Basements and Ambushes

Xanadu Weyr - Kera's Sanitarium
A narrow but wide two story stone cabin is nestled at the end of a long, winding dirt road through the woods. Though at one point most of the greenery had been cleared around the cottage, it has been abandoned for a few turns and now weeds and small plants are creeping up towards the doors. Rounded stones make up the walls, while tiles slope steeply downward across the peaked roof. If asked, some will whisper that this cabin used to belong to Fraille, the crazy Healer lady.

Inside, the cottage is almost entirely empty. It's been swept out and cleaned, and all the damaged furniture removed. What remains is a set of bookshelves in the living room, and after climbing the stairs, a wardrobe and a bed frame in the master bedroom. There is a small unfurnished kitchen, a work room, and another bedroom to complete the cottage's floorplan. One thing is missing - a shelter for a dragon. Since this used to be a Healer's cottage, there isn't one built just yet, but there is plenty of room if the new owner wishes to add one.

One more oddity graces this abandoned little home. In the kitchen there is a door set into the floor. Opening it leads down a creaking set of wooden stairs to the stone-walled basement. This is clearly where Fraille did most of her work, and it's also neglected to be cleaned out by whoever was preparing this cottage for the new resident. Tables are littered with jars and bits of paper, odds and ends of rusted Healer tools, shelves lined with jar after jar after jar of herbs and plants, dried and soaking, hanging from the rafters, and decaying. What a delightfully creepy little room. It's almost as if the walls are whispering, 'Why, yes, actually, Fraille /was/ crazy.'

Midmorning, and the overcast sky offers some dim relief from the sun blinding off the snow. The tall cottage is wearing its own fluffy blanket, as is most of the surrounding yard. Every so often a wall of snow goes flying to drift back down further away, thanks to the sweeping dragon tail batting it away. A small path ribbons through the snow, to end with a bundled up Kera standing a couple paces away from her dragonmate. The mostly full grown green using her tail to clear paths through the yard. Her efforts have left several large mounds to either side of uncovered ground, perfect to hide behind in case snowballs start flying. "Awesome job Moncerath. Would have taken me a couple of candlemarks to clear all that." Her gaze looks from the door, then back along towards the edge of the yard. "Now, we need to figure out where to put your new digs hmm?"

On the rare occasion that she scores a day free and off of duty (though not really — she's still "on call" for any emergencies or pressing matters), Kiena never fails at just letting the day progress as it will. No planning, no schedules! Just good old randomness. And it would just so happen that she has her two daughters with her, taking them off their foster family's hands for the time being. Perhaps the Weyrsecond is following their schedule and plans today? That might explain why the trio are walking down the forest paths. Might also explain why if Kera looks to her side, she'll spot two five Turn old girls staring from the end of one path, slack jawed in awe and wide eyed, bundled in many layers of clothing as Moncerath clears snow so effortlessly. Woah. "Eli, Ezzie, it's not nice to stare. Close your mouths too, you've seen dragons before you silly things." Kiena drawls in a mock scolding, which snaps the twins out of their spell. "Hey Kera! Fancy finding you out here. This your new place?" she calls to the weyrling. "Morning to you too Moncerath!"

Kera does indeed spot the twins staring her and Moncerath's way. Offering a little chuckle, the greenling healer waves a warmly gloved hand towards the girls "Well G'morning you two." Hiding her grin behind her glove when Kiena scolds her daughters for staring, then waves off the woman's worry. "It's alright ma'am." A respectful but quick salute is sent to the Weyrsecond before flashing a grin back towards the tall cottage while Moncerath warbles softly a greeting to Kiena and the two little ones. "That's what they tell me. It used to belong to ole Master Healer Fraille." Stepping closer to the door, she gives the frame a pat "Maybe that'll help in my studies…when I get back to them that is." She gestures for the family to come closer if they wish. "Should be safe footing now." Minimur suddenly flutters through the trees chittering randomly. "Took ya long enough." is mutter to the brown as he settles on the jacket covered arm them crawls to her shoulder. Peering back to Kiena "A few repairs to the cottage should have it solid enough soon. Not too sure about those stairs down into the basement though."

When Kera waves, both girls wave back. Eliana (Eli) is the shyer of the two, with Ezsrisa (Ezzie) being far more exuberant. Both have dark hair and in copious amounts though Eli keeps hers braided in two tails and Ezzie keeps hers unbound. "Mornin'!" they chime back too and then peer back to their mother when Kera gestures them closer. Kiena nods her head and the girls rocket forwards in their awkward gaits thanks to their heavy jackets and boots. "What was you greenuh I mean Moncerath doin'?" Ezzie asks Kera, glancing from weyrling to green dragon and stumbling over her words when she receives a warning look from her mother. Manners. Never mind that Moncerath's name is probably spoken syllable to syllable. "Can we go play in the snow too?" Ellie asks shyly. Kiena just smirks to Kera. Is she sure she wants the girls closer? They're chatter boxes. "Ahh, so that's what this place was, once? Looks cozy. Was wondering why there's no wallow either. A to-do project, then?" she murmurs, giving Kera a warm, small smile. Then she frowns. "A basement? And repairs? Was this a fixer upper?"

Kera reaches up to rub the little brown's neck after he settles, a grin flashed to the twins as they make they awkward way over. Taking pity on them after they stumble through Moncerath's name, a conspiratory wink is offered "You can call her Mon if you like. I do alot of the time." her gaze slips to Kiena "And I don't have anywhere the mouth full to say that Innes does with her dragonmate." Ezzie's question draws her attention back to the girls. "She was helping me clear a walkway to the door. But she thinks it's great fun to smack the snow…." Whatever she says is cut off as a 'thwacking' sound proceeds the sparkling snow that suddenly mist down over the group. Did someone say play? Kera looks back to Moncerath with an amused headshake. "If ya want to keep on Mon, go over there and work that area." Her gesture points out the side of the cottage and the green warbles and starts clearing a path towards the side. Kera watches her dragonamte a few seconds, chuckling then nodding to Kiena as her attention goes back towards the Weyrsecond, then the cottage. "A little. It's been empty for turns, so a few repairs here and there are to be expected. To be honest, I've not gotten nerve up to go down stairs. I'ld swear I heard something shuffling around."

"Really? Okay…" Ezzie doesn't sound so certain, but Eli jumps right on it. "Can we go see Mon?" So much simpler! They've no idea what they're in for if they have to pronounce Innes gold's name! Though they may have to learn, for lessons. Poor kids. "Moncerath is a nice name. So is…" HA! Even Kiena has to pause for a heartbeat! "… Kairoikyriath. When you get used to it." Riiight. Both the twins giggle for Kera's explanation to Moncerath clearing the snow and then they're both shrieking in delight when the green sends some flying their way. "Again, again!" they call, rushing forwards and grabbing their own armfuls to send flying. Thankfully their "mist of snow" heads in the other direction and Kiena doesn't have to keep flinching and ducking. "Annnd… we've now got them entertained for the next few minutes." she drawls. smiling crookedly to Kera and looking up at the cottage again. "Huh. Do you have furniture and everything for the place? And… now I'm curious about this basement. Can you see what's in it?" Her brows knit and her nose soon wrinkles too. "Something moving? Like… tunnelsnakes?" Nice, Kiena. That's surely what a new weyr-owner wants to hear! The Weyrsecond is standing beside Kera by the cottage, talking in a relaxed and sociable way. It's morning and the bluerider scored a rare day off and so saddled herself with her twins. Both girls are now engrossed in shadowing Moncerath and also playing into the drifts of snow about the cottage. Their shrieks of laughter and giggling and calls to each other are probably heard a good deal down the paths. Sorry, neighbours?

Mur'dah actually slept for a few hours last night, after visiting with Darsce again. The AWLM is therefore freshly bathed, shaved, hair brushed, and in nicer clothes. Dressed up for…? Who knows. But as he was heading to the barracks, hearing the twins' laughing shrieks, he just has to peek around and find them.

Kera grins, her attention going from Kiena to the snow covered forms of Moncerath, Eli and Ezzie. Mon's tail swishing and swooshing at the snow, entertaining the young girls while relocating the snow. Watching them a few seconds she chuckles back to the Weyrsecond. "Yea, all three seem to be enjoying the dragonmade 'snowfall'." Gesturing inside she goes to open the door, but bounces back a bit with a surprised grunt. With a little snort she gives the bottom of the door a smart kick to unstick the door from frame. "Okie, that's just cause it's cold I think, not really a problem." Eyeing the door as she steps in, then flashes a grin to the Weyrsecond "Would ya like to come in Kiena." Wrinkling her nose briefly she adds "But if you ever meet my mom, don't mention I didn't have anything to drink to offer my first guest, 'kay?" Flaring her arm around the room "Here it is, Ole Master Fraille's place." Her gaze flickers towards the kitchen, where the basement door is. Just hope she's not still here. "There are a couple of things, but I'll work on getting more as I need it." Sighing a bit she shrugs about the odd noises "It could just be my imagination. I mean look at it, creepy old basement…" Her hands flicks towards the kitchen on there on as she steps around the room, peeking out the window. "Is that Mur'dah?"

It's not hard at all to keep the girls entertained. Moncerath may find an extra pair of hands to "help" with the task, though they're very careful to mind where the green is swinging that tail of hers. "I'm amazed that they don't seem to mind the snow. Even though most of their young lives they were in tropical Western." she muses. Blinking as Kera attempts to open then door, she'll wince when the weyrling is forced to kick it. Uh… "Right, the cold. Sure, if you don't mind?" The Weyrsecond murmurs and turning she'll call to her daughters. "You two behave, alright? We're going inside, but the door is open!" Both girls call back before the laughter starts up again. Now they're chasing each other with handfuls of snow. Kiena shakes her head and follows Kera inside. "And my lips are sealed. If I had thought ahead, I'd have brought something to celebrate your new home!" So a spur of the moment visit will have to do? Clearing her boots of as much snow before she tromps around, Kiena's eyes will slide over the rooms, examining the structure. "It's a nice place, Kera! You're right, it needs a bit of love but… that's half the fun, right? Making it really yours." she murmurs. Kiena peers into the kitchen and then to that trap door with growing curiosity. "I see a trap door? Is that the… the way down?" Okay, so that is slightly weird. "Hmm?" Kiena will step up behind Kera to peer through the window and then snickers under her breath. "So it is." A beat later. "…let's go greet him, hmm?" Why does she sound like she's up to something? Kiena is edging back towards the door, grinning to Kera before stepping out again. Her hand lifts in a wave to Mur'dah. The girls? Are no where to be seen. Maybe they think like their mother? Or she got to them in time and told them to hide.

Mur'dah meanders down the path, hands in his pockets, and tips his chin up in a 'hey' gesture before he actually voices anything. "Hey! Kera, is this your new place? They gave you crazy old Fraille's cottage?" That's weird. Who thought of that?

Kera nods quickly "It'll be great once I get something set up for Moncerath. With the weather though, that may take a little while. She's still sleeping on the edge of the sands for now." Another perusal glance around and she nods "A bit of paint, oil a couple of hinges, things like that I should be able to work on in my spare time." Doubling the cottage floor space for Moncerath? That may take some doing. Peering back out the wondow to Mur'dah, she nods to Kiena, canting her head at the woman's tone. "After you." Flashing a grin she shrugs the little brown from her shoulder, who decides to test the old bookshelf for a perch. Following the bluerider out, Kera sends a salute to the Asst. Weyrlingmaster "G'day sir." Nodding at the brownrider's question, her brow lifts at referance to her cozy little cottage, but smiles "Not sure how crazy she was, but it's mine and Moncerath's now. I was just showing Kiena the inside." Looking around, Moncerath's snow clearing seems to have ceased, for now, the young green snuffling at the snow, her wings partially extended and drooping a little. Could be hiding an army of snowball wielding Kiena clones behind those huge things. Or not.

"Might be able to get some help with that? With the wallow building, that is. Doesn't seem fair that Moncerath still has to crash the sands." Kiena murmurs and nods her head in agreement to Kera's suggestions of paint, oil and some TLC. "If I have the time and you're needing it, I'd not mind helping? Consider it a… weyr warming gift?" Since she hasn't had time to prepare anything else! Back outside, Kiena will chuckle as Kera explains her new lodgings. "It's a pretty nice place. Needs some love but… nice! We were just about to check out this supposed basement…" And she gives the green weyrling a sidelong look. Okay to say? Or was that a Big Secret? That isn't… now that she opened her mouth. Eli and Ezzie are, in fact, hunkered down by Moncerath, having already whispered their thanks to the green as they hastily gather their ammunition. Waiting, waiting… Kiena almost spoils all the fun by darting a look back over her shoulder and then to Mur'dah with a wolfish grin. "Kera? Duck." Because the Weyrsecond is plastering her back against the side of the cottage as both Eli and Ezzie come charging out from under the green's wings, yelling little girl battle cries (screams, really) as they unleash a few snow balls Mur'dah's way. Which… maybe one or two MIGHT make it. The rest are just chaotic and random. The second they're out of ammo, the girls dive back under their little hide hole under Moncerath's wings and their breathless giggling can be heard.

Mur'dah was just about the call back when he's ATTACKED by snowballs. "GAAAAH!" he yells, full of drama as he covers his face, flails, and then /drops/ to the snow. Down. Down went the Mur'dah. And he just lays there. But there's no alarm from Kalsuoth so clearly he's fine. He just…lays there. And lays there. And waits.

Kera spares a quick glance towards Moncerath, nothing suspicious about that, just a weyrling looking to her dragonmate. No harm has come to the green in her absance to her attention goes back to Mur'dah and Kiena, smirking with a nod to the bluerider. "No supposed about it. There 'is one'. I've just not worked up the nerve to go down there yet. Not more than a few steps down there at least." She flicks a gaze to Kiena with a quick nod and she crouches down, trying to use the Weyrsecond's legs as a partial shield from any stray snowballs. Peeking out from behind her arm, she chuckles as the brownrider is taken down in the onslaught. When his form goes still, and the attackers retreat safely behind overlarge wings, distinct chuckling echos across the snow. After a minute, she cants her gaze to Kiena "If he doesn't make it do you think V'dim will be upset at having to get another assistant?" Kera tries to sound serious but the twin's giggling seems to be contagious.

Kiena laughs as Mur'dah flails and falls, and laughs further for Kera's comments. "Probably. He'll skin us both and then as further punishment, make us his next AWLMs! Sorry, Kera." she drawls in a snickered voice, flashing a crooked grin to the weyrling. Meanwhile, Eli and Ezzie have poked their heads out from under Moncerath's wing, their cheeks and noses pinkened by cold and laughter. Only they're not laughing now but grinning in a sort of amused and nervous way. Two sets of eyes dart to Kera, then Kiena and then linger on the "prone" form of the brownrider. "Murrrr'dah?" Ezzie calls as she carefully edges out from the protection of their "shield". Eli is a little more apprehensive, mainly because neither Kera or Kiena are reacting angrily. Until, that is, Kiena speaks up. "You two better go check on him. You might've knocked him senseless. Isn't that right, Kera?" Isn't she a nice mother, setting the trap? Ezzie and Eli start to slowly shuffle closer and closer, darting looks to the Weyrsecond and weyrling, then back to Mur'dah, on edge and giggling under their breaths. Closer…closer…

Hurry up, this snow is cold! Mur'dah lays there. Lays there. If there's any thought in his mind at how inappropriate this game is with his sister in a coma, well. Cough. He doesn't make the connection.

Kera works to stifle her giggles, as Kiena urges her daughters to see to the fallen rider. Nodding seriously "Oh yes, he may have a good thump to the noggin. Fortunately, the snow will keep swelling down." Another serious sage nod, for the twins benefit, while trying to keep her amusement under control. During the chat, she's managed to stand back up again once it was deemed safe to do so. Kiena is given a look of mock horror "Oh you don't think he would 'reeeeallyy' punish us that way do you? It could really cut into my study time." With a little shrug "Oh well, we'll have to wait and see if your daughters are good healer aides or not first." Then she's waiting, with a smirk, so see what happens next.

Oops? Kiena makes the connection, likely through Kera's (completely innocent) comments and clears her throat a bit. "Dunno about any swelling but why don't you girls give him a good poke?" The twins had paused when Kera explained the possible seriousness, half backed up by their mother. Now they hurry forwards, thinking Mur'dah truly IS down and out! "Murrr'dah?" Ezzie sing-songs his name while grabbing his shoulder and nudging it. Shake, shake, nudge. Eli kneels beside him too but pushes more against his side. "You okaaay?" Kiena's trying not to burst into laughter either, since she has a feeling she knows what's about to happen next. Kera's look of mock horror is met with a toothy grin. "Who knows with V'dim? But we'd have to replace his AWLM somehow! We'll see, won't we?" she muses with a wink. Healers… her girls are not.

Mur'dah is still. He's breathing. Damn. This is BAD with Darsce how she is. When this clicks, he's going to feel /awful/. But right now…"GAH!" he yells, but not /too/ loudly, and he reaches out to try and grab them both, intending to give them just a /little/ scare as he hauls the twins down across his body and against his sides. "I've got you!"

Kera nods, but is failing to keep the seriousness to her expression. "We'll know shortly…" is half muttered as the girls hurry their movements to get to the fallen rider's side. When he sweeps them down to the frigid snow, she laughs out at their antics. "Seems we lucked out, V'dim won't be needing any replacement today. We're off the hook, for now." Turning a grin over to Moncerath, the greeting huffing about as if she's amused at the game. After a few seconds, something comes to her brain and she starts snickering to Kiena "Just be glad he isn't a weyrling, else someone could file an assault complaint on them." Frozen water in the eye would have to be worse than a bit of perfume, right?

Kiena breathes a sigh of relief. "Looks like it, eh, Kera? Dodged that one and glad of it! I rather enjoy my rank as Weyrsecond, thank you!" It's growing on her! Laughing as Mur'dah springs the trap and sweeps the girls into his grasp. Then she gives Kera a sidelong look and a crooked smirk. "Now who would do that?" she drawls. Eli and Ezzie are both "caught" by Mur'dah and fall against him in collapsed heaps of shrieked laughter and giggling. "You tricked us!" one of them calls in a mockingly accusing tone. Not fair, not fair! "You ALL tricked us!" SO NOT fair! They'll poke their tongues out at Kiena and Kera for that before wriggling against Mur'dah's grip and trying to get to their feet again. They'll tug at the brown rider's arms and jacket. "You okay for real, Mur'dah?" Eli asks, while Ezzie stands on tiptoe to "examine" him. "Don't see anything!" she reports cheerily.

Mur'dah laughs, kissing both girls before he lets them go and pushes to his feet. "I'm fine, just chilled," he admits, taking a girl's hand in each of his and walking towards Kiena and Kera. "And /you/ tricked /me/. Warn a guy next time, huh?" he asks of the ladies, shaking snow from his clothes once they're close and he lets the girls' hands go.

Kera turns her smile back to the giggling girls before snorting at Kiena's questions with an added huff "Some silly storekeeper would. But it was turns ago." When the girls cry that they were tricked, Kera holds her hands up innocently and shakes her head "No tricks, he 'could' have been hurt. Looking to Mur'dah like he may have had one drink too many "Warn you? Where's the fun in that?" Shaking her head and flashing a grin to Kiena "This way was much more fun wasn't it Weyrsecond?" Still amused, she gestures towards the inside "I was just showing Kiena around the new cottage, and discussing the thing living in the basement."

Both girls squeal and giggle all the more from Mur'dah kissing them, with Ezzie wrinkling her nose and wiping her cheek. Gah! But they'll stick to the brownrider like glue all the same even when he lets go of their hands. Kiena has her attention on Kera and her brows have lifted up in a curious 'do tell' sort of way. "Huh. Don't think I've ever heard this particular story before." she muses and then chuckles dryly when Kera acts innocent on her part of the ambush. Which… is rather true. This is all Kiena's doing, really. "Oh yes. Much more fun! Sorry, Mur'dah. Next time I'll… work on some secret hand signal or something." she teases to the brownrider, only to laugh again. "It's true too! Saw the trap door. You should come see…" Eli and Ezzie cling to Mur'dah's side, one on each hip. "Something's in the basement?" Eli says in a false-frightened voice. Both girls "act" scared — for now. "What's a basement?" That comes from Ezzie, who's peering at them all. Do explain? Kiena gives Kera a look, but it's the weyrling's cottage and up to her if she wants everyone tromping through it.

Mur'dah lifts a hand to tap his scalp. They have dragons. Duh. He looks down at the girls, briefly confused as to why they're still attached to him, but he doesn't seem to mind it. "Yeah, this is old Fraille's place. Dad used to call her a crazy old bat." He shivers, eying the cottage. "What's in the basement?"

Kera chuckles with a half shrug and flickers a quick glance to Mur'dah then back to Kiena. "Um well, maybe I'm not the best one to tell that story." A quick headtilt to the brownrider. "He may still be a bit touchy over it." And if not, he can tell the tale. Smiling mischeviously from the bluerider to the twins "Oh yes, I think something is down there alright. There was scraping, and hissing, I turned and ran rightback up the steps." Kera exagerates her antics a bit for the girls amusement, but Mur'dah's 'crazy old bat' comments get a pointed look/ "Maybe it's her down in the basement, just waiting to pounce." She waves her hands and fingers dramtically 'ooohhh, spooky'.

Kiena would have likely flipped Mur'dah a teasing but rude gesture for him tapping his scalp. She won't though, because there are kids present. And a weyrling. Annnnd… she's still technically Weyrsecond even if "off duty". Cough. Her eyes dart from Kera and back to Mur'dah, lingering on him with a silent question. Oh really? "Maybe another time." she muses, only to chuckle. "'Fraid this crazy old bat Fraille is before my time here in Xanadu. You lot probably know more about her history." Eli and Ezzie hang on to Kera's every word and exaggerated antics, both shrinking back and giving false worried and frightened sounds before giggling again. They clutch and cling to Mur'dah to further ramp up their dramatic "ooh we're so scared!" behaviour. He'll keep them safe, right? "How come you don't get someone to chase it out?" Ezzie asks, while Eli nods her head in agreement only to frown. "Why'd she be down there? What's a basement?" she repeats until Kiena relents. "It's a lower floor, usually a room built into the ground and under the floor. You reach this one going through a small door in the kitchen…" The girls listen, only to stare down at their feet and shift uneasily. Uh… not quite, right? Kiena sighs. Wonderful.

Mur'dah just looks confused at Kera. "What story are you talking about?" Nope, he doesn't get it. Then he shudders. "Ugh, don't even joke about /her/ being down there. She was insane, from what I've heard. I never met her, but…yeah. No thanks." He smiles at Kiena, reaching out to rest a hand on each kid's back. Sure, he'll protect them. Unless it's Fraille. Then he'll leave them in his dust.

Kera flicks a glance to Mur'dah, "All the trouble I got into for splashing a little perfume on you turns ago." And that's all the tidbit the weyrling is giving up over that. An uncertain shrug lifts her shoulders briefly "Master Healer Fraille was before my time too. But there are still stories to keep the apprentices in line at the Halls." Kera chuckles to the others, smiling as the girls eye the floor warily. "Oh don't worry, tis solid enough. See…" She stomps a few times, haphazardly dislodging a bit of clumped snow from her boot. "Over there though….can't be so sure." She teases the girls and winks to Kiena and Mur'dah.

"…perfume?" Kiena has to fight to keep from snickering. Really, really fight it as she glances between Mur'dah and Kera. "Maybe I don't want to know." she muses and then tilts her head. She doesn't seem so spooked by this Healer Fraille, but she is fascinated by the fear she instills! Now the Weyrsecond might go digging up more information. "An insane Master Healer? Now that is new!" The girls, still huddled against Mur'dah, watch as Kera stomps on the ground and appear relieved, only to jolt a bit and peer worriedly over that "spot" Kera hints at. Oookay, so they're not stepping over there! And maybe all this talk of basements and holes in the ground and crazy old Healers lurking to pounce are spooking the twins. "'M cold…" Ezzie complains, tugging at Mur'dah's jacket and Eli joins in. "And I'm thirsty… can we go in the caverns?" Awaaaay from the cottage! Which they're eyeing suspiciously now, though also looking to Kera and Kiena. They coming too? Or is Mur'dah… a volun-told babysitter?

Mur'dah's nose wrinkles. "Oh. Yeah. Well. That was totally your fault." He was /innocent/. Looking down at the twins, he bends to scoop both of them up. "I can take them. I need to get a few things anyway before I head to the barracks. Harper lessons?" That's where he's leaving them, right Kiena?

Kera stifles a snicker over the girl's reaction to what may be in the basement. When they start making it known that they are read to leave, she chuckles. "Thank you both for coming to visit, and for keeping Moncerath company." Or were they the green's partners in snowball assault? Wagging a still gloved hand to the little trio "Have a good day you three." Or try to at least. Hmm, or is that four. Looking to Kiena "We can a full tour later. I may need something to do battle with what ever is rustling around down there."

"Harper lessons. And don't let them convince you otherwise, Mur'dah." Kiena drawls to the brownrider and gives her girls a level look. No sneaking out of it! Eli and Ezzie wrap their arms around Mur'dah, but manage to still wave goodbye to Kera. "Thank you for letting us play." Eli says, with Ezzie adding: "Thank you to Moncerath too! Byeee!" So the green gets her farewell too! Only seems fair for her help, right? Kiena smiles warmly and fondly to her girls and then grins to Mur'dah. "Thanks. I owe you." Does she ever. "Sounds good, Kera. Again, if you need help with anything, just let me know? As for battling it out with your possible 'guest' down there… well… maybe get Bowyn to help you? She's a hunter, ain't she?" Problem solved? Kiena tilts her head, eyes growing distant and then she sighs. "And my free day is up. Looks like I'm being called… sorry, Kera." There's an apologetic look to Mur'dah too, if the brownrider is still there. "We'll catch up another time?" she asks of both of them, already looking back towards the weyr proper.

Kera smiles and waves with a nod to Mur'dah as he starts off, then starts snickering to Kiena "Maybe I can catch her when she's hungry. Extra motivated that way." A smirk offerd over that before nodding and waving "I'll let you know if I need anything. Thanks. Not gonna be much to do though til the snow melts." Waving to the group as they head off. "G'day everyone." Another wave offered and then she's puttering back towards the door to call out. "Mini, wake up, let's go find some food."

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