Kitchen Conflicts, Conventions, and Confessions

Xanadu Weyr - Kitchens
// The kitchen is large and well-stocked with technology as well as those with culinary skill. State of the art equipment has been brought in from the various crafts to be used - stoves and large ovens replacing the hearths that used to be in here. Three baking ovens are usually going full bore half the day, from early morning through to mid-afternoon. Large windows take up the entire of the western wall, generally open wide to the mountainous landscape beyond allowing the cool breezes in to keep the kitchen's temperature to a desirable level.
Tables, cabinets, and counters take up the remaining spaces and walls. Various spices, herbs, and other foodstuffs are found here, and what's not ready at hand is tucked away back in the storage caverns or the massive cold-room large enough to walk inside.
The night hearth beside the door to the main caverns has been kept out of a sense of nostalgia, but the smaller stove set beside it is what's actually used to prepare late-night food. This is where you find late night meals of stew and soup simmering in pots, and pitchers of klah and tea in their electric units to be kept warm.

It's the middle of the night, and while most of the weyr is snoozing, V'ayn and N'on are in the kitchen. The latter has settled on a stool, while the former has two mugs. The greenrider is most def drunk as a space skunk. He shrugs and reaches clumsily for one of V'ayn's mugs. He chooses pretty much at random, but takes a polite sip of whatever he ends up with. He taps his stomach, then gives a thumbs up with an only slightly ironic wink. Unfortunately, it's only a moment of amusement that quickly fades into sadness as he looks over again at the abandoned dough on the counter.

The word flounce is an important word, a vital word, the best word to describe how Evi moves nearly always. Flouncing, bouncing sashaying about with a bebopping way that's entirely her own. Long gone are the days of her apologizing continuously for being herself, now she is without question. Arriving in the kitchens like she owns the place, even if she totally doesn't. Also, it's dark, and she's going to be where she wishes, spotting N'on and V'ayn there's a pause. Oh well. Not wasting a moment, Evi digs through a cabinet, before climbing ONTOP of the counter and pulling a box off the top of it. With a bright smile of secret hidden food joy, she slides onto her bottom and begins eating cupcakes. Hidden cupcakes. "Evening! Cupcake?" Oblivion at this level is rare, she seems to have no idea there's any mood but hers. At least for the moment. Neifeth is not far off as her mind flitters in, arriving on the smell of oranges and flowers with no other words. The scent acting as her greeting, even if no one knows it's her, or that she does that. That's not her problem

It's the klah that N'on finds himself partaking of which leaves V'ayn bringing the mug of water to his own lips. He takes a long sip, attempting to mirror the amusement with raised eyebrows - but it isn't quite successful. Instead his gaze shifts towards the dough and back, "There…" his voice is low but the bronzerider isn't whispering, "I have a few things left over from earlier." He's already moving towards the coolers to retrieve a tray of utterly plain sugar cookies. They're certainly not like his usual fair, "I was forced to teach some children earlier this week." And of course he wouldn't waste good ingredients on them so this is the result. "These will be easier on your stomach." He doesn't expect N'on to actually eat any, but there they are. Honestly soup would be better or anything savory but V'ayn's logic doesn't always seem to work well when N'on is around lately. Awkward silence is quickly broken by Evi's arrival and suddenly V'ayn looks /absolutely/ horrified to see her climbing on top of the counter. It's a surprise that the counter doesn't have holes in it with the way he glares at it - then at a nearby cleaning cloth. "Please…I'll bring a stool for you." He's already on his way to get one.

N'on looks at the cookies with a very deep skepticism. Maybe he wasn't being /entirely/ truthful in his assessment of his stomach's condition. And yet, he takes one of the cookies. That's got to mean something, right? Before he can even take a nibble, Evi is sashaying around and climbing on counters. He blinks owlishly, suddenly very distracted from whatever he was thinking. When his attention returns to V'ayn, he catches that expression on the bronzerider's face, and his own brows furrow deeply into a sudden scowl. With a clunk, he leaves the mug on the counter, then brings his fingers to his lips to emit a sharp whistle. Generally, that sort of thing ought to be reserved for the outdoors. And probably for herdbeasts. Nevertheless, he gives Evi a stern glare, points at her, then points at the floor. OFF THE COUNTERS, HOYDEN.

The cupcake in hand Evi eats daintily, slowly and evenly with care to keep her outfit and fingers clean. "Thanks but, this work too." Pointing to the cupcake and then the counter. V'ayn's response suprises the greenriding teen, who cocks her head and opens her mouth. Realization flashes on her face and she frowns and whimpers at N'on's whistle, whithering at the glare she's not used to in her friend. With that she's sliding down. "I… sorry." Glancing at the bronzerider, every bit the beaten canine she settles near a stool but not willing to sit down yet. "I uh, I forget people work here." Also she totally does this at home, so why not.

Blue-green eye shift from Evi and her wayward ways to N'on when he partakes in the cookie - no matter how small a bite. A flurry of complex emotions flit across V'ayn's face - a hint of gratefulness, a touch of sorrow, and perhaps a bit of longing - as quickly as they appear the expressions are wiped away. It's only after N'on whistles and Evi comes down off the counter that he speaks, "Thank you." Sincere words are directed first to the greenrider and then to Evi. His fingers twitch slightly and he manages to hold it to a count of 30 before they immediately find cleaning supplies. "It's alright - nothing I can't clean." There's a smile for the woman now before he's scrubbing a little /too/ vigorously at the counter.

N'on catches V'ayn's arm in a brief squeeze, but cleaning is necessary so he won't interfere with that! Once V'ayn is busy, N'on sighs and swipes at his face. He suddenly looks very tired and tucks the remains of the cookie (most of it, really) into his pocket. Hey, he can't very well get crumbs all over the counter. While V'ayn is distracted by counter cleaning, N'on signs a quick explanation to Evi, not /nearly/ as apologetic as he would be if he were properly sober. "His place. Not ours." He frowns a little after that, then starts to slide off the stool. He might be a /bit/ steadier since he first came in, but only a little. He signs an apology for whatever reason as he starts toward the exit.

Evi is not slow, ok? She's 17 and self involved, as N'on moves to leave she reaches out to tap him. "What's… what's going on?" The brown-wanna be blonde haired teen squints and then opens her eyes wide. V'ayn is stared at too, as if maybe she can see straight through him or gleam what's really happening here. "I.. um, I mean, uh. bu- You two can stay. I'll go. Sorry, i really am." Down the thought rabbit hole she goes, backing up several steps. "I'd of done-" Before the sentence fully formed she is cut off by V'ayn cleaning, studying him while biting down on the bottom portion of her lip.

The baker's cleaning abruptly stops as N'on stands to leave. He takes half a step forward before stopping himself, "You're always welcome…" Where? He doesn't say. His words are quiet - whether they reach the greenrider's ears or not he doesn't wait to see. Perhaps he's too afraid of the reaction. Thankfully there is a young 17 year old to break the tension and he clears his throat, "They aren't my finest work but please, help yourself - maybe take a few for the road!" At least he seems to be done scrubbing and instead moves to the sink to thoroughly wash the cloth. His attention is mostly on the other two riders now though - he's accustomed enough to the cleaning that his movements are swift and mechanical almost.

[DTU/Project] Varequoth senses that Neifeth's mind is quiet, too quiet. There's a slight smell of citrus, then redwort, and then bright and overpowering the smell of pine. A brush of something against the thoughts, smooth but unsettling as if a tunnelsnake were near. Finally after beating around for far to long Neifeth speaks, every bit a feline would play with the food. «Mine needs information, this is not a request. But it is, but don't take it like that.» It's a demand, but a requestful one? Stop asking questions.

V'ayn's words don't have exactly the intended reaction. Possibly it's the reaction that was feared, because N'on looks back at V'ayn with a deep regret mixed with terrible sadness. His eyes almost start to well up, but we can just blame that on the alcohol, right? Without attempting a more proper farewell, he escapes through the exit. Hopefully he makes it back to his weyr. Or at least a warm enough storeroom.

[DTU/Project] Neifeth senses that Varequoth 's reaction is perhaps slightly different than the green desired. Desert sands and heat swirl through the air. The floral smells are quickly mingled with the heavy scent of klah and fried dough. « Your don' make too much sense lil' lady. » His voice is deep and mellow, natureally seductive though wooing certainly isn't his purpose. « I'm only gonna share what he wants me to. They're both too hard headed. »

The exit of her favorite person on the entire planet has Evi's eyebrows going up. Silence, Evi taking a cookie and nibbling but also staring at V'ayn with giant puppy dog eyes, sadness sweeping over her face in a deep frown. "I can make my own cookies… Do yu wanna talk about it? Um, I'm not great, but I am a person." She totally is, she's not wrong! The door gets a wayward glance, eyes glazing with a whimper. Folding her pudgy fingered hands in her lap, the one thing riderhood did not change about her physicality. "We live alone now, and no one controls our time, if you wish to talk. I mean, um, if you two are fighting maybe you need a mindhealer, or a person to work on it? I am a person, but I also know a good mindhealer." All of these words are babbled out quickly with no care for how hard they are to understand. Not a girl, but not yet a woman.

V'ayn watches as N'on leaves and the fingers squeeze the cloth in his hands - as if he could suffocate the inatimate object. Only after the greenrider is gone does he turn his back to the door and slam the poor cloth into the sink. A groan escapes his lips and he raises both hands to run through his hair - but stops abruptly as they reach face level. Both of the baker's brows narrow as he looks and the creases on his palm and moments later the faucet is turned on. This time it's his own hands that are the victim of furious scrubbing. For a while his senses seem to go numb as he focuses on scrubbing but gradually Evi's words reach his ears. She's halfway through her babbling before he turns his head to look at her and offers the young rider a gentle smile, "Thank you…I appreciate it." The scrubbing stops and red hands are quickly dried on a towel. "I'm not sure that tonight's the night for that though." He /can/ however try and tempt her with other baked goods. "Did you make those cupcakes yourself?" He's attempting to hide his emotions by focusing on baking - it's an obvious ploy really.

[DTU/Project] Varequoth senses that Neifeth's capable of speaking slowly, her mind slowing down «Mine wishes to know if something is wro-n-g» Said slowly, the word drug out in an absurd fashion. «I say we skip this investigation and go straight to the sentencing stage, she's not agreeing though. SO, spill. Break up? Did they have some bad ugly bumping? Did yours cheat? Spill.» She's not particularly kind, though it's hard to discern how much she actually cares, the mind a sudden bright brush of pink conifers and blue grass.

[DTU/Project] Neifeth senses that Varequoth is perhaps slightly offended by the implication, « Cheat? Now see here lil' lady - mine would never. » The arid landscape of his mind becomes ever hotter - but he is well aware of just how young the green is and immediately the heat is withdrawn and replaced with shade. « Anyone with two eyes could tell they have feelings for each other - 'pparently they both indulge in self torture. » It's clear from the bronze's tone of voice that he doesn't approve of either rider's actions. « Probably some issues with compromise or somethin' . »

Evi watches V'ayn carefully, frowning even more as the bronzerider is clearly struggling with an unseen attacker of the mind. With little thought her legs are pulled up and hugged close to the chest, chin tucked between them as if shrinking herself might staunch the anxiety gained through shared empathy. Nothing is missed by the big brown-green eyes, and everything done has her sinking lower and lower, flexible in a surprising way her chin reaches the counter with ease. "Um, yeah.. I'm. I can cook. I um. My ma taught me." Allowing for silence, Evi's eyes fixed on V'ayn in a tight focus that moves into being creepy and uncomfortable after a few moments, she remains doing it though, staring as if she could force him to speak. "Um, I know it's not my place, but please, you could try and explain. N'on is, my bestest, most special friend. If he needs me, I'll do whatever needs to be done." Earnestly asking, short of begging by fractions.

"Well then these I /must/ try," V'ayn sneaks over to the cupcakes and the dessert specialist picks one up to take a small bite. His eyes close briefly and a slow smile spreads on his on lips. "Pretty good." And let's be honest - he doesn't usually hand out compliments but the teenager is trying her best in a lot of ways - he's not about to insult her. Besides, he really does like them! After a moment he moves towards her and crouches down, his back rests against the bottom of the counter as support. "He and I…we view things differently. I'm not strong enough to pull him out of what he's going through." A sad glance is snet towards the door, "But I think you being there for him is probably the best thing you can do." He's already said more than he normally would to people about his feelings so he clears his throat once more and searches for his mug of water. "Maybe what he needs is time…" The topic of alcohol is conspicuoiusly left out.

[DTU/Project] Varequoth senses that Neifeth feeds on offense like a tunnelsnake on firelizard, used to it now because she's right and that sucks. The air of superiority is as forward and pushy as it is unearned, but she has it with sparkling bright pink flowers that explode into flames that freeze into icicles. The desert heat is gathered up and swirled until it's visible in waves of violet off her floral fire landscape. «Mine does that from time to time, she insists on feeling everything, it's exhausting. That's the problem with them, they are caught up in feelings. I will let mine know it's a compromise problem, she loves that word.» There's the implication that Neifeth HATES that word, «Can it be resolved? Mine has wiped our agenda and this is all that is on it… so lets fix this fast

[DTU/Project] Varequoth projects to Neifeth « Varequoth lets out a low mental rumble, « Problems aren't as simple as that, lil lady. » The bronze's honeyed lilt flaots across the flowers and flames. « Might have better luck asking Zhelinath. » The problem is that the bronze /also/ isn't very good with this whole feelings business. « The two of 'em are locking themselves in their own boxes. » Whatever that means. He apparently isn't going to expand on this much more. »

Enjoyment of cupcakes at least warrants a brief smile, Evi filled with sudden pride in her skills. As V'ayn lowers himself down, the girl moves down and pushes the stool out of her way. Settling on her rear on the floor, she listens and nods along. "Um, well, alright. You should first talk about it, if he won't… Communicate, then you should send a um, a card. Or something. He doesn't like those though, but they do work." Evi nods sharply because her cards work, she knows it. "I uh, I've never had anyone like, you two have each other." A giant shrug of both shoulders, "I am there, even if he doesn't want me there… He punishes himself, and there's no need for that. Do you, what can we do?" Sighing long, staring at V'ayn lostly.

V'ayn reaches over and if Evi doesn't dodge he'll give her head a small pat and maybe even a hair ruffle. It's easy enough to avoid though! "I think that's your special way of making things better." His hand drops to his knees and the baker shakes his head, "I'm lacking in a lot of things Evi - morals for one," given his penchant to poison people in the Weyr with his desserts, "and maturity. I don't have what it takes for this. I gave up." His lips press into a hard line before he lets out a sigh. His words and actions sometimes seem to match and sometimes they don't. Always a corner of his heart is reserved for hope but it's well hidden. "I don't have the answer, if I did we probably wouldn't be here would we?"

No dodging will happen today, the hair is ruffled and then Evi smoothes it back in place because Neifeth's expectations for her appearance are excessively high. The gesture receives a blush, ducking down into her shoulder and hiding for a moment in the crook of a bent arm. "Morals are.. relative, um, Neinei doesn't have any but she's fine." The dragon does indeed lack most morals, cut-throat is practically her first name (it was her hatching name). "You… you can't give up when you love someone." Both hands flop out to her sides, palms up and eyes bulging, like duh. "Love is… messy, and um, hard. At least. How much has N'on told you um, about me?" Unsure of what parts of her life story still remain a secret. "The answer is out there, though. I mean, so, if you really love someone, they love you back and you make it work. Love doesn't mean you don't hurt, it means the hurt is still worth it." So wise, so naive.

The baker can't help but paste a bitter smile on his face, "Evi…we aren't all as strong as you. Sometimes it hurts too much - no matter how much you love someone." His eyes are red but V'ayn stubbornly refuses to cry. "N'on never told me, he wouldn't unless you gave him permission to." The bronzerider takes to examining his somewhat raw hands now, curling and uncurling his fingers in an endless cycle. "It doesn't mean I've stopped caring for him…but it's too much."

[DTU/Project] Varequoth senses that Neifeth twittles forward, lighting everything in her mindscape on fire and then abruptly turning the entire mind upside down. We have no way of knowing, which way we are going. Suddenly there's a forest rising from the flames, the sky on fire above in brilliant color as there's a blue ice world below, every tree bright white and shining to take the edge off the heat. «Maybe a box would help, could we lock them up together until they worked it out? I know several places» A flash of cave structures and old barns, perfect for holding hostages. Wait, not hostages, host-ages. Hosting make up parties. Uniting around a common enemy. Her.

[DTU/Project] Neifeth senses that Varequoth doesn't seem particularly disturbed by the green's mind. Instead he continues his leisurely drawl, « I ain't takin' part in that. Sepcially if Zhelinath ain't on board. » Towering red rocks spring into the landscape of his mind - many of them precarious as if they would fall and crumble at any second. « Try too hard to fix somethin' an' you might break it forever, pumpkin.»

"Well… alright but, usually when people are hurt um, and hurt you it's because they are hurt." Evi's mindhealer Ajral should be given extra marks for her work, that and all of those self-help books forced upon her by the green draconic bitch that she calls a lifemate. "Well, short version? My mother left me to die, in a um, a house.. in half-moon. It collapsed around my brother and… then she didn't speak to me for a turn." That is the extremely short version, "My ma, she still loved me, just she didn't have any better options. I am um, I'm not saying you should leave N'on in the house, because I won't. I will stay with him, but… maybe you think you're going to die with him? Like my ma." Out of the mouths of babes, one hand slowly drawing figure eights in the suede of her bright forest green riding jacket, eyes welling with tears that she wipes away. "Also how um, well, ok, so how do you feel about.. barns? Or caves? Asking for um, a friend." A close friend.

[DTU/Project] Varequoth senses that Neifeth’s mind grabs onto the red rocks, enjoying the texture and the color and then filling her entire forest with them. GOODBYE TREES hello, rocks. Then the rocks are made fuzzy, like giant fur-covered red animals of varying sizes. In a flash the hair on the boulders begins to ungulate, swaying as if underwater or caught in the wind. «If broken is all they are then all we need is glue, we can glue them together until they get along.» SIMPLE

"He hurts, I know he hurts. He hurts more than I ever will," V'ayn glances up at the ceiling. "But I can't fix him - I thought I could but the fact that I can't? Evi - it hurts too much." The man stands up then, but his gaze is focused on her. "I can’t save him from the house - but I'm not strong enough to watch him die in the house either. I'm selfish, darling, far too selfish. I can't handle these emotions." Yet here he is in the middle of the kitchen at night because he can't sleep. His issue with cleanliness that had gotten better is far worse. "I'm sorry that you went through that Evi, I really am. you've come out incredibly strong despite it all." There's a slight furrow in his brows when she begins asking about barns and caves, "Caves I detest. Barns…" Well they're not nearly as bad because he spent so much time there with N'on. However - things have changed since then.

[DTU/Project] Neifeth senses that Varequoth chuckles in amusement at the sudden change in scenery and gradually the scorching heat of his mind eases into a pleasant warmth. There's something particularly entertaining about this whole situation - well, not the problem between the two men, but the mindscape. « And what if it's some sorta toxic glue, hm? Burns their skin all over? » He isn't exactly eloquent - unless he's courting someone - so it's no surprise that his metaphors are somewhat lacking too.

Evi listens, allowing the words to settle in while drawing more figure eights on the sleeves, "Well, no one can fix anybody. Fixing is for… lights, or ceilings, not people." Eyes close heavily, mind tumbling around as she grasps at the problem and comes up blank. Look how fixed she looks, that was never her style. When V'ayn stands up there's a sudden move to stand, and then with a flop, she huffs out a needlessly loud sigh. "I don’t' want him to be hurt. I love him too, not like you. He's… he gave me Nei." The highest compliment she can pay to her friend, that he gave her the reason she gets up every day, voice ringing out with absolute affection for her prickly counterpart. As V'ayn responds Evi pulls out a pad of paper, "Ok, so no caves, but barns are a hard maybe. Um, are you claustrophobic? My friend needs to know." The mock seriousness of her voice is made even more hilarious by the fuzzy pink notepad in her hand, and the extremely short pencil that can't be comfortable to write with.

"Well regardless of how things end up - he has people here that care about him. Hopefully that's enough to keep him from hurting too much." V'ayn offers a slight smile before he plucks another of her cupcakes and starts eating it, "I'll make you something tomorrow - as a thank you." For what? Well he has spilled a lot more emotion than he intended to already so he refrains from expanding on it farther. Instead, he finally smirks - a much more V'ayn like expression and looks at her with raised eyebrows. "What? Come to do a research article on the Weyr's most handsome baker? I don't think that's part of your wing duties." He does give a slight shrug to the question now because sure he isn't making /all/ the right connections but it's certainly an odd turn in the conversation!

[DTU/Project] Varequoth senses that Neifeth stops dead in her mental machinations, the fuzz balls freeze as well mid sway and meld together into a giant fluffy blob that then stretches into a shaggy red floor. Turns could pass with the way the trees grow, bright and cyan, teal, and gold with silver leaves that turn to avians. «Mine would never, we'd test it first. They'd probably have to spend time together recovering though, it could still solve our issues. All that numbweed and shared pain, shared pain is the best way to solve any human problem.»

[DTU/Project] Neifeth senses that Varequoth continues to maintain a calm but amused reaction to the strange colors and changes in Neifeith's mind. « Red shag carpet…good idea for the weyr. » Not that V'ayn would allow this in a million turns. « You can't always control fire - might burn too strong and hurt too much. » These metaphors are starting to hurt the bronze's head it seems - but he's trying to keep up. His charming tone never changes though - he sounds like he has all the confidence in the world. « 'sides - I think they've shared plenty of pain. Really - you best check with Zhelinath, that lil lady might not be too happy with your scheming…» It seems Varequoth will just trail off there.

The cupcakes were hidden for a reason, Evi not impolite enough to notice them disappear and reaching for the last one herself because hiding four cupcakes is fine but hiding one is absurd. Springing to her feet, spry in the way that young people frequently take for granted, the little greenrider shrugs both shoulders with a smile. "Um, sure. Let’s go with that. My wing duties are not my only focus, I have side projects that need to be um, done." Yes, the projects, the projects for Neifeth, Neifeth's projects. Folding the pad up it's pushed back into the front pocket of the jacket, "I love him, and will stay with him… I um, should go find him. He'd find me." It's true, moving towards the exit with less bounce then she had before, "I don't need anything, you know. Thank you, if you insist I could bring something to my cousin and Katailea. They could use snacks." With that she's moving to walk out, having somehow created more questions for the poor man. Oh well, mischief managed.

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