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Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs and southwest is a wide tunnel, carefully roped off to avoid accidents.

Ethne is sitting off by herself quietly eating some breakfast with one hand while holding the sleeping baby girl in her free arm.

As the morning meal begins, B'yd, one of the more questionable Impressions, struts in and nudges W'lop from his seat, sending his fellow Blueling to the kitchens to fetch his meal. The ex-Harper nearly runs into a once familiar face of the BronzeRider whose Bronze was Sire of the Clutch. T'vis pauses and frowns, his gaze slipping to B'yd a moment. "Not our concern, Iti." He mutters, letting his gaze travel and freeze as it reaches Ethne and her new child.

Niva has perfected the whole walking and talking thing it seems, as despite the early hour she enters the caverns accompanied by one of the posted beastcrafters, discussing one concern or another, mug of klah in one hand while the other is waved around for emphasis. "See what you can spare. Or, if you can't, we'll go round up some of the herds that have gone wild. Give me a tally by the midday meal." With a nod of his head, the beastcrafter heads out towards the grounds, and Niva refills her klah mug, gaze slipping from weyrlings to junior goldrider, to… visiting bronzerider?

Ethne doesn't even notice T'vis yet as she seems to be distracted both eating and watching the baby in her arms. Kethalt though is off with his aunt who he is fostered with likely playing with his cousins. She hums softly though towards the baby.

Mercifully, a new voice pulls T'vis' gaze from the weyrwoman to her Senior. He lifted an eyebrow and makes his way over, Peter shifting nearly silently upon his shoulder. "May I lend Itineranth's assistance, WeyrWoman?"

Niva sips at her klah first, making a bit of a face at the heat of the liquid, before she responds to T'vis. "That certainly depends, rider. You and yours any good at herding?" While she waits for an answer, her gaze drifts momentarily to Ethne and the baby a bit of a smile creeping onto her face, before she shakes her head and her attention goes back to T'vis.

Ethne gives a little bit of a yawn as she manages to finish eating just in time for her baby girl to wake up and smiles. "Good morning little one." She says softly and lovingly. She has heard the other voices but well it's obvious the junior weyrwoman is more interested in the baby at the moment and having heard Niva's voice, she probably assumed things were ok. She strokes baby Arana's cheek with her finger as she says softly. "Someday Arana, you're going to be a beautiful young lady and steal some boy's heart." She giggles softly. "Hopefully you do better at it than your mommy has in her life." She says with a soft sigh.

T'vis nods slightly. "Yes, Ma'am. We've traded in stray herdbeasts before. Iti can heard them well enough, though I have to go in and round them into some sort of secure container for transport before he's any use close up." Despite the list of faults, there's the unmistakable undertone of affection in his voice as he speaks of past collaborations with his Lifemate. Hearing Ethne's speak, his gaze shifts back to her. He frowns slightly, his gaze distant for a beat before he gives a soft sign. "I hope you, your WeyrMate and your LifeMates are doing as well as your daughter seems to be, weyrwoman." Peter chitters softly, leaning forward on his perch to get a better view of the baby girl.

Niva gaze shifts back to Ethne, and a small shake of her head. "They steal your heart, and they don't give it back." Ah, babies. After that simple aside, she's back to business, nodding slowly at T'vis. "We've had some success with a trio of dragons working together - if you come together correctly, you can steer them precisely where you wish them to go." The herdbeasts, that is.

Ethne hears the voice of T'vis and takes a deep breath before responding rather curt. She doesn't look towards him though. "Thank you. We are fine." She replies. Well at least everything seems fine for the most part… or so she would have others believe at least. She hears Niva's words. "Yeah some people have that effect, no matter what age they are." She sighs.

T'vis nods at the reply and turns his attention back to the WeyrWoman. "Happy now?" He mutters under his breath before giving a slight shake of his head and nodding. "Itineranth had never worked with other Dragons to do it, but I tend to take a short amount of time putting up a sort of funnel-like system to help them along. Iti drives them in, he lands near the mouth of the funnel and I go in to make sure they're all in the transport unit. Padded walls and usually air tight. Keeps it a bit warmer and prevents the animals from scenting the Dragon."

An arched eyebrow from one rider to the other, and the senior passes on interjecting any sort of comment, at least for the time being. Instead she nods at T'vis. "Depending on the count Rhodni gives me today, we may be attempting to round up one of the wild herds, to quarantine and eventually send to Igen to help out." A soft sigh makes it evident that Igen's a rough subject for most involved right now. "So, it would just be to a corral, at least for now."

Well Ethne's quiet start to a morning definitely didn't stay quiet. Jeriew, Ethne's older sister, and Ethne's son, Kethalt, show up in the caverns. The little boy runs over to Ethne giggling a tiny bit and smiles. "Mommy, mommy…" Ethne smiles as she says softly. "Morning my handsome little man, you've been a good boy I hope." Jeriew replies as she says. "Of course he has when he hasn't been bugging to see his mommy and his baby sister." Jeriew walks over to look at her little niece as she says quietly. "You and K'ralt definitely have a way of producing some beautiful children Ethne." The older woman laughs softly. Ethne simply blushes as she says softly. "I know Jeri… I know. You already told me I'm lucky and all. You always have to remind me of things don't you?" She laughs. "I already know that Jeri. Just hope it stays that way…" She says as she seems to get a bit distracted looking at her baby girl and then by something outside in the form of her lifemate. "Mellonath… yes I know… don't remind me please." The response is rather curt even for her to her dragon. Jeriew says softly. "Now you let me take Arana and you go get yourself some rest Eth. You likely need it." Ethne hands her sister the baby girl and says softly. "Yeah I could use a nice soak this morning." She smiles. "If you need me or whatever… you know you can find one of my firelizards and send me a note too… right?" She says nervously towards Jeriew. The woman replies. "Yes Eth, we've been over this before with Kethalt and he has always be fine too. Stop your worrying woman." Jeri laughs softly as she leans to kiss her little sister on her forehead. "Just go relax."

T'vis nods, his expression serious. "Yes, Ma'am. We've been donating what we can and transporting other shipments since the Quarantine was lifted." He shakes his head. "Iti lost several of his favourite Greens early on… I can't say I missed the keening." His gaze settles upon the pair of Weyrlings as W'lop returns with two plates and sets the bigger one before B'yd. "It would be rather hard on the young ones." He watches silently as a firm headbutt from Peter draws his attention to Ethne rising to leave but he doesn't comment.

Niva gives Ethne and her sister some privacy as they talk, nodding to T'vis. "They were hard hit, between the weyrleader and the other riders. And the livestock. I've told the riders we sent not to hesitate to contact us, if they can think of anything we can send to help."

Ethne looks towards Jeri as she says softly. "Nice soak in the hot springs will feel nice…" She sighs. Jeri replies quietly. "Oh get a smile on that face and have a good day dear." Ethne shakes her head and laughs. "And do I dare ask what happens if I don't?" Jeri rolls her eyes. "Oh, I have something planned for that eventually… just like when you were a little kid." Jeri heads out of the caverns with the two children leaving Ethne at the table alone. Ethne remains at the table for a little bit quietly as she drifts back to distant thought closing her eyes.

Itineranth> Mellonath shifts where she is laying at a little to get more comfortable but all the while her focus is the caverns where her rider is. Oh she is aware of Itineranth being at the weyr. It is kinda hard to miss that bronze.

Itineranth> Yup. Small, shinney, Itineranth's easy to see. He's also perched up on the rim between two pairs of Green, at least one of them starting to get that familiar shine. It seems he's working his usual charm in that neverending quest for some tail.

Itineranth> Mellonath gives a bit of a rumble as she seems to shake her head and look back away. That pair already hurt her rider enough. Why did they come back anyways? All the while she is definitely aware of her rider's awkwardness in the caverns with Itineranth's rider there.

T'vis nods. "That's kind of you, WeyrWoman." T'vis offers. "The shipments I've brought were mostly from the larger Holds, but some of the smaller have sent medical supplies, if they can spare any. And we have carried a few shipments of beasts, but not nearly enough for the weyrfok, not to mention the Dragons.

Itineranth> Itineranth pauses for a moment at the sound of the rumble. He must of been paying her at least some attention even as he was courting his Greens to hear that noise, but he rustles his wings slightly and resumes the soft croon to the nearest Green to his left.

Niva glances at Ethne, bobbing her head at the disappearing sister, before Ethne gets a slightly more concerned look, and then she shakes her head, looking back to T'vis. "If we'd known about it, we would have saved items for them. Though, the quarantine did prevent it from becoming far worse, I will admit that."

Ethne moves to stand up and starts off towards the hot springs quietly. She did manage to hear the rumble of her Queen outside likely due to Itineranth's presence and shakes her head. She pushes the hair from her face and yawns.

T'vis frowns as he watches Ethne leave. "I'd always figured that it was the father's duty to releave some of the stress on the mother." He offers shaking his head slightly and glancing toward the bowl. "Though if I stay around much longer, Iti's going to drag me into a multiple Green Flight." He smirks. "Which he'll complain about for ages becaus at best he can only catch the one." He blinks then and frowns at the change in conversation brought on by his Bronze's mood. "My appologies, WeyrWoman. Please let us know when and where you wish to trap the herds."

Niva shakes her head. "I cannot say… Certainly C'ian was, and is, always there with our own, but I can't speak for the relationships of others." Particularly as she herself was raised by aunts and uncles after a failed relationship. A soft chuckle, and she inclines her head. "I will let you deal with that, I have things I should attend to. I'll have Kilaueth bespeak Itineranth once we reach a plan of action."

[DTU/Project] Mellonath projects to Itineranth, «I see your rider hasn't changed at all… why did you come to the Weyr? To make my rider upset?»

[DTU/Project] Mellonath senses that Itineranth's even tones slip toward the Queen somewhat distractedly. «These Greens are set to rise. And we have been collecting supplies for Igen.» His tone is obviously sadneded at the mention of that place. «There are more in this Weyr than You and Yours, Mellonath.»

T'vis nods. "Thank you, WeyrWoman." He glances towards the spring with a frowns and shakes his head, moving toward the bowl despite Peter's soft chitter.

Ethne walks into the hot springs caverns and is just through the entrance when tears start to come to her eyes and she sinks down to the floor and sighs.

Itineranth> Mellonath moves to get up from where she had been laying down and paces rumbling. She can only worry about how it affects her rider… not what that other pair was there for.

Itineranth> A shiver passes down Itineranth's side and that of the Greens as they sense the Gold's bad mood. The smaller Dragons disperse, with the exception of the Green who has already begun to display a slight glow. She hisses at the Queen, but softly, before offering an enticing croon to the small Bronze at her side.

Itineranth> Mellonath paces more as she senses her rider's mood towards sadness. She looks a bit distressed as she doesn't even notice the other green's hiss at her.

T'vis pauses on his way out of the Cavern to let the pair of Bluelings rush out at the summons of their young Dragons. Peter chitters at him and headbutts him firmly once more, glancing towards the hot spring.

Itineranth> Itineranth watches the Gold pace and his eyes begin to whirl with concern. Tail appears from wherever she disappeared for a meal and settles between his eyes. He snorts at the Green as she pushes her advances upon him and gives a low rumble to disuade her from more attempts. Insulted, she flies off to be with her sisters, settling near a trio of Blues by the water.

Itineranth> Mellonath doesn't seem to apparently like her rider getting upset and is definitely going to react when she's concerned. Her eyes shift from the bluish-green contentment to a concerned look as she finally does settle down to laying down but this time right by the entrance to the caverns.

Ethne is thankful that noone is around yet in the hot springs. She starts to strip off her clothes as she cries and walks over to one of the pools and gets in the pool. She lets her body slip under the water to wet her hair.

Itineranth> Itineranth spreads his wings slowly and swoops down for a soft landing in the Bowl. He settles down a respectful distance from the Caverns, but his gaze settles upon the same point at the Gold for a beat before he turns his attention to her. «Why does your weyrwoman take all actions and inaction by my Rider so personally?» His voice as usual is to the point without colour or excessive sounds to taint the message, but the lack of specific names mark it as being neutral in content. «He resents my attempts to make him look after another's responsibility.»

[DTU/Project] Itineranth senses that Mellonath gives a bit of a rumble as she replies. «He is too blind to see that she has feelings for him… is he that blind?» Her attention drifts back towards the caverns. «Love is a strong thing.»

Itineranth> Itineranth is silent for several moments before he replies. «He knows somewhere within him. But loss is also powerful, as is fear of loss.» He rumbles softly, «Though I do not suggest that T'vis is cowardly. He does not turn from his Duties.» He pauses, rusling his wing uncomfortable, «He will simply not step in when another is already promised.»

[DTU/Project] Mellonath projects to Itineranth, «Ethne isn't happy… there's space there ever since the last flight between her and K'ralt…»

T'vis frowns, feeling his Bronze slipping into his mind without comment, nosing about for some reason. "Iti?" He frowns at the lack of meaningful response and moves to get a mug of Klah at the slight warning that the Gold is at watch near the entrance. "Lovely."

Itineranth> Itineranth gives a soft rumble, his eyes shifting slightly gray with his appology, «I am sorry that my chasing caused discomfort… T'vis has made me promise not to chase you again. In fact, I've agreed to stay away from Weyrs with shining Golds and concentrate myself on Greens.» He glances up at the trios of Blues and the entourage of four Greens. «A tactics which was working rather well until the chance meeting of your weyrwoman and my Rider.»

Itineranth> Mellonath gives a softly rumble. «That is not what was needed Itineranth… my rider would have welcomed him into her bed again.» She glances towards the bronze.

Itineranth> Itineranth shifts slightly under the Gold's gaze. «What of the Sire of her offspring?» He shakes his head slightly forcing Tail to move from his muzzle to perch upon one of his neckridges. «He feels that it would be…disrespectful to take another in Mita's place. It would dishonour Themba's memory.» The Bronze's tone gained an uncertain element at those last few statements, as if he were attempting to make out detail in an object hidden in a murky lake.

Itineranth> Mellonath shifts a little to keep an eye on the cavern and the bronze as she replies. «Things have changed… they don't seem as close anymore.» She has a bit of a sadness in her mindvoice… similiar sadness to her rider's likely being reflected.

Itineranth> Itineranth settles down, at a loss of further conversation points. His gaze settles upon the Caverns once more.

T'vis holds his mug of Klah distractedly. He frowns, "Leave them out of this…" Peter gives a soft croon, rubbing his head against the man's jaw. The BronzeRider shakes his head, his gaze sifting to the hot springs. With a sigh he grabs another mug and fills it with warm Klah. He puts in the right mix of milk and sweetner he's seen the weyrwoman take in the past and enters the cavern, diverting his gaze when he sees her undressed state. He clears his throat. "…Want some Klah?"

Ethne lays quietly in the pool, her eyes are closed and when she does hear T'vis's voice she nearly loses her 'balance' or whatever it's called in the water and nearly slips under as she coughs on some water. When she does look at him, her eyes are red and so now are her cheeks as she tries to cover herself. It's not like he hasn't ever seen her naked before.

T'vis takes a step forward to set the spare mug beside the water and steps back, still diverting his gaze. "Seems Mellonath's giving Itineranth a bit of a hard time." He frowns, "He's starting to dig about where he's not wanted, in fact." He glances up finally, "I'd appreciate it if you ask her to stop."

Ethne bites her lip quietly. She knows Mellonath's intentions to help her are good but when she hears his words. They seem to irritate her more and upset her. "Who do you think you are?" She says firmly. "Come here. Steal my heart, and leave…" She sighs. "And you wonder why she knows I'm upset and all. Do you think she's going to let me get upset without trying to figure out how to fix the situation?" She appears to be really frustrated and stands in the water. "You're so blind you know that?" She gets a distracted look on her face and her next action comes unexpectedly even from her. She splashes the water out towards him.

T'vis stiffens at her words. "I didn't steal anything!" He snaps, "Flights don't mean a thing! And your Gold has no right putting pressure on Itineranth because you feel you deserve answers about what's none of your business!" He pulls back instinctively as the water is sent his way, dropping his mug and scattering shards and warm Klah it in every direction. He sighs, his anger spent, and crouches down, shruging Peter from his shoulder. He begins to gather up the pieces carefully, and sighs. "Stay where you are. You might cut yourself."

Itineranth> Itineranth lifts his head suddenly, spreads his wings and lets out a roar, his eyes whirling swiftly with the red-orange of anger. A moment later the whirling slows but his gaze snaps to the Queen for a moment before he takes flight to settle once more upon the rim.

Ethne looks towards him as she starts to get even more frustrated. "Flights mean nothing… so you're saying how I feel means nothing right either? You pompous arrogant jerk." It's obvious he's upset her worse and it doesn't matter whether there's shards on the floor or not, she gets out of the pool and doesn't really watch where she's walking at all. "It wasn't about the damn flight T'vis… flight may have brought you here… but it sure as hell isn't why I fell in love with you." She finally says the words but they seem to mean nothing when she doesn't see the glass and steps on it giving out a bit of a scream. Yes standing there naked, confessing herself and cutting her foot… what next?

"Shards!" T'vis curses under his breath putting the shards he's managed to collect into a pile before moving toward the weyrwoman. "This is what we needed now. Why couldn't you just stay in the water; listen to someone else for a while. I realise that might be a stretch for a /Gold/Rider, but you might just try it." He points to Peter. "Get a Healer." He frowns and crouches down to get a look at her foot. "Then, what possibly made you convince yourself that you're in love with me? My winning personality?" He tilts his head to get a better look at the wound.

Ethne closes her eyes as she moves to sit down as she cries, the glass seems to have gotten her foot good. "I do listen to others, all the time. But you don't seem to care about anyone." She bites her lip down hard. "What's going with me and K'ralt? I don't know anymore… ever since the flight and all, things have been distanced." She looks away. "Then you were there… and I don't know how to explain it… I just fell."

T'vis frowns and shakes his head. "Rider's should know better than to fall." He mutters, ignoring yet another jab at his honour. He reaches toward her foot, "May I?"

Ethne sighs as she says quietly, tears still in her eyes as she says. "Tell that to one's heart, it doesn't work that way T'vis. I fell in love with you and while I can't explain why, you've hurt me more than I ever wanted but it didn't change how I felt." She hears him ask for her foot and she looks down and says quietly. "I'll be fine…" Yes she can be stubborn for sure.

T'vis frowns and looks up. "So you'll bleed half-to-death to prove a point? I'm sure that'll make your Gold nice and sociable." He frowns. "You'd best get dressed, you need to see a Healer if I have to carry you there." He shakes his head, "And then I'll be sure to stay away from this Weyr when I can. You seem to get distressed easily and Itineranth's overly sensitive." There's sarcasm in that tone for sure, though also concern that she might have hurt herself with that stuborness.

Itineranth> Itineranth gives a low growl, his gaze sweeping to rest on Mellonath from his perch upon the rim.

Itineranth> Mellonath seems to despite the situation still not responded angrily towards Itineranth. Firmly yes… but not angrily. «Why does your rider go out of his way to hurt mine so? When all she wishes to give him is love and caring…»

Itineranth> Itineranth glances away, but does not respond. He seems to deflate slightly, folding his wings tightly against his back.

Ethne shakes her head as she says nothing in response to T'vis. Instead there is in odd but determined look in her eyes and she gets up to find her clothes… even despite the pain from her foot and the bleeding, she walks away. Under her breath she says firmly yet quietly. "Walk away from where… run if you may… with you goes my heart asked for or not… do with it as you so choose to… it's broken as it is." She goes silent. Once she's dressed, she starts to walk ever so slowly protectively of the foot once she has wrapped as best a towel around it. The tears remain at her eyes. Where she intends on going is uncertain for sure.

T'vis's gaze hardens as he moves to intercept her, motioning to someone who has just entered the room. "Broken mug, please get something to clean it up with." Spotting the BronzeRider's knot, the Weyrbrat slips back out quickly. He grips Ethne's shoulders and gives her a slight shake, "How selfish can you be!?" His voice is low and filled with a mix of emotions. "If I could—" He cuts the thought short. "You have a daughter, a son, a Dragon and a WeyrMate. I'll escorte you to the Infirmary and then you can pull yourself together." There's a definate expression of pain beneath his hard gaze, "The only reason you latched onto me was because K'ralt pulled away after the Flight. Go talk some sense into _him_." He releases her shoulders and takes a step back, "But first, you need to take care of yourself."

Ethne feels him shake her as she replies quietly. "Selfish is the person that doesn't give a damn about anyone. But I do…" She closes her eyes. "I have a Queen, I have a handsome son and I have a beautiful baby girl and you have no clue how I feel… you have no clue what is going on but yet you presume. The only reason I latched onto you was because K'ralt pulled away? Is that what you think? Things had been going that way for a while… even before you came around here bronzerider." She bites her lip as she says. "If you could what?" She didn't lack to notice him cutting himself off. "I don't know if I can do that…" She feels him let go of her. She starts towards the bowl. "I can't help the way I feel for you anymore than a dragon can help who they choose as their intended rider." She sighs.

T'vis runs a hand through his hair as he watches her begin to make her way through the public Caverns with a bloodied towel wrapped about her foot. He realises that he has no idea where the Infirmaries actually are and followed with a sigh, rather glad that she passed over her question to concentrate once more on what she's convinced herself she feels. He'd probably tell her just to set her in her place, and then he'd regret that forever. He stops in the doorway to the bowl, spotting the Queen and moving his gaze to seek his Lifemate on the rim. "You might want to suggest she get that foot looked at, Mellonath. She certainly won't listen to common sense if it comes from me."

Of course, T'vis has no clue that she's a dragonhealer and would fix her own foot up likely anyways. She's at least learned how to deal with that. When she heads out to the clearing she hears the displeased Mellonath rumbling especially upon seeing the bronzerider walk out. The gold stands up to block the way of both T'vis and her rider. Things aren't going to just go unresolved. Mellonath can't stand to see her rider so upset and it all has to be fixed somehow. Ethne sighs as she sees Mellonath in the way. "Mellonath… just let him go." She moves to walk around Mellonath but the Queen gives a bit of a soft rumble as Ethne doesn't head in the direction of the infirmary… in fact Ethne is going the opposite direction. «Ethne, stop this. I know you have feelings for him, but I don't want to lose you because of it.» Mellonath turns to look at Itineranth. «You know your rider's heart better than anyone and yet you allow himself to shut himself off from others… how fair is that? I don't know what it was that you were showing me or whatever but even if it was terrible, he needs to deal with it and move on.»

Itineranth gives a soft rumble, swooping down to land nearby as he realises the Gold is blocking the way. «I made T'vis stay once. I waited for him and made him stay. I should not have made him stay again for our Clutch.» The Bronze's voice is curt as his gaze shifts to his Rider. «T'vis, we should go.» The man nods. "No complaint from me there, Iti. Mellonath seems to have different ideas." His own attention shifts from his Bronze to the injured weyrwoman but he seems to make a fair show of ignoring the Gold Dragon a few steps away.

Mellonath isn't happy at all and rumbles rather loudly at the bronze. Something unusual for her to ever do. But she doesn't take others actions angrily towards her or her rider well and isn't short of making it known. «Running away solves nothing. You and your rider should know that by now.» Ethne of course, seems headed for the beach… when she stumbles or so it looks from where Mellonath is though she seems a little more worried than normal. Mellonath's attention gets distracted by this as the Queen starts to move towards her rider.

Itineranth cringes at the Gold's displeasure but extends his neck towards his Rider once the Gold begins to move. T'vis takes a moment to hug his Bronze's muzzle before he looks at Ethne and frowns. He kisses the muzzle before turning with a sigh to follow the weyrwoman. "Stubborn woman." He offers as he nears. "Willing to get yourself to the Infirmary yet?" He's trying to ignore the effect Mellonath is having on his Lifemate, though he keeps a distance from the Pair, subconsciously or not.

Yes Ethne did fall down but well, she also looks a little pale and possibly about to pass out. Who knows which is the best option, to stay conscious and deal with just as stubborn a bronzerider or pass out and hope it's all over when she does come to. Mellonath moves to block T'vis's approach towards her rider as she rumbles towards the bronze. «I'll get her a healer… your rider has done enough damage to my rider without anymore. I don't know how you can tolerate your rider acting like that towards another person let alone someone that cares about him.» Mellonath swings her head around to Ethne as she croons softly towards her, trying to keep her rider calm till she can somehow get her rider to a healer.

T'vis blinks, rocked by the echoe of Mellonath's displeasure which makes its way through Itineranth. "What way…?" He blinks, looking confused. His gaze settles upon Ethne, trying to approach again. "You can't get her there alone, Mellonath."

Mellonath has made up her mind… she'll find her own way to help her rider. At least she cares about her and isn't making a false attempt to look like she cares when she doesn't unlike T'vis. Of course, all the while Ethne has gone unconcious… the cut on her foot looked pretty deep and likely the pain was getting a bit much. «Should I let your rider touch mine when she knows his obvious disdain for her even after she poured her heart out to him?» The Queen remains positioned between her rider and T'vis.

Itineranth's voice is small but determined as he speaks to the Gold, «Would you allow your false assumptions to cause injury to your Rider? She needs attention and neither of us can bring her to it, Mellonath. Simply because he does not love your weyrwoman does not mean that he wishes her harm.»

Mellonath seems to ignore Itineranth as her concern focuses solely on her unconscious rider. Her eyes are whirling appearing distressed as she doesn't move. Maybe it's better that Ethne doesn't hear right now what Mellonath just did. In midst of the commotion going on in the clearing, thankfully one of the healers wasn't far away and notices the situation. The woman runs over but is met with an upset Queen standing in front of her rider protectively. The journeywoman looks towards Mellonath. "Please… calm down… dear one… I'll help your rider, you just got to let me near her."

Peter chitters, hovering after the Healer he was sent to find. T'vis steps back, watching the Healer for a second before stepping back. Itineranth remains frozen where he was when Mellonath ordered him not to get involved. The man looks at the weyrwoman and her Gold and takes another step back. He watches to see if Mellonath will let the Healer approach or not.

Mellonath reluctantly stands aside for the healer to get to her rider but something seems to keep her looking between the bronzerider and her rider as she addresses Itineranth. «She said something… if he could… he never continued… what was it?»

Itineranth shifts as the Queen turns her attention to him, but as she is merely asking and not demanding he skirts the issue. «If it was not said, it does not matter.» T'vis glances to his Bronze once the Healer is let past, his expression troubled by the slightly gray shade his hide has taken.

[DTU/Project] Mellonath projects to Itineranth, «My rider said he was about to say something and went quiet. What was it?»

[DTU/Project] Itineranth projects to Mellonath, «I am not sure. He did not say it. It could have been a few things.» His tone hardens slightly. «It is not right to make assumptions.»

Ethne starts to come to a little as she hears the healer quietly calls her name. The healer says quietly. "It's ok Junior Weyrwoman… we'll get that foot taken care of, just keep calm." But Mellonath isn't quite calm yet… «No… he said something, my rider doesn't lie, why did he cut off what he was going to say to her. She needs to know… he's cut off on saying things before too.»

Itineranth cowers under the unwanted attention, his gaze locked with Mellonath's, finally he speaks unable to resist the Gold, «If he could go on without Mita and Themba, then your weyrwoman could certainly go on without him.» Then, to avoid further questions, «His Mate and Offspring… lost in the Clutching.» T'vis stares at the Bronze, having obviously heard that part of the conversation before moving forward to hug the darling muzzle to him, tears running down his face. "Leave him be!" He kissed the muzzle then, hugging his Bronze and offering murmured reassurances to his Lifemate that he forgives his telling and that it'll be okay.

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