An Eventful Day in the Infirmary

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

R'miel has been under strict regulations for his usual swimming exercise. Well, the strict regulations being that he wasn't allowed to go out swimming alone. Ysa had become a bit paranoid after he couldn't remember who she was after a swim gone wrong, and so as a result had tightened his chain again. This left the weyrsecond to find other means of exercise when he couldn't be in the water, which usually meant going on long walks. Well this is all fine and good, but walking wasn't as tiring as swimming so the bronzer found his walks were getting rather long. And he was getting bored, and running out of places to go. So he was venturing into places he really shouldn't. And today one of those places was a rather steep hill with a needlethorn bush at the bottom, which after a slight misstep had gone from the bottom of the hill into the bottom of the bronzer. So now he's wailing away in a room on his stomach as a healer removes the needles from his sensitive behind.

"Ugh. What *is* that shardin' racket?" Niva asks as the Weyrwoman comes into the infirmary, pausing at the brink and looking left and right, attempting to locate the source. Folding her arms across her chest, she just taps her foot, waiting for someone - anyone - to give her some sort of response, or explanation. However, she's not alone, as while Niva is standing there waiting impatiently, a child of about thirteen or fourteen is leaning to look around her at the infirmary with a wide-eyed expression, quickly hiding behind Niva once more, when a Healer does finally look their way.

X'hil enters the infirmary from the clearing, looking a liiittle worse for wear. Also, he's wearing … a dress? It's a very /nice/ dress, but it's still not ideal bronzerider attire. There's a man on his shoulder too, looking even worse than X'hil. Seems someone got into a little fight. After wearing the dress, as it's a little scuffed. "He made fun of my /dress/." The man explains to a healer, wincing suddenly as R'miel wails. His companion's face goes a little pale. "What—" the man in the dress starts to ask a question to the nearest person - that is, nearest person who was already in here - then pales himself when he notices the nearest person to ask is Niva. He hasn't seen the Weyrwoman since, well, since he got completely drunk that one time. Busy busy busy. Avoiding people. Busy avoiding people.

"Would you keep it down already," D'had grumbles. No, he's not all that pleasant when he hurts. And yes, he was already here when R'miel found his way in. It would seem that the new transfer to Xanadu has managed to injure himself rather quickly on is arrival. He's got a bed not to far off from where the nettlestung rider's room is, his own foot in a splint, but then things could always be worse.

The healer plucking at Ram's butt is huge and gangly and old. Not someone the bronzer would care to make conversation with. She was also rather mean, in his mind at least, as she wasn't being very gentle. Not that there was a good way to pull out stuck needles. And she keeps smacking him on the head to tell him to be quiet, too. Which only makes him yell more. But the wailing is sort of quieting as the bronzer becomes rather numb. Instead he's doing this soft whimper/whine. Not quite crying, but still not very manly. Of course not quiet as girly as X'hil. An apprentice directs the inquiries to the noise to Ram's designated room. "The weyrsecond's had an accident. Well, one of them has… technically." She says in explanation. If they decided to head in, they'll find a nakie Ram stretched out with his exposed hams straight up for de-thorning.

Niva turns as someone comes in behind him, pausing and blinking a few times as she stares at the bronzerider in the dress. Her mouth opens and closes, once, twice, and three times before she blinks again. And after a moment, she just shakes her head, turning back to look at the Healers. "I.. don't even want to know." A pause, and she looks in the direction of the whimpering, and the grumbling. "I don't want to know at all." The child behind her continues to lurk, the girl turning to just stare at X'hil.

X'hil is a stickybeaker, pretty much. His curiousity gets him into all sorts of trouble. Right now, he's contemplating peeking around the doorway to R'miel's predicament, but seems to be thinking better of it. Well, until 'weyrsecond' comes up, and then he's just too curious for his own good. "AAUGH! Put some /pants/ on, man!" Right. That's coming from the man in the dress. Obviously he didn't look too hard, or he'd have seen the thorns. He backs away, muttering something about not being able to un-see that. And then he catches sight of the girl, and, blink. "Uh." he mumbles, then glances to his 'companion' for assistance, but the healers have escorted him away to a cot already. Got a broken nose to see to, and probably need stitches. The broken-nosed man glances to D'had absently, asking "What're you in for?" with a nod at the rider's splinted foot. It's more of a 'how did that happen' sort of question, really.

D'had has flowers on the table by his side. Pretty flowers even! Well what would be pretty to a child between the ages of five and ten at least. Hey at least he doesn't have to -see- the weyrsecond who's being de-thorned. "Well well," he starts, glancing over towards the entry as Niva, the young teen with her, and X'hil make their appearance there. "Ya didn't all have ta come see me at once," this of course said with a flirtatious, lopsided grin only to narrow his eyes at the other weyrsecond when he speaks to the first. … Okay, that's one can't be female. Its the question that's directed towards him by the broken-nosed one that drags his attention from the ladies, "Landed wrong coming down," Meaning he tried jumping too far from his lifemates back rather than being safe about the dismount, "Just a sprain though, should be good as new in a day or two." Anotherwords, its totally his fault! But then again if anyone know him it could easily have been worse.

R'miel blinks as X'hil peeks into his room. "What? Are you sha-AAOW! OW! AA…. ow… How am I going to put pants on with a thousand needles in my rear?" Then he blinks at the other weyrsecond. "What… I'm sorry, I seem to have something in my eyes. Something that looks like you in a dress. Telling me to put pants on. OW! Shard it all…" Sniff sniff. "Where's my weyrmate? I need a drink. Or a bottle… Or some numbweed. OW!" Mumble grumble. "So who else is here? Did I hear Niva? Argh! Shard it!"

Its the stammering of the teenager that draws Niva's attention back to the girl, as the girl is still stammering with confusion at X'hil's garb. Rather than letting herself get further distracted by the very odd circumstances that are surrounding her, she's yelling, shaking her head. "Ya need a hit to the head, that's what ya need, Weyrsecond!" Though, which of the two men that was directed to is up for anyone's guess, and finally Niva is grabbing at the girl's arm, dragging her into view of a Healer. "Found her wandering around. She says she's fourteen, but, she's little. Check her out." And with a soft shove, the girl's pushed to the Healers, the Weyrwoman folding her arms to stare at the infirmary's occupants. "Shards, I don't need Istan riders to cause trouble. I just need you guys."

Broken-nosed man, hereafter referred to as Nosken, nods sympathetically at D'had as the healers start to stitch up the cut on his upper arm. "Ah. Happens." he nods, waving at his own face, "Hit my nose." On X'hil's fist. "And then sort of tripped and fell, a couple of times." Right. To be entirely fair, Nosken did start it. But X'hil was wearing a /dress/, how could Nosken /not/ comment? Also, X'hil seems to have 'tripped and fallen' a couple of times himself, though he's not nearly as bad as Nosken. X'hil is looking entirely embarrassed already, though he manages to muster up a glower at the 'little' girl. He can't really aim it at R'miel, because he's not nearly game enough to look in /there/ again. He does sort of try to explain himself though. "I. Lost a bet. Alright. Lost a sharding bet. /Shards/. I /knew/ it was a bad idea to bet against my sharding /uncle/." he rants, following up with a string of increasingly inventive curses. And then a sheepish blush when he remembers the little girl. "Er, um, sorry, miss." he stammers, awkwardly. "And ma'am."

D'had chuckles, nodding for the explanation given as to Nosken's situation behind his being here. Yes, he almost believes every word of the story that's given. Almost. But then is there really any need to comment? "That," he directs towards X'hil, "Should teach you to win bets." he taunts. Win or not make them at all that is. "Ahh, my dear Weyrwoman," he beings as Niva is brought nearer to his location with pulling to girl towards the healers, "You're looking beautiful as ever." Wink. Flattering yes? "Surely the Istans are more trouble than your loyal crew." he continues with a wave of his hand to include those of them there being it they are the ones she's complaining about most of all.

R'miel grins to Niva, though it's quite short lived and probably unseen. He waves to her little charge there. "Hey there… ow! Ow! I've got to be bleeding from that one! Istan rider don't cause that much -ow! Trouble. Ow! Ow!" Whimper whimper. Though.. the weyrsecond feels that out of the two of them X'hil has the short end of the stick. He might change his mind tomorrow when X'hil is wearing normal clothes and he's carrying around a seatring. He raises a brow to D'had's… flirting?

D'had, meanwhile, is the recipient of a glare from the Weyrwoman, who stands where she is for a moment, before rolling her eyes. "C'ian doesn't get into trouble like this. What's wrong with the rest of you?" She asks those close enough to hear her, before she's lifting her voice to address the Weyrsecond with the needles in his butt. "You especially are worse than any Istan, sick or not." She grumps a bit, before she's keeping an eye on her found child as she's checked out by the Healers.

X'hil snorts, and shakes his head. "He /cheats/. He sharding well /cheats/. Rrrgh." Well, it'll teach him not to make bets with his uncle, at least. "I, bah, I have to wear this thing all day. It's awful. Just /awful/." He snorts, waving off any healers that approach. He's just a bit bruised, his pride more than the rest of him. He suddenly shouts a very loud curse word, and then drops his head into his hands and … is he sobbing? Guh. What happened /there/?

Flirt? D'had? NEVER! Okay, only with anything with a skirt - which X'hil should count himself lucky that the bluerider realized his manliness before saying anything to him. That could have been… bad. "Oh, come now darling," he starts towards Niva, only to send a raised brow glance towards the door to R'miel's room. "How many of those things'd you get stuck in you man? You've been whining like a girl seems like hours." he complains. "And you girly-man," this of course would be the non-nettled weyrsecond. "What're -you- crying about?" Peer.

R'miel blinks at Niva. "Isn't C'ian like… sixty turns now? How's he even getting along? He must have some kick in him since you guys have that little one that's Lyr's age." Then he blinks more. "Me? What did I do?" Besides the long vacation. And the needles in his butt. But then X'hil is… crying? There's a bit of a blink from the weyrsecond, then he furrows his brow at D'had. "Who are you anyways, rider? Besides a pest. Let's see your reaction when you get a hundred needles stuck in your rear."

"I'm *not* your darling." Niva snaps at D'had, huffing at the bluerider, and muttering something completely unladylike, before R'miel is now the one talking smack, and she's looking for something to throw over the wall into his examination room, settling on a pen. "He isn't that old. 'Sides, you just jealous cause he's not stupid enough to fall in needlethorn and *you* are." She mutters more, before she's stopping to stare at X'hil, starting to ask what happened before the girl is finished on the examination table, given an all clear, and is once more clinging to Niva.

X'hil doesn't look up, he just mutters. "It was my sharding /uncle/. I've, I've been avoiding my mother, but, shards, the two of them… Get along better than /I/ ever did with my siblings, foster or otherwise." Which is to say X'hil was a little bit of a loner kid, among his siblings, at least. "She's … out there." he waves at the clearing. Kinseth is fending her off for the time being, but that's not all that successful - where there's Kinseth, there must be X'hil. Normally this wouldn't get to him /nearly/ as much, but the combination of losing the bet, having to wear the dress, and getting into a fight, along with Kinseth's constant warnings about avoiding all of the above, has really worn him down.

D'had snerks, "D'had, rider of Blue Siebith." he supplies for R'miel. "Transferred from Irene 'bout a seven ago." he adds given his newness to Xanadu. Also, given that he doesn't so much know just who everyone is as of yet - not having met people and all. "And who might you be?" Niva is given another grin and a wink. "Fine, fine," he settles to agrees with her, "Least I ain't tellin ya you're old." X'hil gets another look, though no further comment for the moment.

R'miel watches a pen fly into his room. "Okay. But he's still pretty old. You gotta at least say that." He chuckles a bit, then blinks. "Is that X'hil? Is it his time of the month or something?" Finally there's a grunt to D'had. "I might be the weyrsecond. R'miel, rider of bronze Arinith." It seems the needles have all been removed, and there's a brief pause before the bronzer is screaming again as they clean up the wounds and dress them. "AAAAA! Arrrph…" Sniffle. The healers finally leave Ram alone, closing off his area.

"I'm not old." Niva snaps once more at D'had, before she's left to stare at X'hil, ignoring the other Weyrsecond, and instead focused on the crying, girly one. "Who's outside?" And then, after a pause, she's waving off any attempt there may be at an answer. "Nevermind." And then she's staring at that person who's clinging to her, and she's sighing softly. A nod from the Healers lets her know the girl has checked out okay, and then she's turning to head back out the way she came, teen in tow. "I'll let you deal with your injuries." She mutters, before disappearing, her once lost, but now found, girl following in her tracks.

X'hil mutters absently, and finally looks up. "Shards. Any other day… I can't let her see me, not like /this/." He plucks at the fabric of the dress, then moves to peek out at the clearing. "Shard-blasted shards…" Ah, so she's there, then. "Ki— yes— good." he mutters. "Shard it all. Uncle, and /mother/, why did I even…" he rants to himself, but he inches towards the exit, making a run for it when his mother moves out of sight. Whew! Though he'll have to run into her sooner or later, he knows. Meanwhile, Josken is snickering. "Shards but that man's odd. Been hit in the head a few too many times, if you ask me." Yeah, no-one did.

D'had chuckles, "Well it was nice ta finally meet you," he notes in reply to weyrsecond number one before he's sequestered to rest and healing. "And you," he nods towards Niva as she heads to leave. A look goes once again to weyrsecond number two once the woman and girl have gone on their way. "She's your mother man, can't be that bad. Specially if was your uncle's fault."

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