To Figure Things Out

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach
With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

It is not just cold. It is not just freezing. It is arctic! It is glacial! Where is spring? Where's the warm sun and green grass? Ka'el has found some escape from the blistering chill by visiting the hot springs. Unfortunately, he wasn't the only resident of Xanadu who had the same idea, and the steamy baths were more crowded than usual. But even if he didn't get his relaxing soak, he at least got warm and clean. The bad part? He has to trudge through the cold to get back to the barracks! With Kanekith happily snoozing off his recent meal, Ka'el arrives from the main beach area, heavily bundled up and with not just one beanie on his head, but two! Gotta keep warm. And with the barracks on his mind and the gentle lull of Kanekith's sleep song playing in the background of his thoughts, he continues through.

Idrissa is settled back near some of the more sheltered areas of the beach that is a rock face offering some protection from the wind and snow that has started to fall again. Tahryth is settled down next to her face asleep. Seems the green didn't feel like going back to the barracks for a quick nap, which leaves Rissa out here for a short bit. She has her coat pulled around her, hands tucked deep into her pockets as she leans back upon the little cove wall, at least the wind isn't bothersome.

He can make it. He … can … make … nope! Too cold! Ka'el shudders and squints his eyes, feeling his face tingle with the beginnings of numbness. He needs warmth, and now! His eyes alight upon that little cove. A perfect windbreak! And so he starts that way, hunching even more the closer he gets in anticipation of a little relief. He notices the green. Who wouldn't notice a sleeping dragon there? But he doesn't immediately notice her weyrling rider til he's within that sheltered space. He stops short, eyes on Idrissa. And for a few beats, all he does is look at her, as if caught somewhere he shouldn't be. Breaking some unspoken rule. He gives his head a mental shake. "Sorry," he says, glancing in the direction of the barracks. "Pit stop."

Idrissa blinks as she looks to Ka'el watching him a few moments, a soft cough escapes her and she nods while letting her gaze flick off. "It's alright." She says with a soft tone. As if she was going to tell him to leave. For a long few moments she is quiet before letting her gaze turn over to him once more. "So… You ever going to talk to me again?"

"Am I not talking to you now?" Ka'el asks, brows raising faintly. The song in his head falters a little, and he pauses, his eyes unfocusing a little. He exhales a breath, hearing the melody beginning to continue in the recesses of his mind. A blink brings him back to the here and now, his blue gaze settle on Idrissa. He's sorry for his irritable words. He's not even sure why he's irritated anymore. Probably a mixture of things. Weariness included. A frozen breath is exhaled as his eyes settle on her dragon, eyeing her green hide, though even that causes a vague frown as his mind goes places he wishes it wouldn't.

Idrissa isn't sure how to answer that, he is but.. It's not the same, not like before. Her eyes close and she shifts to press back into the wall as if that would be possible. A faint tired sigh escapes her. "I dono what I did, but whatever I was I'm sorry. If you don't want to talk anymore, that's fine. But if you don't talk to me I can't fix it." She pauses now at a thought. "If you ever want it fixed." Tahryth stays happly asleep it seems, a faint twitch now and then seen across her form.

Ka'el's eyes narrow, though it isn't a glare that she's fixed with. Instead, it's more of a … thoughtful look. Curious, almost. "If I don't want to talk anymore, that's fine?" he echoes, contemplating the admission. He shakes his head a little, jostling his thoughts. "That'd be all right with you? Yeah, well. If that's how you feel about it, then it doesn't seem worth fixing, does it?" Whatever 'it' is. His hands remain in his pocket, that thoughtful look melting to make room for something far more nondescript. A look to Tahryth. "Your green is pretty."

Idrissa frowns while lifting her head a bit as she watches him, wondering it seems with a soft breath escapes her. "Shards Kale, you know what I mean." She says with an actual firm tone. Her gaze lingers on him and her shoulders lower a bit as she shakes her head. "That is not how I feel I don't know what else to say to you. I want to talk about it and try to fix it an you seem to distant around me, like you don't want to talk. Doesn't seem like you have that problem with anyone else." She pauses before finishing what she was going to say, her eyes close while her jaws tenses. "Thank you." Is soon said with a soft tone after a few moments to collect herself.

Ka'el's attention becomes a bit more focused due to that tone she used. Slight as it was, he heard it, and she uses firm words rarely enough that even slight ones are cause enough for attention to be paid. "Who's everyone else, exactly?" he asks, brow arching. "You seem to know more of what I do than I do of myself, because the last thing I've done is talk. To anyone." And he's not sure why that is, either. Mur'dah. M'kal. His two partners in crime before, and he's barely said more to either of them than what's been necessary since Impression. Marel, even less. Soriana? Heh, why even go there. And the others? Ka'el snorts a little, shrugging a shoulder. "I don't know what to say, Idrissa. I don't know how to put in words how I feel. I don't know if I even have the word to describe what I feel. I've been in my own head too long." Sharing dragon thoughts.

Idrissa sends a glance back towards him, looking confused to say the least. "So… Your not mad at me?" It wouldn't be the first time she's jump to conclusions after all. Though with the way Ka'el has been acting it shouldn't be that hard to see why she would think that. "Just… Everything with J'o…"

That's a difficult question to answer, so it may be no surprise that Ka'el doesn't exactly … answer it. Instead he glowers, the expression caused by that name. And the memories that come with that name. And the assumptions that come with the memory of that name. And the real events that confirm the assumptions that come with the memory of … that name. The lullaby in his head stops for good now as Kanekith wakes with an unheard rumble in the barracks, and Ka'el works on mentally burying the old irritation that threatens to rise. "I don't want to talk about it," he says dismissively. "Kanekith's up. He needs to be oiled, what with this random cold. I'm going to go do that." He looks to her green again, brows crinkling. "Should probably get her inside. I don't know how good it is for dragons to be out in this kind of weather too long."

"She's fine." Idrissa says with a soft tone while she looks to Tahryth, whom is happly asleep, tail twitching a few times at her side while she dreams. The green wiggles and slowly shifts, her eyes open and a swirl of color is seen. Seems the thoughts passing in her rider's mind is enough to wake her up. "Ya… Why am I not surprized." This on the fact that he doesn't want to talk. She moves away from the rock wall and sits next to Tahryth, leaning close to the young dragon which curls a wing around her. She'll wait for Tahryth to wake up more before heading back to the barrcks.

Ka'el isn't going to pretend to know enough about dragon care to try to convince Idrissa to move her dragon. She's her dragon, and … he really doesn't know. What he does know is that he doesn't know what to say or if he wants to say anything at all, and thus his best course of action is to leave and … maybe figure that out. Or perhaps he'll just forget about this til the next awkward run in, which promises to be soon, considering. "Alright. See you." He makes no indication of having heard her comment of not being surprised. Either way, he seems unfazed as he moves away from the windbreak, bracing against the cold wind as he moves back to the barracks and his awaiting young bronze.

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