Comfortably Numb (Weyrling Lesson)

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
A long and roughly oblong cavern, about a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.

Blizzard, they say. Accumulating drifts and difficult to see, they say. This sounds like the perfect moment to import Ista's dragonhealer, does it not? If the man was bundled last time he visited the weyr, this time he's a joke, hood up and cinched, having not even dared to shed his riding leathers. Instead, the man likely made his landing outside the Annex and then made a beeline for the weyrling barracks, seeking to take a bite out of boredom and teach at the same time. Accompanied by an assistant weyrlingmaster, S'gam blusters through the door from the grounds, hastening to shut it against the whirling cold. Maybe the weyrlings knew of his coming, and maybe they didn't, but regardless there's no mistaking he's here now, so Sig sets down the buckets he's carrying and lowers his hood before raising one hand to greet those present. "Er. Good afternoon, if it is one." Shiver. Chatter. "I'm S'gam from Ista Weyr," he says, remembering this time, "and I've come to give you something to do in this hot mess they call weather."

Mur'dah has been oiling Kalsuoth, his hands smeared with the oil as he rubs it into the sun baked texture of the brown's wings, and his head turns at the entrance of a bundle of fur. "S'gam?" the teen asks with a crooked grin, guessing even before he's introduced himself. Then he laughs. "You picked a good time to visit…"

« When can we go outside? » Luraoth wants to know. Because, sure, the world is covered in snow, but when isn't it? The gold's visions of summertime come only from her rider's mind, and she wants to play in the snow. "Later," Soriana tells her, and finishes the bucket-wash that's cleaning away the mess from Luraoth's last meal as the door opens and a half-frozen Istan enters. "…more cold, actually," Soriana notes, and then her brain catches up with her mouth and she actually looks over to S'gam. Oh. Right. "Hi," she says, and salutes with the hand that doesn't have the washcloth.

Idrissa seems it was oiling time in the barracks, though with weather like that blizzard outside this shouldn't be a surprised. With towel in hand she is wiping oil off while Tahryth is stretched out on her back happily asleep it would seem. A little cute snore even escapes the green dragon's mouth, along with a kicking back leg. She looks up as she door opens and she blinks while tilting her head. "Hello." This said while offering a slight wave. Tahryth snorts slightly, a wing flicking while a freezing breeze blows though the barracks. « Close the door! » This is sent around to sibling and weyrling alike from the sleepy young dragon.

Enjoying a good oiling is what Xeosoth is all about at the moment. Mostly because his own weyrling doesn't much like the snow. Perhaps he's not so much against it like the Istan rider but then it's been over 5 turns or so since M'kal himself has been home to Ista Weyr. One tends to acclimate. As S'gam enters he snaps off a salute, leaving a smear of oil across his forehead.

"Bleh, you're telling me," S'gam says, aiming a crooked grin over at Mur'dah. He gives another shiver, this one more dramatic than real. "I really don't know how you lot deal with this." Evidently in a good mood, despite the weather, the dragonhealer jerks his head towards the AWLM, retrieves his buckets, and takes them front and center before allowing the assistant to fade into the back of the room. Soriana's comment earns a sharp snort of laughter. "Too right." The salutes from Sori and M'kal are casually waved away, the man instead taking a perch on the nearest flat, stable, empty apparatus. Idrissa's 'hello' is met with a wave and a smile for her dozing dragon. "Hello to you, too." If he notices that M'kal now has a smear of oil across his forehead, he doesn't comment, instead focusing a pleased smile around at them. "I'm awful glad to see you lot oiling up your dragons. I'm supposed to be here giving you lot a talk on dragon anatomy, I feel like one of my talking points will be cut quite short today. Though, since you're at it, anyone wanna tell me why you're doing what you're doing?" Brows raise expectantly.

Mur'dah chuckles amusedly. "We don't have a choice," he replies, grin crooked. Kalsuoth shifts and rumbles a soft greeting as Mur'dah continues with the oiling. "Ahh, that's neat," he says, though he doesn't speak up to answer the question. He's too cool to talk in class.

Soriana just grins as Mur'dah answers the first of S'gam's questions, and as for the talk of dragon anatomy class, she nods. Luraoth moves out of the way at a silent nudge from Soriana, who follows along with her. Oiling? Yeah, she knows that. Then again, if she didn't, what was she doing these past turns being trained as a dragonhealer? Sooo she gives S'gam a smile and a small nod, then continues back with Luraoth, glancing over to some of the others. Like, say, Idrissa! You know this, right Idrissa? Or M'kal!

"Well, it doesn't get too much worse than this really. One tends to get ue to it actually." Idrissa offers with a smile while she settles down upon a seat next to her sleeping dragon. Tahryth isn't that much asleep anymore, and is not poking at her rider's back a few times to get her to answer the question at the moment. Rissa errs and swats towards the green before clearing her throat. "They're constantly growing right now; new skin is itchy so we have to make sure it is well protected. The oil helps with this, makes the new skin not so dry, and makes them comfortable too." A glance is sent over to Soriana, ah she was right, or well sort of right, MAYBE?

M'kal smirks faintly at Mur'dah's answer though evidently that was his first thought as well. Putting away the oiling supplies he moves back to Xeosoth's side who's now peering intently towards the well wrapped S'gam. Clearly a few questions pass back and forth between the two, for now Xeosoth seems to keep it on the private link. "Cause if we don't oil the skin and it gets cracked and they go between then that can be pretty dangerous." he offers his own reply on the heels of Idrissa's reply.

Ka'el has not been here this whole time. Where has he been? Wrangling up Kanekith, of course, and profusely apologizing to dockhands. Why? Well because although fish in fishnets seem like a free snack .. in truth, they aren't! And Kanekith can't understand just why everyone was yelling at him. Why hang up yummy smelly things if they aren't meant to be munched on? This is why Ka'el is however late he may be getting back to the dorms. And probably why Kanekith's breath smells like fish, if one were to get close enough to glean that fragrance. And likely why Kale is half tangled in chewed up netting that he'll somehow have to find the time and means to fix. But, despite this, the two of them try to make an unassuming arrival.

S'gam snerks. "I suppose you don't, for now, but I still assume some of you had the choice at some point in time," he rejoinders with a grin from Mur'dah to Idrissa. "And I certainly hope it doesn't get much worse, though used to it…" Eye twitch. Probably not. Sig doesn't say much when the first two skip answering his question, letting them off the hook… or maybe not. Teachers: they can smell unwillingness of Mur's ilk from a mile away. "Right," he says to Idrissa and M'kal, fixing them with a beaming smile. "Oil serves the dual purpose of keeping the hide from getting itchy, flaky, and uncomfortable, as well as keeping it from cracking between. Weyrling straps also wears at the hide - once you have those, you'll have to pay extra attention to the areas where straps rub against the skin. You lot won't have to worry about that for a while yet, but cracks in dragon skin coupled with going between invites fatal infection. It's not something you can slack on, ever." That important message posed, the man crosses his ankles, eyes swiveling across the group. Dun dun. DUN dun. Dun dun dundundudnudnDUNDUNDUN. "Mur'dah," Sig says, likely only singling the boy out because it's one of two names he officially knows, or perhaps due to the aforementioned precognition. "If you pulled a muscle, what would be the first thing you do?" That sentence trails off slightly at the end, but S'gam recovers magnificently with a smile and a welcoming gesture for the fishy duo. Don't worry, he'll pick on them soon enough. He might even wait for poor Ka'el to get himself disentangled and warmed up.

Mur'dah continues to massage in the oil as he listens, eyes darting to S'gam to show he is, in fact, paying attention. So is Kalsuoth, the brown's slowly spinning eyes watching the man. "Hmm?" he asks, focusing in on S'gam even more when his name is spoken. "Uh, pulled a muscle…stop using it?"

Soriana offers an encouraging smile to Idrissa. Answering questions is good! Answering them with the actual right answers? Even better. Her gaze returns to S'gam as he provides the details, and she nods again. « And they itch, » Luraoth adds. Because that's what important here. Soriana gives half a grin at that, and dabs a little bit of oil on that spot there on the gold's shoulder, the one that's a little itchy. She's still paying attention, though, her motions made slow by it… and even stopping entirely as the door opens for cold air and weyrling pair. Okay, so for a moment, she's paying more attention to the weyrling bronzer than the teacherly one, but eventually she drags her gaze back.

Idrissa smiles and nods to Soriana before she looks back to S'gam, glad she got the answer right it seems. She rubs at her hands a bit still feeling oil on her fingers and works on getting them off. There is a pause while she looks over at the door and she blinks while watching Ka'el and the bronze move inwards. She chews on her lip a moment before giving him a slight wave, her attention though goes back to the questions that are being asked. Tahryth lets out a soft warble of greeting to the ones coming into the 'talk'.

M'kal leans against the deep blue hide of Xeosoth's side, not seeming to mind that he's getting oil on his work clothes. His own smile is seen as he got the answer right. Xeosoth rumbles something to which M'kal merely answers. "Yes, of course you'll learn from listening to S'gam."

Don't look at anyone and no one will see you, right? That's Ka'el's plan at least as he makes his way towards Kanekith's couch. It isn't easy going thought, half carrying and half dragging the netting as it is, and it isn't long before he trips. « Why must yo- » The sultry voice of the bronze is cut short by a sharp look from his young rider, and he snorts indignantly while continuing on. Eventually, the net is dropped onto the couch and he and Kanekith joins the others, giving an apologetic look to S'gam. The other weyrlings are greeted as well, most with a grin, Idrissa with a vague wave, though he works on putting together the pieces of the conversation to catch himself up. « … But I don't unde- » Glare! Hrmph.

S'gam seems to accept the brown weyrling's answer, head bobbing up and down. "Good. Stop using it as best as you're able. I'd wager a healer would be one of your next stops, and they'd likely offer you some numbweed before taking further steps. The same goes for your dragon," he says, revealing the point of the question. "They're tough and durable, moreso than we are, but as I'm sure you've learned lately, they enjoy pushing their limits from time to time." This is said warmly, eyes sliding Ka'el-wards none-too-slyly. "We were just discussing the uses of oils to prevent itchy skin and dangerous cracks, as well as troubles that result from overactivity. Unfortunately, this can lead to strains, sprains, muscular bruising, and worse." Sliding up from his seat, the man gestures towards the space beside him. "If anyone would like to volunteer, I'll point out muscle groups that are commonly injured, and what you should do for each. Then we'll have some fun." Oh dear.

Mur'dah snorts softly, giving Kalsuoth a pointed look. Which the brown responds to by lifting his chin in an utterly innocent gesture. What? With a little grin, Mur'dah looks back to S'gam, but then shifts a little uncomfortably, shaking his head at the request for a volunteer. Please, not them.

In with all the looking at him, Soriana does give Ka'el a smile, shortly before her gaze returns to S'gam. She's being a student! "Numbweed makes many things better," she says with a grin. At the request for a volunteer, she starts to frown and lower her gaze, then stops. Y'know what? Never mind that. She's not ashamed of anything. "Luraoth can," she offers. "Unless it'd be easier on a smaller dragon." The gold chirps softly, seeming quite willing.

Idrissa catches that vague wave from Ka'el and the greeting others get, she watches him a moment before she turns her head to look off, her gaze lingers on the ground a few moments as a soft sigh escapes her. Tahryth is there, hoping off the couch and basically bouncing over to where S'gam is. Rissa just blinks while watching her dragon. "Tahryth" Is said with an unsure tone and a soft ah escapes her before she is slowly standing. "I'm sure someone else would rather go" Like say Soriana and a certain gold? "See, they want a go Tahryth." The green isn't moving though, just sitting there until told to move it would seem. "Sorry" Rissa says while poking and even giving Tahryth a few little pushes. « We can do this! Luraoth, do you mind? » Oh sure, ask /after/ having jumped up there like a happy little dragon.

M'kal lets others volunteer, he'll contently stay put where he is and watch! Xeosoth leans his head forward a bit to get a better view.

Ka'el nods to S'gam as words are directed on him. Oiling. The dangers of cracks. Got it! And now, a volunteer, then…fun. Like… fun fun, or the weyrlinghood version of fun? He glances to the left, perhaps looking for a pile of blindfolds… The offer to volunteer hasn't gone unnoticed though, and he opens his mouth, apparently willing to let Kanekith be the guinea pig. But as the girls speak up, he quiets down, looking to the goldrider first, then green as they offer themselves too. « Can I? » He earns a sidelong look. "You've volunteered enough."

Saved by the belles! Mur is of the hook this time, S'gam instead chuckling at Tahryth's enthusiasm. "I could use them both, if they feel up to it," S'gam says towards Soriana and Idrissa. "Tahryth can wing model, and Luraoth can be our neck and leg model," he adds, gesturing for the gold to approach if she so desired. "For now, Tahryth, if you wouldn't mind spreading your wings," he says, careful to step forwards out of the way if she obliges. "I won't bore you with all of the official names, I will tell you that when I say 'flexors', I mean the muscles that you scrunch together to contract a limb," the dragonhealer says, flexing his arm muscles by means of demonstration. Not that you can see them under his gear, but it's the point. "And 'extensors' are the muscles you use to spread your limbs out." His stretches to its fullest. "As weyrlings, you tend to get injuries to both types, especially if you don't stretch properly. The point of stretching is, after all, to gradually ease these muscles and tendons into being able to stretch beyond the norm. However, weyrlings that like to rough and tumble, who are clumsy or neglectful of their wings and tail, they can strain or even rupture the muscles of the muscles of the shoulder and the wing flexors and extensors," he says, pointing to the muscles along Tahryth's shoulders to elbow, then elbow to finger joint. "These injuries can be dangerous, and will need immediate dragonhealer inspection so tendons and muscles do not try to regrow without healing properly. If you can, find and ask a gold to dampen your dragon's pain, and then await dragonhealer instruction. Any questions so far?" Still no hint of that 'fun'.

Mur'dah looks rather surprised when Soriana volunteers, but gives her an encouraging smile just the same. Resting an oily hand on Kalsuoth's neck, he watches and listens closely. He winces a bit though at a few points, shaking his head. "No questions," he murmurs softly.

« Of course not. » Luraoth's thoughts are a gentle breeze that ruffles along Tahryth with the scent of flowers, and the gold subsides from the step forward she'd begun to take. « You can do it, and I will watch. » Oh, but wait! They're both needed? Okay then. Soriana glances back to Mur'dah and gives him a somewhat lopsided smile as her gold shifts forward again, padding gracefully to stand on display. For now, her neck is demonstrating the way it can curve to watch Tahryth curiously as S'gam explains things that bring diagrams and many, many strange-sounding names to her rider's mind. Soriana is quiet, though, and Luraoth doesn't repeat those names. She does give her wings a small flutter, just flexing them against her back, at the mention of stretching properly, and Soriana's smile is slightly defiant. Not that anything odd's really visible from that small flutter. At the talk of those injuries, Luraoth does speak up to the other weyrling dragons. « If you are hurt, I will help. » There's a warm glow of her thoughts, the summery scent of sun-baked earth.

Tahryth beams! At least it looks like that while she stands there very proud of herself for bouncing forward it seems. Idrissa is quiet and peers over at Soriana, sending her friend an apologetic look for this. Tahryth stretches her wings as she is told, and holds them there while her tail slowly sways around knocking into a few things. « Thank you Luraoth, now it seems we can both show them!» Yes stretching is very very important, and Idrissa has been making sure Tahryth works on it, to prove this the young green stretches her wings, flexing them and fluttering them a few times. Her wings are large for her size even, tips stretching high she'll be some flyer when older for sure. Idrissa lets her gaze bounce from S'gam back to Tahryth as she looks at all the different areas in question. "Oh I know these muscles. Have to warm up runners when going on long runs to make sure they don't get stiff and strain as well." Yes she would throw in the runner side of things.

M'kal listens closely, nearly hanging on every word from the Istan rider. "Huh." he murmurs as he glances to the blue who's copying the movements of Tahryth and spreading his wings open wide. "Hey hey…you're not the model back here." he says hastily. "So when we're doing our own excerices then they should be doing them too?" he asks.

« Shall I be oiled too? » Kanekith asks, noting the comfort of the others whose hides have been recently massaged and oiled. Good question. Ka'el glances to his bronze. "You would've been, if you hadn't made us late." There. Point to rider! Now hush, you bronze! He's trying to pay attention to the girls. Nah. To the lesson. The lesson that happens to have the girls' dragons up front and center. Well, two of them anyway. Extensors and flexors… AH shardit! He should be writing this stuff down. He glances around for his notebook, knowing full well that it's back in his trunk. Ok, mental note time. He mimics S'gam's motions of his arms, repeating the words to himself. « I am strong. I shall not hurt » is assured to all that will listen.

« You are only as strong as you think you are » comes XEosoth's reply to the bronze. « You can still hurt though »

S'gam hasn't been doing this since boyhood for nothing, if the shift of his eyes between the brown and gold weyrlings is anything to tell by. He's learned enough not to say anything though, merely reflecting the encouraging nature of their smiles before nodding gratefully to Tahryth for her demonstration. "Thank you," he says with an amused expression that might have toppled into laughter if only he could see inside Luraoth's head for all of those complicated words. Instead he chuckles and nods at Idrissa. "Indeed. The same principles apply to leg-stretches for dragons as well, though luckily dragons can do it for themselves," he says with a grin, moving to point out the appropriate groups along Luraoth's forelegs and hindlegs. "You'll especially want to make sure hind legs are stretched in lessons over the next several sevendays, as you begin to learn unmounted and mounted flight formations." A glance up reveals Xeosoth's participation, eliciting a wider smile from the dragonhealer. "You should have time set aside for their own training in your lessons. This will suffice, but if your dragon wishes to participate, I'm sure you'll be allowed to stretch with him, or vice versa. There's such a thing as too much of a good thing, so just be careful." He pauses. "And I suppose that's a motto for most things when it comes to muscular and hide injuries. Be careful. Err on the side of caution. Do what you can, and seek immediate help for what you can't." His hands clap together. "That said, it's just as important for you to know how to apply numbweed, in the event of remote injury. Your dragons should also be familiar with its effects, so if you all would like to come up, I have several buckets up here with paddles that you can use to apply a small amount of numbweed to your dragon's thigh." He gestures for them to come up as they will. "And if you have any other thoughts or questions, feel free to let me know." Said a little towards Ka'el, who had been looking around for something when he was talking? Perhaps!

Mur'dah stays put, but Kalsuoth edges forward a bit when his sisters move up, his wings rustling slightly. « You are good at it, » he sends, directed to Luraoth but heard by all the dragons nearby. Shifting his attention to Kanekith, Kalsuoth rumbles with lightning flickers. « Never ever hurt. Even when you stub your talon on your couch in the dark. » Did that actually happen? Or is the brown making it up? He's amused, at any rate, but Mur'dah pulls his attention back to the lesson before he can antagonize his brother too much. Mur'dah perks up a bit at the talk of hind leg stretches, and Kalsuoth croons. « We do that a /lot/. » At the talk of numbweed, Mur'dah frowns a bit and hangs back, hesitating and looking at his fellows. "Really? Just…put numbweed on them?"

Luraoth is just fine, and Soriana is not about to let anyone imply otherwise, that's all. Not that Sori's giving much indication of what's sparked this particular bout of Just Fine defiance. She gives Idrissa a small nod, watching as Luraoth holds her position. « I am glad to help. » she replies to Kalsuoth, and then a swirl of her thoughts reach for Kanekith. « You are strong, » she agrees. Private communication is still something she's working on, and this time? Not so much. Oops. « Strong enough to hurt yourself. » Her mental image is of Kanekith's mighty thews spreading, and then… a wince of pain! Overextension! Or… yes, a stubbed toe. Just like Kalsuoth suggests. « Asking for help takes courage. » Her thoughts spread to include Xeosoth, sending agreement with him. « Everybody hurts, sometimes. It does not make you weak. » Soriana tilts her head consideringly, then hehs. Numbweed application! "…but not our lips," she says to herself, then glances to Mur'dah. "It won't hurt them."

M'kal is hesitant as well to approach the paddles with numb weed. Xeosoth rumbles curiously though he's content to simply sit back and watch the others first.

« Then I am infinitely so » is Kanekith's reply to Xeosoth, his voice a slow roll of distant thunder, projected to all. And a stubbed talon? His tail lashes to one side, a shadow pressing towards his brown clutchmate, swirling around him like a curl of smoke. « Then you should be more careful, else your walk will stutter more. » His own neck cranes then, a snort escaping his nostrils while Ka'el turns faintly in his direction. Unspoken words. Vaguely narrowed eyes. And an inward sigh as the bronze turns his regal head again, his shadow shifting to Luraoth only to bypass dismissively. Ka'el rubs at a temple, slightly, then turns to S'gam. "Numbweed. It deadens what it touches, right? For how long?" he asks, heading towars those buckets with an inquisitive look.

Tahryth trills out softly and her wings flick back to her sides and she snuffles out at S'gam, the green peering at him curiously before leaning out to try and give the dragonhealer a warm and friendly slobbery dragon lick is able. "Tahryth… Enough of the licking…" The green warbles while trotting off a few steps and plunks down to her haunches while peering at the pails that hold this 'numbweed' within it. « What does it do? » Yes she questions this even though it was just explained. « Of course you are strong, but everyone gets aches and pains at times. Which are rider's needs to know how to help us. » This is mostly meant for Kanekith but all dragons are sent the messages it would seem. Idrissa ponders for a moment before moving on over to where the pails of numweed are to be found waiting for the others.

S'gam resumes his earlier perching, nodding towards Soriana when the young goldrider ensures Mur'dah that it's perfectly safe. "'Course. I mean, don't bathe the poor boy in it or anything, but if you scoop up a little and swipe it across his leg, it'll be enough to teach him what it feels like. I'd just… avoid getting too much on you. Maybe a little daub with your finger so you know too, but there are certain strengths of numbweed, and this is decidedly dragon-caliber." That's added with a crooked and mischievous grin, hinting that perhaps once upon a time, the older man had 'mishaps' with numbweed. Glorious, glorious mishaps. Luckily, his smugness is completely derailed by Tahryth's lick, S'gam squeaking in an unmanly fashion, a noise that quickly becomes laughter. "Ah, thank you," Sig says, patting the green's muzzle if she'll allow. As for Ka'el, S'gam considers this for a second before saying, "That depends on how much you use. A thin layer that's wiped off will probably only last an hour, if that. A thick, heavy layer that's let sit on the skin can last quite some time. There're towels there in the last bucket, for you to wipe it off and toss to one side. I'll take them to laundry later." As Ka'el moves towards the buckets, brown eyes flicker about and land on M'kal and Xeosoth, who are regarded with a tilted head. "Don't want a try?"

Mur'dah suddenly stiffens, a hand clenching into a fist and his cheeks flaring hot. Turning his head, he looks at Kanekith with a narrowed look full of anger and shame, until Kalsuoth's swinging muzzle blocks his rider's face from view. The dragon is still for a moment, and when his head swings back to face forward, Mur'dah looks calmer. But the breath he takes is shaky. Kalsuoth's thoughts are shadows in the forest, and nothing more. Cloaked and silent, the brown stays where he is while Mur'dah takes some slow steps forward to get some numbweed.

M'kal grins lopsided towards S'gam. "Xeosoth likes to wait before anything's done. To watch the others." and now that others have started to use the numb weed then Xeosoth seems interested in moving forward. Grabbing a free paddle, M'kal dips it into the numb weed then lathers it onto a proffered leg of his. « Oooh…it's numb now! »

« It takes strength to admit weakness. » Luraoth's thoughts are directed at Kalsuoth and Kanekith both, her breeze stilling, becalmed amid the drone of cicadas. « If you hurt, I will help. » With that, the breeze picks up again, swirling away from Kanekith. The brightness fades, and yet a wind rustles Kalsuoth's leaves. It's a gentle touch, undemanding, and yet it is nevertheless there. Soriana glances from one dragon to the other, and she frowns as her gaze looks next to their riders… and sighs. She moves to get some numbweed of her own, belatedly.

"An hour.." Ka'el contemplates the stuff in the bucket at that, brows lifting as he peers from it to Kanekith, then back to the bucket. Wisely, he takes a towel from the bucket first, using it as a sort of glove for his hand in case any of the stuff drips. He scoops a bit of, beckoning Kanekith closer wordlessly, to which the bronze obliges, eyes swirling uncertainly. « What is it? » "It won't hurt. It'll be the opposite. You won't feel anything. Here, I'll try some too, but stretch your leg for me, will you?"

Idrissa shakes her head as she glances over to Tahryth, she chuckles softly and soon smiles while picking up one of the paddles and gets a bit of numbweed on it. "I know what it feels like already." Thanks to constant visits to the infirmary in the past she has a /very/ good idea what it might feel like. She moves on over to where Tahryth is and puts a bit across her dragon's leg. Tahryth warbles out and turns her head and sends a lick out towards the numbweed before Rissa can stop it. "Wait!… Too late…." The green gums on it a few times and is then left drooling, her tongue hangs out from her maw. « Don't lick it Badbad » This sent to her clutchmates, a bit of a spring rain storm is caught, clouds drifting to make it seem a bit cold for a few moments.

M'kal can't help but snort laughter as Idrissa is too late to stop the green from licking. "Saw that coming!" he mentioned. Xeosoth seems bored of the numb weed though, after getting both legs slathered. So he lumbers awkwardly over to his couch to flop into it with a huff. « Talking is boring. Numbeed is boring. » He announces loudly to all.

S'gam rests as peacefully as ever as mental comments pass, manifesting physically on occasion. The AWLM in the back pointedly shifts as signs of trouble, settling when nothing really seems to happen, but Sig… he is a leaf on the wind, having already had several such days, if his nose is anything to judge by. Instead, the corners of his mouth quirk up when M'kal spreads the numbweed on Xeosoth's leg… and then he twitches in mild horror when Tahryth licks her numbweed. 'BLEGH', reads his face, jaw working with words he can't seem to find. Then: "Well. I've never had that happen before." I mean, maybe he should have guessed after that impromptu lick earlier, but oi. "I mean… that much can't hurt her… but…" S'gam, derailed. Props to Idrissa and Tahryth!

Mur'dah takes a little bit of the numbweed and dabs it onto Kalsuoth's leg. The brown swings his head around to stare at it, and then Mur'dah is exhaling softly. "C'mon," he mutters, putting a hand on the brown's narrow muzzle and leading him back to a corner of the barracks where they can have some quiet. And if Kalsuoth tries extra hard to make his walk less wobbly, well. He's only doing it for his rider's sake, though he reaches back to Luraoth with a soft brush of dark wings before the shadows close around his mind once more.

Luraoth doesn't pursue Kalsuoth, though her breeze is warm against his dark wings. Her attention turns instead to her rider, lowering her head to look as Soriana brings the numbweed bucket and offering a leg to be numbed. Midway through dab, as Luraoth watches the process, the gold dragon instead lifts her head as Tahryth conducts a taste test. « Did your tongue hurt? » she asks, with a laughter of tiny bells, and Soriana glances up with an expression of surprise followed by a smirk. "I mean, that's standard treatment for firestone-chewing injuries…" Tahryth: ahead of the class.

Ka'el dabs numbweed upon Kanekith, who willingly extends a hindleg, although his thoughts are apprehensive, the trust is there. Ka'el wouldn't allow him to get hurt. He wouldn't hurt him. … but he will take the feeling away from his leg! The numbweed is cold as it's lathered on, and almost immediately after does he use the towel to wipe, wipe it off! Kanekith watches on curiously, theouh his attention also turns to Tahryth. « Smells bad » he notes, reason enough to keep his tongue where it belongs. Kalsuoth is watched as he lumbers off, and his attention to him also turns Ka'el's attention, eyeing Mur'dah before he's out of view. A slight exhale follows, but .. eh. Too late to do anything about anything now. Making another mental note, he looks to Kane. "How does it feel?" « How does what feel? » Success!

Idrissa sighs as she watches Tahryth watching her dragon a moment and soon looks over to S'gam. "Is she going to be alright?" This questioned as she seems a bit worried from the response from the dragonhealer. Rissa looks over to Soriana and then looks back to Tahryth and chews on her lip a moment. Tahryth is still drooling away, her maw hanging open and she tries to chomp her maw together but she can't as her whole maw is numb. « No! But I wanted to see what it tasted like! But… Now I can't feel my tongue or my muzzle. » Yes leave it to Tahryth and Idrissa to leave the teacher stumped it seems.

"Yeah, but not this young," S'gam says with a nod and a laugh towards Soriana. "And I mean, I'm sure it's happened with weyrlings before. Just… not in front of me." He makes that soured 'blech' expression again, shaking his head. "But yeah, no, of course she'll be fine. I'll just… leave you the extra towels for all of the drool," he says, shifting gears from surprised to amused. "I'd recommend a big drink of water too." Now actively chuckling under his breath, Sig waves away Idrissa's worried look. "Honestly though, it'll be okay. I think I'll go ahead and take away the numbweed though, if it's all the same to you guys." Plus, judging from several of the departing weyrlings, it may be time for a late afternoon rest. He has rather packed them with information after all. "So thank you lot for your patience and your listening. I'll be around in another couple of sevendays, and naturally, your weyr's dragonhealers will be around if you have any questions or needs." And, nodding to each of them, S'gam bundles himself back into his furry hood, and a bucket in each hand (the one full of towels being left behind), the dragonhealer makes his way back out into the blizzard.

« Then that is what it tastes like. » Luraoth's bells fade into silence around her voice. « It tastes like not-feeling. » Because the absence of a taste is a taste, right? Apparently so. The gold turns her head back to look at her own leg, where Soriana's applied that numbweed. She flexes the limb a few times, while Soriana looks to S'gam and nods. See? He says it'll be okay. And she agrees. Nothing at all to worry about, except possibly drowning in drool. "Thanks for the lesson!" she says to S'gam, and grins a bit as she watches how he bundles up against the snow.

« Well I know it taste like not-feeling /now/ but I didn't know it then! » Tahryth offers in her defense with a soft rumbled escaping her as she paws at her mouth a few times to try and get the feeling back. Idrissa relaxes a bit once both dragonhealers seem to think it will be alright. "Thank you for the lesson. Have a safe trip home!" This said as she goes to pick up towels to try and help with the drooling.

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