Crazy Good

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

It's early morning and into the infirmary enters Darsce. She should still be IN the infirmary, having not been cleared to leave, since she'd barely been conscious for an hour or so when she'd stalked out. But not to worry! It's been all for the best, really. The inpatients got a better night's sleep. The on duty healer had a MUCH quieter shift after she'd gone and Darsce slept. In her own bed. It's something she would not have done in here (and it's quite likely neither would anyone else). The on duty last night conducted a neurological exam, determined that Darsce hadn't sustained spinal involvement falling from the runner and colliding head-first with a boulder. He'd ensured the headwoman hadn't fractured any limbs. Then he'd mentioned an exam to be conducted the following day to ensure she hadn't sustained brain damage. That must be why she is here, yes? If so, the blonde returns for it, at least compliant with that part of her convalescence. Or… at least that's the assumption likely to be drawn when she walks into the place she escaped from and with careful concentration peers to see who- ULP! That's who's on duty this morning? Oh well. She stolls up to the desk and hops up onto a corner. "Yo Cyrus, mindhealer-dude. What've you got for a headache?"

Cyrus had heard all about the adventures. At least he had gotten an overview. He was rather pleased that he missed that event. It wouldn't have been fun to go through and he can imagine how happy they were to just get Darsce out. She was obviously a much better patient when she was unconcious and unresponsive. It has been a nice quiet morning so far and it finds Cyrus sitting at the desk with his feet up on it. As per usual several files are strewn in various levels of disarray all over the top of the desk. After all thats what Perri is for. Though Perri doesn't do it as well as Kera. Kera was much more attentive to putting everything back. At least in his mind she was. But she had to go off and play with lizards. Go figure. What people see in them is beyond him. He then hears a voice…a voice that he knows…oh great…she's back, and he's the lucky healer that gets to deal with her. Oh goody. He doesn't move as he is comfortable as he is, and likely isn't going to be for awhile so you have to milk it for all its worth, "That depends on the sort of headache. Do you have one or are you planning on creating one for someone else?"

Technically, Jethaniel's departure from the infirmary was according to the advice given him by a healer. The fact that Darsce accompanied him may not have actually been cleared by a member of that craft, as such, but she did so. Now, as she returns, he continues that accompaniment, standing back to let her enter the infirmary and following her inside. His gaze is primarily on Darsce, watching how she moves as she crosses to that desk and takes a seat while she awaits treatment. This may not be precisely according to procedures, but Jethaniel does not comment on it. He is frowning slightly, a worried sort of expression as he glances up to see Cyrus. The mindhealer evidently has an idiosyncratic perspective on the guidelines for occupational health and posture - as well as on the use and abuse of filing systems - but these may, at present, not actually be concerns which register to Jethaniel. His frown deepens at the healer's question, and there's a shift of his jaw as a potential reply is considered… but not actually made. That he leaves to Darsce.

Now there's something the headwoman concurs with: What do people see in dragons? Augh! Impressing one? No thanks! What sort of headache? Darsce rolls her eyes at Cyrus, "The painful sort, duh!" Then, more sweetly, she offers, "And I can do both at once if you'd like? I can multi-task." She doesn't seem to expect him to jump up from his comfy position, apparently. "Nono, don't trouble yourself. I can just… take care of it myself and be on my way." She doesn't really want this brain-checking anyway, even if Cyrus is the most qualified person to do it. She looks at Jethaniel. "Mind if I borrow your key?"

"I'm aware." Cyrus says in response to her skill at creating headaches in others. The report from the other evening is sufficent evidence even ignoring what he already knew. He puts his feet down and sits up straight, "I don't think we'll be giving you a key. As amusing as it would be to watch the aftermath I think I'll pass. I've been behaving myself lately and I don't want to get in trouble." Now that would be really amusing watching her try to figure out what to take, "How long has your headache been going on?" he asks.

Does Jethaniel have a headache? He may soon! He winces slightly at Darsce's description of these headaches, theoretical or actual. Admittedly, most headaches are painful; nevertheless… Jethaniel lowers his head slightly as Darsce turns to him, reaching out a hand to touch his fingers to her lower back. "Not yet." Perhaps he's discussing the status of his upcoming headache?

In the absence of requests to the contrary, Darsce may very likely provide both! But we, Kemosabe? "I wasn't asking you," this pertly to Cyrus with a toss of her silvery-blonde head ignoring, for the moment, the throbbing it causes. Trouble? But it's so much fun! Has he found the broken syringe with the leaked puddle of sedative on the floor of that alcove her cot was in yet? "I know the proper dose for fellis powder, since you've got the packets so conveniently labeled. Besides, it's not like I haven't-" Jethaniel speaks and she subsides with a sigh, relenting (luc-ky Cyrus?). "Oh, alright. How about some willow salic? That stuff isn't under lock and key." It's not a narcotic - the equivalent of aspirin - but it'll have to do, she supposes she'll survive. Her fingers grip the edge of the desk hard enough to whiten; that'll be the only visible sign of her discomfort. How long has she had the headache? She flashes Jethaniel a 'told you so' look. "Since I… hit my head on a rock?" she drawls, omitting the 'duh' this time. "Do you have any harder questions? This test is a cinch."

Cyrus has many harder questions. What is 2+2? What does a person like you see in Jethaniel? What is the airspeed velocity of a an unladen swallow? All kinds of questions, "So your plan was to come here, raid the narcotics cabinet as fast as you could and go home?" he asks. He'll settle for that question, "Because if thats the case you probably aren't brain damaged." Maybe a bit stupid, but not brain damaged. Half of Xanadu would probably do that periodically if it wasn't kept under lock and key. It is an interesting place after all. He glances over to Jethaniel, "Has she been acting stranger than usual?" He might as well confirm something with him since he obviously knows her well.

Jethaniel's fingers linger against Darsce's back, resting there with a light touch. What does Darsce see in him? Cyrus might ask her. He might even receive an answer. "There is not necessarily any need to act outside of established procedures," he says quietly, regarding Cyrus as he speaks. He does not, however, claim that there do not exist circumstances which merit actions outside of those established procedures. The medicine cabinet is likely more interesting for its contents than its location, but Jethaniel simply frowns for that. He dips his head slightly as Darsce looks to him, a nod that might well be acknowledgment, then lifts it again as Cyrus addresses him. "I have noted nothing unusual."

The answer to the first would be, 'It depends on who you ask.' The second, 'Ask King Arthur.' Cyrus really should ask the questions, he might unravel- then again maybe not. With the patience one reserves for a four turn old, Darsce clarifies, "On the contrary, my plan was to come ask you for something - whatever's most efficient - for my headache. So… that was a fail. Maybe I am brain damaged?" Sarcastic much there, Darsce? But really, Cyrus is making this too easy for her. She leans back into Jethaniel's hand, flicks him another knowing look when he's questioned. 2 for 2! "So… yeah, please give me something for the headache? And then if you want to examine me, you may." Siiiigh. Healers these days!

Cyrus is half tempted to open up the narcotic drawer in the cabinet and go to town. If only to get her out of here quickly. But for the sake of procedure he probably will have to examine her and do a quick neurolical exam to make sure she is firing on all cylinders. Or at least as many as anyone around here does, "Glad to hear it." he says to Jeth as he stands up. So much for having a quiet shift, "Ok. We'll get you something for the pain and check for your responses and get you on your way."

Sarcastic or otherwise, Darsce's mention of brain damage deepens Jethaniel's frown. Asking the healer for pain remedies is, however, well within those established procedures. Jethaniel eyes flick across the infirmary to assess the possibility of another healer to assist them, but beyond that he simply continues to wait, his hand resting against Darsce as he listens to her interaction with the healer. There's another dip of his head for her glance, though he keeps his eyes on Cyrus. The mindhealer seems to read Jethaniel's report favorably. This is… probably… a good sign regarding outcomes for Darsce, but the situation - both cognitive and interpersonal - remains a complex one. As Cyrus rises, Jethaniel exhales a sigh of relief. Darsce may get something for her headache, though the headaches she produces may not be treated quite so promptly… and there is still the matter of that exam.

Darsce would take a narcotic, no problem! Not that… she particularly craves them under normal circumstances, but as Cyrus is convinced half the Weyrfolk are junkies and the other half want to become addicts, there's not much she can do to convince him that it's legit. Right now all she wants is relief from the headache (which is not a great sign for someone having been unconscious for a day and a half after hitting her head on a boulder), to get that exam over with and scram. She doesn't want to be here either! So when Cyrus rises, she also sighs in relief. Willow salic is better than nothing? Her glance towards Jethaniel sees his frown and she gives him an apologetic semi-smile. She's far more tense than a simple request for headache treatment would make her, most likely because this is Cyrus' one shot at digging inside her head. Don't miss the opportunity, Cyrus!

Oooooo head digging. So much fun on a cold morning when there is nothing to do. The things that he could come up with…but for the moment he makes his way back tot he cabinet to get the requested medication. Upon his return he prepares to hadn her the willow salic and then glances over to Jeth, "Do you consent to treatment?" he asks. After all you have to make sure that your ducks are all in a row with Jeth present…or do the ducks have to be in a rhombus..who can really tell here. Oh yes..Cyrus will take this opportunity once he has permission.

While the effects of narcotics may, by some, be considered pleasurable, the usual desire for them is not for the addiction per se but for the experience of taking them. The addiction is an unforeseen consequence as the body acclimates to the presence of a drug and develops a dependency on it. Such dependencies may be merely psychological (though mindhealers might dispute the modifier) or actually physiological as the drug's effects are compensated for by the body and are, as such, imbalanced in the drug's absence. That said, the prevalance of drug-related problems in Xanadu is certainly something which may come under review at an appropriate time; this does not appear to be that time. Jethaniel attempts to echo Darsce's smile with one of his own, but it is somewhat more incomplete even than hers. Cyrus's absence is not prolonged, and soon enough Jethaniel looks back to the mindhealer as he arrives and engages in an assessment of anatine alignment.

"Oh right, consent! I'm amazed you didn't ask me that at me the moment I came in," drawls Darsce to Cyrus. Gee, she's pleasant this morning. She nods, then asks in a bored tone, "Where do I sign up?" He's got a form, right? Wasn't that… a requirement of his to simply enter the infirmary? She could make grabby hands at the medicine; she doesn't. Instead she leans back fractionally against Jethaniel's touch. He'll feel her back tense. But she's going through with this despite her own misgivings.

Cyrus will not bother with a form. After all he has witnesses and he'd have to go digging and that would be a pain in the neck. Besides all the actual paperwork for this particular case has already been filled out when she came in for her original treatment. Thankfully Jeth is married to her and can give consent. Woot. For the moment verbal consent will suffice. He hands off the willow and begins to plan his course of action, "Other than he headache how do you feel? Has there been any disorientation or memory loss?" he asks.

Jethaniel does often find Darsce pleasant. The opinions and experiences of others may vary… sometimes significantly. Fortunately, there is no need for validation of that across different perspectives. The giving of consent is something which it is important to have cross-validation for, but appears - at least this time - to be present. "Perhaps procedures should be posted," Jethaniel suggests, but it's an absent sort of murmur. His attention is primarily on Darsce, and he shifts his weight to end up a little closer to her, fingers adjusting their position against her back as he does so. There's a small nod from him as the cognitive assessment begins, Jethaniel's gaze going to Darsce as he listens for her answer.

Darsce can actually be polite - at least in short bursts. "Thank you," she says and means it as she is handed the medication. This she takes without delay, grimacing for the bitter taste. Verbal consent, eh? The headwoman raises an eyebrow at that, but says nothing. How does she feel? She answers Cyrus promptly and truthfully, "My shoulders and neck are sore and I have a headache. I imagine the willow salic will take care of that though. I'm a little nauseous, but perhaps because I haven't eaten yet this morning." She has to think about his second question. Memory loss? How would she know if she did? "Not to my knowledge." Her reply is… somewhat tart, but at least she doesn't roll her eyes this time. "I know who you are, I know who Jethaniel is, I fell off a damned runner, spent two days strapped to a board only to be stuck with pins by the healer on duty when I woke up." And when she gets her hands on him, so help her!

Short bursts of politeness are preferable to none at all. Cyrus will take what he can get. As to the affair with the other healer…at least she is awake. It was even odds of she would ever wake up again after whacking herself like that, "Well if you know me then you must be fine." he says with a grin. There is no reason to be completely serious. After all what is the point of doing anything if you can't have a bit of fun and get the job done at the same time. The feeling of nausea could be a number of different things. Some serious…some not at all, "Alright. Lets get you examined and get you about your day." he says as he motions toward one of the curtained cubicles and begins to move in that general direction.

What one is capable of doing and what one actually does may sometimes be disjoint sets. Jethaniel watches Darsce as she answers the question regarding her state, and nods slightly. His lips twitch upward briefly for the fact that she knows who he is; had she not, certain situations might have been substantively more problematic. His expression is serious again as he adds, "She oriented quickly on waking." This fact seems both potentially relevant and one regarding which Darsce would not necessarily be able to report accurately. For that matter, the healers' reports may lack that particular detail - they did not see her initial return to consciousness; Jethaniel did. He notes Cyrus's grin, but does not echo it, instead turning to Darsce and lowering his head partway toward her, a gesture interrupted by the knowledge of the localizations of her pain. "Shall we?" he asks, with a slight tilt of his head along the vector of the healer's motion.

Fun? Darsce has it nearly every time she enters the infirmary. It might be at a healer's expense but… "Perfect!" she says with asperity and this time she does roll her eyes. "That means I can go now, right?" She smirks right afterwards, knowing damn well an exam isn't going to be that short and simple. She then nods affirmation to verify Jethaniel's claim, "Both times, if you count this morning." She mutters, "The… positional dynamics were lacking both times, too." Cyrus' wave towards one of the cubicles redirects her attention and she shifts restlessly on her corner of desk-perch. Flicking a look towards Jethaniel, unreadable to others perhaps; he'll understand it. "I'm fine here," she claims sweetly.

Cyrus glances back to find that he is, apparently, not being followed. Great. Its going to be one of those sorts of things, "I suppose you could go now if you wanted, though you'd have to sign the form noting that you left against my advice. Standard form really. I can't keep you here against your will unless I want to prove that you don't have capacity, and it would seem to me at this point in time you do." he says as he takes a few strides back toward the desk, "Of course if you do have something going on you might find yourself back here…unconcious…again…and then it would be up to your husband what we do with you." His main goal right now is to get her out of the infirmary on a more permenant basis. For the moment Jethaniels comment about her orientating quickly is ignored, "Darsce I know you like to play games, but is now really the best time considering everything that has happened to you? If there is something wrong we want to find out now as opposed to later."

In theory, yes, Darsce could depart. In theory, she need not even have come here - willow salic is not a controlled substance; there are other ways to obtain it. Jethaniel nevertheless frowns slightly at Cyrus's description of the potential for Darsce's departure, a frown that deepens as the healer notes where the responsibility under those circumstances would lie. Jethaniel looks to Darsce, head tilted slightly downward and eyes steady, and he reaches for Darsce's hand, curving his fingers over the top of it. He makes no attempt to extract her from her perch, though the position on the corner of the desk is likely not the most comfortable. Admittedly, given a full scale of comfort, the cots of the healers are also lacking, but they are likely to be somewhat moreso than a piece of wood at an awkward height. "Perhaps," he says, and his gaze shifts from Darsce to Cyrus, "…it would be useful to describe the nature of these tests."

For once Cyrus and Darsce have similar goals! "I'm not signing anything," she says flatly. Nor is she hopping up to leave, either. Don't tempt her! Her eyes are on the curtained cubicle, "I'm not playing games," she says and it rings true - at least for the moment. Feeling fingers close over hers, her eyes flick back to her husband, her other hand sneaks to join the one Jethaniel's holding, fingers curling in his and tightening before her blue eyes lift to Cyrus in an icy stare. It's looking like it's going to be a standoff but then she relents with a longsuffering sigh. "Fine! If I have to go in one of those, I will!" She hops down and stalks to the cubicle. "But I'm not taking my clothes off!" Aaaand she's not letting go of Jethaniel's hand, either. He's getting dragged along with her. "And the curtain stays open, capisce?"

Cyrus begins to describe the nature of the tests, "It really isn't anything all that fancy just some simple neurological te…" he begins before Darsce begins her little tirade. He can certainly understand that she has been through alot and being a bit emotional is understandable. Though it could also be a symptom of an underlying problem. One that he probably couldn't find out with the equiptment that they here posess, "By all means keep your clothes on. For the love of all things good please…" he says to her. And if she wants the curtain open…by all means. He follows after the pair of them toward the cubicle. Though now might be a great time for a lecture, "This might shock you but we don't want you here anymore than you want to be here. It gives me no pleasure at all to have you stop by because you are feeling unwell. We actually do have your best interests at heart and I would be content to only see you out and about the weyr when you are feeling great." he says as he follows after them. Upon arriving at the cubicle he sighs and says, "Now have a seat." he says brusquely, "I can honestly say that this is the most obnoxious place that I have ever been assigned to tend too…the people here are really something else." he says as he turns for a second to see the contents of a little table table with instruments on it. He picks up a little hammer used to check reflexes, and turns around to face her, "Go to a weyr they said…it will be great for your career…and a wonderful experience. That shows you either how out of it the healers at the hall are, or just how much they disliked me." Both of which are reasonable possibilities. He has been denied reassignment on two separate occasions when he wrote and asked, "The tests are simple. I'm going to check your pupils and your reflexes. Those are the most common indicatior of neurological damage."

Jethaniel's hand remains curved against Darsce's, adjusting as is necessary according to her positioning but not otherwise moving. He does not offer any stated opinions concerning her signing, or lack thereof. He does listen to the beginning of Cyrus's explanation, before his gaze returns to Darsce as she conducts her own explanations of what will and will not be occuring. She does not explicitly say that he will be accompanying her, but her grip on his hand makes that part abundantly clear, and he comes along without protest; those are provided by Cyrus, and concern the nature of patients and lack of affinity for the Weyr. "There do exist certain negative elements," Jethaniel notes before turning his attention back to Darsce, remaining by her side as she settles herself suitably. He's still listening to Cyrus, as evinced by his nods to the tests described, but his gaze is on his wife.

Oh, it's a symptom of an underlying problem alright! But probably not along the lines the mindhealer is thinking, though maybe he ought to be. Darsce relaxes slightly as she's assured she won't be disrobing… and even moreso when Cyrus says the curtain may remain open. The lecture elicits another eye roll and a look over her shoulder at the healer that asks, a skeptical, Really? "Perfect because those flappy gowns are hideous-" she's already halfway to sitting when he bids her to do so. She pauses. Then sits slowly, deliberately sits, now perched on the edge of that cot instead of his desk. "It's got nothing to do with you," she says tartly. "I don't even know you, really, so how can I dislike you? Do you ever get out of here, even?" That part's asked absently as she flicks a glance to reassure herself that the curtain is, as promised, remaining open, not trapping her in here. Though she will agree with both of them, "Weyrs are weird." And then she, amazingly, shuts up and waits for him to check her whatevers, fingers curling tighter around Jethaniel's.

Cyrus nods his head to Jeth, "You are telling me." Jethaniel apparently is a master of the understatement, "Ever since I arrived there has been a non stop cavalcade of crazy…and not the good kind of crazy. I like the good kind of crazy, but this has been odder than I like." he explains as he begins to check her reflexes by tapping her knees with the hammer, "And why would I want to get out of here. This is the sanest place in the whole weyr. I don't even see my assistant Kera much anymore since she went off to dragon school. I still can't believe that she was willing to do that…I always thought she had more sense than that." he says with a sigh, "Oh well…oh…by the way…there is no chance that you are pregnant right?" He just has to ask since there is nausea and emotionality.

It is certainly true that Jethaniel may, under certain circumstances, make statements which are perhaps not as straightforward as they might be. Those statements may, further, be somewhat reduced in intensity from what would - to an unbiased outside observer - be considered accurate. While there exists no crafthall of understatement to confer mastery, in the hypothetical case of one, a coherent case could be made for that to be added to Jethaniel's titles - whether as a result of study or merely as an honorary rank. Given the lack of any actual system for the recognition of such in more than an ad-hoc fashion, the distinction is somewhat academic. Jethaniel remains standing, though his leg adjoins the cot on which Darsce is seated. His fingers remain curled with hers, relatively relaxed but not protesting the tightness with which hers grip. There's a small motion of his thumb, providing a subtle caress and further reassurance of his presence. Even if Darsce's mental balance is in doubt, Jethaniel's is… ah… not presently under inspection. He is here, Darsce is clothed, and the curtain is open. Cyrus is also here, but the preponderance of these elements is, given the current situation, likely to be positive where Darsce is concerned. As he listens to the healer, Jethaniel's frown takes on a hint of puzzlement. "Ah… what kind do you consider 'good'?" He is not entirely certain he wishes to know, but he is nevertheless curious - and a mild distraction may be appropriate. He has no comment regarding Kera and her life choices, and the question regarding Darsce simply returns his attention to her, awaiting her reply.

"Yeah, you should get out. Look what being cooped up in here has done for you, made you all paranoid everyone hates you. See, what you need to do is come out on a double date with Jethaniel and I. If you don't know a girl who'd put up with you, we can find one for you and-" Her leg does as it's supposed to, gives a little jerk when he taps it. Apparently her spine and the nerves running to it are fine. She gapes at Cyrus as he goes off on a tirade of his own, then burbles a laugh, "There's a good kind of crazy?" That comes at about the same time Jethaniel asks and she slides him a look sidelong. When Cyrus asks her the question, that grin disappears entirely, sets her to sputtering, "No I'm not pregnant! What kind of neurological exam- I'm fine. Just have a headache-!" Oh emo, Darsce?! She reassures him with, "I'm always like this." Poor Jethaniel? And then… THEN… she blanches, inhales and asks too-casually, "You… don't… happen to have any klah handy, do you?"

Cyrus does feel the need to ask all those sorts of questions, because its his job and it is relevant int his case and in most cases, "The good kind is the kind that is diagnosable and fixable…" which most mental issues are…though he has yet to find a cure for the sort of crazy that is going on around here, "Unfortuately we can't fix the dragon kind of crazy." Dragons, in his opinion, are the worst form of mental illness imagineable. Though that wouldn't be popular to say around here, "I think I'll pass thanks…" he says to Darsce as she offers to take him out on a double date, "I doubt there are any women around here that I would be interested in." After noting her reflexes he puts the hammer down and as he turns back to face her he blinks, "Darsce…whats going on?" he asks. She does not look right. Not at all.

A… double date. Jethaniel knows the meanings of all these words individually. He is even familiar with them in a phrasal context, so perhaps it's the 'with Cyrus' part that has his eyebrows lifting as he regards Darsce. Fortunately for Jethaniel's ease of mind - if not Cyrus's social life - the healer declines the offer. Apparerently a lack of social life is not considered diagnosable or curable? "…a soluble problem is nevertheless a problem. I would not characterize it as good." Jethaniel is, however, not a mindhealer. As for the dragons? "You may wish to have that conversation with the dragonhealers." Dragon plus mind equals… something; the solution to that equation is not one which overly concerns Jethaniel. His thumb slides against Darsce's hand, and her initial answer regarding her reproductive status receives a small nod. The fact that this is - for Darsce - usual receives another. She is not normally in the infirmary, but given her presence here, the reactions she is displaying seem entirely reasonable; Jethaniel is no more worried by them than he already was… at least until she makes it apparent there is some further difficulty. Jethaniel frowns, a furrowing of his brows as he keeps his eyes on Darsce. "…klah?" It's spoken quietly, a consideration to himself rather than a statement directed at another.

"We'll find you a man then," says Darsce patiently. She's helpful, yeah? But sadness! He's not interested in having a social life and so she won't be able to help him have probably the worst date of his entire life and thus be immensely amused in the process. She misses the chance to needle Cyrus about his lack of social life, or comment that she isn't a dragonrider. So many opportunities lost because Darsce is quietly panicking! "Nothing?" she answers the mindhealer innocently instead of pushing the idea at him. "Just… want a cup of klah, that's all." He's the healer - he should be able to tell her what's wrong. Jethaniel's quiet question draws her attention and she nods, "Haven't had any in two days." Or was that two and a half? Or three?

Cyrus has to chuckle a bit at her reaction, "Sorry. Don't really swing that way…" It isn't that he doesn't find women attractive…its just that he is fairly certain he will not be finding a suitable sort of women in a place like this. You might have to travel a bit to find a decent sort of place. Which Xanadu isn't…not by a long shot. He can certainly undestand that there can be a certain withdrawl reaction from things like that, but you still have to be extra safe in a sitaution like this, "You are sure?" he asks as he leans in to take a look at her pupils to make sure they are not dialated in an odd way or that there is a radical difference between the two.

Jethaniel is ultimately unconcerned by Cyrus's romantic prospects or lack thereof, and had no intention of pursuing that topic even in the absence of distractions; those merely provide a place to refocus his attention without the need to construct one from the ground up. "Ah," he says to Darsce's lack of klah, and nods. "There will be some in the caverns." When considered in comparison to a span of days, the time spent in this neurological assessment is likely to be relatively trivial; perhaps that is why he does not depart to obtain her some more expeditiously.

"Are you suuuuure you don't swing…that way?" Darsce asks with a curl of her lip, amused because he's already said how he doesn't want to get out… at all. Not that she really cares, but she'd point out a few flaws in the logic Cyrus uses to decide what sort of place Xanadu is, such as staying cloistered in the infirmary with sick people who don't want to be there. Her pupils are evenly-reactive when Cyrus checks them; nothing odd to see there. It's too bad Darsce is focused on klah right now, because all the potential fodder for mocking him are lost. It's so very sad. Her eyes, having been kept straight ahead while Cyrus was checking them, return to Jethaniel with a kind of desperation. The caverns?! Waaaay over there?? (no, just down the hall isn't close at all!) She tries not to fidget. "Are we done here yet?" This to Cyrus with undisguised abruptness.

"I think I would know." he assures her. After all you don't really miss something like that. When he sees that her pupils are fine he can't help but be a bit more at ease, "Well your reflexes seem to be fine….your pupils are fine. That doesn't mean that things are perfect but in the absence of other equiptment thats probably the best we are going to do here. I do want you to be watchful and pay attention." he says to Jeth and then to her, "If anything out of the ordinary appears you had best get yourselves back in here. But yes…you are otherewise free to leave. See it wasn't so bad."

Jethaniel's fingers curve more firmly against Darsce's, head tilted slightly down as he waits for Cyrus to conduct his investigations. The healer's pronouncement is greeted with relief, a smile from Jethaniel that's followed by a nod. "Good." He steps away from the cot - though not so far as to actually require him to release Darsce's hand; merely to make it more convenient for her to rise. They have klah to find! But first - because Darsce may well neglect to do so - Jethaniel tells Cyrus, "Thank you."

Sounding aggrieved, "I am so perfect!" Though Darsce's smiling, so she may be aiming for humor to lessen her own tension. Then again, with the care she takes of herself - she's impeccable from the top of her sleek and shining silver-blond hair to the tips of her shaped and polished toenails - she might be in earnest, who knows? She's declared fit and with no further ado, she rises and starts towards the doorway. FREEEEEDOM beckons! She nearly gaks when Cyrus says it wasn't so bad. It was awful! He asked her the p-question! And she hasn't had klah in… however many days? But she doesn't contradict the poor healer. "I'll watch," she says, over her shoulder. Watch what? Hell if she knows. Just promise the healer anything to get out of there! She nods when Jethaniel says thanks, but adds nothing to it. Thank you? She's already said it for the willow salic. Cyrus should thank her for letting him examine her. Still clinging to Jethaniel's hand, she aims for that door. Klah! Where IS it? She needs to make up for the past few days' lack - and then some! Hopefully it's not too late.

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