Bad Weather

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
A long and roughly oblong cavern, about a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.

The bad thing about bad weather? Well, there's plenty! For one thing you're forced to stay inside and share quarters with little breaks from those around you. How about a little privacy, huh? Another is that, with outside lessons pretty much postponed til the blizzard passes, inside courses are a go! Which really consists of book studying and charts and history. Boring with a capital B! And then there's dragon healthcare. They've gotta pee and poop somewhere! Ventures outside are usually done without their human counterparts, and that just means that they'll have a bunch of frozen turns to clean up eventually. But the worst? The absolute WORST thing about this weather? Jnelle is dealing with that now as she sits upon Kanyeth's cot, her emerald green dozing. She holds up a hand mirror in one hand, a brush in another. Her jet black locks are loose and just as long as ever, though mildly less glossy looking than usual. "Ugh, this weather! Look how dry this is.." she says to no one in particular as she does her best to brush a shine back into those silken tresses of hers. Thankfully, it's still daytime and she has light enough to see.

Tahryth comes bouncing in from outside, paws covered in snow, along with her wings proving the green went out for a romping, and most likely to make a mess somewhere. A soft croon escapes her while she pauses near her couch and gives herself a great shake to send it flying, and yes this means that Jnelle may get some snow on her, not that the runnerish green seems to mind. Idrissa is following after her dragon, smirking as she pushes the door closed and works on getting off her snow covered coat and getting a dry one that she left on a hook for just this deal. "Go on and lay down, I'll get some towels to work on getting your wings dry." As for Jnelle? A slight wave is seen. "Hey there." Is offered with a friendly tone while she is off to find them towels.

And oh, is that even a bit of frizz she's detecting? Jnelle nearly whimpers, but she plasters on a brave face instead. She can fix this! Some conditioning and TLC will have her back to. "Heeey!" The amount of snow and water droplets that make it on her is trivial. Easily brushed away and disregarded, but disregarding things really isn't in her nature. And so, unnecessarily, she holds up her hands and turns her face away, shielding herself from the onslaught of snow that never happens. Frowning, she lowers her arms, setting down her mirror and brush to wipe off her sleeves and the front of her fitted sweater. She hears the hello, and it's returned with, "Your dragon acts more like a canine every day." She flicks off a fleck of snow pointedly, hazel eyes staring accusatorily at her the other greenrider.

"Naw I wouldn't say that." Idrissa offers, she doesn't even seem to care about such things while she moves on over to her green and works on rubbing a towel across Tahryth's wings, getting in the folds and so forth so there nice and dry. Tahryth trills out softly. « Sorry! Didn't mean to get you went! » Yes this is sent to Jnelle without a thought upon the young green's part it would seem. Pausing in her work Rissa glances towards the other weyrling. "Sorry, she tends to talk to everyone still."

"Of course you wouldn't. Trouncing around with beasts tends to make one ignorant and blind to matters of decorum." Jnelle's words are flat but her gaze is sharp, a note of finality in her tone. "Even dragons should have some dignity. Or manners, taught by their riders." Turning back to matters far more important, she angels her body away a bit and smoothes her hand against her hair, pulling it into a runner tail and reaching for a hair band just as Tahryth's trill flits through her mind. "Eh.." She stiffens a bit, surprised by the unfamiliar tone that definitely isn't the airy flute of her own green. Her eyes shift to Idrissa. "Still? Mine never started to begin with," she notes, finishing up her hair to allow her hands to drop. "Nor does anyone else's … invade. Have you taught her nothing?" asked with a vague curl of her lip.

Idrissa pauses in her work and sends a glance over to Jnelle watching her a few moments. "Funny.. Working with runners has managed to give me more manners then you it seems." Yes she just said that. She sets down the damp towel and another is picked up while working on Tahryth's other wing. "She has manners…" She just doesn't always /use/ them. There is a shrug while she gives Tahryth's head a soft rubbing as it leans down to her. "She is still learning, and I'm rather sure others have done it without filling you in for one reason or another." Rissa isn't using a tone or anything, merely just having a nice conversation it seems. Well nice could be loosely used.

Jnelle laughs flippantly. "Oh no, dearie, that's called 'having a backbone'," she says, turning again, this time to face the other greenrider weyrling with the kind of smile that people use specifically when speaking to very young children. A little too sweet. A 'oh, you don't know any better' sort of expression. "Yet another phenomenon you'd have no inkling of. Bless your heart." A smirk follows, an oily look fit for a snake, and she soon stands up after, lifting her brush and mirror to return to her super organized, and rather finely crafted, trunk. "'Still learning' what should be inherent?" She clicks her tongue as she sets her brush within the depths of her belongings, in which everything has its place. "What an unlucky clutch!" She closes her trunk with a flourish, an exhale following. "A crippled brown. A gold with a dysfunctional wing. And now, a green with a learning disability. The rest of us are fortunate nothing manifested in ours." Her brows raise, watching Idrissa with a owlish look. "Has your green shown any other signs of stunted mental ability? I don't think broadcasting to others all the time is normal. You should have her checked out."

Idrissa rolls her eyes as she hears Jnelle. "I have more of a backbone then you think." Is grumbled out mostly to herself as she doesn't want to deal with it at the moment it seems. With Tahryth dry she wipes her hands off and peers to her green with a smile seen. She misses the looks from Jenelle, a glance sent her way at the smirking loon and she tsks softly. "Don't hold that look too long, your face may freeze that way with how cold it is at the moment. There is a pause while the other goes on and she looks to Tahryth watching her a few moments while everything is said. "Funny, Ers'lan wasn't worried about it. His a wingleader." This said while she looks back to Jnelle a few moments. "Nor was Briana when she came to visit." She frowns a moment. "You act as if they cannot overcome their problems. Luraoth and Kalsuoth are fine, and so is Tahryth. Kalusoth is not fully crippled, and Luraoth's wing is functional." It's just shorter than the other wing, doesn't mean it isn't functional! Well, that is all that Rissa knows on it at least.

Kanyeth continues to sleep, dimly aware that her rider is interacting with someone. But … whatever she senses seems not to be unfamiliar enough to rouse or worry the green from her slumber. Nothing to see here, folks. Idrissa's quip back to her earns a faint lift of a brow, though the expression seems more hopeful than surprised. But hope soon turns to disappointment, and her brows press a little. "Oh. Oh that was your attempt at wit, was it? How…cute! Keep trying. You'll get it, someday." Her eyes shift to the other cots, most filled with weyrling and dragon pairs slumbering while they have the chance, but her attention is pulled back to Idrissa easily enough at the dropping of names. Ers who? "Ah, and the two of them must be Grade Fives, then? For you to put so much trust in their opinion." Knowing full well Briana is not and this Wingleader fellow likely isn't either. She laughs. "You try so hard to convince yourself of what you say! It isn't a wonder you're so disregarded. Kalsuoth is "not fully" crippled? Half a cripple is still a cripple. And til that gold flies? She's crippled too, and there's nothing unluckier than a useless gold. I don't know about you, but I've never seen a lopsided dragon of any color in the skies. Likely for good reason."

Idrissa just peers at Jnelle for a few moments at the wit comment, a brow lifting and he slips quiet for a few moments. She doesn't mind when he other picks at her, though her friends, and her dragon well that's a different story. "No there no grade five's though if a wingleader and junior weyrwomanisn't worried about a young dragon talking to him I don't see why I should be either." She isn't worried about Tahryth speaking to everyone. "I'm not trying hard at all merely stating the facts. I've seen runners get over worse leg problems so I know Kalsuoth will overcome his problem as well. " Runners and dragon's have ways of overcoming such issues she is rather sure on that. "Disregarded, what do you mean by that?" As for Luraoth she just blinks. "Hey, Luraoth is not useless. She will fly too." She states with a firm tone. Tahrtyh shifts on her couch, slowly sliding forward like a stretching canine and cranes her head out to snifsniff at Jnelle before attempting to give her a nice slobbery lick across her cheek. If she manages to do it then there is a comment sent to the girl along with her rider of course. « For someone so /sour/ you don't taste sour! »

"If you say so," says Jnelle dismissively, tossing her hands up a bit, apparently done with the topic of errant dragon thoughts. Though at the comparison made by Idrissa, she can't help but to scoff. "And yes, because runner and dragon anatomy and healing are so similar, of course you know all that there is to know of injuries. Why, it's a wonder Mur'dah didn't turn to you instead of the healers! What was he thinking? The silly boy. Everyone!" her voice raises in volume, calling for the attention of any half-snoozers. "Any future dragon injuries are to be reported to Idrissa, henceforth! Her vast knowledge of runners surely qualifies her to give miraculous diagnosis on our lifemates!" Eyes narrow and an unamused look is given to Idrissa. "I wouldn't play dragonhealer, if I were you. Thank Faranth I'm not," is added beneath her breath, and her eyes shift to Tahryth, not missing the approach of the sly dragon. She rears her head back a bit at the sniff, eyeing the green as if she held the plague. And if she did, unfortunately, Jnelle would have it now with that lick across her cheek. "Ewww!" She backsteps quickly, rubbing her face with her sleeve. Kanyeth's eyes open, swirling. « Please keep your tongue away from my Jnelle's face. She feels much pride for it. » As for being disregarded, Jnelle has no chance to answer, now consumed by getting dragon slobber off of her precious face.

Idrissa just peers at Jnelle a few moments. "I never said I was a dragonhealer. I was merely given examples. Have you cleaned your ears out recently?" A shake of her head is seen as the other goes on. "This is really not worth my time, attempting to speak with you. You are always turn another's words around and making up things to fill in the holes in order to make it better for the likes of you." As Tahryth moves to lick Jnelle, Rissa errs and moves to try and stop it, but she is not quick enough it seems. "Tahryth, go lay down.. Now…" Her tone a bit firm and this is enough to make the runnerish green turn and settle upon her couch, still she looks a bit smug and is actually grinning. « I am sorry Kanyeth, she was saying such things to mine. I wanted her to stop. » Well she did make the other stop that is for sure.

"Obviously," sputters Jnelle, who hasn't lost her voice for long! "both you and your dragon are mentally stunted. You make a perfect pair." One last wipe is given to her cheek until she's generally satisfied that she's spit free. « Many do. Few succeed » is Kanyeth's reply, voice sounding not troubled in the slightest. If something were truly wrong, she'd know. This? This Jnelle does not need her for, and so her eyes close again. Jnelle chuckles, though the tones of displeasure are still there. "And you, a puppet playing puppetmaster to her dragon. She's the only thing that would listen to you, isn't she?" she says, snidely despite the lick. "You are a sad situation." Her eyes wander again, back to cots, specific ones and unspecific ones. A certain bronzer certainly needs a visit this blustery, cold afternoon, right? She lifts a hand in a dismissive sort of gesture .. or was that a wave? And without a word of departure, she saunters off in search of K'asin.

Idrissa frowns as she hears Jnelle, watching her a few moments as everything is said. Her head tilts and she looks to Tahryth. "Don't listen to her." So much for those words as they both are thinking on the matter, Rissa to the point old thoughts of 'whatifs' are brought up. « Yours is mean. » Tahryth sends over to Kanyeth, a soft spring rain turning a bit colder in her mind while her eyes swirl a few times before the green turns her attention back to her rider. Rissa is glad that Jnelle finally leaves, she shifts to settle down next to Tahryth upon the couch and the green curls around her, soft croons heard as the two get lost in one another's thoughts for now.

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