Not the Klah!

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrsecond and Junior Weyrwomans' Offices
Office or study? Perhaps this room is a little of both. It is spacious and airy with the big windows opposite the door looking northwards, a perfect aspect when one is this far south. Those windows are framed by dark forest green drapes, soft ribbons and braid in dark, rich gold sewn along the edges to give them a sumptuous look. The back wall is covered by shelves that hold a variety of things - mostly records and reference material as well as writing tools and sheets of hide and paper. Tapestries, including several lovely scenes of the terrain around Xanadu Weyr, cover the rest of the wall-space while a soft, plain off-white rug hides the stone floor. A small, low table sits by the door and usually has some refreshment set out on it.
Several broad desks are arranged around the room, each one set so someone sitting at it doesn't look directly at any of the others. Small screens can be set up on each desk to give a little more privacy and each has one comfortable chair that goes with it. So far, it looks like one desk has a permanent claimant. There are also several other chairs, which can be used by visitors.

Winter is closing in now and with obvious certainty. No miraculous escape for the Xanadu region, no matter how many may wish the whole season away and to skip right back to spring. The winds are up, cold westerly ones that send what little snow has fallen to gusting along the ground. At least the skies are clear, the few clouds drifting along glowing as they reflect the weak light from the rising sun as morning edges onwards. Most would be at breakfast by now or finishing with it. Such is the case with one resident Weyrsecond, though knowing Kiena's habits she's come to her desk this early to enjoy some peace and quiet… or is she lying in wait? Who knows. But the bluerider is reclined in her chair, a few reports spread out on her desk but not even so much as glimpsed at. Instead her chair is turned almost sideways to the desk and her head is lifted not to the surface but to the adjacent wall where a potted climbing vine-like plant sits upon a window sill and her eyes are thoughtful and distant. Distractedly, she'll bite into the redfruit she's working on devouring as her "breakfast" and there is liable to be some klah about too or some form of restorative drink. Dressed in a simple tunic and flaxen cincher and a ankle length skirt, Kiena looks almost… casual and yet not. With no plans to fly, she's forgone her riding gear for now but that may change. Her hair has been left unbound too and is, as is typical for her, a chaotic mess despite being brushed. And so she sits, her thoughts her company (for now) and the quiet.

…breakfast. Let's talk about breakfast. Actually, lately… let's not. Soriana arrives still dressed for the winter weather outside, with a sweater on under her jacket and a scarf over it. The mug of klah was a hand-warmer - in case the gloves weren't enough. It couldn't have been to drink, because it's still pretty much full, though no longer nearly so steaming. Maybe she doesn't need it for its alertness-related powers. After all, she's awake and here, right? Relatively early, too - though it's likely not that long before others will come trickling in as they finish breakfasts and morning routines. Still, for the moment, the office is her, Kiena, and that plant. Also some quiet, but while she's not exactly stomping around, her boots aren't all that quiet. She could at least slip away to her desk and resume the calm, but… she doesn't. She unwinds her scarf, then - with it in one hand and her mug in the other - crosses over to Kiena's desk, where she offers the Weyrsecond an awkward half-smile. "Hey."

Kiena will enjoy the quiet while she can and knows full well how swiftly it can disappear. Case in point… those boots or the footfalls of them approaching. Not entirely out of place and so her attention isn't immediately drawn to them. Folks walk by in the hallway all the time and so she is content to remain in her own head. Only when does the sound persist and approach her desk, rather than move away from it does she blink her eyes to focus and rejoin the present day world. The plant is just a plant. It harbored no secrets or worthwhile information. Just something to stare at other than stone while she broods. Kiena's eyes lift to curiously examine Soriana, noting the jacket and scarf, the mug of klah too. That seems to draw a confused look but it's brief and passing. The junior weyrwoman is now at her desk, not her own, and greeting her with an awkward half-smile. To which she smiles back, but not as awkwardly. Her's is a touch tentative but warm and she'll gesture with a hand to one of the empty chairs. "Morning. Care to sit for a bit?" That's why she's here, right? Another bite of her redfruit and she's setting it aside on a little saucer. No sense getting her desk sticky, right? Rising to her feet, she'll cross over to where the privacy screen is and without so much as a single word will pull it across. Not entirely, but enough to drive a hint to anyone else who walks in. Leave them be — unless it's urgent. "How're you?" Pleasantries. Safe (or not safe) to start and Kiena will begin as she walks back around her desk, her blue eyes never quite leaving Soriana as she does, her expression curious and not so much guarded.

Soriana could keep walking. There's a part of her that considered it, but… well, she didn't, and now she's here, and there's a smile from Kiena to encourage her to stick around and make something of it. So she nods, and takes one of those chairs that're being offered. The slide of the privacy screen gets a glance, but nothing more than that. She's not being locked in here, and furthermore, she came of her own free will. Yeah. That's it. She just… there's a swallow, the nervous twitch being pushed down, and Soriana sets her scarf onto the edge of Kiena's desk, carefully placed to not be near any of the paperwork in case it's more snow-soaked than she thought. Pleasantries. Yeah, those are a good place to begin. "I'm…" And that's where she flounders. One word in (well, two if you count her initial greeting) and she's run out of certainty. It's probably that privacy screen. If it were them and the world, she'd smile and be fine. The other day… Mur'dah caught her off guard. Today, though… today she's here on purpose, but she still doesn't have any words prepared. She does smile, but it's a wry one, and then she takes a breath and tries again. "I'm okay." Not as optimistic as it could be, but as she listens to it, it does have the ring of truth. Which pleasantries don't always, but… these ones should. …and do. "What about you?"

Kiena wouldn't have held it against Soriana if she had kept walking. The Weyrsecond isn't that sociable and she knows this. She's tried to remedy that fault in her and given her position now it's been… a challenge. A GOOD one and one she's tackled earnestly but there are still old habits to break (if they ever will). Her behavior concerning the privacy screen was to offer comfort and she is likely unaware that it works the opposite for the goldrider. No, she is not being locked in and there is enough of a gap left open that Soriana could easily glimpse into the office. They're not blind and cut off and locked into their own (very small) bubble. Kiena likes having exits but also feels more relaxed if there is some semblance of privacy, much like a dog who prefers a kennel… with the door open. Settling back into her chair, she'll smooth down her skirt and then adopt that same reclined state she was in before. Not relaxed but not giving off tense vibes either. Another smile is echoed back as Soriana recovers from floundering and offers a truthful answer. "Good…" Now it's her turn to be hesitant. Pursue now or wait for another chance? The bluerider decides to push — just a little. "… not at the stage yet of uh, unpleasant mornings?" She means the sickness. Joy? "Me?" Here Kiena's mouth quirks into a wry twist and her laughter is low in her throat. "Depends on which part you ask after. On a not-so personal level, I am fine. On a personal level… I'm managing." Big, big gap there between the two! Shrugging her shoulders, her hands almost spread in a helpless gesture. "But that's not new, really. There's always a lot on my mind." As she said the day prior when they all crossed paths.

Privacy is good - though there's not like to be many prying ears at this hour of the morning. Not until things get moving elsewhere. Next to arrive will probably be Sorrin, and if Soriana can't explain this to her own mother… well, that's her problem. But, despite that initial nervousness, she is relaxing… somewhat. She's just… a bit jumpy. Even if the klah mug's still full. She glances to it at Kiena's question, and frowns. "…eventually it starts smelling good again." Because it's all the klah's fault, of course. Not her stomach being oversensitive because of a wash of hormones going through her. Not at all. Her lips twist up from the frown into a wry sort of smile as she looks back up to Kiena. "But it's not that bad." Just vague queasiness that turns into temporary lack of appetite, nothing that she can't pretend doesn't exist. …at least not yet. Maybe she has something to look forward to! Her expression turns to sympathetic as Kiena answers the question asked back to her, and Soriana nods. "…course, the personal stuff always seems like it's harder to deal with." She hesitates for a moment, then sighs. "Probably because we're the only ones who can do it. I mean… you can take a day off from work." And she's had a few unscheduled ones recently, some late mornings and early evenings. She'll probably have more coming up. "Can't exactly take a day off from life."

For a moment, Kiena seems a touch lost by Soriana's comment of 'smelling good again' until it all clicks into place after her eyes drift back to the mug the goldrider holds. Always blame drinks or food! "Yeah, that… comes with the territory, I'm afraid. Smells. Queasiness. Things you loved to eat or drink you'll hate, other things you've never touched you'll crave…" Welcome to hormones? Welcome to Kiena just… diving right into discussing pregnancy woes. Just like that! "I'm surprised you are drinking klah though. I was told not to." Was she lied to? Kiena frowns. They better not have! She was miserable then for nothing! Nothing. Because that was the only thing that made her miserable… not. She dips her head to acknowledge Soriana's reference to her unsettled stomach (or lack of). "Good! If it… ever does get worse… there's a few teas for it. Course, you'll want to cross it by a Healer first but…" Kiena knows of them and will share that knowledge should Soriana ever ask of it. Another offer, again, for the goldrider to take or leave. "Isn't that always the case?" she muses in reflection to personal stuff. A brow quirks at the sigh and the bluerider shakes her head. "Probably. And well… I've taken enough time from work. I— may need to later but for now I can work and… cope with that stuff," Stuff. And things? "when I am done." Blinking, Kiena then laughs softly. "A day off from life? Ha! Isn't that what they call "vacation"?" she teases lightly.

Wait, "What?" They're going to take away her klah? Soriana had not heard this part. Maybe the healers were waiting for her next appointment to spring it on her, so they didn't overwhelm her with too much at once? Or maybe they told her and she repressed the memory. Because… klah! How would she exist without klah? Even if it takes her an entire morning to drink it, lately. So what? It's practically unthinkable, a world with "…no… klah?" She looks down at the cup, then back up at Kiena. "Seriously?" This is all just a terrible joke, right? Because, okay, yes, morning queasiness and weird dreams and a wash of emotions that seem vaguely out of tune with reality at all times, and the distant knowledge that in the future there'll be a part where a baby actually comes out, but surely they won't do all that and also take away her klah! She… has no clue who 'they' are, but it's nice and safe and externalized to think about it like that. At least for now; give her some time to process. Soriana sets the mug on the edge of Kiena's desk and eyes it as she slumps back into her chair. "…Luraoth helps some, with the queasy." She glances up to Kiena. "Just… soothes. Like she does with other dragons." And then her gaze goes back to that mug. "…maybe I should start drinking those teas anyway." If she can't have klah, she's got to have something in her mug? But… this was so not the news she wanted to hear. No wonder she goes reaching for the distraction of… thinking about Kiena's personal life instead, and she nods a little, then offers a wry smile as she shake her head. "No, vacation's the time you take off work. That's when all the rest of life comes to complain about how you've been neglecting it." Sometimes with actual voices, sometimes just because you look around and see… "So what stuff's been… troubling you?"

Uh oh. Did Kiena become the bearer of bad news? From Soriana's reaction, the bluerider looks both sheepish and uncertain. Not helpful? Her eyes drop to that mug too and she chews at her lower lip. "Maybe? I'd been told it wasn't good. Maybe not barred but not… good?" There's a difference? Fidgeting with the hem of her flaxen cincher, she'll frown in thought. Was she ever told no or was it implied? Was she tricked (and yes, she does seriously consider that)? "Kind of like how you don't touch alcohol or certain herbs. Maybe cause it's… a…" Her eyes roll slightly as she digs for that word. What is it? "…stimulant?" There. That sounds… fancy enough. "Sorry to break the news. But it's one restriction, maybe, among uh… many." So not helping, Kiena! She doesn't mean to, she is just following the natural course of her thoughts. Teas are a good thing! They can be an alternative, so Soriana has something for her mug in the morning. No harsh deviation from that routine (it still won't be klah though!). "Luraoth helps?" Kiena sounds both intrigued and surprised by this. Do tell! As for vacations, she chuckles dryly. "Good point. Almost makes one wonder then… why bother with vacation?" Right? Now it's back to stuff and things and Kiena fidgets. Awkward. Not for the question but for her hesitation on determining her answer. Tell all or cryptic games? Normally she'd be all defensive and snarky — or was, once. That won't help her here and probably only chase Soriana away when… she's coming to find she's enjoying the gold rider's company. "Y'know…" Would she? "… that whole mess with Zi'on." Yes, she'd know of that, to a degree? "And the outcome. Just… It was needed. Overdue." Kiena mimes a severing and slicing motion with her hands. Done and done. Cut off and ended. Harsh but a necessary evil — or so she's convinced herself. "I worry myself over the fallout but at the same time wonder if I ever had the capability to stop it. I never meant for him to… not return to Xanadu." She clears her throat and sighs. "So there's that and… Darsce's accident."

Klah, considered harmful. One restriction of many. "…shards, what do I get to do?" Soriana mutters with a shake of her head, and slumps down against the seat as she looks up to Kiena. "It's like being stuck with Luraoth when she's got a clutch, except at least then I can leave for a bit." But she can't escape her own body, can she? No matter what happens (and she's still in the early stages, so really, she's got no idea what all that'll mean)… Soriana sighs. At least she's got Luraoth with her still, just… from the other side of things, and she nods about the gold helping. "She's always been good in the infirmary. It's the same thing, I guess." Soriana's not a dragon. But… hasn't every rider reached to their dragon at some point for support and comfort? It's not truly a help for the physical, but some of the problems are psychosomatic ones. All in the mind, and Soriana's got another mind twined with hers that can help with that part. The physical, though… she sighs, and takes a moment to pull off gloves and shrug out of her jacket, pausing to ask. "…is being cold part of it?" Because… it seems like everything else is, she might as well ask. Either way, the sweater stays on. Why take vacations? "Change of scenery?" she suggests with a half-smile. Soriana'd take a vacation to tropical climes to get away from the cold here, but… oh wait. No between! Yet another of those many restrictions. There's probably more of them that Soriana just doesn't know yet, but… Kiena's got mention of some stuff she does know, and there's a curious tilt of Soriana's head, followed by an 'oh' as understanding dawns. She frowns, the expression uncomfortable like queasiness but entirely a reaction to the thought. "That." Yeah, she knows. "I…" she begins, and looks down to her hands, frown deepening for a moment before she looks back up to Kiena. "I think it was. Because…" Soriana gives her head a shake. "Look, he's still got you feeling guilty, doesn't he? Worrying about it. It was needed but you never meant it. Well…" Her lips quirk, tugging to the side wryly. "Maybe you should have." The sorta-smile lasts a moment, then falls as she lets out a breath. "Darsce… yeah." Soriana's frown now is simply one of concern. "Nothing new?" She doesn't expect it, but… it can't hurt to ask?

"Unfortunately," Kiena mutters back with a sympathetic look. "Very little. At least in the later months." She'll try not to look guilty either when Soriana slumps in her chair like that. Oops? Not exactly painting a picture of sunshine, rainbows and Happy Things Ahead, is she? Nor should one be surprised. This is Kiena. Kiena does not do happy sparkle funtime (not to everyone) in most cases. "Guess… that's one way to look at it?" she murmurs but cannot quite relate on that level. Ujinath is a male dragon and not even one capable of ever siring a clutch. Being sand bound is a foreign concept! Unable to escape her own body or… escape in general? KIena knows that all too well. "I didn't know Luraoth helped in the infirmary…" And yet it makes sense. Won't keep the Weyrsecond from looking embarrassed for admitting it. Of course every rider has turned to their dragon. Kiena is no fool and has turned to Ujinath too many times to count, bonded as she is to the blue. Her safeguard and second half. "Cold? Maybe? I can't remember cold but… I was tired a lot. Worn." Cold. "Might be the cause? Not every one has the same thing, or so I learned and was told." How much of it she believes now… remains to be seen. Briefly she chuckles for mentioning a change of scenery, but no words come about the Between restrictions — not yet. Now it's on to other awkward conversations and Kiena reaches for that half eaten red fruit of hers, poking at the flesh now browned by exposure. Taking a bite, she'll chew on it while mulling over Soriana's words. Her frown deepens too and while normally bringing up such a tender and sore subject would have her bristling and defensive, there is no fight in Kiena. Save for a brief moment where her eyes narrow when Soriana does call her out for being guilty. When she shouldn't. It's true! And now she's guilty for being guilty… and thus the spiral goes. She snorts, swallowing before she speaks (hello, manners!). "Hard not to feel guilty when that's all I've felt for… so long. And…" Kiena pauses, frowning heavily and her mouth, once drawn and grin now quirks into a slow, wry grin. "Maybe I should! It's just… shards, I'd have loved to just finally confront it and make my stand. I've stood up to him before." And it ended poorly. Kiena shakes her head again. "Not that it matters." she mutters, shoulders slumping a bit. "It'd have just gone as it always does… and he'd probably win or turn cowardly so he could." Isn't that what he did, just now? Their conversation just gets darker as they go. Kiena's eyes pick up a concerned gleam to them too as they discuss Darsce. "Nothing. I've not seen Jethaniel since… being in the Infirmary. Mur'dah, however, I've spoken with briefly when he's come by but has no news either." Another pause, her voice quieter. "I… do not know how to help him. It's hit him hard." No, really?

Joy. Soriana has so much to look forward to! …er. Not. But she does appreciate the honesty, she really does. She'd rather have that than the fluttering about 'oh! how exciiiited she must be!' …which she's mostly avoided so far, but she's heard other people get it. Do not want. So she nods to Kiena's answer, her sigh fading into a rueful almost-smile. The dragon-egg connection… ah, it's a personal sort of thing and she knows it, so Kiena's lack of understanding just gets a bit of a shrug, along with a small smile. It makes sense to her. Maybe it's something she can talk about more with Sorrin, another goldrider with a more similar experience. Then again, maybe this is just one of those things that's different for everyone. Soriana meant that Luraoth helps in the dragon infirmary. Did she actually say it? Probably not. She forgets these things. Lack of memory's also one of the things that those healers will claim comes with pregnancy, though really, it might just be the fatigue and weariness (and lack of klah) doing it. Tired, worn, sick, cold… "Might just be winter." Because the weather outside definitely counts as cold. Soriana needs no extra excuse for a shiver or three! As Kiena thinks over what Soriana's said, the goldrider reaches toward the klah-mug… oh wait. She's not supposed to have it. Or at least, she's probably not. She'll have to actually talk to a healer about that and make sure, but… sigh. Kiena's probably right. So Soriana's hand falls away again. True or not, there's a faint look of apology for Kiena's brief negative reaction. Just because it's true doesn't necessarily mean she should say it. Of course… she does still say it. Even if it's a bit rude of her (and so she'll feel just a little guilty for saying it, because Kiena hasn't got the monopoly on that). "I'm sure you have. But… why should you have to?" Soriana smiles, just a little. "I mean, life's got a billion things you could be trying to do. What makes him so important that he should be worth your time and effort?" She arches one eyebrow, then hehs. "More of your time and effort, because you've already given him a lot. Probably more than he deserves." Unkind to Zi'on? Maybe. Or maybe Soriana's just looking at Kiena and seeing what she seems to have gotten back from that bronzerider, and making her decision based on that. There doesn't have to be anything wrong with him for him to be wrong for Kiena. Some things just aren't worth fighting for, while others… Soriana nods to Kiena's answer about Darsce. "Maybe I'll go by later. Bring a tray." Because then at least she'll feel a little tiny bit useful. "…do you know what kind of food Jethaniel likes?" Since she's assuming he'll be there and… the one actually capable of eating. "Mur'dah… shards, I dunno. Make sure he eats?" Food on the mind, Soriana? Maybe it's a sign the morning queasiness is subsiding. "But it's all just… waiting."

Kiena isn't the gushing squee-with-glee type either! Soriana is safe from that. If truth and honesty is what she wants, the Weyrsecond is the right gal for it. Only it comes with the cost that the bluerider can be blunt and harsh when wielding it. So far, she's been cautious with how she handles her words. So far. "Or it is winter." Kiena agrees with a faint smile. Why not? Logical assumption. Negative though her reaction was, even if brief, it boils down to the same thing Soriana seeks for anything regarding her pregnancy: honesty. Kiena respects it, values it, even if it seems as though she takes it so poorly. Her temper when younger was hair-trigger but over the Turns she's come to realize that sometimes, though it stings to hear it, the truth is better. Far better. So she relaxes again, taking slow bites from that red fruit as she carefully whittles it down to the core. "I wasn't doing it for me, really. I… it was for my girls. Trying to keep things — normal." Nutshell explanation, but the look she gives Soriana then seems to hope that the goldrider can understand. She sighs, setting the red fruit core aside before slouching back into her chair. "But you have a good point. Not the first time I've heard it either. And I should have heeded that advice a long, long time ago." Somet things aren't worth fighting for. A lesson Kiena has learned too. "I uh… have no clue?" An honest answer in light to Jethaniel's preference of food and Kiena's grimace is embarrassed all over again. "A tray may be a nice gesture though. Snack foods, maybe?" Sicne she has doubts that the Steward will have the stomach for a full meal. Some food is better than none? Kiena blinks and then her smirk returns, a touch wry. "Guess I've that already covered. I made sure he ate some dinner but…" Another shrug. She can't hover around him all the time. "Yeah, the waiting. It's… hard on him." And hard on her to see her good friend beside himself as he is.

For the children. Soriana nods to that, sympathetic but… "I never really knew my father." And she turned out okay? "Just a brownrider from Ierne who won one of Yumeth's flights. We…" She shrugs. "Never really needed him." Normal might be overrated. Maybe there's some great lack in Soriana from not knowing bio-dad, but if there is, she's not the one who'll notice it. Still, even if she doesn't know about that specifically, she knows all about trying to do things right and dogged persistence even in the face of signs that, maybe, the metaphorical trail was the other way and it'd be better to cut one's losses and turn around. So yeah, it's a good point, and yeah, she nods without surprise to the fact Kiena's heard it before. "Not too late," she says with a small smile, but that's as much as she's going to press that particular issue. Her words have been said! What Kiena does with them, well, that's up to her. There's other things to worry about - far too many things, really, but problems don't wait for permission to happen. Soriana nods to the lack-of-answer about Jethaniel. "I'll see what the cooks have." Whenever she gets around to actually going, which… well, she'll see when she has time today after actually taking a look at her desk. Which can wait at least a little longer, and she nods about Mur'dah. "…but he's probably going to run himself ragged wanting to fix things." And running in circles when it turns out he can't. Soriana sighs, and follows it with a rueful smile. "Just… try to distract him, I guess? When you can…"

It is a flimsy reason but her heart was in the right place? Kiena had only good intentions in mind to her daughters and perhaps was blind (very blind) to the bigger picture. She is also young or was young at the time. "You… didn't?" Her hesitation comes mostly from surprise. Surprise that Soriana opened up about her past which could be normal for the goldrider. Kiena is the opposite. Private and guarded. Except for rare moments… such as this. She shared a little and now Kiena reciprocates. "My father was an unpleasant man. Gone most of the Turn fishing. So… I guess I wanted different for the girls. Only Zi'on isn't a good man either though he does well by his offspring. Maybe they don't need him. They do, after all, have their foster family." And therefore, a steady family. Why… didn't she see that before? It hits her then and she has to close her eyes briefly. Stupid, stupid girl. Later she'll beat herself up over it with guilt but… now is not the time. Her eyes open again and focus back on Soriana. "Little gestures… are often the most appreciated," Kiena remarks about the food, smiling crookedly. Back to Mur'dah, she only shakes her head and knows all too well of the brownrider's habits and which are likely the basis of her concerns. "Exactly. When he came to my weyr… He was so… worn down. Rattled. I got him to eat. I tried to get him to stay or at least offered. Maybe distraction is the trick but… then I worry he may feel like I - or any of us - are trying to get between him and being by Darsce's side." At least he's still going to his duties as AWLM? Kiena's smile is fainter but she'll scrub at the back of her neck. "We'll see. Can't hurt to try." And she'll try. "Thanks, Soriana. Now that I've talked your ear off of my "problems"… how're you feeling?" Yes, she already asked that in a way but the bluerider will notably gesture with a tilt of her head to indicate she means more. Specifically: "About your pregnancy, I mean. Seeing as it's… often a bit to absorb."

"Nope." No dad for her! Soriana's always been fairly open about at least that part of her life. She doesn't go out of her way to bring it up, but it's not something she tries to hide. Not something she's ashamed of. So she's shared it now, and as Kiena shares in return, Soriana listens. There's a small frown for the unpleasantness of Kiena's father, a nod for the being away. Gone most of the time, and yet still notable enough in his presence to be remembered as a difficulty. So of course Kiena wanted something better - shells, Soriana's wondered sometimes what it would have been like to have a family like some of her friends, and her childhood was pretty much a happy one - buuuut… "Yeah. They seem happy." When Soriana's seen them, at least. Kids… well, they see the family they have, good or bad, and while the day may come when they care whether it's the one they started with, at that point, they're probably old enough that they'll be making their own choices and forging their own path regardless. Maybe Kiena didn't see it because she was focused on how her family was when she was a child, not thinking about her family as it is now. Because she was trying to do better, and so she missed that… she already was. Soriana's look is a sympathetic one, though she may not realize just how hard Kiena's likely to be on herself. The bluerider has a pair of kids, they're still alive, they're happy. This, so far as Soriana is concerned, must make her an expert mother, because here Soriana is with a fractional amount of one kid and she's already in over her head. But… small gestures are definitely appreciated. Like an offer to talk about things, and a morning conversation wandering topics large and small. Small nibbles… also good. Maybe now that Soriana's stomach is settling into awake along with the rest of her (no help from klah) she can go actually get some. She nods about Mur'dah, then smiles wryly at those thanks. "It's sort of good. Knowing that… mmh. It's not just me?" That has problems? Or, well, maybe she does mean the pregnancy thing. Not that Kiena is, but she was. And survived the experience! "It's a giant dragonload lot to absorb, you mean." But she says it with a smile. "I…" The smile slips a bit, and she shakes her head. "Shards, I still don't know. I feel like there's should be a study course beforehand." Only she wouldn't have signed up for it, if it had been offered. "But… I think I'm… I'll be okay." It's a start? Though ask her again after a day or three without klah. For now, though, she smiles to Kiena. "So… thanks."

Kiena keeps her past a secret for a reason. It is not a happy tale and she does not wish to drag anyone down into it, for it's not sympathy or pity she wishes to gain for it. So most folk just get the very watered down, neutral version of it. Safe details. Those who have pried… got more (and may have wished they didn't ask). "The girls? They are. They like it here and are happy. You remember when they came to the sands?" The twins probably babbled about that for weeks. "They adore Mur'dah. Adjusted far better than I'd think they would to being moved here." And now likely to stay. Permanently. Kiena has always been hard on herself. For the longest time, she only had herself to turn to. Then came Ujinath and she turned to him. Now she's only beginning to understand the concept of reaching out to others. At least on personal levels. This talk with Soriana will help with that and the goldrider likely holds the record for longest first-chat with Kiena that doesn't result in the bluerider bristling and getting her hackles and temper up in defence. Yay? "It's not just you!" Kiena affirms with a wry smile and now she chuckles in genuine amusement. "Aptly put. Yes, it's a huge change. And if there were a study course beforehand, I think most women would opt out of ever getting pregnant. It's… not easy. But then, I didn't have an easy time of it so my opinions are biased. It's a lot to take, a lot of change. Some days will be better than others. For me, the worst was… feeling confined and trapped. I couldn't fly or tend to Ujinath, I couldn't work on my Craft. I just… wandered through my days." She went stir crazy. Kiena smiles back, "But it's not all bad. You find the good or the happiness and hold to it and just… take it day by day. Glad you're feeling okay at least." It's a start!

Some other time, Soriana may yet pry about some of those details - when she has a reason to do so! But at the moment, she's no real urge to ask just for the knowing of it, so… she doesn't. She does laugh at the mention of the twins on the sand, though. "I've seen candidates who weren't that well-behaved." Admittedly, that's probably because the girls were too busy trying to soak in every detail to act up, but whatever the reason, it certainly worked out. …and it's probably a good thing to have brought up now, because it'll remind Soriana that small children aren't necessarily always terrible creatures of chaos. They can maybe even - sometimes - be sorta … cute? Is that a thing that she can think about kids? This may (also) take some getting used to, and for now, Soriana pushes it aside as she nods to the rest of what Kiena has to say about their move here. Later. Later she'll think about that, along with all the rest, and she smiles ruefully that it's not just her. "I think that's good. Even if I was half-hoping for a secret code to make it all easier." But this is real life, her wry grin admits. There aren't any of those. She nods again as she listens to the rest. Sometimes it's harder, sometimes it's easier. Sounds like life. "I suppose… I'll be able to do paperwork for a good long time." Soriana casts a glance in the vague direction of her desk, but her sigh's mostly a theatrical one. She'd like a vacation! …actually she'd probably go stir crazy too. But she'll claim she'd like a vacation. Actually, speaking of… "I suppose I'd better go see what's landed in my inbox overnight," she says, but she doesn't stand up immediately. "Thank you, though. And…" She smiles. "I'll try not to complain at you too often." Though she's sure she will. "But I'm sure I'll pester you with more questions." Talking to healers? Sure, if she wants a healer opinion. Sometimes… she doesn't.

Or Kiena made sure to really stress to Eliana and Ezsrisa that any misbehaving would be Very Bad. She may have also implied Luraoth would be Very Mad. Some details may have been exaggerated but there are no witnesses to prove it! Truly, the twins were probably just overwhelmed with awesome and all the details. They're young enough to be easily entertained and kept in line. Wait until they're pre-teens and teenagers! Kiena snickers. "Maybe you should use that on the next misbehaving Candidate. 'If a five Turn old can act better than you…' " Then you're doing it wrong! If Soriana's impression of children is aided by the twins, perhaps they should interact more. Harmless, see? Just never let the goldrider meet Th'ero's son. The infamous harness wearing child of Fort. "Maybe there is a secret code and I never found it, but you will?" Kiena says with laughter in her voice and an easy going smile. Only to wrinkle her nose. Paperwork! "Unforunately, yes? Or start planning little things to do now." Game plan! As for returning to work, Kiena seems to start. Oh right! They're in the office and… she should be getting to her work too. Grinning, she'll dip her head. "Anytime, Soriana. Thank you too… and please, complain away! Ask questions. I'll answer if I can. Here or… well, you're welcome to crash my weyr. It's a bit far." Coastal road, far. "But cozy." With a trampoline. And a slide. Rising to her feet, Kiena will push back that screen now that their talk seems to be coming to a comfortable end. Back to business?

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