On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Igen Weyr- South Bowl
The orange hued sandstone layers comprising the bowl walls curve gently, but ever presently in your view. Fine sand shifts underfoot, a slightly paler version of what is found upon the walls. It gives way along the eastern edge to a section of contrasting green grass where a series of cleverly engineered pipes provide water to the fenced off area of the feeding grounds, and keeps the shimmer of the shallow lake beyond from dissapearing during the dryest periods of the turn. A distinctly squared entrance farther south is the tunnel leading out to the lands beyond. Traders and tithes arrive here at regular intervals and it is not uncommon for part of the bowl to be set up with a series of tents and wagons as wares are displayed and sold. To the west, the bowl wall has been eroded by the desert winds into strange shapes. At their base are found the weyrling barracks and training fields.

Desert fall is different from fall in other places, it doesn't come on as quickly and somedays it's impossible to tell during the height of the heat if it's even there at all. That changes in the evening hours, the cool air and winds bring a chill and as the stone of the Weyr loses heat the place feels nearly cold. There's no doubt that it's the perfect time of day, for those needing a walk or an escape outside. Over the bowl there's a sudden appearance, a dark striped green with neon wings circling in and landing gently on the far end of the sandy bowl. Sliding off her back is the brighest dressed young woman, in blazingly eye soring bright yellow pants and a cyan riding jacket that's buttoned to her neck. Removing flight goggles and storing them in a messenger bag at her hip, Evi slides down and pats Neifeth's neck before surveying her surroundings.

A light blanket pulled around Kate's shoulders serves double duty, to keep out the evening chill and be sat upon. Not pulled in tight against real cold, more draped as she leans against the young green curled up behind, and somewhat around, her. Not right up against the bowl wall, but close enough to be in middle of things either. Xinieth's tail twitches, brushing up a whirl of sand now and again. The blonde's eyes are closed which is likely the reason she doesn't notice the arrival of that familiar, foreign, green, but she's not asleep.

Neifeth takes several steps forward, turning to Evi and relaying a private message that has the womans entire attention. Scanning around, it takes her a second to spot Kate and there's a bounce of excitement the package tied onto the dragon's back unhooked easily enough. She's not the master of quiet or subtle, Evi, and as she bounds forward she maintains a distance from Kate that's respectful. Exuding an obnoxious amount of energy, the younger greenrider bends down and crooks a finger at the baby dragon, "OH you are so cute, look at // you//. Hewwo wittle dwagon, yesh, oh yesh you're so pretty. I knowz your mummy, she's my fwiend." It's a ridiculous squeaky voice, full of affection and adoration. "Shh. Be qwuiet itty bitty one, mummy is asleep." Evi isnt' that quiet, her whisper a total farce.

Xinieth lifts her head from the ground to look first towards Neifeth and then towards Evi. Yellow and light green vines of mist stretch out across calm waters towards the pair curious if nothing else about their arrival. « Kate is mine, but not my 'mummy', » the young green makes clear, using that odd word. The blonde tries, but she just can't keep a straight face through all that. "Evi, she's a dragon. Not one of your cats," she comments, a smirk finding its way to her lips. She knows that voice without having to look, though its only a moment later that she finally opens her eyes, shifting her feet as if to get up.

The secretive smile on evi's lips only brightens to a big, toothy, open mouthed gasp as she 'hears' Xinieth for the first time. Neifeth reaches forward, mind a tangle of shockingly pink vines that twist and bend, «Mine says we knew you'd be here, she's brilliant. That's why she's mine.» Self-satisfied and snotty, Nei retreats because she's not a fan of children. As Kate wakes up there's a squeak from the greenrider, "A baby is a baby, she's adorable Kate." Standing up from her squat, Evi takes a few steps towards Kate and settles down to the bowl floor, placing a 1x1 square white box down between them. "Uh, these are.. special desserts, from Xanadu." More than that, more to the story as awkwardness settles in and there's a refusal to even look at the box. NOPE. Not thinking about that. "How's Weyrlinghood? How… how is she?" Motioning towards Xinieth with another touch of delight playing across her lips.

Sorry Nei, but you might not be off the hook that easily just because you don't like the little ones. Xinieth's not about to retreat so fast, though she may leave Kate and Evi to talk between themselves for the moment. « You must have been many places, » she comments, her green mists following those vibrant vines back towards the older green. « What's your favorite. » Not so much demanding as expecting. A soft smile is turned back towards Xinieth before Kate turns her attention more towards Evi and her box. "It.. is," she decides on her answer for weyrlinghood. The lack of sleep that comes with those first few months showing. "Still getting used to it all, and her. She's amazing." That's the only way she can put it into words, but she's in love. That's for certain. "How are you?"

Unable to escape the little green, Neifeth slithers forward so that she can be near Evi. Arriving in the impromptu circle chat, Nei lays all the way down and offers a striped cyan leg to her rider. Graciously Evi bounces up, "Do not mind if I do Neinei, thank you." Leaning forward and kissing her mount on the nose, before brushing off the sand and perching on the offered limb. Only after all of this is Xinieth acknowledged, a cloud of green leaves giving way to a flourescent purple sky with cotton candy clouds of orange floating about. «Well, Obviously.» A pause, the scene changes a few times before there's a picture provided of a beach, a quiet island off the coast near half-moon covered in palm trees with a large water fall, the sand black and volcanic and blue flowers with yellow centers coat the entire rock face as if a thousand animals were staring at you. The island itself staring deep into the soul. «There. It's very exclusive.» She's doing her best to be polite, and for Nei this might be the best it gets. Listening into the conversation, Evi's eye glaze over before coming back to the human side "Nei um, had a an accident… Cut up her foot, needed stitches or we'd of been here sooner." Neifeth raises the back leg and rotates it to show a healing gray scar that's about a foot long. Staring at the box again, there's a tiny frown and a roll up of the eyes showing exasperation. "The desserts are for you, I can't eat them." Frowning again at the box, as if it's bugging her personally. "How's oddisa doing? Do you two need um, anything? I could bring you stuff or help if you can think of anything.

Xinieth doesn't seem to mind the terseness of the older green. Excitement in ripples that roll Neifeth's direction for that picture shared. « They say I'm too little to fly, but when I can you'll take us there. » Partly question, more certainty that it will happen. Kate giggles, a nod following more solemnly for the information of Nei's accident. "That's what Oddisa said, glad she's doing better though." A glance is send towards the box and then back towards the younger girl. "You can't?" she questions, a slender brow arching in look that says there must be more to that comment. "Good far as I can tell, I mean they're all a little of a handful." Baby dragons being what they are. "No," she adds with a shake of her head, "Not that I can thinking. Might as Oddisa though." If Evi's cousin wants anything she couldn't say one way or the other. « She's happy you brought Evi. » Kate might not say it, Xinieth will.

Reaching forward with the lightest of taps, twirling the leaves around and changing the colors to suit her, blue? No yellow? NOPE. Green? To normal. Pink? Overdone. With a twist, the leaves turn to stars and float upward as if suddenly gravity doesn't exist. «Maybe, you will have to join my club.» When did she get permission to start a club? Evi is aware of Neifeth, but ignoring the chattering to focus on Kate, the box getting a second sad look. "The pastries were made by V'ayn, him and N'on broke up. I told him we can't be friends, um because obviously I can't go be friends with N'on's exweyrmate. That's a rule isn't it, I know N'on better and I only know V'ayn because of N'on so I can't possibly go off and be friends with V'ayn. Friends aren't friends with friends Exes. It's a rule." Babbling fast there's a deep sigh and then a hmm, contemplating Kate's comment "Some babies are a bit more of a handful, have you developed a bad klah drinking habit yet? Took me half a turn to break through mine, was up to 8 cups a day before the end. Are your clothes holding up? Mine were a mess but.. Nei wasn't a normal baby." Neifeth decided to interject, a snort for her riders comment and a tang of peppermint that's too cold, «I was extraordinary well ahead of the others.» Tangles of vines return, capturing the floating leaves and impaling them in a violent way «Mine enjoys yours company, do you know the blonde one? Short, cocky, smells like food?» Or runners, but runners are food to Nei.

Who needs permission to start a club? Especially if Neifeth is going to let Xinieth join. « Do you like the lake? I like the lake. It's my favoritest place. » Its also the furthest she's ventured from the weyrling barracks, but that's beside the point really. "Why not?" Kate asks of not being friends with a friend's ex. Then again she never exactly had those sorts of friends. "If you can not like someone your friend is with why can't you like someone they're not?" A shake of her head follows for the klah habit, then again she rarely drank the stuff before weyrlinghood either. The question of clothes brings a glance down towards her current attire which may not have taken as much wear and tear as some of Evi or F'yr's clothing during their weyrlinghood has been with her for several turns now. "They're alright." It takes Xinieth a moment to put the description together with her golden sister's partner, but when she does the musical pattern that washes towards Neifeth is reminiscent of a giggle. « Yes, we know her. »

"I'd be upset if say… I was with a boy, and then you became friends with that boy after we broke up." Evi states, sliding off her perch to open the box and reveal an extremely elaborate dessert. "He.. um, made these. For me, they're based on something Neifeth showed his dragon." Inside are six hand-sized spheres, each one covered in different colors of sugary whisps to make them look like small fur balls. "Inside is peach, they're vanilla cake and.. sugar. Um, there's plenty of them if you want to share. Odi likes sweets." Eyes go to kate's outfit, it's impossible to take being pitied by Evi seriously, but the girl frowns deeply in what could be a mock sadness. "New clothes could be a thing. May I measure you?" Reaching into her messenger bag, a measuring tape is pulled out, "I owe you an impression present." Waiting for permission, Evi runs the tape through her hands, while Neifeth sends the music back to Xinieth in a shower of rain that's neon green, the sound creating tweets as if drops were tiny avians being thrown from her mental sky. «Lakes? Ew. I prefer rivers, oceans, my hide demands moving water.» Splashh the green rain all coalesces into a stream that tickles the mind and flows over it leaving a tingling sensation, «If you're joining my club then you can come to see my river.» It's not actually hers but let us not tell her.

Kate won't tell Evi that that has totally happened before, or that once she may have been part of the reason behind a breakup. Then again she's never been much for sharing stories. That's not to say that Xinieth won't share with Neifeth though. « Humans like others that their friends don't all the time. » But further discussion of water distracts. « We only have the lake, » Xinieth replies of Igen, slightly disappointed by the thought. « And sand. Lots of sand. » Snorting to send of puff of the stuff into the air as if to demonstrate. « But Kate has shown me oceans. I can't wait to see them too. » With her own eyes. « You have your own river? » Color her impressed! "If you don't want them I'll share them with the other weyrlings," Kate assures of the pastries. "I'm sure they'll love them. But if he made them for you…" There's more to that story isn't there? As for her clothes they get another glance before sea green eyes lift to Evi once again. "I can find something in the stores if I need to." If she can find time to get to the stores and look that is. "You don't owe me anything."

«I live near an ocean as well, it's alright when the poors aren't around.» The sand in the air is puffed back up, kept up in the air for several moments as a source of mild amusement before Neifeth opens her maw with a giant toothy yawn. Grabbing onto the sand mentally she turns it into a river of sand, rolling and tumbling forward as if it's water yet every grain is a different rainbow color. «Humans are boring and simplistic, do you have any fun yet? We burned down an entire building I'm told, you could do that.» Giving advice is obviously Nei's strongest trait. Evi eyes the desserts, grabbing one up and sitting down again on the ground, fidgety as usual but then, that's her normal. Planting herself down the dessert is slowly bitten into with eyes closing in excess pleasure as the sweet and tartness hit her tongue. "Uh, I might take one home with me, make sure Odi eats one because Zoniya has been all over me to remember to say that." Staring up in faux patience, both shoulders venturing up to ears. "I'll think of something to get you." Never fear, she will it's as much a threat as a promise. "Tell me, about your girl! Oddisa's not sent a single letter since the hatching, I am dying for news."

"You know," Kate points out, "Its not like you were becoming friends with him after they broke up. You're already friends. I don't know, but I don't think N'on would want you to give up a friend just because they aren't together." That could just be her thoughts on the matter though. « I like swimming, and baths. » Those are fun Neifeth! Don't knock it, Xinieth only has so many experiences in the short time since her hatching. Bright and playful her voice is always, a not quite echo of Kate own. « And we're practicing flying. » Wing stretches, that's what she means. Kate laughs and nods, "Sure," she'll try to make sure Oddisa gets one anyway. "But you really don't need to get me anything." She wasn't expecting anything by any means. Which reminds her, "I did get you a graduation present," which she never did get around to getting to her. As for Xinieth, the conversation turning back to her finds Kate reaching out a hand to rest against her ever damp appearing hide. "Don't know that anyone's had a chance to write." Or maybe some of the others have and she hasn't noticed, which is very possible as well. What's she like though, is hard to put into words. "Playful. Hasn't managed to get into too much trouble. If you don't count pulling over the water barrel…"

Pursing her lips and raising both brows, heavily skeptical of the whole thing. "I well um, ask N'on if it's alright." A happy middle ground place, though her other ideas were all revenge related and probably not that kind given who her lifemate is. Neifeth wriggles her tail towards Xinieth's butt, lightly raising the whip like forked end and poking the young green. «Flying is far better than bathing, does yours do a good job? You can tell me if she does not.» Any juicy gossip, or fact against a person is welcome to Nei's 'ears' as the sand swirls around in colorful moats that twist and bend into impossible clouds made of rainbow sand, the clouds floating through a mind that's suddenly peach colored and upside down as the sand clouds are stepping stones. «Evi enjoys yours, she's pleased.» The only hint that Nei, in her eternal bitchiness is also pleased. Evi cocks her head to one side, "I knew you'd find a lifemate… Well, alright I didn't but proddy me did. Maybe I've got a gift!" Yes maybe she's a proddy psychic, predicting the future every six months. The idea brings a cheerful smile to her face, on hand going over her mouth. "Well, if you got me something then I can make you clothes. You're a weyrling, you're gonna be dead poor by the end and oil stains are IMPOSSIBLE." A hand is reached out slowly, as if Xinieth might sniff it like a cat. "Best color too." NOT THAT SHE'S BIASED.

"Ask him then," Kate replies with a shrug. Whatever decision is made will have to be Evi's in the end. « I haven't learned to fly yet. » Xinieth reminds Neifeth, flicking her own tail back at the other green's. « Maybe it is. » For now though, she likes baths. « She does. » The blonde almost rolls her eyes at Evi, but doesn't quite complete the action. "You made a lucky guess," is said with a friendly smile. She'll give her that much, but psychic. No. "I'll manage." Poor by the end, or now? But maybe they can compromise, "Maybe after I can get you to do some alterations for me instead?" « Yours doesn't know how lucky she is. » Xinieth turns mental sands to raindrops that are flicked at Neifeth with that amused melody filtering through.

Neifeth ADORES it when Xinieth plays along with her mental games, stealing the rain drops and making them impossibly large and white as ice, grounding them into cold wet powder high above them that scatters and floats around as if in a blizzard that somehow reflects color as if it were a rainstorm, rainbows appearing to burst through each flake. «Slow learners happen in every clutch.» Entirely tongue in cheek, though she skirts her tail back and forth with flicks that are feline. «She is the luckiest, she has me after all.» Like, Duh. Evi slyly allows her lips to widen, every bit the cat that ate the canary over her newfound POWER. "If you say so Kate, next proddy cycle I'm going to track." BECAUSE MARKS ARE WAITING. "Give me anything and everything you need altered, I've got to find Oddisa too as I know she needs her hair braided and her laundry done." Sticking her tongue out at the thought of doing Odi's laundry, she sighs deeply. "If you can bring me your items, I need to finish my deliveries and several of the holds aren't easy finds." Meaning she doesn't have images of them, she goes to places she knows and 'finds' the smaller, less known cotholds. "Don't tell Odi but, I sorta wish one of the greens had picked her. She's going to hold being a goldrider over my head forever. " Huffing while crossing her arms in dramatic defeat. "I'd not wish that much oiling on even my worst enemies. You think she'd beat me up if I gave her a footstool as an impression gift?"

Xinieth huffs, her music changing with her mood. Slow learners indeed. « Kate has me. » Equally, if not more, important as Evi having Neifeth. Being her's of course she puts more importance there, not to mention that she's still young. "Whatever Evi," Kate isn't going for it, but if Evi wants to try and prove it who's she to stop her? "Nothing now," she adds for the items she might ask for help with someday. "But give us a minute and I can get your present?" If she can wait a few minutes more before being back on her rounds. Even as the question is posed Kate is moving to her feet to head towards the barracks with Xinieth close on her heals. "At least you aren't the one telling your dragon 'woah'," she tosses back giving Evi perhaps some small ammunition against her cousin.

«Mine is extra pleased at your arrival, you're exactly what we ordered up.» As Xinieth rises up Evi watches the two with another gleeful smile, totally stoked at the beautiful dragon's arrival. "She's so cute, Kate. We can wait right here, if Odi isn't awake or free inside, it's uh, ok we'll be back soon enough." Nothing in Igen stores, outside of actual childrens clothing is going to fit Oddisa properly. Not having clean clothing is a BIG problem for an itty bitty weyrling goldrider, but it's not Evi's problem. Thus it can wait. As they disappear inside Evi calls, "Well um, does it work? Are you saying my favorite cousin chases a gold dragon around yelling Woah?" Snickering with one hand coming to her face, amusement reddening the cheeks.

"Right back," Kate assures, refraining from comment on how 'cute' her lifemate is. Finding something in the stores that will fit well might not be a problem for only one of Igen's current weyrling class though. "Not at all," added as she flashes a grin back towards Evi before both she and Xinieth disappear into the barracks for a minute or two. It doesn't take long for her to return, Xinieth lingering close as ever, moving with a grace rarely seen in one so young. "Here," Kate says, handing over a small pouch, "Not much, but I thought you'd like them." Inside she'll find a handful of shell buttons.

Neifeth scoots back further, Evi dusting herself off and watching Nei who is wiggling the sand out of her crevices in disgust. EW. The red tinge to her eyes shows the displeasure at her current state, and you can nearly hear her complaints by the way her head wags back and forth with distress. Such a pansy. Taking the pouch, it's opened up with a pop of the lips as her eyes dance, "These are perfect I have the perfect shirt for them. Oh kate, thank you. I'll pick up two stools." Teasing slightly and leaning in to hug her friend, before thinking better with a tiny hop back, hands clasped in front of her. WOOPS. Weyrlings. "Expect your stuff back within a seven." Packing things up and scrunching up her nose at Xinieth. Placing the bag in her larger messenger bag, before securing it to herself with snaps on her outfit for extra measure. "I do have to get going, I wish we had longer." Fretting slightly at her own busy schedule, as trying to be in more than one place at once is not impossible but highly against the rules. "Have Xinieth call on Nei anytime she needs." With that Evi climbs onto Neifeth, the pair departing into the sky in a whirl of sand. Welcome to the Club Kate.

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