Cabin Fever

Xanadu Weyr - Administration Hallway

Neatly curved, this rough hewn tunnel that continues well beyond this section holds a rustic look oddly incongruous with the handful of doors that open onto it. Several, all on the north side, are single doors of polished fellis wood and carved with stylistic representations of knots, knots which give a clue to who occupies the office beyond. A more easily understood identification would be the delicately painted stone plaques fastened to the wall at about chest height beside each door, the lettering done in the Weyr colors of orange and blue.
On the south side of the tunnel, a slightly wider section is the home of an impressive set of double doors. Of highly polished fellis to match the others, these doors are each carved with a skillfully rendered depiction of the Xanadu Weyr badge and the big, fluted handles are brass. Those doors lead to the Council Chambers, a meeting room for all the Weyr's staff.

The first day of the storm was tolerable - these things happen, but soon enough they'd be back to business as usual. It was fun for the twins, a sleepover at mommy's office. Day two was… well it was much like the first but with D'had much more restless, and by the third night he was stalking the hall outside the offices long after the twins had fallen asleep. That's where he still is, in the hall, though for the moment at least he's standing still, arms raised and crossed against the wall so that he can rest his forehead against them.

Thea has been spending most of that time coordinating efforts between her juniors and Headwoman Ocelara to make people as comfortable as possible while stuck in the Caverns. Private rooms are doubled, even tripled in occupancy while floorspace throughout the rest of the Weyr is… scarce. Kitchens run fairly smoothly despite the power outage, needing only an occasional checking up on. But the people hunkered down in their cottages are constantly communicating with her via their dragons and Seryth, while that radio manned by the youngest junior Briana has at last stopped crackling when the power went down. For now the caverns are a little less crowded as quite a few people have been evacuated to the hatching arena where the generators keep things warm. The Weyrwoman finds a bit of a breather now that the weyrfolk are, for the most part, asleep in both places, enters the hall to spot D'had there with his forehead against those arms braced on the wall. Stepping quietly, her palm finds his back and rubs soothingly, gently. "Are you alright?"

D'had tenses with that touch but only for a second until her voice follows. "Been better," he admits reluctantly, letting out a deep breath before turning. Restless, that's what he is. There may be space in the weyr, but filled as the caverns are with her residents he's not handling it so well when left to his own devices. "You been gettin' enough sleep?" Farath knows he hasn't, though whether Thea knows that or not is left to be determined.

Feeling those muscles tense under her hand, fleeting as the sensation is, draws a concerned look on the Weyrwoman's face and she rises on tiptoes to offer a gentle kiss to his lips. "You look ready to put your fist through a wall. Are you alright?" Cabin fever - so many have it that she's been dealing with on a large scale these past three days, but primarily with those who have nothing to occupy their time with. Her tactic has been to keep people as busy as possible, which has in turn kept her busy. D'had though, from what little she's been able to see of him, she's assumed he'd been pressed into service somewhere. "Sleep?" Thea laughs shortly to the question. "I don't think I've so much as closed my eyes since the storm hit." And she looks it too. To that 'been better' of his, she asks quietly, "What's wrong, Donn?"

D'had returns that light kiss, but at her comment he can only agree. "Ah feel like it. Ah'll be fine," he tries to assure her, "Just can't stand bein' stuck in here." He shakes his head at her then, hand coming up to rest against her cheek. "Yer gonna burn yourself out with all'a this work," he sighs. "Know someone's gotta do it, but ya need sleep too." A shake of his head follows for her last question.

With mock severity, "Don't you dare! That's all we need is you breaking that hand." Thea's eyes drop to his hand and pin it with a stare that's meant to be quelling but likely to cause him nothing more than amusement. Her lips form a half-smile for his explanation. "Aw, Donn. Didn't you have to spend days stuck aboard the Vega Run during storms? What did you do to keep from going stir-crazy?" She leans into his palm, heavy lids flutter closed for a moment, as her other hand cups the back of his hand. "I know, I know. But we're all going full speed." Meaning her and the other juniors. "What has Xe'ter got you doing?"

"Sure," D'had replies about being stuck below deck during storms, "But that ain't the same." Similar, but very different in his mind. "Was always somethin' ta work on." Always some small tasks that could be completed, and far fewer people about. "This an' that," he adds for what he's been up to with a snort. "Movin' things around mostly," but he's still concerned about her. "Ah know, but don't mean ya gotta keep goin' til ya collapse."

Of him helping move things around, Thea makes no comment, having already heard the Weyrleader mention the necessity of increasing floor space in the dorms and rooms. That likely wouldn't have kept him busy for long though, so she's got a nod of understanding for his boredom. She can well imagine being storm-tossed on a ship is not in the least boring with timbers cracking and ropes snapping, lines to be secured and things coming loose, tumbling about the ship needing to be lashed down - this is likely pretty tame by comparison. For his comment about always something to work on, she sends him a keen glance, her lips pulling to the side thoughtfully. "Come with me," she says briskly, ignoring her own fatigue as she reaches to catch one of his hands with hers.
D'had raises a brow at her sudden thought. He doesn't refuse that reach for his hand, but he is skeptical of what she has in mind. "Where we goin'?" He's following her, but not her train of thought.

Does he ever follow her train of thought, really? Unless she's playfully suggestive, then it's probably pretty obvious. Right now however, there is none of that. Her manner is more business-like than sultry. The relative quiet back here in the hallway seems to at least have given her a bit of a breather and she's a touch brighter for it, late though it is. It's into the dimly-lit Weyrleader's office she leads him, moving quietly so as not to awaken the sleeping Muir and Marella over on their pallets. Darsce's and Hali's spots are empty, so they must still be out in the main caverns or helping the bakers set the dough for the morning. There's an ornate cabinet standing beside the couch and it's there that she heads, unlocking the door and withdrawing a heavy glass bottle which is handed to her weyrmate. "I suppose it hasn't helped that Cook has locked up the spirits for the duration of the storm so we won't have a cavern full of drunks with nowhere to go," she tells him while removing two small glasses from within. "A little of this might help that restless?" It’s said with a headtilt towards that couch.

D'had watches her closely as she moves towards that cabinet. When he does answer that comment, his voice is hushed least they wake the children on the floor. "Ah'll make it just fine," without liquor, though that could always make it better. When she produces that bottle however, he can't help but chuckle and shake his head. "Glass won't hurt," he agrees that far, moving towards the couch and taking a seat on one end so that she can settle in beside him.

"Suuuure you will," Thea's softly-spoken agreement is skeptical, a smirk tossed over her shoulder at him as she's shutting the cupboard door. "That's why you're out there pacing and feeling like putting your fist through a wall." She joins him, kicking off her shoes as she sinks to have a seat, settling beside him on the couch and curling up against him. She's so aware that he's tough enough to make it through, but better never hurt anyone. And he knows she's not one to encourage him to get drunk or anything. Whatever the amber-colored liquor is in that bottle, though strong can't be too horrible since she's having some too and the seal indicates it's high-quality stuff. "Visiting rankers won't miss this and I suspect it'll be awhile before they resume coming here anyway," she tells him while holding both glasses for him to pour.

Oh, Donn will live without booze, but having it might help him relax at least in part. Sure he has his days where he just gets drunk, but a drink here and there is just … nice. As is having her curl up next to him like that. He stretches the arm closest to him out to curl around her shoulders, leaving his other free for sipping. Turning his head, he presses a light kiss to her temple, "Least its gettin' ya ta sit down for a few."

And Thea tries not to let those sort of days he does bother her too much. Though she doesn't like it at least she accepts them quietly, after all these turns understanding somewhat why he would. She does what she can to ease the after affects for him if he lets her. A drink here and there, though. She'll do that too. And the tension of the past three days is gathered in the tight set of her shoulder and neck, so this drink won't hurt her a bit either. As the liquid is poured a faint vanilla almond scent rises from those glasses and hers is sipped from carefully. "Hmm, I suppose it is," she says of sitting down for a few while leaning her temple into that kiss he leaves there. Her job is to take care of the weyrfolk and he is one of them, so she's taking care of his needs right now. "You know…" she starts casually, "emergencies like this are easier to coordinate when we have leaders to help take charge."

At least she tolerates him well. D'had chuckles as she pours those glasses, "Don't suppose," he comments, "Ah know." That said he takes a sip, testing the flavor. It goes down smooth, definitely better than some of the things he's had to drink. A brow raises and he turns a somewhat questioning look towards her at that following comment. "Seems ya got some good ones."

That is what love does. Thea has a small grin for that knowing comment of his, snuggling to get comfortable and ease the tension in her neck by resting her head against his shoulder while she sips the liquor, taking it as the medicine it is. "No one knows me like you do," she agrees with some amusement sparkling in her tired green eyes as she tilts to meet his questioning look. Her headshake of disagreement for his last statement is a slight one, more felt than seen with her head is resting against him like that. "Not enough leaders anymore with R'owan stepping down and no one yet found to take Weyrsecond. Galaxy's acting wingleader can be… ahh somewhat volatile. Xe'ter does very well, but… it gets to be a lot to manage without backup."

Well someone has to look out for her wellbeing. He sighs as she relaxes into him, resting her head on his shoulder and he rests a cheek against the top of her head. "Really?" he questions that comment of her's, lifting his head to turn dark eyes down towards her. He'd just assumed that all of that was taken care of already being that he hadn't heard anything more about it.

It's true - someone does because Thea doesn't do it - she's too busy looking out for him and everybody else. Xe'ter might try, but Donn's the only one she seems to really listen to when it comes to taking a break. When his eyes seek hers, she answers, "Mmmhmm." Her confirmation is casual enough though she clarifies why he hadn't heard anything, "You were retired, so I didn't want to bring that sort of stress home from the office." She lifts her glass, sips while watching him with a twinkle. "I think the Weyrleadr has gotten a lot of nos to the offer of Weyrsecond." Imagine that!

D'had ahs, nodding slightly before lifting his glass and taking another long sip of the liquor inside. He can understand and appreciate that, but still there's something about it that bothers him even though he doesn't say it. "Can't say Ah blame whoever he's asked," he chuckles. "Ain't an easy job."

Any newly-knotted Weyrsecond would likely have been celebrating at the tavern where he spends time, so she might have assumed since there hadn't been anyone being toasted he'd have known they hadn't found anyone yet. Perhaps it's the look on his face that prompts Thea to murmur a touch tartly, "You could have asked me how it was going, you know." Maybe she was under the impression he wasn't all that interested? Regardless, hers is a fleeting irritation, dissipated as soon as it is born, the liquor and her own resolve not to be annoyed doing its work. She smiles, taking her own sip and agrees with, "And never boring. Especially during emergencies like this. No time to pace." She smirks, "Though I suppose the want to punch walls remains." He'd know.

Maybe he wasn't all that interested? After all it wasn't his concern anymore, not really. D'had chuckles though for her remark, "Suppose it does sometimes," he agrees on both accounts - pacing and walls. "Hopefully," he says of the storm, "It'll let up soon and we can all be outta this mess." And then he can have his space, sky and sea. "Try 'n get some sleep tonight though, hmm?"

Perhaps misunderstanding his displeasure over hearing the news is what prompted her defensiveness, but Thea says nothing further about the subject, allowing him to change it. "One can only hope," she agrees fervently about the storm ending. She merely gives him a keen look in return for that last comment of his, draining the last bit of her glass and leaning to set it on the side table beyond him. "There's a saying about the pot-kettle," she yawns while murmuring the tease. Sleepy has crept up on her while relaxing with him and she curls further into him while tilting her head at the blanket folded behind them. "If I-" another yawn interrupts, "-provide the anchor to your ship, do you think you could remain docked for a few hours?" In other words, no pacing! Cuddle!

D'had turns a glance over his shoulder when she directs him towards that blanket. Draining the last from his own glass he lets it rest beside hers to free his hand to reach for said blanket and pull it over to her. Metaphors and him… it takes a second for him to catch on to what she's saying, but a moment later the confusion passes and he chuckles. "Suppose Ah can do that," he agrees turning a smile down to her. At least she's resting.

Thea's eyes are already fluttering closed. She's safe, warm, lulled by the faint monotony of the wind outside the rock walls and relaxed by the alcohol enough not to fight the sleep trying to claim her. He won't sleep though? And you know how the mind wanders as a person drifts off? She comments with drowsy idle thought, musing aloud, "You know… I've been trying to figure out who your accent sounds like today…" Then there's a span of silence from her with even breathing which might seem to indicate she's no longer awake. "…L'ton," she finishes. His least favorite bronzerider. Oh joy?

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