Fuzzy Wings (and Brains)

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in its own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as have walls hung with numerous tapestries that provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt. The stone is carefully leveled but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area is the one near the Kitchens, where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. It's plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr, instead feeding people in shifts as they come off duty. On occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are borrowed from all the other areas.
There's also a big fireplace set into the western wall, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.
Exits lead off in all directions, the largest an archway to the northeast that leads outside. Near it there's an alcove with hooks for coats and shelves for muddy boots. A tunnel to the east goes to the infirmary, and a set of stairs just a little south of that lead up to the offices and administration area. To the south, a long and sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs. The kitchen is off to the southwest, while the residents' quarters are reached by tunnels going west, deeper into the cliff.

It is eveningish, dark and cold outside by now because hey it's winter you know? For the ones that aren't sick, and not hiding somewhere to not get sick a few can be found about keeping warm in the caverns it would seem. One of thos ebeing Nailii who is just sitting down near the fire sipping at a mug of tea it would seem. The mug is set down anda yawn escapes her before she is working on slipping out of her flight jacket and goes about rubbing her hands, even near a fire its cold to her right now.

At least D'lei isn't in the infirmary. Working late in his office because he didn't have time to look over the important things on his desk earlier? Yeah, he's been doing that, but… the time has come to make his escape! The Weyrleader edges out of the hallway, taking a glance around… hmm. He eyes the doorway, then slips in the other direction, toward the fire. Good thing people are scared of infection! It gives him his chance to… "Hey." A crooked grin, and then D'lei flops himself down to a seat on a pillow someone left near the base of Nailii's chair, leaning back against the side of it for back support. He fitted! He sitted.

Nailii isn't afraid of infection… perhaps she should be becasue she is working inthe Infirmary more? Her mug of tea is picked back up and she enjoys the warmth from it YAY WARMTH! She hears the voice and glances up grinning back at D'lei. "Hey, able to esacpe the dreaded paperwork finally? I assuming that's a good thought of what you guys do in the offices and the like." A good guess perhaps. "How are the kids? You still feeling ok?" Cause you know people can get sick.

It's all that time working in the dragon infirmary. Nailii is an honorary demidragon, and thus is immune to human sickness. This is definitely how it works, and D'lei won't listen to arguments otherwise! He lets out a long sigh, and a thunk of his head back against the chair's padded sigh before he opens his eyes to give Nailii a tired grin. "I stunned the paperwork, at least. It'll probably come chasing after soon enough." Hence why he's hiding here! "Kyriel's still pretty out of it, the others are better enough to be chaos." Even if they're not entirely improved, just yet. "I don't think I'm sick. I'm not sure if I'd know if I were sick. Not unless the splotches were very large, and someone pointed them out to me." Fatigue? Uneasiness? He's already got those!

Nailii is totally part dragon at this point, no sickness can take her down! Well just dragonpox pehaps… A brow lifts as she just peers over at him at the thunk of the head. "That sounded a touch hollow…" She soon chuckles and nods. "Good job with the paper work, if it does just toss it nto the fire right?" At the talk of the spoltches she is just left peering at him, even leaning closer towards him slightly. "Well there is something on your nose I think.." A slight tsk escapes her. "Have you looked in a mirror lately?"

"Yeah?" D'lei tilts his head up, peering to Nailii. "I probably missed the order, then. Didn't file the right paperwork to get it filled up with brains again…" Are things falling apart? Only a little, you can only notice if you look real hard or know how they're supposed to be! D'lei makes a mimed toss of paperwork into the fire. "Don't come back 'til summer!" He grins, then… blinks up at her. Something on his nose? Oh noes! "If I am sick, do I get to take a nap?"

Nailii chuckles and is left grinning while she leans back upon the comfy chair again. "True… Next time get the blue paperwork to make sure you get all your brains back of course. Never know who might be borrowing them after all. Want to make sure you get them back mostly in one piece right?" A soft hum escapes her and she ponders before grinning. "Yeah, I'm sure you can get some sleep in now. Just put a note on your door that says 'sick' don't come in."

"Ooooh." D'lei is learning so much about how to successfully brain around paperwork! He's all appreciative-like, nodding. "I mean, everyone needs a bit of brain sometimes. They're just a bit shaken around…" Careless hands on careless minds! But that's okay. D'lei will get some sleep, he really will. Maybe. "…I'll just have to teach the kids to read… and find a lock that keeps Leirith out… and… mmh." A wry grin. "Maybe I can sleep in your barn. With Lunch and Dinner."

"Well Lunch and Dinner might share, I'm sure Pox and Noodles would have an issue." Nailii offers back with an amused tone at the thought before sipping at her mug. "Shaking brains tend to make things rather fuzzy. I got hit in the head when I was watching kids once. Busted my nose and everything so I'd rather miss that from happening, and the lose brains as well."

"Pox?" D'lei asks, grinning. "I mean, Noodles is fine, that makes sense, but whyyy is one of the critters named Pox?" Does he really want to know the answer? Too late, he asked! And… "Mmh. I suppose I'd rather not have the brains any more rattled than they already are. Though that's one group that's getting a break lately, so many of the kids have been sick that the nannies and teachers have been getting bored." Or being turned into infirmary-helpers.

Nailii ahs a moment and can't help but chuckle. "Talanoath wanted it named DragonPox, this chicken has pearl curled feathers that he thinks looks like the pox marks when a dragon has dragonpox. Noodles well, chicken noodle soup you know?" Just go with it! "He was eating noodles and this chicken hopped up onto his head and he kept her. I get free eggs at least." A slight nod is seen to the rest. "That's true.. Save the ones that are working the infirmary as of lately. I got pulled in too as you saw the other day before I had to run off."

D'lei laughs, and nods. "Okay, that… makes something like sense, yes." Not too much of it, mind. We can't be having excessive amounts of sense around here! "Nothing to be complained about with fresh eggs. And if those ever run out, you can make some broth for your noodles from your Noodles, and start it up all over again." He grins, then gives a nod about those repurposed kidlet-workers, followed by a sigh. "I wish we knew more about this. Meion's been trying to track down the source, but…" he shrugs. "If she's making progress, it hasn't been enough that she chased me down so she could tell me."

"I think a certain dragon would take me out at the knees if I attmpted to cook Noodles and make broth from her." Nailii shakes her head slightly before a soft ah is heard. "Really?.. Is there anyidea of who may have been the first one that was sick?" Well it's just an idea right? Perhaps they brought it and the likes.

"For now," D'lei says of poor ol' Noodles. "Her day may come, when the glorious destiny of dinner is what befits her in his most inestimable estimation." He grins, then… "Mmh. Last I heard from her… it sounded like she said it started in the nursery. Which, I mean, of course that was a spreading point, but… that's what she had in common for the first round of cases. So… now she's been trying to figure out just how it got into that nursery on the first place."

Nailii grins and nods. "Right? Just can let him in on thta idea or I'll never hear the end of it. For a dragon he has rather good memory, it's a bit scarey at times really. Sometimes he remembers thngs better then I do truthfully." She finishes her tea, eyes the mug a moment before setting it down, it needs to just refill honestly. "Perhaps if not a person it was something brought into the nursery? Could have been anything if that was the case honestly."

D'lei nods. "I almost want to see him riding sweeps, just to get the maps out of him. Course… they'd probably have notations like where he found a really good deer, and just what the wind smelled like. So, maybe I don't actually want that." He hehs, and gives his head a shake. "If only we'd had him there to keep watch, he could tell us what went on in the nursery that… whichever day." Meion probably knows which one. D'lei? Not so much, at the moment. "Yeah… I dunno." He smiles wryly. "She's good at patterns and stuff, though. And she's working with the healers when they have spare moments."

Nailii blinks at that thought and chuckles. "You do understand that I would never get done with sweeps /if/ that happened right?" She questions with an amused tone at the idea. "He would be so picky… Would want to note everything and anything." A grin is seen. "Maybe.. Maybe not honestly, he might give you so many different points to start you wouldn't know where to start. Or try to turn it into a story knowing him. Tale of the realy red rash… Can you ust imagen it?"

D'lei laughs! "Fair. I suppoooose I like seeing you, ever, more than I like having accurate maps." He reaches for one of her hands, capturing and drawing it down to give a nuzzle and brush his cheek along it. "So, this tale of the rash. Does it have descriptions of all the spots? Like, are there spotty constellations, and the stories of how those came to be, and maybe some cross-correlation between the diseased ones and the ones up in the sky?"

Nailii blinks and can't help but to blush at that, allowing her hand to taken hold of. "Good to know." She offers with an amused tone. "I rather like seeing you as well so it's a good thing to not fill Talanoath's head full of possible new things to write stories about." Hinthint, keep it quiet! A grin is seen while she let's her fingers curl in against his. "I bet he would talk about how you could connect some of the rashes with dots and make shapes out of them like connect the dots. Then he would pull out all the stops and compare it to stars in some way."

D'lei grins, curling his fingers with Nailii's, and nods. His lips are… sealed-ish. By which we mean, he'll talk, just not about that! "Just so long as they're not Red Stars. I don't want to think about silvery thready things coming out of those rashes…" Parasites are nobody's idea of a good time! Except parasitologists, maybe, but those people are weird and also creepy. "I'd more want the sort of stars that… will soon be further away… and not trouble us except in stories."

Nailii makes a face at the idea of the silvery parasites appearing out of the reashes. "That was not something I think anyone would possibly bring up…" She sticks her tongue out slightly even. "Honestly that…is rather gross don't you think?" A soft ah is head. "Yes the stars are much more fun, especially on a nice night and the like. He has plenty of stories dealing with them."

"Yeah," D'lei says, then tilts his head, considering on it further. "Yep, that's pretty disgusting. Like, there's no way in which it's a positive thing. It's an all around Nope with extra Nope on it." So! He gives his head a shake, because maybe that'll rattle his brains out from that terrible spot and into something nicer. Like… stars! NEW TOPIC, YUS. D'lei tilts his head, looking up at Nailii, and smiles. "..what's your favorite?"

"So much nope there is not enough nope one to actually talk about to express the vaule of that /nope/." Nailii smiles and lets her gaze linger on his curiously. "I have a few, perhaps more then a few really. One looks like a canine, an there is a few dragn ones too." Of curse she would like a dragon constellation. "There is one you can see at High Reaches, rather lovely. Though you have to wander out a ways and better bring plenty of warm clothing or your going to be in trouble."

"Even describing the level of nope… might be too nope!" D'lei grins, and shifts his position a bit, a turn to the side the better to look up and watch Nailii as she talks about the stars. He nods, smiling, then hehs. "Sometimes I think High Reaches is colder than between." It can certainly seem that way, at least! "…isn't there a constellation that's dragons chasing each other? Or, well, a pair of constellations? I don't know what makes them together or apart…" And really, he may not even know constellations at all!

Nailii chuckles. "I suppose it can seem that way. I know the last time I went I got stuck out in the snow and even Talanoath didn't watch to budge. He said his wings would freeze if he got in the air. I'm not to sure how true that was." A soft ah escapes her and she nods with a smile seen. "Yeah… There is, you can only see it during certain times of the turn too. Easiest place to se it would be High Reaches too, cause of the cold air and all I figure."

"I mean, I've never heard of a dragon's wings freezing, buuuut I'm not sure I'd want to risk it." D'lei grins, then… hmm. "I wonder if we could get him wing-warmers. I mean, kind of like a sweater, kind of like socks… and I know the person to do it, too. Though it'll have to wait a bit, she's busy making a tent for Leirith now." Designer-for-dragons is an important job, and somebody's definitely got to do it! "It'd be nice to get out and see the stars sometime. Out in the snow, where it's quiet and still… and none of the problems can find me. …except the cold, of course."

Nailii ponders this idea of a dragon having wing warmers. "Well that is an interesting thought. They would have to be very large… and very fuzzy I figure. Though it might depend on the dragon of curse." At the talk of a tent she blinks looking confused. "Why is someone making a tent for Leirith?" Cause you know that's interesting right? She soon smiles and nods. "Perhaps when all this sickness thing is over we could go to High Reaches? Well there are ways to beat the cold, fire, warm clothing and the like you know?"

"The fuzziness is crucial," D'lei agrees, nodding sagely. "Really, if a dragon doesn't need fuzzy wing warmers, they just don't need wing warmers at all." True dragon facts! As true as Leirith's tent, which is happening… "…because a quilt was already halfway there, so we figured… why not go all the way?" D'lei grins, full of mischief. It's like he knows that answer is No Help At All. "I keep meaning to take more time away. Maybe that'll work, going out in the High Reaches where nobody's going to want to come chase me." A grin. "Get some human-sized quilts, tuck up in a snow-burrow around a fire… yeah."

Nailii lifts a finger slightly at the talk of the quilt and she ahs a moment. "You can turn a quilt into a tent?" WEll that's a interesting thing to make. "Is it a fuzzy tent then?" A grin is seen and she nods. "Yep, can just disappear in the snow and ice and no one will ever find you! Though I suppose if someone really wanted to and put some effort into it they might.. Maybe… We could just play an awesome game of high-n-seek I suppose."

"If it's big enough!" D'lei says of quilt-tents, his grin still in place. "This one is going to have lacy bits that cast interesting patterns, and… some places where we could hang little windchime type things, too." He tilts his head, beaming to Nailii. "So, if you happened to find anything pretty that would be a good fit for that…" Just saying! And, after the saying, giving a squeeze of her hand and a kiss to her arm. "Aignes said that wasn't her area." Who now? "She's the one making it, a weaver up at Fort." It's almost like an answer! Sort of! To part of it! "…if we really want to hide, we'll have to leave the dragons behind. And so Talanoath's wings don't freeze, too."

Nailii blinks and looks confused for a few moments to say the least. "So… this tent is going to have places for windchimes and the like?" She questions with a curious tone. "That's going to be a really big tent even for a dragon." At the kiss she can't help but smile and will lean in closer to him as a result. "Well… perhaps we can talk the dragons into not ratting us out? I mean it was a bit helpful to have Talanoath around even if he didn't want to fly. Also.. not his interested in wing warmers."

"Yup!" D'lei says. "It's… really more of a pavilion, I think. Maybe a carnival tent?" This is Leirith we're talking about, she'll think it's literally the best. "I suppose you do have a point about the dragons, though. They're good windbreaks, after all." To say nothing of the other many and varied uses to which a dragon can be put! "And if we end up being uncertain about the stars, Talanoath can let us know all about them." And even if they don't, probably! "Ask Aignes about a design. You can tell her I sent you." D'lei? Causing trouble? NEVER. Not with that grin, nopenopenope.

"A pavilion tent for dragons… With windchimes and tea cozies… I could see this working well actually." Nailii chuckles at the image she has. "So her name is Aignes? Is she a rider over at Fort or just makes tents for dragons on the side for funz?" Well who wouldn't /want/ to do that after all? A chuckle is heard and she nods. "Indeed, windbreaks and starfinding aong with being comfy to lay on off the snow honestly."

"See?" D'lei beams. He knows what dragons want! Or… at least what will make Leirith happy, this knowledge may not extend to all dragons. He nods to Nailii for the name. "Aignes, yeah. She's a greenrider, with Cz…ar…duinath, I think" Which might have something to do with that oh-so-coincidental meeting she had with D'lei. Maybe. Just a bit, but he's keeping it classy and talking about tents instead. "She told me how she specializes in quilts, so I asked her if she had any colorful ones in dragon sizes, and, well…" A shrug. "It kind of went from there." As these things do, sometimes.

Nailii looks amused over this to say the least. "I wonder how much wool or whatever they make a quilt out of they will need to make this for Leirith… I mean is there even enough fabric or yarn..?" Let's face it that as tobe thught of by SOMEONE right? "There will be a party once its all done andmade right? Cause that seems like fun. Also I'll have to look her up and see about the wingwarmers now."

"…a lot," D'lei concludes, and grins. "I've given her some marks for the experimenting, but… I think if it starts approaching the cost of an entire weyrbarn, I may have to cut my losses." But surely it won't be that bad… right? "I'm hoping she can use some of the second-rate things, ones that have flaws that you'd notice on a small piece but will disappear amid this one, but… we'll see." Among the things D'lei is not: a weaver. "And we will definitely be having a party when it's done. I mean, really, can you imagine Leirith getting a grand new tent and not throwing a party? She'll invite everyone, just to see how many she can fit inside."

"I'm curious if thers is honestly enough marks to well work on such a thing. A weyrbarn might cost less, would possibly easier to make too." She clears her throat and grins. "Though really a tent for a dragon will be interesting and cute in the end." She nods to the bit on the party. "Well sign e up for wanting to come to the party when it is all said and done of course. No of course not… I mean if Leirith is involved of course there will be a most /awesome/ party and everyone will want to come. Though then it might be to 'peoply' too.."

"I mean, surely it can't be that bad… right?" Aignes did not provide D'lei with a quote for this product before starting work! "There's ships by all the time, and they've got spare sails, and that's… nearly as much fabric as for a tent like that." Not as fancily decorated, admittedly, but… "And we'll be able to use it for Gathers, too." It's (not actually) practical! "Like, you know, the kind that… aren't… just… an excuse for Leirith to party."

Nailii hums lightly at that thought. "True, maybe she can just dye abunch of sail fabric and then make it fancey and the like? Still, added bling comes with a price. At least it does with clothing. Why I prefer to go bling free." No one needs bling! Though it is rather shiney and sparkly, certain bling is at least. "True true.. Does Leirith know it is not only for her? Cause you might want to break it to her slowly if not."

"Yeah, but you've met Leirith. She needs the blings." D'lei grins. "I mean, how else will everyone know just how magnificent it is? I figure… I'll just let it be definitely still hers while everyone else uses it. Because she's all giving like that, and that way she can claim any badass that happens for her own." Because that definitely makes sense. "Talanoath could use it for a story hour…" Not that he needs a tent for that, but still. It could be stories in a tent.

"You act as if he needs a tent to have story hour. If he could fit in here he wold be giving story hour everyday." Nailii says with an amused tone. "It will also be a chance for her to share the aweomseness that it happens to be with everyone else. I'm sure she'll be totally fne with that, so best make it super blingy then." She'll offer him a smile before leaning over to give his cheek a kiss. "I need to get going. Morning shift back at the Infirmary, suppose some sleep would be good.
"…huh," D'lei says. "How hard d'y'think it would be to enlarge the caverns for that?" he asks, followed by a grin. "Though I suppose not everyone would properly appreciate the ongoing saga of Talanoath." The fools! But. D'lei grins, then awws, just a little, as he leans up to return a kiss of his own for hers. "It would. So… tell your dreams they better match up, okay? Get some good rest."

Nailii smiles at the kiss, her fingers softly sliding against his before giving his hand a squeeze as she moves to stand up picking up her jacket once letting go of his hand. "Let's not bring the idea up to Talanoath or we're have to find out the hard way because he might not drop the idea." She tugs her jacket on and grins. "You've met my dragon, do you honestly think I have quiet dreams all the time?" Not if Talanoath has any say in the matter. "Have a good night, try to keep away from the dreaded paperwork for a few hours at least yeah?" A wave is sent his way while she turns to head on out into the cold world out there.

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