Half Moon's Afterparty

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Tiki Lounge
As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring of the patio, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use.
The inside of the Tiki Lounge seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, generally occupied by harpers. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

The lounge is packed with food and drink and Tanit is sitting at the bar with her stolen basket of cookies and some sort of impossibly fruity drink.

Was D'lei at the hatching? Nooot so much, actually. It's the sort of thing that Weyrleaders should certainly be at, because of politics and all that, but… well, as it turns out, he wasn't. Maybe that's got something to do with the zombie plague that (rumor claims) is sweeping Xanadu. Or maybe not, but regardless of his failure to show up before, he is at least making an appearance at the hatching party. He's even here early, mostly on account of getting to skip the crowds on the way out from the bleachers! And so he arrives, with riding jacket loose and hair mussed, and offers a smile as he looks around.

Meion waves to her Weyrleader as she arrives among the first to the party, all-but-dragging her clutch-sibling C'iel along with her in her eagerness to get to the festivities! Last time she was at a hatching, things got a little hectic for her, so this time she's determined to enjoy the party!

C'iel barely has time to wave on his way in through the door, making sure nothing gets caught on anything. He laughs all the same, that nervous energy hopefully finally getting a chance to release. In some form or another. "Now that I'm thinking about it, we could do with more celebrations in general…" Blissfully getting caught up in the moment, and naturally, not in the PLANNING portions of such things.

Tanit grins to Deli, and waves to Meinon as well, "So… what are the chances that Leirith switched out one of her eggs with ours?" She sounds… almost hopeful?

D'lei smiles, with a wave back to Meion (and, by extension, C'iel), and then a tilt of his head to consider Tanit's question. "Mmh?" he asks, then… laughs. "If she did, I really must congratulate Chauth for her choreography in synchronizing it with the rest of her clutch." He grins. "Not that I'm admitting anything, mind you!"

Tanit sighs, "I know life stopped being simple when I got the knot, but I feel liek those two are going to be trouble." She sighs, "What's this about a plauge?"

Meion perks up at the question and injects herself into the conversation. "It looks to be some sort of a childhood disease running through Xanadu right now. I've been trying to track down info about it for the healers, and I think we're starting to make some headway on figuring out where it started…"

C'iel gently lifts a hand. "Which means none of us would have accidentally brought it over… I've been lending hours, but I haven't really helped much more than that." He also tilts his head at Tanit a little and smiles. "Life's… interesting with a little bit of trouble." Just a little.

Tanit sighs, "Yeah, tell me that when your Weyrleader isn't burning down the storage rooms after a flight loss." cue drink. "At least the most part of the mess is out of the way… maybe."

D'lei half-smiles. "We've all of us passed the incubation period, even for our conservative estimates," he says with a gesture around to himself and the Xanadu blueriders. "Though we're stil not going to go wandering into the nursery, just in case between didn't freeze all the bacteria off." Better be on the safe side, right? Which… may not be Half Moon, judging from what Tanit says. D'lei arches his brows. "Sounds like you've had a bit too much trouble…"

Tanit nods, "Little bit, yes, and the freak snowstorm didn't do much to help." She shakes her head, "I'm almost glad that Cita and crew didn't see the hatching. I've considered begging them to come back." She chuckles, before shaking her head. "Well thank you, the last thing we need is a plague."

C'iel clamps his lips a fair bit at that and gives a grim nod of concession. He glances upwards for a long while, and then blinks twice. Weyrleaders setting fires? "… what?" Like he couldn't quite process what he just heard. People are just… mystery doesn't begin to cover it. Right, he should find a drink or something..

Celebratory drink in hand, Meion nods to that. "Really, nobody needs a plague. Or wants one. But you've got some new riders now, and hopefully they'll help with the stuff that needs to happen? Never mind the period that comes first, where they take all the attention and energy to turn them into Real Riders.

Tanit sighs, "I need a nap I think. I'd hug you lot but - plauge."

"So how did that storm come about, anyhow?" D'lei asks. "I never paid that much attention to this part of the world when I was doing meteorology, but I didn't think you could get enough of an upsurge from the south… and honestly, I'm making assumptions even just for that part of it." He gives his head a bit of a shake, then follows it with a curious expression… and then a wave. "Good luck!"

C'iel sighs a little bit and takes a sip. Decidedly non-alcoholic this time around. He might have avoided an awkward conversation, but a few things still ember at his nerves. "… heh. Maybe we shouldn't be leading with that. Though, I suppose it's only fair to give warning."

Meion laughs. "It's not like we can avoid leading with it. Word gets around; Tanith's the one who brought it up in the first place." She shrugs a little, and shakes her head. "Dragons are the most efficient gossip-conveying system on Pern. Or off it, probably!"

"Rumor is probably worse than what we've actually got." Not that 'making enough children sick that everyone else is scrambling to care for them' isn't a big deal, because D'lei's sleep deprivation will assure you it is, but… in the grand scheme of things, there are worse things. "I wonder what happened with that fire, though." The one Tanit gave one side of a story about, that is! "I'd heard about the snow, but… fire to go with their ice, apparently?"

C'iel murmurs something about 'not singing about it' and then smiles aside at Meion. "I suppose you're right. Well, if that's the case, we'll be bound to hear something more about that sooner or later." He glances between Meion and D'lei. "… how accurate of rumors though, I wonder. I wouldn't take a dragon for a liar, but some of them have very unique ways of seeing things…" And yet, somehow, extra medical hours somehow leave him less sleep deprived than when Ceru was a hatching. There's exhausted, tired, and 'where did I live my brain again'?

Meion nods along, all cheerfully interested. "If Tanit hadn't been off to bed, I definitely would've asked more! I mean, that doesn't sound normal, does it? Burning down the store-rooms? That's like lead-in-the-drinking-cups kind of crazy, right?" Or maybe there's a good reason for everything! But it's hard to picture one, she thinks.

"Not," D'lei says as far as the accuracy of rumors. "Even when they're just tiny misrepresentations, they add up… and sometimes the dragons view things more than a little differently." Which is putting it lightly, in certain cases… and does raise the question of just exactly what happened with Half Moon's stores! "I'd more expect losing a flight to mean stealing a dozen blankets and making a messy nest of them," he says, a nod to Meion to go with it. "Though… you did see how tired she looked." A tilt of his head to where Tanit departed. "I can't imagine everyone involved was at their best."

"I'm sure there's a better explaination for it, yes," C'iel says, though the tone on his voice makes it seem like he's having three conversations at once. "And it doesn't do to let little theories start looking like the truth. We can get a better run of it when everyone feels like talking." Which means somewhere after food, sleep, and a little but not too much alcohol. C'iel paces a little and muses a bit. "… it feels rude to compare woes. But also almost… comforting?"

Meion nods and considers. "Yeah. Still, wow.." She sips her own drink, and laughs her agreement. "Yeah, comforting. It's good to know the whole world is crazy sometimes, and not just our little corner of Xanadu." She stretches back into a seat with a shake of her head and a smile. "At least it's never boring."

D'lei laughs for the crazy of the world, a wry sound. "Oh, it most certainly does." He gives his head a shake. "And we only hear the half of it. Whose flight? We don't know. We may never know, or any of the other crazy that came with it. We just hear the bits that turn out… well, to be blazing fires. Not the low-grade crazy. That, you only get to know in your own home."

"I can't remember the last time I was bored…" C'iel props in against Meion's shoulder a little, glancing around. "I mean. It makes me feel like we're all in this together. Even if we're all spotted and speckled across the map. … weird thing to take away from it, I guess."

"I think being bored is a sign that you're not paying enough attention." Meion squeezes C'iel in against her a little, and nods cheerfully. "We may not be training to fight alien stuff that falls out of the sky and kills people anymore, but we're still fighting all the things that need fighting. Whatever those are. Or something." Has Meion really only had one of those drinks? She's waxing semiphilosophic like she's had a few more than that.

D'lei tucks himself into a seat, leaning back, and casts his gaze up along the ceiling before looking back to blueriders. "If you do end up getting bored, let me know. I can fix that." A beat. "Or maybe make you bored enough to sleep, depending. There's always paperwork." And D'lei has got to shove it off to someone if he wants a chance to deal with the more interesting and exciting problems! And fight those things that need fighting, which is to say… "We're living. Or doing our best job at it, anyhow." A wry smile, and then a glance around - then back to Meion. "I hope we aren't bringing the plague over here. I mean… whoever brought it to us might not have thought they were infectious either."

"That's true. Though I'd have to ask, when you end up getting through on those records. If we have any non-symptomatic vectors…" C'iel blinks, and shakes his head vigorously before raising his cup. "Tell me we'll ever be able to just celebrate for the sake of it! … not that I mind even in the slightest." C'iel smiles back over. Hey, for the moment, they're safe by virtue of being untrained in matters of beaucracy. The last bastion of responsibility. "At least now Ceru won't be trying to play matchmaker with eggs and candidates so hard. Not that he had much business there in the first place…"

Meion nods, sitting back slowly. "I've got enough information that my program is starting to run, at least. Maybe there'll be something worth looking at when we get back to Xanadu after this." She grins, finishing her drink. "Of course, the longer we stay, the more time it has to run, and the more chance we'll have results!" That's definitely how it works.

"I certainly hope so," D'lei says to Meion of her program, and gives a wry smile. "Even if some people are recovering, I still don't like not knowing where it came from. Or whether it might try to be an every-winter tradition." A grimace, though it's trying to be a smile, and then he hehs. "Is there a link between what we eat and drink and our success rate?" he ponders, and snags a skewer of fried thing to experiment with a nibble before… hmm. He glances to C'iel. "Has Ceru made any signs about suggesting people to eggs, y'know, before they're actually candidates?"

C'iel nods enthusiastically to Meion, and tucks into his seat with a mild huddle. "I'm sure there'll be something worthwhile. The more we know, the better…" A pause. "And if it will help us succeed, I'll have a second helping. Actually, I was thinking of taking Ceru out hunting after this. No fair I'm the only one who gets to indulge a little.." He smiles over at D'lei. "Oh. I mean, not quite that far. Is that a thing? He was just pretty adamant that Teinon seemed fit for impression, and… it's hard to argue with him now, isn't it?"

Meion grins to C'iel. "That sounds a lot like Searching Teinon, then… I wonder if that means you have a future as a search rider! Going out, meeting people, telling them they get to come do whatever the dragons tell them to…" She laughs and pokes his side a little. "While I'm just sitting at my terminal with Euclath, and we're trying to figure out all the Big Disease Secrets and stuff like that.

D'lei nods to C'iel about the idea of taking Ceru out, then grins - and nods to Meion as she puts her own interpretation on that piece of data! "Someone's got to be the one who suggests to all those people that they ought to be candidates, after all. Turns out… humans aren't actually that good at guessing who'd be a good fit for dragons. They're much better at doing it for themselves… and for each other, when the dragons what need company are still in those eggs."

C'iel rubs at his head a little, smiling a bit. "… why not? I can't speak for myself, but he really has a good sense of judgment. It'd be almost strange not to have Euclath involved…" Nope. In the myriad of things he's swimming around expecting to end up doing one point or another, he's definitely not going to let Meion lock herself up! Not that Euclath would, either. "I would praise Garouth's sensibilities, but that feels sort of… oh… well. We want to say Garouth has the best taste. So there."

Meion laughs. "Yes. Garouth finds all the best candidates for blue dragons, and he drags them to the sands himself." That is certainly how it happened, and anyone who says otherwise must be distracted by pesky things like "facts" and "that's not actually what happened." "Euclath hasn't been pointing me to any candidates just yet - but I suppose I haven't actually asked him to, either."

D'lei laughs. "Garouth started with me, and he's just been going up from there." He grins, and snags a drink to wash down some fried-things. "But yeah, I definitely think it'd be a good idea for you to try it. Both of you, really," a glance to Meion, "But since Ceru's already interested in it… see who meets with approval, then see if they impress." He grins. "We've already done our scour of the holds for Leirith's clutch, or I'd say you should go along on one of those trips, but… I think we got everywhere, including the places we haven't been in a decade."

C'iel grins a bit at that. "Up and up and up… that's a feeling we're familiar with. Though now that you've put the idea in our head, we're probably going to try. Once we get started, it's hard to convince us to let go. Just… give us a heads up if we bite off more than we can chew." He glances at Meion. There's diving deep, deep into one thing and then there's nibbling at all of the things. Which is, fittingly, how C'iel is approaching foodstuffs. "There'll be plenty more searches in our lifetimes. And we can just be excited about more siblings soon! A.. whole lot more."

Meion lifts her (empty) cup to that, then rises to go replace it with a less-empty one. "So very many new dragons. What will they do without the wise expertise of C'iel and Meion, great and experienced riders, to help them along?" She's grinning at all of it. "Of course, we'd better become great and experienced before they notice us and expect anything from us!"

"I mean, you've seen the sort of folks dragons sometimes want, even just in your own clutch," D'lei says, and gives a bit of a crooked smile. "There's not much harm in bringing someone willing in to stand, even if it turns out they're actually not suitable. So long as you're not running us out of cots in the candidate barracks, you're probably okay." He has another sip of his own drink, then grins. "The wise and experienced Euclath and Ceruadharth, able to be pounced on and tumbled over by baby dragons! And the expertise of Meion and C'iel in telling their riders that it's okay, really, someday they will get to sleep again and take a bath in peace."

C'iel wraps both hands around his also empty cup and sighs. "There'll be spare space in our Weyr. Provided Ceru doesn't scare them off with his sense of hospitality…." He sighs and shakes his head. "Well. That is partly true. Once we've got things under control with the healers, I think a little power napping might be in order. Unfortunately, I can only give those orders to dragons, and not workaholic riders…" Not naming names. He laughs and shakes his head. "I can't believe they're 'this big' already though! I'm curious though…" Peeeeer at D'lei. "What was the first thing you did when you got out of Weyrling training?" Senior Weyrlinghood? Something like that.

Meion laughs a little as she returns with her cup - and a pair of extras, one each for D'lei and C'iel. "So, you're saying I should lie to candidates, that's what I'm hearing." Which isn't entirely fair. After all, Euclath lets her sleep, now! It's just her own tendency for crazy all-night investigations reasserting itself now.

"You're not part of the weyr's general dormitories," D'lei informs C'iel, with a look to go with it. "You get to have guests in your weyr. Not residents." Figuring out the difference for those on the border, weeell, that's another question entirely. D'lei accepts the cup from Meion with a, "Thanks," then laughs. "Who, me? I just think you should share your wealth of positive experience!" Beam. Innocent (not). He has a long sip of the new drink, pondering C'iel's question, then… "Heh. Helped build a recirculating water heating system?" A crooked grin.

C'iel fidgets a little under that look, and nods. "That makes sense," he says. It would seem that neither C'iel nor Ceru had the burgeoning personality to burst out with sparks of WHY NOT and IT'S /MY/ CAVE, DAD. "I'm not about to go hoarding candidates, I promise. Though Ceru might insist on dragging in guests for a thrilling evening of warm baths and uninterrupted sleep." The look to Meion definitely says, 'I'm sorry,' but natch. He waves a hand, happy to move on and mms. "We do have experience. I do not feel like it gets easier, but at the same time, always… more sure of myself. Happier." He nods. "That's… not bad. Not bad at all!" Because of course C'iel is assuming that D'lei did something very important, and did not make a hot tub. Well. Same thing, really.

Meion laughs. "Is that why you knew so much about the springs when we… er, had that little plague incident?" She shakes her head, grinning. "Somehow it never actually came up that you had a hand in those." She sips her drink, thinking for a few moments. "I really should get a terminal run out to my Weyr now that I'm getting moved in, though. It would save the late nights back in the craft complex." And it would reduce the number of people who know whether she's pulling excessive all-nighters.

"How you and your guests choose to bathe and sleep is none of my business," D'lei assures C'iel, and grins… then tilts his head to Meion, and laughs. "No, actually. I had nothing to do with the springs at Xanadu! This was back at Monaco Bay, my… one of my clutchmates had a cliff weyr without water, and so… I helped work something up." He grimaces faintly. "Wasn't all me, admittedly, but… well, the attempt was made." He shrugs, just a bit, then hides his expression under his cup for a long, but not terribly deep, sip. "Would this terminal be coming before or after a place to sleep and some food?

C'iel pinks a bit more, and nods. "… as long as you don't decide to replace sleep with work entirely." He says of Meion, grinning. "You'll need a system, or I'll let Ceruadharth personally make sure you're getting your breakfasts." It's just playful concern, really! All the same, he seems both amused and fascinated with D'lei's exposition. "By chance do you still have any of the plans for that around? That might help us get set up and settled in." Restlessly he reaches over for another bite. "… though if you need another set of hands for that, you know I'm willing." C'iel feels much more comfortable volunteering for things than putting up his own indulgences, yes.

Meion grins to C'iel and D'lei both. "I've already put a bed in, I promise. It's not much, but I'm not sleeping on the floor!" She laughs. "Though, I probably should put at least a little bit of stuff for cooking in. I've just been walking up to the main cavern every morning for breakfast. It'd be nice if I could eat there if I really wanted to." Even if that would involve cooking, which she'd be just as happy to leave to someone else.

"We can still send a weyrlingmaster around to make sure you're taking care of yourselves," D'lei 'threatens' in that only-serious kind of way. "Honestly, maybe Asteroid could use that too. Wing-nanny, to make sure the crafters don't work themselves too hard…" Not that he's naming names, but… "All the other wings have someone in charge who sees them regularly. But…" Thanks, Meion! You have reminded him of an archetype. He nods to her about food, though. "Even if it's just klah and porridge… you'll be glad of it if we get another blizzard." Which they will, eventually. Such is weather! D'lei hmms to C'iel, tilting his head back a bit for that question of plans, then… gives it a shake. "I would have left it there, I think." He makes a slight apologetic grimace. "And we're not really on speaking terms at this point."

This time there is a definite clear collision of 'no you should not go about prying into Weyleadership's personal life.' A distant Blue's dismay shakes him a little, and he has to give a soft clear of his throat and reply simply, "I'm sorry to hear that. You've probably got some insight from it! Though I can ask around." He leans out just a hint for a drink refill and then fingertaps. "You're way ahead of me, you know," he nods to Meion with a smile.

Meion laughs. "Ahead, yes. Totally didn't take over a cottage weyr that a retiring rider left behind a few seasons ago, not me." Which explains how she got moved in so fast, now doesn't it!
"It's long past," D'lei says with a returning smile and slight wave of one hand. And he'll keep it that way, at least, unless there's a far better reason than a shortcut for water system design. "There might be something in the computer files," he muses, with a look to Meion. "The sort of people who'd build one seem like they'd also be the sort to digitize it."

"I think my mother is a little mortified I didn't pick a perfectly walkable cottage…" C'iel murmurs. Sometimes he feels more like a sheep than a dragonrider. He contemplates a while, nodding at D'lei's words. "It's worth a look, then, isn't it? On my own time. And… yeah." Past is funny like that. He toys with the cord around his neck thoughtfully.

Meion nods to D'lei and C'iel. "I'm happy to take a look! It does seem like the sort of thing someone might've recorded plans for, somewhere in there. And now, all I hafta do is find them!"
"You can remind her that many dragonrider-mothers need to go halfway across Pern to visit their children?" D'lei suggests to C'iel, though it's with the slight smile of someone who already knows that it… may not actually help. He does nod a bit… then laughs. "That's pretty much your entire craft, isn't it?" he asks Meion with a grin. "Or, specialty, at least. 'Finding them.' For all the various thems!"

C'iel almost-hugs Meion. It's like a mind hug, with smile and warm fuzzies included. "I'd realy appreciate it!" He wiggles and tilts his head a little at D'lei. "Oh, you're right." With the faintest hint of 'would YOU' put it like that not spoken. It's really the close-by sentiment that remains. "I doubt you'll ever be at a lack of things to look for then, won't you?"

Meion laughs and squeezes C'iel back, giving a nod of agreement. "If I ever run out of things to look for, I'll be sure to ask you to top off my list before I get bored." She grins, and wobbles a little on her feet as she gets up to go for another drink. "Hm. Since I think the room probably isn't actually turning, this might be a hint that I should let Euclath take me home while we're both still able to fly straight. Mostly."

"That, or an opportunity to find out just how hospitable Half Moon is," D'lei suggests to Meion, then hehs. "Either way, I should probably go mingle a bit and make sure every here knows that we didn't snub them." Such is the weight of politics, when you have a big knot! It's like a popularity contest, except everyone's a… player? Something like that, anyhow.

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