Tastes Like Igen

Xanadu Weyr - Wandering Wherry Tavern
It is often whispered, in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.
The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company. Behind it are drinks for those not inclined toward ale, as well as a door leading to the small kitchen where snacks are made and a back room that probably holds yet more ale.

Kiena almost corrects Kera on her counting when the joke sinks in and she laughs, "Four, yes." she muses, only to clear her throat in a slight cough for what the greenrider says next. "Yeah… no. No, that won't be for some time. If ever. Now would be a bad time anyways. Shards, this injury comes at a bad time. Don't want him to know so he won't worry himself," she mutters and with a shake of her head, changes the subject again. "Stew and a good mug of ale sounds amazing right now." This time it'll be Kiena who opens the door for Kera (with her good arm!) and allows her friend in through first. 'Any good tables left?"

Kera grins briefly and nods to Kiena's line of thought. "Mur'dah's arm is healed at least, isn't it. Or very close to it I should think." Granted Kera wasn't one of the brownrider's healers. Stepping inside "Thanks" is murmured to Kiena and she looks about for a table. "There?" The greeny points towards a sidetable being cleared and starts edging between the tables. Glancing behind her as she moves "So two ales and whatever hot stew they have then?" Hopeful to get their order in while the server is still at the table.

"It wasn't Mur'dah's arm that broke. It was Kalsuoth's wing," Kiena gently corrects Kera before they step inside. "It's been a long healing process — for both of them. There is still concern that Kalsuoth may not fly ever again, at least not very well." She's not about to bring down their time out with such gloomy news though. Nodding for the table picked by her friend, she'll follow along and slide into one of the free seats the moment its available. "Sounds good to me!" she murmurs.

Kera nods quickly "I know Kalsuoth is injured, but I thought one of Mur'dah's injuries was his arm." Frowning a bit she plops down in a seat and gets comfortable while giving their order to the waitress before she heads back to the bar. Turning back to Kiena "Sometimes the more serious injuries take longer to heal. And like you said, he may not get full manueverability when all's said and done." Kera forces up a little grin "But Mur'dah will get Kalsuoth through it." Glancing around the tavern, taking in the differant gatherings she shakes her head at the 'poker' table before shifting her gaze back to Kiena, trying for a more pleasant topic change "So how are the girls doing?"

Kiena shakes her head with a faint grimace, "Nah, Mur'dah was fine. Kalsuoth has been the one mending but it's been very hard on Mur'dah. It doesn't help that I'm out and about though I try to support him as best I can. Which is why I want this, uh… setback," she tilts her head to her left shoulder and her arm which she has kept bent per Kera's advice (and warning). "Kept quiet." Not that it'll work. Her weyrmate always has a way of finding out — and Kiena is just a terrible liar. The grin is tentatively echoed back, "I know they will. Just a matter of getting there. And the girls are doing well. Nine Turns now and you'd think they know everything… but they help out too, especially with their brother." It's not going to be a discussion all about her though and chuckling dryly, Kiena tilts her head. "What've you been up too lately?"

Kera smirks a little and pretends to lock her lips with a key with is 'tossed' over her shoulder "Won't hear a peep from me." The tavern is doing good business right now, most tables are bustling and there seems to be a poker game going on in one corner. Kera and Kiena have taken over a just cleared table and waiting for their orders. The greeny smiles about the twins. "They'll be choosing a Hall soon, or finding some other chaos to get into." Kera nods gently "The little one getting bigger every day huh?" Shoulders lift slightly as she shrugs about herself "Gettin by same as usual. Moncerath, duties and studying, C'rus and dropping in on friends when I can." Which doesn't seem as frequent as normal lately. "I think C'rus has a surprise planned tomorrow." Then the waitress is sliding back to the table and dropping off stews and ales. "Thanks." Kera murmurs to the woman befire taking up her mug. "One ale on your turnday isn't so bad right?"

Kiena's grin is a half amused, half relieved one. "Thanks Kera. Figured you'd keep it quiet… and not just cause you're a Healer." Patient confidentiality, right? She snorts, "Hall? Dunno about that. Well… maybe Ellie. Her sister on the other hand — shards, I've no idea." Yet there is no concern there. The bluerider has her children fostered and while she sometime wonders where they'll go in their lives, she is of the belief that it'll be their choice when the time comes. "Keruthien is growing up just as fast. Funny how time seems to speed up the older you get." Smirking, Kiena quirks a brow. "A surprise? Does C'rus do that often?" Not that she's that surprised that the Fortian bluerider does such things. As their food and drink arrive, she'll reach for her mug as well, only to blink. "Wait… your Turnday? Today?"

Kera grins over her mug, which she sips from as Kiena speaks up her little ones. "I'd lay marks on them being a Smithy and a Weaver." Half shrug "Not making guess for Keruthien yet, I need more turns of observation." Chuckling, the mug is set aside as she breathes in the stew "At least ya know he'll stop growing at some point." Her head dips agreeably about C'rus "He is always doing something unexpected." Kera snorts halfheartedly "Yea, I had forgot all about it til mom and dad's 'cookie' box was delivered. That's when C'rus cracked and was all excited about something he has planned."

Hey, look. It's that guy. It's that guy Ashwin. He's drunk too! He's been in a corner office (Cough! Corner table!) And he's been nursing brew after brew for some time. Is he plastered? Not at all. But that rosy cheeked and glistening face of inebriation. Everything has been going swimmingly and lovely until his glass remained empty for too long. He could get uptight about it. He could flag down someone. But nope! That's just not him. He stumbles to his feet and lurches towards the bar and shambles right past Kera and Kiena. Talking with the bartender for a minute he shambles back towards his table and does an about face that nearly results in disaster. "Hey! It's the pretty smith with the askew hair and the dust. Lookin' even better this time!" A salacious, facetious wink and smile. "Lookit how stupid I am." He thumps his hand onto Kera and Kiena's table. Two fingers are mauled now and two rings are missing. "Oh, and hi to you I don't know who. I'll shuffle off soon enough and let you get back to your piece."

"Weaver? Y'know… Ellie might be, if she doesn't waltz right into being a Harper. Smith? Ha! Doubt it. Ezzie — she'd need more than that to keep her interest. Dunno what that girl is going to do." Aside from wreak havoc and mayhem — but then, she'd not be Kiena's daughter otherwise. "Huh! Any guess of what he's up too? And here's to your Turnday. Shame you had to spend some of it putting me back to rights," she drawls with a crooked grin and lifting her mug up to salute her friend. Ashwin lurching by is hardly noticed until he does an about face and comes their way. Kiena chortles, "And you're still the flatterer aren't you? You been here—- Jays, man!" she exclaims when the hand is thumped down and the damage in plain view. "What'd you do to you're hand this time? Didn't learn your lesson or something?" It's said in teasing jest, but waves off the rest of what he says. Nope, no escape! She nudges an empty chair his way (and hopefully doesn't nail him in the legs and tangle him up) with her foot. "Sit yourself down!"

Kera nods "Yea, I can just picture Ellie weaving and dyeing. And it's not that far off to picture Ezzie smacking about with hammers." An amused wink is given before her head shakes. "No clue, he always does what I least expect sometimes so I stopped trying to guess." She cracks a little grin and takes her mug back up "Thanks. Is it me, or do they seem to sneak up faster now?" Referring to turndays that is. Attention goes quickly to the wobbly rider who slurrs a greeting to Kiena. Kera grins and looks down to see if the man sloshed his drink on the floor briefly. Head dips a polite greeting "E'llo, nice to meetcha, I'm Kera." Somehow, she doubts he'll recall her name tomorrow when he's sobered up. While he's chatting up her blueriding friend, she digs into her stew, getting down a few bites now that it's cooled a moment.

Oh, fate. A shockingly pretty blonde lady who fills out her clothes in all of the right places walks right by Ashwin at exactly the moment that Kiena pushes the chair. Oh, fate, you are a cruel mistress as he is completely unprepared. A little attention on Kiena, a little attention on Kera, a lot of attention on the blonde and some on making sure his wiggling drink isn't spilled he only has time to utter a single word. "Ohboy." Followed by an ungraceful fall. Really ungraceful. Really, really ungraceful. It's like his legs stop working and one second he is standing and talking and the next second he's down there on his back blinking. "Wow!" He's at least cheerful about it, thumping his mangled hand onto the table surface and dragging himself back to the sitting position and eyeing the chair carefully until he deems it safe to deposit his arse there. "Not quite sure what happened there. But don't worry, it's okay! I'll suck my beer out of my shirt until the bartender comes by this way again." He has such an incredibly wide and probably infectious smile on right now. "Where were we? I forgot. Hi, Kera! I'm Ashwin. I'm not usually like this, I swear!" He waves at her cheerfully. Yep, from across the table.

Kiena doesn't mean to start trouble (most of the time), honest! She's midway through a curse but by then it is too late and Ashwin goes down. Curse fate, curse that blonde and curse her stupidity for nudging a chair to a tipsy-drunk brownrider. "Uh… y'alright there, Ashwin? Or is Kera going to have to check your head for any cracks?" And he spilled his beer too. With a sigh, Kiena signals the servers, while glancing sidelong to her greenrider friend. "If you ask me, the Turns fly by. I think I've stopped tracking my Turnday. And you're in Xanadu, my drunken friend." And customer, technically. Kiena chuckles dryly, giving Ashwin a lingering look as the rider finally sits down. "Uh huh."

Kera drops her spoon letting it plop into her stew as she jumps at the suden crashing "Geez Kiena, trying to make sure everyone is having a bad day? What's wrong with you, knocking that poor man to the floor like that." She's teases the bluerider before turning her attention to Ashwin. His backside finally manages to settle into the set. He gets an amuse smile while she nods gently to the man's denials "Uh huh." Eyeing his hand a few seconds, she takes her spoon back up, not gonna let a magled hand stop her from eating. She /is/ a healer afterall. She's seen much worse than mangled digits. "I agree with Kiena. You should hold that chair down and tire it out so it can't get away from ya again." Her cheekiness rears it's head again and she winks to Kiena with a snicker.

Kiena and Kera are sitting at a table with a drunk man who is presently wearing a wide smile. His body is stained with a liquid that he is smelling experimentally. Pink tongue flashes from between his lips only to transmogrify into a 'Blech!' face. "Okay, so maybe I won't suck my beer out of my shirt afterall. I taste like Igen. Yuck. I need a bath." He's still even smiling, waving off Kiena's concern. "I'm great, don't worry. Never better. Excuse me a second." He gets to his feet and wobbles. "You've barely scratched the surface of that ale. Obviously stinks. While I'm up, can I get you something that tastes more better? Way more better? Best case, it tastes better, worst case, I'll fall down again and you get to see me try and suck something else out of my shirt. Maybe they'll blend? Rum and Igen. Sounds like a good time!" Wobble. Though he is in no danger of going down this time. "I will conquer that chair when I get back. Have no fear it waits with fear in it's heart for my return."

Emalyn normally does not come to the Wandering Wherry Tavern for the pure and simple reason that she doesn't drink. Today though she's making a deliver or she has made a deliver to the tavern. She's been told to have a seat and she's gotten a virgin drink.

Kiena can't help it and starts to crack up laughing for Ashwin's behaviour. No, really! She's amused even as her fingers pinch the bridge of her nose in a mock embarrassed way. "So long as it's a cold bath to sober up. Though out of morbid curiosity… what does Igen taste like?" May as well ask, since the brownrider went through the trouble of sucking up alcohol out of his shirt. Delicious? Apparently not. "Shards, Ashwin! Sit down! Ale is fine… See?" To prove the point, she'll try to snag her mug and knock some of it back with a cheery smile to follow. A smile that soon turns wry, "Though if you insist that there is something better… go ahead! You seem to know your ales." And rum, apparently. "And no, Kera I'm not trying to make sure all are having a bad day! Really, you make it seem as I'm cursed or something." Says the bluerider currently hiding an injury. Cough.

Kera watches Ashwin tryin got suck ale out of his shirt and shakes her head. Now that's someone with a bit of a drinking problem if one were to ask her. Smirking at Kiena's questioning of the brownrider she pipes in between bites "From his expression, I'd guess Igen doesn't taste too nice." When Ashwin seems determined to stay upright, she feels obligated to warn his potential victoms, namely Emalyn when she spots the girl nearly "What your feet, he's looking to stomp some toes I think." Tilting her head towards a free chair at the table, out of Ashwin's stomping range, "Seat over here if ya like."

Ashwin is grinning right along with Kiena and is close to the point of laughing at himself. He may be drunk and wearing an entire glass of beer but he's happy about it. Just look at that smile. Wobble. "I'll sober up when I'm good and ready, thank yas. Here." He playfully thrusts his sleeve towards Kiena. "Here, you can taste this part. I haven't put my mouth on it yet. It's clean!" Then he's off and staggering but not before he tries to playfully bonk Kiena on the noggin (just a tap) for all of her teasing and talking as he goes. "Igen tastes like beer and sand. Mostly sand. And sweaty people. And sand." Staggery stagger stagger until he comes up beside Emalyn. "Hi, there! What can I get you?" Then he slaps himself on the face a little too hard. "Ow. I forgot I wasn't bartender here. Sorry! I should be!" A finger beckons the bartender over and they are deep in conversation for awhile as Ashwin directs him to mix this and that and he returns with a glass that is a dark red. Almost black. Only spilling a little he puts it in front of Kiena. "This. This." He says with grave ceremony. "Will put hair on your chest. Dammit, I forgot to get myself a drink." He mumbles off to the bar again.

Emalyn looks over her shoulder as she's warning and she nods a little bit, "I'll be careful." She looks at Ashwin as he comes up to her and she wrinkles her nose, "I'm good with what I have." She says as she holds up her glass of juice. "I'm an apprentice so I'm afraid strong drinks are off the menu for me. IT's nice to meet you though. I'm Emalyn, Apprentice Baker." She introduces herself.

It's almost Kiena's turn to tumble off her chair, which would be a bad thing as Kera already put her back together once today. Twice might just be pushing the greenrider Healer's patience, right? Luckily she can still brace herself with her right arm as she tries to avoid getting too much of Ashwin's sleeve thrust into her face. Gak! "Uhh, no! Jays, no, I'm good and I'll take your word for it! Sand and beer. And sweat." Gag her now and she does pull a bit of a face at that. As he staggers off, Kiena exhales and sags forwards in her seat, taking a few hasty bites of her stew before that opportunity passes. "Now, Kera! Don't go warning the whole place…" she teases her friend, only to glance sidelong again as if checking to be sure Ashwin doesn't, in fact, knock Emalyn over — or something equally as bad. Instead, he returns with what looks like poison… or a really good ale. Kiena doesn't balk in reaching for the glass, eying that red-black drink. "Does this have a name? Kind of reminds me of my brother's favourite. Black Damnation he calls it." Aptly named. Very aptly named. Kiena laughs again and winks to Kera as she goes on to poke more fun at Ashwin. "At this rate you'll never get a drink with your shuffling back and forth! Get your drink and for the love of Faranth sit before you hurt yourself. Not going to take a sip of this drink neither till you settle." Deal?

"Or someone else." she tacks on to Kiena's warning to Ashwin about hurting himself and smirks to the bluerider. They both seem to be taking the short time he's away to make a few bites of stew disappear, Kera still has to show up for her surprise in a little while. "He's certainly a …colorful fellow." She glances back around and nods to Emalyn, catching a few bits of the conversation. "Nice to meetya Emalyn, nice, never too many bakers." Kera flashes a grin before arching a brow to Ashwin and the toxic looking drik he shoves at Kiena "That looks like…it'll knock you on your backside." The blue gets a grin "And when you finish that, I'll mix you up something for the spinning head and stomach you'll have in the morning."

"Oh please! It's good of you to offer Kera. Really! Thank you for being concerned but I am a professional drinker. Hangovers. Pshaw. I'm going to drink this drink and just because I'm that sober, I'm going to try and get Kiena to come for a walk with me. And walk it off. And after that.." He stops short as he sits down. Puzzlement is in his eyes. "And after that drink, which is called 'That Damn Drink' we will at least be on equal footing." Yep, that's Ashwin. Now? He's smiling at Emalyn when she sits down. "Apprentices should be able to drink too. That's stupid. At least you get to laugh at us old drunk fogies?" Nevermind that nobody at the table is yet thirty. Old fogies. Phmmph. "Anyway!" He turns his beaming smile to Kiena. "When you're finished that damn drink and I'm finished mine, why don't you come for a walk? It'll be fun! We'll probably fall down. Maybe even twice!" He wiggles his ass in his chair for show. Wiggle. "There, I'm in it. Now drink up?" Kiena will find it actually tastes pretty good even if it's alchohol in herdbeast proportions. "I'll just sip mine for slow, since you're catching up."

Emalyn shrugs a little bit, "I don't make the rules I just try to follow them the best that I can. I don't think I'd drink what you are having even if I could." She says as she sips her juice, "That does not sound like something you want to drink more like something you'd use to clean pans with."

Kiena grins at Kera and chuckles, "Wouldn't be the first drink that has!" Not that the bluerider is a heavy drinker but sometimes she overindulges. "Are you making weyr-calls then? Cause I doubt I'll be moving much if I'm that hungover." she teases her friend again, only to eye Ashwin next. They're going for a what-now? At first, she seems a touch suspicious but that soon passes and she'll shrug her one shoulder. "Sure, why not if it's a walk you want. I bet it will be fun, because you'll fall down and I'll get to laugh at your sorry ass. Just a heads up, I can't lug your dead weight around if you do and it's not cause I'm a lady," HA! Not that Kiena ever WAS a proper lady. EVER. "Bad arm and I think Kera will flay me if I undo her Healer-work on it within a day of it being fixed. Isn't that right?" Another wink to Kera and then Kiena's lifting her glass to Ashwin. "Deal. I said I'd drink if you sat so…" Bottoms up? The bluerider takes it slow to start and should the drink prove to have quite the kick, she'll try not to pull too much of a face as she works her way through it. Deep breaths and determination! Empty mug thumps against the table and then Kiena awkwardly pushes to her feet, her right arm being the only one that moves. Her left stays bent with her hand tucked into her pocket. "Alright, Ashwin. You wanna walk 'n talk? Best we get going now before it's darker 'n Between out there and icy." They're just asking for trouble! To Kera, she grins. "I'll try to make sure neither of us are in the Infirmary. Wouldn't want to end your Turnday on a low. So enjoy your night! You as well, Apprentice!" That is added in for Emalyn, who's name she has not quite caught but the bluerider is already turning to go and figures Ashwin will follow.

Kera scrapes the last couple of bites from her bowl while trying not to chuckle at Ashwin's antics. Pushing her bowl aside and grabbing her mug, she works to finish draining it, nearly choking at Emalyn statement. A moment is spent coughing and trying to clear her lungs of ale, she flashes a very amused look to Emalyn when she can actually breathe again. "Good one. It'll probably strip burnt on anything." Pushing to her feet and gathering her satchel, she tosses marks on the table for the stews and ale. Eyeing Kiena, the blue rider gets a snort "Yea, I just might have to double sling ya if you wrench that shoulder again. Enjoy your evening everyone. I've got to get going, see what surprise C'rus has instore." Kera flashes a grin, nodding both to Ashwin and Emalyn "Nice meeting you both." Kiena gets a wave and nod "Let me know if ya need anything in the morn." Then the greeny is waving around the table and heading out, probably heading to Fort.

Somewhere in Ashwin's drunken and dim mind what Kiena says activates a neuron which rings a bell which turns into an alarm. "Wrench your shoulder?" Critical eyes now see the way the bluerider has that arm and his wide smile turns into a big 'ol frown. "See ya, Kera! And thanks." His good cheer is diminished a little. "What happened?" About this time Kiena actually confesses to the boo boo and he tries to smile. "I'm a professional crawler. I can drag myself home with two fingers and my lips!" Quite impressed as the drink is downed he takes a sip of his own and stands up. "It was nice to meet you too." He says to the apprentice with a grin. "Paint thinner is pretty good to drink." But with a smile like that he really has to be kidding. "Anyway. Dark and cold is okay. You sure you're up for this?"

Emalyn finishes her drink and she hops down from the stool. "Well it was nice to meet you all, but I've gotta get back to the kitchens." She says as she heads out.

Oops. So much for keeping things quiet and Kiena face palms with her good hand (and arm). Her and her big mouth! "Yeah, dislocated it. It's nothin'," Just bad enough that she'd hide it from her weyrmate but hey, that's beyond the point! Ashwin may frown, but Kiena will smirk. "If you want that story, you're gonna have to start walking. It'll tell ya on the way," To wherever they're going! Which… the bluerider has no idea but she figures the brownrider will take the lead. "Heh, is that right? Now that I'd pay to see, I think," she drawls as she slowly walks towards the door with steps that are, so far, steady. Emalyn receives a nod in farewell and a grinned, "You as well." before turning her attention back to the brownrider. "You sure you're up for this?" Kiena counters with a bit of sass and sharpness, eyeing Ashwin with a crooked smirk as she motions for him to get going through the door and so starts their walk out into the winter cold.

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