Visiting a Friend

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of weyrs, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.
Runner stables with the paddock beyond are to the south beyond the meadow weyrs, a smithy and a woodcraft shop are settled closer in towards the path to the clearing, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a stone wall and low rolling hills can be seen to the north. Wagons laden with felled trees from the forests to the southwest or ore from the mountains to the southeast are hauled by burden beast up the road through the meadow, over the bridge spanning the river to be processed in the appropriate workshops.

Winter is in full swing, the snow covering the ground fell sometime during the night, though it has turned into sleet now. Idrissa is making her way through the meadow, coat pulled around her tightly, hair pulled back, and a knit hat pulled down to cover her ears, yet her cheeks are still red proving just how cold it is. Tahryth is there, the green wanted to go for a stroll it seems, and that it what has brought them out to the meadow. "We can't be out here too long Tahryth." A faint warble escapes the young green whom is snuffling along through the snowy ground.

Soriana is nowhere to be seen - but Luraoth is here! The gold is stretching her wings (not that they're anywhere near to taking her off the ground), and swaying them against the sleet with wet squelching and thumps. She pauses at the sound from Tahryth, and her voice is scented with hot tea and wet wool. « Hello! »

Tahryth lifts her head and lets out a happy warble as she catches sight of Luraoth. « Hello! » Is sent back, mind a cold spring morning, rain more like falling ice then actually rain. « What you doing out here? » Not that the green cares as she bounces along heading over to her golden sibling, her own wing flutter open and stretch. For a little green her wings are rather on the large size, perhaps she'll grow into them at some point. Idrissa glance over and tilts her head and looks over at the two, a smile seen and she moves along towards the dragon pair.

« Mine is talking to someone! » Luraoth says it proudly… proooobably because she instigated it. Her wings give another sway as she jumps forwards to meet Tahryth, then fold in against her sides. « What about you? » she asks as she leans in to nuzzle at the green. After a few moments, Soriana emerges from the stables, gloved hands tucked in her pockets as she heads for golden… oh. Golden and green. Her gaze lifts to Idrissa, and she smiles slightly as she digs out a hand and waves.

Tahryth croons at this and wiggles about, hopping on her paws and settles next to her larger sibling as she takes his in. « Good for her! I wanted to come here and see this place. Mine wanted to visit the stables so I thought it was time to come do that! » The green seems rather happy at this while she bumps her head against the gold's cheek. Idrissa smiles at the two her bright gaze drifts over the area with a soft sigh escaping her. She catches sight of Soriana and waves back. "Hey." Is soon heard.

« There are so many things to see. » Luraoth's voice is a bright chime, her thoughts an expanse of rolling hills stretching to the horizon. Soriana approaches Idrissa. "Hey." She pauses a moment. "So, uh… what brings you here?" Not that Luraoth hasn't likely already told her what Tahryth said on the matter, but Soriana's asking herself. Maybe the gold hasn't. At the moment, she's lowering her head to nudge at some of the sleet. « It is strange. Not snow, not water. »

Idrissa points towards the stables. "I wanted to come see RedFeathers. Haven't seen him since before the hatching. Thought it would be alright if I did not seeing how Tahryth wanted to go for a walk and stretch her legs." A glance is sent towards the gold and green pair before she looks back to Soriana. "What about you?" Tahryth shifts on her paws, long tail slowly swaying behind her. « It is sleet! Frozen water that falls from the sky instead of rain. Mine told me this while we were walking. »

« I want to see rain. » Luraoth tinges her thoughts with images plucked from her rider's mind and a sense of wistfulness. "Uh, right. Makes sense." Soriana clears her throat, glancing back to the stables before returning her gaze to Idrissa. "So, uh, the thing about that is…" Back at the stables, a figure appears in the doorway. He's got a frown. Soriana, being as she's not looking that way now, does not notice him. "Maybe now… is not exactly the time." The man in the doorway notices Idrissa, and his frown deepens to a scowl as his arms cross in front of him. "Because, you see…"

Idrissa lifts a brow while she peers at Soriana, as for the figure in the stables she doesn't notice him just yet. "Well, why not?" This questioned with an unsure tone while she shifts, pulling her jacket around her a bit more. "I have the time off now so I figured now would be good." She is so missing something it would seem. Tahryth lifts her head, swirling gaze seen as she catches sight of the figure at the stables. « Rain is like this, but wet, not ice and not snow. » Should make sense right? « Who is that?… And why does he look mad? » This is enough to get Idrissa to look up and blinks as she peers at the man. "Soriana Who was you talking to in the stables?"

« I know. » Luraoth replies to Tahryth's explanation of rain. « I have seen memories of rain, but I have not seen rain. » Not for herself. It's different. She turns her own head to look at the figure. Bundled up for the wintry weather, people can be hard to recognize, but Luraoth's was just talking to this one. « He is Jarse. » What was that about the difference between seeing memories and seeing something for yourself? "Uhhh, well, I was just… checking on things." Soriana's eyes go shifty away and end up wandering back to the stables. "…shards. Okay, so, yes, I was talking to Jarse. Not about anything, just… uh… talking." More or less. Jarse just… stands there and frowns.

Idrissa lets her arms rest in front of her while she sends a glance to Soriana and eyes her a few moment. "What did you do Soriana?" Is questioned with an unsure and worried tone. Tahryth hisses out once the name is given to her. « That is the one that is mean to mine. Don't like him… Bad person. » This said with her mind voice taking on a rather dark edge, the spring day is cloudy, storm clouds brewing and threaten to open up a can of something it seems. Rissa does indeed see Jarse whom she merely watches for a few moments.

"Nothing!" Soriana says quickly. A moment later, it's followed by, "I just talked to him. Saying hi, you know." « Mine will make friends, and then he will be nicer. » Luraoth has a tone of warm certainty, though it's not exactly an emotion her rider seems to be sharing on this subject. "But, uh, he's kind of… in a mood… today." Totally not because of anything Soriana did! Promise! Jarse scowls briefly, his gaze lingering on Idrissa, then turns to go back into the stables. He shuts the door behind him. "So maybe it'd be better to go another day." Pause. "Or, I mean, I could go in with you, if you want. If Luraoth doesn't mind waiting a little longer." « I do not mind. We can play. »

Idrissa smirks a moment, taking in a slight breath. "Soriana I get the feeling you say something other than just 'hi'." She eyes her friend a moment, mostly seeing how Jarse is scowling at her. Her bright gaze flicks towards the stables as she hears the door close. "No. I came to see Featehrs, I'm not going to let him keep me from doing that." She may regret this but she isn't changing her mind at the moment. Tahryth doesn't seem to sure about this while her tail flicks against the snowy ground. « Mine does not think he can be nicer. He is grumpy, mean, like old meat no good. » Makes total sense right? « Play? Yes! Play! » This said while she bounces and turns her attention to Luraoth, a quick tap is felt upon her larger sibling before she is running off through the snow. « YOU'RE IT! » Her mind is filled right bright spring colors, faint gentle rain falling.

"…not really, no," Soriana says with a rueful expression and a small shake of her head. "I mean…" It's Jarse. Since when does he need an excuse to scowl? Soriana sighs, then nods. "All right, then. Let's see RedFeathers." Luraoth hangs a tinkling bell on Tahryth's restless tail. « Anyone can be nicer. Old meat brings flies, flies bring avians, avians bring wherries, wherries are new meat. » Okay, so sometimes it's convoluted, but… TAG? « Then I will get you! » she calls with a laughing chorus of bells, and gambols off after her smaller sister. Gonna get you gonna get you!

Tahryth huffs out faintly at that explanation. « True… But… This one is /bad/ he's mean to others not just mine. » Seems the green is rather sure Jarse is not worthy of much time from anyone. Though this is soon lose while she is running through the snow, kicking it up with happy warbles and trills escaping her as she goes. Idrissa watches the two before she makes her way towards the stables. The door is pushed open and she peers inside, chewing on her lip and looking unsure before she moves onwards. She doesn't stop long and is heading right towards where her runner's stall is. « Your never catch me! I'm fastfast! » Tahryth offers, happy pictures across her mind.

Idrissa doesn't go to the stable alone, oh no. Soriana is right there with her. Luraoth is, after all, happily occupied with chasing after Tahryth - though she's maybe doing a bit more prancing than full-out running. Her legs are, after all, rather longer than the green's… but snow and sleet are fun to bounce through, regardless. « But can you run forever? » she asks with a jingle of quick bells. « If he is mean, maybe he hurts. » Her image is of a wherry with a wounded wing, snapping at anyone who dares come near. « Maybe he needs help. » And who better to provide it than her Soriana? …once more, with the Sori not being entirely convinced. She gives a final glance back to the playing dragons before they enter the stables, then follows Idrissa. A few of the stablehands look up as they pass.

Jarse is writing on the choreboard, but as the two enter the stable, he also looks up. His glance to Soriana is a brief one, accompanied by a frown, but it's Idrissa where his gaze lingers, the corners of his mouth drawing in deeper, like he's sucking on a lemon. He sets down his marker and strides toward them. "Oh," he says with a twist of his lips that's meant to be a smile but doesn't entirely succeed. "Back again?" His face is turned toward Soriana, but his eyes flicker toward Idrissa. "So soon?"

Idrissa pauses as she catches sight of Jarse near the choreboard, Feather's stall is off on the next row past where the man is. She watches him a few moments. "Afternoon.. Came to visit RedFeathers, Soriana is just along for the trip." The sound of playing dragons should be clearly heard out in the snowy meadows with the door still open.

Soriana … smiles. Oh, she smiles. It's such a smile. "That's right," she agrees to what Idrissa has to say. "Just checking in on her runner." And she can't help but add, "Don't let us keep you, I'm sure you're awfully busy today."

Jarse turns his head, glancing back along the stalls. "Oh, yes. RedFeathers." He lets his attention wander there for a few moments, as if he's trying to place the beast, and when he returns his gaze to the girls, he's got an actual smile. "Just some paperwork to do," he says to Soriana with a dismissive wave of his fingers, then settles his gaze on Idrissa again. "We should discuss his boarding fees." The smile edges toward smirk. "As an apprentice, of course, you did most of the work yourself, but now… well, that's simply not practical right now, is it? Which means we must come up with some alternative arrangement for his boarding. We have, of course, been providing him with the best of care."

Idrissa pauses in front of her runner's stall, a hand moving to unlatch it and she sends a glance towards Jarse to watch him a few moments. "Of course." Is aid with a soft tone, just a slight bit of firmness picked up. "I'm sure the stablehands have." Her fingers grip at the latch while RedFeathers leans forward to bump his nose against the door, nickering out softly. "Very well, what fees will you be charging me for his boarding?" This should prove to be an interesting conversation to say the least.

Soriana watches Jarse, and she frowns slightly. She steps over to lean against one of the stalls, her pose as deliberately casual as she can make it… though she can't help the frown. "Is this really the time?" she asks. Because uh it's not like it's an utter surprise, and it's not like Jarse sent a note about it or anything. At least, not to the weyrling in question. Also, this moment is supposed to be about Idrissa and RedFeathers and their reunion. "I mean, there's plenty of room." Sori waves a hand around at the stable.

Jarse keeps his smile. "Ah, well. Standard rates would be a sixteenth mark a sevenday." Which is frequently waived for a wide variety of reasons, but yes, that's the posted rate. Jarse turns that smile on Soriana. "Well, of course we can wait, but it has already been, oh, six sevendays? That'd be nearly a half mark, already. I'm sure we'd all rather things be properly dealt with, so they don't get, mmm, out of hand."

Idrissa lets her fingers slide across the latch, she leans against the door slightly while watching her runner quietly. A half mark, which she has now, she still has the marks that she worked for after all. She sighs a moment and turns to look at Jarse watching him a few moments, there is something there, a edge that she didn't have before. "You wave the fee for others, but yet you come to me for it? You did not send word written or otherwise to me, as you would do for others." The half mark is taken from her pocket and she moves forward holding it out to Jarse while she lifts her head and bright green gaze looks back at his. "You will write up what you just say on how much I will pay. You will sign it, as will I and so will Soriana as a witness. I will keep a copy as I wouldn't want you to 'forget' how much the going rate is." There is a pause while she waits for Jarse to take that half mark. "Want to make sure it is all done 'properly' after all."

That little frown of Soriana's deepens at Jarse… and deepens even more at Idrissa's reply. She stands up again from her lean, and steps over to the pair of them. "Wait," she says, and reaches a hand to touch Idrissa's arm. "Put that back." She tilts her head to the mark. If it can be waived? Yeah, how about that. Her gaze returns to Jarse, and she lifts one eyebrow. "Go ahead and write it up, but… let's do this properly." Her brain is racked for the details overheard from her mother's work. Now then… a-ha. "This runner is boarded here because of a rider's duties to the Weyr." AKA caring for her baby dragon. "So… you'd better post the bill to the rider's wingleader." AKA V'dim. "That's the proper way to deal with this."

There's something about the way Idrissa's looking back at him that makes Jarse's smile fade slightly. He's not even conscious of it, but it lends an edge of petulance to his tone as he says, "That's how the rules are." And Jarse is far more aware of the rules than it might seem; how else would he be so good at twisting them around for his own purposes? He barely even flicks his gaze to the money. "There are ongoing expenses…" he says as he reaches for it, but then Soriana's there and the beastcrafter's hand pauses. His lips twist to a frown.

Idrissa casts a glance to Soriana and peers back at Jarse, fingers gripping on that mark it seems. Hey, she didn't know that bit on the bill, though now well she isn't about to let that mark go. "Then do as Soriana said. Write it up, and post the bill to my wingleader." Yup she'll get behind that one, even it if means dealing with V'dim more, she would rather deal with him then Jarse at this rate. A brow lifts at the 'ongoing expenses'. "There should be no added expenses them him boarding here. He is used with BeastCraft classes, and as such I get discounts because of that." She remembers that rule as one of the visiting teachers was talking to her about it and that is why RedFeather is thus used for classes with the new students. The students have to get use to healthy runners before getting use to the sick ones after all.

And Soriana's found her smile again! Wouldja lookit that. Her understanding of the rules and procedures is possibly incorrect and almost certainly incomplete, but it's proven plausible enough to stop Jarse - and really, isn't that the point here? "I can carry it there myself, if you want. We can wait."

Jarse scowls. "Fine." He's lost his smile, and it runs even further away as he glances to Soriana. "No. I'll see to it myself. I'm sure you're busy." He turns, and stalks away into his office and shuts the door. Writing up paperwork? Maybe. Though it may just be that the bill in question somehow never actually shows up on V'dim's desk. Funny how that works.

Idrissa is quiet as she peers at Soriana and then looks back to Jarse as it seems his turning to leave. She looks a bit pale though, hopefully no fainting as she can't believe what she just did. Though she waits, yes waits to see what happens and a soft breath escapes her while she pockets that mark and looks to Soriana. "Thanks" She offers with a soft tone. It is thanks for a few things right now, for her coming along, and offering some common sense it seems to her crazy filled mind.

Soriana's still got her smile as Jarse departs, then turns to Idrissa. Not fainting is good. At the thanks, she shrugs. "Hey, no problem." She glances back at that closed office door, then adds more quietly, "If V'dim complains about it, tell him to talk to me." Because Sori isn't 100% certain that she got procedures correct, but at least if she didn't, she can… look forward to a lecture on what those procedures actually are? Joy. "C'mon, let's see RedFeathers." That was the point of this expedition, right?

Idrissa lifts a brow at this and nods a moment before she turns heading on the stall once more and opens it. A smile is sent to Soriana. "Come on." Is offered while she moves on into the stall and is given a firm nosing by RedFeathers. They will most likely all get a talking to if it works out that information is wrong. She gets the feels V'dim will be beyond mad at the idea as well.

Soriana follows Idrissa into the stall, and after giving a moment to the first reunion of girl and runner, she offers the beastie a pat or three herself… though Idrissa is definitely the favored human here. "He seems to be doing pretty well," Sori says, and tilts her head to glance at Idrissa-the-beastcrafter for confirmation. All's well! Future consequences are safely in the future and need not be worried about (yet)!

Idrissa grins while looking up at her runner, whom is indeed happy to see her, to the point that he is chewing on her hair. "Hey, don't start this now." Is grumbled out while she looks over the runner to make sure it seems. Hooves are checked, teeth the whole bit. "His fine, I knew he would be." Though there was just a bit of her being unsure thanks to Jarse being there. Still he wouldn't hurt a runner, right? Redfeathers shifts and noses at Soriana, a soft snuffle an runner breath is clearly caught.

Soriana neither has nor is made of sugar cubes, but she does pet the runner as he noses her. "Course he is. Ren's probably been looking after him for you." Not Jarse. Who, for all that he's bad meat (maybe he's just lonely! (not now, Luraoth!)) probably wouldn't actually hurt a runner, no matter who it belonged to. "Too bad it's winter, or you could take him for a ride."

Idrissa smiles and nods. "I'm sure he has. Just never know." This said while she scratches at the runner's neck a few times."I wish it was warmer weather, would be nice to go for a ride that's for sure." There is a soft snorting from the window of the stall and a green head is poking into the window to peer within. Tahryth wiggles about and warbles out. « Hey! Looky, I found 'em! » This is sent over to her gold sibling.

"At least you know he's doing okay," Soriana says, then looks up at that window and grins as Luraoth comes skipping along and peers in alongside Tahryth. « You did! » she agrees with a bright chime of harness-bells. "Seems we've got an audience," Soriana says to Idrissa, then thinks something to Luraoth, who adds a moment later, « Mine says to be careful and not scare the runner. »

Idrissa looks up at the widow and grins a bit before shaking her head. "So it seems. I'm glad Featehrs doesn't mind dragons." That could be a bad thing after all. It is also good that Jarse isn't still around hovering most likely. « Mine says her runner doesn't mind dragon's though. » Tahryth offers with a soft 'tone', the faint sound of runners well running picked up within her mind.

Luraoth tilts her head, peering curiously at the runner and blocking the light from outside. « That is good, then. » It means she gets to investigate! Her thoughts are the jingling bell-like sounds of a runner's harness. Soriana smiles, and nods. "Around here… yeah, that's a good thing." She glances up to the window, where it's being an extra-good thing. "We should maybe get back soon." Before those two dragons find something else to amuse themselves.

Idrissa nods a moment and leans up to give her runner a tight hug. "You be good." This said to the runner before a few carrots she had hold of is offered to the runner, whom eagerly eats them down. "Alright, let's go before something happens outside." Like you know the stables getting knocked down or something along those lines. RedFeathers shifts in his stall, turning to look up at the window and snuffles out at the dragons that are there, why hello!

Luraoth and Tahryth probably wouldn't do anything of the sort on purpose! Here she is, chirping a cheerful greeting to the runner. Hello! As Soriana nods and steps out of the stall, the gold leaves her place at the window to skip her way back around to the door. "Yeah." She smirks slightly, and glances to make sure Jarse's door is still closed before she adds, "Wouldn't want them to have to send us a bill."

Idrissa is quick to slip past that door where Jarse is within. Flee people flee! Tahryth bounces and races around to the other side waiting as well. "Seems like Tahryth is hungrey. What about yours?" Good reason to go back to the barracks right? Sure!

Well, now that you mention it… "Yeah, Luraoth's hungry." Soriana smiles, then pauses. "And I've got to do some more chopping, too." Sigh. Better replenish those meat stores! "C'mon, then, let's head back." And so they do, and hungry dragons are fed!

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