Slip Slidin' Away

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach

With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

Baby dragons can only remain cooped up in the Weyrling Barracks during the lectures their lifemates endure for so long without going stir-crazy. V'dim keeps a close eye out for restlessness and sensing that perhaps a break is warranted, has called a halt to class and let them out to exercise. Though the weather is cold for the humans dragons don't usually seem fazed by it all that much and as they're still growing, they need time to stretch and romp. Following along to watch, the Weyrlingmaster remains nearby but doesn't interfere. And the reason for that break might be the presence of the senior Weyrwoman and her lifemate upon the beach, come to visit and likely inquired via Isobeth when class would be over so she could see the little ones.

Mur'dah and Kalsuoth exit the barracks, the rider looking rather surprised and gleeful at the sudden break in lessons. /Boring/ lessons. Lessons suck. So hopping around, he bends to scoop up some snow and turning, throws it at Kalsuoth's side. The hopping brown stops and freezes (har har har), swinging his head around to slowly peer at Mur'dah. Hey. Mur'dah shifts a bit, looking momentarily off balance, and then reaches up to rub at his head with a grimace. Cawing in amusement, Kalsuoth resumes his hopping forward, front paws digging at the snow as he goes.

Luraoth is in the midst of a pack of dragonlings - okay, so actually it's just a pair of greens and a blue, but still. The larger gold gambols along with them, her rider following behind and wearing the hat, gloves, and jacket of being only human and not nearly so well suited to this cold. Frigid outside or not, Soriana's smiling as she watches her dragon run along. Those lectures are… yeahhh, kinda on the dull side. Important, sure! Possibly even crucial. …sooo dull.

Ka'el would almost, almost prefer staying in and finishing that lecture instead of going outside and becoming an icicle. Almost. But Kanekith's restlessness has been difficult to fully put out of his mind, or to put out of his mind at all in fact, considering how figety he was during that lecture, and in the end it wasn't only the young bronze that needed to get out and stretch his legs. The two move at a stroll. Kanekith strolls everywhere, his pace hardly ever hurried, as things, you know, can always wait on him. And moving too fast would likely mean that those watching would miss glimpsing his presence, and that certainly wouldn't do! And so as others hurry forward, he .. strolls. Ka'el hunches against the cold, shoulders raised and beanie-like cap pulled snugly down over his ears. Gloved hands are in his pockets.

Thea and Seryth remain where they are, down by the waterline…er, make that iceline today. Thea, leaning against her lifemate's side is wearing her ankle-length fur coat with her hood up and nose tucked into her scarf. She does lift one gloved hand to wave to the approaching 'lings before tucking it back into those deep, fur-lined pockets of hers. Behind her Seryth chuffs a cheerful greeting to the young dragons, lowering her head and snaking out her neck to greet any that might approach with a friendly whuffle.

Kalsuoth springs forward, hop/wobbling towards Seryth with a happy caw and rumble of greeting. « Hello! » he says, the voice coming from far within himself, back from those timeless forests before anyone was around to notice them. « How are you? » he adds, remembering his manners. Or perhaps Mur'dah prompts him. Hands shoved into his pockets, he approaches the gold and his mother as well, glancing over his shoulder to see how many of the others are following. If any.

Luraoth is one such youngster, though her green and blue playmates scamper aside. The young gold frolics to meet the larger one, her voice a chirp and her mind a bright quiver of bells as she lifts her head. « Hello! » she echoes Kalsuoth, the higher register to his lower, a shimmer of sunshine to go with the deep forests of his mind. Soriana comes along as well, waving back to Thea… though before she actually says anything, her gaze sweeps along the ice of the lake instead, distracting her. "Sh-" a pause, as Sori's gaze flits to Luraoth. "…so much for swimming." Not that she's been for a while.

« There is a new one. » Kanekith's tone is both low and smooth, the single note of an instrument making its debut within a sultry melody that curls like smoke. Ka'el's eyes lift ahead, taking immediate note of the large gold upon the beach. He recognizes her, and his eyes flit to Thea soon after, shifting Kanekith's attention from the senior gold to him, curiosity swirling inquisitive shadows in his mind. « She is important to you? » "She's important to everybody," he murmurs in return, giving his dragon a shifty-eyed look. "Including you. Remember, we talked of bein' a little more … humble?" The bronze snorts, playing deaf as he lumbers forward though the sandy snow, or snowy sand, towards the others, Ka'el at his side. "Good day, Weyrwoman Thea," he greets with a grin and sounding genuinely chipper as he and Kanekith near the frozen lake. Woah, ice. Mur'dah and Soriana were in class with him, but even so they both earn a smile, one a bit more slight than the other.

Being cooped up can be hard, indeed! While the Weyrlings make their escape, another comes striding slowly from the barracks as well. Dressed as warmly as she can be and still comfortable (and able to move!), Anoryn follows the last Weyrling pair out and lingering to be sure all is in order within before heading out. The AWLM pauses then to stretch a bit and take a deep inhale of the cold air, not seeming to mind it in the least. She at least seems to be enjoying the break as well and her blue eyes follow the group as they make their way towards the beach. Stepping past V'dim, she gives the Weyrlingmaster a respectful nod but she ventures a little further down but keeps a respectful distance all the same. Rysith has no hesitation however and the aged green silently prowls closer to the beach, rumbling a low greeting of welcome to Seryth and then settling herself not too far off to the side to watch the interaction between the young dragons and the senior gold.

V'dim salutes Anoryn back, shifts to make himself comfortable with a shoulder leaned against the rough bark of a tree. Seryth's greeting is a soft summer rain that harmonizes with Kanekith's melody, sweeps across those forests of Kalsuoth and sparkles in Luaroth's sunshine to form a rainbow. The moist balm is a soothing contrast to the sharp bite if cold in the air today and projected to all of them, the Weyrlingmaster staff dragons as well, « Greetings, children. I am well, thank you Kalsuoth. I have come to play with you. » Her breath causes roiling clouds of steam to curl about Luraoth as she whuffle-greets the tiny queen and then rumbles a hello to Isobeth and Rysith. Thea pushes off of her lifemate with one shoulder, keeping her hands in her pockets to approach the dark brown, her gaze sweeps over him admiringly before she smiles approval at Mur'dah. "So this is Kalsuoth. He's a handsome guy." And then she chuckles as Soriana comments, "Ah, but swimming isn't the planned activity for today. And good day to you as well Ka'el."

Kalsuoth brightens his mindscape with the addition of Luraoth's warming sunshine and jingling of bells. Bright and happy, into the timelessness of his thoughts. « This is mine's clutchmother, » he says proudly to his clutchmates. Then his head swivels around to peer at the frozen surface of the water. « It is that oil-not-oil again. » AKA: ice. And he's going to go explore it. When before he was hesitant, today he is bold as he scampers out onto it and slides around on his belly. His gimp leg doesn't bother him out here! Wheeeeeee. « Then come play! » And crack the ice. Then they can swim! Running fingers through his hair, Mur'dah looks surprised by his dragon's bold movements. "Huh. And thanks, Mom. I'm…sorry he's run off like that. But he is handsome. Very. And dark." And the teen loves that for some reason.

« Everyone is important! » And there Luraoth goes, undermining those conversations Ka'el had with his dragon as her mind brushes against his. At least it comes with a pretty swirl of pink and gold, one that dances in briefly, then twirls away again to touch at a few of the other young dragons' minds before curving into a curious double question mark. « You will play with us? » She dances back a step, though unlike Kalsuoth, she doesn't go running off across the ice… yet. Soriana returns Ka'el's smile, though then she ducks her head to the side to glance out over the lake again before drifting it back just far enough to look at Thea with a half-grin. "Good thing, that," she agrees. "Gotta keep to schedule." It's just a teeny tiny sidewise glance to V'dim as she says it, that's all.

Play? It's hardly a foreign word. These dragons are young! But if dragons could have a dubious look, it'd be wrought across Kanekith's coppery face now as he looks up to the large gold, considering her. Wondering. Deciding. This one is important. Like the woman is important, or so she is claimed to be. So she is thought to be, if Ka'el's opinions are worth anything. And to him, they are worth everything. His forked tail snakes along the ground, though his thoughts are interrupted by chipper bells, ringing a merry tune. « Some more than others, » he feels enough to agree….sort of. Clawed feet are on the move again, moving towards the solid surface of the lake as he watches Kalusoth run and slide upon it. Kanekith's movements are not as hesitant as they are stubborn as he pauses by the motionless, frozen shoreline. « This is still. » Ka'el keeps an eye on his bronze, though with Seryth here there's not much to worry over, right? He glances to Mur'dah momentarily at his comment, though a questioning look to Thea follows. "Planned activity?"

Anoryn keeps to herself for now, the older greenrider moving only so she can keep a quiet eye on the weyrlings as they all group together near the frozen edge of the water. Kalsuoth's abrupt rush to the ice though has her looking up sharply, almost in tandem with Rysith's head turning to follow the progress of the brown. They don't rain down on the parade though and soon Anoryn is relaxing again with a slight shake of her head, though Rysith keeps a longer time in watching the dark brown closely before being reassured that all is well. Until, that is, more being to venture towards the ice and the green is back to watching like a hawk, starting with Kanekith as the bronze approaches but Luraoth falls under her observations soon enough as well.

Clutch. Mother. Well, Thea sort of had a clutch of two, so Kalsuoth's comment might be apt? Somehow the young brown running off to see the ice doesn't seem to surprise her, an amused twinkle sent to Mur'dah is accompanied by a teasing, "He reminds me of a certain tot I used to know." Dark? She can see why he would be pleased with that. She winks at Soriana, merriment in her green eyes, "Indeed we do. Especially as the weather is so cooperative today." Whatever that means. "Mmhmm," she says in reply to Ka'el, her smile growing secretive while Seryth's rain dances in an increased tempo that might be laughter, « I will indeed young Luraoth. Today I will teach you to fly. Follow Kalsuoth and I will be right behind you. » Big dragon on the ice? Well now, the frigid air is very cold, so the ice is thick. But is it that thick?

Sliding around on the ice, Kalsuoth uses his tail like a rudder and his talons to grip and move him forward. « Are you afraid? » he calls back to Kanekith, teasing lightning flickering through the link. Mur'dah laughs, grinning goofily out at his dragon and then up to his mother. "I'm sure I did that loads of times," he says confidently. But he won't do it now, thank goodness. « Fly? They said we could not fly yet. How can we fly? » The brown is intrigued, to be sure, as he grips the ice to turn, facing back towards the shore.

« Of course, » Luraoth agrees to Kanekith in bright tones. « We each have one who is most important to us! » She shares a mental picture of weyrlings and dragons, all arranged in pairs. « So many reasons for importance. » Soriana totally hears nothing about baby Mur'dahs, though she grins at Thea about that weather. "Is it, now." Just a statement, not a question. She'll find out in due time, and she's attempting to be patient. It's a required skill, lately. Luraoth tilts her head to Seryth, unabashedly curious. « Will I have to stretch my wing more first? » she asks, then turns to gaze at the ice and the dark brown making his way to shore. « I do not know, » she says to his question, glancing back to Seryth before scampering down to the shore herself. « We will find out! »

Although play not be Kanekith's style, considering how the bronze seems less than willing to take to the ice as exuberantly as Kalsuoth has, nor has he been one seen to partake in the giddy activities of his clutchmates, 'fly' definitely has his attention. There's an inquisitive nudge, a probing thing in the darkness of his shaded thoughts peeking out from beneath the jungled foliage. Watching. Biding his time and listening for what it is that he seeks, poised to snatch at an opportune moment. But, above that..thunder. Not his usual distant rumble, but a sudden, unexpected crack that sounds after the flash of electricity, a disturbance within the spring shower, his eyes swirling a yellowed hue of annoyance. « I tire of your words. » He steps out onto the ice, talons curling to grip at the cold footing, though that doesn't stop one hindfoot to slip out from beneath him, causing hindquarters to go down. Grumblesnort! He picks himself back up (in a most dignified way!) Afraid? Not him! Ready to fly? He spreads his wings, boasting their span. Definitely! Or at least, he thinks so. Ka'el's attention is divided, the bulk of it on his short-tempered bronze. Be modest, Kanekith. Remember? Play…nice!

« You will see, » is Seryth's amused response to the questions of how. « Not for today's flying, Luraoth. » The queen waits where she is for the young dragons to go first but Thea knows what's coming and steps further away from her and closer to where Mur'dah, Soriana and Ka'el are. "It is indeed," she says lightly to Soriana. Probably Seryth has asked her not to spill the beans, but surely they might guess what is next? Seryth launches into the air, wings flapping to lift her heavily into the sky out over the lake, gaining altitude before circling back and angling down towards the cluster of baby dragons on the ice at a fast glide. « Do as Kanekith is doing with his wings, » she tells them. Oh yes, right behind them. Only in the air instead of on the ice.
Mur'dah glances sidelong at Ka'el with an apologetic grimace. "I'm trying to get him to stop goading…I'm sorry." Out on the ice, Kalsuoth looks around to his bronze brother, spreading his wings and beating them against the air in slow, even strokes. « Like this? » And whatever it is that they do, the brown will put his full focus into it - happily and eagerly, trying everything he can.

Yeah, being patient. That thing. At least Soriana's dragon helps with it more than she hinders, most of the time, and so it's with a smile that Soriana watches and tries to make guesses. On the ice, right - Luraoth's there, stepping out with small, careful steps that have her paws sliding but remaining beneath her. « You show us the how! » she chirps to Kanekith, and her own wings spread wide, even though their span is somewhat lopsided. There's still plenty of golden wing there. « And you, the where! » she adds to Kalsuoth. Both her brothers, showing what, and soon, Seryth will show them the why! Soriana watches Seryth rise, and partway through that circling, she grins. She's got a guess now.

"Ah, it's alright," Ka'el assures Mur'dah, grinning a bit, albeit a bit tensely with his bronze's mood. "Kanekith…he can be.." Hot-tempered? Temperamental? Rash? Volatile? Yes. all that and above! But he settles with, "irritable." No harm done! He gives the younger brownrider a smirk before settling his eyes on Thea first, then the dragons as Seryth takes flight. There's a questioning look in his gaze, and with Kanekith distracted, and pleased at being made an example of expert wind-spreading, he feels the tightness in his chest beginning to relax. The bronze is absolutely captivated now! Look at how she flies! He wants that too, most definitely, and he stretches his wings as far as they can go, showing off his mottled, green lined webbing. « I will be the first to fly. I can feel myself rise!» In his imagination anyway. « What next? » up to the gold. Tell him! Ka'el gives a sidelong look to Soriana, a brow vaguely arched. "They're not…really ready to fly, right?" asked skeptically.

Seryth banks, delaying her approach until they are all wing-spread and then she swoops down, « Brace your legs stiff, » she commands then she is there, backwing-hovering behind and above them, sending gusts of wind into their wingsails. If they're positioned correctly, she'll send them sliding across the ice like draconic hockey pucks, following them with more wingbeats to keep them going. She's careful not to blow them too far out into the lake, cautious enough not to blast them too roughly. Thea? She'll remain silent and allow Mur'dah and Ka'el to work out their dragon foibles on their own. Playtime? It's also exercise and they'll all get in some wing-stretching during it.

"Not hardly," Soriana says to Ka'el with more of that grin. "Their bones aren't developed enough yet, let alone their muscles." If only she could find the time to re-read those textbooks on draconic development, she could give more precise details, but… yeah, that hasn't been happening. If she's not in weyrling classes, she's been occupied with Luraoth. The small gold braces her legs as directed, and then the wind catches her and she soars! Well, glides. Slides, really, going across the ice at a glorious zoom until those mismatched wings mean she begins to veer off at a diagonal. Oops?

Wooosh! The winds are in his saaaails! … Well… sort of. Kanekith isn't flying, but he isn't staying still anymore either. The young bronze is caught off guard as he finds himself being pushed by the invisible force of wind across the ice. Woah, woah! A startled sound rises from his throat as he's pushed around, wings flapping once, both for balance and to initially fight against the push. But.. wait a second. Something sparks inside of him as a half bent wing causes him to spin a bit. This .. is play. This is … fun! He eventually comes to a stop, and his wings begin to fold, though this time it is a hesitant motion. Aw, to heck with it. They spread once more, eagerly. « Once again! » Because fun is…well, fun!

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