Prison Break

Xanadu Weyr - Holding Cell

Out near the stables, far enough away that the smell isn’t too bad except when the wind is in just the wrong direction, there’s a small stone hut with iron bars over the single window. The door is oak with iron braces, locked and bolted from the outside. If it weren’t for the locks and bars, it might pass for a garden shack, but the only rakes here are ones who drank too much and have been thrown into the holding cell to sleep it off. It’s often unoccupied, though kept in good repair in case of miscreants.
Inside, there’s a hard cot and a chamberpot; the essentials of at least somewhat civilized life, if not comfort. This - unlike the stable - is for holding people, not animals.

The flight has been several hours over. It's nearly morning but the world hasn't turned far enough for the sun peak over the horizon. Most of those who've had their dragons lose out to the young bronze weyrleader have gone home or have found greener pastures. Lan, no, he wasn't so lucky. The rumor was that the acting Wingleader was tossed into a holding cells, until he cooled off or someone of authority comes to deal with him. More rumors stated he had tried to kidnap or abduct D'had's daughter, others suggest the brownrider was attacked by the crazy family in a gang-three-against-one style, with Natali the ring leader watching with a smug smile from the side lines as D'had and Darsce went at the sailor. Still further rumors say the guards thought the brown rider was attacking and the three trying to break it up, apprehending him because of it. Others say he lost his mind because of the flight and tried beating everyone's skulls in. Whatever the case may be, the man has had to submit to a torture worse than any other… post-gold flight without booze or sex to help ease the tension.

A burly guard escorts a visitor in, possibly on bribe or merely someone finally came to collect and save the errant brownrider, since the weyrleaders were busy with the aftermath of the flight themselves. The way to the confinement housing was out in the open, near the stables, but separate from them. It was still a risk to be seen out in the open. The single cell a has a stone floor, thick wooden wall and steel bars on the door and windows. The guard flags an arm toward it, grumbling about the brownrider being there and howling half the night through. There aren't any sounds now and this guard in particular looks pleased about someone coming to free the man.

Looking into the cell will find Lan with his forehead pressed against the wooden structure, standing, eyes staring vacantly. What he was wearing has been torn to pieces and hanging off him in rags, including his pants. There is even evidence that he tried breaking down the walls, fresh scrape marks left in the wood. If asked, the guard will indicate the rider did that all himself and they did nothing more than put him there. Thankfully Zhaoth wasn't ripping the place to shreds, his rider had him under control.

J'yn is that visitor, though it's rather amazing that the guard would let the bronzer over wreaking of booze and whatever else he may have gotten himself into, especially since the tall man isn't from this weyr, though no knot is visible upon his tight white shirt. He proceeds to follow the guard to the cell, memorizing the way out. Finally he's shown the confinement, and he stands up to the window, looking through at the poor acting wingleader below. "Hmm, h'lo there." He calls towards his fellow rider.

At this point, it's more likely the guards were desperate for some damage control. To have locked a high ranking rider up because of a brawl during a flight wasn't going to win them any points. It was ultimately the decision of the weyrleaders who decided who was 'confined'. And since they were indisposed of and all ranking officials had gone (aka, juniors fled) or preoccupied themselves with the flight, the decision to keep him there was risky.

But, the reason that the bronzer was allowed over could be as simple as someone looking to grease their palms with a bribe - the said guard watching J'yn closely. As for Lan's weyrmates not being here instead of J'yn? Obvious, wasn't it? He looks deranged and they'd stress over it!

Therefore, it wasn't outside of him to seek aid of another… source. Zhaoth passing the word to those who would keep their lips sealed. Along comes J'yn? Whatever the case was, Lan draws back his head enough from the wall to look up, the strain in his eyes apparent, the rage lingering. "J'yn…git me the f*** out of 'ere!" J'yn was still a visitor and the guard clears his throat after the brownrider makes his plea.

J'yn grins a little, and turns to the guard. "I kin take 'im off yer hands, y'know?" He's a bronzerider, you can trust him…probably. His silver-blue eyes glance around briefly. "Workin' on it, Lan." He calls towards the other man. "So what do I need t'get 'im outta 'ere, then? I'll take full r'sponsibility fer 'im an' ev'rything." Hey, he does know a bit about diplomacy, maybe, aren't most bronzeriders trained in sucha thing, especially bronzeriders whom are sons of weyrleaders. J'yn jingles his pocket a moment. "Extra marks in it fer ya iff'n y'keep quiet 'bout all this."

The smug smirk on the guard's face suggests that this was the reason that the bronzer was here. A deal had been made, potentially why this was occuring in the middle of the night when few were on hand to be alert - and why a maze through the Weyr proper was taken to get here, to avoid detection by the others. The wiseguy guard smoothly offers, "Extra is good. The normal rate applies." The normal rate! As if the guy did this for a living, taking bribes, "Ten is my fee." He steps forward to accept the offer. Lan shifts back away, waiting for the heavy door to be opened. Zhaoth is amazingly wonderful through this, that or he's being suppressed by Lan. After all, what dragon would allow their rider to be captive and not go ballistic over it?

J'yn smirks and reaches for a pouch of marks, probably freshly earned before the, erm, mishap with the whole senior flight thing. The large man holds it up for the guard to take. "I'm sure you'll find the'ten in there, plus some." And as soon as the guard takes the marks, J'yn motions to the door, "If ye'll be s'kind as t'open 'er up, I'll get 'im outta 'ere." The Iernien acts as if he does this a lot, he's practiced with the bribing, probably the reason why he's not posted at any of the full weyrs, ierne is exceedingly more relaxed about whom they house so long as the person pays room and board. "'Twas nice doin' bus'ness with ya." bronzer smirks again, letting the bribed guard go about his duties.

The guard takes the pouch of marks, jiggling it in his hand as if weighing it against what he knows should be the feel of ten marks, even going so far as to opening it up the synch to look in. Once he is satisfied, the pouch disappears into his coat. He then snaps off his keys from his belt and walks toward the door holding in the prisoner, looking through the bars with a scowl at Lan, "Good friend you have there. Glad he showed." A underlying threat there in his tone that suggests the brownrider better keep his mouth shut about the guard accepting the offer as it were. Once the cell door is swung back, the guard passes by J'yn with a nod, "Pleasure is all mine." A smug sniff as he idly mentions, "If you two get caught, the price doubles." And that's it, the man is using stealth to steel away through the darkness before the second guard on duty that night returns to his post. Lan turns to the opened door, extending his hand out to J'yn, meaning to give a quick hug of greeting to the bronzer, "I owe ya one…" he nods toward the darkness of the night, "Reckon we best go befer he double crosses us." Weasels like that were often prone to.

J'yn looks over his friend and returns the quick hug. "Aye, s'ppose I shoulda brought some clothes too, r'ckon 'tis too late now." Hopefully he remembered the way to avoid detection anyway. He chuckles, "Aye, guess we'd better git b'fore he sends one of his fellows t'stop us, dunna feel like payin' double." And the bronzer is leading the way through the maze of meadow and pasture, twisting a turning, all the while listening for any footsteps heading towards them. "Think he'll squeal on us?" Maybe the bronzer welcomes the challenge, he likes to live life dangerously so to speak. "So what'd y'do t'get thrown in there anyway?"

Ers'lan grumbles with his thick accent, "Reckon we can grab some on the way by the stables…" since after all, naked skin would call attention to anyone that saw him streak by - dark clothes, not as likely to second guess. Lan shudders a bit, looking back once at the cell before he's following behind the bronzer. As they wind their way toward freedom, Lan nudges and slips inside the stables, slipping through numerous rooms in hopes to find some spare clothes, coming back to the doors he left J'yn at after what seems forever in a dark overcoat and work pants. "Nay, reckon he would narh take the chance of us squealin on 'im. He jus be hopin we be walkin straight inta-" another guard, he doesn't say as he presses them both back against the wall, having seen a guard walking about on duty (runners were prized beasts after all). Urging J'yn back into the saddle room, they'll have to hunker down low to avoid detection. The sound of heavy footfalls becomes louder and louder, until the said guard passes and continues on his way down the hall - but directly toward their way out! With that, Lan looks across at J'yn, each hiding on the opposite sides of the doorway, "T'was D'had. He socked me one over some lass I be fondlin up during the flight… Reckon I told him ta fight me like a man 'n we be goin fer a few rounds outside-" as indicated by the bruising and the swollen lip, "'n thar be when tha wench be attackin me too. Flung her over me head 'n be put ta the ground by these blokes…so I hit a few…" He's innocent!

J'yn keeps quiet until the guard passes, fists clenched briefly though even if they were to get caught, he was required to leave his sword outside with Orionth, the guards were being cautious of the large man. The situation sounds like the kind of predicament J'yn would likely find himself in, though he's been lucky the past few flights. "Ah, I see. Shoulda come t'me, wouldna've had t'fondle up no gal." Here, J'yn manages a wink. "That was close, hmm? Good thing y'got good ears." Once the coast is clear, the bronzer slips out from hiding, turning another corner and heading to find a second way out. Wait, is this the right way? The man pauses briefly to glance about and think.

Ers'lan tenses as if thinking the guard might just want to check rooms, but he doesn't. Thankfully for them. Lan didn't want to have to do anything rash after all, but he wasn't spending the rest of the night locked up. This jail break would mean that the guards would have to admit they released him, since saying otherwise would admit fault and further investigation, and would insist someone take accountability for how the prisoner escaped and bribe. "Reckon I would've iffin I be knowin ye were 'ere. Decided ta stay away from the crowd 'n this is whar I get!" He shakes his head with amusement and nods at the close call, peeling away from their hiding spot after J'yn, whispering lowly when the bronzer stops, "Whar be the hold up thar?" Desperate to get free.

J'yn decides this was the right way, and soon he's making a turn here, and another further. "A'most out, I think." Yeah, he said he thinks as they continue to creep along, trying to avoid spooking the animals and avoiding detection. "Reckon we should be free in no time." Another turn and J'yn pauses to listen a moment to make sure it's safe before moving onwards. "'ere we go, this way." And the bronzer picks up the pace towards a back doorway, hopefully there're no guards posted outside of it, cause that would suck.

Cut scene.

OOC: This scene was heavily modified to reflect a change of locale.

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