Keeping Things Light

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
A long and roughly oblong cavern, about a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.

Too much time has been spent studying and Ka'el is starting to dream the words of Pern's history. Which, given what he could be dreaming about, is not so bad. But he knows an overworked brain when he feels one, as does Kanekith, and so the two of them have taken a while to try their hand at the obstacle course. With things warming up, it's not as dreary as before! And after quite a few failed attempts at one obstacle but noted success at another, the two went for a jog to keep the head clear and prevent thoughts from roaming. Along the winding coastal road. Through the meadow, backtracking to the long stretch of beach, and finally back to home base. Panting and sweaty, weyrling and dragon enter the barracks and Ka'el heads straight for the towels.

Mur'dah has been working Kalsuoth through his stretches in the empty barracks, and he looks up slightly when Ka'el and Kanekith enter. "Hey," he offers, eyes following his friend's progress as he pauses in pulling on Kalsuoth's leg, letting the brown rest for a moment. « You have traveled far? » the dark brown asks hopefully.

Ka'el pulls a towel, though instead of using it on his own glistening face, he begins to rub it down Kanekith's hide. "Hey," is answered to Mur'dah, looking over to him as he wipes down his dragon. Stretches? He takes note though doesn't comment, knowing the tenderness of the subject. "S'a good day to try out the obstacle course again," he mentions as he moves 'round to the other side of Kanekith. "Things aren't half frozen for once. Can get a good grip on the climbing bits." Kanekith seems pleased with the attention he's receiving, and a warmth rises in his chest. « Not far enough » is answered to Kalsuoth. « We traveled past a sea of emerging grass, down to water again where many people looked and watched. I wished to go further, but here we are instead. »

Mur'dah nods, "Yeah? We might do it then, thanks. Ahh, that's good." Then he reaches down to start flexing his brown's limb again. « How far did you wish to go? » Kalsuoth queries, turning his head down to watch his rider for a moment. His mind is a forest, and within the branches flutter the dark winged bird.

« Beyond » answers Kanekith. « Beyond what lies in his mind. Beyond what he has already known. I wish to go beyond that and further with him. To find what neither of us have seen. » His hunger is for adventure, and thinking of it excites him enough to allow his muzzle to part and a sound to lift from his throat. A brief, shrill call to sound his emotion. Ka'el pauses, looking up at his rapidly growing bronze, probing his mind, and only smirking after. The look is short-lived though, fading mere moments after it is made. "Good luck if you go," Ka'el offers Mur'dah. "I hear if we don' get through it all before the end've spring, the ones who fail will be V'dim's personal servants til graduation."

Kalsuoth has the same longing. « Beyond, » he agrees quietly. « We will. You with him, and me with mine. We will explore all that can be explored. » "Thanks," Mur'dah says, and then he blinks. "For real?" he asks, a bit alarmed before he snorts. "That can't be true." Pulling a bit more, Kalsuoth shifts uneasily, his mind focused on his inner struggle before it eases. "So…" Mur'dah says, deciding to take advantage of the empty (for the moment!) barracks. "You and Idrissa…?"

"S'what I heard," says Ka'el, brows lifting. "At least, that's what someone heard happened a few turns back to another weyrling class. Between you an' me … I'm not takin' any chances. We're gettin' through that thing." He can only imagine what a servant to dear ol' V'dim would have to do! He smirks a bit, vaguely while rubbing at Kanekith's hindleg. Then there's the question, to which he faintly wrinkles his nose, eyes not on the other weyrling. "What about?" No need for Ka'el to jump to assumptions, eh? Though likely, with these close quarters, it isn't as if too many secrets could be kept for long. Kanekith's head lowers and turns, peering to his lifemate. « We shall, for this place has too many things difficult to comprehend. »

Mur'dah nods his head, distracted for a moment with the stretching. "We'll get through it too," he murmurs, though he doesn't sound all that confident, despite Kalsuoth's rumble of reassurance. "Well, seems like…something's gone wrong between you two." Assumptions, no, but it's hard to hide things in the barracks. « What do you mean? »

« These things I do not have the words for » Kanekith says in answer ot his brother, not elaborating, or perhaps not able to. Eyes stay on Ka'el even as the weyrling moves off to get another, drier towel, depositing the soiled one with the rest of the weyrling laundry. "S'one way to put it, I guess," he replies to the brownrider, pulling another one from the rack to drape over his shoulders. He pauses near the brown and his rider, watching the younger boy with a difficult to read expression. Guarded. "She's upset. We … I," he corrects, "broke up with her." His mouth shifts into a brief frown. "I don' like the phrase, but I suppose that's what it is."

Kalsuoth tilts his head a bit, trying to figure out what the bronze means. « Show me? » he asks, wings rustling in the dark trees. Mur'dah keeps his eyes on Kalsuoth's flexing leg, except for a brief glance up to his clutchmate. "Oh," he says, looking a little surprised. "Why?" But he focuses on the flexing, not wanting to make Ka'el uncomfortable. Any more uncomfortable.

"Don't." The word is soft, yet still somehow sharp, though not directed at Mur'dah. His eyes have swept to Kanekith, who already had begun paging through those things he's filed away for closer examination. Memories he doesn't quite understand. Memories before himself. Events currently. Hot closeness. Cold distance. It all fades with Ka'el's words, locked back in a closed box and pushed out of view. Ka'el's eyes close briefly, and when they open again they're already turned to Mur'dah. "I don't want to get into it. We just aren't."

Mur'dah freezes for a moment, frowning until he realizes that word wasn't directed at him. Back to Kalsuoth's leg, the teen is quiet until Ka'el elaborates…or not. "Alright," he says quietly, but respecting his friend's request. "So how far did you get in the course?"

"Got past the rope swing. an' ladder," Ka'el says, glad to switch topics to one that's much easier to comment on. "Next up was the rock wall. That one's tricky. You've to look up /and/ down to find the footholds and grabs, and things got a little .. ah, more than a little turned around in my head. At one point I was reachin' out for thin air. How embarrassing! Kanekith seems to think so too, for the recollection has him turning his head away from everyone. Nothing to see here, folks! "You?"

Mur'dah nods, grinning a bit. "We've passed the rock wall. Been climbing all over this weyr my whole life, so that part wasn't too hard."

"It's the doing it through someone else's eyes that gets me," Ka'el remarks before rubbing that towel over his face, finally. "Ah, this wasn't smart. Should've stopped by the baths first…" he says with a light wrinkle of his nose. Ah well. The barracks can hope that he does do that before Ka'el turns into Stinky Ka'el. But his comment does spark something. "Hey. .. I don't remember. Did you ever answer the question you asked us before? About what you're wanting to do after this? To stay or go?"

Mur'dah nods slightly, with a crooked smile. "Seems like sometimes I can't get /out/ of his eyes, so…it's worked out fine in that regard." And then he blinks, a little surprised. "Here? After graduation? I'm staying here. Can you imagine what Mom'd do if I left? Again?" He grimaces at the very thought. "She'd lose it."

Ka'el thinks about that for a second. "She might. Or she might not. This time, you'd make the choice yourself, so it'd be different, I think, than what happened before. I think she'd be sad yeah. All mothers get that way when their kids leave. Mine did, even if she tried hidin' it from everyone. Even with Kei'lan…" He trails there, brows furrowing vaguely. "And Marel?"

Mur'dah shakes his head. "Couldn't leave Marel. We'd have to go together, or stay. But I do like it here. Not like I'm /just/ staying for them. This is my home." Patting Kalsuoth's leg, he pushes to his feet with a groan, and rubs his own thighs. "Getting hard to crouch down like that for so long," he mutters. "Kei'lan? Your brother, right?"

"Is it like that with bein' twins? Wanting to be together everywhere?" Ka'el questions, seemingly genuinely curious. He settles down onto Kanekith's couch, joined soon by Kanekith himself, both weary from exercise. Too bad they have lessons left to sit through! "It isn't like that for my brothers and me. I mean .. obviously. They're not here an' I am. It was hard leavin' home, I guess, but … it isn't anymore." He nods to him. "Yeah, Kei'lan's my brother. The only other rider in the family. It wasn't … good when he impressed. Ma wasn't happy. She doesn't entirely approve of dragons or weyr life.." He smirks, shaking his head. "Heh. She doesn't improve at all."

Mur'dah shrugs. "Some twins are close. Some aren't. Just like normal siblings. She and I are close. Especially after being /there/, just us…" He settles on the edge of his couch, chin resting in cupped hands, elbows on his knees as Kalsuoth begins to hobble around, moving up and down the aisle with slow, measured steps as he tries to train his muscles to work properly instead of their usual wobble. "Why'd you leave home in the first place?" Then he frowns, shaking his head. "That's not fair. Was she here for the hatching?"

Both Ka'el and Kanekith watch Kalsuoth, Ka'el for the first time paying close attention to the way his legs and feet move. Huh. He does not comment though, and his eyes move back to the weyrling while Kanekith continues to study his sibling. « It is odd to have the need to practice that which comes easily to others. » He could have said it in a snarky tone. Teasing. But he doesn't. The words are merely stated. "Apprenticing," Ka'el answers. "I asked to come. Begged is more like it Farmcraft is big at home. There were some smiths, but nothin' like the ones here, and the ones here are nothin' like the ones at Telgar," he grins. "But ma wouldn't let me go so far. I was … thirteen then. Maybe just fourteen." A smirk follows, bitter. "Trust me. No one would want my ma at any hatching. She nearly had a fit when she met Alloy on my turnday some turns back. She hasn't any way of knowing I've impressed. Far as she knows, I'm still here learning the craft. It's better that way. Til graduation, at least."

Kalsuoth snorts. « Tell me about it, » he says, humor flickering with lightning flashes in his mind. « But mine insists, so…I do it. » It doesn't seem to bother /him/ at all. It's Mur'dah's desire for him to be /normal/ that keeps the brown practicing. Because Kalsuoth knows it hurts his rider to not have a dragon that is perfect. Mur'dah is listening to Ka'el though, pointedly ignoring his dragon's practice. "Ugh," he says with a griamce, sympathetic. "That…really sucks. And your dad?" Then he snorts. "She should be proud. You've got an incredible bronze."

Ka'el tilts his head back to get an upside down view of Kanekith, grinning lopsidedly. "Yeah. Everything that he is, I wouldn't change him at all." He lifts up an arm, and the palm of his hand is touched by a copper muzzle. "She wouldn't see it that way. She won't even see Kei'lan anymore." His expression sobers, and his shifting mood draws the bronze's attention from his clutchmate to solely settle on Ka'el. "You're lucky your ma's a goldrider. Double so that she's a weyrwoman. Soriana says it's hard because her ma's so busy, but .. at least she knows that her mother wants to see her." He waves a hand dismissively. "My dad? Ha. Da doesn't care either way. As long as I'm no pansy arse who sleeps around with men and knows how to hold my liquor, I'm alright with him." A smirk.

Mur'dah nods a little bit, frown deepening. "Yeah, I am lucky," he murmurs. Then he snorts, looking away as a fleeting expression of pain crosses his features. Kalsuoth stops and swings his narrow head around to look back at him, but Mur'dah waves a hand and the brown keeps going. "Kind of like my dad too. Though he's so drunk these days I don't even know how he feels about anything any more. Sucks. If I ever have kids I'm going to be a way better father."

"I think bein' a dragon rider warrants you havin' at least one in your lifetime," Ka'el remarks. "Even if you aren't aware of it." A pause, then. "Congratulations," he jokes with a half smirk that fades after a while. D'had. "Yeah … Suppose I'm lucky there. Not so much with ma, but with da. He just wants us all to be useful. Havin' a craft and dragon? I can't see how much more useful anyone could get." He settle back, leaning against Kanekith now, giving mental assurances. Yes, he's alright. "Let's get dinner together later. After our lesson." And after a nap, which he seems to be slipping towards.

Mur'dah snorts, "Yeah, well, I'm sure you'll have more than me, big, sexy bronzerider and all that. So…I'll get you a box of diapers or something." Then he quiets, and just shrugs. "Wanted to be just like him my whole life. Not…not anymore." He leans back against the couch, hands braced, and grins. "Sounds like a plan. You should go shower though, before the whole place starts to reek." Light hearted topics are way better than serious ones.

"Shards. Keep'm for yourself and your brownridin' spawn. I'll resist." Such a noble notion! But poor Ka'el really has no idea what he's in for in the coming turns. He begins to grin a bit, and it even stays in place this time despite the talk of his father. "Hey, at least you know the truth about it all, and you've made a choice. Some might figure, 'hey he did it, that means I've got a right to' or 'I can't help it if I do', y'know?" Fingers are idly scratched against his head, but at the comment of smelling, he pauses then takes a whiff. "Am I rank already?" Sigh! He knew it. "Well then, I'll spare everyone their noses." He rises from the couch now, slipping off of it, with Kanekith soon doing the same. No dragon left behind! "Dinner," he reminds. "I'll be sure to wear somethin' revealing, since you think I'm so sexy." He broadly grins now before starting off for the baths.

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