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Xanadu Weyr - Rustic Treetop Cafe

// Perched on the cliff overlooking Xanadu's beach is a gnarled and massive skybroom tree. The bark and outer layers are sturdy enough to support the thriving, brushy top, but the interior, which is hollow, contains a spiral staircase that leads to a cafe built on a high platform amongst the branches. With a panoramic view of lake, sky, Weyr and the mountains beyond, the treetop eatery offers both sheltered seating just inside the trunk and tables on the wide deck that encircles the old tree.
The cafe's decor is comfortable and rustic, but closer inspection shows the smallest embellishments to be artfully combined into one detailed masterpiece. The wood of the doors, floor and walls of the trunk have been stained a dark mahogany that lends the space a sense of intimacy. Tables in various sizes have been carved to mimic driftwood, the chairs and benches padded with oiled sailcloth cushions to provide weather-proof comfort. Each table has an aged brass lantern filled with shells and agates gathered from Xanadu's shores, the sparkling natural mosaics holding tapered candles upright in their embrace. Lamps hang from the ceiling on silver poles, the thick frosted glass carved into intricate pastel shells or swirling white-capped waves. At night the colored glass softens the glowlight to enhance the ambience.
During the day, the retractable doors allow leaf-spattered sunlight to fill both the outer deck and the smaller interior with green and gold light, as well as allowing pleasant breezes to cool the interior. On clear nights, farviewers perch on the elaborately carved railing are free for use to enhance the gorgeous view of the stars over the Caspian Lake, the Sea of Azov beyond and the rock formations of the Weyr.

Mid-morning sees a decent crowd at the treetop cafe and no wonder! Spring is in the air and even with a brief relapse into more wintry days, today is bright, mild and definitely spring-like! Sitting just inside the cafe, Ru'ien has claimed a small table to himself. Lounging comfortably, he has a cup of tea in one hand, while the other balances a hidebound book in his lap. How… domestic? There's also a plate on the table's surface, but the contents have long since been devoured - only crumbs remain to the existence of food. Little has changed in the greenrider, though his clothing seems more fitting for a Smithcrafter today. Maybe he's not quite due at the forges? Or this is a stop along the way. His hair has been growing out, the majority of it tied back into a messy bun at the back of his head. Lifting the tea for a shallow sip, he's plagued by a momentary lapse in basic function - basically, he ends up dribbling, somehow, on that book. "Ah… shi-" The curse is half hissed, half scoffed as he fumbles the book away and hastily sets the tea far to the side. Ugh!

Not everyone can be a morning person, early morning work does not beckon to everyone. Except for Evi, the young greenrider is flushed from the cold of between with a light trickle of sweat down her brow. The bright teal wher hide jacket announces her presence, dampness apparent in the darkening of leather indicating she's been somewhere WET recently. The ensemble is offset with loose black pants that come together as if a skirt when the greenrider is still, pleated pants that give the illusion of being a different garment. For her part, Evi is the same in demeanor if different in work, bouncing up the stairs with purpose carrying her dark messenger bag that's standard-issue Comet wing. Without a thought, she dips around people, "Excuse me, ah yes, um, I need to be OH! Hello! Yes! Good day!" Every word from her mouth is too fast, bubbly in a way that isn't as authentic anymore. Filling a plate with fruits and breakfast veggies, a pastry covered in frosting and spices that oozes sugary delight, there's a minor search for a seat. Spotting Ru'ien, she flounces over, pulling the chair out, covering her mouth as he starts to curse, both bright cheeks rising into dimples and eyes twinkling with shared trouble. HELLO CHAOS BROTHER THING. Without asking, she settles herself down, placing the plate down and settling far too formal and stiff. Upright tightness exudes as she attempts seriousness for half a moment, trying it on like a child would a costume before relaxing back. "IS your book alright, and, are you expecting anyone? If so, I'll move. Or maybe join you! How are you?" Looking around for anyone that might be offended by her presence in this chair before settling all her chipperness on Ru'ien, words purring out. Morning people suck.

Does Ru'ien EVER turn down company? Hardly! Evi's arrival is met with a broad grin, while his gaze does the customary once-over. Outfit noted but uncommented upon, he'll focus instead on what truly matters to a man such as himself. "Aren't we just chipper and cheer this beau-ti-ful spring morning, hmm?" he muses, emphasizing the one word in unnecessary elongated tones. Wiping his hand a little more on the side of his thigh, he'll hold up the book as if to inspect it. "Oh, I guess it'll survive?" No dramatic flair here, though the pages are dabbed at with the edge of his sleeve. It's promptly set aside too, ignored in favour of company to his table (much preferred, yes, MUCH more entertaining!). "What? Oh, no. Not expecting anyone, so you're fine!" Ru'ien flicks his hand dismissively, all while flopping back in his chair, practically oozing relaxed by his posture. Her question to his well being brings an even broader grin, mischievous now. "What do you think?" he prompts her instead, a lone brow quirked in intrigue.

As she's warmly received there's a giddy little feet kick, boot souls making a pattering noise on the floor in sheer child-like delight. With no further prompting her legs and pulled up and crossed underneath her, elbows placed on the table and one hand used to support her chin so her face can casually cant to the side. "I do my work early, Nei prefers to be in and out when others are asleep." Avoiding commoners and dullards, the fey-touched green never did like the company of many dragons. As the book is fussed with, there's a hand extended, unable to resist the urge to run a finger over the surface of the book so that her mind can get a different perspective on its current state. Satisfied, there's nearly a snapping sound as her arm is pulled back, a slight rush of color to the face as she realizes she's overreaching 'her' space. Evi takes a moment to examine Ru'ien head to toe, eyes narrowing and widening in a comical over-exaggerated fashion that distracts from the tightness of lips and shrewd arch of the eyebrow. "Well, I'm not an expert, but F'yr had said you were proddy." Forever ago, months and months, but she's been busy, and her dragon's mind has destroyed her sense of time. "You seem.. you? I don't get to be in your head, so maybe you're not at all, yet I seem to think you might just be. You. How was it? Proddiness? Did you get naked anywhere?" Eye wander to the ceiling, implying playful pique.

"And what is it that you do, exactly, that has you up at the worst of hours?" Ru'ien's bemusement continues, maybe with more of a hint of genuine curiosity than before. He won't reclaim the book from Evi's touch either, though she may find much about it lacking, as it's nothing more than a book (and with minimal damage from the tea). The subject matter is even plain as day - it's something about his Craft. How… anticlimatic? What, was anyone expecting him to be reading something DIRTY? He blinks when she makes her assumption - or updates him on the knowledge she possessed and he scoffs, then laughs quietly. "Nah, I was proddy but Kihatsuth went and sorted that out." How long ago? Anyone's guess! It doesn't seem like the greenrider is particular on the details. "Oh, I'm definitely me. Naked? What…" That turns into a half-chuckle, half huff, as his eyes narrow briefly under a curved smirk. "Hardly. It was - intense? Yeah, we'll put it that way! Was kind of expecting what was gonna happen but not quite so…" He pauses, rolling a hand at the wrist thoughtfully. "Powerful."

Overwhelming desire to fondle even the simplest of objects, to explore them and stroke them. As subtle permission to proceed with odd book touching arrives, it's scooted across the table, picked up, and opened before the pages are brought up to her nose and sniffed. Having gained all the information she can, it's placed back with a satisfying last brush of the fingertips. "I deliver packages, mail-" A quiet pause, face turned to look out, and words whispered in a quasi secretive tone. "We have discovered that there's a market for… Discretion." Head tucking into shoulder, both eyebrows up and chin pointed out like a child admitting to stealing something, even if what she's doing is not against any rules or laws. "All kinds of people respect, discretion." Humming with hidden pleasure, obviously pleased with how things have gone since graduation. The mention of the intensity gets a headshake, "You mean terrible, because I didn't eat for a seven and I think I forced Katailea into standing at Igen. I made a cook cry, but it was… powerful." The ability to cause the kind of bitchy chaos Kihatsuth might approve of, upheaving the world around her with the sudden turn of face. Walking fingers across the table, there's a pause before she says, "May I ask, which textures did you like.. While proddy? F'yr said textures, did you um, have a favorite?" Why she cares is anyone's guess, Evi gets harder to pin down every day since Neifeth's arrival.

Ru'ien watches Evi with his book, his expression a mixture between perplexed and heavy amused. "It's not gonna bite you or anything!" he teases, "Honest, it's just a book?" No hidden surprises or even that much else to it! Her whispered admission is met with a blink of his eyes as he absorbs what he's told and… he starts to snicker, coughing a little when he sniffles back the laughter to follow. "Discretion!" he echoes back, mouth quirked into yet another smirk as he sobers his mood. Not the least bit apologetic for his "outburst", he levels Evi with another once-over look. "Didn't think that was gonna be the niche you aimed for but… good on you, if that's what you're enjoying!" Leaving Evi to speak her piece, Ru'ien will reach for his tea, now that there's no book at risk from his multitasking. Taking a shallow sip, he'll eye her. "I wouldn't say terrible? For me, anyways." Wait, is he admitting he didn't hate it? It seems that way! "The restlessness and fixations kind of sucked near the end but it was only because it was messing with my sleep! Otherwise I could function." More or less. "Until I couldn't but I was off my tasks by then. Kind of knew what was going down, so…" He took precautions! Kihatsuth's brand of chaos could be different than Nei's, as the green doesn't go out of her way to sow it; if it happens, oh, she'll gladly encourage it! But she is not inherently malicious - even if some of her comments may be violently descriptive, they're often so over the top as to be ever taken wholly serious. "Textures?" Ru'ien tilts his head thoughtfully. "Well…." he drags it out. "That's hard to say? It wasn't just one, it was all or it changed on a whim. Everything felt good or amazing or fascinating…" Is that sigh a sigh of wistfulness of fond memory? Maybe. "But I don't feel it like I did under her influence."

"Well yes, but, I wanted to um." Evi lost for words on the book, fingers tracing the spine once more in appreciation. "It's how I'll remember I was here, the smell of tea on pages." Blushing for a handful of seconds, before rolling her eyes in awareness of how silly she can be. Smiling impishly at Ru'ien, she pops a piece of fruit in her mouth and looks every bit like she wishes to spill all the world's secrets before opening her mouth to an O shape and putting both hands out sideways. What a thing, right? Right. "Mine was, more… Nei's opinions seemed correct. She was in the WORST mood, I am surprised no one lost any limbs." Admitting that she's aware that her dragon's thoughts on the world might not be entirely polite or correct even if there's amusement present in cheeks that reach eyes. Neifeth, for her part, does not work hard to cause chaos, keeping to her own machinations except when she can't help herself and must stir the pot a bit. Popping the second piece of fruit in her mouth before dragging out a fluffy pink notebook, Evi fully prepared to write down Ru'ien's response. That is until there's not a tangible thing to write, "I um, well, I think proddiness deserves more respect." Especially if she's going to be disemboweling someone (if only verbally), within the next few months. "I was hoping to make you something, for… comfort, pleasure? I have ideas, really, and I've been wanting to find ways to.." Ways to offset her slightly nefarious job, ways to bring light into a world full of questionable people. "The only food I'd eat was this meat cooked in acid, nearly raw… Even the water tasted bad." Alcohol tasted fine, is the unsaid portion of this. "How's building going?" Changing the subjects while writing a few notes, scribbling a rough sketch. "Are you sleeping outside?" A laugh, because they'd both done plenty of that.

"That's all you'll remember? Smells?" Ru'ien's tone is intrigued, dashed with just enough humor and light teasing that it doesn't come off nearly as blunt as his smirking expression might suggest. There's a dip of his head in response to her take on proddiness from experience with Nei, followed by a low chuckle as he lifts his tea cup back to his lips. "You didn't respect it before?" he muses dryly over the rim, before taking a small sip of the drink. It's lucky for them all that his mouth is clear when she makes her idea known, as he goes to scoff and nearly chokes. "What? I mean, I'm flattered," Of course he would be, given his personality! "But you don't have to! Like I said, I'm not fixated anymore… and I couldn't tell you if something stuck out more or not during prodiness. It was just - it's like she took some of me and just put it into overdrive. I'm an 'in the moment' type, so, I'd get hung up on just about anything if the timing was right." His nose wrinkles a little, "… acid? You mean like… citrus?" Or the equivalent of vinegar. "How unfortunate!" As for the building? Oh, Ru'ien's expression lights up in positively every shade of smugness. "It's going amazingly, if I say so myself? Some hang ups but hey… it's expected! And shards, no! We just got out of winter! But if I could, I would've! I've just been using a temporary weyr for now."

Tucking the notebook back in her bag, fingers rejoicing in the soft covering before it's pressed into the bag. A round berry is pushed around the plate absently, leaving red streaks that distract her from answering, "Well, no, I um. When I think of this morning, I'll think of the smell. Then when I smell that again, this morning will connect with other similar mornings." Staring over her shoulder at the view, casual though the perk to her lip, doesn't hide the embarrassment that's almost inherent in being her. Choking her clutch sibling was not her intention, and there's a gasp before a napkin is pushed towards him, "No, no, I didn't. I want it to be seen more like a health condition. My, I lost weight, I only ate meat, there's no way I could leave the weyr. I think I will be requesting proddiness vacations, seems only fitting as riders of boy dragons shirk duties plenty when their dragon's chase." It's probably true, it's at least Evi's truth right now, and that has to mean something. "It's no big deal, I.. have ideas now though. I'll see what strikes me, and maybe something will appear." Leaning back in the chair, Evi allows her hair to hang back and rolls her neck around before nodding once, about the food, "It wasn't bad actually! You put citrus juice over the meat, leave it a bit and eat it. I um, had some leftover afterward, and it's an acquired taste." Also, a great way to get a good bourne illness. "Do you have help? With building?" Not that she's volunteering, but she's asking even if mentioning ever camping again gets a bulge of her eyes and fast head shake that has braids flying. NOPE NOPE NOPE.

It's obvious that the concept is flying over most of his head, but Ru'ien's doing his best to grasp some of it! "That actually sounds kind of nice," he admits after a thoughtful pause, expression a touch exaggerated for the moment but he soon returns to grinning. He'll wave off the pushed napkin, dismissing the gesture as unneeded but appreciated. He's fine, he's fine! Just a small tickle in the back of his throat! "I'd not go as far to say it's a… health condition either. Maybe a state of mind? It's different for everybody and I dunno if some are gonna like being lumped in like they're sick or whatever. I definitely didn't feel sick! Scratch out the insomnia near the end and honestly it was kind of… surreal." Never mind that he WAS over it by the end, but - until that point? He was dealing with it! "You do remember that you're technically not supposed to leave when proddy, right? So that's kind of already set - the whole vacation thing." He'll offer Evi a wink, as though he's enlightening her on something, even if it's hardly a secret! "I'll have to take your word on it," he muses on her newly acquired discoveries with meat. As for her last request, he grins broadly. "Got a good team on it! Even brought in someone I know from Fort Weyr - Woodcrafter, good at what he does. Most of the design is his doing. There's no way I'd manage this alone! It's already costing me enough." In actual Marks and probably favors - best not think too far into that. "I'll be looking forwards to seeing what you create!" he adds, a touch belatedly, on her offer of a gift.

"It wasn't all bad, I'd still enjoy the time off. Otherwise, Risali um, well, she might need to borrow my apology cards." Because offended people is all that comes from a proddy Evi, she's harsh in ways that run off even people who like her. "I, well, alright, not everyone has the same thing happen. Mine was more… Lets um." A giant pause, words are chosen carefully with eyes rolled up to the ceiling as if she loathes to say them. "I don't need to be near um, sharp objects." Partnering with a mercurial pain in the toosh has pitfalls, this being one of them. Sudden mood change could be dangerous for others. At the mention of leaving, there's a shrug, "Maybe I'd like everyone else to take a vacation then, from me. Far away. Even if it might spoil all the fun." The trouble vibe in her voice only lasts a breath before there's a duck and a blush. OOPS. Leaning in to listen about the team, there are several nods before she stops dead and turns her head all the way to the left shoulder. "A woodcrafter? From Fort? I met one.. a long time ago, Nei was so tiny. I wonder." Whatever she wonders is cut off, eyes glazing over as the rest of the fruit is thrown into her mouth, swallowed mostly whole. "When it is done, I'll have Nei find Kiha, I think she's found us work." Standing up and arranging her clothing, eyes glazing in quiet conversation with her partner.

"I'd think it'd get lonely or even… boring," Which is the W O R S T for personalities like Ru'ien and Kiha! "If everyone went away. Self isolation?" He visibly shudders, grimacing as he drains the last of his tea. Ugh! "Mhm hmm, not how I'd want to spend my time! No ma'am, no sir." Intrigued, he'll purse his lips thoughtfully again, when she admits to having crossed a woodcrafter. "Lots of 'em in the Craft? And tons in Fort." he muses, a slow curving grin that is almost devilish to imply that he's playing here and purposely being a stubborn ass by not following up with names. More importantly, it's because he's distracted. Work? WORK! "Oh shit-" He curses again, hands pressing firm to the table as he leans forwards to peer outside. What time is it!? "Ahh, damn! Wasn't suppose to linger this long! I got so much on my plate…" Gathering his book, he'll hastily tuck it away safely, while giving Evi a hurried farewell in the form of a wave. "Good seeing you! And definitely, have Nei reach out to Kiha!" Nothing could POSSIBLY go wrong in that. "Good luck, Evi! See ya around!" And off he goes, not quite running but his height and long legs make for good ground eating strides!

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