Boozeparty in the Infirmary

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Thea lies flat on her back in her cot, hands underneath her head. She's staring at the ceiling and frowning slightly. The fact that the healers have all gone off to some meeting and left the Infirmary unattended has her planning something, "I ought to just leave while the coast is clear. I'm sick of being cooped up in here."

Cenlia is pretending to snooze in a cot, though she looks up when Thea speaks, grinning, "Was just thinkin' that myself." The gardener girl's four hatchling firelizards are sitting at the foot of her bed, and they also seem restless, though the bronze flit is still worrying over a pile of small pebbles. Cenlia's brother, Eledri, is asleep in his own cot not far away, having been dozed with fellis just recently.

Quietly, as if someone were moving it slowly on purpose, the door to the infirmary opens. With a side-step, Rogawani steps in before trying to close the door equally quietly. Over the boy's shoulder is a brown satchel made of hide, but when he moves, there is a sloshing sound as if there was some sort of liquid within. As the door is finally slid shut, he creeps a bit further into the room, glancing around in an attempt not to wake up any sleepers. "Right, let's see." Pulling a slip of parchment from his pocket, the boy scans over it, reading quickly.

Thea focuses on a spot on the ceiling (what could have stained it?) and idly answers Cenlia, "Yeah, but they'll just find us and drag us back here." She sighs, adding wryly, "And I'd be the one stuck doing the paperwork on it." The word 'paperwork' is spit out like it tastes bad in her mouth. She doesn't hear the door open, but when another voice speaks, she raises up on one elbow, peering in that direction with a questioning glance. Entertainment is sought wherever it can be found, apparently.

Cenlia peers over at Rogawani, the gardener girl relaxing when she sees it's not a scary healer. Not that healers are particularly scary, but still. "Could sneak out and not get found?" Cenlia suggests, but there's no real conviction in her tone as the girl slumps onto her pillow, "Used to sneak out all the time back home. Once snuck out in the middle of the night and practically ran over Eled tumbling this girl…" Cenlia tails off to glance quickly at her still-sleeping brother, the gardener girl looking relieved that he's not awake.

And apparently Rogawani is now entertainment if he likes it or not. "Okay." Placing the scrap of parchment back into one of his pockets, the boy steps a bit further into the infirmary, looking at each cot. Attracted by the sound of voices, he heads in that direction, peeking out around one of the curtained barriers. "Excuse me ladies." He gives a little two fingered, childish salute before drawing the bag off of his back. "Are either of you two Cenlia? Some green rider said he'd give me a thirty-second mark if I brought these to her in the infirmary." As he moves the bag from his shoulder, that sloshing sound comes again. "Wines from Black Rock."

Thea watches the boy while answering Cenlia absently, "I am, alas, traceable. Niva would bespeak Seryth. Ysa… wouldn't care." She points to Cenlia her chin in response to the question, since she's still propped up on both elbows. "She is." Her eyes dance just a bit, "Greenrider, huh?" Sloshing liguid sounds - she doesn't even have to guess what it is. "Better hide it," is all she says.

Zevida strides into the Infirmary with an idle hum, paperwork in her arms. The piles seem to be smaller and smaller every day. Luckily for Thea. Rogawani is eyed carefully by the woman for but a moment before she proceeds to where Thea rests. She carefully splits the pile and settles half beside the other junior and keeping half for herself. Pulling up a chair with a smile towards those in the infirmary, she finally speaks. "How are you all doing?" A pause as she eyes the boy again. "What's your name again? I'm sure I've seen you wander around here before." Though, she's not interrogating as she normally seems to be. Gasp. Zevi's being /super/ nice for once. "Honestly," she chips in softly, "if you want to drink, be my guest. There's nothing against it, that I know of.."

At the mention of a 'greenrider' and 'wines' the gardener girl sits up straight with an enthusiastic, "Me!" The girl grins hugely, "From Black Rock, huh? Never tried any yet, but B'miel knows his stuff." She giggles, eyes twinkling merrily, and the four flits at the foot of her bed join in with a bit of playful chirping, and even the little bronze stops fussing over his pebble-pile to peer up at the messenger. Cenlia nods at Thea, though, saying, "Can stow it under the cot." Zevida's entrace gets a nervous look, but at the goldie's words, Cenlia practically beams. Still grinning, Cenlia suggests to Rogawani, if you can swipe some glasses, we could have ourselves a party." Hey, the healers are still off in that meeting - this is the perfect excuse the gardener girl needs to party. Sitting around watching Thea watch the ceiling and teasing Eledri and X'hil gets old fast.
X'hil has connected.

Rogawani's eyes look to Thea first as she is the one that responds quickest, following the motion of her chin towards Cenlia. He opens his mouth as if to say something, but quickly swollows it when Zevida walks past. Inclining his head, he gives a quick chirp of, "Rogawani, ma'am." His voice cracking in the process. He's not quite all grown up yet. "On a delivery run." Then, his eyes turn towards the enthusiastic Cenlia, offering a smile as he steps closer, pulling two wine skins out of the bag. "Don't know much about wine myself." He holds out the two skins, slinging the extra bag over his other shoulder. "I could probably nick a few mugs from the living caverns if you want. I bring klah to the stablehands all the time, no one would think much of it." Of course, he also realizes he's saying this infront of two junior weyrwomen so he lowers his voice a little, motioning with his eyes, "As long as it won't get me in too much trouble…"

X'hil has been snoring, having probably the first peaceful sleep since he got landed in the infirmary. No nightmares today! He seems to be in a deep restful sleep. He's been that way for some time now. Not having anything better to do makes sleep a good way to fill the time.

"Hello Zevida." Thea pushes herself to sit up and scoots back to lean against the headrest as the Weyrwoman approaches her. "We're not caught up with those yet?" Her voice shows a tinge of dismay, but she offers her a faint smile of welcome. It's paperwork, but hey! She's bored. She snorts softly at Cenlia's eagerness, eyeing the spot underneath the gardner girl's cot. "S'not like you've dried out yet." She eyes the boy curiously for she has not seen him before. Too busy getting konked out by needles and branches. "Welcome Rogawani," there's genuine warmth in her voice before she adds, disappointedly, "Only a few mugs?" With X'hil and Eledi likely to wake…

Zevida chuckles softly at Cenlia, letting out a soft tsk as she idly begins to look through paperwork. "You're fine, Cenlia. I've no reason to dislike you. Or deal out pointless punishments.." She muses softly, offering a pen towards Thea as she looks to Rogawani with a smile. "I'll remember that. You're fine dear, and you don't need to call me ma'am. Go ahead and get some glasses, if you will?" Towards Thea, she scrutinizes the younger carefully. "And, how are you feeling, Thea? No, we're almost done. I think these are the last. So, let's hope nothing big comes up before the ban ends." With a grin, she settles back into her seat.

Cenlia gives the two weyrwomen a grin and ponders a moment before responding to Rogawani, "I can take back the mugs when I get outta here." And then, reaching for the wineskins and looking thoughtful, the girl continues, "More'n enough here for all of us." Yup, she's gonna share. Cenlia glances over at where Thea is, and giggles, "After getting jabbed with that needle and then workin' on all them papers, you probably need it more'n I do."

His eyes shifting away from Cenlia back towards the two weyrwomen, Rogawani just gives a bit of a shy smile. "Thanks. I'm usually out in the stables or running errands, so I don't get to talk with goldriders much." Although, oddly enough, he's now spoken to three in one day. Then, as he looks over to Zevida, he just chuckles a little, "Da says always treat the customer politely." He straitens, trying to look like a good, grown up messenger, even if he's still just getting the hang of it. "I'll get you the mugs, no problem." With that, the boy turns and heads for the door, unfortunately not being so careful to be quiet this time. Boots clatter on the floor and the door shuts with a thump behind him.

X'hil murmles, it's kind of like a mumble but even less coherent. He raises his sleepy head and just sort of peers about the infirmary, peering vaguely at the door, though it's obvious his eyes aren't quite up to focusing yet. "Who was'at?" he mumbles indistinctly, blinking.

Thea takes the pen, "Thanks." She looks much happier to hear they're digging out from under the paper-mountain. She flashes Cenlia a grateful smile before eyeing the papers on her lap. "The fellis helped." Smirk. It really only helped one of her headaches. The other is snoozing in the form of X'hil, over there. As Rogawani leaves, she adds, "Nice lad. Well-spoken. I like that."

Zevida waves her hand slightly, "I don't touch wine much." Not without Satoris around, usually. A bright smile, "thank you though. Thea could probably use it more. Being trapped in here." She muses softly, glancing at Rogawani with a grin. "And you've behaved very well, tell your father that he's done well." She offers with a wink. After the boy leaves, she just lets out a soft aw. "More children need to be polite as him.." She comments as she flips through the papers, as if deciding where to start first. A glance to X'hil and she quirks a brow. "No one you need to worry about, X'hil."

Cenlia watches Rogawani go with a thoughtful, "He's nice." If Eledri were awake, the computercrafter would be worrying. Luckily, the young man is still snoozing away in a fellis-induced dreamstate. Cenlia glances over at X'hil briefly, saying cheerfully, "Want some wine?" Right, straight to the point, she is. She nods to Zevida, though looking a tad disappointed. No corrupting that weyrwoman today, apparently. Thea, however, gets a giggle, "Still got some ale too." And the gardener girl pulls out an unmarked bottle from under her cot. It's about 2/3 full.

The boy's return comes with a creeking of the door, and a flapping of firelizard wings. One arm laiden with chipped earthenware mugs, the other swats at the blue lizard chittering at him. "Oh buzz off. I'm not doing anything wrong. Go back to your master." The blue, wearing a marking that identifies him as belonging to one of the kitchen staff, chitters as if intending on chewing the boy's ear off for snatching the mugs, but after another swat of a hand, disappears *between*. It's only after his head and arm have stopped being harassed by the lizard that the boy looks around sheepishly, "Sorry 'bout that. I brought the mugs." The boy carries the mugs over to Cenlia's bed, being careful of the firelizards as he sets them down. Oddly enough, he somehow managed to grab a few extra. "Can't stay though. Ran into the head messenger and he's got a letter for me to run to the hold." Catching his breath, Rogawani excuses himself with a motion of his hand, and then heads out again, the door opening to the sound of a squabbling blue firelizard who apparently was just waiting outside to chitter more at the mug stealer.

X'hil is a headache to Thea? Well, it's better than a pain in the arse, and he should know, he has one of those. Literally. He grunts at Zevida's reassurance, peering absently at the door. He seems to relax slightly though, upon realising where he is. Where he's been since that incident in the garden with the crossbow. He grimaces at the offer of the wine, but actually wriggles awkwardly backwards off of the bed and lurches over to come get the ale. Fancy food, fancy clothes, simple booze. Yes. With ale, he can hold his liquor /far/ better than with vodka, and he just doesn't much /like/ wine. He blinks at the door as that mysterious person comes in, tilting his head absently at the boy as he leaves.

"Ale, huh? I've never tried it. Is it sweet? Or what?" Thea directs this Cenlia's way as she scans the paper she's holding. She smiles at Rogawani as he heads for the door, "Don't let 'em run you too hard." She smirks at X'hil's awkwardness, but doesn't comment except to ask Zevida, "Did you hear what happened to my arrows? Can't seem to find them." Her gaze wanders towards the bronzer's er, wound thoughtfully.

Zevida glances at X'hil, tsking softly at him as well before waving a cheerful farewell to Rogawani. "Very polite." She muses quietly before she watches X'hil's awkward movements with a soft snicker. "If you want something, you should ask so you don't have to suffer like that." A soft hum as she begins scrawling away on the papers then eyeing Thea idly as she chats away with Avaeth silently. "Have you noticed any changes yet, Thea?" A pause at the question and she blinks, "arrows? Haven't heard anything about them.."

Cenlia grins at Rogwani's mug delivery and says, "Thanks," and watches him go, looking thoughtful. She snickers a bit at X'hil, but clasps her booze bottle tighter, instead grabbing a mug and pouring some for Thea, saying, "Not exactly sweet. Try some though, might like it." The girl only pours a little, about 1/4 mug, before snagging a chair near her cot and scooting over to Thea's cot with both wineskins, the ale mug, another empty mug, and the booze bottle.

X'hil scowls as Thea asks about her arrows, looking quite a bit uncomfortable. His stitches are probably starting to itch. "They got /shot/." he says simply. As for asking? He shakes his head at Zevida, "Been laying helpless in bed for too long. Need to move. It'll be good for me." he mutters, wobbling a little on his feet. Right. Good for him, right up until he falls over. But he's holding onto a chair for balance, so. There's a pout at Cenlia, when the ale moves away. "Heyyy!" he complains, a bit of a whine to his tone. He moved, and for nothing? He shuffles back to the cot and flops down onto it, laying on his stomach once more and frowning at the pillow. "Didn't want any anyway." he mutters. Suuure he didn't.

"No, no he's doing fine, Zevida," Thea comments with soft irony, reaching over to touch the unloaded crossbow with wistful fingers. A move obviously meant for X'hil to see. Let him suffer, in otherwords. "While you're up, you really should take a stroll about the room. So you can…" She coughs, "heal faster." She pauses for a moment, then frowns, as she answers Zevida, "Seryth says both she and Kinseth are feeling fine." Well, that's Seryth's take on it, anyway. This Rider will likely be checking the barn-isolated dragon hourly for coughs and sniffles when she gets out. She takes the mug Cenlia offers, sniffs then tips it, taking a mouthful.

Zevida watches Cenlia with mild interest, the girl simply bringing a look of amusement to the woman's face before she shoots X'hil a look. Her spare pen is thrown at him as he goes into pouting mode. "Stop being a baby and ask politely. I swear, that boy has better manners than you do." Is scolded from the goldrider with a frown. The arrows subject raises a brow from the woman as she looks between the two riders. "That's good, that they're both fine." Not that Avaeth won't prod…

Cenlia and Zevida are by Thea's cot, Cenlia and Thea both with mugs. Cenlia is in a chair and holding not one, but TWO Black Rock wineskins, which look to be completely full, as wall as a half-full, unmarked bottle of nameless liquid. To the sensitive nose, however, it might smell like quite decent ale. Cenlia gives X'hil an almost sympathetic look, but her eyes drift to under his own cot. Wasn't there an empty bottle there at some point? She knows where all /that/ ale went. Besides, corrupting weyrwomen is way more fun than boozing up the bronzer, especially since he /might/ be able to hold his ale better than Cenlia can. Might. And speaking of weyrwomen, Cenlia turns to Zevida after handing off the mug to Thea, "Want to try some, ma'am? It's okay stuff." She indicates the ale, but also has the wineskins with her. From a cot not far away, Eledri, Cenlia's brother, snoozes peacefully in a fellis-induced sleep, though the perceptive eye might notice a nearly full bottle of liquid and a computer manual under his cot.

X'hil looks sharply over at Thea at the suggestion to stroll around, visibly relaxing when he notices that the crossbow she's so wistfully touching is unloaded. He won't be anyone's moving target, no. He frowns at mention of Kinseth, though thankfully the bronze /is/ still in good health. "I'm not a baby, I'm in /pain/." he mutters, though he does quit his pouting, at least. Then glances to the exit, suddenly motivated to get walking again. The sooner he's better, the sooner he can go to the bronze, right? Right. He wriggles off of the cot, and starts walking carefully around the room, holding onto whatever he can reach - chairs, cots, healers - for support. If he /happens/ to be moving over towards Eledri's cot, well, that's just /coincidence/ really. It has /nothing/ to do with the bottle that he remembers that the man has…

"If you're whining about it, then you /are/ a baby." Y'ki gives a mild snort as he heads through the door, carrying..a box? Yes, it's a box, something likely medical and needed for the infirmary. He looks a bit irritated though as he tromps across the room, thudding the box down on a counter with a distinct clinking of glass inside. And if there happens to be a label that says 'fragile' on the side, well, the bluerider is simply pretending he can't read. At least it's likely nothing is broken. Hopefully. "Ugh, it reeks of numbweed in here."

Being in the office just wasn't her thing, and Ysa had been doing a bit less of that lately. Well, she at least took some paperwork back with her! Either way, she was avoiding going towards the main building and instead was swinging by the infirmary with a pretty bottle of type of liquor. "Faranth, y'all have a party here that ya didn't tell me 'bout? Are ya really hurt or just using the excuse to booze up in this new pub spot?" She approaches the gold group and the others, though her eyes are on Thea when they weren't straying to the mugs and bottles. Her own was tucked under her arm as she looks from one person to the other.

Thea swishes the mouthful of ale in her mouth for a moment, tasting it before she swallows. "Hrm, I…prefer wine." She merely looks smug at X'hil's predicament, clearly enjoying the scolding he gets from Zevida as well. "C'mon over and get some," she invites the man, patting her cot. Oh, wait. That didn't come out right. She clears her throat, hastily amending, "wine." She notes Ysa's arrival with a chuckle, "Your timing is impeccable, Ysa. I don't know how you do it." She finishes the ale reluctantly. No need to waste.

Zevida shakes her head at Cenlia, "don't like drinking too much. Or, much at all. Thank you for the offer, though." She states, giving X'hil a firm look. "Sounds like you're crying to me. If you're and pain and not moving, you're not doing much to fix it." She snaps, continuing to work on the paperwork even as Y'ki comes in. A surprised look is given to the bluerider, "thought you didn't like Infirmaries, Y'ki.." Towards Ysa, she glances seeing that the other seems to be in a better mood. "Nice to see you, Ysa." Thea swallowing the ale gets a look from Zevi, disgust, perhaps, as the woman imagines the taste.

Cenlia glances over to the newly-arrived weyrwoman, the gardener girl's grin getting bigger. She gives Ysa's bottle of liquior a curious look, then gances at Y'ki, but since there doesn't appear to be any booze in that box, she turns her attention back to the weyrwomen and nods to Zevida. Alas, an uncorruptable goldie. However, Cenlia quickly hands over a wineskin to Thea, saying, "Dunno how this stuff tastes yet, but knowin' B'miel, it's prolly pretty good. I dun like ale as much, either. Nothin's bettern' than Orchard brandy. Except maybe Benden red." Cenlia giggles at Thea's words to X'hil, and the gardener glances over at the bronzer, offering the now nearly-empty ale bottle, with an amused, "All yers," and setting it down nearby.

X'hil mutters something about numbweed, gritting his teeth as he moves on. Seems it's been a while since his bandages were last changed, and wound re-numbed. He misses a step and very nearly falls over at Thea's poorly worded invitation, his bronzerider instincts /instantly/ going to the wrong conclusion, until the added 'wine'. He manages to keep himself from falling by desperately grabbing at the nearest blanket, half pulling it off of the cot before he's able to recover his balance. He shoots Thea a very strange look, partly confused, partly … not. "Wine." he repeats, as if thinking it over. But he doesn't /like/ wine. "…Sure." What? Hey, X'hil, this is your brain. What under the two moons are you /thinking/? She hates you! Or, seems to, at least. Well, she's not exactly /nice/, but then, you /did/ probably bring the flu to her dragon, and you /are/ kind of a baby, but… X'hil mutters, "Shut up, you." Kinseth? Well, that's how it /seems/. It's okay, he'll drown that voice out with booze and everything will be fine again. He wobbles over and picks up the bottle set aside by Cenlia, grimacing as he notices it's nearly empty.

"It's my sixth sense," Ysa replies to Thea with a wink. This goldrider avoided the senior as much as possible, which might be why she was in a better mood. Perhaps because she was still eyeing those bottles of ale every so often. "I thought you'd all be really bored down here but I think 'm a little late in bringing y'all something good." She grabs her bottle from her arm and waves it around, turning away from the group to look over towards Y'ki and giving the bluerider a nod in greeting. When her green eyes turn back it's to stare at Cenlia. "Ya don't like /ale/? Ya haven't tried anything good, have ya gal?" She takes another step forward, frowning at X'hil. "Careful," she mutters to the bronzer, but doesn't find that he needs any help. Instead she's looking for a chair to pull up close.

Y'ki sends a quick look over at Zevida, brows lifting..and then the bluerider relaxes just a bit, shrugging. "I hate it. But kinda hard not to go when being told to." Or ordered, whatever. He shrugs somewhat, before giving a wary look toward those..drinking people. "Weird place for drunk people." Because that's the obvious conclusion to all the drinking!

Zevida watches Cenlia with interest, chuckling as the girl seems to be trying to get everyone in the room drinking. With a shrug, she leans back in her seat and sets about finishing the shardin' paperwork, but not before casting a glance at X'hil. A dull look is given him as he seems to drift off in thoughts. A cough as she tsks, "X'hil, maybe you should go back to sleep. Might do you good." She grumbles before smiling at Y'ki. "I see. They've just started drinking. Brought Thea some papers to work on." Which, she notes at this point, has not been touched.

Thea swallows the ale with a grimace and reaches for the wineskin. Y'ki? She blinks, swiveling her head around to see for herself. The things one misses while swigging ale from a mug. As she pours some of the wine in the now-empty mug she comments about the peach brandy, "Haven't tried that yet, either." She is in the midst of taking a sip when X'hil scrabbles for balance and she splurts a bit of the mouthful on her paperwork. She swallows the rest hastily, coughing a bit. Oh, she'd likely have shot something back at that 'shut up', but by the time she's swallowed, the moment has passed. Since she is still coughing slightly, she salutes silently Ysa with her mug, a fitting tribute maybe? "I'm not drunk," she finally manages in her own self defense towards Y'ki. and those papers? they're touched now - by a fine splatter of purple dots.

Cenlia giggles and tells Ysa, "Tuber ale's okay. Didn't get much ale in the orchards, 'cept what we could brew ourselves." In other words, she hasn't tried the good stuff… yet. Eledri stirrs in his cot, groaning softly as he turns at the voices, mumbling a tired and exasperated, "Cenlia, what are you..?" when he spies his sister sitting over by Thea's cot with booze. The man groans and brings a hand to his head. Cenlia just continues grinning and pours a mug of wine for herself, taking a sip and looking pleased, "B'miel knows his wines."

X'hil blinks a little at Zevida. When he wasn't moving, she told him to move, now that he is moving, she's telling him to sleep? It fries his already confused mind, it does, so he just stares blankly at the woman for a long moment, before knocking back the ale left for him by Cenlia. Mmm. That's good stuff. He remembers Thea's offer of wine, and tilts his head at the woman as she starts to cough. "'S'at wine still… available?" he asks after she recovers, the question phrased a /little/ cautiously, and the man fighting a grimace. But at least he's asking, not whining.

Y'ki gives a small sniff, but does finally move over to lurk near Zevida, and maybe try and peek at a bit of that paperwork. Though the bluerider looks a tad skeptical about it, brows arching slightly. "Yeah. Looks like /that's/ going well." Look, purple splatter. He shakes his head though, eyeing Thea calmly. "Pft, /yet/, you mean." Seems rather likely with all the bottles lurking about.

Ysa brings booze, not paperwork. Though most of her stuff was just shuffled onto Zevida anyway, so it mostly got back to Thea. "What ya lot really need is the stuff to snap your bones right back into shape." She sets her bottle down on a nearby table as if to display it. "Igen firewater. One shot will have your body kicking in no time." If they weren't used to the hard drink, that is. With that out of the way she plops herself down in a chair she had dragged over. "Maybe I should get a leg broken 'gain to wind up here, drinking booze with all of y'all all day."

Zevida glances towards Cenlia's brother, quirking a brow at him before she looks towards X'hil as he stares at her. "Well, you're thinking weird things, aren't you? You're trailing off." She points out before she glances back at Y'ki as he tries to peek at her work. "Not all that interesting, Y'ki. Political stuff, Holder stuff, things about the ban.." She mutters then glances over at Thea as she splutters all over the paper. A soft cough of disapproval before she eyes Ysa. "I'm sure that'll go over well with Ella…"

Thea silently holds the wineskin she's got towards X'hil, pulling her feet up to allow the man to flop across the end of her cot if he needs a place to rest. "Better flop yerself down before you fall down and crack your skull open," she says gruffly. Besides, it puts him within kicking distance. Is she being -nice- to him. Hardly. "If you're gonna die, I want to be the one to cause it." She flickers a sideways glance, that he is sure to see, at her crossbow on the bedside table. "Firewater?" This to Ysa, as she sips the wine more cautiously. She has to agree with Cenlia with a pleased, "Ooh, he does!" Zevida gets an apologetic look at the stained paper, Y'ki just a silent grimace as he's noticeably closer.

Cenlia peers at Ysa's bottle with obvious interest, "Igen firewater?" The girl knocks back the rest of the wine in her mug with one big gulp and says brightly, "Wouldn't mind tryin' a shot of that." Hard drink? Bah, try homebrew tuber ale. But Cenlia glances at Thea's spattered paperwork and then asks the goldie, "You alright?" Eledri seems to have pulled that book out again, and is determinedly hiding his face. And the book's even rightways up this time. Cenlia sees Y'ki approaching, and offers an introduction, "Hey, I'm Cenlia. Here, have some booze." And she hold out the second wineskin, grinning. Yup, alcohol's definitely well on its way to her head by now.

X'hil frowns a little at Zevida, then admits, "Mind's miles away. Can't be with Kinseth physically, but he's lonely as anything. Shut up in that barn, all on his own." he mutters. Sure. That's the reason. Yep. There is a flash of guilt regarding the bronze's predicament, and it's obvious the man is worried about him. With that /wonderful/ mood, he has to restrain himself from outright yoinking the skin out of Thea's hands, instead taking it more like a civilised person, even with a brief "Thanks." As for the offered cot space, he opts just to lean against the cot rather than lay, putting the palm of one hand flat on the cot and supporting himself that way. It does mean he only has one hand free now though, and he's frowning at the wineskin in thought, before shrugging, and just drinking straight from the skin. "'M not gonna die." he adds, with a snort. "Kinseth'd kill me." If he died. Right.

There's talk of death! Y'ki perks somewhat, peering over to look at X'hil rather..appraisingly. Checking for the the promise of an early demise? would be entertaining. He tilts his head though at Zevida, lashes lowering somewhat. "How do you know I won't /find/ it interesting though?" ..And then there's the explanation of it all. "…Oh. Well yeah. That's boring." Boring and otherwise completely dull. The bluerider sighs though, and trains narrowed eyes onto Cenlia as that wineskin is offered to him. "Hi, couldn't care less. ..And get that away from me." Yes, he's a bit of a snarky brat.

"Go on," Ysa encourages, waving at her bottle. "You'd think it's like whiskey, with a bit of a harder kick. Put it with some redfruit and it's better if ya really want, but I'd prefer to drink it straight out like that." Faster to get drunk, afterall. She leans back in her seat for a moment, turning her eyes up to Zevida with a sigh. "No, guess not. Though at the end 'm not one to break it purposefully. I'll jus' have to keep missing the party over here in the infirmary instead." She studies X'hil for a long moment, looking him up and down before smirking ever so carefully at the man. "The faster ya get better, the faster'll ya can go keep your dragon company."

Zevida looks Thea over for a moment, then the papers and shrugs it off. She's certainly not going to re-write them, or make Thea at this point. Cenlia's introduction is given a soft chuckle from the woman as the papers are continually worked on. A glance back towards Y'ki and she grins. "Told you. How have you been? Hiding away?" Smiling, she gives a nod to Ysa. "Well, I just came to make sure they weren't getting too bored. But, turns out they were already occupying themselves.."

That's a long meeting those healers have all been at this afternoon, luckily for those stuck in the Infirmary. And who's been asked to be in charge? Well, the most likely responsible person, the resident goldie/patient. And what's she doing? Why sipping wine with the rest of the bunch. And paying no heed to what the residual effects of the fellis might do when it mixes with the alcohol in their bloodstream. Is she alright? "I feel great," Thea answers Cenlia. And she does, too. Not being an experienced drinker, the rush of euphoria she's feeling shows on her slightly flushed face. "You're welcome," sweetly as X'hil takes the wineskin, "I poisoned it," she casually finishes after he's swallowed. As if conferring a special favor, "You can have some too, Y'ki." She snorts softly at Ysa, "Seryth's been keepin' him company." Eye-daggers X'hil's way, "Since she's already been exposed and all." Paperwork, oh yes! She squints at them, trying to focus the words.

Cenlia shrugs at Y'ki and pours more wine for herself. Sheesh, /another/ person who doesn't like wine? Oh well, more for the rest of them! Taking another swig she tells Thea, "Should come with B'miel and me sometime, after the ban's over. He knows all the good taverns." The girl gulps back this bit of wine too, though a bit more slowly than the first one. She glances at X'hil, but seeing he's just drinking from his wineskin, the girl grins and puts her wineskin in her lap, instead reaching for that firewater.

X'hil isn't remotely near death. Nope. It's just a little flesh wound. He may not be able to /sit/ for a week or more, but he'll recover. His first drink of the wine was more of a guzzle, but he's slowed down fairly quickly to a slow sipping. "Yeah. Gotta get better." he mutters, then /stares/ at Thea, hurriedly spitting out the last mouthful of wine. "/Shards/. Are you /trying/ to kill us?" Yes, us. If the man goes, the dragon goes too. That poor innocent not-at-all-sick-yet dragon. The man mutters something under his breath, and starts to wobble away. Towards the exit? Hmm, that's probably /not/ a good idea. But he's determined, it's written all over his face. X'hil has left the wineskin on the end of Thea's cot.

Y'ki blinks, straightening just a little bit. "Hiding? I haven't been /hiding/. Who said that?" Because obviously…someone is spreading rumors! Or..something. Maybe. The bluerider just looks a bit aggravated, before his glance slides over to Thea, voice turning sickeningly sweet. "Aw, go suck on it yourself."

"I've been in an infirmary plenty of times, and I always found it boring," Ysa says in regards to Zevida's words, bobbing her head slowly. "Guess I just kept the wrong company back then." Of course even the Healers in Xanadu knew how the goldrider was always in a foul mood when it was her in an infirmary cot. She grins a bit more towards the buzzed goldrider, chuckling at her comment. "I think she's only looking out to kill ya, X'hil. Though I'd hope she'd have been more creative than poison. Where're ya going?" But her amused look is wiped away quickly as she turns towards Thea again. "She's /with/ him? Who knows how long exposure is needed to get sick, or maybe it's just plain luck. The less anyone's 'round him, the less likely they'll be sick." She makes it sound like the bronze was already dying.

Zevida chuckles, "I haven't seen you around much, Y'ki." She notes, glancing towards Thea as she says she's /poisoned/ the wine. A blank look that follows the bronzerider as he begins to stride out. "you know, if he thought about it.. Thea had no time to poison the wine before he got it." She notes softly, glancing at Ysa. "I normally don't spend time here. I guess I'm lucky I chose to visit."

Thea bursts out laughing as X'hil spits out the wine, hastily lunging for the uncorked skin he's dropped at the foot of her cot. The papers in her lap slide unheeded to the floor and scatter with a faint swoosh. The purple soggy spot is blithely ignored for the time being. It's gonna take a lot more than that to ruin her day now. She refills her empty mug from the skin. See? Not poison after all. She merely laughs at Y'ki, sticking her tongue out for good measure. Giddy now, she reclines back against the headboard and shrugs with wine-induced unconcern, blinking owlishly at Ysa over her mug. "Someone had to feed him," she points out reasonably. "She's keeping her distance."

Y'ki shakes his head just a little bit, and eyes Zevida, sighing. "Not hiding. Just been…busy." And stuff. Still, the bluerider doesn't look particularly happy, and it's likely due to the whole..infirmary. He makes a hasty exit then, huffing slightly on the way out.

Cenlia has a hand halfway to the firewater bottle as X'hil makes for the exit. She blinks, glancing at Thea curiously, then back at X'hil, muttering an amused, "It ain't poisoned." And then when Ysa speaks, Cenlia asks in surprise, "Is Sir Kinseth sick?" She's a tad slow at the moment, what with the klonk on the head, the wine, and the remnants of fellis-draught inside of her. But she does start giggling as Thea pours another cup. Cenlia reaches again for the firewater, intent on pouring some in her now-empty mug. She glances X'hil's way with a, "Prolly can't hold his drink, anyways. He passed out from the tuber ale before I did." Says the 14-turn-old who's busy pouring herself some firewater.

X'hil goes pale at Ysa's words regarding Kinseth, but, if anything, they only spur him on. Faster, faster! A young healer apprentice foolishly tries to get in the man's way, and is pushed aside. Foolish child. His leaving isn't actually to do with the wine, not in the slightest, though, now, halfway to the exit, he's beginning to regret /not/ bringing it with him. He's muttering under his breath, trying to muster the energy to go wherever it is he wants to go. The name Kinseth is repeated several times, as well as the words 'need' and 'see'. "Kinseth says he's fine. /Says/. Need to /see/. Need to make sure." he mutters.

"Got to visit and share in the merriment, Zevida," Ysa says with a chuckle and a wave towards the bottles of booze scattered about. "Well, that's the best I can get, I suppose. So long as Seryth doesn't fall sick…" A bit worried, wasn't she? Her grin is returning though and her foot carefully shoves the papers under the cot even if others were looking. Just get rid of those… nothing important. "Shells, man, the flu doesn't make 'em drop dead either!" she calls after X'hil as he heads out faster. "We don't want ya hurting yourself either!"

X'hil makes it out the door, and disappears. He'll be found safe and well in Kinseth's barn, returning in a little while to have his bandages changed and the like.

Zevida chuckles at X'hil as he rushes out, taking her paperwork as she moves to help the healer apprentice back up after his push. She glances back towards the room and shakes her head. "Well, Avaeth is calling. Try not too get too drunk." She offers, glancing towards the door and frowning before heading out silently.

"Oh, yes we do!" Thea giggles, contradicting Ysa hastily, shooing X'hil out the door with one hand. "Go! Run! Fly, be free! Skip like a butterfly, sting like-" Her brow wrinkles, what was that old Earth poem she was reading? She shrugs. Oh well. She pouts slightly as Zevida heads out, "Gotta get that girl to loosen up." Yeah, like she's one to talk. When she's sober, she's not much fun, either. She takes more wine from her mug, blinking at both Cenlias beside her, carefully enunciating, "What did you do to get a greenrider to give ya these, anyway?"

Eledri lowers the book with a frown as he watches X'hil's escape, but then goes back to hiding his face. An observant person might notice he hasn't turned a single page since he woke up, but who's really paying attention to him, anyhow? Certainly not his kid sister. Cenlia curiously watches the bronzer and then the weyrwoman go, giving Zevida a wave. Alas, back to corrupting the goldies, one weyrwoman at a time. She tells Thea with a grin, "Didn't have to do nothin'. B'miel's just like that. Shared a bottle of orchard brandy with him, an' we got to talkin'. Been letting me tag along when he goes out partying - him an his brother. Ain't seem either of 'em since the travel ban," and she frowns a bit. "Must be around somewhere though." The gardener girl then takes a swig from her mug, and coughs only slightly. "This 's good stuff," she says to Ysa, grinning and offering the bottle back towards the goldie. "If ya want, there's wine and ale, too-" but she's cut off by Eledri's disgusted snort and loud muttering, "/Honestly/, Cenlia." Cenlia just grins over his way, and tells Thea, "Should try this stuff. Almost better'n tuber ale."

Ysa shakes her head as X'hil goes running out. "I bet a Healer's going to go chase him down later." And she'll sit around and watch and laugh, probably. She grins at Thea and winks to the youngest junior. "Oh, it's been tried. That one's got something shoved up her backside so far in it's nearly impossible to take out, I imagine. Can't imagine anyone will ever get her to do anything other than sit around and complain about anything out of place." Ysa, woman of laziness and booze. She reaches for the bottle and tosses it back right from it, barely making a face. "Oh, it really is. I think it's more the burn ya get that I love the most. And you should never get the cheap stuff," she lectures Cenlia with a grin.

Thea squints across the aisle at Eledri, but gives up after, well almost immediately. "B'miel, huh? He sounds fun." Not that she would know what fun is, she's never had any. But right now she thinks she knows. Ysa's comment just gets her to giggling and snicker-snorting. She watches the weyrwoman toss the liquor back with something akin to awe. How is she still upright? Thea's only had two, albeit large mugs of wine and she's tilting a tad sideways there. "The… burn? Sounds painful." Blink. Voices sound out in the hallway, the healers returning from their meeting most likely.

Cenlia giggle-snorts into her mug at Ysa's words and looks vaguely impressed when the goldie tosses back the firewater just like that. The gardener girl nods, saying, "Cheap stuff ain't worth it. Might as well spend the marks on makin' my own brew if am not gonna buy the good stuff." Not that Cenlia actually 'buys' any booze… somehow people just end up giving the stuff to her. Like right now, and Cenlia takes another swig from the mug. She's got two mugs of wine in her and at least half a mug of firewater, and she's still talking in coherent sentences. Well, mostly coherent, "B'miel's real shwell! Wish he was around so I could ask him ta foshter me." She pouts a little at her mug, "Eled wantsh to drag me back home ta South Boll. But 'm uncle ish just gonna foshtr me off ta some crushty vinter in Fort Hold!" That last bit is almosta whine. Eledri lowers the book a little. Only a little. And peers over at his lamenting sister. Hadn't they sorted this situation out already? Apparently not. Cenlia heaves a sigh, and then chugs back the rest of that mug of firewater, coughing out a flushed-faced, "That'sh some good burn!"

Ysa is clean! Besides the swig from the bottle, she actually got to the infirmary completely sober, unlike the patient she found within. "The burn isn't so bad, really. It really warms up the body and livens one up. And I hope this B'miel isn't a relative of R'miel's that I didn't know about, or I might have chosen the wrong farmer as a weyrmate." Her green eyes scan the infirmary quickly though, making sure that said bronzer wasn't around hearing distance. She takes another swig and then turns to stare at Cenlia. "Faranth, gal, how much have ya had?" She scans Eledri quickly, quirking her brow. "She looks like she's finding Xanadu home 'nough. I doubt they can't force ya back," she says to Cenlia.

"Why don't ya just weyrmate with 'im?" Thea's asking Cenlia perplexedly. She's not drunk, really. She is tipsy enough to have lost her better judgement, though as she's forgotten the young age of the gardener. "Solves your problem right there. He's from Xanadu, right? Or there must be someone we could fix you up with, eh Ysa?" Cenlia has an older brother over there across the room? Who knew? Likely without wine and fellis she'd know the answer to that one, but right now… "Warms…" she shakes her head at Ysa, blinking at keep her in focus, "So, what's it taste like?" Those voices are still out in the hall, seems they're not coming in just yet. Apparently they're having a conference out there.

Cenlia giggles, "Been nippin' the ale Izzy brought when the healersh weren't lookin'." Aha, Cenlia was already boozing before the wineskins arrived. It's debatable how much alcohol is actually in her, since she'd been sneaking sips of the stuff now and again. But her speech isn't /too/ slurred. Can't be /that/ much. Right? The girl blinks, still pouting at her empty mug, though the continued pout might be because the mug's now empty. When Ysa speaks again, the gardener girl grins, saying, "Dun think B'miel shwings that way." But then she giggles, "R'miel's yer weyrmate?" She knew that already. Maybe. Cenlia nods, though, "Dun shuppose ya want a foshterling? Can help ya set up that wishkey-still he wash talkin' about." And then she peers at the exit, adding, "X'hil offered ta foshter me, but he's to little." There's a pause. "Young. Too young. Young enough ta be m' brother. Actsh like one too. 'Sides, he jush found out he hash tots of hish own. Too bad, woulda been fun. Sir Kinseth's th' besht getwaydwagon on Pern!" And then she sulks a bit, adding, "Eled's a trundlebug." Eledri rolls his eyes and hids his face behind that book, determinedly ignoring the boozing women over there.

Ysa is still keeping her eyes on Cenlia, the girl probably having enough alcohol in her system to knock out a sailor soon. "I think ya should hand over that mug," she says with her hand sticking out, though she still grins at her. "Yup, only my weyrmate and if it's known otherwise… well, you'd let me know, right?" Possessive goldrider alert! Her eyes travel from the girl to her older brother. "Fosterling? Aren't you a bit old for that?" She gulps from the firewater and nearly chokes on it. "Shells, gal, I don't look /that/ much older either, do I?" Pout. She looks to Thea for confirmation, too. "Oh, it tastes marvelous. Ya want to give it a try?" She holds the bottle out to the younger goldie.

Thea swings her gaze Cenlia's way asking stupidly, "Who's Eled?" She adds a few slow blinks to that question before squinting at the gardener gal. Ow. Hurts her eyes. Seeing clearly is highly overrated anyway and the young Junior gives it up. Thinking that Ysa means her in her 'hand over that mug' command, Thea extends hers, not even bothering to try focusing at this point as she peers back at the weyrwoman, "Older than wha?" The talk of weyrmates has her remembering, "Oh yah, you watch 'im, Cen. Rennu, she…" eyes slide back to Ysa and… what was the question now? Her hand is still offering the mug to Ysa.

Cenlia pouts a bit, and begins to hand the mug over with a pouty, "Am not drunk yet." Yet. But she sees Thea holding out a mug and hesitates. Cenlia's still got that wineskin in her lap, too. The gardener girl eyes Thea and then Ysa and says, "Eled's 'm brother," and she waves her empty mug vaguely in the young man's direction. The the girl suddenly bursts out, "Am a whole fourteen turnsh! Should be old enough ta look after m'shefl. But my Uncle Cern, he thinksh I need 'adult shupervision' or somethin' an' ish threatenin' t' tell my ma about the time with the tree an' the hat if I dun head home…" And she seems to sober a little at that thought. But then Cenlia giggles and nods while saying, "Yush, will let ya know." She seems to peer at Ysa a bit, mumbling, "Thought X'hil wash Eled's age, the way he was goin' on when I met 'im. An' he can't even hold his tuber ale. An' he always runs away! From everything. Even his own ma. From ovines even! When that one got in here, he was hidin' under the cot! Hidin'! Form an ovine! Bet he'd have run away from it in the garden too, if Eled hadn't shot arrow in his butt-" She seems happy to rant on about X'hil, now that she's got going, but that last bit has her dissolving into giggles.

Shellie groans, as her eyes flutter open, and she shifts slightly in her bed

X'hil staggers back into the infirmary looking entirely sheepish and making odd clinking sounds. Wait, clinking? Aaanyway… He stumbles in right before Cenlia's rant, because he has such /great/ timing for rants, it's like … instinct. He somehow manages to look even more sheepish, though that's definitely a challenge, and guilty to boot. "An ovine /fell/ on me!" he complains, with a grimace. "Twisted my ankle…" Running away… /before/ the ovine fell.

Ysa gives a pointed glance around the room before she turns back to Cenlia. And even if she hesitates, Ysa's reaching out to try to snag her mug away from here. "From what I see, you're being supervised. By adults. I got two kids of my own, and they're looked out well 'nough in the Weyr while 'm not around. Ya can tell your mother that the Weyr's all looking out for ya." She listens to the ranting of X'hil with a big toothy grin, bobbing her head. "Men need to learn to take care of themselves first before others." And his arrival gets a glance and a shake of her head. But it's Thea's words that make the goldrider stiffen and quiet down, turning to stare at her. "/That/ gal is just bad influence, whatever she might've said. I wouldn't believe a word she's said." Was that to Cenlia or Thea? Though the younger goldie had been warned before. Gulp. Firewater, yum.

"You haf another brother here?" Thea asks Cenlia, before eyeing her empty mug with disappointment. "Okay, but just a little bish," she answers Ysa belatedly. She turns towards Cenlia, catching X'hil's arrival, but her warning dies as the girl goes on. She's lost her train of thought. "His mama was mad at him, too?" Besides who else? Thea can't remember right now. She greets the bronzer with a big smile, "Ohh, hiiii X'hil. You did?" She eyes his ankles, but it takes too much effort to see them clearly. "Which one? See we -told- ya not ta go ou' like tha. You need butt muscles to walk ri'. Hope ya learn from your misnakes." Her eyes turn towards Ysa, "What girl?"

At the bronzer's entrance and subsequent reminder of the flying ovine, Cenlia dissolves into laughter, "Y- ya woulda let me and Medani get trampled! What kinda bronzerider are ya! Even let Thea get jabbed in the butt!" She subsides into giggles, and is too busy to notice her mug getting snagged by Ysa. But when the gardener girl can finally speak again, and grins, "Aww, ya got tots too?" She looks /so/ disappointed. With a sigh, the girl slumps and peers over towards her brother, "My ma won't b'lieve me. Nobody ever does." Eledri has had about enough, and after eavedropping from behind the book, he states quite loudly, "Maybe if you were more /responsible/, Cenlia, Uncle Cernien wouldn't have gotten involved in the first place." Cenlia sticks her tongue out at her brother, muttering, "Am reshponshible." But then she eyes the wineskin in her lap and pouts a little, mumbling, "Not my fault Sir Kinseth got seen flyin' over the orchards." She then blinks a bit at Thea, saying to Ysa, "She's drunker'n I am."

Shellie yawns, and looks over at everyone else. "What is all the sharding noise in here for?" She blinks tiredly, still under the influence of the fellis she was given earlier.

X'hil /bliiinks/ at Thea, then makes a strangled snickering sound. Must. Not. Snicker. Must. Not. Snicker. "I… It's better now." he says with a shrug, walking very slooowly over. "I learned alright. I learned tuber liquor is /evil/." he snorts, carefully pulling a pair of bottles from under his patients gown. He'd been holding them there with one arm, using the other to keep himself from falling over. "/Ale/ is where it's at." pause. "Also, Kinseth is fine. Told me not to worry, sent me back." There's a sheepish shrug at that, before he leans against the wall - leaning his shoulder against it, not his back - and cracking open the bottle, taking a hearty swig. He's not drunk yet, but he soon will be. He at least seems to be less antsy now that he's checked on Kinseth.

Ysa is not giving up Cenlia's mug. Though that soon joins all the trash they're probably dropping onto the floop (aka paperwork). She finally hands the firewater bottle over to Thea with a chuckle. "You'll get all warm feelings in ya from it, an' fall in love. Trust me." Trust the alkie! She eyes the girls and snickers while shaking her head. "You're /all/ drunk. And Cenlia, didn't you think that your friend here is a goldrider at Xanadu? We'll both, on behalf of the Weyr, write to your Mum and tell her you're in good hands. She must believe the word of a weyrwoman… right?" Though this junior could name a few people that wouldn't care less, including her own mother. "I told ya he wasn't dying, X'hil. Come on, rest now. You're back with more problems for the Healers, and even they're sick, too." Which she waves a hand towards the waking Shellie, smiling sheepishly. To Thea she sighs again. "Rennu, the tramp. That one. Don't matter."

"I am not drunk!" Well, Thea is, but she doesn't seem to think so. X'hil let her get jabbed in the butt? "Eh, he did?" She reaches a hand down to pat her rear. Not sore anymore, so she's confused. Shellie's question catches her off guard, "I don't hear any noise, Cen you hear any?" X'hil's funny noises have her blinking his way and she wails, "But-but you just said you twisted it!" When Ysa hands her the bottle, she blinks at it for a moment, having forgotten she'd asked to try some. She shrugs and splashes some into her mug before handing the bottle back to the weyrwoman. Is there any even left in it? "Runnu… h-havend seen her 'round. I'll tell 'er yer lookin' for her." Thea raises the mug and takes a mouthful.

Cenlia gives Shellie a guilty look and giggles at Thea, "Umm." And then the gardener girl peers at those bottles X'hil has, and snickers, saying much more quietly, "Aw, yer just sayin' that 'cause ya can't hold her booze." Cenlia, apparently, can. Even with a concussion. For the girl stands up, blinking a bit, and heads over to Eledri's cot. She only wobbles slightly, and that might even be from the concussion, not the booze. Eledri eyes her extremely suspiciously, but then looks exasperated as Cenlia leans down and snags the nearly-full ale bottle from under his bed. She straightens, now holding both the wineskin and booze bottle in her hands and grinning. At Ysa's words she blinks, looking thoughtful, "Tha' miiight work," she decides, her grin widenening as she makes her way to her own cot, stowing the wine and ale underneath. Eledri is eyeing his sister suspiciously, but saying nothing. He's a bit outnumbered, anyhow.

Shellie sighs, and turns over, grunting in pain, as she pulls her pillow over her head.

X'hil grumbles a bit, but he does give Ysa a meek, or mock-meek, "Yes, ma'am." He seems to be even a little, well, not cheerful, but not nearly as sulky as he was. "I worry, is all. He knows I worry, he does what he can to make me /not/. Was hoping this wasn't one of those times. Luckily, it wasn't." Glug glug glug, he tosses back a good portion of the bottle, eyeing Thea. "You /are/." he points out, with a small smirk. "I said I twisted it, didn't say /when/ I twisted it. Was weeks ago, months probably. It's aaall better." Yep. Glug glug glug. He peers over at Shellie curiously, but he's not walking all the way over there. Wall's nice. Right. His wound is hurting quite a bit now, and he may have torn his stitches with all that walking, but he's trying to ignore it. He has the booze!

Ysa laughs outright at Thea. "Ya sharding are drunk, gal." And she waggles a finger all in her face, as if it might prove it. Who knows. "And don't ya dare bother that brat. Leave her to whatever rider she's got trapped and me out of it." The still mostly sober goldrider pouts as her hands are empty, glancing from one boozed person to the other and finally resting on Cenlia first. "It better sharding work. That's two goldriders vouching for ya, and we don't do all the upkeeping work in a Weyr cause we're not responsible, ya know. We're good people looking out for ya." She makes sure to give her older brother and stern look. "Are ya alright there?" she asks X'hil, suspiciously looking him over.

Thea swallows it. She -so- IS drunk! She coulda just spit it out, right? But nooooo. She has to swallow the vile stuff. Gasp-choke-wheeze! Her eyes get all teary and when she finishes coughing, she turns disbelieving eyes upon Ysa, "Shells how can you -drink- that stuff?" She blinks at the blur of a finger Ysa's waving in front of her, not sure if she's supposed to do something with it or..? X'hil's comment sinks in, and she snaps, "Well, why not? You mocking me or something?" No, he wouldn't do that right? Not after the way she's been needling him? "Hey Cen, come back with that skin. I need some wine to get this taste out of my mouth." Poor Shellie, burrowing under her pillow is forgotten in the warm haze that is now spreading from her belly. Absently, she raises her mug, still has the firewater in it, too.

Cenlia glances at X'hil, saying, "Glad Sir Kinseth's okay. He's the besht getaway dragon on Pern." And she says it like she believes it, too. The girl then nods to Ysa, mumbling a, "Hope it works…" Eledri hides behind his book again. Cenlia grins at Thea, "Where's the skin you had just now?" But the gardener girl is leaning down again anyway, to grab the wineskin under the bed. It's a good thing Cenlia's next to her cot, because the next thing she knows she's doing a faceplant into her pillow. Wheee, and down she goes. Her four little flits chitter at her, getting out of the way quickly. The little bronze peers over and noses the girl's side, but when she swats him away, he gives a snort and goes back to his rock pile at the foot of the bed. The other flits decide to use Cenlia as a pillow, and curl up again as the girl tries to get up, mumbling an, "Ug, m'head." Concussion, or booze? Probably both.

X'hil is /fine/. Yep. Fiiine. A little wobbly, but that's nothing new. "Could do with another coat of numbweed." he says, in much the same way someone might suggest slapping another coat of paint on a wall. He finishes the first bottle, wobbling forward to put it on the closest surface, then grimacing. "Don' really see any /healers/ about though." Well, except for Shellie. And that young apprentice, who has been sort of jumpy ever since X'hil returned. There's no way the man would be happy to hear his stitches needed redoing from that poor kid, shards, the boy must be all of twelve, probably couldn't even tie his own shoelaces, let alone stitch a wound up. "'M not mocking anyone, I swear." Maybe she's drunk enough to buy it? In other words, yes, he's mocking Thea. He /peers/ over at Cenlia, with a snerk. "You okay?" he asks, a little concerned. She's probably the only friend he really has here at the moment, at least, in the infirmary. Izzy is out there somewhere. Two friends, in all of the Weyr. And maybe Nosken, the guy whose nose he broke for teasing him for wearing a dress. Yeah. That guy.

Shellie groans, and throws the pillow off her face. She scowls, and reaches over to the small bag in which her clothes are, then pulls out her knot, and puts it on, then motions to the on duty apprentice. She frowns, and whispers something to him, then sends him off.

Ysa lets out another loud laugh at the younger junior's reaction to the drink. "It might be an acquired taste if you're not used to drinking," she says in between a little fit of snickering. At a snort she manages to control herself and shakes her head. "No appreciation for a fine gift, really. Maybe next time I'll not bring ya anything. Well, I guess I can't leave ya to have all the fun yourself… I'll play ya something next time since ya can't hold your drink." She pats the bottle where it's left on the table and then gets up from her seat, turning to X'hil. "/Lay down/, man and— Healers!" She bellows out loud enough for someone to hear at least, quite common when she was in the infirmary. "There we go, someone'll be with you now. I better get out of here myself before /I/ lose my head." Ysa? Not wanting to get drunk? Gasp.

Thea's hand stops the mug halfway to her lips. She has a wineskin? She looks down at her lap. Oh yeah! She does, doesn't she? She pours some wine into the mug, forgetting there's already some firewater in there. The wine mixes with it. Carefully Thea re-corks the skin, letting it slip from her lap to the floor, instantly forgotten as she raises it to take a swig. Thea's X'hil's friend! Well, noo, she's his would-be murderess and that's gotta count for something, right? Sorta like a mistress? Or something. "Didja say hi to Seryth for me?" There's a wistful tone there. In her vulnerable state, she's lowered her guard. Shellie has been completely forgotten as has her feud with X'hil. "Healers?! What're they doing here?" Don't ask her where she is, she wouldn't be able to tell you.

And this time, one of the more senior healers comes in. Instead, she doesn't hed for X'hil, or Ysa. She's on a trundlebug line for Shellie. After all, patient or not, the greenrider is pretty much the boss here. She leans down, and whispers for a few moments with the petite healer, then straightens up. "I'm sorry everyone, but, effective immediately, the Infirmary is dry. I need all drinking alcohol to be either taken out or turned over to me.

Cenlia is too busy trying to remove clingy firelizards to notice much of anything, though she flails a bit when Ysa yells for healers. The girl half-rises, but then flops back down on her cot. Yea, she ain't goin' anywhere anytime soon. The girl blinks blearily at X'hil, "Yea, m' fine. Jusht… dizzy." Eledri frowns over at his sister, then goes back to hiding behind that computer manual. Cenlia's flits, seeing they've got the upper hand, pile onto her back and croon, pleased to have claimed the human as a pillow.

X'hil grimaces as Ysa bellows, shuffling back to his cot to hide the other bottle, since healers are likely to be coming - especially since Shellie has just sent the apprentice away. He stashes the bottle under the pillow, for later. Yep. Never mind that he'd get in more trouble if it was discovered. Cough. He looks very guilty when the other healer calls for all the alcohol. Man, and he didn't even get /drunk/, either. He glances over at Thea, and nods. "Yeah… Yeah. She's looking good. Very, very…" he smirks a little. It may have something to do with Kinseth having no other company, or there may be something else, but the bronze is quite taken with the gold.

Ysa was just about to start making for the exit when she stops and starts to step back instead at the Healer approaching. "Sorry girls," she says softly to the two quite drunk girls there, trying to look very sympathetic at the announcement. She reaches over and plucks her gift-bottle from the table again. "I'll hold onto this for ya, Thea. Or Cenlia, whoever wants it. Or ya X'hil. I'll take the rest of the booze for ya if ya want me to hold it." Her eyes glance towards the Healer again and she leans closer to whisper loudly. "Don' let 'em get their crummy hands on 'em!" So she was slightly buzzed already, but she was at least kind enough to offer to take the booze out for them to hold.

And with that, Shellie lays back, and closes her eyes.

Thea sort of wobbles on the brink of teary gratitude - aided by the alcohol no doubt - of X'hil's report. "I miss 'er." Sniff-sniff. She blearily gazes at the healers. She still doesn't understand what they are doing in her bedroom. Note, she's not questioning the presence of all the others. Sliding down into her cot, drawing the covers up to her chin, she manages to conceal the wineskin with the drooping coverlet, quite unintentional as she's forgotten it is even there. The mug is still in one hand, hanging limply and precariously over the edge of the bed. "Hol' wha' Ys-?" She can't seem to remember much tonight. She passes out, loosening her grip on the mug. If the healers were going to release her, they'll have to cart her back to her weyr.

Cenlia mumbles something incoherent into her pillow, but has given up attempting remove the happy flits. Good thing that the booze is still hidden under her cot, out of sight. At Ysa's offer, Cenlia waves a hand a bit, but she's not quite coherent as she mumbles something about 'B'miel' and 'ovines'. The girl does groan, though, at the mention of a 'dry' but anything else she might say is muffled by her pillow and the grogginess induced by the post-boozing warmth. Mmm booze.

X'hil raises an eyebrow at Ysa, still quite sober, really. He's not about to hand over his bottle, just so she can go and /drink/ it. Nope. /His/. There's a long guilty pause, and the man grimaces, digging out the bottle from under the pillow, and relinquishing it to Ysa with a sigh. Kinseth's orders. Ysa is X'hil's choice — better her, who'll appreciate the good quality ale, than the healer. He looks wistfully on as both Thea and Cenlia show very obvious signs of being drunk. That could have been him! Sigh.

Ysa glances between Thea and the Healer again. "Boooze," the goldrider sing-songs out with a giggle that she quickly cuts off. The firewater was hitting her (empty stomach and all, probably). She makes sure to give the stern Healer a quick nod before she gathers up her bottle and then takes the one from X'hil. "I'll make sure to keep it nice and safe!" And empty by the time he finds her. "Feel better, guys," she says in parting, slipping away from the Healer with her stash and giving one last sympathetic glance over her shoulder before heading out.

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