When Personalities Collide

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow

A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.
Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.

Another visit to the mine at Xanadu finds the tall blond Iforian grumbling to himself as he heads towards the tavern, peering into the fog as he tries to find his way from the mine. The sound of a voice has him slowing, one brow quirking slightly as he tries to locate the woman that seems to be having a bad day, "Hello…" The man's deep voice drifts through the fog as he calls to find who it is that might be lost.

There's a pause in the muttering as the voice drifts across Keziah's ears. As the sun rises further, casting a glow through the fog, a rather large looking shape, though one that's quite short can be seen in the distance, coming from the direction of the forest. "Yeah?" comes a gruff reply as Keziah comes into view, a rather pregnant Kezi who sticks out further than more women tend to. She looks up at tall young man and she grunts a little "You ain't lost are ya?"

"No, I ain't lost." The man speaks with a distinct Crom accent. Iforain looks the very pregnant woman over from head to toe, almost leering as he takes in the sight, "I'm sure I could show you the way home if you're lost, though, darlin'." Apparently, just because she's pregnant (and huge) doesn't mean that she might not be fair game. Particularly in a Weyr…

Keziah's eyes narrow as she glares at the young man "Really, now." she replies, her voice having taken on a colder note. "I ain't needin' ya to show me the way home, and I certainly ain't yer darlin'." she almost growls. Fair game she is not and she'll prove it if she has to. "Now, who might ye be so I know full well who's accostin' me in me own Weyr?"

"Yes, really." Iforian folds his arms over his chest and cocks a hip arrogantly, apparently not wanting to take a hint, "I just thought a woman in your condition could use a hand, is all." He gives a lazy gesture at the woman's huge stomach, "Ain't like I tried do anything dishonorable." He lifts his chin a little, almost, but not quite, looking down his nose at the woman, "The name's Iforian, Journeyman miner." Posted to the Hall, if his knot is any indication.

Keziah snorts "Just because I be pregnant means I be helpless?" she asks even as she snorts again "Just because I'm pregnant means I can't find me own way through me home? What? Ya think it sucks me brains out? That I ain't got half a wit at all?" Her eyes do flick to the knot "What's goin' on with the mine that they need someone from the hall here to fix it?"

Iforian gives an indifferent little shrug, "Whatever you say, doll. Just bein' neighborly." The question about the mine has him waving it off as though unimportant, "Personally, I just think they wanted to get me out of the Hall while Mum's wher is proddy. Ain't nothing wrong I can see."

Keziah snorts a bit "Now, why would they be wantin' ya out?" she asks, her eyes narrowin' again. "Or do you be havin' a wher too?" she asks after a moment as she tries to give the young man some benefit of the doubt. Gotta remember to be nice after all. "And I ain't no doll." she snorts at that pet name "Names Keziah, rider to green Alosynth." Okay, so she just remembered that he really hadn't much anything else to call her.

"I ain't got a wher. Mum just don't wanna be 'round her kids when Lesk's proddy." Iforian shrugs as though this is normal, though maybe it is for his mother. He just smirks at the protest to being called first 'darlin' and now 'doll', raising that brow again, "Ain't ya, though? Dolls are mighty pretty and you're positively glowing." He pauses for a moment, "You sure you're not proddy, yourself, Keziah?" That's either the cheesiest pick up line ever, or he just insulted her.

If not both "No, I ain't proddy, and won't be fer some time yet, and I ain't no doll." she grumps. "And if you ain't gonna be anything but insultin, I'll bid you goodbye." she states and turns to walk away.

Iforian unfolds his arms and shoves his hands in his pockets, giving her an unreadable look as he mutters under his breath, "Sure seem proddy t' me…"

Keziah turns around and then stalks Iforian, her belly leading the way, murder in her eyes and she pokes her finger at him, aiming straight for the chest if she can even make it that far. And if so, each point is punctuated by jabbing him, if not then just at him "I. Ain't. Proddy! You scruffy looking, over-grown, misogynistic bastard! Just because someone might be just a bit pissed off with your attitude does /not/ make them proddy." She snarls a bit "So get of yer high runner and grow a pair!"

Iforian manages to look surprised that she's taken offense with him calling her proddy, a slow frown growing as she pokes at his chest until he finally moves to try to swat her hand away, "And who do you think you're callin' bastard, you overgrown dolphin." He growls softly and sneers down at her as he says something derogatory about greenriders not being very choosy about who they invite to share their beds. "Oh, I got a pair, sweetheart. I can even show 'em to you if ya want."

Keziah tilts her head a little "Oh sure, providing there's anything bigger than a pea to be seen. But I've got a lovely elastrator to introduce you to. Then you can watch them dry up and shrival and fall off. Like as not, yer nothin' but a girl. I hate ta inform ya, /doll/ that I know newborn caprines who've got more balls than you. Ye gotta talk big to make up fer what ya either don't have, or don't know how ta be usin'."

"Oh, I can promise they're bigger 'n peas, rider." Iforian sneers down at her, lip curling a little, "I can promise ya that." He narrows his eyes at the threat of castration, glaring hatefully, "You just try it, darlin'. We'll see how easy it is for you to do it." The miner growls again, "I'll show you how well I know how to use it…"

Keziah snorts "Big man, aren't ya. Threaten'n a little pregnant woman. Bet it makes ya feel big. Bet it makes ya feel strong." she sniffs "Ain't nothin' but silage. That's what ye are." She shakes her head "It's no wonder that your own mama don't want ya around. It ain't because of her wher. It's because you're an infantile ass. Think yer somethin'. Don't ya? You ain't nothin'. Grow up. Be a man. Stop actin' like an ass."

Iforian just growls again, unable to speak coherantly at the moment, as he clenches his fists at his sides, "You can think whatever you want to think, doll." He makes a point of not calling her by her name, "Just be glad you ain't a man. I won't hit a woman." He brushes past her, possibly bumping against her roughly as he turns to leave, "I ain't got time for this. Have fun gettin' home."

Keziah does it once again. Pissed off someone enough to make them turn and leave. There's a muttered curse and she kicks the ground and gives a muffled yelp as she hits a rock. "Shells and shards. Of all the stupid idiotic. Fardlin' idiot." she mutters more to herself. But now what. She brought this on herself. She's been in enough therapy to recognize that, but now what. "Oh shards. "Ifo..er…in, oh whatever you said your name was. Shard it. Grump. Admitting she was in the wrong is never easy "Stop! Damn. I'm sorry. Shells."

Iforian doesn't turn at first when the pregnant woman tries to get him to stop, though he does slow. It's only when she says the words 'I'm sorry' that he stops and looks over his shoulder at her, his voice harsh, "What?" In her defense, he was more than a little bit offensive and has gotten into more trouble than he would care to admit by making assumptions.

Ass, going to make her say it again is he? Keziah takes a breath, holds it a few seconds and then slowly lets it out. "I said I was sorry. Shards, don't make this harder. Yer a guest here, and I be needin' to show better hospitality than givin' ya a dressin down in the middle of the fog." She rolls her eyes a bit "Course, you've quite the mouth on you too. What say you to a drink at the tavern."

The big man gives a single nod, folding his arms over his chest, "Alright…" Apparently, that's an acceptance of her apology, though he rolls his eyes when told he's got a mouth on him, too. Then comes the invitation of getting something to to drink and he nods, one corner of his mouth quirking up in a smirk, "Sure. I never turn down a drink from a pretty lady." He shrugs a shoulder, "S' where I was headed, anyway."

Keziah bristles a bit at being called a pretty lady, but she's never been one to accept a compliment easily, however, after glaring a moment, she lets it drop. She's learning, and then starts heading towards the tavern. She's not exactly big on the small talk either. At least she's being fairly civil?

Iforian doesn't even seem to notice her bristling, instead just walking at her side, watching her out of the corner of his eye. It's maybe a moment before he speaks again, "So when're you do, anyway? Looks like ya could drop any minute now." And here he was antagonizing her…

Keziah is silent for long enough that one might almost thing she didn't hear him or was going to ignore him. But when she does answer, it's in an almost subdued voice "Supposed to be another month. But…" she licks her lips a little. "I've been starting to notice contractions. I've not told anyone yet though." she notes quietly "I'm hoping they're just false ones." But there's an odd tone to her voice as she says it.

The miner misses a step when she says that she's got another month, giving her long look, "What? Ya carryin' a whole litter there?" Nobody can be that huge and only be expecting one child! Then she mentions contractions and Iforian's eyes widen in something that could be terror, "Contrations?! What're you sharding doing out alone in the fog, then? Doncha know who the sire is t' walk with ya?" So much for being polite.

Keziah winces just a little "I know who he is, and he ain't knowin' about the contractions." she states. "He be runnin' the wing fer me while I be grounded." she notes and then she eyes him "And walkin's good. The healers said so." Course she might be pushing that walking bit, but she's been going stir crazy ever since the heavy snowfall. "And it ain't a whole litter." There's a pause "Only three." Okay so most would consider that a litter.

Iforian just shakes his head, looking at her in disbelief at her not telling the father, "Well I don't know what t' do if ya start!" Not at all! "It's good of him t' take over for ya, but-" Then she says the healers said she should walk and he cuts off, falling silent for a moment until she reveals exactly how many she's expecting, "Shards…"

"Get a healer you idiot. I certainly don't expect ya to be deliverin my babes." There's a pause "You shardin' ain't deliverin'" Course who knows, he gets a look of things when a babies head is crestin' and he just may stave off women all together. "But on the other hand…" she lets the threat hang.

Iforian shudders and shakes his head, "I ain't goin' t' deliver no babes!" He starts walking again, heading in the direction he thinks the tavern is, "I'll get ya a healer, but I ain't doin' nothin' more 'n that." He might not even come back with the healer, if he does have to fetch one for her.

Smart man, good to know that he actually does have some sense, even if it's not a sense of direction "Wrong way, less ya wantin' to drink fresh milk." she notes and smirks a little and leads the way to the clearing by the Weyr proper and thus the tavern itself.

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