes the thought aside. "Anyway, it's not like I'm not getting plenty of practical experience." All the standard maladies of a young dragon, and a course of physical therapy to go with!

Kanekith too dives beneath the water's surface, his movement suddenly reptilian. Like a crocodile, his body moves in an s-like motion before leveling out, a few eyelids closing to protect his vision. He comes to an abruupt stop near the blue, eyein those bubbles that boil the surface. « That's a funny sort of strange. » He snorts out a breath, which of course comes out as a bubble that lifts up quickly with Xeosoth's. Kanekith raises his head back up for a breath, watching the water boil amusedly. « And they are easily confused » he ads in his two cents on the matter. « And those that are easily confused are easily surprised. » "Search an' rescue?" Ka'el questions of M'kal. "That's where you're hopin' to go after this? .. Makes sense, huh. A healer takin' up post with the wing that saves lost or hurt people." A grin. "Bit of a no brainer, wasn't it?"

Xeosoth's head pops up eventually and his eyes whirl quickly with amusement at Kanekith. « The bubbles pop! » he says excitedly before unfurling both wings to push water towards Kanekith. M'kal casts a quick grin to Sori at her tone of extra lessons but he says nothing more of it. Instead he answers Ka'el with a nod. "Yeah..seems the logical place for me really to join the Search and Rescue. If they'll let me. Xeosoth here…" he glances over to the blue who wanted a bath but now seems too interested in the water and playing to bathe. "I've been told he'd be really good actually working with the dragon healers too. Helping to keep the injured dragons calm when the riders can't."

Luraoth copies the roiling sound of the bubbles, sped up and raised in pitch, as a laugh. It's… strange, more than anything. « Perhaps, » she says to Kanekith. « They are confused because they think one thing so very hard they forget to think about others. » …hey, where'd Idrissa go, anyhow? She seems to have slipped away. Soriana hasn't noticed. "I don't see why they wouldn't," she says to M'kal. "I mean, knowing healer stuff'd be good for that. And the smaller dragons are good for getting in tight places, that's bound to be useful…" She glances out at the blue in question, her gaze flitting to Luraoth briefly on the way back to M'kal. "It makes sense." She smiles, and the expression lasts just about as long as it takes for M'kal to turn away and get down to scrubbing Xeosoth for real, at which point Sori sighs.

Splashy face! Kanekith uses his wings as a shield, or at least he tries to, to fend off Xeosoth's splashed waters. If he never does get his official bath, Ka'el can at least claim that he's been rinsed. That's close enough, right? Wings spread, glistening green and bronze in the light of the sun, and then flapflapflap! to send waterdroplets back to the blue and gold before he dives beneath again. « They should learn to think many things at once. How difficult is it to divide the mind? » And to prove how undifficult it is, he lets his soar. Shapeless shadows dance to the melody of Luraoth's bubbles while thunder rolls overhead, providing a bassy feel to the jazz that plays in the distance. … Ugh, really? It's like an explosion of Stuff in Ka'el's mind, causing him to wince. "Knock it off.." he says, giving his head a shake if to physically knock away the noise. He waves to M'kal as he moves off to tend to Xeosoth, and that leaves him, Soriana, and Idr-…oh no. Not Idrissa. She slipped off so silently, and he can't help but think it's due to him. "At least one of us is getting it done," he says, glancing down to his still-full bucket, though his attention is soon back on her. "..You alright?"

Pop. The bubbles start dividing, splitting into smaller and smaller ones - each with its own sound, veering off into variants of sampling and resampling as that jazzy music plays until… well, until it's questionable whether this is a really complex polyrhythmic thing, or just plain ol' chaos. Soriana tilts her head like she's trying to hear something, then glances back to Ka'el. Wait, what'd he say? There were words, not just radio static. Oh, right. "Yeah. I'm fine." She lifts her shoulders in a shrug, and glances after M'kal, watching him for a moment before returning her gaze to Ka'el and giving him a half-smile. "Still just a weyrling. Not worrying about the rest." Lies, but maybe if Soriana says it, she'll make herself believe it for a while.

Kanekith thankfully begins to turn the volume own and one by one things begin to shut down. The thunder's rumble lessens until it's no more. A passing storm. The band has played its final note and takes five. All that's left are those shadows, whose wild dancing has toned down to a merry waltz. A dance around Talsuoth's jingling bells. A dance to her song. With her! Ka'el's glad for the less noise, and is gladder still by Kanekith's continued uplifted demeanor. He can't help but smirk his way, his bronze resurfacing now with a splash and snorted breath. A very good rinsing off, indeed. He lowers a hand, and this time it's he who splashes, swiping water towards Sori. "Nobody's ever just anything," he remarks, a smirk apparent on his lips. "Least've all you."

Shadows and the sound of bells, dancing together. Luraoth arches her neck and dives under the surface of the water, curling her body around in a corkscrew spin that alternates between graceful and floundering. No matter which, she enjoys it - just like she enjoys hanging her bells on Kanekith's dancing shadows… or was that ringing her bells to set the rhythm for his shadows to dance? Either way. One thing is certain: these dragons will be well-rinsed. Maybe eventually they'll even be scrubbed, but Soriana… well, she's busy getting splashed. "Hah," she retorts. "I suppose not." She grins, and splashes back at Ka'el. "Better stick to the short version for now, though." …now why does that seem to remind her of… oh! Stick, right. Sticky. "I saw Hotaru."

Ka'el turns his head and half of his body as Sori retaliates with a splash back, eyes squinting. "I guess.." he says, not really getting it, but not pursuing it either. At least, not at this moment when everything seems light and normal on the surface. From the weather to the dragon's antics to the disappearance of angry Idrissa. Something somewhere is giving him a break. Let's see how long it's destined to last. He half squats with his arms poised and ready to shove water her way, but his attentions are a bit derailed at the mentioning of a half forgotten name. Blink. "Ho-who?" A grins. "Hotaru? … Back here on Xanadu?" His teasing look is replaced by a genuine one of pleasant surprise. "You're kiddin' me. She's the last one I thought would come back here! How long is she up for?" Kanekith makes a warbled sound in his throat, as if to sing along with the jingling melody. Or perhaps it's more like a fanfare. Chaaaarge! Before he goes barreling towards his sister gold.

Whether Ka'el gets it or not, Soriana's smiling, so maybe it's not all that important. At least, not right now. "Hotaru," she confirms with a grin. "Being chased by a herdbeast because she stole his dinner." …more or less. "Not for long. Apparently she's going to be a vintner now? And so she came here to collect grass?" Soriana spreads her hands, because what is this she doesn't even, and grins. Luraoth spins in the water, and then… pursuit! She ducks her head, body moving sinuously as she kicks off against the bottom, surging forward as the bells increase their tempo. They're still dancing, but Luraoth's definitely leading. At least, for right now.

To collect…grass. Yes, it's registered as weirdly as it sounds, and Ka'el blinks at her, half wondering if he has momentarily gone deaf and missed the inbetween words that would've made that make a whole lot more sense. "Grass…" he echoes, a brow lifting up. "Grass…that grows…in nearly every weyr and hold?" His brows shift, switching places. The once lifted one now lowers, and the lower one rises to angle upwards. "You're sure she isn't already in the craft? Sounds to me like she drank some bottle's worth of something if she's giving you half baked reasons like that." Snicker. Collect grass. Being chasde. He snerks. "All that sounds like her, though, drunk or not. She talked to me about bein' a vinter once, an' she sounded serious about it. Good luck to her with that. … I need to get out more." He keeps missing people!

Kanekith gives chase easily. Hey, he did initiate it, and he must prove just how quick and nimble he can be for a bronze! An so the crocodile hunts, his body moving swiftly beneath the surface as his flashy sister flees! Fast. Faster. His shadows laugh and skip and spin round and round, shifting shapes. Blending together and separating again. Swelling with the increased tempo. Larger. Larger!

"…apparently this grass was different," Soriana says with a grin and another spread of her hands. What is this. She doesn't even. "I mean, it's Hotaru. How would you even tell if she was drunk?" Pause. "…I mean, unless she fell over or something." As people do, with sufficient drink in them. Or, well, more than sufficient, because it's not like people have a reason why they need to be drunk. It's just… a thing. "Yeah," Soriana says. "She seemed pretty into it. I hope it works out for her." Sori tilts her head to Ka'el, regarding him a moment… then looks away. Now she remembers to look for Idrissa… who's nowhere to be found. Hurm.

Luraoth is easy to find. She's less easy to catch. Her body undulates smoothly, but where Kanekith's is crocodilian, hers is otterish - quick motions that evoke the playful child instead of the ancient reptile. Her bells tease him, calling him on. Onward. Faster. Deeper. Swim on, oh, swim on as the waters deepen, until her body twists in the water and darts back the way she came, swimming up underneath Kanekith, almost close enough to touch bellies. Catch her if you can!

Hotaru. Ka'el can't help but grin as Soriana continues to speak of her and her antics. Could it be that he misses being called Sticky? Surely not! It was an annoying name. A stupid nickname! But one he almost…sort of…kinda? grew fond of. In a way. "She was so strange. I wonder if all people from Fort are like that. I hope she's still around. I'd like her to see Kanekith." Show him off a little? Kanekith would love that, not that he's paying much attention to the conversation between his rider and the troublesome girl he so enjoys being with. He's too busy giving chase, feeling the push and pull of the current as legs propel him faster beneath the surface. Oh, he can go faster. Just watch! He claws at the water, his body moving at quicker intervals. Is he gaining? Below them, the lake floor drops so far that it becomes unseen, and the two swim out to deep water in their play. Luraoth's acrobatic trick catches him off guard, and he stutters in his swim as she passes right below him, too slow in swiping down to try to tag her. He turns swiftly, as if pushing off an invisible wall to turn around. He's never going to give up! And this is fun. Fun that he claims he has no need for. It's making Ka'el grin despite Soriana's shifting attention and silence after. Feeling the fun his self-centered shares with his sister has his own spirits lifting, as untimely as that may be. She's given another splash, smaller than the last. "Wake up. You're thinkin' about something that's not me, aren't you?"

Luraoth darts through the water, a roving patch of sunlight chased by dappled shadows. She arches toward him for a moment as she undulates, almost teasing as she leads him in the chase. This is most certainly fun, and Luraoth is a playful creature, glad to entice her brother in this underwater dance. Back in the shallows, Soriana is far more still than her dragon, though she shares some of that amusement. "Hah. Hardly. Have you ever met the Weyrleader there? Th'ero?" She raises one brow. "Super serious. He and V'dim'd probably get along." As for Hotaru sticking around… hurm. "She might be, I dunno. She said she'd be going back to Fort, but when…" Soriana shrugs. She doesn't know! The inner (and outer) workings of Hotaru are a mystery to Sori, but perhaps the former candidate and Ka'el can find each other. Kanekith can be shown off! Hotaru can… yell at Ka'el about his recent breakup. Y'know, that one. The one with… splash. Soriana blinks, looking back to Ka'el. "Hah. Sorta." Her lips twist in a rueful expression, and she glances to make sure the other girl's actually not here anymore before talking about her behind her back. "Idrissa told me what happened."

Ok, breathing time! Kanekith lurches up and breaks the water's surface, leaping out and forward, like a dolphin sucking in air, before submerging again. Bubbles explode and then are left behind, and laughter escapes in his mind. A fast tempo. High-pitched instruments. And somewhere almost lost in the background, the trill of a violin, out of place yet fitting in perfectly. « You are fast, Luraoth! But I do not tire! » .. Ok so he's tiring a little, but he's not going to tell her that. Ka'el smirks and shakes his head at the mentioning of Th'ero. "Nah. But if that's true, Hotaru needs to find a new home. I imagined Fort folk as … folk with red or blue or green hair that find more trouble than anything else in their days." If Hotaru was a representative, what else could he think! He continues to grin til she speaks next, at which point the look somewhat dissolves from his face. Oh yeah. That. He flops down with a splash in the shallows, the water reaching up to his chest. He looks up at her. "You don't like what you heard?"

Soriana just laughs at that image of Fort. Okay, really, what she's laughing at is how little it has in common with the place she used to visit sometimes with the dragonhealers. How very, very little it has in common with that place. Luraoth's laughter is for a different reason, hand-bells playing on the harmony lines to Kanekith's music. « You do not! » she sends back to him, the sound of the bells swirling together into waveforms streaming through time. « You are fast too. » She rolls around in the water, darting up toward the surface for just long enough to inhale a quick breath through her nostrils, and then she's back down again, diving toward the distant bottom and letting out a trail of bubbles behind her as she sees just how far she can go… and just how far Kanekith can follow. It's time for a challenge, because Luraoth is tiring too, and so now's the time to make it good. Soriana tilts her head to Ka'el as he flops, then shrugs, looking out over the water. That question is too hard to answer. Too complicated. But. "I didn't say that." She frowns, ever so briefly. "She's taking it hard." Sori's quiet a moment, then looks back to Ka'el to add, "But I'm not mad at you." She smiles, somewhat less briefly.

She doesn't dislike what he did. Perhaps she doesn't wholly like it. Maybe. But she isn't opposed. Ka'el allows the little waves to hit his chest and drift around him, enjoying the sensation as he watches her, taking the frown in stride, and returning her smile with one of his one as he scooches across the sandy/rocky bottom closer to her. "I didn' think you'd be," he says, a partial lie, but he sounds confident. "I … think she sort of hates me. I don't know. I didn't think it'd be like this, but I told her I want to be her friend, if she'll have me…whenever she'll have me." He wrinkles his nose briefly. "I don't know if I could blame her if she doesn't ever want to be. From the way it's looking, she doesn't want to be." His hand shifts beneath the water, snaking towards her to touch fingertips against her leg, just above the foot. Tentative almost. Testing the waters. Kanekith is distracted enough with Luraoth now, diving deeper into the depths. Further. Further. Feeling the weight of the water above him increase. He starts to slow, though be it due to weariness or wariness may take a brush of his mind to figure out. « Will we be crushed here? » He continues to follow her, despite it all.

Deeper. Faster… no, slower. Luraoth is slowing as the water surround them, as though that weight is holding them down. Holding them slow with water resistance. Her thoughts drift to Kanekith's, with the chime of bells slowing to the vibration of gongs. « We will not. » She is confident, for all she's never been this deep - not except in shared visions that follow dream-logic instead of reality. How could they be? She is Luraoth. He is Kanekith. The water will carry them now. Someday, the air will too. Her body turns in the water, angling up to face her head toward the surface, her tail toward the bottom. Her eyes are the blue-green of these deeps as she… waits. « Fly with me? » Soriana nods slightly to that show of confidence. Absently, almost… though the next part gets more of her attention. Hate? It's an awfully strong word. And yet, Sori doesn't immediately argue with it. Instead, she bites at the inside of her lip, then nods slowly. "She… I dunno." Soriana's voice is quiet, and as Ka'el's fingers touch her leg, her eyes brush him… and then her position shifts, toes flexing against the sand as she brings her leg slightly toward him, her shorts billowed up in the water as she looks away over the lake. "Maybe she will." Someday, anyhow. "Just… give her time, I guess? I…" she trails off, then smiles ruefully. "I can't really say anything to her. Not about that, she'd just think I was taking your side." Her gaze goes to Ka'el, lips quirked. "She might even be right."

Lost in the depths of the sea. As they slow and gradually pause, Kanekith finds himself hanging in limbo. Neither coming nor going. Up is down. Down might as well be up. The motions of his body slow. The paddling of legs cease, allowing the water to move him as it will. It's Luraoth who focuses him, her voice managing to point him in the riht direction, and he shifts his paws until he's rightside up. Fly? There's a feeling of question that comes with the word. How can they, so far away from the sky and breeze? Down here, the breeze is of a differnt sort. The shifting currents. The pressing waves overhead. … Oh. Why did he not think of this himself?. Slowly, his wings unfold, resisted by the water, yet still managing to unfurl. And as he hangs there with spread wings, suspened in midwater…it is like flying, isn't i? Nothing but sky above. « Let us soar » he agrees, wings moving. Flapping in slow motions, as if moving through molasses or trudging through cement. Ka'el's touch does not fall away. With her wordless encouragement, it strengthens from fingertips to the palm of his hand that grazes up to her calf. "You don't have to talk to her about me or what happened. Remember what happened last time she thought you an' I were going behind her back." Woe and hurt feelings…and then a feline attack. Though at the last of what she says, his smirk lifts.

Luraoth's wings spread as well, hanging in the water as her mindscape shows the lake-bottom below them as an expanse of sand like the beach, the currents around them like the wind. A simile, a facsimile of flight… or at least what Luraoth imagines flight might be. Her wings are closer to even now, though the distortion of the water makes it difficult to be certain. They're not ready to fly, yet… but they want to. Slowly her wings move, flapping at the glacial pace that is all they can manage underwater. They begin to rise… though it's probably got more to do with the air in their lungs than anything their wings are doing. Swimming may feel like flying, but it's really not actually the same. Soriana nods to Ka'el. "I know," she says, and her thoughts drift for a few moments. The last time. Things being different. Hotaru, and her surprise at hearing about Ka'el and Soriana. Idrissa, and… yes, her surprise. Woe and hurt feelings. "Hey Kale?" she asks quietly, looking back to him. "What are we? I mean…" She trails off. What does she mean? Are they dating? Boyfriend/girlfriend? Weyrmates-to-be? In love without labels? She doesn't know which question to ask, or what answer she wants to hear.

Up and up they rise. To the sky! Riding the winds, soaring above those golden sands they have been confined to thus far. And above? Only sun and sky. An endless realm that is his for the taking. Theirs for the taking. All of them. Green, brown, blue, bronze, and gold. Eventually… soon. But not soon enough. For now, this will suffice. This facade of slow motion fly that brings them closer to the glistening brightness that is the surface til they break through with a splash and spray of glittered droplets. Rising, rising! Only to fall back with a splash. Ka'el is shifting nearer to Soriana, seeking more of her touch. Consoled by it. The feeling of guilt is gone when with her, and it's a welcomed relief. He finds himself beginning to lean, as if to settle against her, but he stops himself just as her question is asked. And what a question it is! His brows furrow vaguely, looking up at her in question before he rises from the waters to stand, mindless of his dripping clothing. "We're…together. .. Right?" …. "You're my girlfriend. We're… dating. . Heh. As much as we can be with all've this," he adds with a smirk, faintly hesitant. "Unless you don't want to be."

It's a mind-game guess-my-will sort of question, or at least, it could be, but Soriana's expression holds no challenge, just… a question. Together? Yeah. Soriana nods firmly to that. That part is not at all a question, apparently. At least, not to her. She reaches out, trailing her fingers along the back of Ka'el's wet shirt. "I do want." Oh, there are many things she wants, but… well. There's all this to be reckoned with, as Luraoth and Kanekith break the surface. Luraoth's golden wings briefly spread against air instead of water, glistening wetly as for a moment it seems she might launch into flight… but no. They're too young, too undeveloped, and this really is not an ideal position for takeoff, and so Luraoth crashes back against the surface and sends up another surge of spray and a wave rippling out across the lake. The crash draws Soriana's gaze. For a moment, she just stares, her hand resting against Ka'el's back… and then she laughs, and looks back to him. Quickly now, before the dragons notice. "You're my boyfriend. I'm glad. I just… wanted to be sure."

O … kay. Girls are weird. Ka'el would tell her this, but unfortunately, she's a girl. She wouldn't admit to her own weirdness, as girls are blind to it. It's only male eyes that can see this odd trait of theirs, and no amount of convincing could reveal to the female gender what is so obvious! Weirdos. But despite how absurd he thinks her line of questioning is, the assurance has been given and he is grinning again. It's one of those 'you're so odd but it's one of the many things that I like about you' looks. And what makes that look intensify? The hand on his back. Simple touches are savored now, and as her eyes drift to her playful dragon, his linger on her face. Her jawline. Her lips. Oh, the lips. Just a quick kiss. That's all he needs to steal while the dragons are occupied from their splash. Before they settle and take note of them. Both hands lift and settle on her hips in a sudden movement, fingers gripping at the fabric of those billowed shorts to pull her close. Closer. Bodies grazing. Bodies pressed. There's a sense of urgency to his touch and the way that he looks at her now, and that firm grip quickly grows hard. Just a quick peck to go with his brief meeting of bodies. That's all. But Ka'el realizes that chaste kiss would not be kept that way. 'Quick' would soon turn to lingering, the heated. And he wouldn't want to pull away. And they're on the beach and dragons are being bathed and Kanekith is regaining his bearings and Ka'el can feel himself beginning to hunger for something he cannot have and it's all seen in his eyes and.. "Shards an' shells an'..shardin' shells…." murmured gruffly before that tight grip starts to loosen and pressed bodies are given space.

Weird Soriana may be, but her smile is clear. That was the right answer - or one of them, anyhow. As Ka'el reaches for her hips, there's a moment of surprise in the widening of her eyes, but no such hesitation in her body as it comes closer. Her brain needs time to catch up, but her body knows that pressing close against Ka'el is a good thing. Her hips should lean to his. Her arm should go further around him, hand curving up along his spine. Her head should lean in closer and turn slightly to the side… and they do these things, eagerly, her mind is still lagging behind and not yet sounding the alarm… oh. There it is. Ka'el sounded it for her, the noise of cursing and the desire that - the urges of her body aside - is not something her brain will allow. She hesitates. Surely a quick kiss would… would… would lead to things that would be very difficult to stop, most of all because she really doesn't want to stop them. She knows this, and yet she still hesitates before stepping back and giving their bodies space. She inhales, a deep breath that's calming for the sea breeze and less so for the scent of Boy. It's enough to let her put together words, anyhow. "They need baths." The who is obvious. The dragons. The thing that keeps them apart even as it makes them spend so much time together. The reason that they can't… shouldn't… do this. They could. The urge is still there, the desire… but it's a desire held in check by human will, that same will that is part of why a dragon's strength seeks a human partner. This moment, when Soriana steps back, is an exercise of that will as intense as any obstacle course is for exercising the body.

All of her motions are things has missed direly. The feel of her against his chest. The sensation of fingers against his back. The lustful feel of pressed hips and warm bodies. Pulling away are difficult backwards steps, for it isn't backwards that he wants to go, but forward. Pressed tighter against one another with lips refamiliarizing themselves. Just thinking of it is keeping the heat elevated, and thus he strives to think of something…anything else. But it is so difficult to do when the object of your affection and desires is a mere foot away. He's not aware when his arms fall back to his sides or when that foot became feet, but he brings his mind back when she speaks. It's gibberish at first. Baths? What is this word she speaks of? He blinks cluelessly once, but his brain kickstarts itself after. "…Yeah. Yeah they do." he lifts a hand to rub at the back of his neck, peering at Kanekith who has wandered to more shallow waters to splash and search for spiderclaws with Luraoth. "I need…" his eyes turn back to her. "I need.." So many things he needs, and his eyes fall to her neck, the lower to her chest before a grimace turns his eyes away. History. Dates. Timelines. Facts. Nothing suggestive about any of that. Safe topics to occupy his mind with. "I need to get more sandsoap," he finally spits out. "My bucket spilled. .. Kanekith and I'll go back for some, and I'll bring him back down thataways a bit." A gesture is made down the sands. Away from where they currently are. Distance is their friend today. "I'll see you in class later."

Not that the dragons haven't been well-rinsed already, but there's the part with the scrubbing and the rinsing again and… "Yeah." It's not the things that Soriana needs that are giving her trouble. It's the ones she wants… well. And the wants in conflict with the needs, because something has to give eventually. Luraoth digs at the sand with her talons, investigating what might have been a burrow but turns out to be nothing. Her disappointment is a mild thing, to be laughed off with Kanekith as they splash along; Soriana's is a deeper one, as her gaze lingers on Ka'el. He's going to leave. She frowns, because she doesn't want that. She didn't want touching to turn into a foot away, either. Surely he can stay nearby? She'll just watch him, that's all. There's plenty to be appreciated in the sight of him watching a dragon. …sigh. And that's why he should leave. Soriana nods. "I'll wash Luraoth, then head back to the barracks. The others'll be there soon." Having people around makes it easier. There are eyes on them, and even more importantly, bodies disrupting the line of sight between them. You can still want what you can't see (or what you haven't seen in months), but at least it's easier to resist. Her lips tug sideways, emotions looking for the right words. "See you." Those aren't the right ones, but perhaps, when joined with the longing look in her eyes, they'll do… for now.

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