Half Moon Hatches

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Galleries
An amphitheater cut of rock with row after row of hard benches to sit on. The galleries have a good view of the sands below and the action that takes place there during every hatching. Despite the times, people still come to see the new pairs formed and place bets on the outcome.

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hatching Sands
A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The iridescent sands shimmer in the heat, a myriad of pearlescent colors which change and shift in the light. The sands themselves are uncomfortably warm although they seem most welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

It is so late as to be considered early morning by some, dawn still hours away in half moon bay. It starts low, and quiet a deep reverberating hum that is accompanied by electric sparks and then grows in volume over the next thirty minutes until the entire weyr is awake. « It Begins » Chauth's insistent.

<Sands> Chauth sprawls Sphinxlike and all ten of the eggs rest within the protective semi-circle. Glittering eyes shifting from eggs to dragons, and the galleries as well, and despite recent events, Ysgieuth has been allowed on the sands as well. For the moment Tanit is nowhere to be seen. The low reverberating hum growing louder and louder.

<Sands> Tanit emerges from the secret passage, dressed in a flowy dress of sea-blues and greens that leaves most of her shoulders and legs bare, and even she wears sandals on the sands. Behind her? Rows of candidates make their way into the light and heat of the sands. What little bits of the sky that can be seen glitter with thousands of stars, as if mirroring the iridescent shine of the sands themselves.

<Sands> The Candidates file onto the Sands, resplendant in their white robes and white faces, making their way across the shifting ground towards the clutch of eggs. As they cross paths with the clutch parents, they turn raggedly to face them, bowing first to Chauth, then to Ysgieuth, then turn back and fan out, encircling the clutch in clumps of twos and threes.

<Sands> Illuminated Dreams Egg shudders slightly, as if waking from a deep slumber.

Meion waves her Blue-brother C'iel over to her, where she's seated as close as she can manage, watching the candidates intently.

<Sands> Z'tan? Z'tan is there, really - off to that side over there, ensuring that Ysgieuth's hulk is between him and Chauth (and Tanit), the Weyrleader, is not nearly as put together last he Weyrwoman is, but as the candidates appear and the eggs begin to move, he slowly smooths his shirt, trying to act as if he is all confident.

<Sands> Even as its end draws nigh, there is nothing subtle about Everything Lime is Evil - for while some of its clutch mates are gently wiggling, Everything Lime does nothing of the sort - instead, a violent shake sends it rolling away from its mound.

<Sands> Etinei is sticking close to Teinon, following him as if he knows what to do? And she should copy him? She's speechless, combination of dry mouth and being utterly stunned that this is actually happening keeping her clammed up. But she hasn't been eaten by Chauth, so that's a relief.

C'iel ceases his stop-still gazing and snaps out of it when Meion waves, and hurries over. He settles down beside her and squeezes the back of her hand before getting lost in watching.

<Sands> Petra is following Etinei closely, and she seems to be shivering despite the heat of the Sands. She does not seem to know where to look, her eyes flickering all over the cavern with one glance at the galleries before her attention is fixed on the eggs.

<Sands> Leeta strides out mostly on her own, though she's 'evenly spaced' between the other candidates, the Blue Fire holder woman looking very alert, mutedly excited, and thoughtful all at once as her intense green eyes scan the sands.

<Sands> Illuminated Dreams Egg shakes again and two small pieces fall out from one face, leaving holes that seem almost like….eyes. Is something gazing out from inside?

<Sands> Teinon doesn't looks like he knows much more than Etinei. At first, his eyes are on the parent dragons, his feet automatically following the lead of the candidate ahead of him as they all bow and move onto the sands. Eventually, he blinks and gets his head back into the game, moving along with his Eti-Pet clump to one side of the eggs. He shoots a nervous smile toward the two women, before his attention returns to the eggs doing their Elvis impersonations.

<Sands> Suriya got the gist as to what's about to go down, and she takes a deep breath as she moves over to a spot (what's safe? ha!) that looks decent after the formal bow to dam and sire. The heat of the sands is as bad as she remembers and even at these hours, they suck. For now, the eggs have her attention.

<Sands> Everything Lime is Evil Egg seems to have accomplished its first goal, for while its roll has paused, cracks are spiderwebbing out from one side, widening with each moment.

<Sands> Aishen is somewhere in the pack, stepping surely over the shifting sands as he makes his way with the line, mirroring their movements with the bowing and the spreading and the finding people to clump with. Hi, Suriya!

<Sands> Forgotten In Nowhere Egg shivers, as if it intends to make its grand entrance into the world but… perhaps later. It goes still once more, signifying that the dragon inside is at rest.

<Sands> Did that portion of the sands move? No, not that one - that weird lump over there. Is that the sands, or… Is it something else.

<Sands> Etinei finds safety in numbers, in her little trio with Teinon and Petra. "Oh…they're really hatching," the girl breathes out, eyes wide as she tries to
stare simultaneously at all the eggs that are moving. So much movement!

<Sands> Tanit totally stole a basket of cookies from the barracks, and she munches away on them as she watches the eggs. Pointedly ignoring Z'tan. IGNORING. « Well, at least all of them have robes on. »

<Sands> Illuminated Dreams Egg suddenly disintegrates before the crowd's eyes. Where once there was an egg there is now a dragonet resting neatly on the sands. It's curled in a little ball and for a moment it seems as if it may still be asleep….but then an eye opens and there's a bugle of greeting. Free at last!

<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Jewel of the Desert Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Sands> Whether bathed in the warmth of the sun or basking under the light of the moon, this green shimmers from every angle. Her slim frame is accented by curved hips which add a natural, seductive sway to her every move. Large almond shaped eyes make her seem innocuous, though she may be anything but. Her gaze is accented by eye ridges darkening to near black, mimicking the application of kohl favored by many women. Forest green surrounds a sharp jawline and pointed head-knobs are awash in a near-translucent jade, which quickly deepens to a beautiful ombre as it courses down her hide. finally, it ends in swirls of dark malachite that envelop a long slender tail. Perhaps from afar her coloring may seem simple, but as one steps closer it is clear that she is anything but. Half a dozen lines of topaz twine together in an intricate formation, encircling her head to create an adornment fit for royalty. Matching talons, each pointed and deadly, contrast sharply with two thin bands of gold that wrap around each ankle. Her visage is completed by wings that are perhaps slightly too large for her body, but majestic nonetheless. Gleaming hues of aqua, emerald, lavender, and obsidian mix and mingle to create an ever-shifting iridescence on the landscape of her wingsails. The sight is nothing if not mesmerizing and she certainly knows it.
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Sands> Petra nods to Etinei. "After all our guesses, and our wrong guesses" A shiver runs down her spine and she turns, in time to see the jewel green hatchling spill from the Illuminate Dreams egg. "Etinei! Look!"

<Sands> With a loud crack, the Everything Lime is Evil Egg disappears, the shattered shell turning to dust, which floats upwards as a concealing cloud - before it settles upon the lanky form of the egg's former occupant.

<Sands> Jewel of the Desert Green Hatchling takes her sweet time rising from the floor only to briefly dip so that she can stretch in a feline like manner. Her kohl-lined eyes swirl a deep red as she takes a look at the sands beneath her, but the color shifts to an abrupt green-blue as her gaze falls on the candidates.

<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Friends on the Other Side Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Sands> Olive-brown hues gather in force upon lean limbs and long wings - like a gathering storm upon the horizon that is his spine, fog billowing outwards like clouds upon his slender body. Drab brown runs the length of his underside, swirling around his lashing tail, brushing the insides of his forelimbs, and creeping up to brush the underside of his wide muzzle, worming its way up to curl into each oversized nostril. It is upon the bridge of his nose that the drab brown meets the green-hued olive, each warring for dominance, resulting in a whirling mix of colors that spread across his face, emphasizing faceted eyes and pronounced headridges, before the olive hues claim one stubby headknob and drab the other. Deep taupe - nearly black - gathers upon the sharp ridges of his back like pools of swamp water - the darkness drawing in the light and letting none escape.
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Sands> Suriya is a meatshield? Sure, she'll do the thing for Aishen cause he's adorbs and it's allowed. Truthfully, she'd do it for anyone. The adrenaline has her bouncing on her toes as she watches the green make it's appearance! And that brown! "Aishen, aren't they amazing?"

<Sands> Forgotten In Nowhere Egg topples over, landing on its side and sending a spiderweb of splintered shell arcing across one side, rolling beneath the efforts of the being inside as it shifts, and moves.

<Sands> Friends on the Other Side Brown Hatchling stalks forward as the dust settles, emerging from the self-created mist like a ghost from the fog. Smooth, evenly gaited despite his newly hatched status, the candidates draw ever nearer… Before it seems his luck and grace have expired. A stumble, a fall, and the brown finds himself splayed upon the sands in front of the white-robed youths, before one steps out of line, crouching in front of the brown hesitantly, one hand outstretched. Suddenly, the uncertainty disappears, and the blonde young Oerlean is moving to help the brown back to his feet. "Oh Sombreth.." O'rlean offers, "I will help you back on your feet, let's go get you some food."

Meion grins and wraps an arm around C'iel's side, squeezing him hard against her as she watches one egg hatch - and then another almost immediately after, suddenly reminding her of the excitement on the sands when she met her Euclath. She reaches out to him with her mind, happy and excited and sharing in this moment with all these new riders.

<Sands> Etinei gasps as the first egg hatches and Petra's excitement is contagious. "She's beautiful," the girl says, before a brown has burst from his shell, too. Just as quickly, he Impresses, and Etinei's eyes focus once more on the green that's looking at the candidates. Gulp!

<Sands> Aishen sulks at the new hatchling. "That is not blue," he points out unnecessarily. "But I got brown right." Cheered a bit more, he grins down at Suriya. "Kind of wet. But… yeah, okay. Kind of amazing." He can't exactly coo over them - it wouldn't be in character. But he can appreciate them while he makes sure they don't run over him - or his companion. "That was fast."

<Sands> "She's *lovely*…" Leeta murmurs with widening eyes of the first-hatched green, her gaze then flicking to the birthing brownlette…the woman's head quirking as she studies him for some seconds…then remembers to keep her eyes alert for other stuff going on around her! Up in the Stands, Blue Fire's Holder and his lady watch 'their' candidate with hope…as does Leeta's father, and her two brothers. WOuldn't miss this for the world! Ooh! Impression!

<Sands> There is that odd movement again, from that same area of the sands - but this time, darkness seems to appear in the bright iridescence, betraying the position of the Far Beyond the Tip of the Aurora Egg as cracks begin to make their way across the shell.

<Sands> A Shiny New Era Egg begins to shift on the sands, or… does it. The shell looked as though it had turned slightly, but perhaps that was just a trick of the light. The blue obsidian of the shell still draws in the light, makes it so that it appears as though it might vanish into a shadow, but no, the pale morganite crescent betrays it's still there. Waiting.

<Sands> What Lies Beneath Egg shudders slowly, beginning to rock back and forth slowly upon the sands, the movement almost stealthy in its action, before suddenly it is gone.

<Sands> Jewel of the Desert Green Hatchling begins to move forward with confidence and seems to be doing quite well?initially. The sway of her hips is smooth until her wingspars begin bumping against them and abruptly she loses her balance. Down she goes, legs, tail, and wings tangling together until she is just a tiny jumble of dragonet parts on the sands

<Sands> Teinon's hair already sticks to his forehead in the heat of the sands. Perhaps he's finding at least part of Tanit's prediction to be true, but he doesn't seem to be in danger of falling over or anything. He shuffles his feet, though, keeping his feet from burning in the heat of the sands. His eyes dart here and there, from hatched dragonets to eggs and back, but he reaches over to give Etinei's arm a quick, encouraging squeeze.

<Sands> Petra nods. "She is indeed." The former stablehand is shifting from foot to foot, but it seems more the movement of anticipation than of discomfort with the sand, an awareness of needing to get out of the way fast if necessary. The green's tumble draws an "ohhh" from her, and she twists her hands in her robe.

<Sands> Jewel of the Desert Green Hatchling struggles for a moment but soon enough all of her body parts are free from one another and she is back on her feet. Her chin raises high and she steps forward again, clearly intent on pretending this never happened. She finally makes it to the line of candidates and she takes her sweet time examining each and every one. Too short?.not enough /umph/?passable?too uptight. But then?then she sees /her/. Forepaws reach up to rest on the shoulders of a young candidate and as eyes meet the green presses her forehead against that of a girl with brilliantly red hair.

<Sands> Tanit watches whistling as the first dragons find their mates. "Well At least we know it isn't all blues this time?" She murmurs over to Z'tan.

<Sands> Far Beyond the Tip of the Aurora Egg has been revealed, but it matters not - because soon the cracks cover the shell, and with a soft sound, it falls away, leaving a small hatchling in its wake - one that contrasts quite distinctively with the sands, unlike its previous home.

<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Who We're Meant to Be Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Sands> Tiny and delicate, this green is gathering of the greens of the garden - for no one hue can claim dominance upon her form. Emerald dances and twirls around her stubby headknobs, finding a partner in pale celadon - the lighter hue sweeping across eyeridges and setting off her large faceted eyes. Malachite appears upon her narrow muzzle, though it is interrupted almost immediately by freckles of tea green - freckles that continue down her neck and dance across her stomach. Splashes of sea explode upon her short limbs - speckles tickling her sides and belly - while a secondary wave of Brunswick green claims upwards to her ankles. Jungle and jade intermingle upon her back, jungle creeping out upon the sail of her left wing while jade settles upon her right, though both are crossed by spar of dark, midnight green. Most jarringly, however, are the lime and chartreuse hues that make up the ridges upon her back, as they run from head to tail, the bright spot of her body. And yet, with all the spots and swirls, with all the clashes of color - her true flaws may go unnoticed - one wing, set slightly off from the other, one forelimb a bit shorter - certainly nothing major, but not quite normal either.
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Sands> A Shiny New Era Egg makes a loud *crack* sound, or. Well. There was a sound that happened right in that direction there, but nothing seems to have changed? Is the base of the egg a little wider, or is it just your imagination? Well, the plump looking egg still remains on the sands, and the crescent moon on the top is still all in one piece and appears unshattered.

Rhodelia is not late. Nope. She just had priorities that didn't involve getting to the hatching in time to witness the first or even the second hatching, but she's here now and with a large bag of fresh, hot butter popcorn that she occassionally tosses a few kernels into the air and mostly catches with her mouth. Who needs a seat when you can stand in the middle of the stairs and watch without any heads in the way?

<Sands> Suriya glances over when the green out there on the sands firnds it's first chosen and she laughs, whooping in excitement! "Petra! Congrats! She's beautiful!" Aww, one down but for good reasons! She glances over to the others to see their excitement but returns her attentions back to the sands quick enough.

<Sands> Forgotten In Nowhere Egg gives one great, big, enormous lurch and splinters transform into crevices as bits of egg fall away, then cave, then finally give to that snout that pokes its way out, followed by one paw, then two…

<Sands> Petra is crying almost uncontrollably as she falls to her knees, heedless of the hot sands. "Oh Hazeth. Did you know? Did you know?" She gently disentangles the wet wings. "We'll get you something to eat, right away."

<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< This Is About To Get Weird Gold Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Sands> This little queen is slim and dainty, the very picture of elegance and grace… and if you believe that, she's got a bridge in Nerat she'd be happy to sell your gullible ass! No, this isn't some passive broodmare, some timid waif that's about to get blown away on a stiff breeze - she is a rock, she is the hard place, a veritable brick shithouse and she loves every single second of it. She owns her strong and husky form, stride powerful and full of purpose, wings half-cocked as though she's just as likely to punch you with their leading edge as she is to launch herself away from your bullshit. Each knuckle, of paw and wing alike, are gnarled and stricken with shiny slashes of silver, and whether they're scars or markings upon her aureolin hide is anyone's guess, really. Few venture close enough to find out, for she has a honkin' badonkadonk of a tail and she looks like she knows how to use it. Though not much one for flashy colors or unbelievable patterns, she has been graced with a few feminine features, namely cute little freckles that spot the tough bridge of her nose, lending a sort of softness to her tough girl demeanor. White spheres encircle her neck like a strand of pearls, the occasional orb or two escaping across her shoulders to speckle the underside of her wings like an up-close and personal chart of stars.
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Nessalyn is soooooo thrilled to be here, you guys. So thrilled. Tineangrath was insistent on seeing these new dragons ushered into the world, and so here they are, greeting the darling babies as they find their matches. (Well, one of them is doing that.) The goldrider flops down into a seat at the very edge of the stands, fidgeting ceaselessly. There's a little wave of acknowledgement for her clutchmates, but she doesn't try to find a closer seat. And look, Rhody is here! "Share," she demands, oh-so-politely.

<Sands> Etinei reaches to return Teinon's squeeze in an uncharacteristic display of actually touching someone else, The green's tumble gets a hiss of worry from her, but she's frozen in place. Don't get in the way of the hatchlings! The green rights herself though, and has…Impressed? Etinei's heart is in her throat as Petra starts crying over her green. "Oh, Petra…." She manages to croak out in congratulations.

<Sands> Oof! Leeta winces a little as the pretty green goes down, but she knows the dragonet will soon get up and continue searching for her lifemate, just like the rest of its brothers and sisters will. Those other eggs? Watched with intent. Don't be caught unawares, Leeta! It's only the jeweled green's cry of triumph that makes her look back at it..and blurt out a slightly strained "COngratulations…" to Petra before jerking her head back around to take in another green's hatching. And then… "Great Faranth… another gold…" Eye-widen!

<Sands> Z'tan has relaxed slightly since it seems that Tanit is not about to kill him, nor will there be any public fighting - This does mean that he is able to focus on the hatching without too much fear. "Faranth knows we didn't need 10 more little blues running around, either.." He agrees, even as the hatchlings are beginning to find their new partners in life. "Well, that one might prove interesting.." He murmurs.

<Sands> Who We're Meant to Be Green Hatchling takes a moment to realize she is out of her shell it seems, and longer to sort out limbs and wings, but eventually she begins moving. Slowly, she passes by the closest of the candidates, skipping a young man, and then a young woman, before pausing, and awkwardly backtracking to push her head between the two - and into the stomach of the young woman hiding there behind her larger friends. "Z-Zirkoath?" Daya stutters with surprise, eyes widening before becoming more confident, "Zirkoath, this is the place for the both of us.." She offers, tears beginning to run down her face even as the weyrling staff appears to usher the two to the side of the sands.

<Sands> Aishen watches the goings on with narrowed eyes and a thoughtful stare, a hulk at Suriya's back - she offered! - and seemingly unmoved by much. Until. "Petra! Congrats!" His deep voice carries, although he's careful not to shout and draw too much attention to their position. Then - "Another green, good, good, and - huh. I knew I should have bet on gold!"

<Sands> With a triumphant cry the Who We're Meant to Be Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

<Sands> What Lies Beneath Egg jolts, the sharp movement out of nowhere, and while it does not move again, a jagged crack cuts through the ebony shell, destroying the patterns upon the shell.

C'iel 's faint needs to tease, largely powered by his own Blue are quashed by reverence and a little bit of his own surprise. A smile is spared at least for fellow Weyrmates arriving. And a slight startled one to Meion, but he does lean in and return the gesture. Maybe a tickled murmur as his eyes dart around. So much Newness springing into being..

<Sands> Tanit eyeboggles as a gold pops out. "Oh dear." She sighs looking to Z'tan. "As if I didn't have enough problems on my plate. Maybe it will pick one of the nice quitet bookish ones who like paperwork?"

<Sands> The Egg Where it Happens shivers once and then goes perfectly still, for almost long enough that one might think they imagined the motion. In no immediate hurry it seems, the egg bides its time. Content for the moment to wait for it.

<Sands> A Shiny New Era Egg gets pushed out of the way, with half the shell remaining intact. A Flair for the Under-Dramatic Bronze is what remains in the wake, all legs and wings and a /really/ long tail unfurling after getting out of the confines of the shell. This hatchling looks far smaller than the shell it stepped out of, once it finally rights itself. One step, and the poor hatchling lands belly first into a pile of sand which obscures most of his underside but doesn't make a disappointed croon at all. Nope. This was expected.

<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~< A Flair for the Under-Dramatic Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Sands> Ruddy colored and sepia-hued, the slender frame of this dragon is closer to that of a large brown, rather than the bronze that he may portend to be. A claim that seems to have some substance to it, as his narrow shoulders and sides have a certain metallicness to them - a burnished bronze appearing in wide swaths, as if the brown hues have been meticulously rubbed away, though much of the gloss has disappeared with them, leaving only sparse remnants of sheen behind. Too long wings, sails of dull brass, are supported by wide spars of dark bronze - though even that cannot banish the bright, flame-wrought hues of near copper which dance upon the very trailing edge of his sails, as if dawn's light was captured as Rukbat was breaking the horizon. That bit of brightness, brightness that appears again upon his slim stomach, between his lean limbs, leaves no doubt as to this otherwise dark dragon's true bronze nature. Darkness which claims his slender head, for coal's blackness appears upon his eyeridges, shadows drifting backwards over headknobs, drifting down the jagged ridges of his spine - for unlike his underside, no light touches there to brighten them. Yet, as a result of the dark hues surrounding them, his large, faceted eyes are cast into sharper relief while the angular lines of his jaw serve as a reminder that despite his obvious lackings, including the rich color of others, he has the makings of a rather handsome bronze.
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Sands> Suriya double takes at Aishen for a moment then glances back to he sands where she sees the gold and all she can do is take it all in. "Wow," is all she can manage, there's so much going on! "That one is intense." And now the bronze? "That's gotta be yours. Goes with the beard."

<Sands> BOOM there it happens, a roadmap of spreading cracks form along the gilded shell, with a loud and decisive crack, and then goes perfectly still.

<Sands> This Is About To Get Weird Gold Hatchling has arrived and you stitches better recognize! Yeah! What! She's a gold! She's a chubber! And she's here to rock. this. BAR! Wait, this isn't a bar. Wait, this isn't booze. What the heck, man, she was promised a party when she hatched from her shell. What gives. Somebody lied, and she's gonna find out who and give them a piece of her mind! Out of the way you scrawny little hags, she's cruisin' to give someone a bruisin'!
Meion squeezes C'iel's hand in hers as she watches all the goings-on. She recognizes Teinon from Xanadu, and her attention - and hope - focuses on the quiet boy she remembers from her own candidacy. She's cheering for him - and by extension, all the candidates. But he's the one she's met!

<Sands> Embers of Revolution Egg gives a test wiggle as the occupant seems to ponder what is beyond that barricade that is the shell - There is indeed a world it would long to see, if only it can get free.

<Sands> Etinei's voice is a cracked, hushed thing as she clutches at Teinon's arm. "A gold!" And then there's another Impression, and a bronze has hatched, too. "And a bronze," she gets out, excitement winning out over nerves at the moment.

<Sands> "She's a tough little shit..!" Leeta notes to nobody in particular of the baby gold, the woman's nouth cracking a grin. And then there's a bronze babe to behold — slim and angular and handsome — is taken in, and the woman just shakes her head, laughs softly…and waits.

<Sands> Mists and Ashes Egg quivers faintly, shell sliding like a slow curl of smoke until its apex points in the other direction.

<Sands> As What Lies Beneath egg continues to be broken apart by the cracks upon the shell, the occupant fights its way out from a world of only night - first a muzzle, and then a forelimb, and then the shell can no longer contain it, and it is free upon the sands.

<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Music of the Night Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Sands> The deepest shadows gather like a cloak upon this small blue hatchling, draping limb and body in dark navy. Oversized wings billow between long spars of midnight, the night's sky captured upon their surface, while spindly limbs and narrow body are unable to escape from the darkness beneath their great expanses, cloaked in the same navy hues, which cling to his sides and shoulders. A hint of brightness - and only a hint - appears upon the edges of the ridges along his spine - ultramarine brushing them as if lit by a distant candle - a candle which can bring no illumination to the sharp angles of his head and neck. Pointed headknobs, long, angular nose, and defined eyeridges are all emphasized by the darkness - and by a single patch of bright sapphire that sits squarely over his left cheek and eye.
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Sands> Tanit says, "Do you think Risa's gold switched out an egg?" Eyeing the gold. "I feel like I'm being pranked."

<Sands> Teinon smiles broadly when Petra Impresses, and in lieu of congratulations, he claps his hands… but not too conspicuously. But there's still plenty to see. He pats Etinei's arm as she gives a running tally of the colors, but his eyes are on the dragons. Probably for the best, since they're a bit unpredictable…

<Sands> One more loud crack and bits of shell and egg goop go everywhere, sending the occupant tumbling into the sands nose first. A shake of head and over large wings sends goop flying all over the hatchling's brethren with a small - almost dainty sneeze.

<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< I Want A Revelation Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Sands> Long of limb and lean of form, this green is anything but dainty. Her hide is composed of soft shades of satiny peridot green while the lighter hues of spring follow the contours of her form. Bright faceted eyes set above high cheekbones and a narrow muzzle lend elegance while a dusting of golden flecks highlights the contours of her eye ridges and head knobs. Flashes of warm, yellow-green dance in dapples across her headknobs, drifting elegantly down her long neck, settling to drape upon her shoulders, tucked up against her narrow waist. Kelly green ridges run evenly down her back to the tip of her long tail, the dark color setting off the flecks of sunlight within that much more. Overlarge wings are supported by golden flecked spars, while spreading sails like finest silk in bright chryosparse all but glow in the light. Even her talons have not quite escaped the dusting, for subtle flecks can be found in the burnt coffee hue of them. .
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Sands> Aishen isn't a girl. This is probably good in so many ways - but man, that gold is totally his soulmate. He eyes her with some amusement at her antics. "I hope whoever she Impresses is ready to toady," he remarks, before the bronze breaks shell and steals his attention. A low note sounds in his throat - is that an approving hum? "I thought we discussed this. I do like the color, though," he adds.

Rhodelia can share it's true. Does pelting Nessa with some popcorn count as sharing? She'll find out because after tossing some kernels in the goldrider's general direction, she heads down a few steps to plop down right next to her. "Good thing I begged for the absolute largest bag of corn I could get." And other eyes might be on those two shiny little hatchlings, Rhody focuses on the newest blue. "He looks a little lonely, don't you think?"

<Sands> Mists and Ashes Egg booms as a great tear rends its shell. It's a hard, jagged fragment, as though lightning struck right through it's center, but afterwards it stills as though nothing ever happened.

<Sands> I Want a Revelation Green hatchling takes a few moments to shake out over large wings and arrange long limbs before starting the trek across iridescent sands, sparkling sand sticking to the still damp spots of her hide. A soft croon from the gold on the sands sets the little green into immediate motion, remembering her mission, moving with purpose.

<Sands> Music of the Night Blue Hatchling has escaped from the shadowy confines of its shell, and now finds itself upon the sands, crooning softly as he rights himself, settling his wings into some semblance of order upon his back. There is no rush, no quick movements - instead he creeps towards the candidates, still crooning softly as he goes, until he finds himself -beyond- the ring of white. It is only then that he moves with swift purpose, nearly knocking over a dark-haired man who was nearly too old to stand. "Rhith?" Enrik - now E'rik - yelps as he works to find his balance, curling his fingers lightly on the muzzle. "Yes, I can sense you, I know you are here. I know you are always with me" And so the dark-haired man begins his new life with his shadowy lifemate.

<Sands> A Flair for the Under-Dramatic Bronze Hatchling takes a moment to right himself, the bronze - once he gets himself straightened out - looks a little more the size of a large brown. Especially if one were to compare it to his golden sister just over there. He stands where he is, before taking a tentative step forward towards the lines of candidates. Then, lands face first in the sand as one of his talons manages to clip one of his own large wingsails. A moment after, he's back up again! Nothing happened. He's fine.

<Sands> Hatred for the Harper Egg shifts briefly, like a stagehand brushing the curtain while the set is being arranged - was there even movement at all? And then, just as it could be written off as one's imagination it happens again - the briefest twitch fluffing up that collar of white.

<Sands> Shit. *That's* what came from that horrid egg? A dark blue with a… monocle on one eye? Leeta stares untrustingly at that hatchling, until her gaze finds another green hatching popping out… sunny and somehow relieving in presence from its dark blue brother.

<Sands> Suddenly, cracks appear upon the shell of the Embers of Revolution Egg, as the occupant gathers its strength and its courage, pushing against its cage.

<Sands> Suriya plants her feet firmer into the sands and the grin on her face is almost sinister. This is exciting and the outcome? She sends those cool milky jade eyes over to Tanit and she grins, mostly in appreciation for the opportunity to sand out here and experience this… if she translates it to that. Baby dragons everywhere!

<Sands> This Is About To Get Weird Gold Hatchling is luckily kept from literally stomping over some small, frail whisp from Southern Boll only by virtue of stumbling over her own paws. WHOOPSIE-DAISY, aaaand fwumpf! Down she goes in a great big mound of sand and glitter that's mostly her. Man. Gotta pity whatever human she finds out here today, they're going to have a shells of a time scraping egg-goop glitter out of all the places where the sun don't shine. Hehehe. But wait. She's a gold. Isn't there something proper she should be doing? Like uh. Preening. And walking the sands? Ah, sweetsnacks. Well it's not too late! She'll just run and hide behind this candidate here and we can all pretend she hatched all over again. It's perfect! Foolproof! And more than a little silly to see a great big gold like herself trying to hide her nose up someone's robe. If I can't see you, you can't see me?

<Sands> Aishen raises a hand to cover his mouth as he coughs out a laugh, his gaze still following that bronze - with brief glances elsewhere to mark the position of the growing number of dragonets on the Sands. Wouldn't want to get run over, mauled, or glomped without warning, after all. At least, not by something large enough to do actual harm.

<Sands> Mists and Ashes Egg seems to gather its energy, some kind of raw power, the power of birth, of life itself roiling in the depths of its thunderstruck shell. The creature within pushes, stretches, heaving until finally the egg gives way to an egg-wet hatchling cloaked in darkness and otherworldly prowess.

<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Dire Plans for Destiny Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Sands> He is thunder's dark bruising of a starry night, a creature comprised of teeming energy, barely leashed by the confines of this mortal form. His personality bursts at the seams of his existence, a spirit far larger than life cloaked in a stygian hide. Lightning flickers along the broad expanse of his chest, arcing through clouds in a manner both menacing and exuberant, perhaps demonstration of an inner nature that will never be tamed. Facial features seem forged of blackened steel-blue, a strong nose emphasized by high cheekbones and a stern brow. Cunning eyes peer from beneath them, lined with clever streaks of chalk and kohl, giving the permanent impression of one basking in a great inner amusement. Scorched metal fits itself around his headknobs and down his neck, armored plates sweeping across each shoulder whilst allowing wings to move freely. These are kept carelessly tucked at his sides, the effortlessness of their loose rustle emblematic of deep inner strength and more than middling arrogance. When stretched for flight, they are things of fear and beauty both, star-spangled leading edges ruined by a stormclouds splattered violently across their breadth. Their undersides seem at first to be the deep, empty darkness of a starless night, but when light shines through them a complex knotwork reveals itself to any that might take shelter beneath. A similar pattern circles each paw in rings so tight and close they resemble gloves, deep, dark sapphire interrupted only by sharp silver claws at their very tip.
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Sands> Is it you? Or maybe you? Nope! It takes a minute for I want a Revelation Green to orient herself and get her bearings but once she does - she moves with absolute purpose, heedless of the candidates who might be silly enough to get in her way.

<Sands> Ysgieuth's head drops to peer at the hatchlings upon the sands - first the tiny brown… bronze? that seems to take a moment to get himself sorted, and then that tiny gold - the bronze rumbling as he straightens to give Chauth a long look - and likely some sort of commentary that thankfully (but sadly) isn't shared with the group at large.

<Sands> Suddenly, the curtain is lifting and the Hatred for the Harper Egg is center stage - shifting and rocking awkwardly, entirely unsure of what is suppose to happen. The occupant, however, seems to have some idea, for a crack is appearing on one side, spreading rapidly.

<Sands> Chauth chuffs at the bronze, in a 'clearly this is all your fault' tone.

Pelting with popcorn totally counts as sharing, and swatting wildly at flying popcorn absolutely counts as eating it. "Is it in my hair?" She's sure it's in her hair. But rather than comb fingers through the strands, Nessalyn simply gives a quick shake of her head and lets it be. WHO CARES? She certainly doesn't. "Begged? Why didn't you just take it?" Obviously. She glances down at the sands, which she… hasn't been paying the most attention to. "Faranth, when did there get to be so many of them?"

<Sands> A Flair for the Under-Dramatic Bronze Hatchling finally has everything in order, this leg - that wing, his tail which drags along the sands as he is making his way over towards the row of candidates. His red whorling eyes give one of the girls a long look over, and a croon, before he continues on to.. the next female? Is he confused or something? Another approving huff of breath is given as he snuffles at Suriya's robe and then fumbles a few steps closer towards where there's actual males for him to look through and decide if any of them appease him. The first clearly doesn't, and he whips the poor boy with his tail and if he's not lucky, off of his feet. Then, it's on to the next. Hopefully this won't become a trend of how he rejects candidates.

<Sands> Etinei is trying to watch all the hatchlings, wary of the numerous warnings the candidates have had about not getting in the way, not getting mauled, and so on. She'd like to survive this, Impression or not. "They're all clumsier than I expected," she murmurs to Teinon, before that impressive blue hatches, and she freezes all over again as she gets a good look at him. And why is the bronze looking at women?!

<Sands> A bugle of triumph from the former occupant, and the Embers of Revolution Egg is no more, the haphazard egg shell falling apart, pushed aside and out of the way - Time to go beyond the barricades!

<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< When Tomorrow Comes Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Sands> Slight of form but handsome, this hatchling is perfectly proportioned, and seems to embody a certain sort of noble grace. Caramel whorls sit upon his head, encircling his headknobs like a crown of ringlets, golden-brown hues curling around large faceted eyes, and tickling his eyeridges. His well-formed muzzle is neither too narrow nor too wide, too flat or too long, nor are the sepia hues of his hide marred by freckles. Instead, the smooth sepia sweeps downwards, wrapping his slender neck and stomach in the even tone, clothing each long limb in the rich hue, which only serves to offset the ebony hues of his talons that much more. Sepia spars support translucent wing sails of raw umber, the trailing edges darkened ever so briefly to the reddish hues of burnt umber. Upon his muscled hindquarters and wiry tail, sepia darkens to seal, as if they are still amongst the shadows. The only imperfection it seems, can be found in the ridges of his back - for they are not nearly as even and regular as one would expect, the flaws emphasized by their mahogany undertones - a rough-hewn barricade breaking the expanse of his back.
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Sands> "Bobbling bronze…" Leeta notes dryly as that babe falls in the sand for a moment…the woman then breathing a deep sigh of relief as 'that' blue finds someone else 'worthy' of Impressing to. WHEW! So many shells are cracking around them all! The bulky baby gold takes her eyes once more…makes Leeta smirk and almost laugh aloud. And then another blue bursts forth, and she's gawping at him..and also trying not to grin. "Dayum… yer' a beastie…" is noted to mobody of him. Another green is birthed, but she can only spare a quick glance at it as more shells popping require her attention. On your toes, maggot! Shards, but that bronze is picky.

<Sands> Dire Plans for Destiny Blue Hatchling IS FREE! Free from the shell that thought to restrain him, free from the tiny, puny, diminutive world that was all he had for much too long. He stands there, dripping in goop and still somehow looking as though he was born for this, that distinct lack of dignity doing nothing to diminish that air of rebellion, and fire, and absolute These Sands Were Made So That I Might Walk Upon Them cocksurity that one should not expect to find in a dragon. Not one this young, anyway. He flicks one wing out, then the other, a shivering of body that starts at his head and ends at the tip of forked tail before whirling eyes shift towards sire and dam, away towards those who've clearly come to this place to behold his rebirth. Ah yes. Now if only the sun would set upon the horizon to further lend shadows to his dashing silhouette and air of mystery, the moment would be complete.

<Sands> Teinon tugs Etinei out of the way when one of the dragonets gets little too close for comfort. He gives her a crooked little grin and a one-shouldered shrug. He glances back to keep track of the dragonets, then looks back to Etinei and holds up his thumb and forefinger together, as though to indicate a tiny thing. A tiny dragon, perhaps?

<Sands> When Tomorrow Comes Brown Hatchling has a world he longs to see, and he seems to waste no time at all - what is beyond those white-robed candidates? One foot, then the other, and he is on his way across the sands - a life is about to start.. A life that cannot be lived alone. A curly-haired young woman seems to catch the brown's attention, for his pace slackens, his attention is drawn, and then he is shuffling across the sands to her, staring up at dark eyes with his own large, faceted ones. "Mariuth?" Cosette asks with quiet awe, "Of course, I could not live if we were parted…" And in a dreamlike state, she glance around for someone to lead the new pair off the sands.

<Sands> Suriya just squeals with delight at the antics of the bronze. "Stop it, you! You're too young for that!" Ha! She gigglesnorts and glances over to Aishen before returning her attention to the chaos on the sands. Someone should be chosen soon!

<Sands> This Is About To Get Weird Gold Hatchling seems to 'welp' when nobody really buys it, and decides to make the best of what she's given. That's all she can do, after all, and she takes to it with extreme gusto. HELLO THERE, says a nose poked into someone's belly. FINE DAY TO YOU SIR, expressed in a nibble given to a boy's kneecap. FIGHT ME, demonstrated in a click of teeth as someone dares to point out that golds can't impress to males. Does she look like your average gold?! HUH? Yeah, that's what she thought. Her puffed up little chest deflates, but ne'er does she stop giving that candidate the stink eye as she struts on by, meeting her eyes to whirling eyes and even going so far as pointing her wingtip from her orbs to the girl's. Yeah. She's watching you, you little sh— Shnikes! Suddenly her head whips around, round body perking as though homing in on a particularly clear signal. It's coming from… yes, there! Off she goes at a run, all but throwing herself upon a pretty, dark-haired young woman. There you are! Farry, but she was starting to think she'd never find you. Well? Wings stretch wide. What do you think?

<Sands> With a triumphant cry it seems that the This Is About To Get Weird Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

"It can be!" Rhodelia chirps back as she oh so helpfully adds at least one more piece of popcorn to whatever may or may not be in Nessalyn's hair. As for why she didn't just take, Rhody snorts at the idea. "Cause my pockets weren't big enough! And yeah… I thought hatching's were quick when I was standing but this.. this seems a lot faster." That might also be because she missed the first couple.

<Sands> Aishen eyes the nearing bronze, his expression growing a triffle pinched as he shifts a step closer in Suriya's direction - hiding behind her, or preparing to sweep her out of danger? Maybe a little of column A, column B kind of thing. Hey! Girls can be meatshields, too. It's an equal opportunity world, out there! Then - "Hey!" Backpedaling suddenly, he nearly overbalances on the soft, sliding sands. "Warn a guy," he snaps at the gold - but he's grinning. Oh, is he ever grinning, right through that ruddy beard of his.

<Sands> I Want a Revelation in Green Hatchling does not dally on the sands much longer, arranging those overly large wings like the train and bustle of a dress one last time. It seems she sees the one she is looking for, looking up to a mop-headed blue eyed candidate with the turtleneck indicating that yes, this is her choice and that it is now time to go eat.

<Sands> A Flair for the Under-Dramatic Bronze Hatchling /is/ picky, thank you very much. For none are able to appease him, and it's obvious by the way he rejects the next couple of candidates. A huff, a -glare-, and then a pause. Then again, /nope/. He swishes his tail with frustration, but by now surely candidates are learning better to step out of his way. For as much his sisterly gold has distracted most by throwing herself at someone, he isn't quite the same sort of dragon you see. He continues on towards one candidate in particular, honed in on him as he stalks closer. It's not until he comes to the feet of a tall russet haired young man with azure eyes that he finally settles himself in front of to rest. There's no headbutt, no climbing on, nothing but a look upwards with crystalline eyes that makes one think that there might be an impression going on.

<Sands> Suriya freezes up when the gold practically barrels into her lap and she stands there motionless for a moment. Ever so slowly, a trembling hand reaches out and that expressionless look on her face shifts from shock to surprise, then to elation. "Seyunestudath? You ARE definitely my best friend, lets go get some chow! We're not banging anyone for it. It's ready." There might be tears, could be choking up a bit. Def time to get the noms. Cause food is the answer to all things.

<Sands> Tanit gives Z'tan a look As the gold impresses, Z'tan knows the one. Not a happy look, but a I really might kill you later look. "Well - maybe they will all be really well behaved weyrlings." Hopeful?

<Sands> Etinei is overwhelmed as everything happens all at once - dragons Impressing here, there and everywhere. The gold, the green, the bronze - there's a blue still, and she turns a hopeful look on him even as the dwindling number of eggs is noted at the back of her mind.

<Sands> Well, there is definitely no way Z'tan is out of the doghouse any time soon - but Ysgie? Ysgie looks quite pleased at the outcome for 'his' candidate, the bronze sitting up a little straighter - looking as smug as a dragon can.

<Sands> Hatred for the Harper Egg can not hold out any longer - the shell is covered with cracks, before sections of it begin to fall to the sands, leaving the star of the show behind in the shards - Everyone give it up for the harper!

<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~< Glitter, Glitz, and Chorus Line-y Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Sands> Short of limb and round of belly, this hatchling might not be described as handsome - a condition that is exacerbated by his smushed muzzle and crooked headknobs.. and that particularly odd kink right before the end of his tail. And yet - while limbs are stunted, they are a rich gold-hued bronze, like metallic glitter gathered upon fore and hind limbs, brushing along that pudgy stomach, and clinging to his sides. Upon his back, the hues are no less shiny as they darken to burnished bronze, sequins on a carefully cut outfit that drapes over his wide back and across wing spars and sails, catching the light upon their countless surfaces. Only upon that short muzzle does the sparkle seem to cease - flat tones stretching between nostrils to faceted eyes, sweeping up between eyeridges that have just a hint of green, to those crooked headknobs - before it draws up short against the copper ridges that run the length of his back.
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Sands> "Jays… he so f*cking full of himself…" Leeta notes around a low laugh of the blue, then glancing over as the newest brown nabs himself a lifemate. Good. And then it's big gold versus her newely picked lifemate, in tandem with the green finding her own…followed by the bronze. And it happens all too quickly for the holder to do much but wave to the people and huff out a bold, "Congratulations!" to Suriya, and the others! Holy crap… another bronze?! What a clutch! "Shaaarrrp…" Grin.

<Sands> Teinon's hand squeezes Etinei's arm just a /little/ too tightly. His eyes lock on the little green, suddenly so pale that it seems Tanit's prediction might be about to come true. He looks so unsteady, it almost seems like he might faint. The noise he makes is not so much a noise as a great outgust of breath. And then he's releasing Etinei and stumbling forward, all other things forgotten. Are there tears wetting his face? We'll just say it's sweat. He starts to make a complicated sign, but then aborts before it can even be finished.

<Sands> Aishen wasn't looking for this. He had other plans. But best laid plans and all of that, and the next thing he knows, he's face to snout with his future. "I - uh, will consider that." And, involuntarily, blue eyes dart towards a particular female Candidate once perused by the bronze. But, like a lodestone, they come back to that patiently whirling gaze. "Qhat - Qhatr - Hang on. Qhatiratrixth. I think. Let's… go." Dazedly, he reaches out to slide one large hand along the hatchling's side, taking a deep breath. "Let's go."

<Sands> Wait. Dire Plans for Destiny Blue Hatchling cocks his head as if he is trying to figure out what it is that's missing from this moment, what one might… employ to ensure the correct amount of badassery. He needs a STEED. Yes. A fine thing to make his own and parade him about. That's how this works, right? He can't possibly be wrong. But one look at his siblings and… no. He doesn't much like the looks of his brother, and the only sister big enough is already beholden to another. What about these children? So small. So tiny. What are they? Humans? UGH. Fine. What about you? No. TOO TINY. Must be… YOU! … Except that candidate topples over when the force of his Mighty Wing clips his tiny mortal frame. Too flimsy. That head shifts back and forth as if there is no one here worthy, as if it was a mistake that brought him to these sands, away from his rainbow bridge. But oh! Perfection. You, yes you. She is the one, she is worthy, and she will never have to live under false names again, not as long as they are together. He moves with alacrity to topple her feet out from under her, the gasp through the crowd finds him sitting on her stomach. Indeed, this steed will do.

<Sands> Glitter, Glitz, and Chorus Line-y Bronze Hatchling is hardly late - he simply had to make sure that the opening acts did their thing and got the crowd ready - Of course the opening acts also seem to have made off with half of the white robes that once gathered around the eggs. No matter, however, for surely the one destined to be is still there. And so, with a bit of a wobble, he sets out towards the candidates, glancing up at one short-haired youth before snorting and dancing away, leaving Bea to whisper to her friend as the bronze moves on. And then - there! A nudge to Nigel's midsection, and the teen nods hurriedly, "Of course Stradomath! I'll be your right hand man!" And then the two are being ushered off towards to waiting food - hopefully it is nothing rotten.

"Gosh, thanks," Nessalyn says dryly, but doesn't make any move to flick that popcorn away. Her hair is already filled with little bits and bobs, what's a little bit of popcorn? It's ornamentation! "You've got to wear a massive coat. Or hide it behind your back. Be creative." She makes a tsking sound, shaking her head a little. "Oh look, another goldrider." Hooray for her? Nessalyn doesn't sound sold. "Did Teinon impress?"

<Sands> What the… "F*CK!" is what Leeta blurts out when she's suddenly mwed down by the cocky blue, her legs knocked out from under her, her knees trying to draw up into a defensive position to her tummy… and failing as the beast of a blue *sits the frig on her torso!* MIIINE! And green eyes meet red ones…and she's huffing out the last of her air to gasp as mister tough guy claim her as… "Steed?!" He's *gotta* be kidding?!! And then air is gulped as she gently shoves him OFF HER, then gets shakily to her booted feet to note in surprise: "'Cause I didn't *know* you wanted *me*, doofus." Suddenly, the woman is grinning hugely, and helping her new lifemate off towards where food can be had. "Jorynth…" is murmured as the rest of the world dies away, and there's only *him*, once again.

"Don't mention it!" Rhodelia grins as she noms on some more of her popcorn. "I'll make sure to find a trench coat filled with booze and cookies whenever Leirith's clutch might be about to hatch." As for who is hatching (and impressing right now), she blinks and looks down at the eggs. "That could be his head over there with that green."

<Sands> With the last of the eggs hatched, Chauth gets to her feet, stretching feline like before giving a deep roar! That's it, nothing more to see here folks. Shoo. Tanit, is still glaring at Z'tan, and equally so at Ysgieuth with whom Chauth still seems less than pleased as she launches into the night air and wheels out to the bowl.

Tanit sighs, but manages a bright cheerful smile. "Please Join us for the Hatching Feast at the Tiki Lounge."

<Sands> Ysgieuth croon as Chauth flees the sands, before he is turning to whuffle at the (not-so) tiny babies as they are lead off to their new lives, under the watchful eyes of the Weyrlingmaster staff. Zel? Well, Zel lingers as well, even as Tanit flees, eyes drifting to the galleries as they begin to empty, watching for a while, before eventually picking his way off the sands as well, towards the remaining white robed candidates - they're probably safe, right?

Nessalyn steals some of that popcorn, stuffing a handful in her mouth in a way that is totally befitting a goldrider. "You'd better," she mutters around a mouthful, "or I'll be forced to doubt your commitment." To what? WHO KNOWS. Whatever the reason, she's unable to sit still, even as the last of the dragons find their matches upon the sands. "Of course he impressed a green," is her muttered complaint, before Tanit makes her announcement the galleries begin to empty. "Party time?" Aka, alcohol time?

Meion realizes she's been squeezing C'iel's hand through the whole hatching, and lets go with a slight embarassed laugh. "You know, we didn't get one of these 'cause of the blizzard. We'd betterenjoy this one, right?"

C'iel jerks his head up a bit and swallows. "Oh. Yeah. It seems like our Weyr keeps getting buried under all sorts of things. Maybe I should ask Leirith if we can do some sort of.. make up event…" He rubs his chin thoughtfully. Ears burning a bit he glances up, back down and smiles at the sands. "Maybe it's just the Blues, but this all has been very.. satisfying."

<Sands> A'she is suddenly exhausted - clearly, he was under far more tension than he let on through the whole thing. Leaning lightly against Qhatiratrixth, allowing the bronze to lean in turn, he turns his gaze on the Weyrlingmasters and tries not to look too eager about getting out of there.

Rhodelia tilts the popcorn bag to make it even easier for Nessa to steal the popcorn. "Maybe it can be the next big thing. A kind of portable bar." She waves a hand to emphasis the idea. "Sure. I wonder if I can get a drink served in a pineapple." If not, she's going to have some stern words for the Tiki Lounge not being very tiki.

<Sands> It's all over - and she's…well, not alone, but also alone, in the sense that she is leaving sans dragon. She seems uncertain at first, watching her friends as they leave for the other barracks with their new lifemates; then she turns to follow the bunch of other white-robed figures in the same position as her.

Meion nods to C'iel, and starts making her way toward the advertised party. There's celebration to be had, and commiseration with the candidates who were passed over, now.

"I wonder if I could make a motorized bar…" A BAR ROBOT. The possibilities are endless. Nessalyn's expression brightens considerably with this thought, fully grinning at the prospect. "Let's go." She tugs on Rhody's arm, already impatient. Pineapples! Tiki Bars! And later, drunken attempts to make a mechanized bar! NOTHING CAN POSSIBLY GO WRONG NOW.

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