Of Booze and Boys

Xanadu Weyr - Feeding Grounds
A large portion of the eastern edge of the meadow has been fenced off, the corralling on three sides is located on the rolling meadow, while the fourth is located a short way up on the eastern hills. Within the large corral are a variety of beasts - ovines, bovines, and wherries - milling around, though the appearance of a dragon may send them one way or the other to try and escape. A small pond is set near one corner of the enclosure, and at times it reflects the low, bordering mountains.
Just at the forest's edge set under the tree line is a guest weyr for use in mating flights, a simple cottage made of weathered planking and grey stones.

There is a slight bit of rain that meets anyone who may venture outside today. If one of them has a young dragon then they can expect to get wet. Idrissa and Tahryth went for a walk, and more then anything was to keep the young beastcrafter from linger to long at the barracks. Tahryth is sniffing along the edge of the fence that keeps the herdbeasts contained, the young green shifts and wiggles on her paws very interested in all the scents she is getting from the other side but so far she seems content to stay on the side where the animals are not to be found. Rissa is leaning back against a fence post, watching the herdbeasts as her mind wanders, mostly following after Tahryth's thoughts and working on answering questions as best she can.

It's only a little bit of rain, after all. And, well, it's rain, not snow. Finally! So, Soriana hardly even minds it. She's just wearing a jacket while she and Luraoth are taking a walk, the golden dragon's wings spread to flap slowly against the raindrops. « Even in the rain? » Luraoth asks, and Soriana brushes her fingers along the dragon's neck and laughs. "Sure. It's not like that changes anything, just because there's clouds in the way… for now." Luraoth bobs her head, and then lifts it as she catches the sound of Tahryth, reaching out with a jingle of bells. « Hello! »

Idrissa lifts her head slightly as she catches the movement of others, though she doesn't actually look over to where Soriana and Luraoth happen to be. She closes her eyes and lets her chin settle back against her arm, which stays folded upon the fence. Tahryth warbles out as her attention turns to that of her sibling and the other rider. « Hello hello!! » The green offers before bouncing forward towards the pair with a wiggle of her wings. « Lovely day isn't it? » To the green whom seems to like water this shouldn't be a surprise.

Luraoth flaps her wings to send a spray of water toward Tahryth… or at least that's the idea, it doesn't actually work like that because there's not enough water. Her mental image is clearer, silvery bells swirling into drops of water that sparkle in the sunlight. « It is. Now I have seen rain! » Soriana smiles and gives a nod of greeting to Tahryth before her gaze slides back to Idrissa and… hurm. Sori frowns, patting at Luraoth's shoulder before slipping past Tahryth to lean against the fence next to Idrissa. "Hey."

Tahryth warbles out while she shifts on her paws, there is a 'splash' of water towards her but that is about it. « What was you trying to do? » This questioned with an unsure tone and tilt of her head while she croons. Her wings flicks and shake a few times which sends a few drops of water here and here. « It is nice! Like falling sea Well sorta How are you and yours? » Idrissa lets her gaze stay on the herd, watching them a few moments more. "Hey." Someone doesn't seem very talkative it seems.

« The rain falls down regardless, » Luraoth says. « No matter what. It still falls down. » She repeats the flutter of her wings, watching the raindrops as they are disrupted in their fall… but still encounter the ground. Eventually. « The sea from the sky. » She laughs with a quiver of bells. « We are good. How are you and yours? » Soriana takes a moment to watch Idrissa. Hmmm. Something doesn't seem right here, and she frowns thoughtfully, a wrinkle starting between her eyebrows. "So…."

Idrissa doesn't glance over to Soriana, she's trying not to think about something though at the moment it is rather hard. "So indeed." What is there to say? She isn't to sure at the moment while her eyes close. The weather at Xanadu at the moment is spring, and there is a slight rain falling making it just wet enough to cause some mud to start forming but that is about it. Tahryth warbles out and tilts her head, a grin seems to be seen as her tail lashes slowly. « True, though it is not salty like the sea. I wonder where this water comes from? » At the question about her rider she glances towards the pair of girls, a soft unsure warble escapes her. « Mine is sad. She hurts and I can't understand fully why. She's tried to explain it but it doesn't make much sense. »

See, Soriana was hoping that maybe Idrissa would explain something, because she's not really clear what's going on here, other than that Idrissa has been kind of quiet(er than usual) lately. No such luck. She stays there watching for a few moments. Luraoth sends agreement to Tahryth. « When we fly, we will look for where. » Her wings stretch out for a moment, then fold in against her back. The gold tilts her head to Tahryth. « Sad? » Luraoth looks to Idrissa. « Why is that? » Soriana… continues to look at Idrissa, even once Luraoth has returned her attention to Tahryth. Maybe she could do some kind of subtle and cautious feeling out… or, uh, "What happened?" Blunt is also an option, right?

"AAAAAAAAAAA!" What is Hotaru doing at Xanadu? Who knows really. Maybe she's just come for a visit, or maybe she's come back to visit. Or maybe she'd left some things behind. Somehow though, she's gotten herself into the feeding pens and is being chased by a herdbeast. And so she's bolting across the pens towards the only safe place, towards the dragons. Eventually the beast behind her veers off, not wanting to get close to any hungry dragons looking for an easy meal. Hotaru keeps going though, jumping over the fence quite gracefully. That all goes to crap though as soon as her feet hit the ground on the other side. They slide out from under her and she goes face-first into the mud. At least she doesn't faceplant, catching herself with her hands. But still. She is muddy. There's some grumbling as the red-head gets to her feet.

«Fly! Yes yes, we shall find where it comes from. » Tahryth says while she looks up at the sky trilling softly at the thought which for a moment makes the green happy before her attention turns back to her rider. « Ka'el Ka'el made her sad. Kanekith said that I and mine are too sensitive. He says his did the right thing. » Or something along those lines. At the blunt question from Soriana Idrissa lifts her head slightly to look towards her friend, watching her a few moments and wondering if she really doesn't know. "Ka'el spoke to me the other night Said a lot, but in the end he ended things with me. Says he only wants to be with one person now." Her green gaze narrows just a moment before she looks back towards the herdbeasts and her eyes soon close. "Suppose I should have figured this out sooner." All the signs was there, right? She was just too blind to pick up on them all. The scream is heard and she blinks while lifting her head to curiously watch as Hotaru runs and a faint ah escapes her at the sight. "Isn't that Hotaru?" This questioned with an unsure tone. She winces once the girl jumps over the fence and goes sliding in the mud. Tahryth tilts her head and turns trotting on over to the fallen girl while her head lowers, swirling eyes seen. « Hello!! » Yes that is sent to Hotaru. « Are you alright?? » Silly green is at it again it seems.

« Kanekith forgets that even sand can itch on hide, » Luraoth says gently, and her thoughts reach with a warm breeze against Tahryth's. The expression on Soriana's face certainly seems like genuine curiosity, like she actually doesn't know. (Which, well, she doesn't. It's not like Ka'el told her much of anything.) As Idrissa begins to speak, Soriana tilts her head to the side, listening. Okay so Ka'el and… ended? Blink. Slower blink, aaaaand… "Oh." This might take a moment. It's a moment she doesn't have, because… Hotaru? Soriana looks that way. "Uh." Hotaru in the mud! Soriana winces in sympathy. "Ow." At least it's just grumbling! Luraoth stays where she is as the green goes trotting off, though she chirps a greeting to the newly arrived Hotaru as her rider lifts a hand. "Hey." Words of one syllable it is! Still with the processing what Idrissa said.

Hotaru looks up from her ground position and blinks as there's a big green snout in her face and a voice in her head. "AAAA I'M DEAD! No, wait. I'm not dead. I'm just muddy." She peers at the green. "Were you talking to me?" Hotaru hasn't, to her knowledge, ever heard a dragon bespeak her before. "Um… Hi. Little green. I am fine." She looks down and flaps her pants and such. Well, maybe the rain will wash some of the mud out. Hotaru peers around the green, looking for her rider. Also the rider of tiny gold. "Hey Sori, Rissa. I thought that was you guys over here. Did you see that 'beast chasing me?" She moves in their direction, then looks between the two of them. "Uh… Am I interrupting something? I can…" She thumbs behind herself, then holds up her hands defensively and starts to back away slowly.

Idrissa moves away from Soriana and on over to where Hotaru and Tahryth are. "I'm sorry Hotaru, she knows that she is not suppose to do that." There is a light pause while she eyes her dragon a moment. They have had this talk how many times now? Tahryth snuffles out at Hotaru, head tilting and muzzle felt bumping a few times before she attempts to give the girl a slobbery lick across her cheek. Rissa is about to warn of this, but she is a bit slow in the mater it would seem. As for Soriana, well, what else can she say on the matter? "Your fine Hotaru, it is good to see you." A faint smile is seen from Rissa before she sends a slight glance back towards Soriana. "He didn't tell you?" Just like that she goes on with the conversation at hand.

How often has Soriana been wondering what happened to Hotaru? … not all that often, admittedly, because weyrlinghood is So Very Busy, but she has wondered it a time or two, and now she's got herself a Hotaru to answer those very questions! …and is distracted by thinking about Idrissa's situation. "Huh?" Blink. "Oh. No. Nothing like that. Uh…" She glances aside, out into the feeding grounds. The… "What were you doing out there?" Like really, Hotaru. What? There's a ghost of a grin, that expression of 'this is gonna be good'… and then she looks back to Idrissa. "What? No." Pause, and honesty impels her to add. "Not really. He said it was… that it was different with you. He didn't tell me he was going to… that."

Hotaru blinks at Idrissa and then looks to the green. "Ah… It's fine. She just… scared me a little. I thought I was going nuts." Hotaru just stays frozen after her lick. "Bleh, dragon breath." She laughs though and pats the green. "Well, she's friendly. What's her name? I can't remember…" The hatching seemed like it was turns ago, now. Nothing had really happened to Hotaru. Maybe that was the problem. She hadn't impressed, and therefore her life hadn't changed in the slightest. And so she went back to Fort to pick up where she'd left off. "I was getting some of… this." She pulls a clump of what appears to be some sort of grass or wheat or something out of her pocket. Yes. She was out picking up a clump of grass. At least it's kept her from running off. But there's still a look of confusion as Soriana and Idrissa chat.

Idrissa smiles to Hotaru and nods a moment before she looks Tahryth whom warbles out and sits there upon her haunches looking rather pleased with herself. At least the green has stopped talking to Hotaru. " Her name is Tahryth." The hatching does seem like it was forever ago now doesn't it? Some days muddle together and others are quick to end and still some seem to last forever. Rissa looks at the grass. "Is it a special grass or something?" A glance is offered over to Soriana, watching her a few moments before a slight nod is seen. "If- If he told you, would you have told me?" A simple question, but also somewhat complicated. She catches the look from Hotaru and wonders how to explain it. "Ka'el broke up with me." There, short and to the point.

Luraoth glides closer at a graceful walk. She, at least, does not lick. In fact, her thoughts have a soft chime of amusement as they reach for Tahryth. « Do they ever taste different? » Soriana hehs a little, and nods to Hotaru. "I think Tahryth's actually settled down a bit." Comparatively speaking. "She hardly ever knocks people over now." Total progress, there. And… total grass, there. "Uh… okay." She arches her brow to add her own inquisitiveness to Idrissa's question about it, then glances back up to the other girl. Oh, boy. It's time for mind-game questions! Soriana is silent for a moment. "It… depends. I don't blab secrets." Yeahbut. Frown.

Hotaru gives a nod to Idrissa. "Hello, Tahryth." She nods to the gold then. "What about the golden lady? What's her name?" Hotaru's days have certainly muddled together since she left Xanadu. "It's special in that it only grows down here. And that it's never been tried to turn into a whiskey. But I'm trying to learn all the different types. And collecting samples. I'm trying to get an apprenticeship in the vintner craft. I figure getting a head start wouldn't be a bad idea." There's a blinks then and Hotaru's jaw drops at Idrissa's bit of news. "He didn't!" She looks to Soriana. "Are you two still together?" Then back to Idrissa. "Did he say why? Also… aren't you guys all weyrlings? That seems like a weird time to break up with someone."

"Yeah she has gotten better." Idrissa says with an amused tone as she looks back to Tahryth. "You can make whiskey from grass?" This questioned with an unsure tone as she clearly has no idea how to make such things. Her gaze turns over to Soriana just watching her a few moments. "You would honestly keep that from me?" A faint frown is seen. "I would have told you." She points out with a shake of her head. Her green gaze turns back to Hotaru. "Ya Timing has never been a strong suit for Ka'el." Or talking, or or many other things. Tahryth warbles to Luraoth. « Sometimes, Ers'lan tasted like the sea, Jarse tasted like sour. Hotaru tastes like some good food from the halls. »

« What does yours taste like? » Luraoth asks, curious. It's not like the gold goes around licking people! So she has to ask, just like Hotaru has to ask for names. "Oh, yeah." Soriana: still distracted. So much for managing introductions. "She's Luraoth." The weyrling reaches out to brush her fingers along the golden neck, then hehs. "And she says you have sunset-hair." The smile doesn't last for long, because she returns her attention to Idrissa and sighs. "I would have let him tell you himself. And if he didn't, I would have told you." But he did. So… "And I didn't know. Honest." She looks back to Hotaru, and her lips quirk briefly. "Yeah. We are." Ka'el and Sori, sitting in a … barracks. K-I- … uh … S-T-U-D-Y-I-N-G. Because, well, weyrlings. Can we have a change of topic now? "Vintner, huh? That sounds interesting. You gonna make ale?" Cuz Ka'el… erp, new detour. "Or… no, whiskey! You said whiskey. From grass, huh?" Stare at the grass. Staaare.

The grass is stuffed back into Hotaru's pocket. "Well, not exactly. From the grain though, you can. You mash it up and ferment it. Then age it in wood to make it into whiskey." Hotaru frowns at bit at Idrissa, getting all sorts of confirmation on the news. Also sensing some frustration there between the two riders. So clearly this wasn't just a break up. Ka'el was choosing Soriana. Hotaru has never tasted herself, but at least she tasted good? The red head waves to the gold. "Hello, Luraoth!" Conversation is getting awkward. "Well, you guys won't be graduated for a while. So I guess maybe he didn't want to put it off anymore?" Though Hotaru still doesn't sound very happy with the bronzer. "I might make ale. And maybe some of the other liquors. Maybe even wine. But I like whiskey, so that's really what I want to focus on."

Awkward is one of many words for what all this is, that is for sure. Idrissa watches Soriana a few moments, wondering, pondering before her eyes close and she lowers her head a bit. Yes Soriana was picked over her, it's like a thorn in her side and she is struggling to keep her thoughts off of the matter which gets hard at times. She lets her arms fold in front of her, and she soon looks back to Hotaru. "Didn't know what whiskey was made of." No more talk about this break up, well at least that is what she is hoping at the moment. « Mine Well she tastes of a few different things. Like runners, and the sea. » Tahryth offers with a soft warble, there is a slight running of water across a rocky stream. « I also talked to Jarse, it did not help I think. Even more so after I licked him. » Yes that is right folks, she licked Jarse of all people.

Luraoth dips her head and chirps a friendly greeting back to Hotaru, though she keeps her thoughts inside her own head. Soriana, at this moment, does not look entirely comfortable with being the chosen one. It's all the destiny? Oh, wait. Different kind of chosen one. Still. She gives Idrissa a little bit of a sideways shrug, and lets that part of the conversation drop. Vintnering! A much better choice, despite also being something that you're not allowed during weyrlinghood. "I kinda wonder how they figured that one out," she says of Hotaru's description of whiskey-making. "Like… let's make oatmeal and let it go bad, then drink it and see what happens." She grins hopefully. Happy conversation times now? Luraoth tilts her head to Tahryth. « Those seem good tastes, » she agrees about Idrissa with a jingle of harness-bells. As for Jarse, well… « It did not? Did he make yours sad? »

Hotaru moves over to hook her hands on the fence and leans back. Then pulls herself forward and leans back. Maybe physical exercise will help relieve the tension in the air? Really, she feels badly for Idrissa. Also badly that it came at a time where other people might have heard it, and when the three of them were still stuck in close quarters. She'll be giving Ka'el a piece of her mind! "Yeah, it's made from grains. Vodka is from tubers and rum is from sweetener. You can make a sort of schnapps or hooch from fruit sugars." Hotaru laughs and shrugs. "Knowledge from the Ancestors, I think. Or maybe someone just did that. Apparently they were making hooch as soon as they first landed though. Or so I heard. If Thread was falling on us I'd want to be drunk all the time, too."

« Jarse did, made mind think of other crafts to be in. But she would not be happy there, she is happy with the runners and other animals in her charge. I have told her not to leave. » Tahryth says with a light echo of water across rocks, the stream growing into more of a lake. "Vodka is from tubers?" Idrissa questions while looking at Hotaru curiously. "I don't know a lot about drinks, save for wine. It's from grapes right?" Well it is from other fruits too but grapes tend to be the main staple as far as she knows it.

« I will tell mine. » Because that's what Soriana's there for, right? She glances to Luraoth, then to Idrissa with a considering frown before returning her gaze to Hotaru. She'll deal with that later. For now… "Well, the Ancestors still had to figure it out sometime, with something. Though… it kinda sounds like you can ferment anything if you try hard enough," Soriana says, then hehs. "I dunno, I mean… you get too drunk, you might forget and stumble out into the Thread. Bad idea." But amusingly bad, hence her grin as she pictures it. « Why are they tripping when there's nothing there? » Luraoth asks her rider curiously. « I do not understand drunk. » Soriana offers a few brief explanations, but then she shakes her head and Luraoth withdraws to her conversation with Tahryth once again.

Hotaru nods. "Wine is from grapes, yep. Heh. I guess they just tried to ferment whatever, then made it into booze. I mean, let's face it, most strong booze doesn't taste very good. But since it also doesn't kill you… I guess it works." Hotaru hops up a bit, then does a handstand on top of the fence. Her shirt slides down a bit, heavy from the mud, and her belly hangs out. She laughs then. "I guess you might. Or maybe you'd just pass out." She flops back down to her feet. "So how's weyrlinghood? Is V'dim being a hard-ass?" Hopefully the conversation didn't cycle back to the recent break up, since it didn't seem like anyone really wanted to keep talking about that.

Tahryth tilts her head while looking towards Luraoth. « You don't have to tell yours. » Not that it would really work. « Why are they talking about fruit, what does one do with it other than eat it? » This sent to her golden sibling as her eyes swirl a few times. Idrissa hums at the idea of fermenting anything. At least talking about other things she seems a bit more relaxed, her mind isn't linger on past events it would seem. Rissa lifts her gaze to watch Hotaru, a bit of amusement seen across her face. "It's not that bad. Like being a candidates just with more rules and all." Like you know, a dragon to watch over and so forth.

"And now, there's an entire wall in the bar from all the whatever." Soriana grins somewhat, watching as Hotaru does tricks atop the fence. She's nothing near so ambitious. "Hah. Of course he is. We've been doing obstacle courses blindfolded." She hehs, and shakes her head. "They didn't make us do nearly so much when we were candidates. Most nights we got to sleep, even!" Admittedly, it's not V'dim waking them up now, so much as the dragons. Babies aren't always so good with sleeping through the night. « I know. You have taken care of yours. » Luraoth sends a warm breeze swirling around Tahryth, followed by a laugh. « I do not know. Mine says they turn it into water, and then they fall down. »

Hotaru wrinkles her nose and laughs at Idrissa. "Bleh. More rules. I guess having a dragon balances it out. But I heard it's really tiring. At least at first." She laughs at Soriana. "True enough! But at least I'll have something to do. People always want a drink." She raises a brow. "That sounds a little dangerous. Even with your dragon seeing for you. What if you fall and break a leg or something?" Hotaru is a little acrobat. Or at least she pretends to be. It's all fun and games until someone breaks a leg. "Been trying to decide if I want to stand again if I get asked. Seems like it might be a lost cause and I ought to just focus on a craft instead. Since that's more a sure thing. Plus then I get to sleep every night."

Idrissa smirks at the talk of doing things with blindfold. "Well there is that Which ya I dono. Not much fun when one looks at it really." She never thought about possible breaking her leg or something, that would be bad for sure. A soft smile is seen as Hotaru talks about standing again. "Well, that is up to you. But think about it. Never know." A glance is sent to Tahryth whom is in some conversation with Luraoth dealing with fruit that is water that makes people fall down. "Sorta worth not sleeping at night for a while."

And then you get to play the hopping around on one leg game, where everybody loses! "Nobody's broken anything yet, but… yeah. I dunno what they'd do. It's not like candidacy where they can just not let you stand." Because, well, dragons. Soriana brushes her fingers against Luraoth's side absently. "It's definitely… it's an experience. Being in a craft has a lot more choice to it." Her lips quirk. "And, yeah, the sleep. Well, unless you go for starcraft, but vintner you oughta be safe." She grins.

"Well, hopefully no one breaks a leg. V'dim is older than dirt. By now he must know what's safe and what isn't, I guess." Or so Hotaru hopes. If anyone was likely to break her like, it would be bad-luck-Rissa. Bringer of the injuries and the lady with her own cot in the infirmary. There's a shrug about whether or not she'll stand again. "I guess they let you do craft stuff, too, while you're a candidate. So maybe one more go wouldn't hurt." She chuckles. "Well, those in the starcraft just have to sleep during the day, I guess. Anyways. I think I'm going to wander around a bit. See if I bump into anyone else before I head back to Fort. Also get a change of clothes. I'll catch you two fancy riders later." There's an extra sympathetic smile given to Rissa, then Hotaru starts back towards the caverns.

Idrissa would indeed be the first one to break some part of her body during these drills. The healers in the infirmary should be wondering where she is by now as she hasn't gotten hurt for some time after all! A bit of amusement is seen across her face at the fact that V'dim is older than dirt. "Well that is true. He knows a few things by now if nothing else." She clears her throat and glances to Soriana nodding to the bit on starcrafters and then looks back to Hotaru. A soft smile is seen. "It was good to see you again Hotaru, miss having you around. Take care, alright? Visit again soon!" The smile is seen and she frowns just a bit once Hotaru is gone, her gaze lowering to the damp ground watching it a few moments.

"Yeah, maybe you should ask V'dim how they figured out fermenting things. He was probably around for it." Soriana grins, as she can do when V'dim isn't actually here to overhear things. He has not yet developed psychic ninja powers… or if he has, he's keeping them a secret in order to not blow his cover. Either way. Sori nods about the craft stuff. "They do. You can get out of most of the chores if you've got a craft." She hehs. "Though not the being stranded on a hunk of rock part." Oh, survival camp. How they (don't) love you. Soriana nods to Hotaru. "Yeah… it was good seeing you again. Kinda missed having you around." She grins crookedly, then waves. "Seeya later!" And then she watches Hotaru go, before her gaze turns slowly to Idrissa. Hurm. …hey, no, topic. She was avoiding you. Stay avoided.

Idrissa chuckles at the bit on V'dim being around when they invented the fermenting idea. There's an idea. She waves after Hotaru and is quiet for a few long and rather awkward moments before she looks to Soriana watching her a moments. "Just so ye know, I'm not mad at ye." There is a slight pause. "We're still friends. Right?" She seems a bit unsure of this matter now.

The topic does not stay avoided. Pesky topic. Soriana spreads her hands slightly as Idrissa says she isn't mad, a sort of semi-shrug, and then she nods. "Course we are. I mean…" She gives her head a shake, then goes quiet for a moment as she pushes herself up to sit on top of the fence. "Yeah. We're still friends." Sori offers a smile.

It is indeed a pesky topic, a topic that is going to keep getting brought up at this rate until it is fully dealt with. Idrissa watches Soriana for a few moments, the first bit making her wonder. "Are you sure..?" The answer was hard to come in her mind it would seem.

Soriana stretches against the fence, leaning back a little and looking over to Idrissa. "Yeah, I am." She still offers that smile, though… "I mean, if you are." After all, Soriana isn't the one who got broke up with. Insofar as there's a winner and a loser here… yeah, that. So. "We've been friends a long time, y'know? Since before any of… that."

Idrissa has always been the loser if one things about it, her father died, her other basically disowned her, the felines want to eat her, her journeyman hates her. "I know an, I don't want to let this come between our friendship Soriana." She's quiet for a few moments, her mind wanders and a soft breath escapes her. "I need to get back to the barracks. Tahryth is hungry." Even if she is not the green is up on her paws, tail slowly swaying and she turns heading back towards the Barracks with Tahryth following after her. « See you later Luraoth! »

"It won't," Soriana says with confidence, and leans forward to hop off the fence again and pat at Idrissa's shoulder. "We're still friends." And Sori's still dating Ka'el… who isn't dating Idrissa. There's no way at all this could possibly turn awkward, right? Right. "We'll be back soon. I've got to check on something first." She smiles, and Luraoth chirps « See you! » to Tahryth before turning to head off with her rider.

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