Overthinking Things

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
A long and roughly oblong cavern, about a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.

Lumber, lumber. This is how Kanekith walks. Ka'el doesn't walk. He's going for a ride. Not on dragon back though, but instead seated on a sled of sorts from which a rope has been tied from sled to dragon tail, and he is getting pulled. Uh … wheee? Alloy flies along with his newfound bronze pal, keeping up with his long strides with small wingbeats and glides til they reach the barracks. Ride over! "That was good," sas Ka'el who removes himself from the sled once Kanekith stops. « It was not difficult » insists the bronze who keeps still as the rope is untied. "It wasn't meant to be," Ka'el insists. Alloy glides over to the bronze's couch, landing and getting comfortable as if it was his own.

Luraoth is asleep in her couch, and Soriana sits on the edge of it. She's not asleep, really she isn't. She's sitting up and everything! Not only that, she looks over at the stir of Ka'el and Kanekith's entrance. So, see? Not asleep, and don't listen to anyone who tries to tell you otherwise. She even waves, though it takes a moment after the wave before she actually rises to her feet and stretches.

« Then why? » questions Kanekith who does not protest his tail being messed with. "Because you need to have fun," Is Ka'el's reply as he reels up the rope to place upon the sled once it's all rolled. « Why? » A long sigh is the answer to that before Ka'el points off to his couch. "Just go. I'll be there in a moment. Y'shouldn't need to be oiled again, but I'll check you." Satisfied with that, especially since there's a possibility of oiling, Kanekith lumbers towards his couch to settle within it along with Alloy. He's left to pull the sled inside, which he does, catching sight of the not sleeping Soriana. "You look tired." Flattering!

Definitely not sleeping. Soriana continues her stretch, and somewhere along the way, she registers Ka'el. Flattering? Eh, maybe not, but this is Sori we're talking about - not, say, Jnelle. "Yeah," she says, and meanders closer. "I didn't exactly get much rest last night. And I had the obstacle course again this morning." Yawn. Luraoth continues to sleep the sleep of the baby dragon.

"Get through the rope swing?" Ka'el asks as he leans the sled up against a wall and approaches her as she approaches him. "I learned somethin' new with all that. Never knew riders could see through their dragaons. It's a bit strange, isn't it?" From the couch, Kanekith rumbles his disagreement, but Ka'el only waves it off. "I have it tomorrow I think with Jnelle, Al'cas, Reina, and J'myn." He slows when their steps near. "I nearly had kitchen duty again today. I think the staff forgot I'm not a candidate anymore."

"Barely," Soriana says at the mention of the rope swing, and makes a face. "Did better this time than last, though. We're getting there." She glances to the couch to check on Luraoth, but the gold is still sleeping peacefully. Sori's steps slow as well, hands going for her pockets. "Kitchen duty? Seriously? I mean, unless they wanted you for chopping meat or something. I think we all count as experts in that now." Unless you want like… actual cuts of meat instead of just chunky style.

"I'd give you pointers but they'd be a bit useless," remarks Ka'el with a humored smirk. "Huh. Actually .. I could give you pointers, but that wouldn't be fair to everyone else, would it?" He snickers before he too slides his hands into his pockets. "Yup, I'm serious. Kitchen duty. An' really, when you're lookin' in the eye of a little old auntie whose food you just ate an' enjoyed, how can you say no to a favor?" He pauses, then wrinkles his nose. "Just didn't realize the favor was going to be wiping down tables in the morning. So…learn to say no," is his bit of advice, complete with a grin.

"Hah. Since when do things have to be fair?" Soriana retorts, then gives her head a shake. "It's not the seeing that's the problem, anyhow." Not for her. "It's the figuring out what things mean." Which, when you're sharing the eyes of someone far larger than you… can be rather a trick. As for Ka'el's useful advice, Soriana… laughs. "You do it by saying no." And she follows that by a (guilty?) glance back to Luraoth's couch, but the dragon's still asleep. Whew. What was that about learning to say no and the importance thereof? "Apparently we'll be having, like… history lessons soon. You think they'll give us a break on the exercise program?"

"You say no easier'n I do, then," remarks Ka'el who lifts his chin a bit. "But I'm willin' to wager the next one I see cleariin' tables and sweeeping floors after or before mealtime is going to be you." Regarding seeing through dragon's eyes, she's right about that, and he nods in agreement, although it's a bit belated. "Kanekith wants to do the climbing wall next. It must be a dragon … thing to wish to be up high. He figures I'd like to be too." He smirks at that and shakes his head, though he pauses, midshake, at her news of lessons. "History lessons? As in, the past?" Which is definitely what history means! He makes a face. "That sounds boring. I'd rather do the obstacle course all day then read old books about things that happened turns ago."

"Hah. I'll take that bet," Soriana says with a smirk, then glances a few couches over to look at Kanekith. "Maybe. Might just be a Kanekith thing, though. Dragons are pretty different from each other." She shrugs a little, then returns her gaze to Ka'el. "Yeah, that sorta thing. M'kal will appreciate it, I expect," Soriana says of that history, then shrugs, letting her eyes wander the barracks. "I dunno. It sort of makes me wonder, a little. Like… what we're supposed to be, now."

"M'kal likes boring books?" Ka'el supposes, not knowing the guy's interest in history, if he indeed has one. He smirks a little. "Well, maybe the two've you can go to those and give me a summary. M'sure it'll be nearly the same thing. And, it'll save me the embarassment of fallin' asleep in the middle of a lecture." Her eyes wander, his stay on her, curiosity beginning to show. "What we're supposed to be now?" he echos, sounding as if he doesn't quite get what she means. "That isn't obvious to you? All we're supposed to be now are dutiful, obedient weyrlings. Not too hard, huh?" He jokes, and it's heard in his tone and seen on his face if she were to look at him again.

Soriana just smirks slightly as regards M'kal and his interests, and gives her head a little shake before tilting it to look back at Ka'el. "Sure. You convince V'dim it's good enough, and I'll let you read my notes." So, uh, after the impossible part's done, she'll totally help! The smirk doesn't last, despite Ka'el's joking tone. In fact, it turns into a sigh. "Are we?" Soriana turns away from him, looking over the barracks. Her gaze brushes against the office, and one corner of her mouth tugs up. "I mean, yeah. I guess." She shrugs. "Not so hard."

Hm. Ka'el's brows wrinkles just slightly at that given exhale, and he watches with a contemplative look, trying to place her discontent. She turns and he moves, stepping nearer to her. His hand lifts, an automatic thing that he doesn't think to stop, and doesn't stop, to settle on her shoulder from behind. A comforting touch it's meant to be, and his tone of voice is just the same. "What's wrong? Somebody say somethin' to you about something? Need me to knock heads for you?" He's still joking, as a oster Ka'el will always be no matter what his name may change to, but underlying that is a purr of concern.

Soriana doesn't think to avoid that touch, either. Her head turns, looking back at Ka'el, and after a moment, her lips quirk once again. Her own hand reaches up, touching his fingers lightly. "Nah. Nobody's causing trouble." Well, okay, Jnelle's been sniffing audibly when Sori walks by, but that hardly counts. "Just thinking about the future. Kinda dumb, really. I mean, it's not like we'll be deciding anything anytime soon." Her eyes flick to the weyrlingmaster's office again, then back to Ka'el. "Maybe the classes'll be good. Less time for me to think."

Jnelle's middle name is Trouble. The girl can't help herself! Luckily, Soriana's report doesn't include her, as his hands would be a bit tied on that matter. In fact, it doesn't seem as if he needs to deal with anyone that may be making her feel this way. She's…overthinking things? Maybe, and it's a good thing that he has this to ponder, for too much attention on her fingers on his would not be a good thing. His hand does not move from her shoulder though and instead lingers there, chaste…enough to not draw too much attention. One hopes. "You mean thinking about what you'll be doin' after this?" he asks with a vague brow lift. "…I'm rusty on this whole thing and need the lessons but…out've all of us, aren't you the only one that kinda already knows where you'll end up?"

Shoulders are perfectly chaste. So are hands. It's just when thoughts start wandering from there, but Soriana's thoughts are too busy going in other sorts of circles. Her fingers linger against Ka'el's, though. It's a comforting touch, taken on its own without wandering thoughts… and then she nods. It's a nod that comes with a frown. "There's only one wing that has golds in it." The frown twitches almost to smile. "Well, two, but I'm already in one of them." So, she knows where she'll end up! Problem solved, right? … yeah, uh, except she sighs again.

Ka'el nods in confirmation. He knew this. … Hey, he knew this! Maybe someone has been paying attention to things. "Nova, right? With Thea and the others. With your ma. You'll .. be one of them. A weyrwoman." Well, a junior, but that is obviously implied. His brows furrow, feeling that this isn't helping matters for cheer doesn't seem to be forthcoming. Only now does his hand move, slipping away from her shoulder and hence away from the touch of her fingers as well. His palm grazes her arm before it's pulled off and away from her, though that's only so that it can be placed on her hip instead, gripping gently to draw her closer to him. To his chest. A hug. "What is it, Soriana? Is that not where you want to be?" he asks quietly.

Yeah, that'd be the one. Ka'el has picked up at least a couple of things in his turns here at the weyr, it seems. Soriana nods slightly. Acknowledgment. Agreement… sort of. Her hand falls down as his leaves, and her body turns to face his as he draws her closer. Her head leans closer to his… and turns, to rest against his shoulder. "I don't know," she says softly. "It's… I wouldn't have to be." Her voice is ever so quiet. "I wouldn't have to do paperwork and sit in an office all day. Not if I left the weyr." It's possible. Her mother did it for turns… and after she says it, Soriana turns her head, hiding her face from Ka'el against his shoulder.

There was a moment there, as her head was drawn to his own, that Ka'el's heart did an acrobatic flip in his chest. A moment where Kanekith, who has begun to doze with Alloy curled up on his back, twitched in his sleep. But the trajectory of a kiss is turned, and when her head rests upon his shoulder, he is not disappointed. Against him and close is where he wants her, and he holds her against his chest as the fingers of one hand lightly press and rub at the small of her back. He doesn't understand her at first. How would she not be? But he needn't question before the silent question is answered. Left? The motions to her back falter and freeze, as does his body for a few unfelt beats of his heart. It is good that her face is turned, for he doesn't trust his own to remain stoic. "What would happen then?" he asks after elaborated silence. "If you .. left here and went somewhere else, wouldn't it be the same?"

Having answered Ka'el's silent question, Soriana returns silence for the one spoken aloud… at least for a few moments. She leans in against him, head buried to his shoulder and taking comfort in the presence of his arms around her, and then she draws in a deep breath and lifts her head again. "At another weyr, yeah." But… there are places other than weyrs. She's quiet for a moment, and then she makes an apparent jump of topic. "Briana left. Did you hear?"

Places far more boring than weyrs. Places that, to him, don't feel as if they'd be the right fit for her or Luraoth. But it isn't his place to argue. Not really. Having a dragon is a big thing, and life after weyrlinghood, an even bigger Thing. What she does with her life is bigger than where he fits into it. He holds onto her a little tighter, his touch toeing the line between innocently comforting and selfishly needing. When their gazes meet, there's a vague tenseness evident between his brows, and it increases as she speaks next. "So that's true? I heard somethin' about it, but… didn't pay much attention. I mean, she was just here visiting. Did you hear why?"

"I don't know," Soriana answers. "Not for sure. And… I don't know why, either." She's a weyrling. It's not like she has time to trace down gossip for the kernels of truth at its heart. Her arms shift, resting around Ka'el. Holding him, as he holds her… because that's comforting, too. "I don't want to leave." Change of topic, back again. "I can't see why… how it'd be worth it, to leave all this behind." She's quiet for a moment with her thoughts, and then her lips quirk up in a sort-of-smile. "I guess I'd better practice sitting in an office."

Perhaps they'll never know the truth behind Briana's departure, but there's always room for speculation. Maybe she needed a break from the stress that comes with an office? Maybe she and Derin broke up? Maybe… Ah. Briana becoems suddenly unimportant as her arms move around him, and he inhales a deep breath and exhales it through the nose, his mouth holding a very small smile that disappears before he speaks. "It'd be foolish to go through all've this and then end up doin' something that doesn't make you happy in the end. If you don't want to sit in an office, nobody's going to force you. Leavin' is worth you being happy with whatever it is you do," he says quietly, eyes shifting to his dragon. "C'mon," Ka'el says to Sori with a grin, "you can help me practice oiling."

"Yeah," Soriana says softly. "It'd be awful foolish." She gives her head a little shake, one side of her mouth keeping the smile-ish quirk. "Nobody's making me sit in an office yet, anyhow." First she's got to worry about being a weyrling! She glances over to Kanekith, following Ka'el's gaze there, and she nods. "Good plan. If we don't get that figured, we won't survive to graduation." It's definitely a smile now. Soriana starts to release the hug, then pauses. For a moment, her thoughts start to wander to other places… and then she finishes the motion, arms falling away as she steps back. "Let's get that oiling." Kanekith will surely appreciate it. Luraoth won't mind. And… it'll keep these weyrlings busy. That's important too.

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