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Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Grounds
Cradled in a cup shaped bite out of the mountain, this wide, grassy flat has become home for Xanadu's weyrling dragons. It's set surprisingly high above the level of the beach, visible from the eastern side of the grounds where a long path snakes its way down the hill to the sand dunes below. All other sides to the grounds are bordered by the hard granite cliffs, two entrances clearly visible. One is merely human sized and leads deep into the mountain, to the Caverns. The other is broad and high, the entrance to the Weyrling Barracks.

Keeping busy! That's what weyrlinghood is all about, right? Busy feeding, busy washing, busy learning, busy experiencing, busy…period. Sleep is one of those things that Ka'el cherishes when the time is given to do so. Night isn't always guaranteed. Not when one is partnered with a bronze whose inquisitiveness and 'needs to know everything' attitude has no off button. And so it's perhaps no surprise that Ka'el looks tired out here on the grounds. It looks as if he was busy breaking up ice on the path that leads over to the Caverns, for there's a shovel in his hand. But it also looks as if he's fallen asleep, considering the way he's leaning against that shovel, with his eyes closed, and his mouth slightly hanging open. Kanekith is here too, the curious bronze watching, staring actually, as still as a statue.

Mur'dah is also busy, but busy keeping Kalsuoth out of trouble. The dark brown wants to get into /everything/. And often does, as Mur'dah isn't the most observant and is still usually focused on himself instead of what his lifemate is doing. So it's no real surprise that while Mur'dah is crouched, mending some firestone sacks with a thick needle and sturdy thread, Kalsuoth is creeping towards Kanekith, approaching the bronze from the rear. Sneak, sneak, sneak. Hop.

Sleep isn't guaranteed — for now! Give it time and a routine will slowly establish but for now busy is indeed the best word to describe the chaos that are the first months of Weyrlinghood. The Weyrlings aren't the only one dealing with a whacky schedule though, the Assistant Weyrlingmasters are also on similar grounds. For who else, along with the Weyrlingmaster, will be there to guide them through this? Not that they are /always/ there. Somedays they simply keep a distant observation when lessons are done. Rysith doesn't wish to observe today though and the aged green ambles with a slow and prowling gait through the snow only to pause to regard Kanekith's statuesque staring with interest. « What are you doing? » she asks the young bronze, her mind saturated with mists that obscure the ancient forests within and providing distraction perhaps. Then she spies Kalsuoth's sneaking and a youthful streak has Rysith reaching privately for the brown. « That's it, little one. Careful now. Slow, go slow. See how close you can get in silence before he can sense you. » Hunt your sibling! It's viable practice, right? Right. Anoryn must be wrapped up somewhere, as the greenrider cannot be seen.

This is quite interesting. As Ka'el snoozes (standing up, leaning on a shovel) Kanekith is busy watching the thoughts that his mind conjures as dreams. All those colors to be deciphered. Dark ones, swirling with gray like smoke from a slow burning fire. And cheerful ones, peppered in like confetti, bright and festive. And beneath is all, a rich crimson hue, soft like velvet. Such a busy place, his mind! With thoughts, conflicting. Colors that clash and vie for dominance. Kanekith is captivated by it all. So much so that the elder green's mindvoice is acknowledged only by a brushed touch of his own. A shadowspirit in passing. « Watching » is his answer, his forked tail giving a barely perceptible twitch. « Tremendously busy. All the time, mine is in motion. Even now, he is not, yet he is. » So engrossed is he with pondering Ka'el that Kalsuoth's sneaking approach goes almost wholly unnoticed. Almost, but the alarm is too soft to be heard by his distracted thoughts.

Kalsuoth continues to crouch, his timeless forest mindscape blending with the green's, letting her mists drift between his trees. He does not respond with words, but a simple mental nod as he continues to creep forward. And then he springs, his mind betraying him before his body can, with a rush of lightning and amused cawing laughter racing towards Kanekith with his body a fraction of a second behind. But who knows if the brown will make any sort of contact with his bronze brother. He /is/ rather awkward on the ground. But it's that leap that has Mur'dah yanked from his own thoughts and whipping his head around so fast that his neck pops. "Sh-!"

Xeosoth and M'kal emerge from the barracks. The blue hide gleams from a recent oiling and from the looks of M'kal he got a fair amount on his face, arms, and hands as well. Yawning and stretching as he walks out, M'kal takes a moment to look around. "Don't get dirty!" he warns Xeosoth who indeed is moving carefully out into the weyrling field. Once clear of the building he stretches his wings out, being careful to not let his wings touch the ground.

Rysith remains standing where she had paused on her way across the grounds, head held high but tilted towards where Kanekith remains captivated by Ka'el's dreams. « I see. » The aged green murmurs, a gruff chuckle sending the mists of her mind swirling and as the tendrils move there is the faint, dark silhouette of the edge of a forest and the glimpse of a waning moon hanging in the sky before the mists close in again. « Do you understand what it is you are watching? » she asks the bronze, just before her mind casts again for Kalsuoth. « Careful. » Rysith warns and in the mists of her minds another silhouette appears: some antlered creature, stoic and brave but featureless and mysterious. « Do not act with haste—- » Too late. Kalsuoth springs and the aged green ambles forwards, knowing regardless of the outcome she'll have something to tend to. Timing is everything too and Anoryn is briskly making her way across the grounds now, the AWLM dressed against the cold as her boots crunch over snow and ice. She has her grey hair unbound today and it tumbles freely about her shoulders and the thick-lined collar of her jacket. Judging by her puzzled frown, the greenrider isn't entirely certain what she's about to walk in on but something in Rysith has lured her. Along the way, she'll salute M'kal and give Xeosoth an approving glance and nod, but her blue eyes then drift to where her green has settled herself.

Hmmmm maybe he can alter those colors to those of his liking. Kanekith rumbles at this idea, and his shadows leap like those that dance before a flame. Which one does he like best? Which one does his Ka'el seem most fond of? .. Ooh yes. That red one. No, not that muted thing. The bright one with the lick of yellow in the center. « I do not.. » Kanekith replies, though as soon as he does, he regrets it. Not knowing something. That he does not like. Even less, admitting not knowing. « I have seen this in his mind before. This thing here.. » The flamelike figure dances brighter, coming alive with the attention received by the bronze. « His memories are filled with this thing. I will see it myself soon. This I know. » And then, he stiffens, his still body tensing more as the electricity of that coming lightning is felt split seconds before it hits. He turns, his body moving faster than one may expect for a dragon his size, athleticism apparent. But Kalsuoth is too close for him to dodge, and the bronze is squarely pounced! He roars indignantly, startling Ka'el from his sleep. The dozing teen nearly falls over, fumbling with that shovel, eyes crossed and getting just a glimpse of a blue hide as Xeosoth arrives. "What'ntheflippin'shards?!"

WIN. Kalsuoth wins as he tumbles over his brother, rolling and keeping his talons tucked tightly so he won't scratch Kanekith. Rolling free he wobbles up to his feet, wings spread wide and cawing his brilliance, laughing and chortling in amusement at besting his brother. « You did not /know/ I was there, » he says triumphantly. Meanwhile, Mur'dah is running over, sacks and thread and big needles forgotten. "What were you /doing/?!" he demands as he cuffs Kalsuoth's narrow muzzle. Lightly, but the brown doesn't seem to mind, just lifting his head and warbling happily. "Sorry, I'm sorry," Mur'dah says hastily, to anyone who will listen, especially Ka'el.

Returning the salute, M'kal realizes he's out here with no coat! This must be fixed. So as soon as the salute is finished he ducks back inside to grab said coat. Or at least he starts to when suddenly it seems there's a brown/bronze tangle as Kalsuoth is tackling and tumbling over the bronze. M'kal stops midstride and stares with wide-eyes as Mur'dah comes over hastily. "Hah…guess Kanekith didn't see /that/ coming." he notes in amusement. Xeosoth warbles playfully as he watches, luckily out of range to avoid any flailing limbs. His wings are still up in an effort to keep them clean.

Rysith cocks her head to the side as she accepts the image of the flamelike figure from Kanekith. She does not hold it long, as if respectfully handling something that may not be hers entirely to glimpse. « A strange symbol. It is good to seek answers at times, but do not be upset if you are met with nothing. Sometimes there are no answers, but that does not mean failure. » she intones in a gentle but gruff voice. Such discussions will have to wait though, as Kalsuoth has successfully pounced his bronze brother and Kanekith roars. The aged green only laughs in a deep and gravelly mental voice, her mind casting to all present with warmth and wisdom and what one could almost pin as grandmotherly. « Well done. » Rysith praises Kalsuoth, though one has to wonder if she should be encouraging the brown. « And not a scratch to Kanekith! » Anoryn approaches, frowning as Mur'dah runs past and then her eyes are darting with a suspicious look to her lifemate. What did you /do/? Catching the last of Ka'el's cursing and Mur'dah's cuffing of Kalsuoth and apology, the AWLM comes to stand nearby. M'kal's comment is overheard, earning him a lingering look before Anoryn is glancing back to the brown and bronze weyrlings. "So what's all the kerfuffle about?"

Roll, tumble! A pounced dragon is not very graceful, unfortunately for Kanekith whose wings flail before he's let up. The thunder that is he cracks wildly, sounding a rainless storm as he staggers to his feet, still a bit dazed. What happened? Oh … OH that brown brother of his! He snaps at the air in his direction, eyes swirling angrily. « You do not know what I shall do to you! » he counters, wings splaying and snapping angrily. The praise given to the brown only aggravates him further, and a thunderous hiss is aimed at his clutchsibling, shrugging off the blanket of warm that is set upon him by the green. Ka'el, beyond confused at having been jolted awake and now bombarded by his lifemate's anger, lets the shovel drop to the ground as he drunkenly hurries to Kanekith. "Hey. Hey!" He blinks his vision clear, giving a wide-eyed and bewildered look to the other two weyrlings present. "You!" a glare to Mur'dah, "Get your sha-…" The word is bitten off and strangled back, a narrow-eyed look given to his bronze. "It's…alright…" he says instead, struggling to get a hold of the anger that's not his own. Eyes flit to Anoryn. "I don't kn… Kanekith's angry."

Mur'dah blushes deeply, looking mightily ashamed as he grabs Kalsuoth's head and hauls the brown away by the face. Kalsuoth hops along, neck stretched out as he's led around by his muzzle. Much awkward. "I'm sorry," Mur'dah whispers, stung that he's hurt his friend and angered him and his bronze. "You sharding idiot," he mutters to his dragon, while Kalsoth just croons, head tilted. « What will you do to me? » he asks his brother, still a little bit amused, but more sobered now. « It was only play. Play is important, Kanekith. » Mur'dah just looks mortified, shaking his head. "I was busy and Kalsuoth snuck up on Kanekith and pounced him…" He glances to M'kal, pained, but doesn't greet the blue weyrling just yet. He's busy being miserable.

Anger?! Xeosoth drops his wings in sudden surprise at the feeling of anger emitting from the bronze weyrling. « No! » Xeosoth bellows unhappily towards Kanekith and Kalsuoth. « No fighting! No anger! » inists the blue, his words followed by a warm rush of feeling, a tidal wave of calming emotions set to crash all around the brown and bronze in question. M'kal frets, casting his glance between Ka'el and Mur'dah before moving to Mur'dah's side in quiet support. "Awe…don't be too hard on him." murmurs M'kal. "He didn't mean any harm."

Rysith does not recoil or act brashly with her surprise by Kanekith's anger, but rather fixes the irate bronze with a hard look (if such a thing is possible) and her wings unfurl slightly as her posture shifts. Tense and yet she holds herself high, as intimidating as a green her size can be — for now. « Calm yourself, Kanekith! » She says, her voice gruff and deep and grave and the mists of her mind reach out to all in a cool and chilling touch. The aged green rumbles deep in her chest then, close to a growl of warning and yet not quite to that edge. « If you wish your anger to be directed to the proper source, then direct it to me. » Would the bronze dare? She seems to wait and see. « For I am the one that encouraged your brother to play. » And playing is not a bad thing, as Kalsuoth goes on to say. "I can see that," Anoryn remarks dryly and her heavy frown has a concerned edged to it. She is about to step in, but Mur'dah has Kalsuoth by the muzzle and leading the brown away, which she gives a nod of approval to. For good measure, the old greenrider steps a little between the two weyrling pairs — just in case? "So… Basically this happened because neither of you were paying attention? Kanekith I'll assume was distracted and Kalsuoth took advantage of that. Sound about right? " she asks bluntly, smirking but then exhales heavily, "Ka'el, think you can get Kanekith's anger to settle? And Mur'dah, don't take it so to heart. This happens at times." Xeosoth's unhappy bellow has Rysith swiveling her head towards the blue and her croon is low and soothing. « There will be no fighting. » she assures him, before swiveling her head sharply back to the bronze and brown. Right? If she could narrow her eyes, she would!

« Much, » snorts Kanekith whose wings snap closed to emphasize the word that's directed to Kalsuoth. He doesn't elaborate on what 'much' consists of, but the thunder is still there. No longer the sharp crack but an ongoing rolling rumble that seems to have no end, and it shifts to roll over Xeosoth. « How can I have no anger? I wish not to play » The word is said as if it were an insult. A dirty word. Insulting. He does not play! … Not on purpose, anyway, as there have been times where accidental fun has been had with his siblings. Purely accidental. But his anger, brought on mostly by embarrassment, begins to ebb both by the silent soothings of his rider and the influence of Xeosoth's added warmth and calm, and he in fact does NOT direct what's left of it to Rysith. His head turns from the green, and Ka'el exhales a breath, both hands pressed to the side of the bronze's neck. "It's alright…" he murmurs aloud, sending a wary look to Anoryn. Does sleep count as not paying attention? … Yes. Yes it does. "He's alright now," he assures, looking to Mur'dah after. "It's okay. It isn't your fault. They're… kids, right?" Very big, well-spoken, mind reading children!

Kalsuoth recoils a bit at Xeosoth's insistence. « I have no anger or desire to fight, » he says. It's all /him/! Turning his attention to Kanekith, the brown is nothing but a timeless path winding through a forgotten forest. Empty, almost, save for the distant flickers of lightning. You don't want to play? Oh, you'll play. Then he turns his attention away, to Rysith, and then to his rider. Mur'dah lets his muzzle go and sets to rubbing it gently instead. "Yeah," he says to Anoryn. "I should've been paying more attention to him. I was just thinking…. about other things."

Xeosoth approaches the bronze, nudging him with his muzzle. « No anger.» he repeats softly, eyes whirling with distress at his siblings being at odds with each other. The rolling warm envelopes Kanekith first then Kalsuoth next, gently. « No fighting. » His bellows of unhappiness have stopped but he still seems to be watching them warily as if expecting the flare of anger to return. M'kal lays a hand quietly on Mur'dah's shoulder but remains quiet as Anoryn talks to both Ka'el and Mur'dah.

Rysith eases back, folding her wings crisply and tight against her side once more as Kanekith's anger seems to have subsided. Rumbling still, she keeps a keen eye on all but lapses silent for now. Anoryn only gives Ka'el a long, lingering and questioning look. IS it alright? And yes, being asleep does count! "They are just like kids, exactly!" she remarks and her smirk turns more to a smile now. "And they are, technically, siblings. And siblings…" She drifts off with an implied: do what? Anyone? Any guesses? Her gaze sweeps between Ka'el and Mur'dah and even M'kal. Well? "Occasionally have spats. Like this one. You're all focusing on your own private bonds now between your lifemates and yourselves but there's also other ones forming," And she gestures with her hand to indicate the dragons by pointing between Kalsuoth, Kanekith and Xeosoth. Turning to Mur'dah then, Anoryn's smile remains and now she seems more understanding than annoyed. "Consider it a lesson learned then but mistakes happen." So don't take it too hard? But she too seems to give him a long look. Other things?

The rumble that's given to Xeosoth is not a discouraging one, rather a … reluctantly accepting sound. « No fighting, » he agrees, though a vague mental shove sent Kalsuoth's way implies 'though I could definitely beat you at that and anything else if I wanted!' Sibling spats, indeed! Ka'el can't help but to grin a bit, now that he can, at the comparison. "Brothers fight all the time," he says knowingly. "I've five of them. It was our specialty when we were younger." And perhaps even now still. He smirks. "But…" he continues, looking from stubborn bronze to instigating brown, "we'd always be there for one another, no matter how mad we were about anything. Because we're brothers." Kanekith exhales a snorted breath, but eventually lowers his copper muzzle to nudge fondly at Ka'el's chest before doing the same to the smaller blue. Ka'el's eyes shift to M'kal and Mur'dah. "There's always other things."

Kalsuoth pulls his muzzle from Mur'dah's grasp and hops over towards his brothers, though he's careful to keep Xeosoth between himself and the bronze. « No, no fighting. » Pouncing and play. It's different. And if Kanekith is too stubborn and prideful to enjoy a little play, well. That's his loss. But the brown doesn't say any of that, those thoughts deep shadows weaving between the roots of those timeless trees. "It's true," Mur'dah agrees, slowly walking closer and giving Ka'el another apologetic look. Forgiven?

Xeosoth's thoughts turn to happy shades of blue as he regards both of his brothers, head turning this way and that. There's a long pause then the blue offers. « Did you two know that the fire lizards like to help with the oil!? » this is something that Xeosoth simply /must/ share with his two siblings. M'kal remains where he is, watching Mur'dah and Ka'el curiously.

Rysith rumbles again but this time she seems pleased and Anoryn turns her head briefly to regard the green with a silent look. Something passed between them has the AWLM snorting softly, but the greenrider keeps it to herself. Instead she's giving Ka'el a nod and perhaps a sympathetic look. "Five brothers, eh?" she muses. "I'm sure it was. I come from a large family as well of three brothers and three sisters. It made for… interesting times." Which means much clashing, of course. Ahh, siblings! Anoryn smiles crookedly then and quirks a brow up for Ka'el's choice of words. "Well, well… couldn't have put it any better myself." she muses. Lesson sort-of learned? As Mur'dah steps forwards, Anoryn steps back, not about to come between now that she's certain Kanekith has calmed.

Ka'el's eyes meet Mur'dah's, and he offers a half smirk and dismissive shrug. Translation? Forgiven! By now, Kanekith's eyes have gone back to a neutral color of normalcy, though now he's learned a lesson. Keep a sharp eye out for Kalsuoth, else risk being tackled. He does not protest the brown coming closer, especially when Xeosoth verbalizes his discovery. « The small ones? » he says, canting his head faintly. « Do they? » The question is turned to Ka'el, who in turn shrugs. "Ask Alloy, not me." He sounds doubtful of the tiny (in comparison) bronze's helpfulness in the matter! He glances to M'kal. "Do you have Elsie oiling him?" he asks, unable to hide the hint of amusement that comes with that particular visual! "Interesting is a good word to use," he agrees with Anoryn. "Better than what any of us would've used." He grins at her, though the look mutes a bit when he glances to the former Muir. "..You alright?" is asked of Mur'dah.

Kalsuoth tilts his head at Xeosoth's discovery. « Truly? » he asks. « Better than tipping it over and rolling around in it? » That's his favorite method, it seems. Hands in his pockets, Mur'dah looks at his clutchmates and nods. "Yeah, I'm just…" Ashamed? Embarrassed? Mortified? "I'm alright," he says with a crooked, if tired smile.

"More like Elsie was trying to get herself oiled at the same time and discovered if she perches at the right spot then she too can slide down. When she's dipped herself in oil…" M'kal shrugs. Meanwhile Xeosoth paints a different picture of the green fire lizard hovering around, dripping oil all over his blue hide. "Elidor doesn't though. It requires too much effort for him!"

As Xeosoth's news of oiling with the aid of firelizards turns the tides, Rysith gathers herself and calmly turns to prowl in her same slow, relaxed gait back towards the barracks. Something drawing her attention there? Possible or the green is looking for somewhere a little less snow covered to rest. Anoryn laughs gruffly to Ka'el's reply and shakes her head, smiling broadly. "Oh, I'd use harsher words too but now is not the best of times…" Save it for after Weyrlinghood perhaps? There's another lingering look to Mur'dah, but as the brown weyrling is speaking to Ka'el, the AWLM will not interfere. Satisified though that things are stable again, Anoryn dips her head in a respectful nod to the Weyrlings and then salutes. "Try to stay out of more trouble, alright?" she muses to the three of them, lightly teasing. "See you all back at the barracks later." Turning, she then begins the trek back, following Rysith's path and disappearing from view.

Ka'el gives a knowing look and nod to Mur'dah even though he doesn't finish the statement. He can fill in the blank himself, and he understands. "This weyrling thing isn't exactly a cakewalk, is it?" he muses. Not that he was expecting it to be, but still. Whatever he was expecting, if anything, this is a thousand times more! More work. More effort. More heartache. More thrilling. The good and bad. « We shall try this with the small one » Kanekith decides, particularly liking the thought of even more attention on him during oiling. Ka'el snickers, not answering but instead waving to M'kal as he heads off with Xeosoth.

Mur'dah shakes his head. "Life isn't a cakewalk," he says, but instead of sounding jaded he just sounds amused and stubborn. "We're going to head back in," he says then, reaching out to tug on Kalsuoth's neckridge. The brown obliges by sending tickling lightning to his siblings and then the pair are off, Mur'dah waving and smiling a bit at his clutchmates before they duck back inside.

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