Don't Tell Mur'dah

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is regularly scrubbed spotless and smells of disinfectant, redwort and other herbs that are - if sometimes strong - preferable to the scents of sickness. Cots are lined up against one wall, with a set of curtains that can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. They're mostly used for examinations of patients and the treatment of mild injuries that won't require long term care; near the back are some more private areas with folding dividers.
There's a number of cabinets that stand off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed, and a back room holds those supplies seldom required.
A desk with chair is set just off of the doorway to the caverns, meant for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long day's work or await patients. If things get too busy, the patients can do the waiting on a set of uncomfortable chairs set nearby. The other doorway comes directly from the clearing, wide enough for a team to carry a stretcher through.

A typical day in the infirmary so far, a few workman bring in crates and place them according to a Journeyman's direction. Kera is back in your apprentice uniform, mostly, since the infirmary is short on hands for a couple of days. The workman are nodded to as they make their way back out, and her attention goes back towards the little desk, where she's making up some wrap bundles. Another finished one is stacked in the small box next to her. "Leave them alone." is muttered to the brown slinking up to investigate what's in the box. A scolding chitter from the perch above has Minimur skulking back and most likely pouting since his game was called. Kera resumes her task of making wraps and after a while begins to hum a soft tune. There are only a couple of patients in the back area today, thankfully Xanadu is a very healthy area to be at this time.

With only a few patients, the Infirmary surely can hold one more right? If Kiena was in a joking mood, she'd probably reflect on how she's dropping in and once again about to make Kera's day a little more interesting than just checking in boxes and crates of supplies. "Uh, hey there Kera. How's it going?" Pause, as the bluerider clears her throat. Just ignore the fact she's also standing oddly. Not terribly odd, just enough that a trained Healer even at Apprentice level would notice something is off with the woman. "… um… You terribly busy?"

Kera finishes another wrap and pauses in her prep to visually count the growing stack. Deciding one more will do, she makes quick work of it before securing the box. Taking a few steps, intent on storing the wraps away, she spots Kiena and offers a quick smile to her friend. The smile slips just a bit when she takes in the subtle differances with the bluerider's stance. Scanning from head to toe to head again, she nods "Well enough. The Hall recalled two apprentices, probably for surprise testings, so I'm helping out a bit more than normal for a couple of days. Walking along, she stops and nudges the box into a cabinet then slides the door closed. Brushing her hands together as if done with her task she approaches Kiena "Not busy at all. Anything I can help with?"

"The Hall do that often? Recall it's Apprentices… seems odd. Or could they be walking the tables for their Journeyman knots?" Kiena seems awfully chatty. Could be she is happy to see her friend (and that's a truth!) or perhaps she's relieved it's Kera who is on duty today. Eventually though it comes down to the moment where the bluerider has to explain why she's here and why she's favouring one side. Since she walked in on her own, it's not her legs. "Right. Yeah… that. Uh. Don't tell Mur'dah, alright? Was out flying with Ujinath. He'd been going stir crazy and so we were doing some uh… wild flying off the coast. Misjudged and got snapped pretty bad in the straps. Feels like I dislocated my shoulder." Kiena grimaces and promptly points to her left shoulder. Ow? "And I can't seem to pop it back in myself so… here I am?"

Kera nods to the other possibility Kiena offers and grins "Perhaps. Either way, they'll be back in a couple of days, either braindead from trying to remember everything they know, or showing off their new knots." A conspiratory wink is given before Kera turns serious. Nothing good begins with 'Don't tell ~insert name here~.' Gesturing towards a padded stool nearby, out of the line of sight from anyone passing by the main doors. "Have a seat?" Her brow wrinkles as she frowns, but finally ends up nodding as she begins moving closer to Kiena. "I see. As a Healer, I don't recommend the wild and crazy aerial tricks." She tries to appear really stern when saying it, but she doesn't manage it very well "But as but the rider of a dragon that does her own aerial dances, I can relate." Kera winks goodnaturedly "Now let's see." She reaches up to begin gently prodding around the injured shoulder, as much as Kiena will allow. "Did you hit anything when Ujinath's sudden move snapped you? Crates or anything lashed to his straps?" Kera works as carefully as she can, the goal to eventually lift the injured arm to rest and brce on her own shoulder while she gently massages or manipulate the shoulder. "Let me just see what we're working with here…"

Kiena chuckles dryly, "Well, best of luck for them. No surprise testing for you then?" she asks while following Kera's gesture to the padded stool. The bluerider sighs, knowing full well she was bound to head down this path. What'd she expect? That her friend would just wrench her arm back into place and send her on her way? … Probably. Very likely, in fact. She snorts, "That's why I like going to you with my injuries. You get it, being a rider yourself. I think if I told Ujinath he'd have to lay off practicing tricky aerial maneuvers he'd… just ignore me and do it anyways. What? Crates? Shards no, we're not doing transport. Just flying for f—-" Fun. Kiena hisses that last letter though and who knows, perhaps she's biting back some cursing too when Kera goes prodding about. "Ow? Jays, why do Healers insist on jabbing the injury?" It'll be obvious enough that Kiena doesn't have much mobility and there's a minor deformation in the back of her shoulder. Definitely dislocated.

Kera tries her best to work gently, but sometimes no matter how much gentleness is used, it still feels like getting slammed with a huge hammer or stabbed with an icepick. A hint of a nod as she keeps up with the conversation while applying most of her attention to Kiena's shoulder "The Hall recalled me last turn. Spent three days taking surprise test and some interviews. Though they felt like intergations at the time." she snorts some at the last bit and pauses at a hiss from Kiena. A few more proddings, letting her fingers drag lightly to determine more clearly what needs to be done and Kera offers a sympathetic smile "Cause they made us sit through many lectures on how to poke and prod to get maximum annoyance levels from our patients." Her cheeky response is given with an amused wink "You've two options.." As she talks, Kera readies her hands to act quickly if option two is chosen. "One, I can give you something to help lessen the pain, and settle you down in one of the bays for a little while before popping it back in. Option two, you grit your teeth, I put your shoulder back to rights, sling your arm down and then I buy you an ale. You're choice."

"Why can't they just sic a Journeyman on you here for all that? Seems kind of silly for 'em to call you back to the Hall!" Kiena mutters with a crooked smirk. Must be a Healer thing! As the bluerider has rarely set foot in the Smithcraft Hall. Rolling her eyes for Kera's cheekiness, she doesn't fall for it but she does give a hint of a grin for her friend. "Ha ha. How funny… you'll forgive me if I forget to laugh?" Ooh, she gets options? Brows lift at this and Kiena does laugh this time (but quietly). "Oh, option two all the way, please." Maybe she should ask how long she needs to wear that sling? Especially if she's looking to keep this a secret from Mur'dah. Oh well… too late now! Kiena's bracing, jaw already tense as she prepares for Kera to do her 'trick'. "Alright. Let's get it done!"

Kera doesn't bother to swipe the half smirk from her face "Figured ya would say that." Not giving the woman to second guess her decision, she grasp Kiena's arm firmly but gently while still carefully massaging the distorted shoulder lump. Levering the arm up slowly, she quite suddenly tightens her hold on the lumpy shoulder and squeezes to manipulate the joint back into socket. The bluerider may or may not hear a muted *fwop* as things return to their proper position. Kera pauses her actions, giving Kiena a moment to breath and recover. "You need to refrain from moving your arm for a few days. If I had checked you in, I'ld feel obligated to insist you wear a sling during that time." She gives a pointed look to her friend. "But since you are trying to keep this all hush hush and probably wouldn't wear the sling anyway, it's just as well this isn't an 'official' visit. You just sit here a moment while I get my stuff together…" meaning her satchel and lizards most likely "..and then I think I owe you a drink." Kera chuckles and moves to where the little desk hides her belonging, she's still within voice range though. "You should still go very easy on that arm though, not doing yourself any favors to pretend nothing is wrong with it. Give it a rest or it will take longer to heal."

Kiena tries not to swear too much but there will be some muttering under her breath and hissed through her teeth until Kera has everything popped back into place. Despite being just told to take it easy, the bluerider will attempt a few small movements. Slowly. Though it probably still aches, there is a relieved drop of tension from her posture and a sigh to follow. "Faranth, that is SO much better. Thanks, Kera." She grins, truly, this time and there's a dry chuckle. "You know me too well." You bet she'd get rid of that sling! Already she's sliding off the padded stool and giving the greenrider a nod. "Drinks sound very good right about now. I'm going to heed your warning… Don't really feel like a repeat anytime soon."

Kera crouches behind the desk briefly, probably rummaging around in a lower drawer, before slinging a strap over her head and settling a large satchel across her back. Shaking her head in amusement as she returns spotting the stubborn rider already swinging her arm around. "Didn't I just say to go easy on the arm? Hmm, perhaps I /should/strap it down afterall." Kera smirks goodnaturedly to the bluerider. "Will ya concede to at least make a point of keeping your hand in a pocket, or sorta loosely hold onto your belt? To keep the arm immobile to some extent." Canting her head around, she seems to do a mental inventory before nodding to herself "Okie, think I've everything. Eyes flick upwards to call her lizards along "Come on brats." Kera opens the door, making a flourishing gesture and an amused chuckle "After you ole injured ancient one."

"Hey, I was just testing my range of motion! And I did it slowly," Kiena counters with a grimace and then exhales heavily, "Yeah, I could try to do that. Like this?" She'll immediately slide her hand into her jacket pocket, giving the air of a casual sort of pose. Her head cocks a bit to the side. Better? When it seems they're ready to go, Kiena grins and follows Kera out the door, only to roll her eyes. "Hey now! I'm not that ancient! Just happen to have poor reflexes." There's a difference!

Kera nods agreeably as Kiena makes use of her jacket pocket. "Yep, or loosly grasp a beltloop when it's off or you are sitting." Grinning unrepentantly to the bluey, she closing the door after wings flutter just across her shoulder and up to the sky. "Poor reflexes huh? Maybe ya need a little extra padding in your flight gear to make up for you….slowing down." She flashes a quick wink before leaving off with the teasing. Readjusting the shoulder satchel. "Where to, Treetop or the Tavern?"

Kiena scoffs, feigning insult for Kera's suggestion. "Slowing down? HA! Do I look like the type that would slow down? Ever?" Shaking her head, she chuckles dryly and then makes a thoughtful humming sound under her breath. "Oh, why not the tavern? It's sharding cold out here and it's closest. Likely to be much warmer too!" And cozy!

Kera snorts with a quick headshake. "Hardly, you've too many kids to slow down and relax. You've four right? Counting Mur'dah of course." Her cheeky grin slips back into place before she cants her head to Kiena and goes on in a softer voice so it doesn't carry much past the two of them. "Between you and me, when you started off with 'Don't tell Mur'dah'… I thought perhaps you suspected another little bundle on the way." Mention of the tavern being closer, gets a approving nod "Works for me." Whistling shrilly to her lizards, they come fluttering back "Go home….Home and get treats later." Kera watches them both dart off then vanish and she continues on towards the tavern. "I think maybe a bowl of stew wouldn't be turned way right about now either." And across the clearing the duo goes.

Continued in: Tastes like Igen

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