Boxes for Eeeeverybody!

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is regularly scrubbed spotless and smells of disinfectant, redwort and other herbs that are - if sometimes strong - preferable to the scents of sickness. Cots are lined up against one wall, with a set of curtains that can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. They're mostly used for examinations of patients and the treatment of mild injuries that won't require long term care; near the back are some more private areas with folding dividers.
There's a number of cabinets that stand off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed, and a back room holds those supplies seldom required.
A desk with chair is set just off of the doorway to the caverns, meant for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long day's work or await patients. If things get too busy, the patients can do the waiting on a set of uncomfortable chairs set nearby. The other doorway comes directly from the clearing, wide enough for a team to carry a stretcher through.

GUESS WHAT. People are still sick! …okay, that was a kind of mediocre guessing game, but it's true. There's at least some rays of hope, because some of the earlier victims have actually recovered from the disease. The fevers have broken! The spots have faded! They're not actually sleepwalking zombies apparently! …but even so, there's still a lot of people ill, and the infirmary is still rather full because of it. The rest of the Weyr is somewhere between 'understaffed' and 'sleep deprived', but… nobody's dead (yet). People are getting better (eventually). This might be recoverable-from! D'lei is here today to find out what the healers need replaced in terms of supplies. It's not exactly Weyrleader work, buuut the apprentices who'd usually have a task like this are young enough to have been heavily hit by the disease, so… here's D'lei, waiting for someone to have time to get him that list, and casually snooping on their papers as he does.

WHO DAT, WHO DIS? SURPRISEEEEE. IT'S YA GIRL, RISALI. What is Risali doing here? Well… probably something along the same lines as the Weyrleader, only Risali comes through the doors with the added burden of a Very Big Box. How big, you ask? Big enough for her to have trouble seeing around it, so that rustle of papers, that soft curse, that startled healer and that question of, "Faranth, are you okay?" are probably not any kind of a surprise as Risali blindly stumbles her way towards the front desk and - FLUMP - parts with her task RIGHT THERE. So it's with both hands finding her hips, lips pursing as she attempts to blow a wayward strand of dark, curling hair out of her face, that Risali snoops upon the snooper. Only, you see, Risali was probably loud and rivaled Leirith for Subtle Announcements As To Presence, and so hopefully D'lei is not all that surprised to find her watching… and then leaning forward to watch him even closer. One hand abandons hip to tuck under her chin, fingers curling in towards her lips, and dark brows rise towards her hairline as a slow, almost teasing smile finds its way to the corners of her mouth. "I'm pretty sure this constitutes breaking the law in some fashion, Weyrleader." EXPLAIN YOSELF.

The thing about being understaffed is that the people who would normally be accepting deliveries are /also/ busy doing the things that apprentices should probably be doing. Hence, a booming voice filters its way into the infirmary from just outside. "OI! I cain't leave this 'ere package with jus' any ol' feller, ye arsebrain. There been THEFTS, y'ken? Get out mah way, I'm comin' through!" Whoever was trying to accept the delivery must have decided to stay outside, because K'ren is alone in her tiny fire-dread glory as she pushes her way inside hauling an improbably large box. "HEY!" she announces to the room at large, barely peeking out from behind the box. "WHO ORDERED INFIRMARY SUPPLIES?" That's one way to get a delivery accepted. Seems counter-productive to the prevention of theft, but… Bare feet also seems counter-productive to preventing the contraction of disease, and she's ignoring that fact, too.

Rhodelia isn't sick (yet) and she hasn't managed to scrub all her skin off (again, yet), but here she is in the infirmary anyways. The relatively healthy bartender has been relegated to a corner for who knows how long where those understaffed healers just look at her not-spottiness and not-sickliness and roll their eyes and move on. When there's a sudden influx of loud people with boxes, she does at least stop rubbing at her elbow and look between K'ren and over towards those Weyrleader folks. "I think he ordered them." And that's a very, very sure finger pointing towards D'lei's direction. So helpful.

Speaking of being short staffed, why would a Dragon Healer type person be here? Well they know a few things about healing right? So when other healers need a break a few 'relief' healers have stepped up so to speak, one being Nailii. The movement, and the this and the that.. and a BOX? Has caught her attention as she was asking to gather sme list for osmeone by one of the actual human healer thype person so here she comes to save the day? Well no not really but she has a list at least? A curious glance is sent to Risali and she blinkblinks before a faint ah is all that escape her before she loks a bit amused. "Maybe his looking for a box or two?" She could have said WAY worse but three are children around somewhere right?

Boxes! Which may in fact be full of objects! …and also objections, both about the people trying to take those boxes, and also about the behavior of certain D'leis as they await… things which might or might not be boxes, but probably aren't. "Which law?" D'lei asks Risali, with a raise of brows. "Last I knew, people were practically begging for me to take a look at their paperwork." He grins to her, then glances up to - hey Nailii, have a wave and a smile, but he's going to be distracted before he can see any signs of a list or suchlike by… what is apparently a very stealable box. So, given that he's already been accused of lawbreaking, it's only natural he takes an interest in what K'ren's got! …it's also only natural that a number of the sick children hidden behind curtains started wailing or crying at the loud sound that woke them up from their restless sleeps, so there's… that. Definitely got attention? But, at least D'lei does seem to be willing to take on the responsibility Rhodelia's thrust at him, and while he's not exactly smiling anymore - screaming children will do that - he does make a gesture toward her and then the desk, like, bring that box over here.

"Being that distracting and being a spy on the inside." THOSE LAWS, D'LEI. But Risali, ever willing to not step up to the plate, allows Rhodelia's wild accusations to go the way of D'lei while she turns to Nailii with a smile and leans towards the dragonhealer, hooking one arm through hers in tandem with a gentle bump-of-the-shoulders. "I think he'd look better doing it on the ground." But right, CHILDREN. Like the ones who are conveniently squalling because of K'ren's conveniently demanding presence and… a beat, as Risali looks from the Weyrleader to Nailii, from there back to K'ren with a raise of her brows before clearing her throat and reaching for her box again. Only this time… she reaches inside of it, to produce… stuffed animals? Yes. There are stuffed animals in there, and she breaks away from Nailii to make two of them bob their heads at her. "Right, well. I suppose that's what I brought these for. Time to go silence the children. Keep an eye on him, will you? It always makes me feel better knowing somebody is staring at that man." Is that a hint of her tongue? Yes. And Risali even DARES TO INTERRUPT STERN WEYRLEADER UNAMUSES by moving around to him, going up on the tips of her toes, pressing a kiss to the side of his jaw, and then sneaking away to disappear behind a curtain somewhere. She's got this. She's totally got this.

"Aw feck, littles." A beat. "I mean shards." Another beat. "Arse?" A puzzled, nose-wrinkled face peeks out from behind the box, before K'ren hastens to deliver the large box over to D'lei, as both a familiar face /and/ a person being pointed to who can take responsibility for the delivery. "Sorry. Don't mean nothing, I jest ain't around 'em much." Which is patently obvious. "I got three more outside for ye. Lemme unload 'em and I'll get meself out your hair, aye?"

"Is there a law?" Rhodelia missed like half the conversation by being all the way across the room, but she has no problems remedying that by getting up from that abandoned corner nobody was checking anyways and heading cautiously towards all those newfound boxes. Whether she actually hears the answer or not is another story since as soon as the children started wailing, the bartender begins wincing and claps her hands over her own ears. And then a hopeful look towards K'ren and all her boxes. "Do you got any earplugs in there?" A girl can hope.

Screaming children? Sounds like someone is having a good time here in the infirmaries and it's definitely not Percival. Nope. Not one bit, especially as he's carrying yet another one of those ridiculous boxes. Is it cute, adorable, SO FLUFFY stuffed critters? Nope! "Someone left this it in the kitchens and I'm pretty darn sure it does not belong in there. Unless using these elbow length gloves is supposed to be the headwoman's new way of saving marks on sausage skins. Y'all can figure that one out. I ain't eating them." The box is just dropped onto the floor with a thud and when one of the offending rubber gloves comes out, Percival just picks the thing up, INFLATES IT LIKE A PRO, ties off the end and turns it whole those light eyes glance around. "Alright, who's got a marker?"

D'lei gives Risali a momentary-embrace, buuuut then she's off to soothe the screams of children and he's left to… handle things out here. Which of them has the easier job? Good question! But the boxes have started coming, and - hi Percival! - they don't stop coming. D'lei tilts his head a bit to K'ren, and frowns. "It's an infirmary." He holds his gaze on her for a long moment, then… gives his head a slight shake. "It's the volume, not the language." Curse under your breath as much as you like! At least Risali's having some effect - as are the other healers and parents who've surely scrambled to deal with the screams - because the sounds from behind the curtain are starting to quiet down. Yay, a moment or three's peace! And a box or three - four - more. D'lei lets out an exhale. "Let me see if I can get someone who knows this part…" he says to K'ren, with a glance to Percival as he too brings a box of … things. "We'll get it looked at." Whatever it is. Silly faces marked on or not! D'lei tilts his head back, asking Garouth (under his own breath, ofc) if he can rouse a healer-rider who's competent to actually make medical-supplies decisions.

K'ren rolls her eyes toward the ceiling. "Yeh, well. I'm a delivery service, not a nanny." Every moment that passes leaves her looking more uncomfortable with the noises behind the curtains, even if they /are/ starting to quiet down. Her nose wrinkles when D'lei… delays… But she does reach into a deep pocket of her leathers to produce a marker. She wordlessly offers it to Percival.

Rhodelia has absolutely NO qualifications to certify her for digging into medical supplies, but since there's so many boxes floating around, she's diving into the least attended one of them. And looks like it's a box of other boxes! "Bandages. Bandages. Some gauze." The next one she picks up rattles a bit. "Medicine?" That's even more carefully set aside. "No ear plugs. Shame." She gives a bit of an eyeroll of her own as K'ren mentions that she's not a nanny. "You don't have to be a nanny to know not to yell in the infirmary. Unless they're giving you shots for something. Then yell away."

Percival takes the offered marker with a grin and he bites down on the cap to free it from it's markery embrace. Eyes go wide in concentration and after a few squeaky marks, the marker is recapped, wiped on his shirt and returned to it's rightful owner. "Thank you, kindly," Percival says as he holds up the inflated hand Leirith with squiggly grumpy mouth face and ANGRY EYES. "There. A Masterpiece." The butcher glances around and just tosses the FACE OF DOOM towards a room divider but the inflatable terror fails to clear and it just plops right onto the ground. "Darn, thought I had it that time. Shards, Gibblets. There's some shots that don't require yelling. Those ones I'm keen to getting once we're done with these boxes. You working tonight?" FINGERGUNS. NOT RISALI TM'D FINGERGUNS, TOO.

D'lei tilts his head back from dragon-talk to focus on K'ren again. "Go get your boxes." There's a certain sharpness to his words at this point, one that goes well with the frown and… probably also has something to do with the lack of good sleep he's been getting lately. "We'll get you out of here." That said, he turns from the delivery rider to Percivaaa- no. To Rhodelias. "You can inventory." It's half a question, half an demand, and half a wild hope. "See what we've actually got here." Congratulations, Record-keeper Rhodelia! Here's your borrowed pen and slightly-crumpled sheet of paper, all official-like and as proper as it gets around here.

K'ren eyes Rhodelia with a hooded-eyed look. It's a very feline expression, in fact, and not at all in her usual character of unflappable good cheer. Without taking that unnerving gaze off the record-keeper, she takes her marker back from Percival and tucks it back into her pocket. And /then/ D'lei decides to Take a Tone. That narrow-eyed gaze turns with laser intensity on D'lei. "Ye know what, sparkly-butt? They'll be in the bowl. I /deliver/ t'boxes, I ain't no corrigible ristocrat's—" « Corrupted Aristocrat » "C'rupted 'ristocrat's fetch and haul drudge girl." She drops the box on the nearest table with a loud clatter, turns on her heel and heads out the door, grumbling to herself. "Gettin' too old for this shit, t'ain't no /wonder/ they got shardin' renegades stealing their feckin' eggs…" mutter grumble grouse K'REN OUT.

Rhodelia eyes the boxes and the borrowed paper and pen, but she's already a quarter through that one box anyways sooo, she shrugs and accepts the task handed to her. Relatively cheerfully considering the delivery-rider's outburst. "Who pissed in her klah this morning?" Only mostly rhetorical as she does give a glance to Percy in case he has any insider-information about the klah situation. "If I'm gonna be stuck here counting, is someone else gonna fetch those boxes? Maybe there'll be some face masks in them!"

Insider information about food debauchery? Percival is definitey your man! He knows things, he see's things, he's paid for his silence and he's paid for his blatant disclosure and as the weyr butcher, there's always people providing this valuable information for free. Percival peers over to Rhodelia and all he does is give her one of those toothy oh-so-innocent smiles. He confirms nor denies that some delirious old uncle was rolling around in the cereal to see how many he can get stuck on his body as a world record. The Headwoman was all over that one with a quickness! Still… "I got another box on the ground over there, I'll just bring it over so you can do the thing, Giblets." Giblets being Rhody. Cause she's cute.

D'lei lifts his eyebrows to K'ren for her little rant, then… "Okay." He's just fine with this, apparently! Or at least, he's done spending his attention and emotional energy on it. BAI K'REN. Not that he even watches her go, instead turning to nod to Rhodelia - with rather a look of gratitude, really - before turning his gaze to Percival. "You bring in the rest of those boxes from the clearing, too," or so he's assuming K'ren meant by her reference to a bowl, "and I'll buy your first shot tonight." Now he's moved on to outright bribery! This is corrupt aristocracy at its… finest? Worst? D'lei doesn't know, that's for sure! Probably because his sparklebutt is too far removed from the common people (who still have teleporting dragons assuring them a respected place in society, but shhh) to really understand. Or something.

Whether Rhodelia's inventory system she's making up on the fly will be any good to the healers, at least things have been accounted for somehow! The familiar enough things like bandages and jars of redwort, she's got down. Other things like those suspicious bundles of herbs get some more creative labeling. She doesn't even look up at the mention of shots, just keeps digging through. "I don't think we'll have a full staff for the Wherry tonight. Pretty sure a few of the other 'tenders are sick."

Percival opens his mouth to say something just ripe with pleasantry when D'lei mentions buying him a shot and that mouth is then manually shut by a single finger and that finger turns into a salute to the Weyrleader. "I heard the man, you heard the man. I got some boxes to retrieve!" So, he turns around and grabs the one he left in the entrance way, carrying it over to Rhodelia and he carefully places it on the floor. The box is opened up and he stops mid reach with a look on his face that screams scientific casualty. Percival blinks, his face pulled down in a frown, then it softens in a thoughtful… no, downright mischevious… "Weyrleader, Sir. This ain't gonna help with the illness, though there might be some flight losses that could make use of all those tubes."

Someone will get the fun of deciphering Rhodelia's notes! Because D'lei believes in sharing around the fun and/or oppression? Something like that. "…of course they are," he says of those sick 'tenders with a wry smile, and gives his head a bit of a shake. Of. Course. They. Are. D'lei clears some of the healers' things aside, to give Rhodelia more room to work. "Maybe we'll have some herbal liqueurs we can pass around." They're medicinal, right? Maybe they'll be lucky enough that one of those boxes will be full of 'medicine' in the form of alcohol… but probably not. They'll probably be useful things, though… "Hmm?" he says to Percival as he looks over there. "It might be meant for elsewhere…" Whatever very good joke was surely made, it seems to be going entirely past the Weyrleader right now.

Rhody digs further through the box before she comes up with a greenish bottle of mystery liquid. No label, she checked a couple times and then wiggles it at D'lei and Percy as well. "If either of you are brave enough, this might be a liqueur." Or it could be some new fellis concoction that might be deadly. She probably actually won't hand it over for a game of medical roulette. Those tubes that Percival pulls out are blinked at and then a note is jotted down. "So that'd be about a couple dozen, right?" He's closer, so he can count for her, right?

Ew, Giblets. He has to touch these? "You better hope these were just here for use in medical training and not practice for other things, otherwise I'm going to need two shots… From each of you." Pointy finger is pointing at Rhody and D'lei before Percival proceeds to manhandle the merchandise. He's careful to not actually lift anything out of the box. Not with curious tiny eyes peering around instead of the other forms of entertainment provided for them. THAT'S SAFE FOR WORK, CHILDREN. "Couple dozen, right on the nose."

"Pass," D'lei says for Rhody's suggestion of Mystery Green Shots, though it's with a grin. "If it didn't kill me, whoever ordered it would." And he'd rather prefer to remain undead! …as in, not being dead at all, not the zombie form of it whose sleep-walking variant has been threatening the Weyr and making him have to clarify that. A few more things moved aside, and then… "I'll grab another one," he says on his way out. "If someone comes asking, make them wait." He's waited long enough himself for that conferring that was allegedly going to happen!

Don't try to hide it! We all suspected D'lei might be the catalyst of the possible undead plague Xanadu has been facing! Rhodelia just shrugs as he passes on the mystery green shots (which would make a great actual drink name) and just slides the bottle to join the growing stack of counted stuff. "Couple of dozen seemed like it'd be close enough." And as they get more orders, she grins towards Percival. "Sooo, if anyone else shows up, do you think we can convince them that inventorying is part of their waiting?"

"Just tell them it's their civic duty to their weyr to offer their energy at attention at a trying time such as these. They must think of those poor defenseless children being plagued and denied of their right to childhood and a proper education. Us adults need to protect them because they are our future." All said in a mocking tone, complete with pearl clutching and eye bats to poor D'lei if he happens to be looking in this assholes direction. Percival grabs the edges of the box and shakes it a bit to make sure there's nothing else in there, other than the brightly colored tubes and coordinating floppy things. Once certain he's found everything, it's closed up and placed off to the side. "Wonder if any more boxes are coming up."

D'lei definitely does not admit to having brought about an undead menace. It is very likely that nobody can prove he has any responsibility for it whatsoever. Anyhow, no time to answer questions, because out he goes to gather up a box… or maybe he's just taking advantage of the opportunity to not have Percival clutch his pearls like that. That's personal, you know! D'lei comes back after a few, carrying another box. "This one looks like the last." It's the fi-nal bo-ox! He sets it down on the corner of the table, where there's still a bit of space free, and opens it on up! Inside, there's a set of large glass jars with medicines of varied sorts… and labels, because they're just fancy like that. "I'll go search for a healer, while you finish these?" D'lei says with a glance to Rhodelia. "Make sure the Wherry's not even more short-handed tonight." Because yeah, she's here for a reason… and so is D'lei, but he can still manage to send a healer forward to actually help her!

Rhodelia might have actually forgotten that the reason she was here was mostly because of overwhelming paranoia after somebody SNEEZED on her. A couple days ago. And she hasn't died or became undead yet, but you never know! At least now that they have the final box, she'll be happy enough to settle down into the FINAL COUNTDOWN. And only some of the objects (the non-breakable ones) might be hurled at Percy's head when he's not looking.

Oh, Percival didn't forget why he was here. He finished his chores in the kitchen and he VOLUNTARILY brought the box down for the sake of entertainment. When Rhody isn't throwing something at his head, he'll just be drawing faces on those surgical masks. You know, for the littles morale and stuff.

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