Knowing the Truth

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
A long and roughly oblong cavern, about a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.

Ka'el has been quiet the past couple of days, which isn't too unusual when it comes to lessons and classes. And inbetween times? Those are usually spent eating or napping on a good day anyway, oiling on normal ones, and fixing some broken something or another that Kanekith got into on the less than thrilling. And so, any change in demeanor likely is noticed only by those close to him..if they're not busy with their own stuffed agendas! It is late afternoon and spring is continuing to make its presence known in subtle ways. The chirped return of avians is one clue, which Kanekith seems interested in as he cranes his neck to try to peer through a high slitted window. "Keep still.." Kale sits on the floor with his notebook pressed upon his thigh and pencil in hand, making a sketching of Kanekith's wing, which the dragon holds unfurled. « How much longer This is not the most exciting thing. » "I'm nearly done…" « Does it appear as fantastic as it should? » Browarch. "Who uses the word 'fantastic'?" « Kanyeth. » Nuff said. -.-;

Idrissa has been even quieter the last few days, if that could be possible. Since impressing Tahryth she did come out of her shell somewhat, though recent events have turned the time so to speak and she is back to that quiet little mouse of herself it seems. She is making her way on into the barracks, Tahryth following after her, the young green seeming a bit tired as if she was napping somewhere before getting dragged awake. For any around Rissa doesn't let her gaze linger, moving onwards towards her cot and setting a few things down upon it. « Hello Kanekith! » Comes a tired but cheerful voice of the green towards her bronze sibling.

Mur'dah has been clueless the last few days, going on about his self-absorbed business and not even really noticing that things are off between his friends. Such is his awareness of the world. Standing in the back, he's patiently tossing bits of meat to Kalsuoth for the darkly hued bronze to grab from the air. « You know what is fantastic? » he asks before pausing to gobble up a bit of meat tossed to him. « The dawn this morning was fantastic. »

Scritch, scratch, scratch. The motions of Ka'el's pencil fails to cease, even as his eyes flit from paper to wing to get all of the bits of anatomy right for him to later label. Kanekith remains patient for now, holding out his wing as a model while his attention turns to the arrival of Tahryth. « Hello. You are not wet today. » He notes this in a matter of fact way. « And you sound weary. » Just in case she isn't aware. Only now does Ka'el pause, the lead hesitating over the paper's surface, poised yet frozen. He stares at the unfinished wingsketch, then continues without looking up or speaking. Kanekith rumbles vaguely, but soon turns his head in Kalsuoth's direction. « It is more so on the high hill. It catches me and makes me shine in ways you do not. » Ah, to be metallic! And shiny. And .. yeah, self-absorbed.

Idrissa settles down onto her cot, a glance offered towards Mur'dah as she watches him toss the meat up and towards his dragon. A faint smile is seen at this but she doesn't go about commenting it seems. She isn't in a talking mood at the moment. Tahryth warbles out while she slides up onto her couch and stretches out. « That is because I was asleep until mine made me leave the beach and come back here. I wanted to stay out and watch the stars come up. » Perfect sense huh? Well of course!

Kalsuoth gobbles down another piece of meat while Mur'dah grimaces, glancing swiftly at Kanekith and then back to his dark brown dragon. « No, I do not shine, » the brown says happily, without a trace of jealousy or longing. « I soak in the sun so I can better creep through the shadows. You, brother, have little gift for stealth. You are too radiant to hide. » Was that a compliment? « The stars are fantastic too, » he adds with a croon towards Tahryth. « And the beach. »

Kanekith warbles. « Why hide radiance? I am meant to be seen and admired. I am not to be cast aside in shadowed gloom » although shadows /do/ seem to be his mindvoice's … thing. « like a shunned one. That may be your destiny. It is not mine." His outstretched wing then folds, seemingly done modeling now as Ka'el puts a last touch on the near transparent skin of the sketched sail. "Kanekith…" The bronze's head turns in question. « But I am being nice. Is it not nice to be truthful? » Oy! Ka'el lowers his pencil and turns his eyes towards Mur'dah and his brown. "He's spent too much time with Jnelle's Kanyeth. He'll be less….uh, this eventually." Maybe. Or perhaps he's engineered to think highly of himself? He looks back to his dragon, though not without first making a quick pitstop on Idrissa, brows furrowing vaguely. « Why did yours make you leave? » Kanekith questions Tahryth.

Idrissa settles back onto her cot, now she plays the listening game it seems, her gaze rests on the celining as if it was so very important. Which at the moment it is, she is counting the cracks! Tahryth shifts and rests upon her place, curled up with a tired rumble escaping her. « She wanted to come back and study some. So we came back. She promised to let me watch the stars tomorrow though, when the moon is full. She says it is better to watch them then, at night on the beach. » The green tilts her head, swirling gaze drifting between her brotherly siblings. « Jnelle is mean She was rude to mine the other day. » There she goes, giving up information that she should now as always. « Though not as mean as /yours/ was to the other day Kanekith. » Idrissa closes her eyes and turns curling on her side, oh how she wishes she could fall asleep right now.

Kalsuoth rumbles in amusement. « I am not shunned. I choose to walk the boundary between light and dark. » What? Mur'dah gives his dragon a baffled look, and slowly offers another bit of meat. What has he gotten himself into? Then he shrugs at Ka'el, offering a faint smile. "It's alright. It…bothers me way more than him so I'm trying not to let it bother me." The dark brown pauses his eating to lick his paws, glancing between his clutchsiblings. « Kanekith's was mean to yours? » He seems baffled by that. How can this be?

Ka'el rises from his spot on the floor, bringing his notebook with him. A nod is given to Mur'dah, though his expression still is apologetic, though now accompanied by a frown. And it's a frown that deepens as Kanekith replies to his siblings, coming to his rider's defense. « Rudeness does not suit mine. He is golden. » His forked tail gives a flick as his head cants Kalsuoth's way. « Tahryth overreacts. Mine was not mean. He was honest as I am honest to all. » He seems to approve of Ka'el's honesty, although Ka'el himself moves to retire to his cot, flopping onto his back with one leg hanging off the edge. Time to study. Time to ignore the dragons because quieting them is .. heh, yeah. That.

« Not Kanekith, Ka'el was mean to mine. » Tahryth tilts her head to look at the bronze and then looks over to Kalsuoth. « Mine hurts. » Idrissa sighs a moment. "Tahryth, that is enough." What good is there having a link if she can't get her dragon to /listen/ to her? Tahryth rumbles out, and does quiet down for the moment. « I do not overreact either » How dare the bronze think this!

« If he is golden and you are bronze, » Kalsuoth says, lightly teasing. His narrow face swings between the two pairs, and he croons. « It seems as though we walk between darkness and light even now, » he muses, nudging his rider a bit. « We will go. We will be outside under the stars if anyone wishes to talk. » And the dark brown hops towards the doors, leaving a rather startled Mur'dah to hasten after him. "Uh. I dunno what's going on, but…you know. If you wanna talk." Shrug. But it seems to be an offer for both of his friends, as he looks at each of them on their cots. Then with a worried frown, he hastens outside, wondering if anyone will follow.

« And mine does not? He pains as well. » Kanekith snorts, giving his head a toss indignantly. « Though he should not. He is not wrong. » Ka'el could never be wrong! So noble. So righteous! He is the perfect rider. But this is the opinion of one dragon. The same opinion that most dragons have of their riders. Ka'el would wholeheartedly disagree, feeling far from perfect, noble, or righteous right now. But he remains quiet, eyes staring up then over as Kalsuoth hops on by with Mur'dah at his heels. Kanekith glowers at his sibling's quip, a cold ripple in the air, but a silent sharpness quiets him and instead he moves regally to his couch. That's it. The brown is too beneath him to answer, that's all. "See you," Ka'el says in reply to his brownrider friend, not making any notable motions of getting up to follow him out. Talk? Not his thing.

Tahryth tilts her head while looking towards her brown sibling as he is leaving, with his rider following after. « I'll follow, after a nap. » To watch the stars, but not to talk! Plus the green isn't going anywhere without her rider. Idrissa hears Mur'dah but doesn't comment her head tucking own upon the pillow, eyes closing with a soft breath escaping her. « Mine does not think he is right. He told falseness, no reason for that. » This offered with a light rumble, her mind voice taking on a spring like noise where water is trickling downwards across some large rocks.

As usual, Kanekith takes a while to find just The Right Spot to settle onto his couch, but eventually he flops down with a great sigh of comfort, his well oiled hide gleaming. « Then yours does not know the truth » Kanekith remarks simply. « There were no falsities in his words. They were … They were… » Huh. It isn't often that Kaniketh falters in his speech, searching for the correct word of the many words that he knows and has learned and is still learning. « … difficult. Yes. Difficult. It is strange for words to feel like a burden. They are not Language. Like 'shards' is Language, and I am not to use Language. But those words felt the same. Difficult. Bad. But still honest. » One of Ka'el's hands moves to his temple to lightly rub, urging Kankeith to let it be.

Tahryth just blinks and peers at her bronze sibling, watching him a few moments before she lets her head settle upon her front legs with a soft warble escaping her once more. « SO you say. Mine says and sees differently." There is a slight nod of her green head before she is snuggling down starting to think about sleeping it would seem. Idrissa frowns at the words that are sent back to her, bad, difficult Her? What can she say too that? Nothing, nothing at all for the moment at least. A soft sigh escapes her and she closes her eyes tightly before sleep starts to creep in.

Kanekith, thankfully, graciously, does not answer. He too falls silent, much to Ka'el's relief. A slow breath is exhaled by the weyrling and he places his open notebook upon his face, breathing in the scent of lead and paper and ink with every slow breath now. Kanekith's mind reaches to him, curling around him warmly, sheltering him from the rain. It will be alright, dear rider. Kanekith will make it so! Ka'el isn't so sure, so close and yet so far away from one of his oldest friends. Can the distance between them be reversed somehow? Mended? Bridged? It's too soon now, and he lets it be. He's become a master at waiting. And so, wait he will.

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