Dragon-Kisses and Seashells

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach

With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

Winter still has Xanadu in its grips, a good amount of snow has fallen and it’s even found across the beach, almost up to where the waves lap at the sandy ground. A green dragon is there, crouched eyeing the water with her tail slowly lashing across the ground which sends a mixture of snow and sand flying at times. Something clearly has the young dragon's attention within the cold waves that continue to lap at the sandy ground. Idrissa is just now catching up to her wayward dragon whom took off running as soon as they got past the barrack doors. She has on a thick jacket which is pulled closed around her, along with a hat pulled down to try and keep her ears warm, her hands at tuck into the pockets of her jacket as well. "Don't go pulling out another sea shell. I think everyone is getting tired of them as presents by now." Tahryth rumbles out, she likes finding the shells, some taste funny and there rather fun to crunch on, not to mention they make a mess.

The Wingleader was prompted to stop by one of Idrissa's fellow weyrlings, to visit the barracks and to introduce himself to the new group. The suggestion had merit, since it was a Wingleader's place to inspect the potential riders who may be fit and able for the search and rescue wing. So, as the moment has been granted, well away from sweeps and organizing details, he strides up the beachside, each step drawing back memory of his time spent on the beach as a weyrling. Many hours had he looked out toward the waters that he once sailed, with regret and sadness. Now, he only looks out with only a glint of respect in his eye, for the waters a man should not turn his back on and always respect. At this point, his eyes trail up the beach shoreline, halting first upon seeing his first weyrling out and about, even in the weather. Ers'lan himself is bundled warmly in his flight gear, the warmest articles of clothing he owns, so the weather doesn't touch him, used to much worse in the lulls of *between*. At the distance, he is not sure to which green weyrling it is, eyes squinting at the distance to mark the rider, of whom, eventually shows. And to his delight, it is one in whom he wishes a moment with. "Ahoy, reckon she be narh givin me one yet," he calls out in a friendly tone once close by, sea-farring tone as usual.

Tahryth dunks her head into the water, which really isn't that deep and for a few moments she is blowing bubbles before coming up with a half broken shell that is red and white in color. The green sits up and eagerly offers it to her rider looking rather pleased in herself. Idrissa blinks and smirks before lifting a glove free hand to take hold of it. "Alright, it's pretty I'll give you that much." Rissa always has a thing for sea shells and seems it was passed on to her dear dragon to some degree. The new voice catches both by surprise; neither was paying attention it seems. Idrissa catches sight of Ers'lan and a warm smile is seen along with a wave towards him. "Lan, hello!" Tahryth warbles out, shifting up to her paws and trods on over towards this new person, yay for new people to meet! Once near the wingleader she sniffs curious, head tilting before she leans out and attempts to give Lan a good slurping lick right across his cheek. So much for personal space and asking first, Tahryth knows no boundaries when it comes to such things. "Tahryth!" Rissa calls out, her eyes widen a moment and she seems worried to say the least.

It's not that Lan isn't open to greetings from weyrling dragons, it's just that he hadn't anticipated the abrupt decision of Tahryth to give him a lick once she draws up close enough. He was poised with his hands lifted to scrub her muzzle, but instead, his hands fail to stall her attempts and eventual success of giving him a big wet dragonic kiss. It does make him 'UGH' loudly for it, as the slime and slobber drips down his cheek. He takes a step back, arms fanned out to the side as if he doesn't want anything to do with the slime on his face, and finally, his arm reaches up and drags across his cheek, transfering the slime to his sleeve. "Reckon tha be the biggest kiss I ever did get!" At least he's good natured about it, showing a smirk on his lips, as he tries to wipe up most of the slurp, but for his hair, he probably can't fix until he washes it - instead, he's given a neat side cowlick. Comical. "She be quite friendly, eh Rissa?" He looks up toward that muzzle, ready to dodge another attempt, for now he knows it's coming.

Idrissa isn't sure what to say as she jogs up to the pair, a slight eyeing sent to her dragon before she peers back to lan. She chuckles, a faint blush seen across her cheeks with worry it seems, though as the other rider seems alright with it she does relax some. "I'm sorry Ers'lan, she's Yes that is one way to describe it. She has a thing investigating everything." Be is with her nose, or well tongue, thankfully the young green hasn't licked anyone like V'dim yet. Tahryth settles to her haunches and seems rather pleased with herself, head tilting to the side and eyes a swirl. « Hello! Your hair is funny looking. » Yes, this is sent to dear Lan, it doesn't even dawn on the green that she caused the sudden cowlick upon his hair. Rissa sends a glance over to her dragon and shakes her head. "Sorry" She was given that message as well, and knows very well that Ers'lan got it as well.

"Aye, reckon me mom always be saying I be in need of a good lickin," he winks at the apology, suspicious flicking of his blue eyes keep aware of the green and if she makes any sudden movements to investigate him again, "Narh quite whar I be expectin," a chuckle, the amusement gleaming in his eye as he regards the blush. Though it was strange to have another dragon suddenly burst into his mind, as least when he didn't expect it, hearing the words of Tahryth as plain as his own Zhaoth. "Ahhh, she mussed up me hair did she…" his hand goes up to the side of his head where indeed, his fingers come away with strings of spit between them, feeling the cowlick with another laugh, "Oh shells, I dun narh miss the weyrling days, nay, I dun narh." He tries to fix the hair, but it's no use, it just curls uselessly at his side and a shrug dismisses the whole thing, "Nay, nay, dun be sorry, least narh yet. Hah. Dun let her lick V'dim, he's a nasty sort of oldtimer, reckon give ya heck fer narh controlling her or some such." A beat, "Other than her kissin folks, how's it been fer ya?"

Idrissa chuckle softly and nods, a soft smile seen. "I'll just take your word for it." She does eye her dear dragon a few moments, attempting to calm her down; well that is the idea at least. Not that Tahryth is paying her dear rider any attention. "Don't give her any ideas, she'll be trying to lick him next knowing my luck. Then I'll get stuck doing some lesson all week on it I'm sure." V'dim would come up with a lesson about dragon's licking people and how it is a 'nono'. Tahryth wiggles some on her haunches; she seems rather interested in Ers'lan, that new person bit still most likely. « He tastes like air, or is it sea? » A soft warble escaping the green as she ponders this, while sending the conversation two both people that are hear with her. Rissa sighs softly before she can't help herself and she grins. "I'm sort of hoping she'll grow out of this stage to some degree." The shell in her hand is tucked into her pocket with a soft smile taking place of the grin soon. "It's been great, a lot of work but worth it. Lot to learn and so forth. How have you been?" With a dragon like Tahryth she may be working at the learning thing for a while too.

The man gives a good natured chuckle, hands on his hips now, dealing with the fact that his hair is still slobber slimed and maybe getting a little crusty in the winter cold. As for the comment of what he tastes like, the man lifts his brow, "Reckon I taste like the sea?" That seems to make him amusement even more, considering, "Aye, perhaps she be having it right. I be living by the sea 'n was a seacrafter fer a time… ten turns ago now." Wow, another life time at this point. The brownrider nods as for growing out of it, "Aye, she will, iffin ya work with her too. Likely she won't, iffin ya let her get away with all the time. Reckon ya could be in trouble iffin she gets older and still sends her mind openly." As the weyrlingmasters would probably tell them. A shrug, a smirk, "Enjoy it fer now. Ye have the excuse of learning behind ya." Yes, get away with what they could before their dragons were told to heel. "Me? Aye, been good, busy some with all the feline trouble. Seems ta have died down tho, with tha bronzerider goin back whence he came. Be a little sad ta see Briana go, reckon so." He shakes his head, "In time, things change."

Idrissa chuckles softly and shakes her head, amusement seen at the bit on Ers'lan tasting like the sea. "I'll just take her word for it." She looks to her dragon once more, watching her a moment. "I've been working with her. She's better then she use to be, was once always popping into someone else's head with her ideas and questions." A nod is seen and she smiles to the part about enjoying it. "I'll take it while I can. Rather stay out of being in trouble as long as I possibly can." Trouble tends to find her after all. There is a slight pause at the talk of feline, a faint glance is even sent over the area as if making sure well there isn't any around. "Has there been anymore?" This questioned before she looks back to Lan. "I heard of Briana leaving." Hard not to hear of that after all. "I hope she'll be alright."

"Zhaoth nevar did talk ta anyone much," for that Lan was thankful, "Means he be buggin me more tho," he winks, teasing his dragon from afar, the brown somewhere back near the coastline by their weyr proper, likely rumbling in some response, which makes Lan's teeth show as he grins. As for getting in trouble, "Tis narh bad ta get inta trouble, till ye get hit in the face with a frying pan, then ya know, ya gotta stop." A story behind that, for sure, but instead, he goes right into diffusing the worry over the felines, "Nay. Felines dun be seen since the round up. Tis good, since it be tha they were likely prompted on by the hand of man. Poor beasts." While he may have no love for felines, he can't stand something being mistreated all the same. Then lastly, Briana, Lan just shakes his head, left to wonder at what caused his clutchmate to finally leave the nest, blame all on the
previous weyrleader, to be certain.

Idrissa smiles and nods at the talk of Zhaoth not being a bit talker. "Well she still talks to be a lot, constant thing. Which I don't mind, sort helps pass the time when not in lessons and so forth." Not that she really has a problem with it. Tahryth tilts he head and then is off trotting back to the water's edge and peering into the surface once more. "She Has a thing for sea shells I've found. Every time we come out here she find some, it was amusing at first now I can't help but wonder why." At the talk of someone controlling the felines to some degree she blinks and glances back to him. "Did anyone find the person? That one during the cattle drive looked sick when everything was said and done." She pauses while glancing to the ground a moment. "I don't care for 'em, but no one should make them suffer. Not their fault." Yes here she is defending felines, something that has tried to kill her twice now, one time leaving her scared and with rather bad memories.

"Nay, tis another mystery… reckon I be havin 'nuff of those around here," the brownrider admits to the situation of the felines, again, yet something that makes him feel ill, for it wasn't concluded in a merry ending or some finality that would cease his constant worries. There is much to talk about rather than felines, such as the green dragon who seems to be a collector of sea shells, "Reckon tis better than others I have be seein," he watches her for a short time snuffling in the waters. Then he tosses a look back at Idrissa, "Reckon tis at least nice ta see ye again."

Idrissa doesn't comment more on the felines, a glance is sent over to Tahryth and she smiles a few moments while watching. "I've heard some stuff, so I'll take sea shells over other things for sure." A grin seen before she looks back towards him. "I'm glad to see you too. I never got to thank you for well rescuing me again I suppose." She smirks a moment as she says that, a slight shake of her head seen. "I'll try to stay out of trouble for a while so it won't happen again." Which should be amusing as much trouble she manages to get into at any given moment, which tends to do her more harm than anyone else. It takes a short bit of time but Tahryth is trotting back over to the pair carrying within her mouth a medium sized sea shell that is white with slight tan stripes across its surface. The green's dripping maw is pushed against Ers'lan's arm and she warble softly. « For you! » Rissa chuckles and smiles. "Looks like she found one for you now too."

"Hah, 'n I hope tis the last time I have ta rescue ye, as I suppose yer lifemate be doing that much fer ya now," or so he hopes. A dragon is often the first line of defense in many situations, but that doesn't guarantee being saved, though he bobs his head more seriously, "I be glad I was thar fer ya." Although, the last case as it were, there were other dragonriders in the area which could've done the same, he just got there first. There's a long look at Idrissa, before his blue eyes flash toward the green, seeing her moving once more for him. At least, he's more alert to the chances of being licked, only, to find that she wishes to give him something. Okay. His hand extends, palm outward for the shell, "Thank ye love, tis a beautiful shell ye did be findin. I'll be keepin it fer long." The brownrider smiles, nodding over at Idrissa, "Aye." Once he has it, he rolls the shell around in his hand, "Good way ta make friends though."

Idrissa nods at the bit on rescuing her. "Well I don't think Tahryth is going to allowed it." The green is fairly attached to her after all like any dragons tend to be with the lifemates. Sure there was plenty of other riders around then but it was still Ers'lan that came through in the end to save her, which she is ever so thankful for. She peers curiously back at him a moment before glancing to Tahryth and chuckles. "I suppose so, have to wait and see on that matter." She really rather not talk about friends at the moment. "I haven't thought about making friends with Tahryth around. Not that she doesn't attempt it anyway. I think she would even try to make friends with Jarse if she didn't already know how I felt about him." Tahryth warbles happily, her head is given a shake and cold seawater is sent flying, her wings flutter a few times at her sides. « I knew he would like it, see, told /you/ he would like a shell. » This comment sent to both once more.

"Aye, tis good she don't," he remarks about the green keeping a close eye on her rider. He still holds onto the shell, not yet having pocketed it, rocking back on his heels for a time before putting his weight into one boot, the other hand still on his hip, shell-holding hand hanging at his side. There's some sort of hint in her words about 'seeing' about that, which has the man tilt his head, trying to get an inkling of what Ka'el hinted at a few days prior. "Tis a good opportunity, especially with yer fellow clutch mates, ta make 'em good friends…" Or enemies, as he would know all too well. A shake of his head clears up that thought, rubbing his thumb over the ripples on the shell, "Jarse is no longer yer problem eh lass, less ya wish ta continue on with the craft, then he still be narh yer problem as ye be reportin as a dragonrider." And there's a difference in that, so he believes. A squint is given for the water that comes flying, small droplets bouncing off his cheeks, eyes mirthful for weyrlings, better the weyrlingmasters than him!

Idrissa has never been the most outgoing around people, even with her friends she has only two that she considers real friends, and one of them at the moment she isn't too happy with. "I don't have a real problem with any of them, mostly anyway." She is also rather good at not talking about things that bother her. Tahryth on the other hand doesn't have those issues. « Mine and Ka'el are having a fight. Or something along those lines. » Leave it to the green to send things to others like that. Rissa pauses and sends a faint glance towards her dragon, just eyeing her a moment as she ponders how to comment on such a thing, in the end she doesn't say a word on it. "I don't want to leave my craft. If I left Jarse would feel like he won in driving me off." She doesn't seem to mind that cold water, as this seems to happen a good amount of time lately thanks to a silly shell searching green dragon.

There. With the outburst from Tahryth, the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, from what Ka'el had briefly implied to what the dragon has given away. The brownrider cants his head as he slips the shell into his pocket now, taking a closer step to Idrissa, his face bobbing down to catch her gaze, "Ye okay Rissa? Iffin thar be any way I can be helpin ye, by listenin 'n sure, I be havin a lot of practice," granted this is true, because not only is he a Wingleader who has to settle disputes between the riders, but he is a family man, with three weyrmates and many children, step and blood alike, that he has to become an ear for. There's a hint that he is concerned, his eyes alone by the slant of brows is one thing, but the way he's meaning to put a hand on her shoulder if she doesn't turn aside is another.

Idrissa really wishes Tahryth didn't come right out and say that, not that she can do anything about it now. She's quiet for a few moments, arms slipping to fold and settle in front of her while she chews on her lip. "I'm fine" Which really, what person is fine when they say that? When Rissa says it can be certain she isn't 'fine' by any means though. She isn't sure what to talk about, her bright gaze never really lifts to look back to Ers'lan now that he has moved closer, at least not yet. The touch to her shoulder causes her head to tilt slightly and she casts a glance towards him. "Ka'el is being Ka'el. Assuming things that he shouldn't and then not wanting to talk about it." Not as if the relationship she has with Ka'el isn't already rocky seeing how Soriana is in the mix too, but that's never bothered really bothered her. "When he wants to talk we're talk, maybe fix things, maybe won't." Her gaze turns to Tahryth watching the dragon a few moments. "I've been trying not to think about it, trying to deal with other things cause of Tahryth. Not that I can really keep anything from her." Doesn't mean she can't try.

Ahh but Tahryth did! And that's the thing about young dragons, they tend to not know how to hold back when they really should. The fact was, that he now knew something was up, and it had clearly caused some tension with the weyrlings. Her answer did nothing to satisfy his own concern, knowing the truth behind the response of 'i'm fine.' Women typically used that line more than anything! His brow rises in disbelief, lips thinning a little as he waits for some answer to come, not moving until there is something of an answer to be heard. "N' whar be he assumin?" the brownrider asks, not able to really guess what has happened in their world of teens. The last, makes him shake his head, "Tis narh a good thing ta not deal with it… 'n to not think of it… Runnin away from things dun narh make 'em easier to deal with. It comes back harder 'n whar it was at first."

Idrissa tends to forget that Tahryth has no real 'off' switch at the moment, offering up comments freely as it where. She's quiet for a few moments, listening and thinking as she stands still. "To make a long story short, Ka'el thinks I like J'o. The two really don't get along well, and I've had to try and get them to stop fighting before. I told Ka'el to leave J'o alone the night we all impressed when J'o came to congratulate me. Ever since then Ka'el hasn't talked to me, I don't know what he thinks other then when I try to ask him to talk he just put up more of a fight on the subject or anything else even." She shrugs a moment and looks off to the waves. "I don't know what else to do if Ka'el doesn't want to talk about it. The more times I try the worse I make it." She hasn't actually talked to Ka'el in days, which is a hard thing as there in the barracks together.

"Iffin I get this right, ye stopped a fight after ye impressed?" There he takes a moment to settle this thought in his mind, squinting a bit, "n when ye bring it up again, he be causing more of a fight?" Some more things tumble in place, maybe, but, after a time he sighs, letting out a breath, "Tis narh as bad as I be thinkin." He doesn't have to save her from dramatic ordeal; this was all just, relationship stuff. "Aye, Ka'el be soundin like he be dealing with his own troubles, iffin ya ask me. He be lettin me in on a few things, 'n he, ta be honest, be worried about ya, sent me to visit, ya see." He tilts his head, "Ye both are goin through some changes in yer life, tis narh ta be unexpected that these things do be happenin." He gives her a hopeful look, "Dun force him ta speak ta ya. Dun even go after him. He should be comin to ya, less ya make his head too big fer his shoulders." A knowing look there, but he tries to comfort her with a soft touch of his hand to her shoulder, "Dun go out of your way narh to talk ta him either, but let him bring any of his troubles to ya." A look toward the dragon and back, "Ye have bigger things ta worry bout 'n Ka'el should narh be top of mind when Tahryth be needin ya. My own mind be wanderin to things out of me control when I was a weyrling 'n it nearly cost me at the end."

Idrissa nods slightly at the bit on the fight with Ka'el. "Before it and after, to some degree." She's quiet, doing that listening thing once more. "I'm not trying to push him, not trying to make him talk about anything. Not now. I'm also not trying to ignore him, not really" So maybe she has a bit. She half points at Tahryth. "I know his dealing with a lot, I'm dealing with it too and I just want to make sure she's alright." A glance is sent to him, curious a moment. "Ka'el asked you to come see me?" She finds that a bit amusing for a few moments.

There's not much he could offer in the way of advice for the relationship, as he doesn't know the ins and the outs of what Ka'el and Idrissa were faced with, not like his own, where he knew the intimate details and could judge what needed to happen for an apology to smooth over well. Here, he was just, pulling advice out of thin air, something that may or may not work for the two. He did know some of what the bronzer was faced with, as little insights insinuated the other night. "Aye, well, in a manner of speakin he did," Lan tilts his head to the side, "Thought t'would make ya happy ta see me," a smirk, "course I be gettin worried that I be havin ta save ya again, from somethin." He teases, looking out toward the wintry wash of water, "Also invited me ta see a few of the others, aye, but ye in particular."

Idrissa isn't sure if what Ka'el and her have a relationship anymore, nto that she is worrying over that at the moment when there is a dragon poking around in her mind all the time and whom needs plenty of extra attention at the moment. "Well, yeah I was happy to see you. Even happier there isn't a feline around that is trying to chew on me." She would really like to avoid that at all costs from ever happening again. "I'm also glad he at least talked to someone." Maybe that happened, she can hope at least. She's quiet for a moment, once more watching the water before she looks up to him, a slight smile seen. "Thank you for coming Ers'lan. I really appreciate it."

It's not like Idrissa and Ka'el were the first ones to go through some challenges with their relationship, during weyrlinghood or after, nor will they be the last. At least, so far, as he knows it, Ka'el hasn't had to suffer being kicked in the groin, so the bronzer is doing better than he when he was a weyrling. "Aye, yes, reckon that ye were goin ta start associatin felines with me, iffin I didn't drop by between some," he's at least being protective enough to care, perhaps at some point, during the first or second rescue, to think of her as a sister, even if she's led her own life and he, his, most of the time. Still, he is here to support and encourage all the same, "Aye, he is doin so. Best let 'em figure it out on his own, as only new weyrlings can." He peers back at Idrissa after a time, nodding, "Any time, ye have Tahryth call Zhaoth, iffin ya need to talk as well. Sometimes it be better fer someone who be not knowin whar goes on, ta be some sort of comfort."

Idrissa isn't good with relationships as it is, the one with Ka'el is the only one she's been in to date and now being a weyrling, well that just tosses another wrench into the mix. Only time will tell what will happen between the two. "Wouldn't want to associate you with such things." Though it is a bit hard not to seeing the trouble she has with felines. A nod is seen to letting Ka'el figure things out on his own. "I'm sure he will." Hopefully. "Since you are here, do you think you could possible look in on Asher for me though? I don't think V'dim would take too kindly for a canine being anywhere around here and his going to be locked up at the kennels for a spell as it is." The conversation is changing to something else then relationship talk and then Tahryth is off heading back towards the barracks and thus cutting off the new conversation short. "I'll make sure to get her to give Zhaoth a call sometime, without the worry of felines." There is a slight pause before she attempts to give him a quick hug, as one would do with a brother cause in the end that is how she sees him as well at this point. "Thank you again Ers'lan." With the hug given she is off following after her dragon, a wave seen along with a slight smile.

Ers'lan allows the matter of Ka'el to drop as it will, sensing he has said enough on the matter and anything further will be up to the weyrlings to solve amongst themselves. What he does respond to is the askance of Asher, the canine, "Aye aye. Iffin ya want, I can take 'em home with us…" meaning, with his weyrmates and all his kids, "reckon our canines might be easy with another playmate about." This, because Keziah no doubt, has adopted a few canines along the way and his weyr is never short of a zoo, with all the critters and children running amok. But as he sees Tahryth moving off, such fates for canines are left open ended, for other future discussions, since he's quick to return the hug just as briefly as she wills it. A grin as he lifts his hand to send her off with a departing wave, "Keep care of yourself Rissa." And he debates on following, brows scrunching low, as Zhaoth appears on the opposite end of the beach, beckoning. "Aye aye… I be comin," so much for visiting the rest of the barracks, that may just have to wait for another day, as duty calls.

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