We Can't Be Friends

Seelie Court (Evi's weyr)
// At first sight, even from the outside, this weyr is big. Off a long and twisty path, tucked close to the ridge between where the forest meets the meadow. The rock looming overhead provides security. Externally the walls are a mix of wood and stone, the front marked by a large teal wooden door with two yellow flowering plants framing it. The sides of the weyr have trellis's pushed up against the walls, and creeping vines enclose the wall-sized bay windows that wrap around the structure of the dwelling and make up the entire front-facing second story. A purple painted stone path leads back to a dragonsized door of bright violet, round and ginormous compared to human doors, made of hard solid wood with mechanical pistons that allow for smooth opening and closing.

Inside it's clear, this place was meant to be lived in by more than a few people, it's enormous. Much larger than a dwelling occupied by a lone greenrider. There's an ample kitchen, a grand wooden dining table with enough matching chairs for 8 people. Beyond that a den, soft lilac chairs are surrounded by shelves meant for books that look out onto the side garden full of seasonal flowers and avian feeders. Adjacent to the den is a left spiraling wooden staircase. The rear portion holds a gigantic couch, softly covered in soft fabrics of every color and embroidered with intricate floral and vine patterns. There's a closet the size of an average bedroom, twenty hooks line the walls, straps of varying colors and embellishments as well as oil, cloths, and anything necessary for dragon care lays on the shelves. Further in is another living room, a sofa of bright coral, and two matching comfortable chairs surround a table covered in the hide of a herdbeast dyed neon pink. Rugs are scattered throughout the entire dwelling, soft and fluffy, and houseplants sit near every window.

Ah spring - the birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, and V'ayn is benturing outdoors. The baker is /not/ familiar with this area in the least and attempting to find Evi/Neifeth's lair seems to be proving difficult. "You're sure it's this way?" The bronzerider murmurs under his breathe as he tromps through a field. currently he is dressed in skin-protectant clothing: a light jacket (because hey spring is still kind of cold), pants, and boots. In his hands he carries two things very carefully - one a box of unidentified desserts and the other a wet napkin with something rolled inside of it. « Pretty sure…» The heat of Varequoth's mind seeps out across the Weyr, searching for Neifeth. « Right? » He looks for confirmation from the green!

Neifeth is easy enough to spot, in the back garden stretched all the way out in a spot bare of all plant life. Flowers grow around the circle surrounding the barren spot, bright orange, yellow, red, and purple blooms all meticulously planned out to create a bright 'display' shelf for Neifeth. Neon green wings are fully open, displaying the WARNING sign that should come printed on this dragon's forehead, but is instead subtly hidden in her danger green sails. Reaching forth, there's a flash of blood-soaked light, as if the mind has been in a battle and the field that meets Varequoth and V'ayn is a macabre scene, animals litter the ground, viscera everywhere, the grass itself stained a deep crimson. «WHat do you— ahh.» SNAP. A moment the field brightens, the grass overgrowing and twisting into trees topped with fluffy pink cotton candy tops, the bark still red, but now the dead creatures are sucked under. The sky moves from gray to an eye soring bright vermillion, Nei sharing all of this with V'ayn because he stumbled upon her home, and she'll do as she wishes. The idea that Nei does what she desires, no matter what, anyway is glaringly apparent. «Knock on the front, mine is oiling the furless ones.» A tang of disgust for Evi's odd pets. Up above a window opens, Evi staring down the side of her home. "OH, hello! Please, come in? We so rarely have visitors." It's probably obvious why. She sounds delighted, even if Nei isn't

V'ayn was less than prepared for this mental onslaught and he freezes in place. For a brief moment disgust crosses his features - thanks to mental animal carcasses - but he swallows it down. He /is/ the one that came to visit after all. Varequoth doesn't seem nearly as disturbed. In fact, the bronze dragon lets out a low chuckle, « Fierce ain't begin to cover this! » His smooth drawl is accompanied by an injection of billowing sand clouds in the green's landscape. V'ayn is just about to knock on the door when Evi catches sight of them and he holds out the couple of things in his hands, "Thank you, I brought some stuff for you!" In exchange for her help. Tentatively he'll open the door and make his way in at her invitation, though it wouldn't be difficult for Neifeth to stop him!

Neifeth is content to go back to her nap, though she naps LOUDLY, allowing her thoughts to bubble up around anyone in the vicinity. Bizzare imagery, flowers bloom and decay and then bloom again except that they're now different colors and have thorns of bright gold. Golden thorns grow dense and thick, pointy, and foreboding before the world is turned upside down in a nauseating display of mental prowess, not many dragons posses, much less green dragons. The mind is similar to Ilyscaeth's in power, able to bend and twist the world it is in with ease, she's little, but she's LOUD. Evi wanders down the spiral staircase, wearing a bright violet dress that goes to her ankles, it's simple and understated. Unlike this weyr, which is the farthest thing from dull or understated. "You can sit if you wish. Um, tea? Klah? I have juice… " In her arms is a blue-eyed Siamese looking feline, which is entirely devoid of all hair. Naked. Carrying the cat like it's an arm bag, a fat light blue firelizard lands on her shoulder. So this is how females live. "What do you have?" Asking politely while grabbing two mugs, both floral in design one orange and the other green.

Varequoth's mind is not nearly as complicated as Neifeth's and the result is that V'ayn is gettting a mild headache. He furrows his brows briefly, going quiet for a few moments. Perhaps it's a silent please to his lifemate to fill his mind with something more comforting and the bronze obliges the best he can. A flash of desert heat brings V'ayn back just in time to take in the green pair's weyr. "This is…very interesting." He can't seem to take in all of the area at once and eventually focuses on Evi. "Ah - klah I think - the stronger the better." It'll make it easier for him to /not/ get lost in Neifeth's mind. As for what he's brought, the baker only opens the box after he's taken a seat. Inside are six hand-sized spheres, each one covered in different colors of sugary whisps to make them look like small fur balls. "A slight interpretation of what Varequoth shared about Neifeth the other day…though I might have missed the mark!" They're cute at least? "Peach jelly center, citrus mouse, vanilla cake, and spun sugar fluff." As for the other item, the thing wrapped in the damp towel, that explanation is saved for later.

Complicated, loud, colorful, there's smells that come with each image, and they're not bad, but it's a mind-bending experience. After a few minutes, the images settle down, it's as if the room that is her mind has a ceiling of stars and a floor of stars at times the sky turns from black to pink and stars change from bright white light to neon blue, in a rhythmic fashion the floor undulates like water. Peaceful and entrancing, you can see tell it's probably a riot for anyone who into this sort of thing. Evi barely notices, taking a twirl and smiling absently at her home "Yes, we got lucky." It's a good time to wonder who they murdered to live here. Seriously. Klah is quickly made, pouring bark powder into a kettle that's placed on the stove. "It'll be a few, what brings you um, here?" Dancing forward, she stares down at the furballs and giggles, "She likes that, furry things and color, she needs her nap, but um, I'll make sure she sees them." Not that she'll care, but Evi does. The hairless cat is placed on her lap as she slides into a dining room chair. "Do you want a cat to pet?" ALRIGHT so V'ayn's not come off as a pet person but, Evi has to offer, or she'd not be evi.

"I…have a favor to ask." It seems that Varequoth's mental distractions are plenty at this time and V'ayn is not quite swept away by that sea of stars. He reaches over for the carefully rolled napkin and unfurls it to reveal an oridinary vine clipping. "If you haven't figured out I'm not an outdoors person, and that includes plants. But…I did want to try growing this one. If possible. Unless it only grows on cliffs in which case maybe I can find a rock?" The baker absently runs a finger across one of the few leaves and glances towards Evi, "What do you think?" He needs assistance! As for the desserts he gives a little smile, "They're for eating though - unless you're allergic." A pause. "/Are/ you allergic to anything?"

Neifeth's mind waxes and wanes, as if it's a tide that matches her breathing pattern. Curtains (the cat) is placed down, there's a meow of complaint as Evi leans forward and drags the paper towel gently towards her, the clipping is examined by wide brown-green eyes that know a thing or two about the subject. Humming quietly the young woman stands, "Uh, well, it's going to need soil and water, I have special soil back here, you need… decay to grow things. Decay, as in death, Evi's words might echo something he's recently seen. "When um, things.. die sometimes, excuse me, they leave… traces of minerals behind." Walking towards the book shelf that stands in the first of two sitting rooms, up on her tiptoes a book is pulled down. "Here." Moving back with the book titled, -PERNESE HORTICULTURE A PRIMER.- "This will help, it needs soil now."

"I have to plant it in soil made out of dead animals?" V'ayn can't tell if his assumptions are right or wrong, but this is the distinct thought that comes to mind. He frowns slightly at the little vine before reaching his hands out for the book. The longer he thinks about this whole compost business the less comfortable he becomes. "Do you have a pot I could borrow too? And maybe some gloves? Or I could come back with gloves." The baker shows willingness, though with some caveats. If she does start heading in one direction or another it appears that the bronzerider will follow while flipping through the book.

Tilting her head to one side, mouth crinkling in before a giggle escapes her lips and cheeks rise to meet eyes. "Uh, well… that's." Silence, she's totally looking at him like he's the crazy person, before realizing. "Oh, no… it's mostly dead plants, rotted vegetables. I have my own out back, you can come. If you wish, if you don't want to, I understand." Sudden awkwardness overtakes her, she babbles before picking up the cat off the floor. "A moment, please, she can't be down here." Bouncing up the stairs at unnecessary speed, Evi is back sans cat and is heading for the dragon couch area, reaching the door, she will turn around with a SNAP and stand on her tiptoes. Extending her hand, she will place her index finger on V'ayn's lips. SHHH. No speaky. The door opens with not a squeak, creak, or scrape. Outside is a lush garden, the natural forest, and meadows planted with wildflowers and fragrant herbs. A labor of love, the center point the barren circle where Neifeth sleeps.

V'ayn seems to be slightly lost in the whirlwind of everything happening but he'll at least venture after the woman. There's an abrupt raising of both eyebrows when the finger is placed on his lips and as soon as she's turned away he rubs at his mouth with the back of a sleeve. "But…gloves?" There's a slight hope that either Sir Moldenstein will come through (despite his refusal to retrieve things yesterday) or that Evi has hidden protective clothing somewhere outside. In the meantime he pulls up the collar of his jacket to hide his nose and stuffs both hands into his pockets. When he spies the garden outside it's certainly /not/ what he expected. Blue-green eyes go slightly wide as he takes in the scenery and he can't help but ask, "You did all this? Look nice." Not that he wants to lounge in it like Nei, but it's pretty!

Yeah, like Nei would let V'ayn enjoy her garden in peace. Possible, but unlikely. "We did it, Nei and I." There's a path that's big enough for ONE person, narrow and made through wear and not by any proper clearing technique. Skirting past her sleeping dragon, there's a pause as Evi smiles lovinglyg at Neifeth before proceeding forward. After a minutes walk, they're in the forest section behind the home, a creek babbles nearby and avian feeders made or purple, blue, and green glass reflect light and twirl on the wire that holds them up. To the right there's a pile about 4 foot high and 4 foot high, it has a slightly odor to it and a pile of pots stand nearby it. "Can I um, ask, sir, why is this plant important? No offense, please." Mousey, even though this is totally her home and she has no reason to be, it's her way though. There's ZERO comment about gloves, a porcelain pot painted in a swirl of yellow and blue, with glittery felines etched onto it. Bending down, a trowel is used to scoop the dirt into the pot, "See, no gloves… How long have you been um, so clean?" Not that Evi is dirty, but she's not fastidiously clean… She will totes just lay on the ground. "Also um, I have no allergies. Except when proddy, then it's everything." When proddy evi is nearly unable to drink water.

V'ayn gingerly makes his way along the path and once they reach the end he pauses to wrinkle his nose. His face remains mostly hidden until Evi is calling him /sir/ and then that collar quickly comes down. "Whoa whoa whoa…I don't think I'm old enough to warrant /that/. Please." For now, the baker resists the urge to cover back up and answers the greenrider's question, "Ah…consolation prize from N'on. I was looking for some flowers for my recipe but my flit lead me wrong. All the cliff had was this vine." And apparently now he's going to keep it! As for the cleanliness issue - "A /very/ long time." Though it had gotten a lot better for a while there, V'ayn is fully aware of how contradictory his behavior is at times. In certain moments he's able to push the anxiety aside and other times it just swallows him whole. He can't seem to find much rhyme or reason as to why, but then again…the human mind is complicated!

Holding the pot out, there's a second pat given before Evi moves further forward to the bank of the creek. "It's um, a habit." Which he might understand, sir is her slip up when uneasy or dealing with people. "You put flowers in your food?" Giggling as if it's totally absurd, bending down and scooping water in her hands, once, twice, until she's pleased with it in some manner. It's hard to tell what the goal is, trouncing back towards the weyr proper she glances at V'ayn. "I um.. I understand." Could be a lie, but she always seems extremely sincere and sweet, a child playing house. "I um, I like N'on. A lot. More than like." Silence, walking the path with a slight skip in her step.

"Some flowers are edible, some are for decoration - it all kind of depends." V'ayn gives a small shrug before allowing a grin to appear on his face. "If you're surprised at flowers you should really try some of my more creative stuff." He watches all of her movements with vague uneasiness because he really /can't/ figure out what she's doing half the time. The baker will continue trailing along after her however, only pausing slightly when she starts talking about N'on. "Yeah, you'd mentioned that in the kitchen the other day. It's good that he has you around." the words are said quietly but by his tone of voice it's clear that the bronzerider means every single one of them. His reply given, V'ayn proceeds to continue following behind.

"I'm… Not everything tastes good to me, it's- " Hard, a struggle, a lot of food is attempted and then put down quickly due to it not pleasing the greenrider in one way or another, on her toes as they pass Neifeth again, silent and quick to make sure she's not disturbed. The outside of this door has no knob. An oddity, they're flush to the wall and look impossible to open. Reaching down low, a flower pot is reached around and it pops open mechanically. Whoever lived here before her, was very clever indeed. "He… I do not know, um, what happened. I am not sure it's my business." No eye contact is made, she's speaking while walking and her voice is quiet and slightly sad. "You seem, very nice, and I am sure we could be friends. N'on is, my brother. I will need to be on his side, -we- will need to be on his side. You are nice, a bronzerider, you are not ugly and um, you probably have people on your side." Other people. No malice, quiet facts with not a hint of malice. Reaching the table, the pot is placed on it, even though it's not that clean. "Um, do you want me to.. plant this?" Suddenly embarrassed, looking down at her toes like an erring child.

"Whoa um….right," V'ayn looks mildly taken aback by the words coming from the girl's mouth, "I'm not here to ply your favor or try to win some battle of the sides." The baker frowns distinctly now and glances over at the pot on the table, "Look, I really wouldn't have come here if it wasn't for the plant. My friends aren't into this stuff." No - his friends are more into throwing things off the clock tower with him. "I'd definitely appreciate it if you helped me with the potting but I'll head out after that, don't worry." Though she may not intend to throw him out, V'ayn doesn't seem intent on treading in these awkward waters for much longer.

[DTU/Project] Varequoth senses that Neifeth a rush of crimson grass, suddenly it's blue, now pink, settling on ornage the mind attached warm and sunny as the smell of ginger and patchouli swirls around. The gentle sway of trees in the distance, «Does your mind mine? Not that I care but she seems to care. And so then I care.» Midtoned, loud, obnoxious and right to the point.

[DTU/Project] Neifeth senses that Varequoth allows his desert mindscape to meld at the edges of neon colored grass and lets out a mental snort, « Mind what she's sayin'? Mind how she's actin'? » The desert sands in his mind shift as a hot gust of wind blows by, « The boy just wants the plant to live - don' think he cares much how that happens. He's grateful that she's helpin' him out. » Perhaps not quite the answer the green was looking for but for now this is what the large dragon shares.

Sadness, Evi resigned sadness washes over her face as she tucks the vine into the soil as if it were her first born child. Fingers that are gentle and careful, smoothing the soil over and leaning down to whisper near the leaves. "It's… not personal um. Please know, I." Quiet, unable to find words anymore and unable to make eye contact. Movements are slowed, mechanicaly in nature as she grabs a clean cloth and wipes the pot down. "You.. are welcome here, but you have to… He said something, when I was a weyrling about going away. Um, N'on said he might not be around and made me promise to care for his family and if this does that I do not know how I'll do anything. He's always been there, for me, for us. If you're the reason he goes away, I'll not be able to forgive you." It's that simple, there's now tears running down her face as she holds out the pot. "Um… please don't throw anything off the clock tower, sir. It's um, dangerous."

[DTU/Project] Varequoth senses that Neifeth's colors surge forward once more, grabbing the sand and swirling it around until it's electric in nature and forms it's own rainbow paths through her grass, moving as if a snake was made of a swarm of insects. «Is he any closer to solving his issue, or should I continue cave shopping? I had found a nice one, we'd have a blast.» The SLIGHTEST of flirts from the bitchy green, mind tickling forward in a purr.

V'ayn lets out a frustrated sigh and look between the girl and the plant, "Look if N'on leaves, believe me - I'm not going to be the reason why. I'm also not the reason he asked you to take care of his family…but that's for him to share not me." The baker bends at the waist, trying to make eye contact with the girl, "If he was going to leave Xanadu because of me, I promise you, /I/ would leave before that could happen. You don't have to worry about that." There's a certain ferocity to his tone paired with stubborness. V'ayn straightens up then and shakes his head, "I appreciate it - I do, but I don't think I'll come here again." At least not for a while. He reaches into his pocket however and pulls out a clean blue handerchief before sliding it onto the table along with a more gentle smile, "He's lucky to have a friend like you." His tone of voice isn't angry or upset, just slightly sad. He finally reaches out for the pot however and holds it delicately in both hands. "I'll see you around though, yeah?" He may stick around for another minute or two, but soon he's taking his retreat.

[DTU/Project] Neifeth senses that Varequoth seems amused by this turn of events and soon the sun of his desert mind beats hotter and stronger, as if trying to reflect off of each individual grain of multicolored sand. « Wouldn' say he's closer to solving it…but it ain't necessarily gettin' worse? » The bronze seems somewhat bored by these human affairs but continues on nonetheless, « It'd be easier if he'd stop puttin' his foot in his mouth - too much thinkin'. » Despite Varequoth's very different approach to love matters, a deep sense of affection accompanies the dragon's words.

Evi stares at V'ayn, lips pursed and brows knit as she attempts to sort out how she feels about all of this. Making eye contact with Evi, it's clear how much every word she said meant. Intense in a way that's kind and fierce, a powerful person who balances the fey-wrought insanity sitting in the garden. "You're.. alike, you know. You and him. You sound alike too, willing to sacrifice for each other. I, wish it were different." Taking the handkerchief, it's tightly wrung in her hand. "I am, sorry, for everything. Maybe one day things will change, and we can be friends." She walks over to her door and ducks abashedly into her shoulder, young and small, but not weak. The strength in someone willing to help another, "Water the plant, don't allow it to get dry. Place it near a window but not in it, once it has a few more branches place it under shelter outside.. Um.. yeah. Thank you, for stopping by."

V'ayn turns around briefly to nod his head in Evi's direction, "No, thank you for your help." He purposefully doesn't respond to everything that she says - but only because he doesn't know how to. The baker certainly reocgnizes the truth in some of her statements but he doesn't have the ability to process everything and reply at the moment. So, instead, he focuses on the plant. His fingers tightly clutch the outside of the pot as he walks away, no doubt both the object and his hands will receive a thorough scrubbing when he gets home. In the meantime, he'll just gaze down at it with a wistful expression on his face.

[DTU/Project] Varequoth senses that Neifeth brightens the sun ten fold, boiling hot and allowing it to slowly char her landscape, burning holes in the grass like a child setting bugs on fire with a magnifying glass. «Does he truly love that other one? Not that I think such a thing exists, though I was once in love with a pair of teal straps.» Ah the love of things, something Neifeth can fully support. «When you love somebody you have to love every single thing about them. Obviously. If he doesn't, then it might not be love.»

[DTU/Project] Neifeth senses that Varequoth watches the destruction of the mindscape without alarm. Instead of adding to the chaos of the green's mind however he simply watches her take over, much like when he watches V'ayn create his artistic deserts. « He loves him. » The words are a simple statement, though the bronze does follow with a caveat. « But you don't have to love every single thing about them - that ain't human love that is /our/ love. » The strength of a lifebond. « He loves despite the flaws. He hopes that Zhelinath's does too. » However feelings and actions don't always coincide, which is part of the reason for the current impasse.

[DTU/Project] Varequoth senses that Neifeth rolls her mental eyes a tad, ready to return to her nap with a snap «Too much thinking, not enough ripping things apart for my taste, cave it is.» That settles that, slowly her mind fades to stars and she's back to where she was moments before, dum, dum, dum!

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