On the Rocks

Xanadu Weyr - Forest's Edge

While the forest is thick for a long while, in time it begins to thin, as the ground becomes rockier to the south western stretches of the Weyr's land. The trees are further apart, and the rocks become larger, before rocky outcroppings seem to be more prevalent than the trees around them. As the hills begin to gain in height, the shrubbery upon them become more stunted.

The small cave that was opening up by an Earthquake has been widened, the initially small opening turned into one large enough for whers and humans alike, and the carefully placed support beams can be seen in the opening. Outside, it seems that more construction is due to begin, given the building materials currently being stockpiled.

A series of 'dens' sit into the rocky outcroppings, showing signs of the whers who make their home within them.

The day is waning, the light fading as people gather in the caverns for dinner, many grumbling about the deepening chill in the already cold winter's air. Nursery workers are handing off their charges to family members prior to closing, but as yet there has been no one stopping by to pick up Marella and Muir. In fact, Thea hasn't been into the office today as she's had the afternoon off and gone somewhere. Wherever the Weyrsecond finds himself at this dinner hour, there comes a reluctant communication from Seryth to Siebith, the creak of ice in her touch, « She… cannot get down, but do not tell her I told you. »

D'had was just leaving the office. One of the nannies catches him just as he's headed out only to tell him that the twins are still in their care. He's only half listening to the woman as his eyes glaze in conversation with Siebith. A blink and he's back with a nod to the woman, "If you could, watch them a bit longer…" he half questions. Her answer is followed with a "Thanks," before he's headed out. Ocean waves crash against each other with the blue's reply to Seryth, « Yours finds the strangest places. Where is she stuck? Mine goes to help. »

Seryth's reply is laced with the patience of one waiting for winter to lift, fresh snow swirls around a mental eyeroll - her agreement for the strange places hers seems to be so inclined to find as she answers Siebith, « She is climbing the rocky outcroppings at the forest's edge. » When D'had steps outside, he'll find that the slate clouds that have loomed all day have lowered, reflected an eerie red in the west as the light fades and finally begun to spit an icy rain, for now doing little but soak everything and make what was a cold, but tolerable day, bone-chilling miserable.

D'had turns the collar of his jacket up against the cold and then follows with fishing gloves out of pockets as he crosses the clearing towards the location relayed by the dragons. « He will be there soon. » Siebith returns, grey skies meeting rolling surf. Its a good walk, and likely the time is longer for Thea suck as she is than it is for D'had as he cuts through the rain and cold in her direction. "Thea?" he calls as he draws nearer to the location that was shared with him.

Up there on the rockface, clinging to toeholds with booted feet and handholds with gloves, Thea hears that call and winces, closing her eyes briefly before turning her hooded head to peer down in the gathering dusk. Her answer is deliberately cheerful, "Up here, Donn." She's had the sense to wear her fur-lined leather coat and trous, so at least the rain that's started isn't soaking her and she's not freezing. She turns back to her climb, stretching her hand to grasp an outcrop above her head while calling down, casually, "I'm late aren't I? I'll… just be a few… more… minutes." Her fingertips just barely graze what she's reaching for. Shoot. Maybe if she can get her toe in that crack there…

D'had's dark gaze turns upwards after her voice. He can only chuckle in reply. Not exactly a laughworthy anything, but still rather amusing given she's not hurt. He shakes his head and then loud enough to be heard by the woman on the cliff, "The things you get yourself into." Clearly he's amused, but looking up into that icy rain, there's not much time before things get worse. "Just hang on, we'll get ya down."

"Um…" Thea takes a moment to peer down once again after she wedges her toe in that crack. She frowns slightly, maybe a bit guiltily. "Down? But… but… " Isn't it obvious? "I'm trying to get UP." Oh, she notes the rain and it's making the rocks slippery, but to admit defeat, well. It just isn't in her given that bit of a chuckle she hears in his voice. "I can do it," she assures him, her breath sending white plumes into the rapidly chilling air. She straightens her leg and ah ha! There's that handhold she was reaching for. Her fingers close about it but then there's a long pause while she squints above her for another.

"Yeah?" D'had calls back. "And what ya planning on doing when ya get there?" Up is up, but what then? He's not overly worried being that she seems to be doing okay with things at the moment. But then there's the factor of the weather to figure in. That's what he's more worried about.

"Then I'll take the trail round and walk down," Thea answers, leaning back to see up that dimly lit rockface better. She's three quarters of the way up and by the slow progress she's making it'll be midnight before she makes it up there. Yay for pre-planning! Or something like that. She frowns at the cliff, shrugs and reaches with the hand not clinging to that outcropping to pat all over the place. Silence but for the sound of her breathing - this is a workout. The patting continues while her other foot feels about carefully for a crack, a bump… anything!

D'had just shakes his head. Women sometimes. "Weather's gettin' bad," he notes aloud, an attempt to draw her attention to that fact. Maybe she should hurry it up there, or just give in and give up for today? Hint hint. Meanwhile Siebith glides in, circling a few times to land in the clearing nearby. Yep, D'had is getting ready.

"You can go in if the rain bothers you." Thea's dismissing him? Oh no she didn't! Maybe there's a hint of pique in there directed at the uncooperative rocks she's trying to conquer. She's intent on studying the barely-discernible cliff for handholds, so doesn't see Siebith. And she hasn't noticed the glaze of ice forming on the rocks. "We got much worse in Cold Stone," she reminds him, stretching… just a bit… further aaaand… nothing. She doesn't move other than to continue feeling that rockface. "Won't be too much longer," she assures him breathlessly, "I'm almost at the top." Which is a lie.

D'had sighs. He's not going to get anywhere trying to argue here. "I know," he replies reluctantly. "Hard ta say how long it's gonna hold off though…" A glance towards the top from where she is and he just shakes his head again, turning to head over and meet up with the blue. Another glance and he mounts up, waiting still however.

Thea just hangs there. She's not wasting breath with further arguing either because her legs and arms are beginning to tremble with fatigue. She finds a toehold with that other foot but it isn't one that gets her any further up that cliff. Feeling those eyes on her, she tries with forced cheer between panting, "You could climb with me?" Forget that it's near-dark now and the rain is increasing. "It's easier going up…" Having an audience sucks when you're not doing so hot.

"Maybe later babe," D'had calls back, Siebith taking to the sky. It’s quiet for a moment then while the blue loops around and soon there's the sound of dragon wings just above, and Donn reaching over rather precariously with a hand. "Someone's gotta pick up the kids. 'Sides, stay out here too long and ya might get stuck." A teasing note in his voice.

The sound of wings in a downbeat does catch Thea's attention and she notes the ascent with a blink and a squint as the dimly-seen form rises. "Great." It's muttered as Siebith does that loop around and she cranes her neck to see how far she has yet to go and winces. Not close enough to scramble up and claim victory. When the blast hits her from those wings as the blue hovers there, she twists to eye the hand offered. "We wouldn't want that," she rejoins dryly and maybe hiding the relief she's surely feeling? Or so she thinks. But how to take that hand since the one nearest is gripping the handhold. It's her other hand that reaches awkwardly for him across her body and under her arm, not quite stretching far enough likely. "Don't… dro- uhh… don't fall."

D'had stretches just a bit further to reach her hand, finally clasping fingers around her wrist with a bit of an assist from the blue. Thankfully there's straps holding him, at least mostly, in place. "Wouldn't dream of it," he replies with a wink. Drop or fall. Though then again with the way he sometimes goes about things its a wonder he hasn't already fallen.

Thea's not looking down, keeping her eyes on his, it's far safer that way. He's got her wrist so she lets go her death-grip on that outcropping - (she does trust him!) and grips his forearm with that hand as well. She has a bit of a strained smile in reply to that wink as she waits to feel the tug of his arm and time her push from the rockface with it so he can more easily swing her aboard.

D'had slides back into place a little more before that tug comes. Situating himself to be able to give the pull required. There's a quirk of a smile in return, but her's isn't the only strained expression. One, two, three, and then that tug comes as he puts what he can behind it to pull her up, but she's going to have to work a bit herself to get into place.

All those crunches after having two babes eleven months ago come in handy for something else besides restoring her flat belly! Yay! Thea swings after her push off from the cliff, thumping into both the blue and D'had with a small whoosh of a breath out. Hopefully neither get kicked in the process as she uses those stomach muscles to lift her leg and throw it over Siebith. Though chances are it would hurt the rider far more than the dragon if that were the case. Wherever she lands, she does scramble just a bit thanks to the rain making things slippery. "I… would have made it you know," she assures him when she's settled. Whether she really believes that, she's likely hoping he does.

D'had holds tight, perhaps even a bit tighter than truly necessary, even after she's settled. Making sure. Siebith starts his glide towards the clearing once he knows she's in place. Best to get out of the cold rain, the sooner the better. When Donn finally loosens his grip it’s only enough to slide his hand down to link fingers. "I know." Though if he's just saying that or he really believes it is another story.

Thea is tired but she'll never admit it! He likely can tell by the way she leans back into him, her head resting on his shoulder as they glide. Her fingers lace between his and apply gentle pressure; her thanks - at least in part. She'll live to find herself in yet another strange place yet another day and afterwards call Siebith her hero, likely with a giggle and a sly smile.

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