Dragons and Riders and Weyrs..... Oh My!

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow

A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.
Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.

The meadow seems reletively quiet, the early morning rush has subsided and there are just a few figures left wandering to and from their daily chores, nobody seems to have noticed the stranger who in her attempts to look inconspicuous is standing out somewhat like a sore thumb. Kinzie is working her way across the meadow in the general direction of the stables, her hood is up, and yes she is looking rather warm but it's serving it's purpose, and she is carrying a large backpack with her that is starting to get rather heavy.

Another person that's just wandering the Meadow is a very tall and large Bronzerider. He couldn't fit in if he tried, not with his height and not with the scar on his face. So he doesn't try, and he simply is wandering at the moment. C'yr pauses upon seeing the hooded, over-burdened figure and he watches her for a few moments before he approaches. "Care for a hand?" He asks, holding his right hand out towards her. "That sack looks like it weighs as much as you."

Looking rather startled that someone noticed her, with such a masterful disguise as a hood, Kenzie looks over to the Bronzerider and bows politely "Oh thank you no.. i'm" but it's too late the bow has almost finished her off and she can't straighten with out dropping it to the ground "Phew who knew you could manage to collect so much stuff when on the road!" she says giving the bag a slight glare and the nudges it for good measure "I was just trying to get across to the stables" she says with a smile, giving up on the incognito idea.

C'yr's hand reaches out to stop the bow in well…mid bow. "Please, I'm C'yr. I'm no Lord Holder that thinks he doesn't smell." The bronzer laughs. "What do you have in there?" He asks, reaching down for the sack to lift it up. "And what're you heading over to the stables for? You leaving Xanadu or just trying to get a runner to carry this for you?"

"Well it's work i'm looking for actually" Kinzie says with another smile, trying to avoid the introduction for a while "And this…" she nudges the bag again "Is pretty much my home… or at least everything that should be in a home just in bag form" she shrugs and smiles at the bronzerider's offer of help, she knows she can't really avoid giving her name without seeming rude so eventually she nods "It's a pleasure to meet you C'yr, I'm Kizzy" well that's close enough.

"Well it's nice to meet you Kizzy." C'yr pauses and hmms at that. "Work huh?" He reaches down to take the bag and causally drape it over his shoulder. It's apparently not very heavy to him. "What kind of work do you do?" He asks. "I could always use someone to help with my job. I travel a lot and my Weyr sometimes doesn't get all the clean." He says. "Just being honest." He grins at her, winking.

With a slightly envious glance Kinzie chuckles "I tell you what I could do with growing somemore so I can lift it as easily as that, either that or more exercise" she ponders that thought for a moment before returning to the conversation "Runners that is my work, race them, breed them, train them" and she says that as if there is little about the subject she doesn't know "Cleaning for a person would be a rather different experience but I would hope your a little cleaner than a runner" and she grins.

A soft laugh comes to C'yr's throat at that. "Well, yeah. I'm certainly cleaner than a runner." He leans over to sniff himself. "Moderately." a wink is tossed Kinzie's way again as he laughs. "Well, hmm. I was going to offer you a job, but it seems your passion lay elsewhere. Unless you'd like to help out for a bit while we can find you the job you really want?" He asks her that before he laughs. "Oh, I'm just big. Always have been."

Thinking about the offer for only a moment Kinzie smiles "Work is work and at the moment as you can see…" she gestures towards the bag on C'yr's back "I could do with work plus it might be a nice break cleaning up after a rider, even one that's only just a bit cleaner" with a wink and a smile she looks over to the stables "Plus I can always do both at least I can if you wouldn't mind?".
"Of course I wouldn't mind. Plus I have a huge Weyr so you could move in there." C'yr tells her. "Having a Bronze the size of Vesukith does have some advantages." C'yr remarks, grinning impishly. "And yes, at least you wont have to wash me." He ohs.. "I do have a heated bath in my weyr. It's powered by the hot springs.. want to come take a look?"

Not quite believeing her luck Kinzie stops for a moment and looks at the Bronzerider for a moment "I'm never one to stay in one place for long and I actually can't remember the last time I had a hot bath" she says still looking at the rider, she looks like she's trying to battle a few inner trust related demons "You'd seriously let me work and live in your weyr? someone you just met?" her voice is generally quizzical but she can't hide the slight hint of excitement… probably about the idea of a bath her muscles ache after all that carrying!

"Well if you stab me in my sleep then I'll think better of it." C'yr laughs at that. "What can I say? I'm a sucker for people needing help. It's a long story that goes back before I was a rider." He looks wistful for a moment. "But that's for another time. And c'mon. It's just this way." He motions on towards the Weyr Proper.

Xanadu Weyr - C'yr's Weyr

This is an expansive Weyr with a large opening for the dragon and the rider that resides here. There is a wooden wall that seperates the inner from the outer weyr with a large door.
Inside of the inner weyr is fairly spartan in terms of items. There is a large writing desk off to the side against the wall, a big four poster bed to the rear which is half sectioned off by a curtain and a large couch and table with a armoir nearby. A big carpet takes up most of the central space. To the back left there is another room where a bath that is heated by underwater hot springs are. A rare treat for a rider.

Looking about C'yr's Weyr Kinzie does the appreciative whistle normally reserved for tradesmen admiring a bargain "Wow this is nice" coming from someone who lives out of a bag that may not be much of a compliment to most but she means it, she pears about trying to take it all in and there may be a slight worried glance to where the rider's Bronze must sleep.

"Don't worry about Ves." C'yr offers to Kinzie. "I know dragons intimidate a lot of people, but he's a good dragon and he hates being cooped up in here so he's out most of the time." C'yr says, chuckling as he moves to sit her things down on the couch. "Now I'll have to get a curtain and a smaller armoir for your things, as well as a nice bed for you.. The couch is VERY comfortable, however." He says, grinning. "And the Bath is back here." he moves to open the door and a bit of the steam seeps out. "When you are ready I'll get you the wash things."

At the mention of the couch Kinzie requires no further information and she sits down, shifting from side to side as if testing C'yr's judgement in regards to the comfort level "This will be fine" she says with an impish grin before returning back to the matter of furniture "Don't worry about the bed and everything, I normally bunk in the stables or the floor so this is more than enough" she says bouncing happily "I don't know how long i'll be here I wouldn't want you to go to any trouble and don't worry I tend to be up at dawn so I'll make sure my stuff is away before you get up" she says that with a look of stuborn determination as if she won't be easily persuaded otherwise.

"Alright.. alright." C'yr says before he gives a small sigh. "No one should have to sleep on the floor or with the runners, Kezzie." The rider tells her. "Just…not right." He motions towards the bathhouse. "C'mon in and check it out." C'yr clicks on a couple of glowlamps to illuminate the interior of the bath.

Not really having much background knowledge on baths, or certainly not for some time Kinzie follow's C'yr's lead and looks about the room with a smile "Now this is amazing and better than a hot tub of water….. I don't always sleep with the runners there have been times when I have had rooms and lodgings back when I was racing at Ruatha mostly" her voice turns wistful for a moment before returning to the matter at hand "It's just been recently… while i've been moving about so much".

"Well hopefully you can find a place here that you like and that you can stay." C'yr says, grinning a bit down at Kinzie. "Let me know when you want to use it. You can now, if you'd like." He tells her. "I'm sure it would be nice after carrying all that heavy load." He motions to the bag on the couch. "And I'll make sure and talk with someone at the runner stables later tos ee about getting you a job there."

"Thanks, I think I will" There is a happy smile on Kinzie's face as she looks back at her bag and rubs her shoulders "It's been a good few days since I had a proper rest but don't worry I won't rest for long" she says with a determined nod "Let me know what you need done and when, I can cook clean and wash…." there is a slight shrug "You kind of have to when you're on you're own… so give me a chore list and I'll do it also I make a mean cup of klah".

"I'll come up with something." C'yr tells her. "Let me know if you need your neck massage. Whilst I'm terrible at keeping things clean, I do give a mean massage… Benefit of strong hands, you see." He wiggles his fingers. "I'm glad that you at least get some comfort… and please, just rest up for now."

"Thanks… for this" Kinzie says with a half smile "It's not often you meet people that are willing to give people a chance… especially those without a hold or craft" she chuckles at the offer of the massage "I'll be fine for now but thanks for the offer and I'll rest up for now but you really must let me know what you need me to do, I would like to start as soon as I can" and she looks about the weyr again "You really aren't that messy it shouldn't take too long to get things sorted" though she hasn't seen everything yet so that is a more hopeful statement than truthful.

"Realisticly it's just more about managing my desk." Which is a lot of paperwork… "And just making sure my clothes are washed and not on the floor." Of which there is a couple of groupings laying around. "That's really all." He admits.

Looking about her again Kinzie looks thoughtful "Well I can sweep, mop and dust" and she runs a finger a long the walls "Maybe give everything a wash down that would take me a while and would be more worthy of lodging…" for someone who spends most of her time with runners she certainly seems to know her chores "How about that until I can find some work at the stables and pay my way?" she says with a smile.

"Sounds agreeable with me." C'yr says as he reaches out to shoo Kinzie towards the water. "Now get in there, before I pick you up and dunk you in there myself." He laughs. "And I'll do it too, new person or not."

"Ok Ok I'm going" Kinzie says looking in to the washroom with a slightly childish grin "Thanks for this C'yr" she says with one last smile before she disappears.

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