Show That Snow

Xanadu Weyr - Shore of Lake Caspian
The cliffs that run along the shore come and go, various weyrs nestled along the tops of them or dug into the walls, but eventually they recede enough to expose a beach. The white sand echoes the rise and fall of the cliffs with a multitude of sandy dunes, endlessly creating tiny valleys that are constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of dragons. The dunes smooth out as the gentle slope approaches the edge of the deep blue water. The sand darkens, and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect.
The beach narrows to the southwest, leaving a path barely wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to a smaller, more sheltered cove. The sands are the same white, the waters the same blue, but they're calmer and more tranquil, more protected from the winds that ruffle Lake Caspian and the currents that tug beneath the surface.
Rough, wide stairs lead up to the meadow above and the road that runs along the top of the cliffs, passing through the fields and heading for the river mouth that can be just barely seen from here. The largest of the staircases up the cliff is located near the docks that jut out onto the peaceful blue waters.

Winter! The season of falling snow, crystal ice… and sniffly noses and people huddled together for warmth. Those last two are quite probably contributing to the way that feverish rash has been spreading through Xanadu like wildfire if wildfire was an infection that made its victims stumble around moaning in their sleep, and while few adults have fallen victim to it, that doesn't mean they've been unaffected. D'lei is no exception, because while he's showing no signs of ill-health himself… he keeps glancing back to the weyr's porch, where Darien half-sleeps. The three-turn-old has been bundled in his winter clothes, then wrapped in about four blankets, but even so the bright red splotches of the rash are visible on what of his face shows past the scarf. Sick or not, however, the kid insisted on going outside, and - what with a lack of tantrums being the better part of getting some rest to (hopefully) heal - D'lei yielded. So now he's waiting for the boy to actually sleep so he can be brought inside again, and Darien is struggling to stay awake, which means D'lei is pacing outside and kicking at clumps of snow. Because snow, because winter.

Who doesn't like snow, and ice, and sick people and children? Well let's face it no one likes people or kids being sick so there is that. Nailii has managed to escape the sickness, though she blames that fact that she spends most of her time with dragons of course. Right now in fact she is making her way along the beach, bundled up herself, a scraf wrapped around her neck and face while her hands are tucked away in her riding jacket which helps with the warmth part at least. Talanoath is around, he is always watching don't you know! The sight of snow getting kicked about catches Nailii's attention and she spies D'lei and turns heading towards where he happens to be. "That'll teach that there snow a good lesson!" She offers with an amused tone once a bit closr to where he happens to be.

If the dragons start sleepwalking, Xanadu is going to have worse problems than an infirmary full of infected! Like… not having an infirmary at all, after somedragon steps on it. But no, this one seems confined to the human population, so at least there's that! Garouth's probably watching the watcher Talanoath from somewhere, but then again, Talanoath's probably watching himself be watched, so that all works out fine. D'lei… blinks, looking up from the snow, then focuses on Nailii and gives a crooked grin. "You think?" he says. "I mean, if it was going to learn, surely it would have figured something out the last dozen times, and stopped falling on the paths so we didn't have to keep shoveling it."

Talanoath mayalso be watching his tail, the crashing waves, or his eyelids. Let's face it this is Talanoath we are talking about, and napping it all about funz! Nailii grins and looks amused while nodding. "So true, but maybe you only taught /that/ specific mound of snow a lesson and not the rest that still needs to fall? Which means your have to teach every bit of snow a lesson all the time. Which… I would figure one would get rathe tired after a while of dong that ya?" She glances towards where abouts Darien is. "How's everyone doing withthings?" Things meaning the sickness she doesn't want o really talk about but hey it is being talked about now.

When everything is watched, nothing is? And so when nothing is watched, uh… well, how should we know? We weren't watching! It's kinda like the snow, that… "Huh." D'lei glances down, gives it another kick. "Sure showed you, snowflakes eight-thousand-five-hundred-and-three through nine-twenty-seven." A glare, for good measure, and then a sweep of his gaze up across… the rest of the snowy beach. "Yeah, somehow, I think I'd run out of lessons before I ran out of snow." A crooked grin, though… it turns to a grimace as he follows Nailii's gaze up to Darien. "…sick. Cranky." Probably because they're sick, funny that. "We've got ours home, because the infirmary's already full." A wry smile. "And they've all got it, so…" A shrug. "At least here they've got us and the grandparents."

Nailii glances back over the snow and chuckles before nodding a touch to look back to the other. "True… Though could give a go if you was really bored, or attemping to avoid paperwork I suppose?" The dreaded paperwork! "Though I do suppose it might get a bit boring, and you might get a bit cold after a bit as well." As for the talk on the children she nods, a slight frown seen. "I'm sory they all have it, that's the pits. Por guys… An well you all too of course." She sort of recalled the fact that Risali's parents are at the Weyr not too. "Plenty of able hands on deck then huh? ANything helping them from the healers at least?"

D'lei hehs. "True. I'll keep it in mind for next time one of the droners comes along to meet." He turns to the side, as if addressing an invisible person, "Terribly sorry, I have issues of snowflake discipline to attend to. Shall we reschedule?" An arch of his brows to the nobody, and then a grin as he turns back to Nailii… though it's a fleeting one, because it's not all snow and games here. A grimace and a nod, for the illness, and then a shrug. "Willow tea and camphor lotion. It's something, at least… but they don't have anything specific." Just general symptom relief, for general symptoms! And… D'lei dips his chin. "They're not even sure what it is, exactly." Let alone the ideal way to treat it!

"If thta works let me know… I may have to try it actually." Nailii is all about helping others with ideas, but she has a feeling it wouldn't work /that/ well for her. Honestly who would believe such a thing? As for the children and what is being used she nods a bit. "To bad no one has been able to figure out what is causing it. Would be easier to work on a way to cure it. Any of the other Weyr's dealing with the same issue by chance?" Well, if they are she hasn't heard any news of it after all, but then she doesn't have any kids so that could be why she is out of the loop as well.

D'lei hehs, and nods. "I shall." Sure, it sounds crazy, but it might just work! …but it's probably just crazy. That's the more likely answer, but hey. You never know for sure unless you try! …several times, because once might just be an outlier. Still, it's pretty unlikely D'lei will have a report of success anytime soon… at least, when it comes to snow-excuses. When it comes to diseases? Well… he doesn't know, but he certainly hopes so! A nod, and then a shake of his head for the question. "We asked around, nobody else has anything like this." A grimace. "Not yet, anyhow." They could be Weyr Zero for a Pern-wide pandemic!

Nailii nods slightly at the talk of other weyrs not having said issue at least. "Well… Thankful that it isn't spreading, but at the same time it might have been helpful seeing how others would be more interested in getting to the bottom of it." She pauses and ahsa touch. "Though I am sure the healers are doing everything they possibly can of course to help all the kids out." Well that an if it starts to effect more adults that would be a real issue right? Of course! Not that having zombie kids isn't an awful thing, they are quick and can appear out of thin air after all. Well, not really but it does feel like that sometimes. Talanoath makes himself known about now, the brown letting out a ratherloud yawn as he is moving on past the two, a slight rumble offered to D'lei, but the message was past along that Nailii is needed at the Annex it seems. Nailii ohs a bit and offers a slight wave to D'eli. "I need to eal with a few things.. But i'll try and drop some tea and the like off for everyone at your place." Because everyone likes tea right? Course! With that being said she is off following after her dragon while he is busy shoving snow about here and there it would seem.

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