Talking Makes It Better, Right?

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of weyrs, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.
Runner stables with the paddock beyond are to the south beyond the meadow weyrs, a smithy and a woodcraft shop are settled closer in towards the path to the clearing, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a stone wall and low rolling hills can be seen to the north. Wagons laden with felled trees from the forests to the southwest or ore from the mountains to the southeast are hauled by burden beast up the road through the meadow, over the bridge spanning the river to be processed in the appropriate workshops.

Fortunately, runners don't require electricity, and so the snows that have brought the weyr back to the passes have left the stable functioning fairly well. The building is solidly constructed… and hay is a very good insulator. Right now, with snow not currently falling, it's time to give the runners some exercise… carefully. Very, very carefully. Jarse is outside with a runner on a lead, walking her along a path that's been scattered with sand for traction.

Idrissa has come to visit her runner, not that the weather has warmed up enough to escape the barracks. Tahryth is following behind her, the young green hoping a few steps and then pausing to snuffle and snort through some piles of snow that have been dug up and pushed off to the sides to make a pathway. Rissa glances over and she chuckles softly to her dragon. "Careful, never know what is hidden under the snow." Like presents from runners. With a humming little tune she comes around the corner heading towards the stables and has to skid to a stop as she catches sight of Jarse and the runner he is leading along, well she wasn't planning on running into him.

Jarse is paying careful attention to where he's going - and where the runner is going - but he's not really paying much heed to the more distant parts of his surroundings. Like, say, Idrissa. There might be ice underfoot, or under the hooves of the chestnut mare he's leading along for her exercise.

Idrissa glances back to Tahryth and points off to the side to get the green to move off the pathway while she goes walking into the snow some. No reason to make a big deal over anything, right? She then continues on towards the tables humming faintly to herself. Tahryth warbles out, her wings flutter a few times while she curiously watches Jarse and runner, well mostly Jarse. This is the one causing her rider so much heartache. « Hello! » Is sent towards Jarse, voice happy and cheerful. Maybe if she 'talks' to him like a certain gold siblings always says to do things will work out?

Jarse and Idrissa might, in fact, have passed by each other without incident. He's busy. She's trying to avoid him. It's all quiet, save for the quiet sounds of the runner's hooves crunching against the snow… until Tahryth speaks up. Jarse stops and turns to stare. "What in the…" The runner takes another step forward, tugging on the lead in his hand, and Jarse turns back to her. "Easy, eaaasy…" No panicking and breaking your neck, runner.

Idrissa cringes as she 'hears' Tahryth and sends a pointed look back towards the green dragon. There is a conversation going on between the pair not that it seems to matter as Tahryth just settles within the snow watching Jarse and the runner. « Mine can calm it, mine is good with runners. » The greens words are a bit softer this time, because /that/ is the problem, her voice was too loud the first time you know. "I'm sorry She is just talkative." Rissa offers quickly, almost a bit fearful of how Jarse will take this. Her gaze does linger on the runner willing it to calm down.

Dragons can hear thoughts. Runners, not so much, but whether those looks from Idrissa help or not, the mare starts to calm again. This is, after all, a weyr. Dragons aren't exactly an unfamiliar sight, even around the stables. Jarse gets her soothed, then turns to look at Idrissa with a scowl. Good with runners, huh? "So," he says sourly, "-am I." Journeyman, see? He's got the knot and everything. He turns the glare to Tahryth as well. Hrmph. Gossipy womenfolk. "I suppose it's only to be expected."

Tahryth doesn't seem let down by this while she peers at Jarse, and warbles out softly. « She is better. » Leave it to a dragon to think such things, especially when the one in question is there rider. Idrissa sighs softly and eyes Tahryth a moment. "Enough Tahryth." Not that this is going to help as Tahryth is suddenly very talkative today. « Why for do you speak down to mine? She is good, she does her job well. » Is Rissa might faint this would be that time, her dragon is trying to hold a conversation with of all people /Jarse/. She is quick to move over to the green dragon and gives her a few little pushes. "Come on, we done. Need to go back to the barracks. Have lessons" At this point in time anything she can possibly say to make her dragon move, not that the young green is budging. « Are lessons are not for another hour. WE need to talk, work this through. Luraoth says talking helps. »

"She is - was - an apprentice." Jarse glares at Tahryth. The strangeness of a voice in his head is being superceded by the prods at his pride. "I am a journeyman." Also male, not that he says that part aloud - but if the green is watching his thoughts as well as inserting her own, well, she may get a glimpse of that. "She should have respect." Jarse looks back to Idrissa, and his lips twitch in a brief smirk. "Still having trouble with maintaining control, I see."

Tahryth tilts her head, a soft trill escaping her while she looks back to Jarse curiously. « What does male have to do with it? Mine is good, the runners like her. They don't like you. » No that the dragon can say for sure but hey, why not comment on that? « Have you tried talking to the runners? Maybe if you talk to them it will help? » Idrissa isn't sure what to do before she looks back to Jarse. "I'm sorry I'm very sorry She well she talks to just about everyone." Respect, really? « Respect is earned. » Tahryth offers to Jarse with a soft snort escaping the green while her tail sways about in the snow. "Tahryth, enough!" Rissa said with a firm tone, which seems to get the point across and Tahryth does indeed slip quiet, seeming to pout like a child that's toy was taken from them. "It's not as easy as keeping control of a runner, or firelizard." Dragon's have a mind of their own after all.

Ohhhh, Tahryth did not just go there. Jarse's face begins to turn red, because the fact that he thinks it does not mean he's willing to have it thrown in his face. "That- you-" He glares at the green dragon, then turns his head to Idrissa. "Does she." He scowls. "And you don't see a problem with that?" Because it's not like Idrissa hasn't been trying, right? Jarse looks back to Tahryth, and crosses his arms. Respect? "I have earned the rank of journeyman. All you have done is hatch." Sothere. Jarse returns his gaze to Idrissa, and glares a moment before he snorts. "And how is that firelizard of yours?"

"I have been trying to get her to stop If you didn't notice." Idrissa points out, though her efforts so far have failed. Details! "Ripley… His fine. Why you caring about firelizards now?" This is questioned back to Jarse. During the conversation between journeyman and rider Tahryth has slowly inched closer and closer towards Jarse. Once near enough the green leans forward and attempts to give his cheek a nice warm slobbery lick! « I never said that I didn't have to earn it as well. But you have been so mean to mine; you have no respect with me. My golden sibling seems to think we should try and talk things out so that is why I am speaking with you now. » Makes so much sense, right?

Jarse just snorts. Of course Idrissa's been trying… in her weak womanly way… but if she had actual strength of will and the ability to pull herself up by her bootstraps, she'd be succeeding instead of just trying. (Because, over here in Jarse-land, there are never challenges that don't come down to lack of self-determination.) As for her firelizard… "Hardly. I suppose what you do no longer reflects on the beastcraft, does it?" He smirks, up until… slorp. That wipes the smirk right off his face. "You- what-" It's not like he hasn't been licked before… by animals. But then, the dragons just aren't that different from animals. They talk and all, but really… they're lesser creatures. Of that, he has no doubt. "Talk. Things. Out." Jarse snorts. It's not like he talks things out with runners.

If Jarse was to ever say that dragons, runners or any other was a 'lesser' creature there would be some trouble had that is for sure. Idrissa frowns while she looks to Jarse watching him a few moments. "I still intend to go through and stay with the craft. Though now I'll be with a rider journeymen instead of you." Didn't she say she was looking for a new one after all? At the lick Rissa' eyes just widen and she is speechless. This can't be good. Tahryth warbles out and wiggles about upon her paws. « Yes yes! If you talk things out, then things will get better. Like /now/. We are all talking and the problem is being fixed. So you will not be mean to mine anymore, correct?» Because that is so going to work.

"Good," Jarse says at the prospect of Idrissa working with a craftrider. "I don't appreciate dabblers." He looks meaningfully to the green dragon, then lifts up his hand to wipe the drool off his face slowly. "The problem… oh, I don't see any problem. After all, your rider will have a journeyman more suited to her… unique perspective, and I will continue to train those apprentices who remain fully dedicated to the craft." He smiles, with a slight twist to his lips and a narrowing of his eyes.

Idrissa eyes Jarse a few moments, there is anger clearly seen across her face, and mostly in that bright green gaze of hers. "I have always been dedicated to the craft. Many riders have a craft as well, without a problem." She points out with a thin tone and shake of her head. Tahryth is picking up some of her riders mood, a low rumble of unhappiness is escaping her. « You are mean I feel sorry for any and all apprentices that have to have the likes of you as a teacher. » Rissa makes not move to try and stop her dragon as her words cut though, rather thin like.

Jarse looks back to Idrissa, and curves his mouth in a smile that's meant to seem placating but probably seems more like smug. "Of course. I know of many riders who have managed to reach journeyman." …but not beyond. "I'm sure you'll figure out how to attend to both the beastcraft and your baby." He extends a hand to indicate Tahryth, glancing to the green. "I have a job to do, whether it offends your delicate sensibilities or not." The runner on the lead swishes her tail, and Jarse gives a little tug to start her moving again at the slow, careful pace the ice requires.

Idrissa is rather sure she is starting to hate Jarse more and more, each conversation that she has with him brings around more reason why she stays with the craft. She turns her head slightly to get that smug look from Jarse from her face and her eyes close. "Of course. Do have a good day Journeyman." This is said with a soft tone before she turns to move away heading towards the stables to visit Red Feathers for a few moments before she has to escape to a lesson. Tahryth croons out as she follows after her rider, long tail flicking a few times and tossing a large clump of snow towards Jarse's back as she goes.

Jarse smiles. "Have a nice day," he says, despite probably not meaning it, and continues on with exercising the mare. The clump of snow thumps wetly against his back, and he turns to look back in the direction of the departing green and rider. He frowns briefly, then gives his head a shake. "Hmph. Foolish thing." But then, according to Jarse, it's only to be expected. Tahryth is both non-human and female… and so the beastcraft journeyman simply continues on.

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